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R aWhat do you know about Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) ?

This is what his party and supporters say.


brought democracy to Maldives. He gave us freedom of

speech. He started giving 2000 Rufiyaa to the elderly people and single mothers. He did this so and so. He built the convention center. He paved the roads of Hithadhoo. He conserved the environment. He tried to make the Maldives carbon neutral. He started bus services and interatoll ferry services. BUT is this true? The Truth!
- On 7th August 2008 a new constitution was ratified in the Maldives. This constitution was written by a special assembly called the Special Majlis. This constitution gave the citizens new freedoms, such as freedom to protest, freedom express, right to information and so on. It also reduces the executive powers vested under the president and gave a lot of authority to the parliament. Nasheed was never a member of this Special Majlis which wrote the new constitution. The numbers of MDP members in this majlis were relatively few. So in short, it is NOT Nasheed who gave all these freedoms, but the NEW CONSTITUTION which gave the freedom.

- In August 2009, the Maldivian pension law was ratified. Then the president was Nasheed. The pension law mandates the state to pay all elderly citizens with a monthly allowance. The pension bill was in parliament since Maumoons regime. The parliament which passed this bill did not have an MDP majority. So this bill was passed with votes from MPs belonging to various other parties as well. It is a LAW which mandates the state to pay the 2000 Rufiyaa to the elderly.

- Nasheed is a good orator. He gave quite a good speech in the 15 th United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen. He talked about reducing the carbon foot print and carbon emission. He also talked about making the Maldives carbon neutral by 2020. Environmentalists around the world loved it. But what they did not know is, in reality Nasheed never did anything significant to achieve these goals. By the time Nasheed resigned, not even 1 percent of Maldives was made carbon neutral. During his tenure as the president, he never made any new policies focusing on reducing carbon emission and eliminating the carbon footprint of Maldives. Even the import duties on solar panels werent waived. He did fix some solar panels on Muliyaage roof. But it was all for show. In 2010 he inaugurated a project which was supposedly going to make a wind farm in Addu Atoll. Researches done prior to this shows that southern Maldives did not get enough wind to generate energy from it. However they still inaugurated the project to make people happy.


- In 2011 SAARC summit was held in Addu City. A convention center was built and not 1 single percent of its electricity is from renewable source of energy. Moreover, the center was built without considering the recommendations made by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), thus breaking a lot of EPA rules. - He paved the main road of Hithadhoo with asphalt. : More money was stolen by the SUL management than the actual money which was spent to make the road. The road is of very low quality and would not last a decade even. Even now there are cracks and splits in various places.

- The ferry services The ferry services are not reliable and do not function well. For example, before the MVK started operating ferries between Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo, other people had speed boats and launches which operated in between these two islands. - When Nasheed came into power, he gave this operation to MVK Shafeeq who spent a considerable amount for MDP during elections. MVK could not operate the ferries regularly and could not even pay their staffs despite they had been given state owned hotel Dhoogas as a subsidy.

There is a lot more to write on these things but lets make it short.

Why did the people of Maldives, vote Nasheed and elected him instead of Maumoon?
Maumoon was suspected of many things. Corruption, nepotism, arbitrary arrests, and his extreme wastage of public funds were widely criticized.
Because of all these things, the majority of the Maldivians wanted a change and ousted Maumoon in the 2008 elections.

Now that we analyze and compare between Nasheedhs 3 years and Maumoons 30 years; it is clear that Nasheed was more corrupt than Maumoon. In his 3 years as the president he wasted millions of our money. Here are some of the famous corruption cases - President office spent 21.9 million Rufiyaa just to investigate the corrupt activities of Maumoon era. Ref: - The money (11.85 million Rufiyaa) which was taken by famous MDP activist Pre- Paid Shiuna in the name of supplying medicine to the government. (Ftech case) Ref: - Nasheedhs expensive holiday in Singapore with family. The irony is that, he used to criticize Maumoon for doing the same thing. Ref: - SAARC summit corruption cases. Over 400 million Rufiyaa of the state money was wasted. Ref:

- 24 million Rufiyaa disaster management center corruption case. Ref: - Heavy Load corruption cases. Ref:

The corruption cases are numerous in number in his tenure! During Maumoons rule MDP and Nasheed always criticized him for having several political appointees. Whats astounding is, in Nasheeds three year rule he had 228 political appointees working at the presidents office alone. In addition to this the official residence of the President Muliyaage, there were 125 political staffs. The political appointees in his office and residence accounts for 68 percent of all the political posts created by him. After Nasheedh got elected he opened the gates of Theemuge (former presidential residence) for public to see. One of the most criticized concerns was the 30 cars which were found in the garage of Theemuge. In 2011, for SAARC summit, 83 vehicles were bought by spending 53 million Rufiyaa. These vehicles include 10 Mercedes Benz cars and various other luxury vehicles. So much for not WASTING the publics money.

