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Supplement to The Delphos Herald August 2013

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Back to School Essentials: Four Items Where Price Should Never Be an Issue

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Choose different fillings from one day to the next. And for mornings when you’re in more of a rush than usual. Children will ap­ preciate this variety as long as the fi­ nal result is www. In fact. and vegetables and sauces (mayonnaise. ciabatta. 333 North St. Mom? It’s a headache for some. Advance planning is es­ sential in order to avoid repeating the same formula over and over again in the rush to get out of the house every morning. and fun packaging can make all the difference. offer your children soups or supper leftovers. why not offer them finger foods.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 3 What’s in my lunch box today. 3 LOCATIONS – CHOOSE THE ONE MOST CONVENIENT FOR YOU . yogurt) can result in an infinite number of possibilities. Main St. and some fruit? Children love being able to choose what to eat and this way they’ll have lots of choice. if microwave ovens are avai­ lable to them at school. pre­­ pare a little extra just for the lunch boxes the next day. . Variety is an important factor in sti­ mu­ lating the appetites and interest of chil­ dren. cheeses. but packing lunches is an un­ avoidable part of the new school year. crackers. For the next 200 school days. Cold cuts. when cooking your evening meals. different foods. such as cubes of meat and cheese. Select a variety of breads at the grocery store or the bakery. and fun for others. and have fun all day. in Delphos 419-695-PEAK (7325) 408 E. The key to interesting and appetizing lunches is more variety. Colorful meals. and colored tortillas can add a touch of variety. run.peakcommunitywellness. mustard. vegetable sticks. Pitas. your children will need to fill their lunch boxes with foods that give them the energy to learn. . Perry St. in Ottawa 419-523-PEAK (7325) . facebook. in Van Wert YWCA 419-238-0436 1880 N.

419-695-4015 www. The golden rule is to never do on the Web what you wouldn’t dare do on the street. including cyber bullying and cyber predators. Even though computers. in this era of the Internet. This issue has caused plenty of grief for many a young woman.. Sitting in front of a computer screen seems to protect and isolate us. homework help and more. From DVDs and CDs to computers.. it is recommended to set up the computer in a communal area of the home so that parents can keep an attentive eye on the use their children make of it. First of all.oh.m. hang out and have fun. another important element should never be forgotten: In­ ternet safety. noon-8 p.m. careful supervision is vital. reading clubs. Re­ cord and print any conversations and contact your local police immediately.delphos. ever accept an invitation from someone who asks them not to talk about it to other people. Be­ cause of this. aware of the consequences of one of the most dangerous activities on the Web — the posting of sexy or suggestive photos. and stay on the sidewalks. If parents believe that their child is the victim of entrapment or bullying. Tues.-noon Member of SEO (Serving Every Ohioan) Consortium giving access to over 8 million items . they should be aware that they do have recourse against this type of criminal activity. Thurs.. 9 a. the library is a great place to learn. Pru­ dence is just as necessary on the Web as it is elsewhere. Parents must also make their children. Children and the Web Adventure Awaits at the Delphos Public Library We invite you to stop in and see what’s new. Wed. Once on the Internet. especially daughters. long into the future.m. tablets. e-books. crafts.4 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School A few traps to avoid The start of a new school year is always a good opportunity to remind children about a few safety rules: don’t talk to strangers. cross the road at intersections. Delphos Public Library 309 W. They should never.m. Parents must discuss with their children the risks and the traps to avoid. these images can circulate nonstop.lib. Saturday 9 a.. the fact remains that danger lurks on the Internet. Second St. Friday 9 a.-5 p.-8 p. Hours: Mon. but the Internet is a window into the world at large. In fact. children should never use a nickname that reveals their age. and smart phones are great for staying in touch or for doing school work.m.

• CLOSED SUN. but sometimes those tears can be caused by anguish and worry. After a last goodbye. and. 102 S. but I’m not! Watching children leave home for their very first day of school is always an emotional time for parents. Little boys and girls are very perceptive. and just try to enjoy yourself. keep smiling. In other words. go for a walk. you will probably feel reas­ sured as well. BROADWAY • SPENCERVILLE 419-647-4584 . Health Mart PHARMACY Canal ® “PROUD TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY” • DRY CLEANING DROP OFF SERVICE • SENIOR CITIZENS DISCOUNT • FREE DELIVERY • HONOR MOST INSURANCE PLANS INCLUDING MEDICARE PART D • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • MAGAZINES & BOOKS 9-6 MON. Parents must prepare themselves in ad­ vance so they can keep their composure during this big day in the lives of their children. Leaving children in the hands of strangers is never easy. be positive. Prac­ tice taking the route to school. Set the alarm clock to wake up at a reasonable hour and take the time to eat breakfast with your children. You deserve a break after all the back-to-school rushing around. many mums and dads will spill tears of joy and pride. but do try to avoid becoming overwhelmed by anxiety. give yourself some time to catch your breath. It is helpful to establish the new routine several days before school starts.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 5 My child is ready for school. So relax. if you get your children used to the new routine.-FRI. It is okay to feel nervous. The first day of school is certainly a very special time. This would be upsetting to your children. By showing that they are in control of the situation. parents will help their children feel safe and self-confident. • 9-2 SAT. Acknowledge your feelings without any judgment. but it is a normal step in the life of any child. and after offering all the support you can give to your children. Relax in a candle-lit bubble bath. above all. and distract yourself with a good book. In the last days before school starts.

