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Issue 2 – Summer 2012

The Eye of Terror
Includes Resources and Information on the Occulis Terribilis The Nemean Campaign With Index Astartes Articles for the Steel Dogs, the Lions of Alba, and the Heralds of Light Painting and Modelling Articles And An Interview with Author Aaron DembskiBowden


Introduction & Contents
This is the second issue of the Legio Imprint, the B&C’s semi-regular attempt to show the board members all the stuff they miss by hiding in their particular corners of the forum – and show off some new stuff into the bargain. This issue focuses around the Eye of Terror, the centre for so many of the events of 40K (especially powerarmoured events). There’s a lot to the Eye of Terror, and no e-zine could really be up to the task. Still, the B&C did its best, with fluff articles, modelling tutorials, painting tutorials, special rules, and a fully realized campaign with background, scenarios and advice for adapting it to your needs. There’s also an exclusive interview with Black Library luminary Aaron Dembski-Bowden, where he talks about the inner workings of the Black Library. The issue is divided into two major sections. First is the Eye of Terror section, which provides background information on the Eye and many of its denizens. There’s an exploration of just what the Eye of Terror is, overviews of the Black Crusades and the Astartes Praeses, and a variety of Eye-related modelling articles. There are also three different sets of special rules – one for the various Chaos Legions and one each for the Exorcists and Iron Hands Chapters – both of whom make their homes near the Eye. Second is the Nemean Campaign section, which covers a B&C-created campaign around the Eye of Terror – a war prompted by honour, pride, and vengeance. Heady stuff – and all created on the B&C. In addition to the background articles on the Chapters and the campaign, there’s also a complete set of scenarios, a battle report, and a guide to adapting the campaign for your purposes. There’s lots of original fluff, original ideas, original interpretations and original artwork, and even what you’ve already seen before has been polished and added to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as much as the team enjoyed producing it. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this and to all of you who will now read it.

Introduction & Contents Interview: Aaron Dembski-Bowden THE EYE OF TERROR An Introduction to the Eye of Terror The Black Crusades Beast Marines Tutorials A Guide to Creating Mutations Renegade Chapters Paths of Glory: Chaos Legion Rules The Making of Magmatrax The Astartes Praeses Codex: Exorcists Codex: Iron Hands THE NEMEAN CAMPAIGN The Steel Dogs The Heralds of Light The Lions of Alba Going on a Lion Hunt: The Nemean Campaign The Battle of Jamshyd’s World Aftermath Credits & Acknowledgements

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Octavulg – Editor 1


Legio Imprint

One of the Black Library’s most popular authors and one of the B&C’s most prolific luminaries, A D-B graciously agreed to answer some questions after the application of sufficiently gratuitous flattery. His answers are interesting and provide insight into both the Black Library and Games Workshop.

What is the process of writing and researching a novel for the Black Library?
Um. I'll cover that later. If I do it now, I'll have to write "See Question 1" about four times.

Armour 9 landed on the doorstep. It occasionally includes stuff that's not yet published, though you tend to have to be in GWHQ to get a look at that. But I saw the Blood Angels codex ages before it hit the shelves, for example. And I saw the photocopied pages of the next codex release, like, months and months ago. That's a rarity, but it's nice to pretend you're as cool as the Design Studio guys for a few minutes while you read that stuff.

You’ve mentioned a GW Archive in the past. Could you explain it to us?
Sure. On a practical level, dealing with the archive goes a little like this: To: From:

Are Black Library novels included in the Archive?
Yeah. Though we get all of them for free, anyway – don't usually need to ask.

Interview: Aaron DembskiBowden

Dear whomever gets this email, I need X information for novel Y. Can you send everything they have in the archives about it? Ta. Then, the very next day you get a chunky A2-sized envelope with a whole bunch of colour photocopies relating to everything you asked for. I'm usually aware of exactly what I'll need, so I'll list off specific references like "I know Slaves to Darkness has some jazz on the old units Chaos Marines used in the 80s... Can you send me a copy of those pages?"

Does the archive give you access to super-secret background material no one else sees?
Not so much. It gives you access to stuff no one has seen in a long time (Black Legion Chaplains and Techmarines with Spawngoads... Dreadnoughts called 'Chuck'...), and it gives you an occasional glance at something unreleased if it pertains to your project. That said, the Horus Heresy meetings are the exception that proves (okay, completely breaks) this rule. In those, we're sat around a table with Alan Merrett, the overseer of Games Workshop's entire intellectual property. And he's not just the IP manager; this is also the guy that invented most of the Horus Heresy's events as we know them today. So at HH meetings, we're able to see any relevant new codices while they're still basically printed, and we're the ones deciding the Imperium's history. That's... I mean, Jesus, even typing that to explain it feels cool. When you're sat in the room, it's absolutely killer. The

by Librarium Staff and A D-B

Essentially, the archive is everything Games Workshop and its subsidiaries (Black Library and Forge World) have published. F’rex, for the novel I'm working on right now, I wanted to see what Forge World had done on the Marines Errant –- because there's a vague subplot where the Night Lords are essentially hanging out with the Red Corsairs when Huron has a crack at killing the Chapter off [Yes, this interview was a while ago. Sorry, A D-B – Ed]. A day later, colour photocopies from Imperial


2. the Starchild cra– uh. 9. but it's not exactly a disaster if it's not. How much older material is contained in them (like the Starchild theory. 4. The fanbase orbits the concepts. Though. discussing the (thankfully. Copy editor gets it. Print. usually storylinebased and typo catching. wasn't exactly widespread. but especially licensed fiction. I pitch ideas and wait for a reply. 7. You might be reading this and thinking I'm very sceptical. and No. book or movie that you like. At least. and on forums How detailed a plot/concept are you given to work with? I assume it's the same for all the other authors. it's a general thing inherent in the semi-anonymous and opinionated nature of online reviews. catches typos and stuff. Give something an amazing cover and a great blurb. for example)? Everything. “theory”. Look at any Amazon review of a TV show. The most boring part. it's noticed. Second draft. I will say this: in the past. but they also know reviews are fleeting. now I need to tread carefully. BL haven't had a great record with heavily advertising certain authors. yeah. Our subject in both his forms – DaemonPrinceDargor everything is as good as it can be. I always choose what I want to do. and it'll attract a lot of interest no matter what previous novels the author has done. that's how it goes at first. Lore reader gets it. Online reviews are often not exactly well-considered or to the standards once kept by professional critics. 8. they notice. Editor feedback. That's not to say they're worthless – I spend an insane amount of time reading my own reviews (very unprofessional of me). 3. ever. where you check it over again yourself. It's not always sane. Does a negative or positive reaction to a book get noticed at the Black Library? Okay. almost always very positive) reviews I get there. hugely advertised stuff that a lot of them might think simply sucks. You've got mass-marketed. 5. when the first few releases for the Space Marine Battles series were loosely chosen by editors. So. Nick Kyme briefed me on that by saying "How about a novel focusing on Helsreach?" and left it at that. They do notice that. and all too often. I'm really not. in that its editors and staff have opinions of their own. really. it's the latter. They work hard to ensure Could you walk us through the editorial process on a Black Library novel? The full deal goes like this: 1. That has nothing to do with Back Library's production. It's inherent in all types of media. not the authors. My gut instinct answer is that Yes. Black Library is like any other publisher. while I've been more fortunate than luck should allow. I'm just honest. as I recall from my tender youth. Synopsis pitch. First draft. Yeah. and you've got lesser known authors that they really wish would break out of the pack. it's marketing that decides as much as anything. and they're probably right in feeling that way. That's just the nature of the game in any publishing. Reviews by your Average Joe can range from 'insightful' to 'missing the point by a ball-aching mile'. let alone valid. but I'm never given anything to work with in that sense. sends back feedback on any background discrepancies. Like any career situation. I can barely remember my name at the time. in the sense that I'll email my editor Nick 3 . But a lot of writers really don't much care. You're usually sick of the sight of it by now. Final edit. I'll try to be brief and to the point.pdf file. The notable exception was Helsreach. though. what you know isn't always what you can safely say. exactly. But no – like any other publisher – things sell whether they're great or just average. they made a fuss out of a couple of authors in particular who've ended up receiving very mediocre reviews. 6. it doesn't really have that much impact. Again.other guys are a bit cooler and more collected about the whole thing. In recent memory. Now check out all the people that missed the point by a bajillion miles. Production turn it into a formatted .

Some people consider that a flaw. which is why the imaginary distinction of "Codex Canon" being a different tier of truth to "Black Library Canon" and "Forge World Canon" is a fallacy. well. obviously. What inspires you to write about the armies you have? Write what you love. while others will 'get it' in the sense that a lot of the time. Something I'm pretty proud of is the feedback I tend to get regarding my attitudes to the established source material. of course. something is established and shouldn't be conflicted. though. and I'm sure my reviews will say "OMG ADB made BL To what extent do the authors work together? We don't. We tend to think the worst of people we dislike. or what colour Ork blood is this week)? This is a tough one. or they add something great to the shared universe. everyone involved in the Intellectual Property will do. and we're all confident in our respective grasps of the setting. it's great not to be secondguessing every scene where something mature happens. some people will consider it lazy. Luckily. Projects are rarely related enough to make it necessary. they probably have to. because I didn't like the work. What you've got to bear in mind is that – love it or hate it – Games Workshop's attitude to the setting really is that "Everything is true and nothing is true". It all depends on the topic and how it's presented. Y and Z other factions. complete. sometimes Black Library's. such as religion. I'm using 2011 to shop my non-40K work around (if I can find the time) and while I'll always love writing for 40K. We have a pretty active group email 4 . and if I do it. Ultimately. So I try to avoid that by simply not writing about the Black Legion. I think it's because their perception of the setting matches mine. My 40K isn't going to be exactly the same as your 40K. and he'll always say "Finish what you're doing first. and plausible if you have no respect for the person you're insulting when you say it. romance. or something like that. battles. and I know it from 20 years of reading and playing it." Is there any official instruction for what to do when you run into really big gaps in the fluff (like how Chapters are founded. then send me a synopsis. The guys I talk to most are Dan Abnett. Though it's usually just used to congratulate Graham on whatever award he's won that week. since I was a tiny little goober with a copy of Space Crusade. The erasing of former ideas. because the setting itself is founded to give people the chance to make their own stories. That'll change in time. I love a lot. When gaps or clashes occur in the sourcebooks. It's patently nonsense. It's all just people telling stories in the setting. No more than any other authors all working for the same publisher. and it's not usually about work with any of them. But canon is. That said. it's not what it is in other licenses. and the novels offer more specific. I have nothing but love for Chris Wraight and Matt Farrer. and so on. When work comes into it. and that's a statement that every single 40K fan can say to another fan with absolute. yeah. I guess this is different for every author. like GW. sometimes BL seems to cater for the lower age range of that demographic. crusades.. and what they consider "truth". malevolent. In my less witty moments. to a degree. and although I hate it.Kyme and say "I wanna do this". wars. Nick Kyme and Jim Swallow. Sometimes. I consider myself bound to the codices. the fans can judge what they like. Does the Black Library discourage you from exploring certain themes. I call it "loose canon". I stick to it because I love it. too. There's an immensely annoying – and completely invented – trope where sometimes authors of licensed fiction will big up their favourite factions just to make them look better than X. but I don't consider myself beholden to any other author's work. or simply not mentioning them again. I'm priceless. Like. and we talk over email. And that's something that. I try not to write what I play. but it makes a great soundbite. But I've run across a few instances where I could've referenced another author's novel and chose not to. But there's a consensus. legally. thing going on. after all. focused frameworks on certain factions. which is wrong). this is simply how GW want things to be. In codices. GW has a varied demographic (which falsely translates as "BL fans are mostly kids". It can feel a bit stifling sometimes. it's my choice if I want to acknowledge their work in mine (and vice versa). or I felt it wasn't really in-line with my views on 40K. it's called retconning. or the full depths of the horror of the 41st Millennium? We're not allowed to show explicit sex. It's not canon in that sense. mortal". and it's something instinctively childish. and I once got in trouble for a daemon saying "My kind will rape your holy world. GW brass don't see it like that.. whether in a novel or on the tabletop – the difference is that the Dev Studio will often give more of a framework for the setting as a whole. 100% surety. really. sometimes the Dev Studio's. it's almost always Horus Heresy related. a feature. too. but we don't work together in the sense that we're always going over our facts as a pack. Sometimes it'll be Forge World's consensus that becomes the main one. Canon doesn't really apply to 40K the way it does to Star Wars. You have to be verrrrrrry cautious with some aspects of romance. Others. Yeah.

plenty of time. when they don't really seem to be at all). I'd also like to carry on with that. My next HH novel will almost definitely be a World Eater novel. And on that suspiciously pro-Hive Mind note. not that I have plans). and whatever else they did in the Age of Darkness. Terra. and I don't think it's unfair to say that not all of the HH series has necessarily nailed that. or are you saving it for a special occasion? This may not be a popular opinion. though. Dark Angel or Ultramarine novel would be absolutely amazing. But getting to do a Blood Angel. rather than a 40K one. It's chimpish. awkwardly loyal distance from the humans they were never given a chance to be. by Dan Abnett. you need to be punched in the spine. Doing that is almost a dream come true. It also bled a 30K feel. That's what makes Space Marines in this setting so rich and interesting for me: their strange. but I always thought they were a bit stupid. anyway. and I love how they contrast to the Astartes. that I'd like to do a Night Lords novel at some point. Those trikes. 5 . There wasn't a lot of that in Legion. but I'm saying it anyway. you're not going to get much better than that. I think people place too much importance in them as truth. A DB’s novel Void Stalker is out now. obviously I'd love to have done something big in the sense of either one of the big events or the most popular legions (Blood Angels at Signus Prime. Space Wolves at Prospero) but I joined the team very late. Quite simply. and I don’t know why you haven’t bought it yet. Will you be including a Squat in your next book. showing the Word Bearer Legion really coming into its own with the assaults on Calth. anyway. There's What’s your favourite Black Library book? Why? Legion. but enough to tease and make for great reading. Those were rad. but whatever. and they were understandably taken by then. but it was beautifully written. I'd argue that if you use that many capitals in a sentence. And don't put 'Fail' in anything like that. What aspects of the Heresy would you most like to write about? I wanted to detail how it all began. and show a different perception of Lorgar and the Word Bearers at their lowest ebb. But the series is young. before they became the charismatic crusaders of the Heresy.the best when really Failbaddon is a loser". It should go without saying. brilliant scifi. and I hope you all enjoyed it. Ultimately. The characters were unique and fascinating. In less local news. the interview concluded. I like human characters in 40K. Really. My eternal thanks to A D-B for doing this. it'll be a million years away (I'm just saying I like the concept. and I love the characters. and that's something I've always wanted to get a hold of. It's an important part of the theme. though if I ever do. the prose was awesome. I'd love to do a novel about the War in the Webway. The revelations meant nothing to me (and really. I miss Genestealer cults. it's brilliant. Gah. and one that can end up pretty difficult to do. man. I was lucky enough to do that when I pitched The First Heretic. I doubt that's specific to me – it's surely the kind of thing any 40K fan would say. and the storyline was killer.

was taken as a prisoner and bride by Nurgle. are inhabited only by 16 ghosts. 1 Twenty thousand light years across. Others say that they turned to the worship of Chaos when they grew complacent and bored in their 5 supremacy over the galaxy. Mk II 12 Renegades. Some. Goddess of Healing.000. Third Edition. and a few sources say Isha. A rupture at its very heart spews forth raw Warp energy into our 12 universe. Fourth Edition 6 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness 7 Ibid 8 Codex: Eldar. Fourth Edition 9 Ibid 10 Codex: Chaos Daemons Codex: Chaos Space Marines. and this energy makes the region violently unstable. meanwhile. it was born in the final years of the Dark Age of Strife. Many of the inhabited worlds within the Eye of Terror are Daemon Worlds. Tales of 11 The Eye of Terror The Fall of the Eldar Explanations vary for the Eldar’s fall. An Introduction to the Eye of Terror by Octavulg 1 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. heedless 19 of physical laws. The Crone Worlds are the original core worlds of the Eldar Empire. oceans and rivers of blood or where the 21 moons and stars scream. 3 heralding the birth of the Imperium. Daemons can safely manifest within the confines of 13 the Eye. and the reality-twisting effects of the Warp have resulted in space and time being deformed in alien and terrifying ways. the Laughing God survived by concealing himself in the Webway where his Harlequins lurk to 9 this day. Space Marine Second Edition 19 Codex: Chaos Daemons 20 Renegades. Others have become daemon worlds. Fourth Edition 14 Codex: Eldar. found toward the heart of the Eye of 18 Terror. Whatever the reason. worlds with fire for skies. and the Eldar must still mine them today in order to build soul 14 stones. Fourth Edition 3 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness 4 Ibid 5 Codex: Eldar. where screeching warpspawn caper through the graveyard of a great 17 civilization. Some sources say they fell into Chaos worship when they discovered it 4 through their use of warpgates. trapped in his garden forever as a victim of his 10 various plagues and pathogens. It is the heart of Chaos in our universe. allowing humanity to return to the 7 galaxy. Worlds with surfaces of living flesh. Mk II 2 Warhammer 40. like Belial IV.What is the Eye of Terror? The Eye of Terror dominates the north-west of the galaxy.000. Fourth Edition 15 Ibid 16 Codex: Eye of Terror 17 Codex: Eldar. across the Eldar Empire. annihilated the majority of the Eldar pantheon – Khaine survived as scattered fragments at the core of 8 Craftworlds. Third Edition. Third Edition 6 . Daemon Worlds have been corrupted by Chaos. Slaanesh. Space Marine Second Edition 13 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. This catastrophe blew the Warp Storms around Earth away and reshaped the Warp. and visible from ten thousand light 2 years away. Fourth Edition 18 Renegades. They also hold many artefacts 15 of pre-Fall Eldar Civilization. brought into being by the Fall of the Eldar. night worlds where no light is ever 20 seen. those who felt the pull of Chaos in their souls fell dead and their souls were subsumed into the being 6 known as Slaanesh. Space Marine Second Edition 21 Warhammer 40. There are a variety of different worlds within the Eye. Geography The Eye of Terror was the result of this 11 tumult. and are now shaped by the whims of whatever Chaos power controls them. flat worlds.

7 .

The twisting influence of the Warp twists time such that many of the original Legionaries still survive to nurse their hatred of the 26 Imperium. uninhabited even by the creatures of Chaos. who fled there in the wake of the Horus Heresy. Nurgle’s pestilent. Fourth Edition 29 Codex: Eye of Terror 30 Adeptus Titanicus 31 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness 32 Warhammer 40. Emotions also feed 37 the powers of Chaos. Perhaps the most infamous of the Eye’s inhabitants are those who once served the Imperium. The Chaos powers can reclaim the energies committed to a particular daemon at any time. Daemons cannot generally manifest themselves in our universe – the walls between universes must be weakened by a warp storm or the beliefs and rituals of cultists in order to allow a 45 daemon entrance to our world.000. But the Eye’s most numerous inhabitants are Daemons. Some small Chaos powers elect to stabilize themselves by taking daemonic form. Some mortals succumb to this willingly. accumulations of power grown large enough to achieve 35 sentience. Most prominent of these are the Traitor Legions. and so they may be drawn in or expelled from it without warning. 27 What is the Warp? The Warp is a parallel reality to our own – Chaos is the Warp.000. Slaanesh’s depraved. much of the ebb and flow of the Warp may be a response to emotions and actions in our universe. Space Marine Second Edition 25 Codex: Eye of Terror 26 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Space Marine Second Edition 28 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. on some worlds. wars prompted by obscure. Space Marine Second Edition 43 Ibid 44 Codex: Chaos Daemons 45 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness 46 Ibid 8 . Greater Daemons are 42 worshipped as gods themselves. The natural ebb and flow of the Warp can make travel easier or more difficult 33 by speeding or slowing ships. Fourth Edition Codex: Eldar. Eye to this day. Alternatively. Daemons are created from the accumulated energy of a Chaos power – more capable and larger powers can 39 thus create more daemons. Daemons do not concern themselves with humanity. and the arcane forces of the Dark Mechanicus and Traitor Titan 30 Legions. Worlds closer to the edge of the Eye may even be something observers might recognize as normal. Mk II 38 Codex: Chaos Daemons 39 40 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness Ibid 41 Codex: Chaos Daemons 42 Renegades. committing a portion of their power to controlling the mind and 46 spirit of their host. one must understand the Warp. 28 formerly of the Adeptus Astartes.000. As powers grow larger. Human ships travel across the galaxy by entering the Warp. They are occupied participating in wars between the Chaos powers and other daemons within the Warp and the Eye of Terror. Daemons are reflections of the powers that created them – Khorne’s are bloodthirsty. trading the chance at more power for 40 the certainty of continued existence. Fourth Edition 24 Renegades. Older sources suggest that warp storms are the powers of Chaos. while others What Lives There? The inhabitants of the Eye are no better. Third Edition 34 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness 35 Ibid 36 Ibid 37 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness. Daemon Worlds are as varied as the powers of Chaos – the only constant is the insanity behind them. Most of the time. daemons can possess mortals. Warp storms are created by these natural movements and tides. Codex: Chaos Space Marines. then returning to realspace. though often they are simply dead worlds. and Tzeentch’s 41 mercurial. betrayal is still possible). coming together 34 and breaking apart over time. fallen Imperial Guard regiments and 29 cultists. and the 31 Warp is Chaos. Third Edition. and to understand them.these horrors are brought back to the Imperium by the crews of Inquisitorial 22 null-ships. ensuring the loyalty of their followers (though. Indeed. Eldar Craftworlds are even known to be drawn into the eye by physical or metaphysical forces – Maugan Ra’s home world of Altansar was drawn 23 into the Eye itself. Fourth Edition Renegades. Fifth Edition 33 Warhammer 40. The Fringe Worlds along the edge of the Eye lead a precarious existence. They are bolstered by more recent traitor Space Marines. and the use of psychic powers creates disturbances 38 and currents in the Warp. The Eye of Terror provides a haven for the treacherous and the black-hearted. The gods’ most favoured servants will be rewarded with more and more power – indeed. where the distance to their destination 32 is shorter. The Eye of Terror is not stable. Billions of mutants inhabit various daemon worlds. ships fleeing Horus’ defeat at Terra still arrive in the 27 22 23 Warhammer 40. treacherous as such creatures 44 are. as twisted and malformed as the worlds they live on. Indeed. or dragged from captured prisoners and tomes by the Ordo Malleus. and Ulthwé is 24 trapped in its orbit. incomprehensible or even ridiculous 43 motivations. screaming tormented praises to gods as 25 mad as their worshippers. they can protect themselves from the natural flow of the Warp and maintain 36 their existence.

are left trapped as witnesses to the 47 horrors their body commits. Home to the famous Cadian regiments. The Benighted – A Daemon World in 64 the western Eye of Terror. Agripinaa produces munitions 55 for the Cadian Gate. Citadels of Flesh – A Daemon World 70 in the eastern Eye of Terror. the immaterial realm is anathema to mortal beings. Cylia – A Daemon World near the 71 centre of the Eye. Every Navigator perceives the Warp differently and any attempt to describe what they see is futile for it requires colours and shapes beyond 52 mortal comprehension.59 the Arx Gap is less stable than the Cadian Gate. and the site of much of the action of the 13th 65 Black Crusade.56 He guided them in an escape from the Eye of Terror during the 13th Black Crusade. Third Edition. A former Eldar Maiden World. Exarch of the Dark Reapers. and these fields are all that prevent Warp creatures from consuming those who sail the swirling energies of the 49 Immaterium. Such a journey is hazardous in the extreme. now the site of constant battles 74 between the four Chaos powers. Caliban (Ruins) – The destroyed former home world of the Dark 66 Angels. Just as daemons struggle to maintain their physical form in our material realm.57 Altansar is now located near Terra. Fourth Edition 50 Codex: Chaos Daemons 51 “Space Fleet”. White Dwarf 140 48 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Mk II 60 Codex: Eye of Terror 61 Battlefleet Gothic 62 Codex: Eye of Terror 63 Ibid 64 Warhammer 40. Fifth Edition Codex: Eye of Terror “The Unforgiven”. Belis Corona – A dead world on the Imperial side of the Cadian Gate which 63 supports massive naval dockyards.000.000. Mk II 68 Ibid 69 Codex: Eye of Terror 70 Warhammer 40. A Thousand Sons 49 Warhammer 40. Third Edition. on the northern edge of the 67 Eye. leaving crews to be turned into gibbering maniacs and devotees of 50 dark and terrible influences. Talented psykers such as the Librarians of the Adeptus Astartes can project their minds into the Warp in the form of a “subtle body” or “mist flesh”. It is here that the death of mankind waits. Cadia – The Fortress World that secures the eponymous Gate. Fifth Edition 76 Warhammer 40. Altansar – This Craftworld is home to Maugan Ra. for injury to the subtle body is suffered by the physical body and to die whilst in the Warp is to be condemned to damnation and torment 48 at the claws of daemons.58 The Arx Gap – An alternate exit from the Eye of Terror in the north-east. Navigators are treated with fear and suspicion for it is said that to look in a Navigator’s Warp Eye is to invite madness and 53 death. It is only thanks to the mutants known as Navigators that mankind can travel the Warp. White Dwarf #140 52 Codex: Chaos Daemons 53 “Space Fleet”. Dhegh – A Daemon World near the 72 centre of the Eye. Fool’s Paradise – An Imperial Guard 75 world of note. though they are now mistrusted by other Eldar due to their lengthy time within the Eye.000. Navigators possess a third eye in the centre of their forehead which enables them to look upon the 51 Warp. Fifth Edition 71 Ibid 72 Ibid 73 Codex: Eye of Terror 74 Bloodquest 75 Codex: Imperial Guard. Mk II 55 Codex: Eye of Terror 56 Codex: Eldar.61 Belial IV – A Crone World in the east of the Eye on which can be found an Eldar relic – a black crystal sword 62 forged from the energy of death. Fourth Edition 57 Ibid 58 Warhammer 40. like the mirror of a daemon projecting its psychic existence into our physical realm. Fifth Edition 59 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.000. and here from which our darkest urges march forth to destroy us. Fifth Edition 77 Ibid 66 9 .77 Fulgrim’s World – Daemon World of the Emperor’s Children Primarch and 65 68 Notable Worlds and Sites Agripinaa – An Adeptus Mechanicus Fortress World located south-east of 54 Cadia. For an ordinary man to even look upon the Warp is to jeopardize his sanity. 54 Codex: Chaos Daemons Graham McNeill. Eidolon – A world in the northern Eye 73 of Terror. Even the best Gellar fields have been known to fail without explanation.60 Abaddon escaped through here to start the Gothic War.000. The Forbidden Vault – A Daemon World in the western Eye of Terror. Third Edition. Chincare – A rogue system where a creature of Chaos was destroyed by 69 Inquisitor Eisenhorn. but also apparently the site of Alpha-grade Daemonic 76 encounters. Starships are encased in protective shields known as Gellar fields generated by ancient engines from the fabled Dark Age of Technology. Index Astartes I 67 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. 47 Conclusion Thus is the Eye of Terror – a twisted realm of twisted creatures serving twisted purposes.

Saturated with magic and volcanically active. Mk II 10 . their colours are purple and green.000. Index Astartes III Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Fifth Edition 95 “The Lost and the Damned”.000. Third Edition. it was remade in the image of Barbarus by Mortarion.000.85 The Loathsome Orb – A Daemon 86 World in the southern Eye of Terror. Index Astartes III 96 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Location unknown.82 Kathalon – A Daemon World ruled by Vangash’hagash the Ever -Bloody. Fourth Edition “The Iron Hands”.84 L’Oquis – A Crone World in the western Eye of Terror. Third Edition. Nemesis Tessera is now under the control of the 93 Inquisition. Medrengard is a bleak slave world in the north-east of the Eye88 and is dominated by physically impossible fortifications.96 Planet of Sorcerers – New home of the Thousand Sons. Medusa lies on the north-west 92 edge of the Eye.83 Kdask’s Labyrinth – A Daemon World in the south-west of the Eye of Terror. Fifth Edition 80 Ibid 81 Codex: Eldar. Mk II 93 Codex: Eye of Terror 94 Warhammer 40. They are famous for the talents of their Bonesingers. Mk II 89 “Bitter and Twisted”. Third Edition.95 Sickness and pestilence are the norm.79 Il-Kaithe – A Craftworld near the south-west of the Eye of Terror. it is 91 92 84 85 78 “Children of the Emperor”.80 Constantly battling against the forces of Chaos. The Perilous Stair – A Daemon 94 World near the centre of the Eye. Fifth Edition Ibid 86 Ibid 87 Codex: Imperial Guard. Index Astartes I 79 Warhammer 40. and the clouds bring death. Nemesis Tessera – Site of a fortress built to guard against the denizens of the Eye of Terror. prompting the population to pray to Nurgle for relief.000.81 Infinitum – A Daemon World near the centre of the Eye. Fifth Edition 88 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.78 Helix – A Daemon World near the centre of the Eye of Terror.87 Medrengard – Home to the Iron Warriors.The Eye of Terror – Colrouphobic the goal of questing Emperor’s Children.89 It lies close enough to the edge of the Eye that it can sometimes be mapped as outside – which may just be a product of the Eye’s unpredictability90 Medusa – The home world of the Iron 91 Hands. Index Astartes I 90 Warhammer 40.000. and is the site of an endless battle between the forces of Khorne and Tzeentch. Fourth Edition 82 Warhammer 40. Mahr’douk – A Guard world of note to the south-west of the Eye. it takes the form of a burning lake crossed with bridges of iron and bone. Plague Planet – The new home of the Death Guard. Fifth Edition 83 Codex: Chaos Daemons Warhammer 40.

Mk II 112 113 Warhammer 40. Titan of Pain – Daemon World near 108 the centre of the Eye of Terror. 116 and the Idolator-class escort. Index Astartes IV 104 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Sicarus – Daemon world base of Lorgar and centre of Word Bearer operations. Third Edition. Scelus is the former home of 101 the Sons of Malice.covered in monolithic sorcerer’s towers. directing the raids of his Legion toward targets which particularly interest him. Mk II 99 Warhammer 40. Ulthwé – An Eldar Craftworld that wears the colours of mourning (black and yellow) due to being trapped in 110 orbit around the Eye of Terror. Third Edition. World of Immortal Sorrows – Crone World ruled by Slaaneshi Daemon Prince Elyssar’sirath. Viest – Plague world in the northern 112 Eye of Terror. 115 Produces the Hell Talon. Currently located near the western 111 edge of the Eye. Mk II 108 Warhammer 40. Mk II 103 “The Dark Apostles”.105 Thracian Primaris – A Hive World of twenty-two billion with five Ramilies Star Forts and eight million PDF 106 defending it. Third Edition. 102 quarantined due to alien artefacts.103 Skalathrax – A freezing daemon world covered in black cities.000. Sentinel Worlds – Anomalous worlds in the south-west of the Eye. Third Edition. Known as talented artists.97 From the Tower. Magnus can peer through the Warp across the Imperium. Capital of the Helican 107 sub-sector. almost within the southern Eye of 113 Terror. Fifth Edition 100 Codex: Eye of Terror 101 Ibid 102 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Third Edition. Hell Blade. Their colours are grey and orange. Yme-Loc – Eldar Craftworld near the 117 Eye of Terror.114 Xana II – Renegade Forge World. Mk II 105 Ibid 106 Codex: Eye of Terror 107 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.000.000.98 Purgatrex – A Daemon World in the north of the Eye of Terror.118 97 “Masters of Forbidden Knowledge”. Fifth Edition 109 Ibid 110 Codex: Eye of Terror 111 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. they frequently make use of heavy grav-tanks and Titans. Fifth Edition 114 Codex: Chaos Daemons 115 Imperial Armour: Apocalypse 116 Battlefleet Gothic 117 Codex: Eldar. where daemons torment the souls of fallen Eldar in a massive golden forest beside rivers made from the tears of Eldar children. Tzix – Daemon World in the south of 109 the Eye of Terror.99 Rubicon Straits – An anomaly. Volscar – A Guard world of note. where Khârn’s actions shattered the World Eaters and Emperor’s Children and earned him the title “The Betrayer”. the tallest of which is the Tower of the Cyclops. Fifth Edition Codex: Imperial Guard. Index Astartes IV 98 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.104 Site of the battle of Skalathrax. Fourth Edition 118 Ibid 11 .100 Scelus – A Dead World in the west of the Eye.

once or twice in a millennium. Through his implacable will and the favour of the Ruinous Powers. they strike down the righteous and harry the godly. Second Edition 7 Ibid 12 . recovered the daemon sword Drach'nyen. Before the Crusade could properly begin. with Dorn making his last stand on the bridge of the Chaos Battleship Sword of Sacrilege.3 Even if one allows 50 to 60 years to be 'soon' in Imperial terms. Led by fell champions.7 Abaddon was eventually forced to withdraw after a bitter battle against the 1 by Strike Captain Lysimachus The Death of a Primarch – c. damage to avert the attack. The Black Crusades Abaddon’s First Black Crusade – 781. Rogal Dorn and three companies of Imperial Fists assaulted the Chaos anchorage in the Pelenos Belt and did enough “Emperor’s Fist”. suggesting that it must have been a separate event. but a date is not given other than it was 'soon after' the disappearance of Corax. The Black Crusades of Abaddon the Despoiler are some of the most momentous events in the history of the Imperium and yet. this Champion welds together an unsteady alliance between the infernal regions of the Eye of Terror and sallies forth against the Imperium. Depending on the Champion’s goals and objectives. How the Champion brings such a ‘Black Crusade’ together will depend on his nature and his patron God. However.30. others extortion. 21. Third Edition. a Black Crusade can vary wildly in terms of the size and composition of Traitor forces. this would still place this Black Crusade 700 years before the date given for Abaddon's First Black Crusade. a truly great Champion of Chaos arises in the Eye of Terror. Index Astartes Volume II 2 Ibid. or specifically to one of Abaddon's Black Crusades is unclear.M31). Whatever the method. Strike Captain Lysimachus unearths information on known Black Crusades and provides some thoughts on their general nature.5 Since the Imperial defences at the Cadian Gate were not yet established he was able to easily rampage around Imperial space.M31 An unnamed Black Crusade that threatened to engulf Cadia. In this article. Index Astartes Volume IV 4 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. other than his two most recent.1 If this account refers to a general Black Crusade.M314 After years of inactivity following the Scouring. Abaddon suddenly erupted back into the Imperium at the head of a diabolical horde.2 The Primarch of the Raven Guard is known to have disappeared approximately one year after the 2nd Founding (ca.6 During this time Abaddon assaulted the Tower of Silence on Uralan and. relatively little is known of these cataclysmic wars. 3 “Claws of the Raven”. Some use manipulation. while others dominate or intimidate. Introduction It is the nature of Chaos that infighting and rivalry keep the Chaos Space Marines from permanently uniting. Mk II 5 Ibid 6 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Below is a time line recording the known Crusades of both Abaddon and several other mighty chaotic war leaders. the Champion must use all of the considerable powers at his disposal. such a force can range from a few hundred renegade Astartes to a dark tide of countless thousands of Chaos worshippers. Unsurprisingly for the servants of Chaos.The Eye of Terror The Black Crusades are the fury of Chaos unleashed upon the Imperium. after being led into the crypts below it by a golden-skinned stranger.