Lets take a glance at Nasheedhs 3 years.

The national inflation rate increased by 69% from July 2008 to July 2011. Which means if you bought a bottle of coke for 10 Rufiyaa in 2008, the price of coke bottle in 2011 is 16.9 Rufiyaa. From September 2008 to November 2011, only an 8% (1687) increase in the number of tourist beds was seen. Yet he claims to add 25000 more beds if he gets elected again. From September 2008 to November 2011, the number of new hospital beds in Maldives was less than 100. The total number of doctors practicing per 10,000 populations by the end of 2008 was 18. By 2011 it was 16. There was no significant increase in the number of doctors practicing in the Maldives within the time span. In 2008 96.32 metric tons of frozen tuna was exported from the Maldives. In 2010 the total frozen tuna exported was 45.66 tons. It shows a decline of 52.9% in frozen tuna exports. 26.38 metric tons of canned fished was exported in the year 2008. In 2011 the canned fish export shows a decline of 20.6%. Overall budget deficit of the state by the end of 2008 was 122.2 million (USD). The budget deficit by the end of 2011 was 216.9 million (USD). The deficit increased by 44% within a span of three years. Our public debt sky rocketed and is now more than 80% percent of our GDP. Dollar rates increased from 12.85 to 15.42. The price of dollars went up as high as 20 Rufiyaa in the black market.
*Please check for reference.

Religious Issues! Brought monuments to Addu City, which depicted idols. When people protested against it, he blamed Addu City Mayor. Ref: Back in 2007, when a tourist brought an idol of Buddha to a resort, MDP raised voice against it. Ref:

In a gathering on 23rd December 2011 Nasheed said that Maldivians do not want to marry 9 year old girls. Anyone listening to him can understand that he was making fun and disrespecting prophet Mohamed in this case. He was referring to Prophet Mohammed marrying Aisha when she was 9 years old. No one in the Maldives is demanding to marry 9 year old girls. Even the so called religious extremists wait till their choice of girl is of legal age. So it is easily understood that his intention is to ridicule prophet Mohamed. Ref: He tried to make Islam and Dhivehi an optional subject Ref: Gave a speech in Denmark, about needing another version of Islam. He specifically says that something alternative to Prophet Mohameds sayings and Quran is needed. Ref:

He said in many occasions, that he does not want to implement Islamic Sharia in Maldives. Ref: Autocracy! Locked up the Supreme Court. In a speech, he said that if he has to do things outside the chart he will do it. The chart a president has to follow is the constitution and the laws of the country. So he was basically saying that he would not hesitate to do illegal activities. Ref: In a speech given in R.Alifushi, Nasheed said When a member of my party pesters me for something I will grant that members request. But if a member of another party pesters me, my EVILNESS will be clearly seen Ref: He forced his own cabinet to resign. Ref: Arbitrary arrest of the criminal court judge using MNDF. (MNDF does not have a legal mandate to act in civil matters). Ref: Sent a mob to force his Finance Minister Inaz to resign. Ref:

Even though local councils were elected, Nasheed made offices to oversee the councils. Many suspect that this was done to control the councils. Ref: 9

His views on Drugs! On various occasions, he talked about legalizing marijuana (ganja). Ref:

So why shouldnt YOU vote for Nasheed ? During his 3 years as the president, he did not respect any democratic values. Disrespected Islam. Gave jobs to activists and quadrupled the states public debt. After he resigned, he publicly called out for violence and anarchy. Here is one last example of how undemocratic he is.. He made his running mate Dr.Musthafa Luthfee pledge that, he would resign in any case Nasheed is to resign or unable to continue the presidency. The whole purpose of having a running mate is so that, he can continue the term if the president is unable to carry out his full term.


Be a responsible citizen, a good Muslim and do not vote for Nasheed. Choose wisely..!


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