First of all. and do it right. Keep in mind that selecting products of a lesser quality could cause you a few headaches if they break or wear out too quickly. and if not. take your time. That way you’ll have everything at hand if your children run out during the school year — you won’t have to go shopping yet again and pay the full price. and exercise books. Lastly. include your children in this shopping trip if they express the desire to accompany you. Ohio 45891 419-238-1299 SERVING THIS AREA SINCE 1952 PROUD SUPPORTER OF COWS & PLOWS . School supplies 10305 Liberty-Union Road Van Wert. Here are a few tips to help you stay calm during all the tumult. and lunch boxes. That’s right. To save yourself some money. so start early. but be sure to set certain limits before you leave home. in larger quantities. remind them that they are meant to be helpers rather than shoppers. while others offer personalized help in finding items on the list. backpacks. pads of paper. These detailed lists can be big orders to fill. Some stores organize their school supply section based on the lists supplied by the schools. you could check the flyers of the various stores before leaving home. After all. such as pencils. in search of school supplies.6 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School Let the race begin! And they’re off: the race to buy school supplies has begun. with your list at the ready. You could also buy some items. the time has come to head out to the stores. you want your children to have everything they need for the school year and for their teacher’s class list. carefully examine the list of supplies requested by the school. Let them know if there is a budget for extras. What you should be looking for is the best quality/price ratio. clothing.

You probably already know that eating breakfast is vital for energy and for in­ creasing one’s capacity to learn. affordable tuition and millions in scholarship and aid when you decide to be a Buckeye. Campus visits are scheduled daily. Find out more at Lima. this is an occasion to spend time together as a family. Before leaving home. You can Be a BuckeYe You’ll find quality education. give them a . Above all. but these annual photos will become great memories for the entire family. See for yourself what Ohio State Lima has to offer.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 7 Celebrate the new school year Why not organize a back to school party this year? Turning the first day of school into a festive occasion is a great way to start off the new school year on the right foot. a smoothie and a small homemade fat-free muffin are easy to manage. When your children get home after their first day back at school. And all credits lead to an Ohio State degree. a little reward to make them feel better after what can often be a stressful day. a moment to support each other in making the peaceful transition from the quiet of the summer to the regular school year routine. The idea may seem old-fashioned to you. Set the table with fresh flo­ wers and new placemats. If your children aren’t hungry. Cre­ ate an album just for these backto-school photos and in a few years’ time you’ll all have fun looking through it. be sure to take the traditional photograph at the front door.OSU. even for small stomachs that are fee­ ling queasy with stress. and concoct a healthy breakfast that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Ohio State’s smaller campuses offer open admission to all Ohio high school graduates. You don’t need to spend a fortune to put smiles on their faces — serving their favourite meal or taking every- body out to a restaurant is a great way to finish off the day. Make your back-toschool breakfast a colourful affair.

Of course you should always try a keep to your budget. with double wall va­ cuum insulation. Forget about using old margarine and cottage cheese containers! Back to school essentials THERMAL CONTAINERS You should never skimp when food safety is RUNNING SHOES at stake. BACKPACKS Choose a backpack that is no wider than the child’s back and shoulders.subway. . PLASTIC CONTAINERS There are two reasons why you should invest in good quality plastic lunch containers: buy- www. to giant Everything from sandwich platters. Choose shoes with foam soles for extra comfort. but for some essential items qua­ lity should always be your priority. Your choice of a thermal container Growing children need good quality sports is crucial for your child’s health. The temshoes to keep their feet healthy. Pay particular attention to the sturdiness of the zips and stitching. ing reusable items is great for the environment. Even though perature of a hot meal should always stay leather remains a big fa­ vourite because of above 60°C. Third St. and resilience. so it is recommended to use its durability. and spills in the bottom of lunch boxes will be avoided. to cookie platters.8 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School Four items where price should never be an issue We can’t escape the fact that a new school year is synonymous with the ine­ vitable trips to the stores to get everything that the children need. lots of running shoes made a thermal container made of stainless steel with synthetic materials combine flexibility. lightness. of Ottoville • 419-453-7827 CATERING MADE FRESH FOR EVERY OCCASION! 190 W. Look for one made of canvas (avoid plastic) that has several compartments and padded shoulder straps at least 5 cm wide.