Traitor forces went about threequarters of the way from the Eye of Terror towards Armageddon.37. it was destroyed by a single blow from Drach’nyen when Abaddon led a charge against it. Doombreed. nine-tenths of Abaddon’s forces were killed in the attack and Abaddon was repelled by the Imperial counterattack. Third Edition. 18 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. listed twenty Chapters that were founded over the following centuries.9 Further to this.001. compiled in M. Mk II 12 Ibid 13 Liber Chaotica: Khorne. The Second Edition and first Third Edition Chaos Codices imply that this occurred during the first Black Crusade. this Crusade was basically a declaration of war against the Adeptus Astartes.12 The Host of Tallomin – Undated13 This apparently took place during the Age of Apostasy (though the exact date is unknown) and was led by a Daemon Prince named Tallomin. Liber Chaotica: Khorne 13 .10 Abaddon’s Second Black Crusade – 597.20 The Warhawks and 19 20 Ibid. 14 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.M3211 This war lasted only five years.combined strength of several Titan Legions and Space Marine Chapters.19 Ibid Ibid. the path of attack reaching fewer than 1000 light years from the Eye of Terror. and the naval port of Bellis Corona and the fortress on Nemesis Tessera were created. the Crusades mentioned in Liber Chaotica are presented in chronological order. but this source specifically dates it as the fourth. Mk II 15 Ibid adamantium. The "Wolf Warriors" were involved in Tallomin’s defeat and destruction.M3417 Abaddon attacked and destroyed the Citadel of Kromarch on El'Phanor. but was stymied assaulting Cadia.8 After this the Cadian Gate was fortified. Impervious to bombardment.M3215 A longer campaign than Abaddon’s previous Crusade. Third Edition.14 Abaddon’s Third Black Crusade – 909.18 The Citadel only had a single gate – three meters thick and made of 16 17 Ibid Ibid 10 Ibid 11 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Second Edition The Tide of Blood – Undated Led by the Daemon Prince. Though undated.16 8 9 Black Legionaire – Firenze Abaddon’s Fourth Black Crusade – The Devastation of El’Phanor – c. the Astartes Praeses program was begun and the Liber Astartes. Though the Citadel fell in less than a day.

M3629 This attack reached approximately 15. One star map shows the attack path going almost due east from the Eye. and Abaddon succeeded in reclaiming the artefact known as the Hand of Darkness.22 but this may be a recurrence of the phenomenon associated with the Bloodthirster Ka’jagga’nath.M3631 This Crusade took a similar path to the Fifth.25 Jihar slipped through 21 Abaddon’s Fifth Black Crusade – 723. Raids continued for years.M3733 Chaos fleets flooded out past Cadia but then disappeared. driving those who heard it insane. the Cadian Gate with only a small retinue. giving the Crusade its name.21 Its date is unknown.M3624 Jihar the Lacerator was a follower of Slaanesh whose very presence caused the Warp to scream. Third Edition.30 26 Ibid 22 Warhammer 40. out to as far as 20.26 but the swarms of mutants on the worlds he targeted in Adriada’s Gloom (to the south-west of the Eye) provided him with many new recruits. Fifth Edition 23 Codex: Grey Knights 24 Tactica Imperialis 25 Ibid Ibid Ibid 28 Ibid 29 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.28 Abaddon’s Sixth Black Crusade – 901. Forty-three Imperial Guard regiments were involved.23 and its placement in the Liber Chaotica would suggest otherwise.000 light years away. 34 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.000 light years from the Eye.32 Abaddon’s Seventh Black Crusade – The Ghost War – 811. the furthest 31 32 The Black Crusade of Jihar the Lacerator – 599. though Doombreed was defeated.M38. One source does date a “Bloodtide” to 034. and came even closer to Fenris.27 and the Crusade ended only when the 13th Mordant Regiment slew Jihar in battle – only to be subject to Exterminatus due to concerns of Chaotic taint. Mk II 30 Ibid 27 Ibid Ibid 33 Ibid.000.Marines Exemplar engage Hellaynnea’s Horde – Lord Tybault Venerators Chapters were "lost" as a result of the Black Crusade. Second Edition 14 .34 Imperial records of this Crusade are somewhat confusing.

Since it is contradicted by at least one source.38 The First Armageddon War – 444. but this same source includes the Battle of Mackan. Mk II 38 Ibid 39 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Third Edition. Third Edition.M4160 The most recent of Abaddon’s attacks on the Imperium opened with an outbreak of plague zombies spread by derelict ships launched from the Eye of Terror.44 Tarantis star nova. the Imperial Navy fought a 54 55 Abaddon’s Twelfth Black Crusade – The Gothic War – 139-160. Third Edition.36 165. which is consistent with several other sources itself.52 Using the artefacts the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night. attacking Helica and the capitol world. 44 Ibid 45 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. a planet south of the Eye. Third Edition.47 Abaddon’s Eighth Black Crusade – 999. This campaign is not specifically titled a Black Crusade. Fifth Edition. Mk II 43 Warhammer 40.43 when Abaddon ravaged the world of Antecanis in order to deprive the Imperial shipyards at Cancephalus of workers. Mk II 56 Battlefleet Gothic 57 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.63 When the Chaotic forces finally arrived in strength. but is significantly larger than the the First War for Armageddon.M3948 This attack headed east of the Eye.41 Abaddon’s Eleventh Black Crusade – 301.51 He then attacked the Gothic Sector from his flagship.M3737 Little is known of this Crusade except that it only reached about 500 light years south-southwest of the Eye. of which three in concert were able to turn the Abaddon’s Ninth Black Crusade –573. Third Edition.59 The Dominion of Fire – MidM3839 Angron led an army of fifty thousand Berzerkers out of the Eye of Terror and they rampaged over three dozen star systems for nearly two hundred years. but failed to make it as far as the Seventh. this date may well be in error.M37. Mk II 60 Codex: Eye of Terror 61 Ibid 62 Ibid 63 Ibid 15 . killing much of the Cadian command structure. after a three year campaign of raids to silence Imperial monitoring stations. 35 At Mackan.55 It took eight years to finally cleanse the Gothic Sector of the last raiders and traitors. Mk I 37 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Third Edition.M3945 The tenth Black Crusade flooded out on the opposite side of the Eye to the Cadian Gate.54 The Black Crusade ended at Schindelgeist. growing in force and coupled with an outbreak of heretical cults lead by a figure matching the description of Cypher.M4150 Abaddon and his forces sneaked out of the Eye of Terror via the Arx Gap.53 he was able to capture and corrupt Blackstone Fortresses.from the Eye that Abaddon ever struck. two Titan Legions and over 30 Imperial Guard regiments around seven centuries to cleanse all the worlds across the 70 Sectors that fell during this time. 40 They were followed by numerous other warbands and it took four Space Marine Chapters. destroying the whole system.46 The Chaos assault was fatally delayed when the Iron Warriors attacked the Iron Hands on Medusa. they overran the position and the Blood Angels were unable to recover the bodies of their comrades. Abaddon led a charge of Khorne Berzerkers into a heavily fortified Blood Angels position and although only a handful of Berzerkers survived. This assembly turned into open warfare when the Volscani regiment attacked their brothers.000. Fourth Edition. suggesting it should be included.61 These were followed by Chaos Space Marine raids. which is titled as such. Third Edition. although Abaddon fled with two of the Blackstones.M4157 This Crusade was led by Angron and was repelled only by the combined efforts of Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves58 and a full Company of the fabled Grey Knights.M3842 The only known engagement of this Crusade is recorded as taking place in 35 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. 62 The full force of the Cadian Regiments was mustered on Cadia in preparation for what seemed an inevitable onslaught. Third Edition. Mk II 36 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Mk II 58 Liber Chaotica: Khorne 59 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.49 Abaddon’s Thirteenth Black Crusade – 999. Mk II 46 Ibid 47 Ibid 48 Ibid 49 Ibid 50 Ibid 51 Ibid 52 Battlefleet Gothic 53 Ibid Codex: Eye of Terror Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Thracian Primaris. the Planetkiller. 40 Ibid 41 Ibid 42 Codex: Chaos Space Marines.56 Abaddon’s Tenth Black Crusade – The Conflict of Helica – 001.

Organized and under the control of one leader would defeat the point. the Black Crusades can vary in composition – Angron’s excursions seem to be dominated by the forces of Khorne (unsurprisingly). Third. The Dominion of Fire was as much an infestation as a coordinated military campaign. Third Edition 16 . First. a world in the Cadian system. Even the organized campaigns have disorganized hangerson along for the easy ride out of the Eye. Fourth Edition 66 Codex: Space Marines. Indeed.desperate battle which only delayed the inevitable. the Black Crusades seem to vary in organization. the Black Crusades vary widely in type. The Chaos forces established themselves in the Cadian system. and most obvious.65 The Black Crusade of Vulkarth – Undated This crusade evidently involved the Adeptus Astartes and multiple incursions. And many of the other Black Crusades were total wars involving planetary and interplanetary warfare. they do not always seem to be led by people (or things) of particular influence or note – sometimes a bunch of Chaos adherents just decide to go on a rampage. in that the game’s timeline has not yet advanced past 999. Meanwhile. and seemed to rely mostly on raiding rather than attempting to seize territory. while the Dominion of Fire and several of Achaeus the Kinslayer. the Crusades vary in scale. but beyond that nothing is known. This Crusade is still ongoing. and have yet to be dislodged. 64 65 Ibid Codex: Chaos Space Marines. The First War for Armageddon focused on attacking a single planet on its surface. Fourth.66 Analysis There are five general points of interest which can be drawn from what we know about Black Crusades (some of which Games Workshop has been kind enough to explicitly tell us). The First War for Armageddon and Abaddon’s Tenth Black Crusade targeted single systems. the 13th Black Crusade was dedicated to pursuing specific objectives. Strike Captain Lysimachus is a muchnoted presence in the Liber Astartes. The Gothic War was chiefly focused on naval engagements. Second. Finally. Of course. Warlord of Khorne – Cheexsta Abaddon’s Black Crusades ravaged massive tracts of the Imperium. including the total destruction of Macharia. and serves as a Lexicanium in the Librarium. is that not all Black Crusades are led by Abaddon.M41. this is Chaos.64 The forces of Chaos came close to breaking the Cadian Gate and devastated the surrounding systems. while Abaddon’s Crusades are more cosmopolitan.

and they still loom large in Fantasy. either a Gor or Bestigor -A complete Space Marine from the belt up (head. are genetically-divergent humans who are fiercely loyal to the Imperium. However. so both have been included. while horrain’s is simpler. there are enough renegade Beastmen to further confuse matters. and were (briefly) available again thanks to a White Dwarf article in third edition that offered alternate doctrines to represent genetically enhanced (or deviant) Guard regiments. -Additional gubbins for added excitement and character -A razor saw. Introduction There are two tutorials in this article. And. Despite their marked similarities. there are some notable distinctions. And succeed. driven to atone for their deformities through service to the Emperor. horrain’s tutorial seems to produce Beastmarines with an emphasis on the ‘marine’ (as befitting his loyalists).The Eye of Terror Beastmen may have fallen into obscurity in modern 40K. arms and backpack). Firefighter X’s uses more tools and parts and is somewhat more complicated.” Beast Marines From the Work of Horrain and Firefighter X Horrain’s Beastmarines do their best to look intimidating. while Firefighter X’s produces ones with an emphasis on ‘beast’ (as befitting his Khornates). They also made appearances in the ranks of the Lost and the Damned (as goat-headed mutants). but many older players still remember them. And. of c ourse. torso halves. loyalist Beastmen are dedicated and tough (much like Ogryns). In this series of tutorials. As horrain put it: “Basically. horrain’s Tutorial For this you will need: -A complete Beastman model. Beastmen. of course. Beastmen were originally available as part of Imperial Guard armies. since their genetic quirks breed true. for those unfamiliar with them. but due to the nature of their existence they have to salvage the majority of their war gear and thus look pretty beaten-up. but rather are abhumans like Ogryns or Ratlings. Glad we got that clear. they are still more variable in form than those two subspecies. these are Beastmen in power armour. but due to their appearance are treated with suspicion. horrain and Firefighter X created excellent techniques for making power-armoured Beastmen – surely some of the most fearsome denizens of the Eye of Terror. it is very possible to blend both approaches. knife or other cutting implement and plastic cutters 17 . They are technically not mutants. Though not very bright.

This is because the Beastman model already has a belt. For this I used a pair of plastic cutters. as the scale between the two sets of arms is pretty much identical. just below the nipple (see picture). but leave the chest. and two looks weird. I used regular arms from the Space Wolves sprue. and curves in to meet the front of the model toward the top. The end result should look something like the image to the right. The idea is to make a rounded ball joint similar to that on the standard Space Marine legs. if riskier – Ed]. Step 3: Next you want to start shaping the back of the body section.Step 1: Once you have your sup plies collected. Step 5: Now once that's all done you can go ahead and glue the body to its base and glue the torso together and Step Four then to the body. since it lets me be quite accurate about where I make the cut. The basic goal is to round off the back so from the model’s belt it goes straight up. Once you have your torso shaped you can start trimming the body's front section to match the torso’s shape. Step 2: Once you have the top of the Step One: Before (L) and After (R) torso cut off. both front and back. [But so stylish – Ed] The front of the torso should end up looking like the image to the left. Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five 18 . This step is pretty hard to capture in photos – the process is basically trimming the body until it fits smoothly with the torso. you'll want to remove what remains of its overlypronounced shoulders. you need to cut the Beastman in half. but you can also use arms from either the Gor or Bestigor kits. Step 4: Next up is to grab a standard marine torso. Leave the front of the model alone for now. [Firefighter X used a Dremel cutting blade. If you use a knife. For this model. We need to cut off the belt and the stomach. When I do this step I like to use a razor saw. Because the marine torso is largely untouched. be careful – the plastic is pretty thick and you risk doing yourself an injury. the standard Marine arms and backpack should fit with no issue. An effective option. Note that you’ll need to cut the back torso part as well as the front.

horrain. because it’s pretty ugly (and/or comical. Step Seven horrain’s Beastmarines 19 . and helps bring them back to their Fantasy roots. Personally I like to glue a shield in this gap. as it looks pretty One of my Wolf Guards is carrying his combi-weapon in this void. and thanks for reading. Congratulations. as there are two main types. This is where the extra credit gubbins come in handy. Step Six the ones The problem with the rounded horns is that they are tricky to fit due to the marine shoulder pads. On the Gor kit you'll notice a bunch of different horns. In this case I have used a square shield from the WFB goblin kit. the straight horns. You'll more than likely need to only use the straight horns. This was his first tutorial. here we need to give this guy a head. horrain maintains a website at www. Step 7: Now the last stage. depending on your outlook on life). and shaped like rounded goat horns. unfortunately using all of them is pretty tricky. This guy is the leader for my Long Fang squad. and the backpack. so I have used Bestigor parts over the standard Gor. You should now have a Beastmarine. You could also use a variety of pouches or grenades. Step 6: Now we run into our first problem – you'll notice a large gap between the model’s spine.Once you have attached your arms and backpack your model should look similar to this. We can't leave our Beastmarine in this state. so I tend to not use them unless the pose allows.

You want to preserve them.Dremel with cutting blade. about 1-2 mm above the belt line. & sander wheel.Firefighter X’s Tutorial My idea originally came from horrain’s tutorial. -Ork Nob Choppa arm -Ravenwing Banner flag -Wooden toothpick (glaive handle) Step 1: Using the Dremel. Also remove any fantasy items from the model that you don't want (like pouches and weapons that are moulded onto the mini). -Super glue & Zap Kicker -double sided file (flat/rounded) -clippers/cutters (heavy and normal) -pin vice (for drilling) -pin rod -X-Acto knife with new blade Parts: -Bestigor Champion body (any Bestigor body will do) -Bestigor arms & axe haft -Berzerker torso. saw the Bestigor body in half. grinder. and knife trim down the rest of the waistline. file. Tools Step One Step Two 20 . Tools: . Be Parts careful here – get it as close to the top of the Bestigor's belt as you can. changing some things and making them my own. backpack. Pay special attention to the Bestigor's leg and armour details. It should end up looking like this: Step 2: Using your clippers. I took his ideas and expanded on them. shoulder pads. & bolt pistol.

Use clippers or a Dremel sanding bit to cut away the shoulder pads to make room for attaching the Berzerker pads.] Step Four Step Five (A) Dryfit the Beastman arms to make sure they fit. Step 4: Use the Dremel grinding bit to dig out the rest of the Bestigor’s waistline and dig a groove in the front of the belt buckle (to make room for the Khorne icon you saved on the Berzerker torso earlier). remove the entire "belt" from the model. Follow this up with the Dremel sander bit. Step Six 21 . Leave the round Khorne icon at the front of the model. then drill out holes in the Bestigor hands and clip away the axe handle. [Firefighter X’s original tutorial suggested choosing either Marine arms or Beastman arms.Step 3: Glue the Berzerker torso together and. Follow the mould line on the inside of the Bestigor arm when trimming. using your knife. The goal here is to get the waistline smooth and flat. Step Three Step 5: You should be left with two halves that look similar to this after you clean up the mini. Step 6: Step Five (B) Position them on whatever you will be using for use for the new glaive handle. This tutorial assumes you will use Beastman arms – the procedure for Marine arms is identical to that in horrain’s tutorial – Ed.

Step 8: Clip the chainaxe head and pommel away from the hand. attach the backpack. preserving the finger details. use some bitz (such as pouches or holsters) to mask it. Attach the pommel to the end of the new handle. and go collect some skulls! Firefighter X is a keen World Eaters player. Step Seven Step Nine Some Other Beastmarines 22 . attach the head. If you have an uneven join between the Berzerker torso and the Bestigor legs. Glue the horns to the Bestigor head. Drill out a hole for the toothpick to slide through the whole hand.Step 7: At this point use your clippers and remove the ponytail from the Bestigor head. Drill the pistol barrel holes out (it pleases Khorne. He reconciles killing. Glue on the axe head. maiming and burning with firefighting through a firm separation of his work and home lives. and you Step Eight don’t want a cranky Blood God). Step 9: Position the axe arm & the bolt pistol arm where you want them.

although that shouldn’t dissuade you from giving them a try. tentacles and even legs and torsos touched by the Warp upon your models with minimal effort. away from the body. Quick and easy should not be interpreted as less impressive. their bodies overcome by the changes wrought upon by their patron. there is no clearer indication of how far a man has fallen from His light than the mark of the mutant. As with all hobby techniques. from various armies in both the 40K and Fantasy ranges produced by Games Workshop. For those looking for the quickest and easiest ways to model mutations.The Eye of Terror Mutations are the gifts and curses of the Chaos Gods. mewling messes of flesh known as Chaos Spawn. Care should be taken when using sharp tools of this nature and all cuts should be made on a stable. as an indication of how easy they will be to create. kitbashing and cut-and-paste converting are probably the best ways to go. as it is now quite easy to combine kits Introduction Blessings of the dark gods or the stigmata of the damned. the Possessed Chaos Space Marine sprues and even parts from the Chaos Spawn kit can be used to bestow heads. using green stuff may take a little practice to get ‘right’. converting and painting skills shine. However they are still a great way to individualise the miniatures in your army as well as allowing you to let your imagination. razor saw or hobby drill. Mutatis Mutandis: A Guide to Creating Mutations Gifts of the Gods Mutations are generally purely cosmetic in current editions of 40K. and so with a few exceptions they will have no influence on the way miniatures are used in game. Dangerous are the roads these men walk. however. Safety Note: Creating many of these mutations require the use of a hobby knife. they have been given difficulty ratings using the following scale: Easy: These mutations are generally quick and easy to create and require little modelling skill to achieve. Countless aspiring champions of Chaos have ended their existence as one of the pitiful. by Pig of Sparta ‘Crusty’ Armour Easy – often associated with the followers of Nurgle. though. either as a result of exposure to the Warp in places such as the Eye of Terror. the Chaos Mutations sprue. Advanced: These mutations are likely to be the most labour intensive or complicated ones. However. protected and level surface. and for the most part are welcomed. generally due to the involvement of green stuff or painting techniques. and they are often as random as they are beneficial. the infinite variety and twisted imagination of daemonically inspired physical deformity can be somewhat tricky for mere mortals to accurately portray. or more directly as a sign of their patron god’s favour. Intermediate: These mutations require a little more time and patience to produce. Pig of Sparta takes on this challenge with a collection of mutation tutorials and some discussion of inspiration for great mutations. sculpting tool. Some ‘cool’ mutations garnered from a variety of sources are described below. many and varied are the ‘gifts’ that those in the service of Chaos may find bestowed upon them. even ceramite plating is not immune to the corrosive 23 . the denizens of the Immaterium ultimately care not for their mortal playthings. for while the gifts of the gods may seem bountiful. arms. Nevertheless mutations are signs of favour and promise. One mutation often leads to more. To the servants of the Emperor of Mankind. For example.

You can even ‘burst’ some or all of the boils by using the paper clip to open them up from the hole in the centre. leaving nought but a grinning skull exposed. parts from the Tomb Kings or Undead fantasy ranges or even scrap sprue. begin by smoothing a layer of green stuff onto the areas you wish them to be visible. paper clip or the tip of a hobby knife to create a pair of eyes. green stuff. use a sculpting tool to divide the ball of green stuff into three parts. All the better to terrify his enemies. before dipping it in some modelling sand. Tap off the excess sand and allow the glue to dry before undercoating. This warrior’s flesh has peeled from his face and head. A very easy mutation to effect. To ‘bind’ souls into a suit of armour. Then blend the edges of the green stuff into the surface below. Both of these mutations begin as small balls of green stuff. To make sores. the faces of many warriors take on aspects. If you’re confident with green stuff you could try sculpting flames coming from the eye sockets or even the whole head. Daemonic Visage Intermediate – either through possession or exposure to the warping nature of Chaos. smooth the green stuff onto the surface below before using the paper clip to make uneven holes in it. simply select a skull you like the look of and using guitar string. but they are made using different methods. use a pointed sculpting tool. features and skin tones of their patron’s daemons. followed by a mouth in suitable tortured expressions. Skull Head Easy – disturbing to say the least. pointed object to poke a small hole in roughly the centre of each boil. create a spinal column ‘neck’ to join the skull to the torso of your miniature. before inserting a trimmed down horn of your choice. Simply repeat until the whole of the area is filled with tortured souls. Boils and Sores Intermediate – those who are infected by Nurgle’s plagues often exhibit symptoms of their maladies in the form of weeping sores and boils. For boils. before using a Soul Armour Intermediate – while not strictly a mutation. You could also use small balls of green stuff to add eyeballs for a truly paper clip or other thin. This is a very easy mutation to show: apply small amounts of super glue to the miniature in a random pattern. Skull Head – GooseDaMoose Sores – Fallout1983 disturbing look.and decaying effects of his virulent contagions. Score the edges of the hole using a modelling knife. allowing him to enjoy their torment for as long as he lives. Alternatively you could use green stuff to sculpt a hood or cowl to allow the skull to float disconcertingly in midair. Horned Armour Easy – Many a Champion of Chaos has been pleased to find bestial horns emerging from his body. placed on the area of the miniature that you wish them to erupt from. take the part of the miniature you desire to have a horn burst forth from and drill a hole in it using a pin vice. Once you have done this. suits of armour worn by the followers of the dark gods have been observed to contain what appear to be the bound souls of those slain by the wearer. To recreate this mutation on your miniatures. This mutation can be achieved either using a head from one of the various types of daemon miniatures (Bloodletters or Daemonettes will be Skull Head – Pig of Sparta Boils – Fallout1983 24 .

Keep your mind open and you’ll be amazed at how much you can do with simple concepts. Old White Dwarfs are also a good source of ideas. The only real limit to mutating models is your imagination. especially the Vespids Many feel that for sheer alien twistedness there has been little to match the models of the Rogue Trader era. Beast Marines Occasionally the body of a Chaos worshipper may be completely reformed by his patron god. Simply paint the desired head to reflect the miniature's allegiance. and the various Undead ranges can provide lots and lots of rot and putrefaction. use the knife to make some cuts into the armour or flesh to make it look as though the gemstone is bursting through it. with their insectoid features. Bejewelled Armour/Flesh Intermediate – most commonly associated with the followers of Slaanesh. and tools. The Tyranid range also offers possibilities (especially older Tyranids). A remarkable amount can be done with colours alone – bright yellow people simply aren’t normal. but they aren’t the limit of the possible mutations available. For example red tones would signify Khorne. Likewise. Pig of Sparta is a noted modeller and painter on the B&C. Next. Sources of Inspiration The above examples are but a tiny fraction of ways you can personalise your Chaos Space Marines with mutations. Hold the knife at an angle from the centre of the gem outwards so that you push the surrounding armour up slightly. Another is that mutations don’t just have to be organic – becoming living metal or stone is still weird and chaotic.the easiest to use) or using the heads from the Possessed Marine sprue. the Dark Eldar range is also adding more strange and twisted creatures to serve the Haemonculi. and Vespids even more so – both would provide good mutation fodder. Daemonic Visage – Pig of Sparta Bejewelled Armour – John Thompson Alternatively you could use one of the many helmetless Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine heads. horrain’s Beast Marines have been discussed elsewhere in this issue. The Fantasy Skaven range holds some interesting possibilities – Stormvermin and Rat Ogres both have potential. Kroxigors and Salamanders. He lives in the UK. Then. The Ork and Goblin range can provide deformed and twisted arms by the score. dazzling gemstones emerge from armour plates and flesh. or possibly even those from the Warriors of Chaos or Chaos Marauder frames. to the Warhammer 40. While they can be hard to come by in these times. pallid tones Slaanesh. using the tip of a sharp hobby knife. Finally.000 Rogue Trader Rulebook (with its notorious random mutation tables). In 40K. Place a small ball of green stuff in the place where you want the gem to be. Ultimately. by its very nature Chaos is random but inspired. the Stuff of Legends website provides pictures from old GW catalogues that can provide inspiration. and those could serve equally well as mutated servants of Chaos. One thing to remember is that mutations don’t have to be big – noeyes is just as effective a mutation as a giant daemon head or a tail. taking on a twisted parody of both beast and man. Further inspiration can be found in a variety of places: from the novels of the Black Library. skills. rotting greens for Nurgle and blue/grey tones for Tzeentch. smooth the edges of the ball into the surface beneath to create a ‘bump’. ‘draw’ the shape of the gem into the green stuff. this also helps to produce a rounder shape to the gem as well. and enjoys long walks on the edge of the abyss in which the Devourer of Worlds dwells. using a sculpting tool. from the hallowed halls of the Bolter and Chainsword to an internet image search. Kroot are sufficiently alien. 25 . the Lizardmen range has Sauruses.

Given that Marines are meant to be heavily indoctrinated. it still seems surprisingly high. Fifth Edition Codex: Space Marines. it may seem surprising to some that the Imperium continues to support the existence of Space Marines when approximately one Chapter in twenty will rebel. Whilst this is a huge improvement on the Heresy. the old Legions were broken into Chapters. Even if an individual Chapter was corrupted. The Imperium operates on a vast scale. succumbed to Chaos since the Heresy. any internecine struggle would be weighted in favour of the Imperium since the vast majority of Space Marines would be untainted. in accordance with the Ultramarine Primarch Roboute Guilliman’s teachings in the Codex Astartes. Enemies Within What must be borne in mind is the extent of the threat of Chaos and its corrupting influence.2 Introduction In the wake of the successes of the Great Crusade the Imperium of Man was born. In the aftermath of the almighty siege of Terra the battered remnants of the Traitor Legions fled to the great Warp storm known as the Eye of Terror. Imperial Navy and other branches of the Imperium must be even higher than that of the Adeptus Astartes.1 The galaxy is a vast place and the lumbering mechanisms of the Adeptus Administratum have been known to misplace records of entire armies and planets for years or even centuries. The Steel Cobras were declared renegade because their 2 Threats to the Imperium: Renegade Chapters by Inquisitor Kravin 1 Codex: Space Marines. given their far lower level of indoctrination and discipline plus their wider experience of vices. Under Warmaster Horus fully half of the Adeptus Astartes. For this reason no complete records exist. When it does happen. Here you shall learn of the renegade Chapters and rogue Astartes that plague those they were created to protect.The Eye of Terror The Horus Heresy was the single most significant event in the history of the human race. the resources invested in their creation and the threat that they pose if they turn renegade. fell to Chaos. It seemed like an age of new hope. Fourth Edition 26 . If it is necessary to create twenty Chapters and expect that one will rebel and three of the others be required to exterminate the rogue Chapter in order to obtain the net gain of the fighting strength of sixteen Chapters then the High Lords of Terra may very well consider this an acceptable loss. the Emperor’s champions of mankind. and yet it very nearly died in its infancy as it was torn apart by the civil war that would become known as the Horus Heresy. For many in the Imperium the notion that an entire Chapter of the celebrated and heroic Space Marines could renege on their oaths of allegiance is virtually unthinkable. Each would be limited to one thousand marines and would be completely autonomous. Seven years after the death of Horus. and the Legions who betrayed their oaths of allegiance to The Emperor acquired an infamy that shall never fade. no doubt the Inquisition and other Space Marine Chapters swiftly limit the spread of information. We have no solid figures but. Often the Imperium itself rejects them. it seems reasonable to assume that the level of betrayal in the Imperial Guard. Another factor to consider is that the Imperium itself is draconian in its compliance standards. Whilst many renegade Chapters ultimately end up in the service of Chaos it is likely rare for a loyal Chapter to abruptly abandon its duties. But do not be fooled into thinking that all the descendants of those who remained loyal have done so themselves. but secret Inquisitorial archives suggest fully 50 Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes have This suggests that almost five per cent of marine Chapters have turned renegade.

9 6 7 Squad Bhagat of GooseDaMoose’s Sons of Malice engage Orks heretical. Daemon World 9 Codex: Eye of Terror 27 . 13 have been lost in the Warp. and the Space Wolves’ clashes with the Inquisition have seen them called mutants and heretics. Notable known Chaos Chapters include the following: Sons of Malice – Founded to guard the Imperium against the denizens of the Eye of Terror. White Dwarf 249. the First Founding Chapters have so far had the strength of reputation and influence to stand up to their enemies. On the other hand. the Violators are active in both the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom. Third Edition. Other sources record that as of the 26th Founding a total of 63 Chapters have been “lost”. At the end of the forty-first millennium there are at least a dozen traitor Chapters at large in the galaxy.4 Of the 50 lost chapters. they became a significant force in Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade. and 16 have been lost in “other circumstances”.6 How these numbers relate to the 50 Chapters mentioned above is unclear. 21 have suffered irrevocable battle losses. Some of those believed lost in the Warp may have in fact turned renegade. Imperial authorities need access to information on the potential threat. while the fact that only four are listed as being subject to Inquisitorial purge suggests that some may have fallen victim to other forces such as those of the Ecclesiarchy or other Space Marine Chapters keen to be seen as hard on renegades. 9 have suffered gene-seed failure. 4 Inquisitorial purge. The reasons may well be more pragmatic – so long as a Chapter is at large. resulting in the deaths of most of the Chapter’s senior officers (including all of its Apothecaries) and leaving fewer than a hundred marines alive. the survivors have resolved to probable that this erasure of records will include the elimination of loyal Imperial personnel involved in the extermination process. Codex: Eye of Terror.8 Extinction Angels – Allies of the Black Legion in the Eye of Terror. Whilst the Chapters of the Unforgiven have earned the ire of would be allies as a result of their tendency to abandon their commitments in pursuit of their own agenda. Third Edition Codex: Eye of Terror 8 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Index Astartes IV “Emperor’s Shield”. once the threat is exterminated the erasure of all records is the final step in the extermination.veneration of the Emperor as a snake god was deemed too deviant from the Ecclesiarchy’s orthodoxy. Given the Imperium’s ruthlessness it is highly 4 “Rogue Sons”. but in such dire circumstances and knowing that they had been betrayed by forces of the Imperium they could have turned renegade and sought refuge in the dark corners of the galaxy. To their credit. Mk II. Index Astartes IV Codex: Space Marines.7 Violators – Followers of Slaanesh.5 Whether their erasure from all records is indicative of particularly extreme heresy is unclear. Armageddon Website Material 5 “Rogue Sons”. The Sons of Malice were forced to fight Adeptus Sororitas forces in self-defence after an Inquisitor deemed their victory rituals “misfortunes” plagued the Chapter. after Captain Saul of the Celestial Lions attempted to prevent the extermination of the population of Khattar by the forces of Inquisitor Apollyon a succession of 3 die with honour. we are told that a dozen have been exterminated and erased from all records.3 Imperial politics are ruthless and a Chapter Master must be wise for the sake of his Chapter.

they became the most recent Chapter to turn traitor. but there are as many different ideologies as there are renegade forces. The Beasts of Annihilation have gone so far as to welcome widespread daemonic possession. The Sons of Malice believe in a patron being called Malice.24 Mercenaries – Some renegade Chapters apparently hire their services in battle to those who can pay. Fourth Edition 20 Ibid 21 Battle Missions 22 “Rogue Sons”.20 Mutation alone can eradicate a Chapter. The vast expanse of the galaxy and the many dangers it contains mean that a large number of forces. Fourth Edition 24 Ibid 25 “Rogue Sons”. “Chaos” and “daemon worshipper” are just different labels for those who must be purged.19 and others have been absorbed by the Traitor Legions. Index Astartes IV 12 Emperor’s Mercy. Fourth Edition 14 Ibid 15 Ibid 16 Ibid 17 Soul Drinkers Omnibus.21 The fate of many renegades is simply unknown. Despite their considerable resources within the Maelstrom the Red Corsairs are a major threat to Imperial shipping and supply depots which they raid as much for the pleasure of wanton destruction as for plunder. an extreme practice even for renegade marines.15 Company of the Shadow – Formerly the Death Falcons. Daemon World 18 Battle Missions 19 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. will fight and die with no witnesses to record their fate.16 Thunder Barons “madmen”.Warp Ghosts – Allies of Abaddon the Despoiler’s forces. 17 – Infamous into numerous warbands. Index Astartes IV 26 Ibid 27 Imperial Armour VII: Siege of Vraks Volume III 28 Battle Missions 28 . The mutation itself did not harm the marines. Many choose the latter option and become reavers and pirates preying upon Imperial shipping lanes.10 Steel Cobras – Driven into exile for religious unorthodoxy. While this presumably originates from their primitive native culture the entity which now answers to the name Malice is a chaos god/daemonic entity. Blood Gorgons 13 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. some like the Silver Guards and Sons of Vengeance have splintered 10 Ibid 11 “Rogue Sons”. or steal what was once granted freely to them by the Imperium. The Death Falcons were turned to Chaos by an ancient beast that rose from the depths of the primary hive on their recruiting world of Bastonbeil.11 Blood Gorgons – A Cursed Founding Chapter who continue to act as guardians of the Bastion Sector. to the Dark Powers in return for unspeakable rewards. 18 Of the rest. The Damned Company of Lord Caustos was declared traitorous by the Ordo Xenos on flimsy circumstantial evidence.22 Hakanor’s Reavers are led by their former Chapter Master who is now a Terror Lords – On the Hive World of Fulcrum three marines of the Chapter slew almost an entire PDF company. Chaos makes many enemies for itself and sometimes the Imperium is saved the trouble of hunting its own wayward forces – the renegade Steel Hearts were destroyed in battle by the forces of the Eldar Craftworld of Lugganath in 801. Flesh and Iron.14 Skulltakers – Formerly the Berserkers of Charadon. trade with other renegades and xenos.13 they are likely followers of Slaanesh. of course. the Red Corsairs. They have been known to instigate insurrections to destabilize Imperial worlds. Angels of Flame – During a lengthy campaign in the region of the Ghoul Stars. 26 Other renegades known to engage in piracy are Adharon's Reavers27 and the Brotherhood of Darkness. Index Astartes IV Codex: Chaos Space Marines. For example many of the surviving members of the Emperor’s Swords have been adopted by the Alpha Legion. Daemon Prince23 (a status virtually exclusive to dedicated worshippers of Chaos) and the Violators are known to be dedicated to the worship of Slaanesh. Examples of the different ideologies include: Full Chaos Worship – Many Chapters.28 Unorthodox Imperials – Renegade status is not completely incompatible with worship of the God-Emperor. The Skulltakers polish their armour with the powdered bones of their enemies. both renegade and loyalist.M41. Huron Blackheart has pledged the services of his followers. have fallen into the worship of major or minor powers of Chaos. such as in the case of the Flame Falcons. They now survive as soldiers of fortune. 25 Reavers – Without the support of Imperial resources traitor marines must either enter into pacts to obtain supplies from industrial worlds within Chaos controlled regions. 12 Angels of Ecstasy – Formerly the Sons of Ulthunas. The Blood Angels successor Chapter the 23 Renegade Beliefs and Motives In the eyes of the Imperium “renegade”. but it prompted the Chapter’s destruction by the Grey Knights.

