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Shibani Sapui is from a very poor Schedule Caste family.

Around 11 am on 2nd February 2013, she was attacked in her home allegedly by Manirul Mollah s/o Chaper Mollah, Amin Mollah s/o Chaper Mollah, Koinoor Mollah w/o Manirul Mollah, Gaffur Mollah s/o Saukat Mollah, Nupur Mollah w/o Saukat Mollah, Rahima Mollah w/o Amin Mollah. They physically assaulted Shibani and also inserted a lathi in her private parts in front of her family. Basanti Police Station registered only a General Diary bearing no 105/13 dated 02/02/2013. The police did not even send Shibani for any first aid nor made any investigation of the injuries she sustained. Her attackers later threatened her family of dire consequences and warned that they will set fire to her house. On 04/03/13 the attackers put human excreta and urine in the pond beside her house so that her family would be unable to use the water of the pond. However the Police remained silent observers. A delayed report of the Local Medical Centre on 11th February 2013 endorsed that physical assault by lathi introduced in private parts At the instance of local people and pressure from some social activists, the police lodged a FIR on 27th February 2013 registered as FIR 97/2013 at Basanti Police station. The accused have been charged with sections 447/323/354/506 all bailable sections. The Police deliberately did not refer to complaint made on 2nd February 2013 instead recorded a fresh General diary 1498/13 on 27/2/13 and made it the basis to lodge a diluted FIR on public pressure. On 2/3/13 (after about a month of the actual incidence) a letter was given by the police to get Shibani examined at the primary health care centre. Once again on 14/03/13 the accused barged into her house and physically assaulted her entire family. Her mother-in-law Kunti Sapui was also seriously beaten up. Police did not act on the new complaint. On 22/03/03 Amin Mollah and his people once again forcefully entered her house and physically assaulted Shibanis entire family. Shibani Sapui escaped from these persons and rushed to the Police Station for police help. The S.I of the police station Khalek verbally abused her in filtly language and kicked her hard on her chest. He beat her up brutally with a lathi and detained her the whole night at the police station. There was no lady constable or officer in that police station that night. Shibanis husband

saw her at the Police Station next morning in a very critical and grave condition and rushed her to the Canning Hospital. SI Khalek is now promoted as Officer In Charge of another Police Stations. The police influenced the hospital authorities and though Shibani was in the Canning hospital admitted from 23rd March 2013 till 4th April 2013, no injury report was forthcoming and the doctors thereat were under pressure to hush up the matter. On 02/04/13 a written submission was made to the Superintendent of Police, South 24 Parganas, at Bhabani Bhawan. Around 22/04/2013 WBHRC summoned a report from SP South 24 Parganas but same has not been submitted despite reminders.