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Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Flagship company of ZuariZuari-Chambal, Part of K.K. Birla group, Having 2 Nitrogenous Fertiliser Manufacturing Units at Gadepan, Kota (Rajasthan) Located at Gadepan 35 km from Kota on NHNH-76 Largest private sector Fertiliser complex in India ReRe-assessed capacity - 2 X 8,64, 64,600 MTPA Urea Commercial production • • GadepanGadepan-I GadepanGadepan-II Since January 1994 Since October 1999 1 Project Background In 2004 ,CFCL assigned a feasibility study to Process Licensors of Urea and Ammonia plants. plants. Assessment of the plant capabilities carried out by Test runs Bottleneck area were identified during test run and confirmed by subsequent simulation. simulation. Gadepan-I Partial de-bottlenecking capacity Full revamp capacity Energy benefit 3100 MTPD 3500 MTPD 0.20 MKcal/MT Urea Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Gadepan-II 3000 MTPD 3300 MTPD 0.17 MKcal/MT Urea Process licensors studied the operating plant for intended revamp based on the guidelines suggested by CFCL: Base case evaluation. Pinpoint bottlenecks in present operation. Proven revamp features selection and suggest modification with minimum changes and minimum investment to achieve both increase in capacity and reduction in energy consumption. Provide specifications and consumption of Raw material & auxiliary chemicals, Utilities Cost estimates for critical components and services Details of effluent & emission generation at expansion capacities and treatment scheme Recommend project implementation roadmap Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Scope of study 2 Path forward Basic Engineering Design (BED) for revamps was completed by the respective process licensors. licensors. Detailed Engineering and procurement assistance for both plants was carried out by Projects & development India Limited (PDIL). (PDIL). Project Management and procurement of all equipment, machinery & bulk items were managed internally and assisted by Detail engineering contractor. contractor. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Constraints during implementation Major constraints Soaring capital goods market & less response from Bidders Long deliveries of critical machinery & equipments Project implementation staggered in two stages : StageStage-I revamp Implementation of schemes for energy saving and partial dede-bottlenecking Expected project cost of StageStage-I : Rs. Rs. 4000 Million Target completion date : March 2009 StageStage-II revamp On capital market cool down For schemes requiring critical machinery with long delivery schedule. schedule. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 3 Gadepan - I StageStage-I Schemes Installation of KRES GadepanGadepan-II with Naphtha feed from 1999 was having surplus CO2 as free export to GadepanGadepan-I . On switching over from Naphtha to Gas , CO2 shortfall was inevitable in GadepanGadepan-I InIn-order to meet CO2 demand, CDR was not found viable. . viable Option of Surplus Synthesis Gas burning • • • Constrained by Reformer capacity. capacity. Higher stack temperature and heat losses. losses. Reformed gas Boiler and Steam Drum inadequacy at higher loads. loads. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 4 Installation of KRES Conventional revamp option considerations : Higher front end pressure drop Higher reformed gas boiler heat duty and steam generation. Not economically viable due to major replacement and higher capital requirement. o Replacement of reformed gas boiler and steam drum. o Additional Booster Compressor for Synthesis Gas Compressor along with Synthesis Compressor & driver turbine retrofitting. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Installation of KRES Benefits : KRES & ATR installation Reduction in Reformer heat duty with respect to existing design. Reduction in front end pressure drop due to KRES parallel to Primary Reformer RG boiler & steam drum replacement avoided due to reduced heat duty. ID / FD fans require no change. Reduced downtime for implementation. o PrePre-shutdown installation of ATR and KRES with closed coupled design Economic use of existing transfer line to minimize investment / downtime. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 5 Installation of KRES Associated modifications required: New transfer line from KRES to RG Boiler. Modification of Existing transfer line (cold collector) from Primary to ATR. Installations of new KRES mixed feed preheat coil along with auxiliary burner in the flue gas exit duct of Steam Super Heater. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Installation of KRES NEW ITEM Steam Air & Steam 490 Primary Reformer Air & Steam Feed & Steam 785 550 ~ 816 RG WHB REF EXCHANGER MIXED FEED COIL DUCT OF STEAM SUPER HEATER Secondary Reformer 1018 KRES (New Equipment) TO HTS 550 Feed & Steam oC Temperature Fig-1 KRES Scheme in Ammonia Plant Revamp 6 Installation of KRES Integration of KRES equipment in the existing reforming area. area. This required retrofitting in large diameter transfer lines from Secondary Reformer outlet to KRES and from KRES to existing RG Boiler. Boiler. Fig-2 – 3-D Model of KRES installation TRANSFER LINE 1107-D EXISTING – MODIFIED BLUE=NEW PIPE; RED= EXISTING 16” dia. Airline Existing–modified 1103-D SEC. REFORMER 1100-C KRES EXCH. STRUCTURE FOR N-S GUIDE FOR KRES TRANSFER LINE 1107-D2 EXISTING - MODIFIED STRUCTURE KRES SUPPORTED ON SLIDE PLATES CLOSE COUPLED CONNECTION COMMON MAT FOUNDATION Fig 4 - KRES installation scheme – 3-D model Furnace DeDe-bottlenecking Reasons : • • • To increase the overall furnace efficiency from 90% to 93% by reducing the flue gas outlet temperature from 173° 173°C to 122° 122°C. Reduce backback-pressure on Air compressor Reduce NG battery limit pressure requirement to meet additional pressure drop in system. Modifications : • Two additional natural gas coils ( Feed & Fuel) will be installed at the downstream of Combustion Air PrePre-heater and replace existing castable modular type CAP by high efficiency plate type heater. ReRe-passing of existing Natural gas feed coil and Process air coil. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited • 7 Furnace DeDe-bottlenecking FURNACE EFFICIENCY BEFORE & AFTER REVAMP Base case 2004 Radiant duty Mixed Feed Process Air Steam Superheater Total Efficiency LHV % 83.43 10.64 8.03 48.51 89.7 Stack -169°C Base case 2006 82.47 10.73 7.78 46.99 90.2 Stack -173°C Revamp 87.02 12.07 8.40 54.29 93.0 Stack - 122°C Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Furnace DeDe-bottlenecking FIG - 2 MODIFIED CONVECTIVE SECTION – PRIMARY REFORMER MIXED FEED TO PRIM. REF. E - 201 NEW KRES COIL 815 1035 1035 892 E - 202 A 782 538 E- 203 A TO STEAM SUPERHEATER NG TO DESULPHURIZER NG Feed Coil & NG Fuel Coil 129 365 661 E- 204 A 636 665 REPLACEMENT OF COMBUSTION AIR PRE - HEATER 154 175 E- 204 B 463 453 E- 203 B HP STEAM E- 202 B PROCESS AIR PRE HEAT COIL MODIFICATION 175 122 423 423 E- 208 E- 204C E- 205 367 359 NG PRE - HEAT COIL ACTUAL TEMPERATURE BEFORE MODIFICATION TEMPERATURE AFTER MODIFICATION 8 Post revamp – Furnace Duct Other Energy saving modifications 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Parallel operation of BFW prepre-heaters (E(E-211 A/B) to reduce pressure drop in front end. Parallel line from Methanator exit to Synthesis Gas Compressor suction for reducing pressure drop. Installation of DM water prepre-heater for heat recovery in process condensate stripper section. Installation of Vapour Absorption machine for suction cooling of Process Air Compressor in AmmoniaAmmonia-I Use of urea plant offoff-gases ( CC-3 offoff-gases) as fuel in AmmoniaAmmonia-I plant Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 9 Other Energy saving modifications 6. 7. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Augmentation of CO2 removal (GV) section • Replacements of packing in CO2 Absorber & Regenerator • Capacity augmentation of solution pumps. 8. 9. 10. Addl. Ammonia Converter & Synloop boiler as part of Back end revamp PrePre-concentrator, PrePre-decomposer and Urea Scrubber in Urea Plant Bulk flow cooer at common transfer point in Bagging plant Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Gadepan - II StageStage-I schemes 10 GadepanGadepan-II Revamp Major identified bottlenecks in Front-end during feasibility study • • • • Higher pressure drop in feed stock Pre-heater (Fired Pre-heater) Higher Front End pressure drop CO2 Removal section Absorber capacity Lower heat recovery in Shift Conversion and Syn loop Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited GadepanGadepan-II Revamp Mitigation Plans (implemented in March 2007 Turn Around) • • • Desulfuriser Pre-heater repassing from 4 pass to 8 pass. Operation of LTS guard and LTS main reactors in parallel to reduce pressure drop in front end. Long term plan for change to aMDEA process for CO2 removal. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 11 GadepanGadepan-II Revamp Mitigation Plans (Contd…) • • • • Implementation constrained by long delivery schedules of rotating machinery / pumps. Evaluated alternative partial debottlenecking option by activator change from DEA to ACT-I from same Process Licensor to get 10% capacity increase. Benefit 10% capacity gain envisaged. Option of online change over exercised to avoid two time solution change. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited GadepanGadepan-II Revamp Mitigation Plans (Contd…) • This required minimum 12~18 months for slow replacement to avoid rapid DEA degradation. • Change over initiated in Jan 2007. • Rapid degradation could be minimized but could not be eliminated. • Excessive foaming observed due to degradation products • Immediate counter measures taken in consultation with Licensor’s To augment side stream mechanical filtration capacity from original 5% to 10% Change of anti-foaming agent to Silicon base anti-foaming agent. • Change over almost complete and foreseen capacity Increase established during last one year. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 12 GadepanGadepan-II Revamp Mitigation Plans (under implementation) • Replacement of bare tube bundle to fin tube bundle in BFW pre-heaters (EA-302 A/B & EA-703 A/B) Before Revamp base (m²) 1. A-EA-302 A (HTS Exit) 2. A-EA-302 B (HTS Exit) 3. A-EA-703 A (Synloop) 4. A-EA-703 B (Synloop) 610 217 218 228 After Revamp finned (m²) 1703 560 622 690 Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Additional Ammonia Converter Modification: A new vertical Ammonia Synthesis Converter with waste heat boiler shall be added in series with existing horizontal converter. Benefits : 1. Circulation rate are expected to decrease due to increased conversion. 2. Expected reduction of loop pressure by Approx. 15 Kg/cm2g. Design synthesis loop pressure is 176 Kg/cm²g. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 13 Additional Ammonia Converter From EA-702 New Synloop Boiler EA-703 C To EA-701 New Converter EA-703 C Existing Synloop Boiler EA-703 A/B Fig.3 - Schematic Arrangement of additinoal Converter & Synloop Boiler in Ammonia-II Other schemes – GadepanGadepan-II 1. Installation of Vapour Absorption machine for suction cooling of Process Air Compressor in AmmoniaAmmonia-II 2. ReRe-passing of Hot process Air (HPA) and Cold process air coil dede-bottleneck the Air compressor capacity for high plant loads. • Suction chilling of Gas Turbine to meet the increased power demand after revamp. 4. Installation of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (VAR) machine for suction cooling of CO2 compressor 5. PrePre-heater to LP Decomposer in UreaUrea-II Plant Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 14 GadepanGadepan-I Stage - II Schemes GadepanGadepan-I StageStage-II Schemes AmmoniaAmmonia-I 1. Installation of Integral geared Air Compressor to meet Air demand 2. Installation of radial flow basket in HTS & LTS reactor. 3. Conversion of GV process to aMDEA in CO2 Removal section. 4. Installation of Molecular sieve dryer for converting Wet loop to Dry loop. 5. Installation of Additional Refrigeration Compressor. 6. Augmentation of Synthesis gas compressor / Turbine. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 15 GadepanGadepan-I StageStage-II Schemes UreaUrea-I 1. Additional High pressure Ammonia pumps & Carbamate pump. 2. Augmentation of Existing Vacuum system. 3. Augmentation of waste water section Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited GadepanGadepan-II Stage - II Schemes 16 GadepanGadepan-II StageStage-II Schemes AmmoniaAmmonia-II 1. Installation of Integral geared Air Compressor to meet Air demand 2. Installation of KRES in parallel with PrimaryPrimary-Secondary reformer. 3. Conversion of Benfield process to MDEA process in CO2 removal section. 4. Augmentation of Molecular sieve dryer. 5. Installation of Purge gas recovery unit 6. Augmentation of Synthesis gas compressor / Turbine. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited GadepanGadepan-II StageStage-II Schemes UreaUrea-II 1. Additional CO2 booster compressor. 2. Installation of New MP decomposer and MP Absorber 3. Replacement of Carbamate boostboost-up pump 4. Additional vacuum concentrator and heater. 5. Augmentation of waste water section Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited 17 CHALLENGES 1. Selection of absolute reliable and proven features for revamp. 2. Equipment & machinery costs increased drastically during 20062006-07, Chambal decided to split the revamp project in stages. 3. Limited suppliers of High pressure alloy steel pipings 4. Selection of experienced Construction Contractor for revamps 5. ODC movement to Chambal site 1. Rail transportation not feasible because of larger diameters of vessels. 2. Road transportation only one route available due to extra ordinarily large weight and length of the new equipments. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited CHALLENGES Fig 5 – Secondary Reformer 18 CHALLENGES 6. HookHook-up shutdowns of plants 7. Safety during construction o Maximum prefabrication outside plant area o Planning for multiple agencies working during shutdown o Cordoning of areas for new equipments within plant battery limits o Site job planning for various agencies within plant battery limits Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited TH A N K S 19