30 Xenos Corruption – Although the most pervasive corrupting influence in the Imperium is the lure of the Chaos Gods the Inquisition must also be on alert for the malign influence of the other races of the material galaxy. The Imperial forces subsequently destroyed St Josmane’s Hope to prevent the planet’s further use as a staging area. Whether they have now succumbed to the taint of Chaos or still pursue their own agenda in defence of mankind is unknown. Unfortunately they would or could not abandon their hunt for relics. apprehend wayward battle brothers or honour obligations to other Imperial organisations such as the Navigator houses can bring a Chapter into conflict with other Imperial forces. During the 13th Black Crusade they landed on the Cadian military prison world of Saint Josmane’s Hope. 29 The Relictors raided the Diamedes Archive. Whilst it offers sanctuary to all enemies of the Imperium it is dominated by the fallen Legions and daemonic entities making it difficult for a renegade Chapter to retain its distinctive identity and autonomy. despite being declared renegade as a result of their actions whilst subject to a reckless battle frenzy. encounters with a Tzeentchian Daemon Prince mean that their actual loyalty is probably more complex than even they realise. Codex: Blood Angels. The few hundred surviving Relictors escaped further Imperial retribution by fleeing into the Eye of Terror. The desire or necessity to recover lost relics. They were sentenced to a century long penitent crusade.32 Renegade Locations The Eye of Terror – The heart of Chaos activity in the galaxy is the Eye of Terror. They eventually abandoned Armageddon and took their Ramilies Star Fort deep into the Eye of Terror. The entire Chapter was deployed in the 3rd War for Armageddon and might have been able to restore its prestige in the eyes of the Imperium. Most of the afflicted were granted the Emperor’s Mercy but some of the corrupted marines escaped and are still at large.31 The C’Tan known as “The Deceiver” and Eldar Farseers habitually manipulate other factions in the galaxy to their own ends and might engineer events so that a loyal Chapter is declared Renegade. the fate of the rest is probably best left unknown. When Librarian Decario slew the Tzeentchian Champion known as The Excoriator with his own Daemon weapon the Relictors saw the potential power that could be harnessed from the artefacts of the enemy. Own Agenda – The autonomy of the Space Marines and the lengthy history of many Chapters means that it is not uncommon for Chapters to have developed their own agendas. Some inmates were reportedly taken as recruits. originally named the Fire Claws. Nonetheless there are renegade Chapters operating in and around the Eye of Terror. were founded as part of the Astartes Praeses. This incident and subsequent conflict with Inquisition forces during the 13th Black Crusade led to them being declared Excommunicate Traitoris. The enhanced physiology of the Space Marines grants them some resistance but the Cell-kin were still able to corrupt members of a Subjugators strike force.33 Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade invasion of the Cadian Sector gave the 32 Relictor by -JK- The Relictors. The planets on the fringes of the Eye of Terror were good hunting grounds for forbidden knowledge and relics but inevitably the Relictors became the subject of Inquisitorial scrutiny.Knights of Blood continue to fight against Hive Fleet Leviathan and assisted in the defence of the Baal system against the daemon armies of Ka’Bandha. Index Astartes IV “Chapter Approved: Relictors”. The Cell-kin of the Technetium Rift reproduce by infecting other creatures with their own DNA causing the hosts to mutate into new Cell-kin. A Grey Knights force purged the Relictors Chapter star fort. White Dwarf 295 33 “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. The Violators are worshippers of Slaanesh and followers of Abaddon the Despoiler. Codex: Eye of Terror 29 . White Dwarf 287. killing the Inquisition garrison and stealing a powerful chaos artefact.29 The Soul Drinkers believe themselves to be true loyalists betrayed by a corrupt Imperium. Although the Relictors were forced to surrender their precious relics and their ally the radical Inquisitor De Marche was executed as a heretic the Chapter escaped Excommunication. Fifth Edition 30 Soul Drinkers Omnibus 31 “Rogue Sons”. the vast warp storm which has dominated Segmentum Obscurus since the time of the Great Crusade. Although they were initially greeted as liberators they proceeded to enslave the inmate population.

When the Company of the Shadow attacked the planet Mortain. The Dark Maw and Van Grothe’s Rapidity. The Red Corsairs have built a significant empire within the Maelstrom. human reavers and xenos mercenaries said to be equal in power to the Traitor Legions of old. In a planet-wide campaign of genocide the Cadian 331st almost completely exterminated the native population. The Violators maintained a four hundred strong garrison on Torvendis. That the Sons of Malice fought towards their home world despite the fact that it had for all practical purposes been obliterated shows the powerful symbolic significance of a Chapter’s home world.40 After the Primarch Lorgar’s Daemon World of Sicarus in the Eye of Terror the Word Bearers’s most important base is the factory world of Ghalmek within the Maelstrom. Index Astartes IV Ibid “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. but their modus operandi means that they are less interested in overt power struggles. 36 Imperial command received unconfirmed reports of the Warp Ghosts fighting Imperial forces in the Agripinaa sector during the 13th Black Crusade. the Tyrant ordered his ships to bombard the planet and eradicate his rivals. the Inquisition determined that the barbaric cannibalistic practices and blood rituals that had led to the excommunication stemmed from the grisly rites of the feral natives of Scelus. Clues including similarities in livery suggest that the Chapter has subsequently fragmented into several warbands. a tournament which attracts many warbands and ambitious aspiring warlords. Although the Black Templars subsequently liberated Demios Binary the Extinction Angels are believed to still be active in the depths of the planet. 38 Here he hosts the Skull Harvest. They overwhelmed the defending Skitarii forces allowing the forces of Chaos to defile the sacred forges of the Mechanicus.34 Such action not only serves as a warning to any who might consider deviating from their divinely ordained duty but severs a Chapter’s link with its logistical. 37 The Maelstrom – It is not solely out of vanity that Huron Blackheart calls himself the “Lord of the Maelstrom”.42 Lesser Warp Storms – There are many less infamous warp storms which offer sanctuary to those willing to traffic with the followers of Chaos. lie the Storms of Judgement and the Vortex of Despair. Their harvest of potential recruits on St Josmane’s Hope may have been necessary to replace casualties suffered when their stronghold on Torvendis was assaulted by the forces of the Khornate Daemon Prince Ss'll Sh'Karr. When a Space Marine Chapter rebels and abandons its home world it is usually those unfortunates left behind who bear the brunt of the initial punishment.43 Realspace – The warp is not the only place where the servants of the Emperor are loathe to tread. 35 34 35 “Rogue Sons”. including the Death Mongers. Unbeknown to him the Company of the Shadow had already been forced to retreat to their home world of Bastonbeil by the intervention of the Grey Knights and so instead of eliminating his rivals the 36 bombing earned him a formidable new enemy in Grand Master Mordrak of the Grey Knights.39 The Tyrant jealously guards his power and does not tolerate rivals. cultural and spiritual roots. The Steel Cobras are now based beneath the ammonia seas of Tukaroe VII. in the Segmentum Tempestus. Fourth Edition.During the 13th Black Crusade the Extinction Angels attacked the Adeptus Mechanicus stronghold of Demios Binary alongside Abaddon’s Black Legion. To the galactic south. The Imperium is aware of their presence. Codex: Eye of Terror 38 Codex: Grey Knights 39 Heroes of the Space Marines Codex: Grey Knights Dark Creed 42 Daemon World 43 Codex: Daemons 30 . but believes that anything less than a full Chapter of Space Marines will be insufficient to drive the Steel Cobras 40 41 One of Hakanor’s Reavers by Muskie Sons of Malice an opportunity to reclaim their lost home world of Scelus. Following the excommunication of the Sons of Malice.41 The Alpha Legion also have a significant presence within the Maelstrom. On the Eastern Fringe the Ultima Segmentum is plagued by the denizens of the Perfidian Gap. White Dwarf 287 37 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. From the world of New Badab the Tyrant commands an army of traitor marines. a Daemon World in the Maelstrom. the Bleak Brotherhood and the Apocalypse Company. eradicating any doubts as to the terribleness of their crime. The enhanced physiology of Space Marines enables them to survive in a wide variety of environments that would be inimical to normal human life such as asteroid belts and death worlds. Heart of Darkness.

Having been encountered in the Gothic War it was most recently reported in the Cadian sector during the 13th Black Crusade. 5 Gene-seed markers indicate that the Flawless Host is a splinter group of the Emperor’s Children. With the loss of their home world of Scelus the Sons of Malice now use the ancient vessel named the Labyrinth as their meeting place and venue for their sacred rituals.49 Space Marine companies are fiercely loyal to their captains and trust them implicitly. Death Guard. and Abaddon long ago reunited the bulk of the Black Legion. Warband is a catch all term for the ad-hoc formations in which these renegade marines operate. Imperial Armour VII: Siege of Vraks Volume III 49 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. have fragmented due to a combination of internal political power struggles and mutation and madness amongst their members – which does not prevent their cooperation on matters of mutual concern. Fourth Edition 31 . The Unholy Harbinger is one of the most notorious space hulks and has been home to traitor marines from numerous factions including the Black Legion.48 Just as a Chapter is divided into companies and strike forces warbands can operate on several levels. with the Apostles of Minthras6 being a possible example. and in some cases these forces may split entirely from their parent legion – The Sanctified are a band of former Word Bearers who have abandoned the worship of the Chaos pantheon as a whole in order to dedicate themselves entirely to Khorne. Many Word Bearers and Iron Warriors still owe ultimate allegiance to their daemon Primarchs and operate on a large scale under their Dark Apostles/Warsmiths.from their fortified bunkers on the seabed.6 Individual Dark Apostles of the Word Bearers may adopt distinctive names or variations of heraldry for their personal hosts. at the end of the forty-first millennium there are 44 believed to be a dozen Space Marine Chapters which have reneged on their oaths of allegiance to the Emperor but still operate at the Chapter level.worshipping Lords of Decay operate from the space hulk Monolith of Woe. Warbands – Whilst a few Legions and Chapters have the discipline or strength of purpose to operate cohesively most eventually fragment. Fourth Edition 46 Ibid 47 Soul Drinkers Omnibus Imperial Armour VI: Siege of Vraks Volume II. Most Legions. however. Sons of Vengeance and the Pyre. so it is not unheard of for a full company to break with the rest of 48 “Rogue Sons”. The Red Corsairs consist of a core warband built around the remnants of the Astral Claws with additional forces drawn from other renegade forces and their own splinter groups such as the Claws of Lorek. roaming the space lanes using either the space fleets granted to them by the Imperium or one of the many space hulks that litter the galaxy. Chapter – As noted above. last sighted in the Mentieth Sector46 and the Brokenback is home to the Soul Drinkers.44 Finally. many renegades become nomads.47 DrudgeDreadnought’s Flawless Host Renegade Organisation Legion – The Alpha Legion may well still be operating as a cohesive force although the secretive nature of their chain of command makes this uncertain. Index Astartes IV 45 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Khârn’s “betrayal” on Skalathrax tipped the World Eaters over the precipice into anarchy and the legion was irretrievably divided into hundreds of warbands.45 The Nurgle.

53 development of only a single model range for the core game it was necessary to establish some kind of internal conflict that could account for Imperial titans fighting one another and so the Horus Heresy was born. individuals or squads on long tours of duty can succumb to doubts about the rewards that they receive for a lifetime of duty and service. himself a former sergeant of the Storm Lords Chapter. which had become tainted by a Genestealer cult.000 contained three books: Rulebook.51 Individuals or Squads – Marines are conditioned to function as part of the Chapter organisation. including members of his own squad. Renaming the planet Constantinium. even the weakest is more than a match for unaugmented humans. going wherever the rewards are greatest. he renounced his allegiance to his Chapter and slew any who opposed him. Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness expanded on the premise of Adeptus Titanicus with the first detailed account of the key events of the Horus Heresy and introduced the forces of Khorne and Slaanesh. 1993–1998 Codex Imperialis & Codex: Chaos. In order to justify the 52 50 51 Ibid Imperial Armour VI: Siege of Vraks Volume II. in the Designer’s Notes Andy Chambers acknowledged that “Chaos” included a very broad range of forces. Such was the case with Sergeant Constantinius of the Sons of Guilliman.000 The current background material for Traitor Space Marines has evolved in a series of jumps approximately corresponding to the editions of the Warhammer 40. Ahriman and Huron Blackheart. Wargear and Codex Imperialis. For that codex they had decided to focus on Chaos Space Marine Legion raiding forces of the kind that would sally from the Eye of Terror. Interestingly. the book that was the seed of what was to become the now vast Warhammer 40. since they are often bound together only by a mix of ambition and intimidation. but during the Siege of Vraks it was absorbed into the World Eaters warband the Skulltakers when its leaders were killed by Lord Zhufor of the Skulltakers.000 universe. 1988 saw Games Workshop launch Adeptus Titanicus. but made no mention of traitor Marines. Second Edition The second edition of Warhammer 40. his followers still hold out in isolated parts of the planet three hundred years after his death. Isolated from the attention of Chaplains and contact with their brethren. and seized power. 1987–1993: Rogue Trader/Slaves to Darkness/The Lost and the Damned In 1987 Games Workshop released Rogue Trader. It took the original four Legions from the Realm of Chaos books and expanded the background to the Horus Heresy narrative of half of the known legions turning to Chaos. In addition to the Traitor Legion forces an army that included Huron Blackheart had special rules allowing it access to loyalist Space Marine wargear to represent the fact that the Tyrant’s forces were comprised of recently turned Space Marines instead of the ancient legionnaires from the time of the The Evolution of Traitor Marines in the History of Warhammer 40. Left to oversee the planet of Nova Terra he eventually overthrew the planetary government. Indeed.its Chapter and turn renegade. Codex: Chaos established the character of the key Chaos Legions. a game based on combat between Imperial Titans.52 Whilst a Marine may lack the strength to rise to power amongst his fellows. Although the principal focus of this game was not Space Marines and Games Workshop’s commercial aim was apparently to counter the threat from the rival game Battletech it was to prove one of the most significant steps in the history of Traitor Marines. Many Marines thus find their way into the ranks of the Lost and the Damned. after being believed to be lost in the Warp. Whilst a loyalist Marine will only ever serve one Chapter. with all its talk of psychoindoctrination a reader might assume that there was no such thing as a traitor Space Marine. The Blood Disciples are the former 8th Company of the Emperor’s Wolves who. The Black Brethren of Eyreas was a Black Legion warband. rather than ties of brotherhood. Nova Terra plunged into an age of anarchy. The key stages can be described as follows. Fourth Edition 53 Codex: Eye of Terror 32 . The latter was a book purely of background material establishing for new players the key features of the game’s setting. It described Space Marines and many of their alien enemies. Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned completed the official Chaos pantheon with details of the followers of Nurgle and Tzeentch.000 game. returned to real space as a chaos warband. becoming leaders amongst the hordes of mutants and heretics. a renegade may fight in a succession of warbands. It also introduced a cast who were to become long-running villains including Abaddon the Despoiler. Imperial Armour VII: Siege of Vraks Volume III Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Rather than develop a standalone background universe they decided that this new game could be fitted into the existing universe established in Rogue Trader.50 Warbands are often more fragile than traditional Chapters or Legions. Khârn the Betrayer. Although he was eventually slain by Imperial forces. Second Edition was the first to feature a dedicated codex for each army.

Warbands. such as with the introduction of new unit types in the game.Heresy. Mk I and the Index Astartes articles. Sometimes. Whilst the core rules contained the classic cult Marines such as Berzerkers and Plague Marines the background material was focused very much upon the introduction of many post-Heresy renegade Chapters and warbands and the introduction of Chaos icons enabled players to create squads dedicated to a particular god without being full cult Marines. 1998–2004 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Question Everything The number of diverse sources which contribute to the ever growing Warhammer 40. the focus of Codex Chaos Space Marines is always unpredictable and always changing. albeit one that is noted as being under scrutiny from the Inquisition. The book also included appendices with Chaos Cult and Daemon Army lists. Fourth Edition Like Chaos itself. and despite being new in a real-world sense the in-universe history of this unit can be traced all the way back to the time of the Primarch and thus it has now always been. Chapters. re-introduced the idea of Chaos as a broader mix of forces with its army list for “The Lost and the Damned” – a mix of mutants. Nor is he the pro-Alpha Legion Inquisitor whose current whereabouts are unknown. He can just pass for him in a dim light. 2004–2007 Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Codex: Eye of Terror. For the purposes of this article I decided that the account of the Relictors’ excommunication was too good to omit so I have assumed that the listing in the latest Space Marines codex represents either their status in the 41st millennium just prior to the events of the Chapter Approved article or the fact that not everyone in the Imperium is aware yet of their excommunication. 33 . Titan Legions. with special background material and rules for each of the nine traitor legions. traitor guardsmen and chaos marines whilst the forces listings for the 13th Black Crusade contained a mix of traitor Legions. Despite the already published account of the Relictors’ excommunication and purging in their Chapter Approved article. Navy fleets etc. These renegade Chapters were fleshed out the White Dwarf article Index Astartes: Rogue Sons. these are clearly retcons – the latest Codex Blood Angels introduced the Sanguinary Guard. Often Games Workshop does not clarify what is and is not now “official” and instead cites the fact that these represent in-universe perspectives. Although Huron Blackheart did not make an appearance the Red Corsairs were featured in the colour section – modern day reavers drawn from multiple Chapters. Games Workshop included the Relictors in Codex: Space Marines (5th edition) as an example of a loyalist Chapter. Many existing players were disappointed by the loss of the Legion specific rules and the sudden emergence of a large number of renegade forces not previously featured in the game background. On other occasions. The first Chaos codex under this regime cut away much of the material from the previous book in favour of traitor Space Marines. released to support the 2003 summer campaign.000 universe mean that apparent contradictions are commonplace. Third Edition. Certainly not. Brother of Darkness by Muskie Inquisitor Kravin is not Batman. 2007–Present Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Imperial Guard. Third Edition marked a reboot of the entire rules system and introduced a new streamlined philosophy aimed at a younger target market. Third Edition. such as with the relatively young Tau Empire a new codex may represent a small but significant step forward of the inuniverse timeline and so include fresh additions to that faction’s armed forces. Mk II This was the first true Legion codex.

or “Codex Excommunicatus” as we called it. replacing it with the Chapter Tactics rule of whatever special character they include in their army. On that note. In place of a rule to be replaced by the Path of Glory.The Eye of Terror As some may already be aware. Where the previous two editions had allowed players to represent each of the Legions. and Space Wolves). the latest codex had shifted to a warband concept. many players perceived the codex as being weak in a number of areas. Paths of Glory: Chaos Legion Rules By Brother Tyler and B&C Members Daemon Prince – Greyall 34 . and both of the Inquisition codices (Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters). In this article are three characters and nine sets of special rules to help players better represent their favourite legions on the tabletop. Dark Angels. The goal with the larger project was to bring a number of codices in line with Codex: Space Marines. One of the areas that players tended to dislike was the inability to represent the various Legions. The Chaos Space Marines had no such mechanism. Blood Angels PDF. the most recent Chaos Space Marines codex was not entirely loved. was part of the larger Codex Levelling Project. The Chapter Tactics rule allows Space Marine players to lose the Combat Tactics rule. The Paths of Glory project is a B&C attempt to add back some of what people missed most – the lack of legion-specific rules and characters. the Chaos equivalent to the Chapter Tactics. Introduction The Paths of Glory Project. While the Chapter Tactics concept used in Codex: Space Marines was viewed as imperfect by many players. A notable difference between the Paths of Glory and the Chapter Tactics was the lack of a rule that the Paths of Glory would replace. The result was the Paths of Glory. including the various Space Marine codices (Black Templars. we decided that the Chaos Space Marine Legions would see limitations on the units and wargear they could and could not take. we decided that it provided a decent model that could be adapted to the Chaos Space Marines. As far as the Chaos Space Marines codex was concerned. enjoy the rules. Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

taken during the Black Crusade engagement against the Iron Hands. gaining the sobriquet “Iron Breaker”. and the results of their experiments in coupling the power of the Warp with technology are evident in his physiology. He coupled his training in technoarcana with the siege warfare at which his legion excelled. Thoon. and Noise Marines may not be taken in an Iron Warriors army. No unit may take a Mark of Chaos. The servo-arm grants the model one power fist attack in assault. and by the time of the Horus Heresy was a senior member of his order. page 71). and all units must take a Mark or Icon of Slaanesh. Note that twin-linked lascannons and heavy bolters are exchanged for twin-linked blastmasters and twin-linked sonic blasters. GRATION KEHRAK IRON BREAKER. Any model may exchange its heavy bolter for a sonic blaster for +5 pts. joining the rest of the Iron Warriors in their ill-fated attack on the Iron Hands’ home world of Medusa. The Iron Warriors player may select one ruins terrain piece on the table and apply the Bolster Defences rule to it (see Codex: Space Marines.SPECIAL RULES THE EMPEROR’S CHILDREN Path of Glory: The only units that may be taken in an Emperor's Children army are those that have or can take the Mark or Icon of Slaanesh. All Iron Warriors infantry models add +1 to their armour penetration rolls whenever they hit a building (both at range and in close combat). Kehrak’s flagship was an Infidel-class raider he arrogantly christened the Iron Breaker. Khorne Berserkers. Though the attack and the Black Crusade ultimately failed. Kehrak later defeated his Warsmith. THE SOULTHIEF. Graius fled into the Eye of Terror with the rest of his legion. Kehrak slew Venerable Warleader Memnos of the Raukann Clan Company in single combat. A number of Iron Warrior Techmarines have exhibited a limited ability to form their limbs into weapons. Thousand Sons. THE IRON WARRIORS Path of Glory: Any Chaos Lord and Aspiring Champion that is not equipped with Terminator Armour or a Jump Pack/Wings may take a servo-arm for +15 points. his cunning and leadership. he emerged as a champion of his legion. you must choose which version will apply. The only Icons available in an Emperor's Children army are the Personal Icon and the Icon of Slaanesh. As his Warp-forged enhancement progressed. The Raukann have sworn vengeance upon Kehrak. much like the dreaded Traitor sub-cult known as Obliterators. or some combination of the two. The vessel has since been fitted with a number of weapons that appear to be unique. either the result of Dark Mechanicus archaeotech. focusing his efforts on several secret Adeptus Mechanicus fortresses and stealing whatever weapons and experiments he could. The only Icon available to Iron Warriors units is the Icon of Chaos Glory. assuming the name Gration Kehrak. becoming the new leader of the Tenth Grand Company. The destruction of his helmet 35 . in battle on Medrengard. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. Though not as physically formidable as the more common Obliterators. and his body has been correspondingly enhanced with Warp-forged augmetics. It shows Warleader Memnos striking a mighty blow that knocks Kehrak back and sunders his helmet. SCION OF CHEMOS Refer to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. stolen Adeptus Mechanicus experiments. In the years that followed he subjected himself to the attentions of the Dark Mechanicus. with the addition of the Emperor’s Children Path of Glory special rule. as well as his expertise at siege warfare. When the Warmaster was defeated by the Emperor of Mankind. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. make Warsmith Kehrak a fearsome opponent. He immediately embarked upon a series of raids against Imperial holdings. LUCIUS THE ETERNAL FULGRIM’S CHAMPION. Plague Marines. WARSMITH OF THE TENTH GRAND COMPANY During the Great Crusade Kehrak was known as Graius and served the Fourth Legion as a Techmarine. Only one image of Warsmith Kehrak exists. Any model may exchange its lascannon for a blastmaster for +20 pts. Kehrak may be the foremost of these. He participated in Abaddon’s Tenth Black Crusade. you must choose which version will apply.

he can attempt to repair it instead of firing. These warriors capitalized on the fear their 36 . or Thousand Sons. Noise Marines. Kehrak cannot repair if gone to ground or falling back. In addition. Path of Glory: Kehrak uses the Iron Warriors Path of Glory special rule. then either a Weapon Destroyed result or Immobilised result (owning player’s choice) will be repaired. Roll a D6. All infantry and jump infantry units in your army gain the ability to outflank. lascannon. If a Weapon Destroyed result is repaired. at the start of each game turn he can morph his body to be equipped with one of the following: power fist. Enhanced by arcane means. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. you must choose which version will apply. When the agri-world of Khai-Zhan erupted in rebellion. multi-melta. Blessing of the Dark Mechanicus: If Kehrak is in base contact with a damaged vehicle during the Shooting phase. plasma cannon.M41. Wargear: Special Rules: THE NIGHT LORDS Path of Glory: A Night Lords army may not include any Marks of Chaos. that weapon can be fired in the following Shooting phase. Further to this. Warsmith Kehrak has a 5+ invulnerable save. Unit Type: • Frag and krak • Warp-forged Augmetics Warsmith Kehrak has • Infantry grenades • Independent Character subjected himself to • Bolster Defences extensive modification at • Blessing of the Dark the hands of the adepts of Mechanicus the Dark Mechanicus. EXALTED CHAMPION OF CHAOS Gorsameth achieved infamy during the Khai-Zhan Uprising in 968. Khorne Berzerkers.reveals a face and head with few or no organic components remaining. Night Lords – Firenze Though only a small number of the traitor Space Marines took part in the fighting. If the result is 5 or more. LORD-CAPTAIN GORSAMETH RAPTOR LORD. Kehrak 200 pts Unit Composition: WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 2+ Warp-forged Augmetics: • 1 (Unique) • Artificer armour • Path of Glory Formerly a Techmarine • Power weapon • Fearless during the Great Crusade. Raptors may be taken as a Troops choice in a Night Lords army. combi-bolter. Plague Marines. page 71. Whether Kehrak has yet become wholly machine is a matter of speculation. the effect of their presence was out of all proportion to their numbers. Kehrak has the Feel No Pain ability. TERROR OF KHAI-ZAN. the Chaos rebels were supported by a force of Night Lords Space Marines led by Exalted Champion Gorsameth. The only Icon available in a Night Lords army is the Icon of Chaos Glory. Bolster Defences: See Codex: Space Marines.

presence engendered in the loyalist forces. THE WORLD EATERS Path of Glory: Sorcerers. a pair of ancient claws from the days of the Great Crusade. with other Night Lords forces taking advantage of the disruption to attack the neglected worlds. and Noise Marines may not be taken in a World Eaters army. In addition. his powered claws cut a bloody swathe in the brave defenders. Lords of the Night: Gorsameth and any unit he joins are Fearless as the universal special rule. All non-vehicle models have the Furious Charge universal special rule. His nightmarish visage and coruscating armour were the last things seen by scores of Imperial Guardsmen and Planetary Defence Force troopers. 37 . Plague Marines. Nightmare Talons: Lord-Captain Gorsameth is equipped with the Nightmare Talons. These modifiers are not cumulative. When the Imperial Fists 5th and 9th companies arrived on Khai-Zhan. Gorsameth 165 pts WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Terror Attack: Gorsameth Unit Composition: Wargear: Special Rules: revels in terrorizing his foe • 1 (Unique) • Power armour • Path of Glory before launching an attack • Nightmare Talons • Fearless from an unexpected quarter Unit Type: • Frag and krak • 5+ Invulnerable Save and then fading back into • Jump Infantry grenades • Independent Character the shadows. The Night Lords fought in small groups to bolster the effectiveness of their cultist allies. Thousand Sons. Gorsameth focused his efforts in the capitol city of Vogen. leaving the dismembered bodies of the defenders to terrify the remaining Imperial troops. The Nightmare Talons count as a pair of master-crafted lighting claws (bonus attack included in profile above). Path of Glory: Gorsameth uses the Night Lords Path of Glory special rule. striking from the shadows and disappearing rapidly. Gorsameth fought some delaying actions and then withdrew his forces. Imperial chroniclers are uncertain about the role Gorsameth plays within what remains of the Night Lords – though he was referred to as Exalted Champion by the forces on Khai-Zhan. The only Icons that may be taken are the Icon of Khorne and Personal Icons. any unit he charges suffers a -1 Ld modifier for the duration of the assault. with the addition of the World Eaters Path of Glory special rule. Any enemy unit within 12" of him when he appears on the table must take a Pinning Test at -1 Ld. you must choose which version will apply. BETRAYER OF SKALATHRAX Refer to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. All units in a World Eaters army must have or take a Mark or Icon of Khorne. Swooping out of the darkness on his raptor wings and joined by similarly equipped warriors. Throughout the Khai-Zhan Uprising Exalted Champion Gorsameth was a source of fear for the Imperial forces. however. Exalted Champion Gorsameth led the surprise counter-assault that held up Imperial forces. Whether Gorsameth has lost his rank as the ferocity so typical of Raptors becomes more pronounced or if he has simply chosen to restrain himself for some unknowable dark purpose is uncertain. As the fighting in the battle focused around the Arbites precinct house. KHÂRN THE BETRAYER BLESSED OF THE BLOOD-GOD. Later evaluation of the Khai-Zhan Uprising determined that the involvement of the Night Lords was intended to divert Imperial forces from elsewhere. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. Gorsameth • Jump pack • Lords of the Night and any unit he joins may • Terror Attack Hit and Run and may Outflank. leading the force of Night Lords Space Marines that landed in the palace courtyard and secured the city. a Lord-Captain Gorsameth was noted in Imperial dispatches for his ferocious raids against Imperial holdings during the thirty-fifth millennium.

Thousand Sons. The only Icon available in a Death Guard army is the Icon of Nurgle. Chaos Bikers. HOST OF THE DESTROYER HIVE Refer to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. a 4+ Invulnerable save (including the Mark of Tzeentch). The only Icon available in a Thousand Sons army is the Icon of Tzeentch (though none of the units that may take that icon need it due to the Rubric upgrade). Sorcerers may use up to two Psychic powers per player turn. replacing their close combat weapon/power weapon with force weapons. These units all become Fearless and benefit from Feel No Pain. and all units that can take it must do so. with the addition of the Death Guard Path of Glory special rule. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. or independent characters without the Mark of Tzeentch. Plague Marines. Chaos Raptors. Chaos Terminators and Chaos Havocs must be upgraded to Thousand Sons Cult units for +40 points per squad. Khorne Berzerkers. A Black Legion army uses the standard Chaos Space Marine codex rules and army list without modification. Obliterator Cults. Sorcerer Lords are Fearless and may choose an additional Psychic power. THE THOUSAND SONS Path of Glory: A Thousand Sons army may not include any Chaos Lords. Possessed Chaos Space Marines. are Fearless. with the addition of the Thousand Sons Path of Glory special rule. Aspiring Champions must be given one of the Psychic powers listed for Aspiring Champions in the Thousand Sons entry. Chaos Bikers. you must choose which version will apply. AHRIMAN EXILE OF THE THOUSAND SONS. Chaos Raptors. Noise Marines. or Obliterators. Chosen Chaos Space Marines. Possessed Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Havocs must be upgraded to Plague Marine units for +50 points per squad. THE BLACK LEGION The Black Legion embraces all aspects of Chaos and a flexible approach to warfare. Khorne Berzerkers. Slow and Purposeful. Chaos Space Marines. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. TYPHUS HERALD OF NURGLE. All units in the army that may take the Mark of Tzeentch must take that mark. Terminator Champions and Aspiring Champions in these squads may be upgraded to Aspiring Sorcerers for +25 points. have Inferno Bolts.THE DEATH GUARD Path of Glory: A Death Guard army may not include any Chaos Space Marines. you must choose which version will apply. Any Sorcerer may be upgraded to a Sorcerer Lord for +25 points. 38 . Chaos Terminators. with the addition of the Warmaster special rule. Sorcerer Lords may use up to three Psychic powers per player turn. If Abaddon is in your army. MASTER OF SORCERY Refer to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Noise Marines. Independent characters may only be included if they take the Mark of Nurgle. Warmaster: Abaddon is seen as the successor to Horus and is Warmaster of the Chaos Space Marine Legions. ABADDON THE DESPOILER WARMASTER OF CHAOS. THE ABANDONED ONE Refer to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Chosen Chaos Space Marines. Thousand Sons Chaos Terminators and Chaos Havocs have the Mark of Tzeentch. then the standard Codex: Chaos Space Marine rules and army list are used without modification – no Path of Glory may be chosen. and suffer from the Sorcerer Commands special rules in the same way as Thousand Sons squads.

working to tear down the faith that was once theirs. No unit may take a Mark of Chaos as an option (units that have a Mark of Chaos listed in their special rules may be taken). Demagogue: All Word Bearers within 6" of the Dark Apostle gain the Fearless special rule. and by their will alone that such a war shall cease. Noise Marines. Combi-weapon for 10 pts. The political machinations of the Dark Apostles have been known to pit Word Bearer against Word Bearer. you must choose which version will apply. Accursed Crozius: An Accursed Crozius is a power weapon and personal icon. The leaders of the Word Bearers. All units in the army that do not have the Fearless special rule are Stubborn. No Marks or Icons may be taken except for the Icon of Chaos Glory. The Accursed Crozius may have a daemon bound within for 15 pts. the only such to remain within the Traitor Legions. and it is not uncommon for Word Bearer forces to adopt formations. Dark Apostle – madscuzzy Word Bearer armies are shaped by the whims of their Apostles. The swarming multitudes of cultists and daemons that accompany any force of Word Bearers are given impetus by the blasphemies of the Dark Apostles. or a combiweapon for 20 pts THE ALPHA LEGION Path of Glory: An Alpha Legion army may not include any Plague Marines. and a twin-linked bolter for 15 pts. Path of Glory: A Dark Apostle uses the Word Bearers Path of Glory special rule. Khorne Berzerkers. Chaos Sorcerer. it is by the will of the Dark Apostles that the hordes of Lorgar’s fallen Legion march forth to war. Options: May replace bolt pistol with a plasma pistol for 15 pts May take one of the following: Twin-linked bolter for 5 pts. All Chaos Lord. and Chaos Havoc units gain the Infiltrate ability (except those in Terminator armour or for which a Dedicated 39 . FAVORED OF THE GODS Dark Apostles are the fallen Chaplains of the Word Bearers. DARK APOSTLES HIGH PRIESTS OF CHAOS. A Daemon-Bound Accursed Crozius is a daemon weapon that also acts as a personal icon. Favoured of the Gods: The Dark Apostle has a 4+ invulnerable save.THE WORD BEARERS Path of Glory: A Word Bearers army may include a Dark Apostle. armaments. Sometimes these whims prove prescient and provide the faithful hordes with victory. Chaos Space Marine. Dark Apostle 145 pts Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Wargear: • Accursed Crozius • Power armour • Bolt pistol • Frag and krak grenades Special Rules: • Path of Glory • Fearless • Favored of the Gods • Independent Character • Demagogue • Litanies of Hate Litanies of Hate: On a player turn in which he assaults. but far more often they are united against the Imperium of Man. a Dark Apostle and all members of any squad he has joined can reroll failed rolls to hit. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. or Thousand Sons. while at other times they lead only to destruction. and strategies that seem insane to the outside observer. and the fanaticism they provide to their followers make them some of the Imperium’s most dangerous enemies. Accursed Crozius. May take Melta Bombs for 5 pts May instead replace all wargear with Terminator armour.

and ever hidden in the darkness. that there must be many Hydras. all too often it is the shadowy hand of the Hydra that guides them. He has a 5+ invulnerable save. Alpha Legionnaire – Apologist 40 . roll a dice when he enters play to see where he may be deployed. Brother Tyler would like to thank the many B&C members who helped create these rules. So widely spread across the breadth and history of the Imperium are the hints and clues of the Hydra’s machinations that some Inquisitors have suggested that he cannot be one individual. and on a 3-6 they enter play from any table edge the Alpha Legion player wishes. heresy and rebellion bubble forth from the dark underbelly of the realm of Man. the Hydra’s weapons are subterfuge and deception. This may even be his opponent’s table edge. On a roll of 1 the Hydra and his unit enter play from the short table edge to the owning player’s left. hi s armour guile and misdirection. From the Darkness: If the Hydra (and any unit he has joined in reserve) choose to outflank. The Hydra gains the ‘Retinue’ rule when he joins any unit of Chosen Chaos Space Marines. and perhaps even that the title is in fact part of the hidden rank structure of the Alpha Legion Command. on a 2 they enter play from the short table edge on the owning player’s right. this foe is known only as the Hydra. Nameless. faceless. Fortunate Son: The Hydra has eluded death or Imperial capture on numerous occasions where it seemed impossible. Surprise Attack!: An army that includes the Hydra can re-roll the dice when attempting to seize the initiative. On many occasions Imperial warriors have thought an enemy officer eliminated. traitors and heretics alike. when bloodshed. or Chaos Havocs. Despite the efforts of many Imperial investigators. and any descriptions given by those few witnesses who claim to have seen him on the battlefield are vague and contrary. THE HYDRA THE ENEMY UNKNOWN In the aftermath of countless uprisings fomented across the millennia by the traitorous Alpha Legion. Chaos Space Marines. agents of the Inquisition have again and again discovered the shadowy hand of a powerful and cunning enemy. The Hydra 145 pts Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Wargear: • Power weapon • Power armour • Bolt pistol • Frag and krak grenades Special Rules: • Path of Glory • Fearless • Fortunate Son • Surprise Attack! • Hidden in Plain Sight • From the Darkness Hidden in Plain Sight: The cunning leaders of the Alpha Legion are notoriously difficult to identify. Whatever the truth may be. nothing more has ever been uncovered of this warrior’s identity beyond that he is a Space Marine clad in the dark blue armour of the twentieth Legion. you must choose which version will apply. If more than one character in your army has the Path of Glory special rule. Whispered of by cultists. Path of Glory: The Hydra uses the Alpha Legion Path of Glory special rule. only to discover too late that they have made a grave mistake.Transport has been purchased).

