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Presidency University, Kolkata Sample Question for Admission to Physics (Honours) Course

Time: 2 hours

The full question paper must be returned attached with the answer script.
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GROUP-A will contain MCQ type questions
Give tick(-V) mark(s) on the question paper to the best answer(s) to each question. More than one answer may be correct, in such a case the candidate must tick all the correct answers otherwise credit may not be given at all. There is no negative marking. Calculation, if necessary, can be done on answer script supplied Scientific calculators may be used.

An ideal gas is initially at temperature 'I' and volume V. If the temperature is increased by T, pressure remaining unaltered, then (V / V T) varies as (a) 1 / T (b) T 2 (c) T (d) T -2 A bomb thrown upwards explodes into fragments at the highest point. The centre of mass of the fragments will be a) at rest always (b) initially at rest and then will move in a parabolic path (c) initially at rest and then will move in any direction, (d) initially at rest and then will move vertically downwards. Imagine yourself sitting within a large air-filled glass sphere completely submerged within clear water and parallel rays of light strike the sphere. What would you see? (a) Parallel rays (b) Virtual image of distant object. (c) Rays appearing to come from the apex of a cone. (d) Rays appearing to converge into the apex of a cone. The distance between the plates of a parallel-plate capacitor is increased in two situations: (1) by connecting a battery across them and (2) after disconnecting the battery. The energy stored in the capacitor will (a) decrease in(l) and increase in (2), (b) increase in (I) and decrease in(2), (c) remains unchanged in both the cases, (d) increases in both the cases According to Bohr's theory the ratio of the velocity of the electron in the first Bohr orbit of Hydrogen to the velocity of light in vacuum is approximately (a) 1/37 (b) 1/100 (c) 1/ 137 (d) none of these The ratio of the energy of a Hydrogen atom in the ground state to that of a triply ionized Be (z=4) atom with the same orbital radii is (a) 1:1 (b) 1:2 (c) 1:4 (d) 4:1 GROUP-B will contain few problems A body of volume V is completely immersed in a liquid with density . The density of the material of the body is d ( >d). The body is connected by a string to the bottom of the container. What is the tension in the string? What will be the tension in the string if the container is moved (a) upwards with an acceleration f, (b) downwards with an acceleration f and (c) with a uniform velocity? What will be the shapes of the free surface of the liquid in the above three cases? A. small object is at rest on the edge of a horizontal table 1 m wide. It is struck in such a way that it falls off the other side of the table after 2 sec. The coefficient of sliding friction between the object and the table is 0.1. Establish, by proper calculation, that the object must have rolled on the table.

150 gm of water at 65° C is mixed with 100 gm of water at the room temperature. Two concentric conducting spherical shells of radii r and R (r < R) are given charges q and Q respectively.] An equi-convex lens is placed on a plane mirror. The resulting mixture is then converted to steam at 100° C. If NO. find the acceleration of the filament. Is it possible for the filament to acquire a steady speed? If YES find the speed. The refractive index of the material of the lens is 1. Find their potential difference. A few drops of a liquid are placed on the mirror and the lens is again placed on the liquid. If this is done using an electric heater of 750 W rating and the time taken is 13 min 45 see without of any loss of heat. (Ignore frictions and all resistances.) A diatomic gas molecule consists of two atoms of mass ‘m’. The upper end of these wires is connected to a capacitor (of capacitance C). What will happen if the spherical shells are joined by a conducting wire? . A conducting filament of mass 'm' slides down the parallel wires starting from rest. A pair of parallel conducting wires lies in a plane making an angle with the horizontal plane. what is the room temperature? [Latent heat of vaporization of water =540 cal/gm. separated by a fixed distance 'd' and rotating about an axis perpendicular to the plane containing the atoms and going through the mid point of the line joining the atoms. Find the refractive index of the liquid. Assuming Bohr's quantization method determine the possible angular velocities. A uniform magnetic field B is applied in the region in a direction normal to the plane of the wires. Neglect the thickness of the lens. Also draw the energy level diagram.5. Now the pin has to be placed at a distance of 15 cm from the lens so that its image coincides with the pin. and the possible rotational energies. The image of a pin placed at a distance of 10 em from the lens on its axis coincides with the pin. The axis of the lens is perpendicular to the mirror.

Integrate Z dx a + b cos x + c sin x . 2. and not anywhere else in the Answer Book. Honours Class] Application Number should be written only in the proper place. 1.QUESTION PATTERN AND SAMPLE QUESTIONS(MATHEMATICS) PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY. Sample questions: Each question below is followed by four possible answers of which exactly one is correct.B. Each correct answer would be awarded 3 marks. n. p respectively. Sc. 1 mark would be awarded for no attempt. Then the total number of elements belonging to at least one of the three sets is [a] m + n + p k 2r [b] m + n + p 3k + r [c] m + n + p k + 3r [d] m + n + p 3k r: Group B There will be four questions each of marks 5. KOLKATA (Admission Test 2011) Mathematics [1st Year B. Group C There will be _ve questions each of marks 7. Use only the _rst page of your answer book for this purpose. The eccentricity of an equilateral hyperbola is [a] 1 [b] 1 2 [c] 2 [d] p2 2. and the number of elements common to all three is r. Group A There will be 15 (_fteen) multiple choice type questions each of marks 3. FM 100 Time Two hours Answer all questions.C are m. Write [a] or [b] or [c] or [d] as your answer against the corresponding question number. The total number of elements belonging to exactly two sets is k. If x2 + x + 1 = 0 then x29 + x13 + 1 is equal to [a] 0 [b] 1 [c] 2 [d] 3 3. Find the inverse of the matrix A = _ 4 1 2 3 _. 2. Find the square root of i (= p1). Sample questions: 1. Sample questions: 1. and a wrong answer would fetch no credit. No Extra sheet of paper other than the Answer Book supplied would be provided. Find the probability of having sum 11 when two unbiased dice are thrown. The number of elements belonging to the three sets A. .

Index Mark calculated as in General Merit Category ADMISSION RULE .SCOTISH Mathematics (70) 65% aggregate + 70% in Mathematics 2 X marks in Maths + Mark in Physics + Marks in English 9 Computer Science (30) 60% Aggregate + 60% in Maths + 60 % in Comp. Science/information sc otherwise Physics 10 Physics (50) .Through Admission Test* *Only for the General Merit category 60% in aggregate + 83% in Physics & Mathematics taken together 60% Mark in Admission Test + 40% Marks in Physics & Mathematics taken together 11 Chemistry (50) 65% marks in aggregate & 60% marks in Chemistry 2 x % Marks in Chemistry + % Physics + % Maths SC/ST Minimum 40% marks in aggregate or 40% marks in the subject or related subject at the qualifying examination. Science / Information Sc otherwise Physics) Aggregate % + % Marks in Maths + % Marks in Comp.

1. 5265.00 . Two copies of recent stamp-size photograph 4.00 Rs. Mark-sheet of the qualifying examination 3. For Christian candidates Original & attested copy Original & attested copy Original Original & attested copy Science Stream Honours Subject Physics Chemistry Mathematics Elective Subjects Mathematics Chemistry Mathematics Statistics Mathematics Computer Science Mathematis Physics Physics Chemistry Physics Statistics Physics Computer Science Total Rs. 5265.00 Rs. 5065. 4965.00 Rs. 8065. SC/ST/Disability Certificate (if applicable) 6. 8365. Proof of Date of Birth 2. 4765.00 Rs.00 Rs.00 Rs. Transfer Certificate (if applicable) 5.