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Name 4Mat in Action: 4th Edition A Guide to Better Thinking: Teacher's guide and Pupil's book Accelerated Learning in Practice Accelerated Learning in the Classroom ALPS StoryMaker Brain Based Learning Brain Compatible Classrooms: Second Edition Building Thinking Skills: Level 1 Champs Critical and Creative Thinking: strategies for classroom inquiry Developing Minds: a resource book for teaching thinking: 3rd Edition Effective Teaching and Learning in the Primary Classroom Frameworks for Thinking: A handbook for teaching and learning Games for Thinking Getting the Buggers to Think

Author(s) Bernice McCarthy Anne Kite Alistair Smith Alistair Smith Steve Bowkett Eric P. Jensen Robin Fogarty Sandra Parks and Howard Black Computer software Susan Wilks Edited by Arthur L. Costa Sara Shaw and Trevor Hawes
David Moseley, Vivienne Baumfield, Julian Elliott, Steven Higgins, Jen Miller, Douglas P. Newton and Maggie Gregson

Robert Fisher Sue Cowley

How to Teach for Metacognition Reflection Robin Fogarty Improving Concentration Skills Improving Memory Skills Infusing the Teaching of Critical Thinking into Content Instruction Infusing Thinking into the Middle Years: A resource book for schools Inspiration: Version 8 Iowa Education Agency 267:Instructional Framework Kidspiration: Version 2.1 Let's Think: a programme for developing thinking in five and six year olds Mapping Inner Space MapWise: accelerated learning through visible thinking MindManager: Version 6 Multiple Intelligences: the complete MI Mike Lake and Marjorie Needham Mike Lake and Angie Steele Robert J. Swartz and Sandra Parks Michael Pohl Computer Software Website Computer software Philip Adey, Anne Robertson, Grady Venville Nancy Margulies with Nusa Maal Oliver Caviglioli and Ian Harris Computer Software Dr Spencer Kagan and Migual Kagan

Neil Mercer and Rupert Wegerif Thinking for Learning Thinking Skills and Eye Q Thinking Stories 1: teacher resource and activity book Thinking Through Primary Teaching Thinking Together: 2nd Edition Thinking Together: philosophical inquiry for Philip Cam the classroom Top Ten Thinking Tactics Mike Lake and Marjorie Needham Using History to Develop Thinking Skills at (Ed) Belle Wallace Key Stage 2 Zoombinis Logical Journey (formerly The Mathematical Journey of the Zoombinis) Computer software .book Music with the Brain in Mind Newswise: thinking through the news Poems for Thinking Primary CAME Thinking Maths File Six Thinking Hats Storywise: thinking through stories Super Teaching: 2nd Edition Teach Them Thinking Teaching Children to Learn Teaching Children to Think Teaching Thinking Skills Across the Early Years Eric Jensen Roger Sutcliffe and Steve Williams Robert Fisher Henrietta Preston (ed) Edward De Bono Karin Murris and Joanna Haynes Eric Jensen Robin Fogarty and James Bellanca Robert Fisher Robert Fisher (Ed) Belle Wallace Teaching Thinking Skills Across the Middle (Ed) Belle Wallace and Richard Bentley Years Teaching Thinking Skills Across the Primary Curriculum The ALPS Approach: accelerated learning in primary schools: 2nd Edition The Philosophy Club: an adventure in thinking The Story of Yani's Goal The Teacher's Toolkit Thinking By Numbers (Ed) Belle Wallace Alistair Smith & Nicola Call Roger Sutcliffe and Steve Williams Computer software Paul Ginnis Series editor Steve Higgins Authors Paul Broadbent. Sarah Kennedy. Ian Harris and Bill Tindall Philip Cam Steve Higgins. Viv Baumfield and David Leat Lyn Dawes. Caroline Clissold.Diana Cobden. and Tim Health Mel Rockett and Simon Percival Oliver Caviglioli.