Try hard. and it's much faster. My wish is that this will serve as a source of inspiration to everyone. though I’m still unsure whether Magmatrax is the rider or the mount. so if I did it. but as Jason Richards himself (an amazing Artist and Gentleman) told me at Toronto Games Day 2004. And when I did. I went from "applying paint" to converting and painting a model that would win the 2004 Canadian Slayer Sword. This would appear to be one. I would not have believed I could ever paint that. revisiting the colour scheme. It was a very long process. Frankly. Most of these hours were spent looking at the model. I believe anyone can improve. Vincent Hudon’s Magmatrax tutorial was being saved for a B&C e-zine. and we thank him for it. I'm the underdog who worked really hard. it was already painted. Little did I know this project would eat over 400 hours in 14 weeks. trying to nail the effect I wanted. 41 . to demystify the whole Golden Demon elite painting thing. you just do it. I wasn't half the painter I am now before I started this project. How? What to do? So I went online. If you really are serious about painting a terrific model. and so its time has definitely come. Challenge yourself! I have no background in art. Had I seen the end result beforehand. step it up! You won't learn much by doing your next rank and file trooper which you've already done before. I did not take many step-by-step pictures on how to paint each element as I was walking in the dark myself. The online community helped me learn. It is a long read. Introduction I promised when I started this project that should my Juggernaut project prove successful at the Golden Demons. What made a winning model? Is there a recipe to winning a Golden Demon? Yes and no. Magmatrax. I am not a longtime great artist. But with frequent questions asked to the resident painters at the Bolter & Chainsword and my favourite artists at Cool Mini or Not. and since I started the hobby I've been collecting pictures of fantastic miniatures. 75% hard work. adjusting the pose. don't just finish your model and hope to improve on the next one. chatting with multiple-GD winners like Mark Mosler (Anthraxus) and even the judges at Games Day. now I'm returning the favour.. it can be achieved. Through reading articles by my favourite artists such as Cyril Abati. taking two or three attempts for each new thing. I improved my skills. but true to my form as I wanted it to be thorough.The Eye of Terror When I first became a Lexicanium. The Making of Magmatrax By Boltman Within a year of starting the hobby. Just undertake a project that's much higher than your current skill level. I'm not a big time Golden Demon artist. and learning how to paint each element. Skill. This article is therefore meant to be more of a walkthrough of my endeavours into making a Golden Demon-class model. and there is no reason you cannot do so yourself. The Concept I wanted to make a Golden Demonwinning model. the Juggernaut was way over my skills.. repaint it as much as you need to get it right. once you know how to paint certain things. That's the best way to learn and improve. Magmatrax was an impressive model. you certainly can elevate your skills to the next level too. Victor Hardy and Allan C. I wish to inspire others into believing that with a little bit of talent and a LOT of hard work and dedication. I determined what vague guidelines I was going to adhere to. Boltman’s tutorial on creating Magmatrax offers valuable insight into the process that goes into making a Golden Demon winning model. it would be worth writing a tutorial about it. Champion of Khorne is the result of 25% talent.

in my opinion. I wanted my model to stand out. A Termagant.Magmatrax in all his glory The most valuable thing I discovered is that your entry must be original. even if it's magnificently painted. for instance. but an attentiongrabber was what I wanted. the warrior has more potential for you to "show off". However. never seen model. you want to make something you like. has less potential than a Tyranid Warrior. though clearly identifiable. make it something new and different. I feel it's a toss-up when it comes to appeal to the judges. Don't go for the usual GW colour scheme. This is not to suggest this is the only way. your interpretation of a Green Typhus model will have a hard time scoring well. but if your model is impressive 42 . Though it is true a simple model can win the judges over with the purity of its lines. I wanted people to remember my piece. Not all models are created equal. and/or convert it to make it a new. Sad to say. Not because bigger is better. not what you think the judges will like. Of course. "You see Magmatrax and the model punches you right in the face!" You don't need flashiness. the "in your face big flashy thingy" models that draw attention. I'm a fan of the safer tactic. As Mark Mosler said. but because. simply because there have been so many submitted already.

Magmatrax is not just a Juggernaut. To accomplish that. The front left leg would have to be cut and a joint added to fit the prowling pose. but if you can have someone else scrutinize your model for flaws you might have missed. I thought the rider was just boring. The head had to become horizontal to keep with my concept. the Juggernaut's body had to be much lower than usually mounted on its legs. and at that point The Model I wanted to paint a Juggernaut. one who knows painting miniatures. wanted to use certain nice bits I had seen. make it unique. to help accentuate the feel of the model being grounded and ready to jump. For painting tips and opinions. Freehand: Incorporate some freehand painting. and could be spiced up too. Conversion: Make your model your own. The Rider was going to be bigger. but throughout it all. and support on those long weeks where I was getting a little discouraged. I spend many hours just filing away excess and sculpting minor add-ons to try and make the model symmetrical. multiple Golden Demon winner. Flawless: I've heard that sometimes models are very close and often given 1st. but I wanted him to look like he was leaning on the Juggernaut a bit. The model was not a simple case of cleaning the mould lines. Realistic Expectations: Ditch that. I then discovered that Blu-tac was a dream come true to temporarily hold pieces while you work on the posture. Think of other good ideas. I 43 . If you don't win. and see how the parts could be matched. Since my skills in sculpting were limited. Freehand further personalizes your model. and complement the cape flowing on the other side. It doesn't have to be completely redone like my Juggernaut. it's the one with the magma scales effect on its armour. the cape having a curve that married itself with the Juggernaut's rear right leg perfectly. I realized that the sculpt was horrible. in a more prowling posture. Think of a great idea. but that I fixed with GS. then pick your favourite. This can be a big time sink. shoulder pads  Skull belt buckle from a regular Chaos marine torso  Chaos Champion backpack  Ork Choppa arms  Marneus Calgar’s right Power Fist  $8 Wal-Mart Jewellery chain  Old guitar strings  A few skulls from the Undead sprue  Round Toothpicks Tools I used:  Modelling vice  Jeweller’s saws  Two-part epoxy  Superglue  Various files. with asymmetric parts. and end up a much better painter in the end. some things I couldn't pull off. I was going to use bitz as much as I could before having to resort to sculpting my own. Though I felt the model had a lot of potential. you're that much closer. reeling for the impending jump of the Beast unto its prey. I decided to have the legs angled in a triangular fashion. I smell a sword in his future too. and now I know why. This was my basic concept. to keep the Rider low. The collar wasn't actually straight. it's that much less you have to rely on your painting to pull off. wider at the base. Even so. and I had a vision of Archaon's chest piece as a rider on a more dynamic Juggernaut. you'd better aim very high. A friend to consult with goes a long way.and draws attention with the conversion. and sculpting tools  A Dremel  Green stuff  Paper clips I had never seen much work done with Juggernauts in GD competitions. This also made the juggernaut wider and more imposing. browsed for various suitable bitz and ordered them. Make sure it's ambitious. so I used plenty of it to get the feel of the model. though let down by a very static pose and being a difficult sculpt to modify. Archaon's chest turned out a perfect fit. I thought the model had a lot of potential. This helps make the model your own. If you cannot reach higher than you aim. Preferably. I still loved the look of the sculpt. something to show you can paint without lines and borders. you'll have learned a heck of a lot at least. Conversion The list of bitz I used:  Juggernaut model  Archaon’s Torso  Grimgor’s left arm (WHFB Orc Warboss)  Obliterator legs (the walking version)  Berserker head. and badly sculpted finer features. my gratitude goes to Mark Mosler. and shows you've spent effort on it. hobby knives. then think about how you would redo it if you had already done it once. Watch out for this guy. like how the Juggernaut's neck collar has 3 spikes which are not evenly spaced. I bought some Blu-tac (the blue gum used to hang poster). but the more different the better. 2nd or 3rd based on which has the fewest mistakes.

The front left leg was sawed above the claw. and I used Boltman’s Juggernaut Eye-Stamp (Patent Pending) green stuff to tack them to the head and the body. I bent guitar strings to a proper shape. having checked rod length before gluing. the strings a different bend. and use lots of Blue-tac to hold the position while the GS cured. a continuous brass rod inserted on each side of the new gap. A strand of the chain would be glued on the fur and the Power Fist would then be glued on top. I started with the legs. The slightly spherical tip of the drill bit would make a perfect rivet-type stamp to make bigger eyes out of GS. and texture the surface like a 44 . working from under the model. saving the neck collar with three spikes to glue back on the body. and then put a gob on the neck. Once happy. With a gob of Green Stuff. I practiced on spare green stuff. then each part was drilled. so I glued in each end of a jewellery chain. I came up with the idea of adding fur to cover these areas. being more original saddle was much too small and curved on the left side of the Jugger. to emphasize the prowling pose of the Juggernaut. I did not have to worry about losing the shape. I actually positioned the head lower than the body. which would also tie in with the pelt on Archaon's body. I'll mention it here. I cut the neck off. Again. I made sure to give the guitar Checking with the Obliterator legs. but the other end was left loose. as I wanted it glued inside the clutched fist. and glued with epoxy. The three remaining legs would simply need to be positioned with paper clips like I did the first one. mainly because the Stock Juggernaut model doesn't have a neck. and one at the back of the head underneath the Collar of Khorne on the head.I found two horns that were just perfectly curved to make the Juggernaut look meaner. Once dry. I therefore cut myself a piece of plastic sprue. I made a few sketches. and it was easy to cover large areas. I epoxy glued the rod in the head. The rider had to be holding onto the Juggernaut. and inserting half a dozen paper clip rods on each of the shoulder joint. I could then slightly bend the rod to position the claw. but through the painting process when it became time for the eyes I decided the stock models were too small. first drilling multiple holes in the legs and body. I then drilled a hole in the body in the middle of the collar. I made a rubber joint-type connection with GS where there was now a new gap. It's all in the little details. I sculpted wires and such. but restricted in a smaller space. the with GS. cables close by were of same length. deep. I would convert a part and return to the Blu-tac master assembly to check for fit. guitar strings being very stiff. like this picture shows. continuing what little was suggested by that very small part of a neck provided with the model. I then used a brass rod (well mine was iron wire) cut to proper size to join head and body. The front and rear legs were also farther apart that the original model. just like the leg joints on a regular Marine model. and then sculpted fur on the Juggernaut model – it was a handy filler which did not need to be a symmetrical feature. between the legs. tried on spare green stuff. then once dry. drilled only 2 mm through an end and bevelled the plastic around it. which I then stuck over the tiny original Juggernaut eyes. made final adjustments and glued the other end of the rod in the body. I would refer to the Blue-Tac master assembly time and time again to adjust the position. press to give the right angle. The head was a lot of work. Needless to say I had to rebuild the Blue-tac assembly numerous times as it was sagging with each fit check. Thanks to Nexus's green stuff fur tutorial. Next was time to make a neck. each time checking that the Obliterator legs I was going to use would fit well in between. which each had a bigger link. I would stick a completed leg to the body. I simply filled the original gap since that leg was leaning forward. I then green stuffed a link to the Juggernaut's collar. to make it look like the rider was holding the chain. This left me with a big ugly surface between the front legs and a gap at the head of the Jugger. So piece by piece.

I glued on tiny metallic studs made out of cylindrical pewter flash from another model. I decided to simulate bubbling. drilling each. and some rigs cut from a smoke launcher nozzle. thick lava. pinned it in the Torso. I did so for both right legs. The spacing between the obliterator legs was also a very good fit for the Juggernaut width and required no bending.I used a broken piece of cork to press on the putty and make texture to work with in the painting stage. I pinned the Juggernaut paws. cut in half thicknesswise. On the extra putty features. from which I could exploit the recess underneath to show off my previously acquired glowing lava-effect. and quickly realized that it was a perfect match. previously drilled between the thumb and fingers to insert the chain form the Juggernaut s neck. The area I had left untouched in the alcove for lava felt like it could be improved. I made sure to round the surface with a file before each cut was made in the pewter flash rod. I went back with some putty to exploit a recess in the rock to make a little pool of lava emptying itself a little lower (back right side). for solidity. Starting with the Right shoulder. and pressed it in the wet Milliput to leave an imprint. I had to pin the juggernaut to the rock somehow though. with a diamond-shaped pattern on the sides. but removed the model. peeping from under the pelt. Nothing was glued at this step. cut to The Base leather seat. I also needed a little extra thickness for some legs to be able to place pins in the base for solidity between model and base. until I could fit a complete Berserker shoulder pad. whereas green stuff is more plastic. The Base I wanted the Juggernaut standing atop the battlefield. just using blue-tac whenever necessary for the parts to hold while I fit them. I also sculpted treads underneath the boots. I went back to the torso and legs. when the Juggernaut was finished and it was time to paint the base. I used the rotary tool to grind away Archaon's shoulder armour. looking at the puny mortals soon to be crushed. Now this is where countless checks with blue-tac took place to assert the pose of the champion as each element was gradually glued in. The Rider The Champion is where I realized how handy it is to carefully select bitz. I cut 45 . which worked well with my Champion's pose. in case the GD judges would look. a two part putty which is more like clay. turned to the left side and holding that huge axe. I also used a round plastic ball on a leftover sprue for a bigger bubble. Very small. this was a very long grind and check procedure. which was going to be painted separately. It had a cleavage cut. I found a natural rock. but I figured I could add features with Milliput. as the rock was thinner on that side. off the obliterator legs. The smallest burst bubbles were made with a grenade clip. I also had to cut off the ammo clip from the bolter that was in the way of my Juggernaut's right leg. I added gobs of Milliput on the rock to improve its features and make it match the Juggernaut's pose better. too. to make a better painting surface later on. Later. I simply filed off the fleshy bits from the legs. and found that the little ball on the back of a SM where you glue on a backpack was just right for the task. pewter particles are bad for you! I then cut off an Orc arm at the elbow. I also added A few skulls to tie in with Khorne and fill an otherwise simple base. whose size and shape suited my model well. On the left side the leg was open outwards. Remember to use a mask. be sure to hold them down when you cut them. or you’ll have them bounce out of your sight and lose them. and pinning with a piece of rod. I couldn't drill through the rock. and pinned the other end to Marneus' power fist. I needed an outcrop for the front left leg to stand on. using once again my mighty rotary tool to grind away.

Since there was going to be too much grinding involved. Finally the head. I tried a new approach: only adding the visible part of the shoulder pad. Next was the left shoulder pad. The left arm was trickier. Vincent Hudon (AKA Boltman) won the 2004 Slayer Sword with Magmatrax. then glued. I finally super glued one end of a cheap jewellery chain on the axe head. A paperclip was used as a pin. stuck in there with GS which I sculpted the missing parts to smooth the pad with the fur line. Then I worked on sculpting a midsection between torso and legs. It proved tricky to match to the fur. I also drilled a hole in the obliterator legs and glued a paper clip in the saddle. I drilled underneath again for a pin to attach the axe arm with. I really liked the Berserker head I used. and let dry overnight. and came up with GS trims with studs made in the same fashion as the Juggernaut s eyes. Torso and legs now being one. This pin and hole would allow me to pit the champion on the juggernaut at the same place every time I put it on for fit. I added a toothpick tip on top for good spiky measure. too). but the backpack kept separate for painting. I used green stuff to ease the transition. to keep them the exact same size. Filing down the plastic knife and axe would have lost the facets of the weapons. I oversized the weapon with an Orc knife as the main blade extension. Our publication of his tutorial is long overdue. Now I had chains and fur on both the rider and mount. and finally bent to appropriate angle. The backpack was then stamped on a gob of GS stuck on the back fur. so it had to be suitably impressive.) I finished the connection with the body with GS. I simply added a few toothpick spikes on the head for a little more cohesion with the Juggernaut s spikes. Once the arm was glued (using epoxy and a profusion of Blu-tac to hold in place while it dried. 46 . and another knife blade at the bottom of the axe handle. another focal point. and in the end. which helped emphasize the cohesion of the model. champion on the juggernaut. and then sculpted a collar our of GS with stamped studs. I could glue the right arm onto the torso underneath the shoulder pad with epoxy. to make it a handier weapon for a rider to wield. wrapped it around and brought it down to the bottom of the pole for looks. and that was it! To this point the complete conversion took about 50 hours.length. and reversed part of an Orc axe to complete the other side. Since the plastics were thicker than Grimgor s axe. I only used a little bit of a pad. and removed for the GS to dry. and has won a number of Golden Demon’s since (deserving every one. and didn’t feel major conversion was in order. I knew it was going to be something the viewer looks at instinctively. I glued the head in a forward position.

the Relictors still seized every opportunity to retrieve Chaotic weaponry. Many Space Marines who have spat on their oaths to the Emperor have made their home here. It was in this time that they became known as the Relictors. 74 IA: Relictors. traitors and madmen. by Octavulg and Ferrus Manus Relictors2 The Relictors are perhaps the most famous of the Astartes Praeses – they are certainly the ones we know the most about. Dark Creed. De Marche was executed. Soon enough. along with legions of mortal soldiers and Titans of the Dark Mechanicus. and an Imperial Battleship. It must be noted that one Chapter is known to have been destroyed by the forces of Chaos. This article summarizes the information we know about them – scant though it may be. Collectively these Chapters are known as the Astartes Praeses. and are thus a Cursed Founding Chapter (their Curse seems unknown – their gene-seed is believed to be mixed between the Dark Angels and the Ultramarines.4 and they were until recently known as the Fire Claws. Each of these factions owes their allegiance to the Warmaster Abaddon. The Chapter was based on the world of Torva Minoris3 (though other sources give their home world as Neutra. a group of Inquisitors.1 Presented below is what is known of the Chapters of the Astartes Praeses. Fifth Edition 5 IA: Relictors 6 Ibid 7 Ibid 8 Ibid 47 .7 The Relictors remained firm in their belief that Chaos could be used for good purposes. and the Relictors were forced to submit by four Space Marine Chapters. when necessary.6 Even on that Crusade and during the War for Armageddon. They served loyally until on a Chaos-hunting mission under Inquisitor DeMarche. 1 2 Anthony Reynolds. and calamity loomed over their heads.The Eye of Terror The Astartes Praeses stand on the border of the Eye of Terror. They were created in the Twenty-First Founding. the Imperium has founded various Chapters with the specific purpose of guarding the space around the Eye. To counter this threat. Introduction The Eye of Terror is a dark and hellish place.8 It eventually struck when they attacked an Inquisitorial force protecting a powerful weapon in the Diamedes Archive. over the many millennia since the Horus Heresy. the Fire Claws sought Chaos relics – and found them. Codex: Eye of Terror Ibid Codex: Space Marines. leaving the total count of the Praeses Chapters at 18 at the time of the 13th Black Crusade. where one of their Librarians defeated a prince of Chaos with his own daemon weapon. other Chapters came to know of their methods. indicate twenty such Chapters. full with heretics. destroying any threat that emerges from its hellish depths. south-west of the Eye of Terror). whilst another has been branded Excommunicate Traitoris. gene-son of the arch-traitor Horus. but to what purpose is unclear). as patchy as they are. This and other conflicts caused the Inquisition to 3 4 The Astartes Praeses Records. protecting it from the foul monsters that lurk in the Warp and their servants who wait for any opportunity to crush the worlds of man. and the Relictors sent on a century of penitent crusading. and. This use of Chaos to so successfully destroy Chaos and the honeyed words of the Librarian and Inquisitor DeMarche convinced the Fire Claws’ Chapter Master that the tools of Chaos could still be put to uses that would serve the Imperium.5 Under the guidance of DeMarche. though they are not all named.

the Ultramarines. Dark Creed.23 They first served under the overall command of Logan Grimnar. 24 Their home world is Necris.18 The Chapter was involved in the 12th19 and 13th Black Crusades. except for a few minor details. Codex: Space Marines.25 and the Chapter has served under the command of Captain Raoul since Chapter Master Maxim Absolon went missing.16 This has led to the Consuls commanding armies of regular troops when defending their local region. or whether to their home world of Sabatine.9 Whether this is a retcon or simply an example of inuniverse ignorance is undetermined. Fifth Edition 10 Anthony Reynolds.17 The current masters are Cymar Xydias and Titus Valens.26 Necris is located in the extreme south-east of the Segmentum Tempestus. Similarly to their parent Chapter.13 The Consuls have an unusual Chapter structure. forcing the remains of the Chapter into flight. Fifth Edition 28 Codex: Eye of Terror 29 Deathwatch: Rites of Battle 48 . Dark Creed 22 23 Codex: Eye of Terror Ibid 24 White Dwarf 283 25 Codex: Space Marines.27 Relictor on Snowscape by Artekus that refers to some other. the White Consuls have influence over a cluster of planets close Subjugators28 The Subjugators are thought to belong to the Twenty-Third or Twenty-Fourth Founding. but after the loss of their Chapter Master in combat they withdrew from Grimnar's command. Dark Creed. Coadjutors are warriors recently raised to the rank of Battle-Brother.14 One master leads campaigns. Proconsuls are veteran warriors who are being prepared for the rank of Captain. Dark Creed. while the other coordinates the defence of their home world and the Eye of Terror. 34 Codex: Space Marines. it is unclear if the Relictors are the excommunicate Chapter mentioned in Dark Creed. a position which raises questions about how they maintain their duties to the Astartes Praeses.declare them excommunicate. Fifth Edition 14 Deathwatch: Rites of Battle 15 Ibid 16 Anthony Reynolds. Likewise. Fifth Edition 26 White Dwarf 283 27 Codex: Space Marines. maintaining two Chapter Masters rather than one. Fifth Edition. sent out to understand the people the Consuls are sworn to protect. says only that the Inquisition was suspicious that the Relictors were developing “an unhealthy fascination with tainted artefacts”.29 They are direct and zealous in their prosecution of the 12 13 9 Codex: Space Marines.15 This structure is duplicated in principle elsewhere in the Chapter – the Consuls place two Space Marines in command of each world. 75 19 Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 20 Codex: Eye of Terror 21 Anthony Reynolds. and the Grey Knights purged their FortressMonastery. unknown Chapter.20 and was severely hurt by battles against the Word Bearers and Necrons. 34 17 Deathwatch: Rites of Battle 18 Anthony Reynolds.21 White Consul by Apologist Marines Exemplar22 The Marines Exemplar were heavily involved in the 13th Black Crusade. Only a warrior who has served as a Proconsul may rise to command a company of Space Marines. known as the Proconsul and the Coadjutor. however. deploying nine companies.12 which is located in the east of the Segmentum Pacificus. White Consuls10 The White Consuls are a Second Founding successor of the Ultramarines – they are thus the oldest known Chapter of the Astartes Praeses.11 They are organised according to the Codex Astartes. Fifth Edition Codex: Eye of Terror 11 Codex: Space Marines.

Marines Exemplar by Lord Tybault enemy. that being close to the Eye does not make you a member of the Astartes Praeses (the Iron Hands. Brothers Penitent. Finally. though that may be error as opposed to intent).33 The infection was purged. 29 44 Ibid. we can note that dedication is evidently not required – only some of the Astartes Praeses committed forces to fight against the 13th Black Crusade. we can note two things – first. and explanations are hard to conceive of – it’s possible the missing Astartes Praeses Chapters were engaged. fielding only three companies. Fifth Edition 42 Ibid 43 Anthony Reynolds. but some twenty Marines are still at large. and Knights Unyielding are all listed in the novel Dark Creed as Excoriators37 30 31 Ibid Codex: Eye of Terror 32 IA: Cursed Founding 33 “Rogue Sons”. Dark Creed. This seems more than a little odd. who were depressed to discover that the Astartes Praeses are evidently publicity-shy. It seems likely that Imperial defences around the Eye have gotten stronger over time. to the north of the Eye of Terror.36 The Excoriators deployed eight companies in the 13th Black Crusade.35 and they divide most of their efforts between that region and the Eye of Terror.44 Others45 The Crimson Scythes. Second. or that they were deployed on the other side of the Eye.40 Their home world is Silence. and of those the Subjugators only committed three companies. or fighting some other Chaotic threat. Nor does being far away seem to preclude membership (the Marines Exemplar are on the other side of the Imperium. Still. 31 45 Ibid. for example. Fifth Edition 36 Deathwatch: Rites of Battle 37 Codex: Eye of Terror 38 39 Ibid Codex: Eye of Terror 40 Ibid 41 Codex: Space Marines.34 Their home world is Xenax. suggesting they are not Codex-adherent.30 They were relatively uninvolved in the 13th Black Crusade. who slowly turn infected creatures into other Cell-Kin. routinely wiping out enemies root and branch. their absence is notable.32 and were victims of an alien race known as the Cell-Kin. Octavulg and Ferrus Manus are Lexicanii and Liberites. but were some of the many who slipped through the cracks. 75 49 . General Observations The most evident thing about the Astartes Praeses is that they appear to have been created over time – the Relictors and Subjugators are both products of later Foundings.38 Night Watch39 They deployed eleven companies to the 13th Black Crusade.31 They have a number of other recorded engagements – they were involved (along with the Sons of Antaeus) in fighting against Eldar pirates in the Third Inter-Guild Wars of the Inca Sector. do not seem to be). Index Astartes IV 34 Ibid 35 Codex: Space Marines.41 They were one of the Chapters that contributed forces to the Zeist Campaign at the request of Marneus Calgar. located in the east of the Segmentum Solar.42 Iron Talons43 Assisted the White Consuls against the Word Bearers.members of the Astartes Praeses. and it is unlikely they were the only ones.

but with a wet brush.How to Paint Relictors by Midian Step 1 Basecoat the armoured areas Adeptus Battlegrey. anything at the top of the figure – top of helmet. toes etc. Wash the whole thing with a heavy wash of Badab Black. Step 2 Apply fine highlights to the top edges with Fortress Grey. 50 . Step 1 Step 2 Overbrush the armour with Adeptus Battlegrey. top of shoulder pads. Overbrushing is essentially drybrushing. Quick highlights with Codex Grey – highlight everything except the darkest areas. Basically.

Before painting it on. not toilet tissue) to take out the excess water out of the brush. edge highlight Mithril Silver. Layer a 60/40 mix of Scorched Brown/Dark Flesh. leaving Scorched Brown in the recesses.Step 3 Glaze the whole lot with Badab Black. Edge highlight with thinned Dark Flesh. gently dab the brush on a piece of tissue (use the stuff you get for the kitchen. Step 3 Step 4 Step 4 Basecoat Boltgun Metal. Step 5 Step 5 Basecoat Scorched Brown. wash with Badab Black. Hit the tissue again and carry on. you've got too much watered paint on the brush. highlight with Chainmail. 51 . watered down until it is virtually see through. If it takes more than a few seconds to dry on the figure. At this stage I painted everything else Chaos Black and gave the moulded tactical arrow a coat of Fortress Grey.

Using thinned down Chaos Black. Basecoat the skulls with Dheneb Stone and the parchment with Bleached Bone. paint thin lines on the parchment to represent text. add Skull White to Bleached Bone to highlight the parchment. Highlight the skulls with Dheneb Stone and the parchment with Bleached Bone. Step 7 Basecoat Red Gore. c On the lenses. Layer Blood Red over the top. Add Skull White to Dheneb Stone to highlight the skulls.Step 6 Step 6 These two are the same process except for the base colour. Step 7 52 . leave some Red Gore showing at the back. Add a tiny spot of Skull White at the back of each lens for reflection points. leaving Red Gore in the recesses. Wash with Devlan Mud.

nose and teeth. then with Bestial Brown. then fill in. Step 9 Paint a circle and square with thinned Fortress Grey (see picture 1b). joints and anywhere else dirt would collect. there are around 15 layers of colour glazed on. Tidy up the shape with thinned Chaos Black and add the eye. You'll probably need 3 or 4 thin layers to get it smooth. Go over the grey with thinned Skull White. Step 8 Step 10 Water down Scorched Brown (approx 10/1 water/Scorched Brown) and glaze around panel lines. Overall.Step 8 Edge highlight the black areas with a 50/50 mix of Chaos Black/Adeptus Battlegrey. Step 9 Step 10 53 . Do the same with Catachan Green.

Step 11 54 . Paint the rim Scorched Brown and add static grass to taste. We still haven’t figured out why he did a Relictors tutorial. but it certainly is a nice one. Midian is most well known for his DIY army.Step 11 Base – I've washed the sand with Brown Ink then drybrushed it with Khemri Brown then Kommando Khaki. His only distractions from his Chapter are the Black Legion and occasionally some Dark Angels. the Sword Bearers.

The Eye of Terror If the Grey Knights are the Imperium’s premier daemon hunters. Due to the rigors of this procedure. Each Orison maintains a book of lore in which the specialized knowledge of the Orison is preserved and taught. Roboute Guilliman. excelling at this over other Chapters. and Exorcists battle-brothers may be members of multiple Orisons. Those that survived the daemonic possession therapy were then trained in the use of the 666 verses of the Liber Exorcismus (Book of Exorcisms) and the methods of combating the daemons of Chaos. the Obelisk Thelemus. The primary exceptions to this are the Chapter’s organization into twelve companies versus the normal ten and the Chapter’s proficiency at combating the daemons of Chaos. and corrective psychotherapy for those who suffered psychological damage. To this day. though there is no known evidence to corroborate this. History The Exorcists were created in the 13th (Dark) Founding. Membership in one or more Orisons is considered to be a high honour within the Chapter. After the Chapter performed successfully in field tests against Daemons. it was developed to a full Chapter and granted at least limited autonomy. the Chapter maintains two extra companies of Scouts. there are rumours that the gene-seed of the Exorcists can be traced back to the Grey Knights. the Exorcists are a close second. many of the members belonging to the 1st Company. and membership in an Orison is not a prerequisite to access the Orison’s book of lore – any battle-brother of the Chapter may consult any Orison’s book of lore. The level of the Chapter’s autonomy and its current relationship with the Ordo Malleus remain unknown. all so they can destroy the horrific creatures that spill forth from the Warp across the Imperium. the majority survived the procedure. though the majority of the Chapter is on continuous active service throughout the whole of the Imperium. within the Chapter. One other notable aspect of the Exorcists Chapter is the presence of Orisons. The Exorcists are largely a “Codex” Chapter. adhering closely to the dictates of the Codex Astartes written by the Ultramarines Primarch. Known Orisons include the Enochian Guard. While some subjects died or required termination due to the damage suffered in the possession. and the Broken Tower. for a total number of twelve companies in the Chapter. The Chapter has often demonstrated tactical flexibility and adaptability exemplifying the teachings of the Codex Astartes. followed by their exorcism. to which many of the Chapter’s Devastators and Techmarines belong. The gene-seed used to create them is unknown. Reconstructive surgery was required for those who suffered damage or mutation. the daemonic possession therapy continues to be a central aspect of the Chapter’s process in transforming aspirants into full battlebrothers. Each of these Orisons is adept at a certain specialty. The Chapter’s fortress monastery is known as the Basilica Malefex. The Chapter’s creation was supervised by elements of the Ordo Malleus and included the ritual binding of minor daemonic creatures to the recruits. or sub-cults. classified by a special Bull Absolute issued by an Inquisitorial representative at the time of the Chapter’s founding. which is composed almost entirely of members of the Chapter’s Librarium. though several facilities of the Ordo Malleus are known to exist on the Exorcists’ home world of Banish. Codex: Exorcists By Brother Tyler and the Members of the B&C 55 . Exorcists player Brother Tyler presents expanded Fifth Edition rules for the Exorcists Chapter. Here. Despite this secrecy. Through possession and exorcism they strengthen themselves.

Daemon Hunters The relationship between the Exorcists and the Grey Knights has been the subject of much debate. Some players have speculated that the Chapter is like the Grey Knights and is composed entirely of psykers. Included in this speculation is the use of Nemesis Force Weapons, the signature weapon of the Grey Knights, by the Exorcists. The Chapter’s inclusion in Codex: Space Marines and the rules provided for Silas Alberec in the Badab War book contradict this. The relationship between the Exorcists and the Grey Knights is unclear. While the short story “Headhunted” indicates that the Exorcists were created using the gene-seed of the Grey Knights and that they have very similar training, the Badab War book says only that the gene-seed of the Exorcists is a closely guarded secret. The Exorcists are one of the few Chapters that is allowed to retain some knowledge of the Grey Knights as Codex: Grey Knights describes how the Exorcists are known to send some of their aspirants to Titan. How widespread the knowledge of the Grey Knights is within the Exorcists Chapter is unknown.

• The Thirteenth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler [999.M41] (ten companies)

Exorcists Fleet
The Exorcists have an extensive longrange Chapter fleet, including three battle barges, which is considered to be an unusually high number of such vessels for a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. This large fleet provides the Chapter with great mobility in its continuous actions, the Chapter operating throughout the breadth of the Imperium instead of being confined to a specific area. • Punisher (Battle Barge) • Redeemer (Battle Barge) • Captain Augusta (Strike Cruiser) • Eternal Defiance (Strike Cruiser) • Hand of Glory (Strike Cruiser) • Hunter (Strike Cruiser)

• Avasi (participated in the Badab War) • Baeliastus (participated in the Badab War) • Belloch (killed in the Battle of Shavra, the Badab War) • Gebruah (possibly killed in the Battle of Shavra, the Badab War) • Rauth (“Watcher”, seconded to Deathwatch)

It is worth noting that some of the Exorcists battle-brothers displayed in Imperial Armour Volume Ten: The Badab War – Part Two bear titles that don’t appear to be standard to the Adeptus Astartes, and others have titles that are variations on typical titles, none of which are explained. For example, Veteran Sergeant Kahl bears the title of “Inceptus”, Terminator Rabelias bears the title of “Lector”, and both Idris and Karsweltus have the title of “Almoner”.

