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A number of criticisms may be made, but among the most likely are the following: first, there are

several format problems that could be improved. The order of questions is not bad except for putting the overall evaluation at the beginning where it is likely to influence how the individual questions are answered. A second weakness is the failure to provide adequate space for responses, especially in questions 3 and 4. It would also be wise to give some more guidance as to the form of answers sought. The various parts of question 2 apparently should be answered by yes or no, but the lack of specific indications to this effect may result in some participants merely checking some parts and not checking others, or answering in other unexpected ways. When using what are essentially closed response questions it is wise to specify the response choices Question 1 - Should be placed much later as a summary question. Some scale other than a good-fairpoor scale would be better since these are vague concepts. It would probably be wise to use a scale to compare the professor to other professors in the student’s experience. Question 2 - In all of these parts there should be at least "yes" and "no" response choices, it might be even better to use a more sensitive scale, say of 1 to 5 points. In 2athere is some question of the meaning of "good delivery." Does this refer to speaking delivery skills, ability to conduct class discussions, or does delivery refer to total classroom performance? Question 2b is better than most, but is "know the subject" too crude or vague in concept? A similar criticism could be made in 2c where "positive attitude" is too vague and subject to variable interpretations. "Grade fairly" (2d) and “sense of humor" (2e) is probably acceptable, but 2f is a multiple question that should be broken into several. In addition, there should be some measure of usage. In question 2g, how prompt is "promptly?" Question 3 - After providing more response space, we might improve on "strongest point." A statement asking for the professor's "greatest strength" probably clearly conveys the intentions of the writer. Question 4 - It would improve the quality of response if more effort was made to seek that aspect of the professor's work that most "needs improvement." Question 5 - "Kind of class" is confusing. Does this mean subject matter, type of class operation, good or bad, or what? Question 6 - Should have a yes-no specification. Question 7 - Probably could be strengthened by stressing "voluntarily" take another course. It might also help to give a response scale that is more sensitive than merely yes of no