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Research Information: -- Snapshot --, GRUPO BIMBO, S.A.B. DE C.V.


480 52-55-52686600 +52 5552686697 Industry Classification Primary SIC Code Primary NAICS Code Secondary SIC Codes Armando Giner IR Contact Officer www. 1000. and related products (2051) Cookies and crackers (2052) Frozen bakery products.Page 1 Snapshot GRUPO BIMBO SAB DE CV GRUPO BIMBO SAB DE CV Type Address Public . and related products (2051) Offices of Other Holding Companies (551112) Bread. Colonia Pe±a Blanca Santa 97. It also makes salty snack foods . except bread (2053) Chocolate and cocoa products (2066) Macaroni and spaghetti (2098) Food prepartions. and Other Pastries Manufacturing (311813) Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing (311821) Dry Pasta Manufacturing (311823) Tortilla Manufacturing (31183) Offices of Other Holding Companies (551112) Business Description Do not take this Bimbo lightly. Offering 8. and tortillas under the TÝa Rosa. Delegaci¾n ?lvaro Obreg¾n MÚxico. with some 60% of its sales taking place outside Mexico. and Marinela brands. Grupo Bimbo produces bread. 01210 Mexico Phone Fax DUNS® Number Ticker(s) Exchange(s) Email Contact Internet Employees Parent Top-level BIMBO MEX ir@grupobimbo. D. Bimbo. Pies. nec (6719) Secondary NAICS Codes Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans (31132) Commercial Bakeries (311812) Frozen Cakes. nec (2099) Holding companies. In Mexico ~ where "pan Bimbo" is synonymous with soft. cake. cookies. cake. white sandwich bread ~ Grupo Bimbo is the country's largest commercial baking operation.Parent Prolongaci¾n Paseo de la Reforma No.000-plus products under some 100 umbrella brands. It is one of the top bakers in the world as well.F.grupobimbo. Wonder.

June 26.C. S. All rights reserved. Davis Javier de Pedro Espinola Fernando Lerdo De Tejada Jose Antonio Fernandez Carbajal Arturo Manuel Fernandez Ricardo Guajardo Agustin Irurita Luis Jorba Ignacio Perez Lizaur Jose Ignacio Mariscal Nicolas Mariscal Maria Isabel Mata Raul Obregon Alexis E. Board of Directors Roberto Servitje Sendra Henry R.In-depth Records. from Hoover's Company Records . Yamazaki. All Rights Reserved Key Competitors Grupo Corvi Gruma Hostess Brands from Hoover's Company Records .. June 26. the company owns Texas-based Mrs.800. June 26. All rights reserved. 2013 Copyright 2013 Hoover's Inc. 2013 Copyright 2013 Reed Elsevier Inc.. from Corporate Affiliations. 2013 Copyright 2013 Reed Elsevier Inc.In-depth Records. 2013 Copyright 2013 Hoover's Inc. both of which serve the southwestern US.. All Rights Reserved Auditor Galaz. All Rights Reserved Yearly Financials Source NET INCOME NET SALES 155. Baird's and Bimbo Bakeries USA.000 1 1 1 Hoover's Company Records .100. Ruiz Urquiza. Executives Name Roberto Servitje Guillermo Abed Reynaldo Reyna Title Chairman Chief Financial Officer Chief Information and Strategy Analysis 57 Age 85 .297. June 26. Rovzar Lorenzo Sendra Daniel Servitje Mauricio Jorba Servitje from Corporate Affiliations.Basic Record. Not content with dominating the Latin American bread markets. Copyright 2013 Hoover's Inc.Page 2 under the Barcel brand and candies under the Ricolino label.000 13.

In-depth Records. de C. 2013 Copyright 2013 Hoover's Inc. Organizaci¾n LatinoamÚrica (OLA) President. All Rights Reserved . Bimbo Bakeries USA CEO. June 26.Page 3 Pablo Elizondo Fred F. Bimbo Bakeries USA East Deputy CEO.A.. Prince Javier Augusto Gonzßlez Guillermo Arrieta Armando Giner SENIOR EXECUTIVE Vice President EVP.V. Operations Auditing Director Investor Relations 59 58 62 57 from Hoover's Company Records . Penny Alejandro Lopez Gary J. Bimbo S.

2013 1. S. Grupo Bimbo.V. 2013 1.A.. June 26.Page 4 1. Hoover's Company Records .B.B. 2013 1.A.. de C. Grupo Bimbo. de C. Grupo Bimbo.In-depth Records. Hoover's Company Records .V.B. Hoover's Company Records .V. June 26. S. de C. June 26.. Hoover's Company Records .A.V.In-depth Records.B.. June 26. June 26.. Hoover's Company Records .V.In-depth Records. de C. de C. 2013 1.A. Grupo Bimbo. S. S. S.In-depth Records.In-depth Records.B. Grupo Bimbo. 2013 .A.