Exorcists Battle-Brothers
Though popular, the Exorcists haven’t received much attention from Games Workshop. Despite this, a number of members of the Chapter have been named in various sources, including Battlefleet Gothic, the Badab War, and a Black Library anthology. • Enoch Trismegistus (first Chapter Master according to Chapter legend) • Captain Leitz (participated in the Gothic War) • Captain Silas Alberec (Captain of the 3rd Company during the Badab War) • Venerable Sybra (dreadnought, died in the Aschen War) • Malachite (librarian, killed the Horned God in the Aschen War) • Castor Machen (librarian, participated in the Relief of Stonekraal) • Idris (Sergeant, participated in the Badab War) • Kahl (Veteran Sergeant and Initiate of the Enochian Guard, participated in the Badab War) • Rabelias (Terminator assigned to the bodyguard of Silas Alberec, participated in the Badab War) • Karsweltus (Apothecary, participated in the Badab War)

When first presented in the original Index Astartes article on the Badab War, the Chapter had a yellow scheme. The Third War for Armageddon reimagined the Chapter in a dark red scheme. A few minor changes have occurred since then, though the basic scheme is shown below. The shoulder pad rims appear to be black regardless of company affiliation.

Campaigns of the Exorcists
• The Aschen War (The Vanquishing of the Horned God) [307.M40] (3rd Company known to have participated, possibly entire Chapter) • The Twelfth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler (The Gothic War) [151.M41] • The Relief of Stonekraal [740.M41] (3rd Company) • The Badab War [908-912.M41] (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 11th Companies, half of 1st Company, under command of Captain Silas Alberec of the 3rd Company) • The Third War for Armageddon [999.M41] (entire Chapter)


Special Characters
You must use one of the following special characters in order to use these rules in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Chapter Tactics
If your army includes an Exorcists character, all units in your army lose the Combat Tactics special rule. Instead, when facing Daemons (Daemon Princes, Possessed Chaos Space Marines, Obliterators, any vehicle with Daemonic Possession, summoned greater or lesser Daemons, Daemonhosts, Mandrakes, Kheradruakh the Decapitator, the Avatar, and all units from Codex: Chaos Daemons), all of these units except Scout and Scout Bike squads benefit from the Furious Charge USR when charging Daemon models and are Fearless when engaged in Assault with any Daemon models. Any of these units that start their Movement phase within 12” of a Daemon model must pass a Ld test or suffer from the Rage USR. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Use Silas Alberec as he is presented in Imperial Armour Volume Ten: The Badab War – Part Two (page 179), adding the Chapter Tactics included in this article.

The psykers of the Librarium serve a pivotal role in the Exorcists Chapter. In addition to screening aspirants for psychic potential, the Librarians of the Exorcists are responsible for conducting the daemonic possession therapy and training against the daemonic that set the Exorcists apart from other Chapters. The Chapter depends upon its Librarians in order to ensure that no corruption survives within the battle-brothers. Unlike other Chapter neophytes, those who possess psychic potential are not subjected to the daemonic possession therapy, for the threat of possessing an untrained psyker with a daemonic entity is too great. Instead, these aspirants are taken into the Librarium for testing and training. Those that survive become Lexicanii, the most junior grade of Librarian. The Librarians also work closely with the Apothecaries of the Chapter to screen battle-brothers against the threat of repossession by daemonic entities. All battle-brothers are thoroughly tested upon returning from any engagements with the daemonic, and those that are found to harbour some taint are ritually cleansed and purified – or terminated. Epistolary Leonhart was recruited from a feral world six decades ago. Quickly demonstrating his potential as a psyker and being taken into the Librarium, he survived the rigors of the psykana rituals and has since proven himself as a potent mystic warrior within the Chapter. He currently serves as the Outer Guardian of the Librarium, protecting Chapter rituals from daemonic incursion through his skill at detecting and banishing Dietrich Leonhart WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Daemons.
190 pts 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+ Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Terminator armour • Force weapon • Storm shield Psychic Powers: • Destroy daemon • Any one of the following powers: Smite, Force Dome, Machine Curse, Quickening, Null Zone, The Avenger, Might of Ancients, The Gate of Infinity, Vortex of Doom Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Independent Character • Psyker • Epistolary

Destroy Daemon: This psychic power may be used at the beginning of any Assault phase. If the test is passed, any to hit or to wound rolls made by Leonhart against Daemons may be rerolled for the rest of the turn. You must accept the result of the second roll.


Sergeant Idomenes has served the Chapter for almost a century, earning numerous honours for his valour. In the Cleansing of Anruil in 982.M41, he selflessly threw himself between his injured Chapter Master and a greater daemon. Though the creature removed Idomenes’ right arm with a stroke of his hell -forged axe, Idomenes’ action allowed the Chapter Master time to recover and re-enter the fray, resulting in the destruction of the daemon. In recognition for his valour, Idomenes was appointed the Sword Bearer and granted the privilege of bearing the Blade of Enoch, an ancient weapon recovered from the Eye of Terror by the Exorcists’ first Chapter Master, Enoch Trismegistus. As the Sword Bearer, it is Idomenes’ responsibility to serve as the Exorcists Chapter Champion and to represent the Chapter Master’s interests with the Captains of the Exorcists Chapter, often joining their companies in battle and leading squads. He has performed these duties with distinction for almost two decades. If an Honour Guard is included in the army, then the Chapter Champion must be replaced with Sergeant Idomenes for +30 points. If there is no Honour Guard, then one Tactical squad in the army may replace its Space Marine Sergeant with Sergeant Idomenes for +67 points. Blade of Enoch: The Blade of Enoch counts as a relic blade. In addition, the blade is inscribed with runes inimical to Daemons and will always wound Daemons on a roll of 4+, unless Idomenes would normally roll better. Against possessed vehicles the weapon confers 2D6 +Strength for armour penetration. Acton Idomenes WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
+30/+67 Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry 5 4 4 4 1 4 3 10 2+ Wargear: • Artificer armour • Combat shield • Blade of Enoch • Boltgun • Frag and krak grenades Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Honour or Death • Exemplar

Exemplar: The Sword Bearer is an exemplar of the Chapter’s warrior cult and is an inspiration to his battlebrothers. Idomenes and any unit he has joined always re-roll failed Morale and Pinning Tests.

Collecting an Exorcists Army
The Exorcists follow the teachings of the Codex Astartes; and they demonstrate tactical flexibility and adaptability. As such, don’t feel constrained to any particular army composition when collecting an Exorcists army. Any army that you can create with Codex: Space Marines is justifiable. The Chapter has two additional Scout companies, so Scouts in an Exorcists army would not be inappropriate, but this isn’t a requirement by any stretch of the imagination.

Designer’s Notes
Previously, there were a number of issues with the Exorcists Chapter due to inconsistencies between various sources, but these issues are largely reconciled in Imperial Armour Volume Ten: The Badab War – Part Two. This article considers the Badab War information on the Exorcists canon. Players desiring to learn more about the Chapter should read that book. I was largely satisfied with the background given for the Chapter in the Badab War book, and I’m a fan of the Exorcists special character, Silas Alberec and his rules. There was, however, one area in which I was dissatisfied, and that was the rules for the Exorcists Chapter, or rather, the lack thereof. The known background information provides an ability that no other Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes has, and that is excellence at fighting the daemons of Chaos. We’re not just talking about the Exorcists being marginally better than other Chapters – they are remarkable in comparison to other Space Marines when it comes to killing Daemons (though not as good as Grey Knights). Alberec confers a special rule to the army, but that rule is based on him and is not necessarily an “Exorcists” rule in the way that Chapter Tactics would be considered to be rules for the Chapter. More importantly, that rule isn’t about daemons. The rules and characters presented here in are intended to fill the gap between what the background material supports and representation of that background material on the table top.


However. the official Exorcists character that is presented in Imperial Armour Volume Ten: The Badab War – Part Two. he is a standard Epistolary in Terminator armour. It replaces one of the other psyker powers normally available to librarians. despite scurrilous rumours to the contrary regarding the administrative staff of the B&C. The Destroy Daemon librarian psyker power is from Codex: Daemonhunters. Brother Tyler is an Administrator. Simply replacing one of the normal librarian psyker powers with Destroy Daemon doesn’t have much of an impact unless you’re facing a Chaos Daemons army. the imagery of Kane was too close to that of Silas Alberec. With regard to the training in/with the tools of the exorcist. So I’ve removed Kane from these rules and recommend that fans of the Exorcists buy the Badab War book. Leonhart represents a typical Epistolary within the Exorcists Chapter. The previous version of this article included rules for Chapter Master Leopoldus Kane (who I made up without any source material).Going back to the Third War for Armageddon fluff we have several important elements. In addition. He also fulfils a dual role as the Chapter Champion. I recommend discussing the matter with your opponent. an Exorcists player. the Exorcists characters presented in this article have weapons and abilities drawn from Codex: Daemonhunters (which is now obsolete due to the release of Codex: Grey Knights). Other than that. Exorcist – Colrouphobic 59 . He also has been known to talk to females and occasionally get outside and see the sun. despite the relationships that the Exorcists have with both of those organizations. but you might get permission to use the special rules for the Exorcists without taking any of the special characters (if you’re lucky). so most players will agree. and a DIY rules creator. The Blade of Enoch combines a relic blade with an anointed weapon from Codex: Daemonhunters. and third is the Chapter's alignment with the Ordo Malleus and the Grey Knights. Idomenes provides a low-cost upgrade character that will enable players to use the Exorcists’ Chapter Tactics. Idomenes represents one of the premier Veteran Sergeants within the Chapter. I looked at the Daemonbane ability of Nemesis force weapons as well as the Daemonic Feud result for daemonblades (both found in Codex: Grey Knights). The rules in this article follow the Codex: Space Marines convention of tying the Chapter Tactics to characters. Discuss the matter with your opponents to see what they will allow. but decided that both of those were too potent. you might offer to compensate through +5 or +10 points. I've basically combined that with the aggression described above in the selection of Chapter Tactics that utilize universal special rules representative of the effects described for the Exorcists in combat with daemons. Also. If you’re facing a Chaos Daemons army. I didn’t want to infringe too much on the Grey Knights and Ordo Malleus. focused more on combating the daemonic threat than his counterparts in other Chapters. First is the Chapter's training in the tools of the exorcist. somewhat similar to the Emperor’s Champion of the Black Templars. For players desiring to represent any other Exorcists librarian with the Destroy Daemon psyker power. second is the heightened levels of aggression Exorcists Space Marines exhibited.

the Iron Hands were subjected to the unimaginable influences of Chaos. Blending man and machine. Consequently. each Clan Company is an independent formation of roughly equivalent strength to a Battle Company. Indeed. possibly conflicting. Iron Fathers combine the role of Chaplain and Techmarine. History Following the Massacre at Istvaan V. It is controlled in part by frequent bionic enhancement. of course. they have shown no mercy to those who would bring destruction to mankind.The Eye of Terror Known for their hatred of weakness. As a Chapter. as the initiate has his left hand removed and replaced with a bionic one upon induction into the Chapter. and hold an influence greater than either. he continually undergoes procedures to replace the weak. 60 . Despite these flaws. steering it through events (though some. The ultimate goal of any Iron Hands Space Marine is to become a Dreadnought – combining the resolute mind of the Iron Hands Space Marine with the ultimate mechanical body. the Iron Hands continually strengthen and improve themselves mentally and physically. and battles too long to reproduce here. The Iron Hands endure the situation with barely controlled disdain. the Iron Hands have stood faithfully against the enemies of the Imperium for centuries. During this campaign. Whether from within or without. the Iron Hands vowed never again to fail in their duty due to any physical or mental shortcoming. Titles The Iron Hands are one of the more unusual Chapters in organization. This process begins early. Their armour often includes metal. the Chapter is frequently the subject of Inquisitorial investigation. And. but as a useful tool. sources. the close relationship between the Iron Hands and the Cult Mechanicus is frowned upon by more Codex Chapters and is alarming to the Ministorum – who see these beliefs as a direct threat to their own authority. hated flesh with the pure strength of metal. they combine the unyielding body with the unyielding mind. By Bannus and the Members of the B&C Appearance The Iron Hands have a black scheme with an insignia of a white clawed hand. The Iron Hands’ quelling of the Contqual Subsector has demonstrated the brutal effectiveness of this Chapter’s tactics and Contqual remains one of the most loyal and vigilant systems in the Imperium today. ships. The Chapter Council directs the Chapter. suggest that the Iron Hands have Chapter Masters). This has led to a number of conflicts between the Ecclesiarchy and the Iron Hands that have resulted in bloodshed on more than one occasion. Details of the Iron Hands The Librarium’s Comprehensive History of the Iron Hands maintains lists of Chapter members. bionics. As an Iron Hands Space Marine ages. or Mechanicus insignia. yet not a single Iron Hands Space Marine failed in his duty due to mental weakness – a testament to their skill and resolve. This hatred has further developed into a near fanatical worship of the mechanical that rivals that of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They see only frailties in their own genetically modified bodies and increasingly mechanize them to become the perfect warrior. Whether this is due to a flaw in their gene seed or by some other cause is unknown. This has developed into a hatred (and some might whisper fear) of weakness of any kind. the Inquisition has Codex: Iron Hands never acted against the Iron Hands. It is speculated that they do not see this flaw as a threat to the Imperium.

The wound in her side made it impossible to walk – much less stand. all units have a 6+ invulnerable save and all independent characters benefit from the Feel No Pain universal special rule.” He was interrupted by another Iron Hands Space Marine entering the room. You may not combine these special characters or Chapter Tactics with any of the special characters or Chapter Tactics in Codex: Space Marines. nearly losing his life on the industrial world of Kaladrone. 6 AP 4 Type Heavy 6. Eventually Bannus was interred within an ancient dreadnaught sarcophagus and now serves as one of the most respected figures in the Iron Hands Chapter. Rending The room had filled with smoke following the exchange of fire. As she felt the comforting feel of the grip in her hand. WARLEADER BANNUS MEMBER OF THE CHAPTER COUNCIL. so the Sister of Battle could count on no one else – she was all alone now.. he did not show it. It lay just out of reach. all units in your army lose the Combat Tactics special rule. mechanical face of the Iron-Father looking down at her and she could see the disgust in his expression...” Then he raised his bolt pistol. “Tell them it went as well as expected. The sulfur was stinging her eyes and making it difficult to breath.. Bannus 225 points Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Vehicle (Walker) WS 6 BS 5 S 6 Front 13 Side 12 Rear 10 I 4 A 2 Wargear: • Kheres assault cannon • Master-crafted chainfist with built-in storm bolter • Refractor field • Searchlight • Smoke launchers Special Rules: • Chapter Tactics • Old and Wise • Venerable Refractor Field: This power field generator provides Bannus with a 5+ invulnerable save. The rest of her squad and the Emissary were dead. “The Council demands a report on the negotiations with the Ministorum. he was saved by the legendary Iron Father Paullian Blantar... wrested from her grip by the first rounds impacting her body. If he was surpr ised by the carnage. She looked up to see the cold. Bannus is an HQ selection. black boot pinned her weapon to the floor. Kheres Assault Cannon: Warleader Bannus is equipped with one of the rare Kheres assault cannons..” he looked back down at the Sister struggling to free her weapon. The Kheres assault cannon uses the following profile: Range 24” Str.” he said. because of the extensive bionics employed by the Chapter. so she clawed her way across the floor to her Godwyn-Deaz patterned bolter. Old and Wise: An army that includes Warleader Bannus may re-roll the dice when attempting to seize the initiative (see “Surprise Attack!” in Codex: Space Marines for details). “I. Dedicated Transport: Warleader Bannus may select a drop pod as a dedicated transport. 61 . LEADER OF THE KAARGUL CLAN COMPANY Bannus served as captain of his clan company for many centuries. Venerable: Bannus is a Venerable Dreadnought and benefits from the Venerable special rule (see Codex: Space Marines for details).” “Tell them.Special Characters These Iron Hands Special Characters are intended only for use in Iron Hands armies. a voice of great wisdom on the Great Council and a war leader of supreme skill. Instead. a heavy. “Such weakness. Chapter Tactics If your army includes an Iron Hands character.

Kardan Stronos is an HQ selection. Iron Gauntlet: The Iron Gauntlet is a power fist with a built in auxiliary grenade launcher. Special Issue Ammunition: Kardan Stronos has access to Special Issue Ammunition (see Codex: Space Marines for details). Rites of Battle: Kardan Stronos benefits from the Rites of Battle special rules (see Codex: Space Marines for details).

Kardon Stronos 175 points Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry

WS 6

BS 5

S 4

T 4

W 3

I 5

A 3

Ld 10

Sv 3+

Wargear: • Power armour • Iron Halo • Iron Gauntlet • Power weapon • Bolter • Special Issue Ammunition • Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Independent Character • Rites of Battle

Command Squad: Kardan Stronos counts as a Captain and you may select a Command Squad in the normal manner.

Sarlock is an HQ selection.
Sarlock 135 points Combat Servitor 10 points each WS 5 WS 4 BS 5 BS 3 S 4 S 3 T 4 T 4 W 3 W 1 I 5 I 3 A 3 A 1 Ld 10 Ld 8 Sv 3+ Sv 4+

Axe Mechanicus: The Axe Mechanicus is a master-crafted power weapon. Blessing of the Omnissiah: Iron-Father Sarlock benefits from the Blessing of the Omnissiah special rule, except that he needs a 6+ instead of a 5+ to make a successful repair (see Codex: Space Marines for details). Mechanicus Protectiva: This gift from the Adeptus

Unit Composition: • 1 Sarlock (Unique) • 0-4 Combat Servitors Unit Type: • Infantry

Wargear: • Power armour • Mechanicus Protectiva • Servo-arm • Axe Mechanicus • Bolt Pistol • Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Independent Character • Blessing of the Omnissiah • Liturgies of Iron • Scion of Mars

Mechanicus provides Iron-Father Sarlock with a 4+ invulnerable save. Liturgies of Iron: Iron-Father Sarlock benefits from the Liturgies of Battle special rules (see Codex: Space Marines for details). Scion of Mars: If you include Iron-Father Sarlock in the army, then Techmarines selected for your army do not count against your Elites allowance and Servitors (including Combat Servitors) count as scoring units. Servitors: Any unit of Servitors joined by Sarlock does not have to test for Mind Lock (see Codex: Space Marines for details).


Combat Servitors: Iron-Father Sarlock may select up to four Combat Servitors at 10 points each as a retinue, and these Combat Servitors do not prevent him from joining other units. Each Servitor takes up one space in a transport and is armed with close combat implants (counts as a power weapon). If Iron-Father Sarlock is killed, then his Combat Servitors will deactivate and are also removed from play. Dedicated Transport: Iron-Father Sarlock may select a Rhino, Razorback or Drop Pod as a dedicated Transport.

Madeus is selection. an HQ

Mechanicum Psykanus: In addition to functioning Unit Composition: Wargear: Special Rules: as a psychic hood, the • 1 (Unique) • Terminator armor • And They Shall Know Mechanicum Psykanus has • Mechanicum Psykanus No Fear the unique ability of Unit Type: • Force weapon • Combat Tactics allowing a psyker to • Infantry • Storm shield • Chapter Tactics commune with the • Independent Character Machine Spirit of any • Epistolary vehicle in the army. This special ability is activated at the beginning of the player's turn and requires a successful Psychic Test. This ability also counts as one of his powers for the game turn. Any single Iron Hands vehicle within line-of-sight may be affected (including Speeders and Dreadnoughts). The effect of this ability varies depending on the vehicle:   If the vehicle does not have the Machine Spirit ability, then it gains the ability until the beginning of your next turn. If the vehicle has the Machine Spirit ability, then the vehicle may ignore Crew Shaken/Stunned damage results until the beginning of your next turn.

Madeus 195 points

WS 5

BS 4

S 4

T 4

W 2

I 4

A 2

Ld 10

Sv 2+

Epistolary: Madeus is an Epistolary (see Codex: Space Marines for details). Psychic Powers: Smite, Machine Curse, Might of the Ancients (see Codex: Space Marines for details).

Menestus is an HQ selection.
Menestus 180 points Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry WS 4 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 2+

Wargear: • Artificer armour • Servo-harness • Conversion field • Signum • Bolt Pistol  Digital weapons • Auspex • Frag and krak grenades

Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Apostle of the Omnissiah • Bolster Defences • Independent Character • Lord of the Armory • Orbital Strike

Auspex: No enemy infiltrators may set up within 24" of Menestus. Likewise, enemy scouts using their pre-game moves may not come within 24" of Menestus. Conversion Field: The conversion field is a rare technological artefact that provides Menestus with a 3+ invulnerable save.


Apostle of the Omnissiah: Menestus benefits from the Blessing of the Omnissiah special rule (see Codex: Space Marines for details) and may re-roll one failed repair roll per turn. Orbital Strike: Menestus may call down an orbital bombardment once per game (see Codex: Space Marines for details).

Gaumech 70 points WS 4 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 2+

One Thunderfire Cannon may replace its Techmarine Gunner with Brother Gaumech. Krak Munitions: Brother Gaumech has access to special anti-tank munitions for his Thunderfire Cannon (in addition to the normal rounds). When firing this type of ammunition, the Thunderfire Cannon has the following profile:

Unit Composition: • 1 Gaumech (Unique) • 1 Thunderfire Cannon Unit Type: • Artillery

Wargear: • Artificer armour • Servo-harness • Conversion field • Signum • Bolt Pistol • Auspex • Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics • Chapter Tactics • Blessing of the Omnissiah • Bolster Defences

Range 60”

Str. 8

AP 2

Type Heavy 1+D3

Telamon +50 points Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) Unit Type: • Infantry WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 3 Ld 9 Sv 2+

One Tactical Squad may replace its Sergeant with Telamon. Bonded: Brother Telamon has been bonded to his suit of Terminator Armour. This armour so inspires his squad that they always benefit from the Preferred Enemy USR. Because he is permanently bonded to his Terminator Armour, Telamon is capable of making a Sweeping Advance when required.

Wargear: • Terminator armor • Power weapon • Storm bolter

Special Rules: • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Tactics  Chapter Tactics • Bonded • Feel No Pain


The Iron Hands have far more Techmarines than normal for a Space Marine Chapter. Any unit equipped with one or more suits of Terminator armour (or joined by an independent character in Terminator armour) benefits from the Stubborn Universal Special Rule as described in the Universal Special Rules of the main rule book. but may select IronFathers (see below). Because the armour is distributed this way. Venerable Dreadnought or Ironclad Dreadnought may be equipped with a refractor field that provides a 5+ invulnerable save for +20 points. Since each Clan Company determines its own hierarchy. An army using these rules still uses the Iron Hands Chapter Tactics. they have their limitations. you may select a Command Squad for any HQ (including Venerable Dreadnoughts) – not just Captains. As a precaution against weakness and corruption. Thunder Hammer Any Sergeant may replace his bolter and/or his bolt pistol with a thunder hammer for +30 points. Conversion Beamer Any Iron Hands Techmarine may replace his servo-harness and bolter with a conversion beamer for +20 points. Master-Crafting Any Dreadnought. The Flesh is Weak: The Iron Hands venerate the mechanical over the flesh and treat Dreadnoughts and Terminator armour differently than other Chapters. This includes seismic hammers and chainfists. Any Sergeant equipped with a storm bolter and either a power weapon or a power fist may exchange his power armour and grenades for Terminator armour at no cost. Techmarine or Master of the Forge may select an auxiliary grenade launcher for +15 points.    65 . Refractor Field Any Dreadnought. detachments are often led by two officers. Units that include or are joined by any models in Terminator armour may not make a Sweeping Advance (but may Consolidate). Auxiliary Grenade Launcher Any Iron-Father. You may take up to three Techmarines for each Elite selection in your army.Iron Hands Optional Rules While special characters can provide a lot of variation for a Space Marine army. but may upgrade the storm bolter if desired. The Iron Hands prefer to distribute this equipment throughout the Chapter – believing it provides greater inspiration to the Space Marines around them. Instead of the normal Codex organization. Iron Hands armies may not select any Terminator Squads or Terminator Assault Squads. Power of the Machine Spirit Any Iron Hands Predator may benefit from the Power of the Machine Spirit special rule for +25 points (see page 81 of Codex: Space Marines for details). Infiltrate or Move through Cover even if the majority of models in the unit would normally be able to do so.   An Iron Hands army may not select Chaplains. Iron Hands Dreadnoughts and Venerable Dreadnoughts may never replace their DCCW with another weapon. Digital Weapons Any Techmarine or Sergeant may be equipped with digital weapons for +10 points. These optional rules are available to better represent the Clan Companies of the Iron Hands An Iron Hands army abides by the advantages and limitations of the The Flesh is Weak and Clans of Medusa special rules. Any unit with at least one model within 12" of a Venerable Dreadnought may re-roll any Morale or Pinning Checks.    Clans of Medusa: Over time. the Iron Hands are organized into clan companies. Orbital Bombardment Any Venerable Dreadnought may select Orbital Bombardment for +25 points (see page 52 of Codex: Space Marines for details). Venerable Dreadnought or Ironclad Dreadnought may master-craft its close combat weapon(s) for +5 points.  Venerable Dreadnoughts may only be chosen as HQ selections. Armies of 1000 points or more must include two HQ selections. the Iron Hands have moved away from the standard Codex doctrine and now have more in common with the native clans that they recruit from.

• 0-4 Combat Servitors • Mechanicus Protectiva No Fear or even to maintain them. Instead. except that he needs a 6+ instead of a 5+ to make a successful repair (see Codex: Space Marines for details). fuelling their battle-brothers' hatred and directing it against the enemy. Blessing of the Omnissiah: The Iron-Father benefits from the Blessing of the Omnissiah special rules. Because of this. and without them it Combat Servitor WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv would be impossible to 10 points each 4 3 3 4 1 3 1 8 4+ perform the routine bionic upgrades that are a Unit Composition: Wargear: Special Rules: • 1 Iron-Father • Power armor • And They Shall Know hallmark of this Chapter. who combine some of the attributes of a Chaplain with those of an elite Techmarine. Like the grenades Omnissiah Chaplains of other • Combat Tactics Chapters.New Units IRON-FATHER The Iron Hands differ from other Chapters in the complete lack of Chaplains. Like all Techmarines. Combat Servitors: An Iron-Father may select up to four Combat Servitors as a retinue. the Iron-Fathers are provided with the Mechanicus Protectiva – a powerful artefact from the Cult Mechanicus. • Servo-arm • Independent Iron-Fathers lead by Unit Type: • Power weapon Character example and will be • Infantry • Bolter or bolt pistol • Liturgies of Iron found at the forefront of • Frag and krak  Blessings of the any fighting. it is not unusual for an Iron-Father to be accompanied by a bodyguard of Combat Servitors mono-tasked with his protection. they are among • Chapter Tactics the most skilled of warriors. and these Combat Servitors do not 66 . The IronIron-Father WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Fathers are also masters 100 points 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+ in bionic enhancement. For this reason. Options:   May replace his power weapon with a thunder hammer or relic blade for +15 points May replace his bolter or bolt pistol with o a storm bolter for +3 points o a combi-flamer. Liturgies of Iron: The Iron-Father benefits from the Liturgies of Battle special rule (see Codex: Space Marines for details). or -plasma for +10 points o a plasma pistol for +15 points. Dedicated Transport: The Iron-Father may select a Rhino. Iron-Fathers are trained in the secrets of the mechanical on Mars and pay homage to the Machine God. Mechanicus Protectiva: This gift from the Adeptus Mechanicus provides the Iron-Father with a 4+ invulnerable save. May take digital weapons for +10 points May take 0-4 Combat Servitors at +10 points each May take up to 4 Combat Servitors for +10 points each    The Iron-Father is an HQ selection. Razorback or Drop Pod as a dedicated Transport. -melta. Servitors: Any unit of Servitors joined by an Iron-Father does not have to test for Mind lock (see Codex: Space Marines for details). the Ecclesiarchy refuses to gift the Iron-Fathers with the Rosarius. They have been replaced in part by the IronFathers. They exhort against the dangers of weakness and corruption.

but the most significant reason was keeping the rules 'opponent-friendly'. Throughout the entire project. Introducing unofficial rules to your friends or to other players in pickup games can be met with some scepticism. but they know who they are and a heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them. we did strive to make them as balanced as possible.prevent him from joining other units. The new codices for the Space Marines. These alternate rules are the final product of the passions and efforts of those fans. we used names from many of these sources for the special characters in this project. The first half of these rules is designed to function within the limitations of the Space Marine codex in much the same manner as for other Chapters – i. To give credit where credit is due. Whenever possible. They are too numerous to name. The second section or optional rules are provided to Iron Hand by madscuzzy represent the more divergent and unique character that the Iron Hands enjoyed in the original Index Astartes article. we tried to remain as faithful to the background material as possible. given that a lot of conflicting information has been published since the original article. As I noted earlier.e. he captured the imaginations of many Warhammer 40. special attention was given to ensure that the rules remained very conservative. Additional rules were also included to better imply the close relationship that the Iron Hands have with the Adeptus Mechanicus – something that was consistently absent in the official rules sets. Each Servitor takes up one space in a transport and is armed with close combat implants (counts as a power weapon). then his Combat Servitors will deactivate and are also removed from play. The Iron-Father is an icon of the Iron Hands and no set of rules would be complete without him. but only one made the final cut. This article was among the best ever written and inspired me (like so many others) to build and play Iron Hands armies ever since.000 players the world over. If the Iron-Father is killed. The reasons were many. So players wishing to represent an Iron Hands army including Terminator Squads (for example) may do so if desired. rules were 'borrowed' from other sources – even if they were less than ideal. Blood Angels and Space Wolves have all introduced new and unique units for their respective armies. Such is the price when developing unofficial rules. You will notice that these rules are in two distinct parts. Although there are limitations. A number of units were discussed and developed. This seemed a fitting salute and tribute to the writers who helped give the Iron Hands the depth and character that they enjoy today. This was not an easy task. opponents can quickly glance at the rules and have a reasonable grasp of them before deciding whether or not to play against them. special characters and Chapter Tactics. much of the character that the Iron Hands had in 3rd edition can be represented with the special characters alone. Designer’s Notes When Anthony Reynolds wrote the original Index Astartes article on the Iron Hands a decade ago. this project is the culmination of three years of effort and would not have been possible without the contributions of many Iron Hands fans. Reynolds established for the Chapter two editions ago. players still flock to the banner of the Iron Hands and many of these players wish to recapture the character that Mr. Throughout this project. This way. The rules provided in the first section also make it possible to field the Iron Hands as a largely Codex force – since more recent material seems to imply that this Chapter is now more Codex in organization than in previous editions. 67 . Bannus is a Moderator and Iron Hands player. who can most often be found in the Index Astartes sub-forum. Today. While we cannot assure that they are perfect. I strongly encourage using these rules – with the special characters alone and with the optional rules also. so it seemed appropriate that the Iron Hands' optional rules were given similar treatment.

The proper place of a Steel Dog was to die defending the Imperium from those who would do it harm. The Steel Dogs thus trusted that the Emperor's benevolence would guide Kell. the Steel Dogs eventually noticed that their recruitment intake was declining. to seek out enemies. Where once they might have taken a hundred aspirants. and their dedication was rewarded with victories and accolades.CHAPTER NAME………………. Indeed. heretical covens rooted out. lieFealty at the We are the Emperor’s hounds.. Other Chapters have the freedom to pursue glory. On dozens of worlds. the Steel Dogs recognized that the planet had endured the corrupting forces of Chaos for millennia without ill effect.. The tests of character and morality which ensured that only the 68 . IMPERIAL FISTS KNOWN DESCENDANTS…….. and interacted with the planet only in emergencies or when recruiting.. as in the centuries before they arrived. It soon became clear that while the recruits were as physically strong and capable as before.. They dedicated themselves to serving the Imperium and its people.. Over the centuries and millennia following the Chapter's founding.. but the Astartes Praeses have no such luxury – at least. Any world which could do so when the Eye of Terror loomed in its sky should not be meddled with. They saw their mission and even their home world as sanctified by Him on Earth – the Emperor had shown them the way and given them the tools to carry out His word.. This belief was reflected in the Chapter's recruitment. not in the minds of the Steel Dogs. not to win glory and honour and a place in history. the fledgling Chapter took their duties as a sacred charge from the Emperor. Greatly honoured by such an important responsibility. the Steel Dogs died so that the people of the Imperium might live in safety. and the Steel Dogs were ever-conscious of the responsibilities of their On Emperor’s feet – Commander Simeon Ward. GENE SEED (PREDECESSOR). Avren. NONE We the Emperor’s hounds. The Chapter's home world of Kell was their particular pride. Though many Chapters would have remade the world in their own image. reports returned to Terra of pirate bands hunted down. being entrusted with such a prize was an honour to the Chapter as much as to the planet. and they worked ceaselessly to be worthy of such an honour. FORTRESS MONASTERY.. They founded their FortressMonastery in tunnels on Kell's moon. STEEL DOGS FOUNDING……………………… 8TH KELL CAVES OF CANEM The Nemean Campaign CHAPTER WORLD…………. and where other Chapters took the greatest warriors from their home worlds. and Chaos raids driven off in ferocious space battles. and to embrace the challenge of the fight. they would now take fifty – and those numbers were sinking ever lower. each of them thanking the Emperor for the opportunity to fall in His service and that of humanity. On Fealty The Steel Dogs by Octavulg The Steel Dogs were created in the Eighth Founding to serve as part of the Astartes Praeses on the northern border of the Eye of Terror.. While these policies served the Chapter well for many centuries. to lie at the Emperor’s feet – are Commander Simeon Ward.. The Astartes Praeses are the watchmen on the walls of the Imperium. their spiritual strength was lacking. the Steel Dogs took those whose strength lay in their humility and dedication to duty.

of their superiority to the mortal defenders of humanity. Battle-hardened. And when their souls were full of pride. These weaknesses did not stem from the tendrils of Chaos – the people of Kell had not abandoned the Emperor. he told them that as a sign of the Emperor’s trust in them. the planet below would be theirs for the next month. and mortals had followed. the Steel Dogs resolved that if the weakness of the people was all there was.worthy and the pure became Space Marines of the Emperor were as effective as ever – it was the people who had changed. All those who were strong enough. the Captain of the Tenth assembled them in the hold of their Strike Cruiser. In the Chapter's next recruitment cycle things were different. But something had to be done. It was up to the new Steel Dogs to return the population to the path of righteousness. The tests of morality and purity were gone. where he exhorted them with tales of their victories and told them of the glories that awaited them as the Emperor’s finest. for it had been lax in its service to the Imperium. Debate raged over what to do. They were proud of the victories they had won. Some Steel Dogs – Greyall 69 . It was impossible to abandon their home world for another – it would be a stain on their honour. and strength of spirit the Chapter demanded. He told them of the importance of the Adeptus Astartes to the Imperium. To intervene in the lives of the population was unthinkable – morality imposed would be no morality at all. The Chapter was disturbed by this. To reward weakness by taking those not worthy of being Space Marines would be an even greater stain. A full five years later. a violation of the duty with which the Emperor had charged them. The Scouts would receive the final surgeries to activate their Black Carapaces over the next three days. and confident of their strength as only the young can be. each Scout dreamed of his life as a Space Marine. That evening. faster. With heavy hearts. That night. he dreamed. He spoke of the Great Crusade. They wished to be masters. and on the fourth day they would descend to the world below to show the people what it meant to be a Space Marine. feudal world whose name has since been lost to time. not so they could serve the Emperor and protect Mankind. before beginning the process of becoming a Space Marine. Guided by the gentle psychic touch of Chapter Librarians. using whatever methods they thought fit. The Chapter took more recruits in one cycle than they had in the previous three. humility. the Tenth Company’s Strike Cruiser slipped into orbit above a small. The people of Kell had seemingly abandoned the Emperor-sanctified ideals by which the Chapter lived. and more deadly than any normal man. Boys longed to be Space Marines so that they could earn glory and be mighty warriors. when Marines had lead. The population had simply turned away from the selfsacrifice. as each Marine lay on the cold tables of the ship’s Apothecarion. the Scouts aboard were now stronger. not servants. The successful aspirants were rewarded with feasts and celebration lasting almost a month. then that was what they would use. quick enough and deadly enough were welcomed into the Scout Company.

When holding an isolated village outpost during the campaign on Garibaldi’s World Sergeant Josen and his deputy. For their sins. Blackblood had gone out of his way to ensure that the village under his squad’s protection was exposed to as little danger as possible. only serve and die for the Chapter and Mankind. They would never ascend the ranks. the Second Company and its captain serve the Emperor with strength and purity equal to that of any other company of the Steel Dogs. Esca was reluctantly confirmed as a sergeant. and they now endure a frenetic pace attempting to deal with the increasing number of threats with correspondingly reduced resources. some of which are still preserved within the Codex Astartes. they were to be condemned to an eternity trapped within their own minds. Organisation A true son of the Emperor does not need to be told to do what is right – he knows. For seven years. it became evident upon inspection that his various control implants had all become almost completely non-functional. the Angels of Death who are humanity's most capable guardians. the Chapter favoured relatively subtle battle plans. This has spread the Chapter thin across their areas of responsibility. In light of these circumstances. But it is his origin that makes him singular – Esca is the only officer in the Chapter who failed the test of morals at the end of his tenure as a Scout. Originally. surprise and any manner of other dishonourable tactics to counter the often superior numbers of Chaotic forces.dreamed of training and meditation. –Captain Thaddeus Fetladral Though the Steel Dogs' new recruitment methods granted them an influx of new soldiers. his service has been exemplary. Brother Shepherd. but they are often forced to rely on the massed infantry of the damnati and use subtler stratagems to that hammer blow. and concluded the campaign successfully. Despite the nervous view taken of him by the Chapter command staff. then lead a counterstrike against the raider base in the nearby wastelands. The Chapter does its best to ensure that all 70 . Furthermore. Esca took command. Only a few dreamed of service and dying in the defence of Man those who cannot defend themselves. Seizing his dead Sergeant’s comm array. were both killed by Eldar raiders. Blackblood’s skill and frequently demonstrated dedication to the good of the Imperium have caused some in the Chapter to whisper concerns that the Chapter’s methods of selection may be prone to error. The Chapter's battle plans still use their original tactics where possible. Captain Esca Blackblood is unique among the Steel Dogs. released only to fight the enemies of the Imperium. And those who do not must be punished for their ignorance. Such was the punishment for those who sought power for themselves. it required adjustments in their methods. Esca had done what his duty to the Emperor demanded without compulsion. the destruction of the Webway gate left Garibaldi’s World safe from the Eldar. Victory was sweet. some of honour and the accumulation of glory. Though skill at arms is no sign of the moral capacity to be a true servant of the Emperor. and all too many of violence and dominion by force. In the mean time. Meanwhile. Since they are not promoted (or even seen as competent by some commanders). They found that their will was no longer their own – arcane devices buried within their skulls and the strictest of chemical conditioning now kept them firmly under the control of their officers. as those who fail the final test are known. the command staff of the Steel Dogs has become relatively inexperienced due to the smaller cadre from which they can be drawn. Blackblood coordinated the defines of the village and its people. Conventional wisdom in the Chapter would have it that a squad of damnati left leaderless should be forced to follow their last orders until finally relieved – Josen’s Squad should have been annihilated. Methods of utilising the damnati on the battlefield often bear a marked resemblance to the older combat styles of the Space Marine Legions. Many were not so blessed. Where modern Marines rely on extremes of skill and precision. casualties among his superiors and skill at command saw the young sergeant rise to captain soon enough. Instead. However. Though many of the Eldar escaped into the Webway. the Chapter thus has a correspondingly smaller pool from which to draw its specialists and officers. The Steel Dogs were less concerned with immediate glory than with the greater duty of defending the Imperium and containing the forces of Chaos within the Eye of Terror. the ancient Legions relied as much on weight of numbers and overwhelming firepower. When the new Space Marines woke from their surgeries. Esca served as a damnati in Josen’s Squad of the Second Company. The Steel Dogs have modified their tactics to compensate. As leader of the Second Company. but the Battle Companies are almost constantly reinforced by elements from the Reserve Companies in order to provide the necessary numbers to support such frontal engagements. and not for the service of the Emperor and his people. they were irrevocably divided into two groups. none have yet dared to air these concerns publicly. but the dilemma of the victorious Esca Blackblood was a difficult one for the Chapter. faceless giants in power armour bound to the will of their commanders. Such is the punishment today. are mistrusted and Supplementing direct confrontation with their subtler strategies has allowed the Steel Dogs to continue to engage larger Traitor formations. Those few who dreamed of defending the people rose as normal Space Marines. relying on deception. It is these tactics the Steel Dogs have been forced to embrace. viewed with contempt. The damnati.

The Steel Dogs enter the Bunker – slaine69 71 .

these ships are still valued prizes for the Adeptus Mechanicus. so has their willingness to do anything. Its baroque design and the lack of gravity made the preternaturally quick and subtle Dark Eldar even more dangerous than usual. The system's cometary cloud held a Dark Age of Technology colony ship. They serve as bodyguards. Scouts do not speak to full Marines other than their officers. many Dark Eldar remained on the hull of the massive vessel.receive superlative instruction to compensate for this. The damnati could beat the Dark Eldar – until their 72 . Though the Chapter managed to drive off the raider's ships. This has resulted in the First Company no longer fighting as a cohesive formation – its banner has hung furled in the FortressMonastery for centuries. The damnati have. but this overlooks the third principle which drives the Steel Dogs – their dedication to their duty as part of the Astartes Praeses. Initially dedicated to the Emperor as creator of the Imperium and of the Space Marines. Equally. deploying in a fashion and circumstances similar to that of the regular companies. Within a few centuries of their founding. than sacrifice the honour of the Chapter by losing. This is intended to keep the Scouts from becoming aware of the moral test which lies ahead of them. Some Imperial observers have expressed surprise that the Chapter chose to create the damnati rather than die with honour. for my heart is pure. and as time has gone by and their fervency grown. and many fervent in their devotion to the Emperor. such as the resurrection of the position of Lieutenant. sacrifice anything. Though the damnati served the Chapter well in the battle across the Etherway's surface. and so the operation's commander ordered his Marines into a prolonged hunt across the surface of the structure. as the changes they force triggers an instinctive defines of the Chapter's other doctrines. destroy anything. their tenacity was tempered by inflexibility. The damnati do not represent an abandonment of the Chapter's beliefs – only demonstrate the extent to which the Chapter will compromise those things they hold dear to protect that which is even more important." – Captain Esca Blackblood The Etherway Engagement [274. The Chapter sees that duty as a personal charge from the Emperor. and much of that education involves the specialized art of commanding the damnati. the Chapter's rank structure now includes several deputies and redundancies. and its various ceremonial posts are rarely filled. and are only addressed as such. the everpresent threat of Chaos has clarified in the Chapter's mind the perfection of what the Emperor wrought. First. Second. if anything. Second. the tendrils of the Great Enemy have warned the Chapter of the dangers of even seemingly-innocent changes to doctrine. standing firm where even other Space Marines might have hesitated. eventually a Chapter scout ship discovered what had drawn the Dark Eldar forces to the area. but the Steel Dogs have become unusually so. with a squad seconded to each Captain of the Chapter at all times. so they do not do what the officer does not intend. or. The presence of the damnati has also provoked several formal organisational changes from the Chapter's prior methods. the ranks of a local Forge World's servitors. and so far has proved successful. The Dark Eldar were still searching for a way in when the Steel Dogs came upon them. SELECTED BATTLES "My strength is as the strength of ten. the Chapter's Scout Company remains quite separate from the Battle Companies. It is better to sacrifice personal honour and win.M37] The Dark Eldar are one of the most vicious enemies humanity has ever faced. which attempts to alleviate some of the difficulties inherent in the Chapter's officers' relative lack of experience. the Steel Dogs prefer to have the Scout Company officers lead by example – a recruit should not need to be told what is right. especially as the lights of the Imperium grow ever dimmer and more twisted dark forces spill forth from the Eye of Terror. watch over the damnati and provide each Company with a contingent of reliable and capable soldiers to execute difficult missions. Even barely functional. Instead of supporting other companies. The Chapter was not yet experienced in the use of the damnati. Finally. the damnati are not granted the formal rank of Brother – instead. because they did not see me coming. driven the Chapter further in this direction. My strength is as the strength of a hundred. Where other Scout companies receive intensive instruction in the morals of their Chapter. and their inhabitants often make excellent recruits for the Imperial Guard. and the danger of change. One of the first things Steel Dog officers learn is how to phrase orders so the damnati do what the officer intends – and. the Chapter had become firmly convinced of two things – the perfection of the Emperor and that which He had sanctified with His approval. Marine Chapters. which all too often serves as first innocuous entrance of Chaos. the Chapter's First Company now serves as Field Police. so long as their duty is fulfilled and the Imperium kept safe. the Scouts serve to deal with situations that are not worth the commitment of full Marines. if nothing else. When their presence was reported in the Arc-Royal system but no raiding took place upon the system's planets. Many Dornian successors are conservative by nature. The Chapter's Cult has evolved greatly over time. they are simply Marines. Though others match them for capability. and the company rarely deploys alongside other Chapter forces. the Steel Dogs' Fourth Company was sent to investigate. There have been several occasions in the Chapter’s history where poorly phrased orders have granted the damnati license to turn their weapons on their officers – and the damnati have done so. perhaps more importantly. Though it took several weeks. few match them for sadism. the Etherway. almost impenetrably armoured and still inhabited.

The Chapter's high command took stock of this.officers fell. Still. Though the Dark Eldar were annihilated. the confusion this engendered in the ranks proved fatal to the coordination of the various elements of the Steel Dogs’ assault. these weapons were more than sufficient to eliminate the remaining Dark Eldar. each battle the Chapter has faced since has reflected this – where the commander finds this balance. One of these conquest attempts involved the warband of Khulloth Von Strang. and a running battle raged through them.M38] Triumphs are rare in the histories of the Astartes Praeses. and the crushing of rebellions which flare up again as soon as the Space Marines have departed. In many ways. Where he fails. a maze of chasms and caverns. outmaneuvered. when they would be surrounded. desperate last stands. a Slaaneshi prince who had marauded. and destroyed. The Battle of Thrycross [698. they were driven back toward Thycross' Esca Blackblood – slaine69 73 . so do they. The Fifth Company had begun the battle understrength and without their usual supporting elements. trying to balance the need to face dangerous and subtle enemies with the inflexibility of the damnati. Eventually. though most simply collapsed into catatonia or robotically followed their last orders. the raids and isolated attempts at conquest of various Chaos warbands are a constant thorn in the side of the Imperial forces that defend the Eye of Terror. The Strike Cruisers then raked remainder of the colony ship's surface with their point defence systems. Though it is the Black Crusades which draw the attention of Imperial historians and responses from across the Imperium. The two forces met in battle on Thrycross itself. Though not dangerous to full warships. Far more common are pyrrhic victories. A handful even attempted to turn their weapons on their officers. many of the damnati and their officers lay dead. and the Steel Dogs' tactical principles were revised. and the deceptive wiles of the Slaaneshi adherents proved capable of overcoming even the powerful conditioning of the damnati. the Steel Dogs triumph. Though they dealt fearsome casualties to the Chaotic warband. they were ordered to open areas on the Etherway's hull. debauched and depopulated his way through half the outer worlds of the Thrycross system before the Steel Dogs' Fifth Company arrived.

the superior forces the Steel Dogs could bring to bear meant that wherever they struck they were victorious. In the confusion that would result. always striking where the enemy was weakest. Equally odd were the tactics and methods of their opponent – Grand Captain Inquis Longtooth. Indeed. While some strife between the various constituent nations of the planet was not uncommon. most without even a token fight. annihilating Von Strang's forces – including Von Strang himself. and the Port David PDF was virtually useless. and Longtooth a canny opponent. The remaining Steel Dogs quickly realized that the situation was untenable. Imperial analysts have since questioned whether Chaos corruption was not responsible for much of this intransigence. Regardless of its cause. even before his lifeless body had slumped into the dust. and massed ground attacks should have been suicidal. they were expecting something unusual. When the Steel Dogs' Third Company responded to a distress call from Port David. and the death of St. the walls of the canyon erupted in fire and smoke. the result was that the Steel Dogs were poorly supported against a much larger force. Unfortunately. Longtooth’s forces bled. The remainder of the PDF had planted charges throughout the canyon while the Steel Dogs fought the warband. whose numbers seemed to be eternally swelled by traitorous locals eager to win plunder. the senior surviving and avalanches buried all but a few members of the warband. Aeacid was killed by a sniper almost immediately upon entering the city. using his air superiority to move his troops from deployment to deployment. Enemy maneuvering encountered minefields and booby-traps. Local intelligence sources later reported seeing two of those same damnati serving as lieutenants in Longtooth's forces. and they were not disappointed. 74 . then withdrew themselves. remaining behind to challenge the members of the warband to single combat in a large canyon. If the enemy was foolish enough to respond. Finally.M40] The world of Port David lies near the edge of the Eye of Terror. Aeacid decided that the only solution to their dilemma was to strike those enemy cities that lacked effective garrisons. in hopes of sparking rebellion and discord within the enemy's ranks. who led a force of surprisingly well-trained and equipped Beastmen reinforced by elite Chaos Space Marines. Captain Phelan Aeacid of the Third was perhaps the brightest tactical mind the Chapter had seen. this was unprecedented. things proceeded badly. as Chaos so often provides. Though the Third Company did its best to salvage the situation. Small squads mimicked conventional Space Marine tactics while larger forces massed elsewhere. ordered the remainder of the company to retreat to the capital. and assaults upon it were frequent. all but one of the cities surrendered to Longtooth. the massed force struck the remaining enemy troops and broke them. Most of the PDF was slaughtered. Veir triggered them. the Steel Dogs had discharged their duty. a strike against their former allies would revitalize the PDF. The Third oversaw the evacuation of the last city's population off planet. However. fractured with suspicion and mistrust in the wake of the initial uprisings. Likewise. and withdrew. leaving Port David in the hands of Longtooth and Chaos. but so did Aeacid’s. Though not as flexible as other marines. The battles at Port David were studied by the Chapter for a thousand years afterward. the poison of their weapons slowly broke his strength. Most assaults on Port David came from offworld. but the most recent assault had been coupled with several of the planet's nation-states siding with Chaos. The Lieutenant was slightly surprised when six of the Chaotic champions accepted his challenge. and those who were not either surrendered or switched sides. and the blade of the fourth separated his head from his shoulders. Each battle cost soldiers that could not be replaced. Longtooth’s forces outnumbered the Marines by hundreds to one. Though it cost them greatly. and (if nothing else could be done) depriving the enemy of their base of support by destroying city infrastructure and forcing Longtooth to either lose support or dedicate resources to maintaining them. Though they managed to drive Longtooth's forces back into their friendly cities. Lieutenant Takeshi St. But Aeacid moved his forces as though they were ghosts. Though he defeated the first three. Veir. the Steel Dogs might be able to get the upper hand. but several squads of damnati were left behind in the city. The Battle of Port David [143. The surviving Chaotic warriors were easy pickings for the PDF and the remainder of the Fifth Company.

I then mixed a 50//25/25 mix of GW Devlan Mud.How to Paint Steel Dogs by DV8 Step 1 The model is primed with Krylon Grey Primer. Once the highlights were dry. and diluted this as a wash to shade in the crevices/cracks and where armour plates met. This is then followed with a dusting of GW Skull White Primer. Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Progress amounts of GW Skull White are added to my GW Catachan Green/GW Fortress Grey mix to highlight the model (I went up 3 steps on this model). 75 . GW Catachan Green and GW Fortress Grey. The model is basecoated with a 50/50 mix of GW Catachan Green and GW Fortress Grey.

Step 4 Step 4 Basecoat the joints. purity seal. This is then highlighted with Vallejo Air Chrome.Step 3 Step 3 The grey shoulder pads and elbow guards are basecoated with GW Codex Grey. The pouches and the purity seal are basecoated with P3 Beast Hide. The base is painted with GW Scorched Brown. This is then highlighted with GW Fortress Grey and given a wash of GW Devlan Mud. 76 . chest eagles. and any other silver areas with GW Boltgun Metal. and any metallic areas are then given a wash of Badab Black. The pouches.

The Boltgun is glued onto the model. followed by a drybrush of 50/50 GW Snakebite Leather and GW Bleached Bone. and any black areas are given a thin edge highlight with GW Codex Grey. The purity seal wax is basecoated with GW Dark Flesh and then given a highlight of GW Blood Red. 77 . Step 6 Step 6 The helmet lenses are painted with GW Chaos Black. The base is given a drybrush of GW Snakebite Leather. The edge is painted with GW Chaos Black.Step 5 Step 5 The purity seal and pouches are touched up with P3 Beast Hide. This is then basecoated with Dark Flesh and highlighted with Blood Red and Blazing Orange.

78 . His homepage can be found at www. and he can be found in the Space Wolves forum (among many other places). Step 8 Voila! A completed Steel Dogs Space 7 Step 7 The purity seal is highlighted up with GW Bleached Bone. and then GW Skull White. This is followed with a GW Devlan Step 8 Step 8 Mud wash. Thin lines to represent script are then painted on with a 50/50 mix of GW Scorched Brown and GW Dark Flesh. DV8’s impressive miniatures and drawings can be found all across the Bolter and Chainsword.

the historic Third Founding was initiated. their initial crusade came to an end with the First Defence of Luxia. On For we are Astartes.. including the five year-long campaign against the Breakers of Chains. A small cadre of veterans and specialists from the Imperial Fists were given the responsibility of training and leadership.. a planet cut off from the rest of the Imperium during the Horus Heresy and now under assault by a large warband of Word Bearers. At least one of these Chapters was to be drafted into the Astartes Praeses. the Heralds were nearly wiped out fighting the traitor hordes taking advantage of the internal power struggle. And so for the first time in history. this is our duty and Emperor’s we embracefeet it. The Luxians had fought bravely. the High Lords of Terra decreed the founding of completely new Chapters. Thirteen of Abaddon’s Black Crusades have poured out from the Eye of Terror and every time the By Codex Grey 79 . we face the horrors We are the Emperor’s hounds. despite their inferior equipment. created with the genetic material of the old Legions. tasked with reinforcing Imperial control in the troubled space of Segmentum Obscurus and protecting the Imperium from further chaos invasions from the Eye of Terror. and Luxia has been a bulwark in the defence of the Imperium. They were named the Heralds of Light. Although they took grievous losses. slaying countless foes on their way. the Heralds were victorious and were recognized as heroes and saviours by the Luxian people. After two centuries.. the Chapter was formed from the geneseed of Rogal Dorn's Imperial Fists. and quickly began moulding the first young members of the Chapter into the ultimate defenders of humanity. but the Imperium was still struggling. During the Age of Apostasy. participating in several operations against emerging Chaos cults. Since that time the Heralds have made their name in the fight against Chaos. ––Reclusiarch Sacrifice Fealty The Heralds of Light On the first day of the thirty-second millennium. Chosen because of his Legion's unflinching bravery during the defence of Terra and to honour the supreme sacrifice he made for the Imperium. to lie at the others cannot withstand. HERALDS OF LIGHT FOUNDING……………………… 8TH LUXIA THE WATCH TOWER The Nemean Campaign CHAPTER WORLD………….. FORTRESS MONASTERY. Commander Simeon Ward...CHAPTER NAME………………. This battle saw the entire Chapter deployed on and above Luxia. The Heresy was over. as Abaddon the Despoiler had recently launched his first Black Crusade from the Eye of Terror. hunting down bands of Raiders who managed to slip through the Cadian Gate. the Heralds set sail towards the Segmentum Obscurus. GENE SEED (PREDECESSOR).. and they had been fearless in the face of the traitors... NONE 'We fight the battles others cannot win. For nearly nine millennia the Heralds of Light have fought the enemies of the Emperor. Impressed. the Heralds decided that Luxia would become the Chapter's home world... The Chapter was spread thin during the Gothic War trying to contain the invading forces. for they would bring the Emperor's illumination to the darkest corners of the galaxy. we suffer the pain others cannot endure. Gifted with the mighty Battle Barge Imperatorae Tonitrus and several Strike Cruisers from the forges of Mars. IMPERIAL FISTS KNOWN DESCENDANTS…….

But this is typically ignored due to their cordial relations with other Imperial organizations.Heralds have defiantly stood their ground. Falling to the Dark Gods is the greatest betrayal to the Emperor and cannot be tolerated. and the Heralds are known for their tolerance of both ordinary humans and even abhumans. the Heralds have developed a conviction that the Emperor will one day rise from the Golden Throne. Unlike the majority of Chapters. But the Heralds of Light still stand guard. The Heralds have always been a flexible fighting force. manipulating the minds of men. Yet. The Heralds themselves believe that it is their responsibility as Adeptus Astartes to fight the battles others cannot. but they also strongly believe that if mankind is to be victorious. but strive to excel in all areas so that they may better support their 80 . having participated in numerous defensive operations as well as other tasks that are not common for an Adeptus Astartes Chapter. and unite humanity against Chaos. self-sacrifice. The Ruinous Powers is considered to be the ultimate threat to the human empire. been witnessed by the Heralds. the Heralds do not always fight on their own terms. the Heralds are not exceedingly proud or self-absorbed. occasionally forgoing comprehensive planning in favour of providing aid as fast as possible. Cooperation with allied organizations has always been important to the Heralds. The cult of the Heralds places great emphasis on humility. Their humbleness and willingness to collaborate has earned them many allies within the Adeptus Astartes and other Imperial organizations. Luxia is an intolerable provocation. and to effectively work together with another fighting force. They see themselves as servants of the Emperor and therefore protectors of humanity. the forces of the Imperium must work together. They have therefore not specialized themselves in a single aspect of warfare. This approach to combat has proven to be very strenuous on the Heralds and the number of casualties has at times been dangerously high. and it is abhorred for its corrupting touch. They have been especially vigorous during the various Black Crusades over the millennia. All who live under the light of the Emperor are worthy of their protection. Organisation As members of the Astartes Praeses. They have felt the full brunt of many attacks. not the other way around. Due to their beliefs. The Heralds value the splitting of power in the empire as absolutely necessary. The Heralds of Light bear an intense hatred for Chaos in all its forms. During their existence. which over the years have been absorbed by the Heralds own belief system. and often is the corruption of one man enough to throw an entire planet in devastation. a belief which has served the Chapter well over the years. a symbol of humanity in a dark tempest. and the Heralds show no mercy when it comes to the annihilation of Chaos. Too often has the influence of chaos. As a consequence. and this in turn has earned them the hatred of many Chaos worshippers. able to quickly react to an ever-changing combat situation and have become famous for their ability to adapt and improvise. The Chapter also venerate the Emperor not as a God. Their duty is to keep the Imperium safe. To them. Alcaeus was a devoted follower of the Codex Astartes and Herald of Light – Aerion the Faithful instilled his men with the same degree of devotion. This is due to the beliefs of the Luxian people. They have gained a reputation for throwing themselves into combat to support their allies. suffered horrible losses and their morale has been pushed to the limit. They are as unyielding as a lighthouse. but humble and reserved. one must be able to take advantage of each other’s strengths. the Chapter has a strained relationship with the Ecclesiarchy. the duties of the Heralds require them to frequently fight alongside other Imperial organizations. it is in the heat of battle the Heralds have gained their renown. until the Emperor returns and leads them in a second Great Crusade. Whilst they have been known for their lack of planning. he recognized that to be truly flexible one has to be flexible towards the Codex as well. but as the greatest man the Galaxy has ever seen. They exist to serve mankind. a torch burning with the flame of the False Emperor. and loyalty. and because of their unquestionable loyalty to the Emperor. for they know that they are all that stands between the darkness of the Eye and the billions of defenceless Imperial citizens. no matter how punishing.

Instead. the Heralds acknowledge their Serfs with respect. does the Imperium still stand. This includes the ‘Guardians of the Flame’ of the Second and the ‘Shield Bearers’ of the Fifth. the smaller Strike Cruisers are more frequently used as their extra speed is preferred. This old and venerable Battle Barge bears the scars of countless battles. Only by the supreme sacrifice of some of the greatest Imperial heroes. and the Chaplains constantly preach of self-sacrifice. The Heralds are organized along the lines the Codex sets out. Like the veterans. These vessels are largely crewed by the naval serfs. fighting alongside their older brethren. Their reliability and willingness to cooperate is viewed favourably by both Imperial commanders and citizens alike. Unlike many other Chapters. and as the Heralds have vowed to never leave Luxia unguarded. It is also the only Battle Barge they possess. the Imperial Fists reluctance to accept the possibility of defeat has also been inherited by the Heralds. resulting in them fighting on where other Chapters would fall back or retreat. and to join the Chapter as a Serf is the greatest honour. the Chapter is divided into ten companies each with its own heraldry and name. and it is one of their most valued assets. It is their resolute nature that keeps them fighting on where others would give up. the Blades are typically spread throughout the Chapter. and there are as many as nine Strike Cruisers in the Chapter’s fleet. The Imperatorae Tonitrus is the flagship of the Chapter’s fleet. Rarely operating as a whole company. The second through fifth are the Battle Companies. and has been ever since the Chapter was created. In addition to their parent Chapter's adherence to the Codex Astartes. where their wisdom can be imparted to the more inexperienced battle-brothers.allies. This can sometimes blind the Heralds to risk. while the sixth through ninth are the Reserve Companies. aside Heralds of Light Emperor’s Champion – Greyall 81 . like Rogal Dorn or the Emperor himself. where Serfs are nothing more than servants or slaves. and it is only used when needed the most. The Heralds themselves view it as absolutely necessary for a servant of the Emperor to be willing to die in battle. The First is like in most Chapters the Veteran Company. as they are called. The Reserve Companies are currently understrength due to the ravages of war. containing the newly inducted recruits of the Chapter. they always leave at least one of these companies on Luxia. they are spread throughout the Chapter. men who are fanatically loyal to the Chapter and under the command of only a handful of Adeptus Astartes these men are more than capable of both maintaining and defending the fleet. often representing the duties of the Company Captains. The 'Blades of Dorn'. are the most experienced and skilled warriors the Chapter has to offer. Aside from the headquarters staff and support personnel. The tenth is the Scout Company.

The Heralds saw it was up to them to restore the Emperor's light. Some had lost faith in the Emperor and numerous heretical cults had sprung into existence. who arrived to find Juggernauth shrouded in an unnatural darkness which obscured their sensor sweeps. Landing at the capital.M36] The Age of Apostasy was a time of uproar for the Imperium. they found the planet in disarray – forty days of perpetual night had begun to drive many of the inhabitants insane. 82 . Maganlall. causing the planet to fall into anarchy. the Heralds boarded their Thunderhawk gunships and made immediate planetfall using ancient survey maps from Juggernauth's entry into the Imperium. The Heralds have been known to draw their Serfs from both the people of Luxia and volunteers from nearby systems. SELECTED BATTLES The Flame of Hope [435. The Governor of Juggernauth thus counted himself fortunate when his distress call was answered by the Fourth Company of the Heralds of Light. Chaplain Parthenius himself ceremonially relit the holy flames in the Temple of the Emperor as Lightbringer in the capital using a torch lit from a brazier in the chapel aboard the Strike Cruiser which had itself been lit from the Flame of the Emperor atop the Watchtower on Luxia.Herald of Light – Chronophague from becoming one of the Adeptus Astartes. Despite the risks of descending blind. and all too many cries for aid were lost in a chorus of such pleas.

and replaced local PDF general staff with Luxian officers on seven distinct occasions. Though many fell victim to renegade militias. Chapter Master Quizion was invited to discuss the findings further with select members of the Inquisition. and whether they had unjustifiably interfered with the Imperial Guard chain of command.M39] It is unknown how long it took the Alpha Legion to raise the Chirayath system in revolt. using Chapter serfs and Luxian PDF in the field on several occasions. The Massacre at Bhein Morr [148. they did so with a violence that shocked all observers. When Maganlall shone with the Emperor's light once again. Those who had fallen to the taint of heresy were purged with sacred fire. Captain Icelus despatched these faithful citizens as messengers. and its full findings are on file at the Library of Sycorax (section XIV sub CLIX. the Heralds of Light Strike Cruiser Beacon of Strength received a distress signal from a deep space trading post in the Bhein Morr subsector. The loss of the trading post devastated the regional economy for decades to come. The only Imperial forces to survive were the serf crew of one Hunter-class escort which. each bearing a torch lit from the sacred flames. Drawn by the light. the Chapter brought its own support forces. They also relieved several officers of the Kurapcan Hussars. and marched through the streets of Maganlall spreading the sacred flame and singing praises to the Emperor. fashioning torches of their own. emboldened by their successes against the Adeptus Astartes. An investigation was launched to determine whether the Heralds of Light had exceeded their mandate by making use of nonAdeptus Astartes forces under their direct command. The Heralds of Light responded in force to the uprising. aggrieved parties within the allied forces and the local PDF filed several complaints with the Administratum and the Inquisition. Historians have speculated that they were concerned about possible Alpha Legion infiltration of the loyalist forces. reporting an attack by pirates. With each victory won by the crusade. but when the Chirayans rose. many more reached proImperial enclaves and over the next three months the Heralds of Light spearheaded a crusade which swept the planet clean of the darkness of Chaos. The investigation took five years. Throughout the campaign.The Heralds lit their own torches from the rekindled flames. and when the Heralds of Light departed Juggernath had been restored to safety and the light of the Emperor. the Fra’al vessel’s ether cannon had crippled the Strike Cruiser. and on this occasion the actions of the Heralds had averted potential calamity. Suffice to say that it was concluded that the Heralds of Light had not overstepped their authority – many of the officers relieved of command were indeed tainted by Chaos. Upon arriving at the post the Beacon of Strength was immediately engaged by a cruiser-sized vessel of unknown class and origin. was ordered to return news of the incident to Luxia. the Imperial faithful emerged from their refuges and marched behind the marines. and local authorities have expressed concern that the Fra’al may be planning some expansion in the region. while behind the Space Marines an army grew. the Heralds of Light refused to disengage and instead fought to the last man. committing several companies.M41] During the darkest years of the Gothic War. The Chirayathan Controversy [546. Despite the severe damage to their vessel and the overwhelming forces encountered aboard the trading post. Whatever the reason. and battle raged across the planets for months. 83 . the skies above brightened. the Heralds of Light showed a reluctance to cooperate that was unusual for them. and it was only through his patience and humility that catastrophe was averted for the Chapter. having expended its full load of torpedoes. Nonetheless. volumes I to CCCLIX). While the campaign was successful. By the time the Heralds realized that the attackers were in fact Fra’al raiders.

the armour is feathered back up with GW Skull White. Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 The kneepad and shoulder pads are basecoated with GW Chaos Black.A 50/50 mix of Astronomicon Grey and Devlan Mud is applied as a wash (you'll probably want to dilute heavily for this step). How to Paint Heralds of Light By DV8 Step 1 The model is primed with Krylon Grey Primer. Finally. and where armour plates meet to black line the model. 84 . This is then blended up with a mix of GW Charadon Granite and a touch of Codex Grey. followed by Badab Black in the crevices. This is then followed with a dusting of GW Skull White Primer. joints.

the base was basecoated with GW Scorched Brown. this time with GW Burnished Gold. All silver areas are given a highlight with Vallejo Air Chrome. the Boltgun (which should be painted beforehand using the same colour mixes for the silver Step 4 and black) is glued on. The base is given a drybrush of Snakebite Leather. and silver areas are given a wash of GW Badab Black. Step 4 Touch up any messy areas from the wash (mainly the white armour). With the chest area complete. The edge is painted with Chaos Black. The purity seals. Any black areas are given a highlight of GW Codex Grey. this is highlighted with a 50/50 mix of GW Burnished Gold and Vallejo Air Chrome. The purity seal wax is given a highlight of GW Blood Red. Any overpaint from the metallics (such as on the Shoulder Pads) should be corrected. straps and purity seals are given a coat of P3 Beast Hide. and pouches are touched up with P3 Beast Hide. straps. followed by a drybrush of 50/50 Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone.Step 3 Step 3 The joints and any silver areas are basecoated with GW Boltgun Metal. Any gold areas are given a final highlight with Vallejo Air Chrome. While waiting for this to dry. The Purity Seal Wax is basecoated with GW Dark Flesh. The gold areas are given a wash of GW Devlan Mud. The purity seal. pouches. 85 . Any gold areas are basecoated with GW Iyanden Darksun. gun strap. The gold surfaces are then given another basecoat. Pouches.

and is highlighted up by adding Skull White. 86 . Then take diluted Chaos Black to paint the circle in the centre. and then Skull White.Step 5 Step 5 The purity seal was highlighted up with Bleached Bone. Step 6 Step 6 The helmet lenses are painted Chaos Black. first begin by painting two "crosses" with diluted Skull White. A large cross is painted first. This was followed with a Devlan Mud wash. at which point we can fill in the triangles to form the star. A basecoat of P3 Trollblood Base is applied. and then a smaller one at a 45 degree angle. Thin lines to represent script were then painted on with a 50/50 mix of Scorched Brown and Dark Flesh. This will form a guideline. Step 7 Step 7 To paint the "star" on the kneepad.

lines are painted in with Chaos In this instance. His homepage can be found at www. The grey is then highlighted up to Fortress Grey. and then vertically to represent the individual bricks and window. The flames are outlined in with P3 Trollblood Base. Step 9 Step 9 Voila! A completed Herald of Light Space Marine. and the flames are highlighted up to Skull White. and he can be found in the Space Wolves forum (among many other places). first horizontally to represent the layers.spacewithinspace. 87 .Step 8 Step 8 To paint the Chapter iconography. Once these shapes are blocked in. the overall shape of the tower is painted first with Codex Grey. diluted Chaos Black is then taken to touch up any overpaints or messy areas. blocking in first the geometric shapes and working the detail in. To define the stones. the same kind of principle as the kneepad is applied. DV8’s impressive miniatures and drawings can be found all across the Bolter and Chainsword.

knowledge. Respected though he was.. after conducting the necessary purity checks on the populace. contention and even occasional bloodletting. more vigorous warrior to lead the Lions into battle. On hearing of this. and in his absence Gorinel of the 3rd Company and Rygen of the 4th had worked to sour the relationship between Cordell and the elderly Leyr.. They had been led for nearly five centuries by Chapter Master Leyr. Successors to the gene-seed of the noble Rogal Dorn. the Marines took the name Lions of Alba. Among such fallen exemplars stand the Lions of Alba. at the edge of the region known as the Eye of Terror. a venerable warrior of campaigns and victories beyond counting. . Origins Too much stock laid we in our past glories. Convinced by the words of his two subordinates. Many are corrupted by their own greed for power. while we. was held by many (including himself) as the natural and obvious choice to succeed Leyr. the Lions of Alba had settled into their role protecting the outlying sectors around the northern rim of the Eye of Terror. To shake all cares and business from our age. Act I. unburden'd crawl toward our death. and in the end. The Old Master and his Three Captains . But most dangerous are those turned to darkness by misplaced pride and honour. had courageously waged a war of resistance against the forces of Chaos. the Marines intervened. However. Amidst these conquered worlds. but were finally on the verge of being wiped out. they made their home in the galactic northeast. the Chapter declared the world as its own through right of conquest. Alba and its surrounding systems prospered as never before under the Chapter’s watchful eye. As a mark of respect to the great bravery shown by the common people of their new home. Impressed with the tenacity of the locals. Conferring them on younger strengths.The Champion (The Lions' Fall. but those secure in their own righteousness will fight with all the fury and resolve with which they once supported the Emperor. the Chapter spearheaded a crusade to reclaim systems lost to Chaos several centuries before. Leyr had reached an age of more than nine hundred years and had decided that it was time for another.. Traitors motivated by selfishness will falter to save their contemptible lives. they discovered one that had refused to bow down to its oppressors.The Nemean Campaign Through the long history of the Imperium of Man there have been those who have chosen to stand against their mastersmaster. and many of these ‘traditions’ had become part of the Chapter’s own ways.. Days later. Brother-Captain Cordell of the 2nd Company. The people of Alba. they are but ashes in the march of time. wealth or glory. destroying a vast force of traitors in open battle. But all golden ages must end. . the ancient Master declared that a Chapter Conclave would be held to ratify his choice of successor. In their youth. On Alba. despite possessing no technology more sophisticated than steel blades and stone walls. amongst the feudal Lords that ruled over the populace. succession had ever been a convoluted affair.And 'tis our fast intent. Alba became the location of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery as well as the primary source of their recruits. he had spent long years away on campaign. Scene I) By the beginning of the 40th Millennium. Act I. that contradictory records date to both the 23rd and 24th Founding. Scene IV) The Lions of Alba are a relatively young Chapter.Chapter Master Leyr (The Lions' Fall. Cordell Pride’s Fall: The Lions of Alba by Members of the Liber Astartes 88 . a proud but capable soldier. Over the following centuries. riddled with politicking.

the rest of the Lions’ Fleet moved to encircle the lone vessel. even one that was less than perfect. He accepted Rygen’s proposal. reacted rashly. The war between brothers raged for several months but eventually played itself out to its only possible conclusion. Scene II) However. Incensed.Brother-Captain Cordell (The Lions' Fall. quietly stating that the two Captains would rule jointly when he stepped down. followed by his men and Gorinel and Rygen’s satisfied stares. Only seventeen days after the conclusion of the conclave. it would be only a matter of weeks before they would look upon Alba’s green fields once again. The entire Chapter was divided and Leyr was once again placed at an impasse. Rygen immediately insisted that the Chapter be mobilized for battle. stepped forward and declared that he would willingly share the mastery of the Chapter with his brother Gorinel and thus heal the schism. The Imperium We have seen the worst of our time: machinations. an old friend of Leyr. forcing the venerable leader to 89 . With a single bolt shell. announce his formal retirement.Lord-Governor Glawster (The Lions’ Fall. and Gorinel and Rygen flatly refused. Scene II) The 2nd Company left Alba with heavy hearts. the canny old warrior quietly used his influence among the Chapter’s support staff to have a message sent to the 2nd Company. who had a reputation for cunning. his pride enflamed by the insult his officer had delivered. Cordell silently left the great hall. . the Captain and his men would be punished. as the two Masters led their forces against Cordell’s. Horrified by the murder of Leyr. LordCommander Glawster of the Imperial Navy. Who among the gathered Adeptus Astartes fired first is unknown. Written by the dramatheurge Myrlow and based on eyewitness accounts of scribes and soldiers attached to Lord Glawster's task force. each one sure that they would not see their world again for many years. banished from Alba to wander the stars for a hundred years. They follow us disquietly to our graves. A series of running battles followed. While Cordell scoffed at the suggestion. Leyr responded angrily. Prideful words and heated recriminations were exchanged. For a matter of minutes the skies of Alba were lit as if by a second sun as the Chapter turned upon itself. Gorinel realized that his impulsive action had killed all hope of reconciliation between himself and Cordell. burning across several systems. I cannot see it. Rygen. Cordell. With his head bowed. Imperial authorities were alarmed by the reports of what had happened at Alba and by the violence spreading across the sub-sector. When he arrived and discovered his brother Captains’ scheming. hollowness. Even as the Strike Cruiser of the 2nd Company raced towards home. it has escaped censure by local Administratum officials and the Ecclesiarchy due to its focus on the heroism of Captain Cordell and his doomed Company rather than on the fall of his Chapter. As his rage slowly subsided. Though Cordell ranked among the greatest commanders the Lions had ever known. He stormed to Leyr’s quarters. Leyr was tired and eager to find any solution to his problem. had mobilized a task force to investigate further. its forces made it a point to first visit Myrlow's home world of Sachsen and systematically exterminated all of the dramatheurge's descendants and relatives for the slander done on their Chapter's honour. drawing his sidearm. As Cordell’s Strike Cruiser arrived in orbit above Alba. On hearing of his brother’s actions. and the two took control of the Chapter. the conclave was riven by arguments and recriminations. declaring Cordell and all his followers to be renegades. they fought their way to the edge of the system and escaped into the Warp. An angry curse died on Cordell’s lips. they rebelliously opened a hole in the blockade around Alba and fled with Cordell from the ambush. in which he apologized for his foolishness in alienating Cordell and revealed the treachery of the other two Captains. his fate would surely have been sealed were it not for the commanders of several of the Chapter’s smaller escort vessels. the ponderous weight of the Imperium had already begun to move. Leyr’s duplicity had been uncovered. On Dardelio IV. Gorinel and Rygen immediately launched a pursuit. ready to face down the returning 2nd Company. Though still bowed by age. he ordered in a suddenly thunderous voice that if Cordell would not respect his wishes. Even as the first salvoes were fired at Dardelio IV. and is still performed regularly in festivals or feasts. Cordell and his outnumbered forces were cornered and butchered to the last man. quashed by his master’s ire. Glawster’s ships Chapter War For the good of us all? If so. followed by challenges and insults. Finally. enraged at his predecessor’s betrayal and the perceived slight against his own honour. Act III. While Leyr outwardly accepted his fate. Cordell stubbornly insisted that he be allowed to speak to Leyr. Gorinel and Rygen’s patience with the vagaries of Leyr’s great age worn thin. Gorinel angrily executed the Marine who had once been his mentor. Gorinel. Act I. ever headstrong. Despite its controversial subject matter.returned with all speed to Alba. set course for Alba at once. sure that his time to reign had finally come. Strangely though. He decried Leyr’s decision as the weakness of an old man and demanded that the Chapter name a single successor. Together. but the results were inevitable. . the play entitled The Lions' Fall remains surprisingly popular among the worlds surrounding the Alba system. When the Lions of Alba first tried to reclaim their planet. Cordell’s reaction was immediate and furious. treachery— all ruinous disorders.

he turned the Chapter’s fleet to the only heading left open to it – deep into the vast chaotic realm known as the Eye of Terror. each approaching at high speed. The Lions believe themselves betrayed. had been reduced to nothing more than a lifeless rock. Gorinel and Rygen argued again as to whether they should fight or flee. and when the ships of his Fleet arrived. Beliefs Wretched betrayer! Are you bored as you sit upon your golden throne. the Lions quietly made their way back towards Alba.. Broken-hearted. Though Glawster’s ships could not prevent the Lions’ escape. once a beautiful jewel in the blackness of space. The fleet’s long range augurs picked up no less than four separate groups of Imperial ships. appealing for help to hunt the traitors down. Before leaving orbit the Heralds had delivered the final blow. With no reason to believe otherwise. had responded to Glawster’s warning. driven by their uncompromising sense of pride and honour. it was with shields up and weapons armed. a pair of cyclonic torpedoes that had reduced all living things on Alba’s surface to ash. The Lions are still characterised by the qualities one would expect of Adeptus Astartes born of the genetic lineage of Rogal Dorn.Brother-Captain Gorinel (The Lions’ Fall. the Chapter lamented the loss of its home.were quickly closing in. including three companies of the Heralds of Light Chapter. but once more Rygen prevailed. While Gorinel stolidly ignored the long range hails from the Imperial Navy as an unwanted and unwarranted intrusion into Chapter affairs. Though Gorinel was able to enjoy the momentary satisfaction of seeing his former rival’s broken corpse brought before him. must retreat. his ignorant and proud refusal to respond to Glawster would bring ruin to his Chapter. but Rygen insisted that the Lions. desperate message revealing what he saw as his brothers’ treachery to their Master. after completing temporary repairs to their vessels. Even the impetuous Gorinel was forced to see that there was no chance of victory or revenge here. Gorinel cursed the vile Imperium and swore that to the very last breath of the very last warrior. weakened by their war against their former brothers. the Lord-Commander did not rest. Even as Gorinel and his forces boarded their vessels. Messages were sent across the breadth of the sector. That you have us crushed like ants? Do you take joy in watching your sons weep? . Sadly. Days later. After a moment when it seemed that even more of the Chapter’s blood must be spilt. Cordell sent a last. and grounded by their stubborn determination to endure and persevere. The interrogation of the crew of a captured Navy patrol escort revealed that Imperial forces. hiding themselves in a nearby nebula. Act IV.. With a voice filled with bitter hatred. to find that their home. turned against Lions of Alba – nurgling6688 90 . yet in some ways the Chapter has changed very little. killed the few impenitent defenders and plundered the Fortress Monastery. Gorinel’s response to this new treachery was to fight back. Scene III) More than five hundred years have passed since Alba was cleansed and the Lions were declared renegade. the Lions would bring bloody vengeance and damnation upon it for its treachery. but there proved to be little time for grief. the Lord-Commander accepted Cordell’s message as genuine. such fine qualities have been twisted against the Imperium. With a final howl of grief and denied rage. their Chapter and the Imperium. fallen on the Lions’ world. the Adeptus Astartes ships came under crippling long range fire from the Navy Fleet. Gorinel acquiesced to his brother’s demands and the Lions limped away.

Brother-Captain Rygen (The Lions' Fall. The Chapter still clings to many of its traditions and various special days are remembered. Such assaults are never hidden with subterfuge. and casually reached up to remove his own helm. While no acid bubbled in the liquid. “You are the betrayer. With every battle. the renegade stepped aside and lashed out with a booted foot. but could not reply for his voxcaster had been damaged. Such hopeless warriors. they see more brethren lost. The Lions maintain several Battle Companies and although these formations are typically far smaller than in a loyalist Chapter. As the Chapter has lost most of its vehicles in the years since it was pursued from the Alba system. brother. fight on because that is all that is left to them.without reason by those who should have been their staunchest allies. will you not see it? He has betrayed you. lowering his blade.” said the traitor coldly. but rather the face of an Astartes little different in aspect from any of his own brethren. Though both sword and armour had seen better days. Then tell me. Act V. that have I done. The renegade was clad in powered armour quartered in yellow and white and carried a long. They are utterly professional. The Chapter has tried twice to invade and 'reclaim' the now barren Alba system. The traitor spoke softly. A faint smile crossed his lips at Boras’ words. of particular note is the Day of the Betrayal. yet the Imperium of Man continues on unhindered. Almost effortlessly.” Combat Doctrine What you have charged me with. Assault and Devastator units. They know that the Chapter is already lost and that all its actions since the destruction of Alba are nothing more than the death throes of a wild beast. and it is on this day all battle-brothers retake their oath to bring vengeance on the Imperium. adapted for their much-reduced numbers. how does that explain your current predicament?” Boras growled angrily and with the last of his strength hurled himself suddenly forward. . Scene III) Now based on a handful of ships and escort vessels that are all that remain of the Chapter’s fleet. war material and potential converts to their cause. The reduction of the battle brethren’s numbers has also forced the Chapter to allow its sergeants a greater level of autonomy. The agonizing fire in Brother Boras’ secondary heart had increased to an inferno. Given enough time. his voice a pained whisper. Although the Chapter as a whole still fervently believes in Master Gorinel’s oath of retribution against the Imperium. And more. The traitor’s face was stern and proud. hanging it carefully on his belt. Boras could recover from even such grievous wounds. heretic! You turned from the light and so He turned from you!” The renegade paused. “The Emperor… protects. cold where their brothers are zealous. determined that when their inevitable death comes they will have taken the highest possible toll of blood from their betrayers. his opponent stepped through the gaping hole in the thick plascrete wall that had been created moments before by Boras’ heavy form being hurled through the air. Angrily he tore the malfunctioning armour from his head and spat scornfully on the floor before his foe. there is a growing realization among many Marines that such a goal will never be attained. it has become necessary to use nonmechanized stratagems to accomplish its goals. A name was written across one shoulder. heavy blade. but has thus far been repulsed.” The renegade stood above him. sorrow and hopelessness. and they hate the Imperium and the Emperor with all the dedication that their heritage gives them. thick blood reddened it. combat blade outstretched. given in a voice tinged with a mixture of hate. but are committed openly for all to see the rightful stand taken by the defiant Lions. but time he did not have. just as surely as He did me. Even as the Herald of Light rose to a painful crouch. the Lions survive by raiding systems around the borders of the Eye of Terror. Although the Chapter are considered traitors by the Imperium at large. “No… he does not. “I have no time left for this. “Will you not renounce Him? There can be no doubt that He has betrayed you. The last blow must have cracked the Black Carapace within his chest and driven shards of it into the flesh beneath. yet was marred by an air of weary bitterness. The last thing Boras would ever hear was the quiet reply. commemorating their 'exile' from Alba. Beneath it.” Boras snarled under his helmet. but Boras could make out that it ended ‘…GEN’. sending Boras tumbling excruciatingly back to the floor. each still has a comparable proportion of Tactical. the quality of their manufacture was clearly evident. much more. continuing an argument that had raged even as had their combat. if it will bring their goal of vengeance even one step closer. they have not succumbed to the warband structure favoured by most renegades and still cling tenaciously to an ad-hoc Codex structure. This allconsuming hate influences the thoughts and motivations of every member of the Chapter. they will attack Imperial worlds for supplies. Boras was surprised to see not a warpcorrupted horror. “Indeed. “Brother. brother. and missions often have to be executed on a squad by 91 . often led by Master Rygen. raising his long sword. reversing his blade and raising it for the killing strike. each now willing to commit all manner of heinous actions that they would once have considered unthinkable.” Boras replied. While their sense of honour prevents them from engaging in the wanton pillage and slaughter of civilians so common among renegade Adeptus Astartes. half obscured by dirt and battle damage.

The Lions of Alba trace their genetic lineage to the Primarch Rogal Dorn their Apothecaries had a reputation for fastidious precision in the care of the Chapter’s precious gene-seed. Act IV. the Lions are zealous warriors. in a handful of extreme cases. While those Lions who have been affected endure their shame with stoic dignity. Scene III) 92 . he cannot save us from ourselves. they will at the same time attempt to limit and conceal their corruption by sealing themselves within their power armour. The Lions view any agreement with such contemptible traitors as distasteful in the extreme. Ace Debonair. Lion of Alba – Greyall squad basis. as casualties have mounted. as some few battle brethren have been cursed by the blighted hand of mutation. thereby attempting to protect their brethren from its insidious taint.The Champion (The Lion's Fall. all too often the Chapter has suffered instead. additional eyes or mouths. the Chapter’s marines have actually fought beside their renegade brethren on a handful of occasion. The effectiveness of such efforts is open to speculation. the Lions have gone so far as to make temporary alliances with other warbands. Marines of the Chapter never voluntarily retreat. full of bitter pride and determination. This is not to say that the Lions are entirely unaffected by the warping properties of the Chaotic region that they have been forced to call home. Such exacting standards appear to have been continued even since the loss of Alba. In battle. but these pacts are countenanced for the opportunities they bring to strike against the hated Imperium. Espada Azul. Such changes. Battle-cry “For Alba! For vengeance!” Strike Captain Lysimachus. While for the most part these have taken the form of pacts of non-aggression or trade. and Brother-Captain Alecto all contributed to the Lions of Alba. and while this has occasionally snatched victory from defeat. as even now more than five centuries later the Lions seem largely untroubled by the countless deviances that plague those Adeptus Astartes who turn from the Emperor’s light. The Lions lack the resources needed to maintain their assaults and their refusal to cut and run has often resulted in losses that they can ill afford. Gene-seed It is the Emperor who weeps. are viewed with utter disgust and as a sign of deep shame to any warrior unfortunate enough to be so disfigured. weeping sores or. be they scaled skin. . Grey Hunter Ydalir. In recent years.

as we can hit up the crevices and joints as well.How to Paint Lions of Alba by DV8 Step 1A The model is primed with Krylon Grey Primer. and care must be taken that all highlights and shadows make sense. and where there will be the darkest shadows. because a precision is required at all stages. Step 1A the Lions of Alba feature a quartered white and mustard yellow colour scheme. particularly if you have a combination of both warm and cool colours. All the yellow areas are blocked in with GW Iyanden Darksun. Both of these colours are a little cooler so what we're going to do is first block in our colours. This also acts are our "Black Lining" stage. focusing solely where armour plates meet. Quartered schemes are always a little trickier. Step 1B A second wash of Charadon Granite is applied over both the white and yellow parts. and then work on the shading and highlighting. A 50/50 mix of GW Astronomicon Grey and GW Devlan Mud is applied as a wash (you'll probably want to dilute heavily for this step) over both the white and yellow parts. This is then followed with a dusting of GW Skull White Primer. Step 1B 93 . Here.

Step 2 The yellow armour plates are feathered with GW Iyanden Darksun. This is then highlighted by mixing progressively more GW Skull White into Iyanden Darksun. The white armour plates are feathered up with GW Skull White. Step 2 94 . with a final highlight of about 75/25 GW SKull White to Iyanden Darksun.

This is then highlighted with Vallejo Air Chrome. A basecoat of P3 Trollblood Base is applied. Step 4 The purity seal. The helmet lenses are painted with GW Chaos Black. The purity seal wax is basecoated with GW Dark Flesh and then given a highlight of GW Blood Red. and pouches are touched up Step 3 with P3 Beast Hide. The base is given a drybrush of GW Snakebite Leather. Step 4 95 . and any other silver areas with GW Boltgun Metal. gun strap. and any black areas are given a thin edge highlight with GW Codex Grey. The pouches and the purity seal are basecoated with P3 Beast Hide. purity seal. chest eagles. The edge is painted with GW Chaos Black.Step 3 Basecoat the joints. and any metallic areas are then given a wash of Badab Black. The pouches. The base is painted with GW Scorched Brown. The Boltgun is glued onto the model. and is highlighted up by adding GW Skull White. followed by a drybrush of 50/50 GW Snakebite Leather and GW Bleached Bone.

and he can be found in the Space Wolves forum (among many other places).. DV8’s impressive miniatures and drawings can be found all across the Bolter and Chainsword. 96 . and he can be found in the Space Wolves forum (among many other places). and then GW Skull White.. Together. the two loyalist Chapters decided to end the traitors' perfidy by luring the Lions into a trap on the world of Nemea and destroying them. But nothing is ever as simple as it first Step 6 Step 6 Voila! A completed Lions of Alba Space Marine. Step 5 Step 5 The purity seal was highlighted up with GW Bleached Bone. His homepage can be found at www. Thin lines to represent script were then painted on with a 50/50 mix of GW Scorched Brown and GW Dark and can be found (along with many other excellent decals) at the Bolter and Chainsword. This was followed with a GW Devlan Mud wash. Decals for the Lions of Alba have been created by the very talented Dracul.spacewithinspace. DV8’s impressive miniatures and drawings can be found all across the Bolter and Chainsword. His homepage can be found at www.spacewithinspace.The deceit and dishonour of the Lions of Alba was an affront to the Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light from the day the Chapter fled into the Eye of Terror.

Where the Dogs and Heralds embraced Dorn’s ideals of sacrifice. Still. The Nemean Campaign Going on a Lion Hunt: The Nemean Campaign Opportunity Knocks Hatred always seeks an outlet. where the Lions' attempt to reclaim their former home world was driven back by a combined force of five Chapters. Though this meant they faced many of the same enemies as their brothers. dislike crystallized into hatred on both sides. With that. while they did not take action against the Lions. he came to recognize the by Grey Mage. Relations between the two Chapters and the Lions of Alba were more complicated. When Black Crusades erupted from the Eye. Cinereal and Blackblood did not entirely see eye-to-eye. Over the millennia since their foundings. the Heralds of Light and Steel Dogs were already closer than most Space Marine Chapters. Over the next centuries. and Chapters with every reason to despise each other can be bound together by debts and obligations just as ancient. Both companies were reinforced by reserve elements. the Heralds of Light and the Steel Dogs among them. Where Blackblood tempered his honour with subterfuge and deceit. trusting to tenacity and firepower to carry the day. The elder Chapters despised the Lions for bringing disrepute on the name of Dorn. under the newly-promoted Captain Esca Blackblood. while the Lions despised their elders for the destruction of Alba and their denial of aid. after much debate. the Lions inherited Dorn’s pride and his stubbornness. the two Captains began planning the destruction of their enemy. sworn to the opposition of Chaos in all things. both Chapters were at the forefront of the defence. The Steel Dogs. When the Lions were excommunicated and cast from the Imperium. their duties had brought them into contact on a variety of occasions. while the Heralds sent their Fourth Company under Captain Skaron Cinereal.Brother Against Brother Relationships between Space Marine Chapters are always complicated. As members of the Astartes Praeses and sons of Dorn. rejected requests for aid and sanctuary as the Lions fled. the Heralds of Light were foremost among those who drove them forth. while the Heralds broke a blockade around the Steel Dogs’ Outpost 241 during the infamous Ranavalona War. Each Chapter admired the other’s dedication to serving the Emperor and to putting the needs of the Imperium before their personal glory. Allerka and Octavulg 97 . Chapters from the same geneline can nonetheless be divided by petty resentments a thousand years gone. The Steel Dogs rescued the Heralds at the Battle of the Tiku Drift. the other two Chapters still saw themselves as separate from (and even superior to) the Lions of Alba. the Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light agreed that the Lions of Alba should be destroyed. Where the Dogs and Heralds were members of the Astartes Praeses. though the Age of Apostasy brought an end to such excursions amid the furore of greater concerns. this hatred only deepened on both sides. The two even cooperated on some tentative punitive missions into the Eye in late M35. producing a powerful force more than capable of dealing with a few companies of renegade Space Marines. Cinereal preferred somewhat more direct methods. Together. Though all were sons of Dorn. by reason of their more ancient lineages and greater responsibilities. as the Lions raided into the Imperium to sustain themselves and began to work ever more closely with the forces of the Betrayer. the Lions’ relationship to their heritage was different than that of the Steel Dogs and the Heralds of Light. the Lions concerned themselves with matters involving Alba and its regions. It was cemented at the Second Battle of Alba. Each Chapter committed over a company of forces to the task – the Steel Dogs committed their Second Company. and in the waning years of the 41st millennium. throwing themselves into the breach time and again in order to preserve the Imperium. (which needs no further explanation).

A few Chapter serfs and servitors would give the illusion of a mostly-abandoned dig site. were careful to maintain contact with the region surrounding their former home. the first moon of the planet. and half a company of Heralds of Light would be stationed in the planetary capital with their Thunderhawks in case that reasoning was incorrect. A fake supply depot would be constructed on the southern continent of Jamshyd's World. each side having sworn to destroy any force that moved to do so. meanwhile. under the command of Captain Cinereal. accompanied by a squadron of escorts from each Chapter. even the brave hunter must sometimes lie in wait. and so the two Captains were confident that they would not have long to wait before the Lions left their den. would protect the planet from any but the most minimal depredations. That simplicity. Once invaders had appeared and landed their forces on the planet. the Sacrifice and its attendant ships. The Lions could not afford to pass up an opportunity to acquire such wealth. simple agri-world. with little to tempt invaders. no action had been taken to secure it. The only question was when the traitors would attack. The complex. The moon's minimal gravity would not inconvenience the great ship. After all.wisdom of a conceiving a plan that would lure the Lions of Alba into the open and bring them to their destruction. reasoned the Captains. Since disputes had arisen over whether the depot should belong to the Adeptus Mechanicus or to the Space Marines that found it. The plan was simple enough. The Steel Dogs would conceal their Strike Cruiser. the Heralds of Light would keep their Sacrifice in a far orbit around the planet. but would provide sufficient cover to prevent detection by invaders. creating a story which varied in the details but that always took one familiar shape. it would be anything but. and the knowledge that they would be seizing it from under the noses of former comrades would make it even more tempting. would be filled with traps and secret entrances – though it would appear defensible and secure. on Bahram. Jamshyd's World was a Boarding Action – nurgling6688 98 . despite their isolation in the Eye of Terror. Meanwhile. So through various contacts with traders and garrisons. rumours were spread. in the Nemea system. With the exception of the false complex. at some distance from the nearest population centres. would move to engage the enemy and Execution The two Captains used the time in which the rumour spread to prepare for the eventual onslaught. The Lions of Alba. The rumours told that an ancient Heresy-era supply depot had been found on Jamshyd's World. the Catulus.

Crushing Fist When two Lions of Alba Strike Cruisers appeared in system some four months after the initiation of the plan. It did not take long before the Lions in the false storehouse discovered the absence of their orbital support. Deployment: If you have access to it. desperate to break out and reach their fellows elsewhere on the continent. the two ships sprang into action. The loyalists' fabrications had. Unfortunately. The Steel Dogs landed almost on top of the enemy. Planetary surveys had shown nothing of interest at that location. There was no choice but to strike now. then steeled themselves for a wait that might not end for months. and it took them even less time before they discovered that it was empty of valuables (later inspection revealed that the Lions lost a full squad to the various traps within). the Catulus and Sacrifice were battered. With the details agreed upon. With a few simple words from Captain Cinereal. unknown to them. stopping occasionally to annihilate a mining station or extort supplies from a freighter. Instead of landing only at the false supply depot. When the traitors entered orbit. and the Dogs quickly entrenched outside the entrances. if the Renegades win continue onto scenario 2B. contained an element of truth – there 99 . Objectives: The loyalists must kill as many traitor marines as possible. dropping from orbit to rapidly encircle and eradicate their foe. The victor in this scenario scores 2 Victory Points (whoever has the most victory points at the conclusion of the campaign wins). In orbit. When two Tactical Squads of Heralds used secret entrances to outflank the Lions. they are restricted in their heavy armour due to the quick drop and so may only use a single Heavy Support choice. The Lions retreated within the false storehouse to lick their wounds. and the loyalists will receive first turn on a 2+. The Lions moved in-system. deploy as per the Spearhead rules from the core book. and the loyalist forces must take the one opposite of that. but any delay to determine what was going on risked the forces at the false storehouse realizing their mistake. and the cost in lives may leave a bitter aftertaste. The Lions receive a single Kill Point for each unit they have alive at the end of the battle and an additional 3 Kill Points if they have a surviving unit inside the building. Otherwise. Be sure to set up a single building in the middle of a table quarter. the Steel Dogs were secure. and as such only require a single HQ for this mission and may field up to six Elites. Though the Lions were tenacious. at which point the task force could turn its attention to destroying any forces on the planet. it only hastened the inevitable. the loyalist forces possessed a sufficient edge in firepower to be confident of victory. Though the traitors had certainly had the worst of the engagement. prevent their escape. they had been unable to destroy either vessel. now identified as the White Lion and the Pride of Alba away from the planet. The renegades must deploy first. However. Even the most audacious of the storehouse rumours had not mentioned enough spoils to be worth the Lions risking such a large portion of their strength. the Catulus would assist the Sacrifice in destroying any remaining enemy ships. Taking down a renegade warband is never an easy task however. there was no doubt they would return. Contact What those three revealed. Suggested Forces: 1500pts. while the Catulus dropped its forces to harry the enemy on the surface. both Captains were surprised. Unfortunately for them. though both escort squadrons remained unscathed. events took another unexpected turn. the Catulus launched the Second Company toward the surface in its drop pods. but had succeeded in driving away the enemy Strike Cruisers. loyalist deployment via Drop Pod assault is encouraged. If the Loyalists win continue on to scenario 2A. the Steel Dogs had the weight of numbers and the implacability of the damnati on their side. and determine the enemy's reasons later. While the Sacrifice and its squadrons struck at the two traitor cruisers. Still. and so receive standard Kill Points for this mission. and the Steel Dogs and the Heralds of Light watched them come. however. near the tip of the southern continent. they did not have nearly so long to wait. The Loyalist forces are sending in their finest troops to eradicate the enemy. was disturbing. Of the sixty Lions who dropped to seize the storehouse. they charged the Steel Dogs' entrenchments. and were swiftly locked in deadly hand-to-hand fighting. While not required. however. Grimly determined.Mission 1: Crushing Fist The Steel Dogs and Heralds spring the trap. only three survived to be taken prisoner. play Planetstrike scenario one with a single bastion. However. this is the entrance to the equipment cache. The Lions will automatically receive the table quarter with the building as their deployment zone. Once the Steel Dogs had landed. and had been reinforced by elements of the Heralds of Light. the traitor forces had landed the majority of their forces at another location. the two Captains made their preparations. under the command of Captain Blackblood.

survival. rather than destroying them. small ruins. A result of 5 allows the unit to come in from the board edge of the Lion player’s choice. The smaller force had been sent to secure the smaller site – nearly a hundred and fifty Lions were busy locating and entering the much larger site to the south. and their investigations had confirmed the presence of such a site. The loyalists have had the opportunity to land further forces. Play this battle with normal Force Organization requirements. The loyalists have had the opportunity to land further forces. In addition any heavy support options from the Lions of Alba count as two kill points. To say that the Captains were concerned would be an understatement. The absurdity of the situation belied the possible consequences of the Lions of Alba gaining powerful weapons from the dawn of the Imperium. The victor in this scenario scores 2 Campaign Victory Points. they count as two objectives. hills. Harsh words were exchanged before it was agreed that. any Lion of Alba unit that reaches the short table edge may be removed from play. Either player may place up to half their forces in reserve. 3. They place one objective in the centre of the loyalist deployment zone. counting as 0 kill points for either side. The Lions will deploy first. Suggested Forces: 1500pts. The Loyalists then deploy their forces within 9" of the long board edges. and 4. Continue rolling at the end of each game turn until a 4 or lower is rolled. First Turn and Game Length: The players roll off for first turn once all units have been deployed. but will come in from a random board edge. The Lions had investigated the rumours much more thoroughly than anticipated. All non-vehicle loyalist units receive the counter-attack special rule. Deployment: Deploy as per the Spearhead rules. the Lions could not be allowed to flee the planet with the ancient technologies which no doubt lurked within the storehouse. The game will normally last 5 turns. The Imperial plan had lured out the Lions of Alba. it counts as held by the controlling player. The Steel Dogs and Heralds quickly boarded their Thunderhawks to make the flight to the real storehouse. Terrain: A broken road.if they are slain leave them on the table to be captured as a normal objective. Play this battle with normal Force Organization requirements. Many of the elite troops are now needed for the battle in orbit. one larger than even the rumors had suggested. whatever the cost. as do any loyalist elite units. while a 6 forces them to come in on the edge of the loyalist player’s choice. If an HQ unit is still alive. was a lost Heresy-era depot on Jamshyd's World. another in the middle of their deployment zone and a third in the back corner of their deployment zone. Objectives: In this bitter fighting there can be only death. The victor in this scenario scores 2 Victory Points. If the Lion player moves any of his HQs off the loyalist board edge. This scenario uses the kill point scenario rules. Many of the elite troops are now needed for the battle in orbit. In Mission 2B: Pursuit The loyalists try to run down the escaping enemy before they can reach their fellows to the south. using resources the prisoners refused to divulge. moving counter clockwise for 2. Special Rules: Tactical Retreat! All non-vehicle Lion of Alba units have the hit and run special rule. The large building from the first scenario should be placed in the Lion’s deployment zone as close to the Lion’s corner of the field as possible. Deployment: The Lions of Alba deploy first. but both sides have taken losses.Mission 2A: Breakout The Lions. At the end of turn 5 roll a d6. Objectives: The Lions have only one objective. The player who controls the most objectives at the end of the game wins. Stubborn Containment. attempt to break out and reach their fellows to the south. and a broken road leading to the ancient storehouse are all great ways to reflect the rural and weathered area this battle was fought in. but now it risked enriching and empowering the traitors.which should be represented by the large building from Scenario 1. but both sides have taken losses.on a 5+ continue playing for another turn. 100 . Terrain: Woods. and sparse woods all make perfect terrain to run for your life in. Finally. In addition any HQ units on the board count as objectives. having been forced back into the false storehouse. Any units unable to deploy in this area may be placed in reserves.nominate a board edge as '1' and roll a d6. Suggested Forces: 1250pts. within 6" of the tables centre-line and at least 18" from the short table edges.

treated as difficult 5+ area terrain for the rest of the game. Suggested Forces: 1750pts. The battle was brief. Suggested Forces: Special The Attacker (Lions of Alba) uses a list of no more than 1000 points. Objectives: The Defender is attempting to escape the pursuing Attacker forces and reach safety. If the Attacker destroys all Defender units before they reach the departure point. as would ruins and rocky ground. First Turn and Game Length: Roll for first turn. The Lions retreated into the storehouse when it became clear victory was unlikely. even as battle was joined again in orbit. but they did so in good order. servitors and serfs desperately prepared tanks and speeders whose use had not been expected. but they were still surprised by the loyalist attack. Any shots placed should be represented by a crater. Elites. The Defender (Steel Dogs and Heralds) use a list of no more than 500 points. and each model that reaches the departure point scores 100 victory points for the defender. rounding up. At least half the Attacker's units. On a 4+ play another turn. Other than some small ruins the loyalist deployment zone should be fairly barren. This attack scatters 3d6" and even on a hit will scatter d6". anywhere that is more than 18" from any table edges. but violent. hoping to wipe them out before they can gain entrance. At the end of the fifth turn. otherwise the game ends immediately. Terrain: Sloping hills or a large building should occupy the centre of the Lions’ deployment zone. AP 2. Either player may place units in reserve. The Lions had prepared defensive positions while attempting to gain entrance to the storehouse. Special Rules: Orbital Bombardment: The loyalist player rolls a d6 for each Lion of Alba unit on the field. At the end of the fifth turn. With their aerial elements committed to the battle in orbit. First Turn and Game Length: Roll for first turn. Attacker units arriving from Reserves may enter the table from either long edge or the Attacker’s short edge. Victory in this scenario is decided using victory points. The Attacker. The forces already on planet and their newly prepared supporting elements assembled some distance from the storehouse and prepared to attack. while the Lions of Alba are attempting to prevent them from relaying information back to their allies. is attempting to prevent this. On a 4+ play another turn. must be placed in Reserves. the strike force launched their attack on the Lions. even as sensors detected the White Lion and Pride of Alba approaching again. Objectives: Place one objective in the middle of the Lions deployment zone. otherwise the game ends immediately. 101 . and the Dogs and Heralds Mission 3: Meeting Engagement The loyalists engage the forces at the real storehouse. on the roll of a 6 they may resolve the following shooting attack on that unit: S9. Both sides have their best and brightest forces available – each may field an additional Elites choice beyond the usual Force Organization chart. with neither side really gaining the upper hand. The loyalists place a single objective anywhere within their deployment zone. the Attacker automatically wins. roll a d6. Mission 4: Infiltration The Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light are attempting to infiltrate the storehouse and probe its defences. Deployment: Deploy both forces as for a pitched battle. roll a d6. and Troops. and at least 24" from the table edge from which they will be trying to escape.orbit. Deployment: The Defender sets up his entire army in the centre of the table. of course. along with conveying vital information on the defences of the Attacker. The victor in this scenario scores 3 Campaign Victory Points. Terrain: Congested industrial terrain would be appropriate. The departure point is placed on the Defender's short board edge. Large Blast. Ordnance Barrage. The Defender must get as many models as it can to the departure point. The victor in this scenario scores 1 Campaign Victory Point. and are limited to HQ.

who had been commanding the space battle from the bridge of the Sacrifice. hoping to destroy the Lions' only possible route of escape from the system. To leave the Lions too long undisturbed was to give them the opportunity of unlocking some powerful secret that might secure their victory. Objectives: Kill Points are used in this mission. While a defensible strategic choice. Fortunately. Those who did. planning to smash a direct route through to the generators' primary distribution nodes. ordered a pursuit. On a 4+ play another turn. otherwise the game ends immediately. to represent the attacking forces knowing of the vulnerabilities in the defences. the power generators for the storehouse void shields and primary weapons arrays had been exposed by an ancient earthquake. First Turn and Game Length: Roll for first turn. Night Fighting (Turn 1 only). roll a d6. Victory Points are used to break the tie. Undermining The loyalists began preparing their own defences. If the Attacker won the previous mission. he may remove D3 minefields after they are deployed. With twinges of concern in his hearts. ammo store. allowing an enterprising assault to destroy them – provided that assault could penetrate the outer level of defences in sufficient force.were forced to remain outside. place a small marker (40mm base is ideal). Fleeing units will flee as normal towards their respective long board edges. With frequent reference to ancient plans of other Imperial storehouses in the Codex Astartes. For each minefield. had discovered several weak spots in the storehouse defences – most notably. the Steel Dogs a nd Heralds of Light launch an opening raid designed to weaken the Lions’ position and leave them vulnerable to a larger attack. the kill-teams were able to penetrate the outer level of the fortress' defences. Seize the Initiative. Whoever controls this objective at the end gains an additional 3 Kill Points. At the end of the fifth turn. having suffered severe damage. place a single objective marker anywhere in the Defender’s deployment zone to represent a communication uplink. and any units suffering casualties from them must test for Pinning. or other objective. Even as the assault was planned. Most of those sent into the fortress did not return. The loyalist forces had assembled as much firepower as they could. Even without orbital support. He may place D3+3 minefields anywhere within his deployment zone. Even as they did so. though the Lions of Alba (Defender) must abide by the normal limit of 1 HQ and 2 Troop choices. the Defender has deployed minefields to protect his position. cut down in running battles with traitor sentries or caught by defensive traps in the fortress' architecture. If the number of Kill Points are tied between both players. Esca ordered his forces into battle. Additionally. Additionally. several kill-teams were dispatched with instructions to locate any weaknesses in the storehouse's defences. This area counts as both difficult and dangerous terrain. Cities of Death (optional) 102 . the Lions in orbit broke off their attack once again. Their destruction would prevent the generators' use for the time being while still allowing for repair in the future. After all. The mines extend 3” in all directions from the marker. millennia of neglect and a lack of proper blessings had caused the ancient armor to degrade. Special Rules: Reserves. If neither side holds the objective. Suggested Forces: 2000pts Both sides use the normal Force Organization chart. and the scouting efforts of the Mission 5: Undermining Having acquired valuable knowledge of weak points in the Lions of Albas’ defences. ` Terrain: Use a terrain setup similar to that from the previous mission. this left a shocked Esca Blackblood without air support or the possibility of further reinforcements beyond his own men and the few Heralds of Light seconded to his command. modifying those the Lions had built and creating new ones into the bargain. The victor in this scenario receives 3 Campaign Victory Points. however. The Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light (Attacker) may deploy their entire army at the start of the game. Random Game Length. preparing themselves for any eventual counterattack. then whoever controls the objective wins. Deployment: This mission uses the Dawn of War deployment. Captain Cinereal. The assault targeted the northern wall of the storehouse. their possible capture of the storehouse would be immaterial if their ships could be destroyed. though Blackblood was concerned that they might be unable to so much as scratch the Heresy-era armor which covered the structure. it was imperative that the assault on the storehouse proceed.

Any assault would be ruinous. On the fourth day of battle. bombarded the Steel Dogs into nothing. Soon. taking up defensive positions amid the rubble surrounding the fortress. Esca received word from his forces in space. and a bloody stalemate soon ensued. the gates of the storehouse began to open. but many more would die should the Lions escape. most terrifying of all. An uneasy peace reigned over the field for a full week. The Lions had managed to outmaneuver them. Though the loyalist forces might arrive in time to prevent the Lions from escaping with the contents of the storehouse. Minor raids crept back and forth across the noman's land in front of the storehouse. licking their wounds. it was not certain. Final Strike There was only one course open – take the storehouse before the Lions' ships reached orbit. and escaped with their troops and incalculable quantities of munitions and technology. the battle in space forced events to a head on the ground. Fight they did. Lions of Alba poured out. Many might die in the resulting battle. and both sides were now racing back to the planet as swiftly as they could. But even as the first Steel Dog stepped out of the earthworks. roaring cries to the Emperor and calling on the traitors to come and fight. In the end. and the loyalists lacked the strength to break in without the powerful orbital guns of their Strike Cruisers (though their remaining Rapid Strike Vessels were enough of a threat to discourage sallies). costing little and achieving less.kill-teams ensured that the loyalist guns found the most vulnerable targets. only a flanking maneuver by Esca's bodyguards (carrying an improbable quantity of meltabombs) ensured the destruction of the distribution nodes. And behind them. and Steel Dogs poured into the storehouse. The ferocity of the Steel Dogs' onslaught was matched by that of the traitor counterattack. The Lions did not attempt to break out. Esca massed his forces. walked a God-Machine – a Reaver Titan… Battle – Greyall 103 . and prepared the final assault. the outer wall was breached. Eventually. Both Chapters fell back.

They will enter play using the normal reserve rules. The loyalists have prepared to launch a final strike on the heart of the Lions of Alba. Additionally. Special Rules: Resources of Old: The Lions have the Vortex Grenade asset for free and may choose an additional Front Line or Space Marine asset for free. The Lion player may sacrifice up to five campaign victory points to field correspondingly larger super-heavies (for example. the Lions of Alba player may field a single super-heavy of three structure points or less from the imperial or chaos datasheets. Terrain: The Lions receive the Bunkers and Obstacles strategic assets for free.this is the one and only objective in the game. and drug on for several days before the full weight of their forces came to clash. sacrificing three would allow the player to field a single super-heavy of up to six structure points). razorwire. For every 4 units in their army. First Turn and Game Length: On the roll of a 3+. roll a d6 – on a 5+ play a sixth and final turn. The victor in this scenario gains 6 Campaign Victory points. If the Lion player wishes. and the only super-heavy vehicles that may be purchased are Thunderhawks. Suggested Forces: 3500+pts Choose forces as per the Apocalypse rules up to a maximum value agreed on by both players. Objectives: Choose a single bunker or ruin in the Lions of Alba deployment zone. after deployment. Otherwise the battlefield should be littered with ruins. the loyalists will take first turn. Place these bunkers. Each player then alternates placing units until all forces have been deployed. and traps on the field before deployment. Holding it counts as 9 Kill Points. rounding up. Heralds of Light – Aerion the Faithful 104 .the ancient cache of imperial technology. This represents the plundered relics and ancient caches they’ve brought back to the world of the forty-first millennium. craters. Deployment: The player who rolls highest on a d6 may choose to begin deploying first or second. The game lasts five turns of hard bitter fighting. and a broken roadway leading into the heart of the renegade‘s deployment area. Whoever has the most Campaign Victory points in total at the end of this scenario wins the campaign. and in addition may select one additional Support or Space Marine Strategic Asset. follow the normal rules for Kill Points. rather than the rules from Apocalypse. Fury of the Righteous: The Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light are bringing the full weight of their forces to bear in a final push to destroy the Lions of Alba. Otherwise. This fighting was the most bitter of the war. No additional strategic assets may be purchased.Scenario 6: Final Strike. a player may place one unit in reserve (which counts as a deployment). At the end of turn five. To represent this they may make use of the Orbital Strike Strategic Asset each turn.

I’ll explain more as the battle report progresses. Players check for victory at the end of the third and fourth turns. and the Heralds were represented by another half-company. since they weren’t going to get to choose their forces. Epic: Armageddon is the small-scale version of 40K. I decided to add some Lions and Heralds and do an Epic report. This is a war of annihilation as much as a battle of maneuver. Take and Hold: This is achieved by capturing both the uplink and the gate. The Steel Dogs got Esca’s battle company. the tie is broken by Victory Points based on the number of enemy formations destroyed and broken. but that was simple enough. Victory is decided first and foremost by achieving goals. Objectives were de-emphasized compared to the usual Epic game. If no one has enough goals to win. It doesn’t work much like 40K. and special actions. to represent that this was a battle to the death. The possible goals in this scenario are as follows: Blitzkrieg: The Lions achieve this by capturing the Steel Dogs' communications uplink. Introduction Well. This would help whoever I found to general. The Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light. A quick run-down of how Epic: Armageddon works. represents their strategic abilities). I used NetEA (the major international Epic organization) lists. Since I already had an Epic Steel Dogs force underway. All Lion formations are set up within 30cm of the storehouse entrance (which is set up along the Lions’ table edge). but the Land Raiders and Titan would be tough nuts to crack. which is based on their Firefight or Close Combat stats. meanwhile. screw ups and losses all produce blast markers. and the Imperial Fists defensive siege list to represent the Lions. I took a formation of Land Speeders. and a formation that takes too many Blast Markers is in serious trouble – it breaks. which represent confusion and attrition. and both sides know it. and some fortifications for spice. since everything else has been flattened. Break Their Spirit: This is achieved by destroying the enemy’s most valuable formation. The Forces I planned both forces long in advance. They Shall Not Pass: Either side achieves this if there are no unbroken enemy formations in their half of the table. Since this was a siege. are a big deal in Epic. Epic Assaults are remarkably similar to 40K. so I gave them just under a Battle Company in infantry and loaded the rest of the list down with vehicles. since I had to paint them. The Dogs might have more troops. and I was drafted. I had to adapt the 40K scenario to Epic. Their new Titan and tanks will be harder to bring to bear should the Imperials gain entrance to the restricted confines of the storehouse. 105 . are trying to break the Lions and gain entry to the storehouse. There are only two objectives on the board. in Epic. only you can shoot as well as hit people in the face. and the battlefield’s a lot bigger proportionally. Tiny models. Nearby formations can use their Firefight stats to support assaults that are close enough to them. The Scenario Introduction: The Lions are sallying forth to try and wipe out the Loyalists. and so the Lions disperse and destroy the Loyalists now before retreating back into the storehouse to await rescue. however – players alternate actions each turn. more of them. activating units with dice rolls against their initiative (which. Epic shooting is relatively sparse – only heavy weapons get to shoot outside of assaults. the Imprint needed a battle report to be complete. using the Apocrypha of Skaros to represent the infantry-heavy tactics of the Steel Dogs. I also took some Whirlwinds and Vindicators. The Steel Dogs achieve this by capturing the storehouse entrance. Blast markers. Shooting. for those unfamiliar with it. Each activated formation can choose to take different actions which allow them to do different combinations of moving. which depend on the scenario. The game ends at the end of the fourth turn. Scenario: All Steel Dog formations are set up within 15cm of their table edge. Finally. thus securing the treasures inside and gaining a safe position to wait for their ships’ return. The winner must achieve at least two goals. since the rest of the army was pretty unmaneuverable. Almost everyone gets only one attack.The Battle of Jamshyd’s World by Octavulg depending on whether or not they’re in base-to-base contact. I figured the Lions should be short on numbers but long on shiny equipment after looting the storehouse. and achieve more goals than their opponent. shooting. and is a lot more vulnerable. a Titan.

The Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light: Esca Blackblood’s Demi-Company Tactical Formation with DemiCompany. Supreme Commander. Commander – 475 pts Vindicators – 225 pts Total: 2300 The Lions of Alba: Master Gorinel’s Retinue Tactical Formation with Commander – 350 pts Captain Osric’s Retinue Devastator Formation with The Lions of Alba in column on the third moon of Astra Majoris Commander – 225 Tactical Formation – 250 Land Raider Formation – 325 Land Raider Formation – 325 Assault Formation – 150 Lucem Ferre of the Legio Mortis Reaver Titan – 650 Elements of the Sixth and Fourth Companies under Rhadamanthus assembled on Jamshyd’s World Fortifications – 50 Total: 2325 The Steel Dogs’ Second Company assembled on Avren 106 . Armoured Support – 625 pts Lieutenant Kovacs’ Demi-Company Tactical Formation with DemiCompany – 425 pts Whirlwinds – 300 pts Veteran Land Speeders Land Speeder Formation with two Land Speeder Typhoons – 250 pts Reserve Captain Rhadamanthus’ Demi-Company Tactical Formation with DemiCompany.

4 4 3 An Advance allows the formation to make one move and fire once. – Ed] The Dogs’ Whirlwinds launch a barrage at the Land Raiders charging toward them. raking Esca’s formation with fire and destroying a Devastator unit and a Tactical unit. both of us being tired. We apologize to the crew of the Reaver and to the brave men who died because the Reaver could not help them enough. its fire was not as effective as could be hoped – even the workings of the Mechanicus degrade after ten thousand years underground. in Epic. 107 . you can try to take two actions in a row by taking a penalty to your activation roll. The Lions retain the initiative. other player’s turn’ like 40K. heedless of possible danger. and the Land Raiders were wiped out as they attempted to withdraw. and decided it should get half as many as it was entitled to.2 and the Reaver 1 A March action lets a formation make three moves (how far that can be depends on the units involved). Advances3. Esca's formation uses a March action1 to seize the abandoned fortification below the gate. Neither side managed to destroy the enemy directly. though… Since Epic’s turn structure isn’t divided into ‘one player’s turn. Due to the vagaries of time. The Lions activate one of their Land Raider formations. My opponent was Mike. who among other things is one of the minds behind Astronomicon. The Field of Engagement Deployment The Lions deploy around the gate. the Whirlwinds are on a rise to the east. A formation takes damage when it loses an assault. and do their best to disable the Land Raiders close up. each new paragraph is a different player. however. it can be a bit confusing to keep track of who’s moving and acting. Mike set his mines up in a line along the eastern side of the field. but the Assault units can reach. Turn 1 The Steel Dogs win the roll to go first this turn.The Battle I commanded the Imperials. who I suspect would have dismantled me with a full-strength Reaver. [At this point. 2 Normally. Kovacs’ men engage the Land Raiders. It didn’t slow him down that much. As a rule in this battle report. we got confused over how many Turbolaser shots the Reaver got. The Loyalists retain. He’s a gentleman and lots of fun to game with. Almost all of the formation is out of range. effectively blocking off the route up to the storehouse gate. I’ve managed to not feel too bad about it). and the Land Raiders lost the assault by a lot. The Steel Dogs and Heralds are spread along their edge – the Heralds have the middle. especially when combined with the blast markers the Land Raiders had already taken. It was his first real Epic game (which is why he got the Titan). Note how my Assault Marines are blatantly out of coherency (since I could have just moved my Rhinos forward a little more and it would have been fine. which charges toward the Steel Dogs’ Whirlwinds. while the Land Speeders are behind the river to the west. I apologize to Mike. but the Assault Resolution roll favored the Steel Dogs. activations alternate from player to player – however. and Kovac’s Demi-Company moves forward and engages the Land Raiders in assault. managing to destroy one.

The Lions’ then retain. Esca is in the fortification in the lower right. opening up on Esca’s troops in their battered fortification. firing at the Reserve Captain’s formation with no result. who lose three Rhinos. with the same result. annihilating the lighter tanks. firing at the Reserve Captain’s formation. Kovacs is in the upper right. The Vindicators Advance. Stupid Land Raiders. One of the Land Raiders succumbs to the heavy Demolisher shells. firing at the Land Raiders. – Ed] The Heralds and Lions face off over the minefield. wiping out the skirmishing Assault units. Retaining. Captain Rhadamanthus springs into action. and the Whirlwinds are in the upper centre. when the smoke clears. The Land Raiders Sustain Fire6 at the Whirlwinds. His men Double toward the minefield. two of whom are lost despite the cover of the crater. Kovacs’ Demi-Company Sustains at the Land Raiders. Master Gorinel and his Tactical formation move forward toward the cliff edge. The battlefield. Retaining.The Lions’ Devastators Double forward into ruins. and their second Tactical Formation does the same as the first. One Assault unit is destroyed. Master Regan Sustains Fire at the Speeders. The Lions of Alba seek vengeance – the second Land Raider formation Doubles5 forward. just after the Assault Marines moved up. but between the two only one Tactical unit is destroyed. the Lucem Ferre moves forward. Then he succeeded on all his rerolls. whose armor is once again impervious. The Lions retain and move their Assault formation forward. Retaining. Despite high hopes. 6 A Sustain Fire action means the formation can fire once with a +1 bonus (though it can do nothing else) 108 . behind the Land Raider. firing on Kovacs’ Tacticals. Turn 2 The Lions win the roll. firing on the Assault formation. The Heralds lose three Tactical units and two Rhinos to the punishing barrage. The Steel Dogs Land Speeders March forward into the crater at the east edge of the board. [Mike failed all his saves. The Devastators Sustain Fire at Kovacs’ DemiCompany. but the rest shrug it off. and opt to go first. Rhadamanthus’ men follow suit. then shoot with a -1 penalty. blasting at the Land Raiders. The Heralds’ Vindicators Double forward. 5 A Double allows the formation to move twice. the Land Raiders survive.

The Lions. They are cut down and dispersed. they inflict no appreciable losses. 10 Whatever the GW game. With the Land Speeders behind them. 9 In the End Phase. or your money back). but it is mostly ineffective – each side destroys one enemy unit. The Devastator's responding Sustained Fire has an equally negligible effect.7 They shoot at the Reaver. The Heralds of Light move wide around the minefield. but the Land Speeders win by one. dangerous terrain is dangerous terrain. – Ed. The Land Speeders Sustain Fire at the Lions’ remaining Tactical unit.The Lions' Assault formation jumps back toward the gate to secure it from enemy attack. I’ve only noted when these things DON’T happen. Master Regan’s formation attempts to flee. The Reaver moves forward and annihilates the Land Speeders in a blaze of destruction. Land Speeders have a doubled zone of control and so can force other units to move away (or assault them) by moving next to those units. The Land Speeders Double forward to a point between the Assault formation and the Tacticals. Firing at the Devastators. unwilling to risk losses in exchange for minimally effective fire against the Devastators. 8 If there are friendly units on the other side of a target when you shoot at that target. That loss is enough to break the Land Raiders. Esca's Demi-Company moves its Predators forward and fires at Master Regan’s formation. Retaining. and four of their units are lost. the Lions are caught in a lethal crossfire. losing one tank despite their Siege Shields10 [Double 1. Esca is unable to reassert control over his formation – they fail to regroup.9 Turn 3 The Steel Dogs win the roll and go first. and the punishing fusillade finally manages to penetrate the Mechanicus’ finest armour (ten thousand year guarantee. which is enough to kill another Assault unit. Esca concentrates his formation’s fire against the same target. broken units attempt to rally and units with blast markers attempt to remove them. The Reaver provides heavy supporting fire. Kovacs Sustains Fire at the Land Raiders. but are trapped against the cliff by the Land Speeders. the target gets a -1 penalty to its save against any hits. angered. 109 . The Lions’ Assault formation attacks the Land Speeders. The Assault resolution is very close. Esca’s Demi-Company and the Land Speeders destroy Gorinel’s Retinue 7 Units in Epic have a “zone of control”. retain. except when assaulting. but succeed only in knocking down a Void Shield. killing one.8 The Master’s formation breaks. and do not remove any blast markers. Of course. Unfortunately. killing four and breaking the remaining few Marines. The Vindicators Advance through the minefield. looking for vengeance (and because it was that or move away from the Speeders’ zone of control).] . In the end phase. Finally. who retreat toward the safety of the storehouse. Other units cannot enter this. The last remaining Assault unit in the formation breaks. attempting to force the enemy out of position.

Locked in hand to hand. The Space Marines slowly pulled back. The Dogs and Heralds had achieved one objective. crippling a Rhino. Further efforts by the Steel Dogs were considered likely to be ineffective. but were also below half. Retaining. killing two Tacticals and another Rhino. I had a lot of fun. but otherwise no goals were achieved. the Lucem fires at the same target. No one had achieved two goals. Calamity averted. The Lions fled back into the storehouse. the Devastators are annihilated. unsure whether to make another assault or to avoid further losses and trust in the hope of their coming support. the Assault and Tactical formations remain broken. The Vindicators fail to regroup. The Assaults and Tacticals rallied. Those are the vagaries of a 4'x4' table and a shortage of plausible objectives for a scenario. Simon's Thoughts Just to be clear: we knew going in this might well turn into a bloodbath decided by who killed the most. with the storehouse still in Lion hands (to say nothing of the fully functional Simon Reaver). Rhadamanthus’ formation was below half. and determined who had won. and despite the confusion among his men. fared somewhat better. The Vindicators were still above half and unbroken. That meant we had to calculate Victory Points. The Steel Dogs and Heralds. Rhadamanthus’ battered forces engage Osric’s Devastators In the end phase. We called the game. having kept their half of the table clear of enemies. Problem unsolved. battered by Demolisher shells. The Land Raiders move forward and fire at Rhadamanthus and his men. Captain Osric is slain. Retaining. while mauled and walking a lot more than they were used to. and his Artificer Armour taken as a prize by Rhadamanthus. The Lions were rather battered – the Reaver was at full strength. as were the Steel Dogs' demi-companies. The Vindicators Advance and fire at the Devastators. though the Land Raiders recover. and the Land Raiders were at half. and the Loyalists survived. The Lions of Alba gained 763 VP. The Steel Dogs thus gained 1313 VP. this isn't exactly a strategic victory. Turn 4 The Lions go first. but unbroken. or Lack Thereof Mike and I both agreed that Esca was unlikely to blast apart the Reaver in the moments that remained. Rhadamanthus pushes forward in an assault on the Devastators. However. Everything else was destroyed. and overwhelmed in numbers. and Mike has been gracious 110 .Results. so the game continued. That said. At least it was thematically appropriate. The Steel Dogs won by 550 VP.

up there he had little or no risk of losing it. outnumbered. On the other hand. Pyrrhic victories where little was gained are my favorite. I decided to 'go for them' full bore. I was able to blunt the aggressive with attack on the gate. despite being it. If Mike had brought it down to help take apart the larger formations. They're not THAT lethal. them to assault. The galaxy's All in all a fun toughest Land Raiders helped quite a game though. It provided amazing fire support the assault guys guarding the gate and but marching it down the hill where its the infantry to the front. This was a mistake as the nearby demi- 111 . lot here and this time they were and fairly fast Simon properly supported by assault and despite so devastator forces. Mike put those minefields where it made the most sense. I think he made the right Mike choice. I might have had some serious problems. So: post-battle assessment. –Ed. of course. As Simon thinks I underused the Titan by it was the Land Speeders were able to keeping it back at the gate. I'll Blackblood's demi company in the time experiment with bunker. I was very pleased with all my units. company of infantry was able to manage a shallow assault on them and butcher them in hack downs. I'd have taken some fire. but they only have to be dangerous once or twice to cause problems. even up on the mountaintop it did a number on whatever it looked at funny. even with it up on the hill it could have done a lot of damage if we’d played its Turbolasers properly. and I placed the minefields fairly well. they lasted long enough to much of it. That wouldn't have exposed The generals engage in an impromptu smug-off. It helped a lot that Simon rolled boxcars. And since killing it would have given me an objective. As to the Reaver. I’d likely cut the Heralds and replace them with the aforementioned.enough to claim he did too. but this was a cooperative effort). being more On the upside. Indeed. as are more Whirlwinds and some Predators (in a normal game. I the gate. The major problems for me were the minefields and the Reaver. All skill. and it certainly worked for him. Definitely have to dig up Mike’s Thoughts My thoughts on the game – or "No really don't stupidly overextend yourself!" My first mistake was throwing away the Land Raider unit on a March. actually. Almost all of them performed when they needed to. needed to be more careful about keeping my zones of control tight.] The correct choice would have been a double move out and long range lascannon fire. I really wanted these dead. More Land Speeders are definitely planned. While they folded in recording the end. The resulting six dice of Firefight support could have crossfire effect got my infantry at the played a role might have been really Next front of the escarpment shot to rags by useful. Having already lost the bunker to Simon's early march move. but it would have keep the attackers off the hill and so been worth it and then I could have the enemy weren't able to capitalize on moved up some infantry to support. He may be exploit a tiny slot between the ZoC of right. their very effective shooting which greatly reduced the defensive forces by While I was able to hold the gate. Having seen how effective a platoon of Whirlwinds could be. but even so! [Skill.

Aftermath hastily-concealed secret exit. Alba would be theirs once more. as were many of his best men. Gorinel knew. and ensured only that the Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light would hunt them wherever possible. and most damning of all by the simple fact that Alba was gone. wondering if a pact with the Chaos gods would be worthwhile if it gave him the power to annihilate Cinereal’s brain. The Dogs and Heralds followed it as quickly as they dared. where their numbers would slowly dwindle. Damnation surely couldn’t be this bad. In the end. the Emperor’s humble servants. They had been eager to recover the Reaver – perhaps too eager. the Lions lost much. He had failed in his most important task of ensuring the Lions could not and did not escape. it was only the intercession of Rhadamanthus that kept his fellow Captains from each other’s throats. The first is to simply make use of the unit experience rules 112 . of course. and would not return. Licking Their Wounds It took several hours for the Steel Dogs and Heralds to regroup. Commander of the Most Glorious Fourth Company of the Heralds of Light. The only limit is your imagination. Men were dead. familiar to the educated reader. were taunted by the possibility of the victory that might have been. but so did the Steel Dogs and Heralds of Light. all other things considered. The Lions had taken all that they could carry. Persistent Units There are several methods of using persistent units.. And. And now he was berating himself accordingly for his failures – and those of Esca and Rhadamanthus. by the ravages of time. Alba mattered. Unfortunately. that was not sufficient against the troubles of a hundred. emerging miles away just as the White Lion slipped into orbit. though they had secured a valuable trove for the Imperium. Though relations between the Chapters were not harmed (if only because of Rhadamanthus’ even-handed report). now the Chapter was indebted to the Dark Mechanicus. They might know something the Lions did not. he had the stamina and energy of a dozen men. and being a champion of a dead world was not the lure one might expect. Master Gorinel of the Lions of Alba rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. Cinereal had been outmaneuvered (albeit barely). And your opponent’s willingness to put up with your imagination. Not that Esca was so arrogant as to think himself without fault. owing favours to technological monsters who had been twisted even further by powers beyond human comprehension sounded like a circumstance one might wish to avoid. and both Chapters knew it. But he was fairly sure that Skaron Cinereal was not the one to judge him for it. the Dogs and Heralds annihilated the dump. and infinitely pious bastard. Adapting the Campaign There are a number of possible options available for adapting the campaign – those mentioned here are by no means the limit. Holder of the Sacred Chalice of New Ryxx. His protégé was dead. At that point. The Lions fled out system. just ahead of the pursuing Imperial Strike Cruisers. And even if they didn’t. The Nemean Campaign was over. And whatever was needed to save them both was whatever would be done. Of course. Sword of the Morning and Lord of the Inward Territories seemed to be almost as tired of Cinereal as Esca was. he could rest. Possession of the field was not victory. The paltry store of equipment recovered was slightly more than that expended in the operations on Jamshyd’s World. Esca eyed him. One day. It was a small consolation that Captain Rhadamanthus. the relationship between the Captains certainly was. This time. And on that day. worn away by battles against warbands. of course. of course. the Nemean Campaign accomplished little besides ensuring that the feud between the Lions and their still-loyal brothers burns brighter than ever. meanwhile. pulling back to the safety of the storehouse just ahead of the Lions’ orbital bombardment. In a lightning raid. they encountered no resistance – the Lions were gone. they had lost equally valuable Space Marines. Though they had gained valuable resources.. The Chapter mattered. Scourge of Zebediah III. and the Lions had escaped. all the debts in the world did not matter. So now the Lions would retreat into the Eye of Terror yet again. Commander of the Most Stalwart Sixth Company of the Heralds of Light. valuable ancient weaponry lost. The Steel Dogs and Heralds. but ‘slightly’ would not restore the Lions to Alba. He was looking forward to it. He’d been outwitted (as had they all). Dedicated investigation discovered a Esca Blackblood resisted the temptation to strangle Captain Skaron Cinereal. Esca and Skaron quarrelled over where the blame lay for the Lions’ escape – indeed. the harsh mutations of the Warp. they launched another assault on the storehouse. The Lions retreated to the relative security of the Eye of Terror. All in all. and their hastily assembled supply dump was poorly defended. leaving behind only a fraction of the treasures the storehouse should have held. It would not do to be impolite to an ally. As Cinereal held forth again on the unworthiness of these. my old Desolation Angels and see what I've got. Their eventual discharge of this enmity in a duel on Phyrenios III during the Eighth Ring War is. As a Space Marine.

The first and last engagements of the campaign would both work well with a space component. Tau The Tau are certainly canny enough to use Imperial greed against them. Of course. they ALL show up. the main rulebook (page 263). Eldar Like Chaos Space Marines. of course. Adapting for Other Games Not all our readers play 40K. Simple enough. Anyone who says otherwise is a heretic. we offer suggestions on adapting the campaign for different games. combining persistent units and victory effects and determining the winner of the campaign only by victory in the final scenario. Adapting for Other Forces Although the B&C is a power armoured forum. It’s remarkably easy to adapt the campaign for Kill Team in concept – simply cast one side as the Brutes and proceed from there. Real prison. and playing out those is very possible. Then choose units from that pool for each mission. Replacing Campaign Victory Points Yet another option is to ignore Campaign Victory Points altogether. perhaps an ambush or two in the rings of a gas giant. we recognize that sometimes our members want to shoot other people. It isn’t difficult. Kill Team This works well if you want to play through the campaign but don’t want to or can’t paint up entire appropriate armies. This has the potential to keep things tense right up to the final minutes – even with an overwhelming advantage. Chaos Space Marines could easily fill the role of either side in this campaign. The concept would be similar to that involved with the Dark Eldar – trying to lure out a threat that cannot be struck at otherwise. Likewise. or even for the treacherous mon-keigh to lure the Eldar into a trap by intentionally offending their sensibilities. However. a few lucky rolls and good decisions can allow even the most battered army to triumph. Likewise. Tyranids Tyranids. several pursuits. Each successive scenario a unit survives gives it access to another veteran skill. which I will not duplicate here (the rules are available free on GW’s website. losses are permanent – models which suffer Instant Death are gone for the rest of the campaign. will he be able to get out again afterward… Victory Effects Another option is to provide persistent effects based on what player wins which scenarios. Likewise. it requires that your opponent have enough Genestealers. are difficult to trick – and when you lure them somewhere. then they are gone for the rest of the campaign as well. You could even run two separate parallel campaigns – the initial meeting engagement. victory in Scenario 2 could give the Lions more troops in Scenario 6. The Eldar work very well as the side that lays the trap. Some play other games instead (or additionally). The second is more involved – create an initial pool of units for each player to draw on (somewhere around 40005000 points should suffice). the confusion of the Heresy and Scouring make it a certainty that ancient supply dumps remain undiscovered. The fleets involved would be relatively small (more than 1000 points a side would definitely expand the scope of the campaign!) but it adds another dimension. One option is to just have the victories affect the final scenario – for example. Replace the fake storehouse with “fake refugee camps” and the real storehouse with “unknown entrance to nearby hive city” and things work just fine. As to luring the Tau into a trap: captured Ethereal. it is very possible for Eldar to attack an Imperial world but to be seeking something far different than what their initial strike would suggest. The trick here is not to unbalance things so much that the winner keeps on winning. and other models which are killed in—game must roll against their toughness – if they fail. we include some suggestions for how the campaign could work for other races. Dark Eldar While complicated plans to lure in dangerous foes are not necessarily the Dark Eldar’s style (why lure when you could be back at his house. and are more than willing to perpetrate convoluted schemes against each other. Chaos Space Marines Adapting this campaign for Chaos Space Marines is simple enough – warbands and legions have plenty of reasons to hate each other. the Eldar love to scheme. Or allow players to cash in Campaign Victory Points for more troops or other advantages. It might. Even if one player is winning on the ground. should you be interested). eating his family’s souls?). I’m certain no Inquisitor has double bluffed an opponent by pretending to fall for a trap (or fallen for a trap but escaped due to knowing something his enemy didn’t). The first several scenarios can be easily adapted 113 . Simply allow surviving units in each scenario to pick the appropriate rules accordingly. Battlefleet Gothic already contains good advice on integrating with planetary assaults and ground campaigns. Adding Battlefleet Gothic Large parts of the campaign take place in space. the possibility of another force attempting to lure them with a false prize is very real. since so many Maiden Worlds now lie under Imperial control. It’s remarkable how duplicitous and violent the inhabitants of the 41st millennium are. be possible to do something with a Genestealer Cult. unfortunately. To them. Inquisition I’m sure no Inquisitor has ever perpetrated a sneaky plot to trap a foe.

use the framework of the campaign to come up with entirely new scenarios. He also (apparently) edited this Imprint. and play those. Battlefleet Gothic Adapting the campaign for Battlefleet Gothic is also remarkably easy. the breakout scenario can involve running a blockade out of several planetary gravity wells (using the rules for those in BFG) through a network of asteroid emplacements. As an example. Supplies can be stored in space as easily as on a planet. perhaps they get an objective for moving a certain number of points off the board – and dead units don’t count. Perhaps friendly drop pods land and engage enemy Brute Squads? In the final mission. while the Lions have objectives related to making it to the other side of the board. slightly limiting the number of objectives placed on the board in order to encourage more destruction might be a good idea (especially in the battle scenarios. Simply ensure the players deploy in the appropriate fashion. If playing the entire campaign in Epic. but otherwise adapting the scenarios should be fairly simple. Conclusion Hopefully we’ve provided you with some helpful ideas to make the Nemean Campaign work for you. the Kill Team must immobilize or destroy several vehicles. the Kill Team must find and take out the enemy commander – even as Titans and other such units roam the battlefield. 114 . tailor the objectives accordingly. but as a further demonstration – in the Pursuit scenario. The cinematic nature of Kill Team lends itself well to acting out blood feuds between angry Space Marines. Epic: Armageddon Adapting the campaign for Epic is easy. Thanks for reading. so the basic concepts and most of the objectives still work. I hope you’ve enjoyed these articles. Or as another example. the Infiltration scenario can be adapted to work with a few squadrons of Rapid Strike Vessels. Alternatively. rather than engage the entire enemy army. it might make sense to have Lions units achieve an objective if they’re unbroken and within 15cm of the appropriate board edge – that gives the loyalists a decent chance to stop them.– instead of playing the whole battle. as an example. Alternately. For example. Since Marching allows units to really get around. in the first mission the Kill Team must take out an enemy commander during the Drop Pod assault. The scenario in the battle report will hopefully provide a good example. Octavulg is a Lexicanium. so the results should be more than appropriate. the Dogs should have several objectives related to destroying enemy formations. all point values should be doubled (approximately). and the Legio Imprint. Since this is a war of annihilation (at least for one side). In the pursuit mission. The table is the area covered by the storehouse sensor net. and make sure the final battle is appropriately grand. and man about town. play a part. law student. and once outside the net the scout force can safely disengage and slip away. Liberite.

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