m.m. Aug.m. 1 — Report cards sent home Nov. dismissal Nov. 23 — Reports cards sent home Feb. Aug. 20 — 1:30 p. 3 — Christmas break Jan. 17 — Quarter ends Jan. 29 — Quarter ends Nov.m.m.70 Fifth grade — $50.55 Second grade — $83.m. 21 — Teacher in-service Jan.m. 16 Seventh grade — 9-11 a. 14 Eighth grade — 9-11 a. in Jefferson Middle School Auditorium June 2 — Teacher in-service June 2-5 — Make-up days Jefferson Middle School will hold registration. dismissal Nov. 15 A kindergarten parents-only meeting with Franklin kindergarten teachers will be held at 6 p.m. 26 — Teacher in-service Aug.m.25 School calendar Aug. Aug. The schedule is as follows: New Families — Aug. The first day of school for kindergartners is Aug. 27. Aug.m.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 9 Delphos City Schools Franklin Elementary School has set registration for the 2013-14 school year.m. 21.m. dismissal .last day of school May 31 — Commencement 9 a. dismissal Dec. Book fees: Kindergarten — $75. 17 — Presidents’ Day March 10 — OGT testing begins March 25 — Quarter ends March 28 — Reports cards sent home April 17 — 1:30 p. 27-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. 6-8 — Parent-teacher conferences Nov.30 Fourth — $47. The first day of school for Franklin students in grades 1-5 is Aug.75 First grade — $84.m. 27 — School begins Sept.45 Third grade — $59. 23 . and 1-3 p. The school’s open house will be held from 6-7 p. 19 Sixth grade — 9-11 a.95 Multiple disabilities class — $31. and 1-3 p. on Aug. 12 Kindergarten and first grade — Aug. dismissal April 18-21 — Easter break April 22 — OAA testing begins May 26 — Memorial Day May 30 — 1:30 p. 14 Fourth and fifth grade — Aug.Jan.m. Families new to the district are asked to register from 9-11 a. 6 — 1:30 p. 29. 20 . and 1-3 p. 26 — 1:30 p. Day Jan. 7-8 — No school for students Nov. 2 — Labor Day Oct. 13 Second and third grade — Aug. 19.m. and 1-3 p. 20 — Martin Luther King Jr. Aug.m.

pick up their rental books and purchase workbooks and supplies at the Bookstore. 7-8 — Parent-Teacher Conferences Nov.m. If you wish to purchase basic accident insurance for your student. 27-29 — Thanksgiving vacation Dec. jeans and casual clothing are not to be worn to Freshmen orientation. John’s Elementary will host a kindergarten parents meeting at 6 p. 2 — Labor Day Oct. 14. St. Aug. Arnzen Gymnasium. 20 — Martin Luther King Day Jan. 11 — Homecoming game Oct. dismissal . 3. 14 Juniors — 9-11 a.m. Orientation will run until approximately 11 a. 26 — 1:30 p. on Aug.m. 20 —1:30 p. 12 — Homecoming dance Oct.Jan. 3 – Christmas vacation Jan. receive their schedules. Incoming Freshmen will register. John’s does not provide any type of accident insurance for students or athletes. 15 As a reminder.m. .m. 6 — 1:30 p.m. Aug. Parent-Teacher Conferences Nov. Aug. 14 — High school will be in session. John’s High has set registration for the upcoming school year.m. 20 beginning in the Robert A. **Shorts. 15 Seniors — 1-3 p.16 — Children’ Festival Oct. Aug. please contact the Ministry Center. 21 — St. dismissal Nov. 23 . 20 in the Little Theater. 27 — First day of school for all pupils Sept.m.** Sophomores — 1-3 p. Information packets will be handed out that evening followed by tours of the building. dismissal April 18-21 — Easter vacation April 23-26 — School Musical May 10 — Prom May 26 — Memorial Day May 30 — 1:30 p. dismissal Dec. The schedule is as follows: Incoming Freshmen should report to the High School Gym at 9 a. no school for grade school Oct. John’s Schools St. John’s High School registration St. School calendar Aug. 6 — School Resumes Jan.m. St. John’s Festival weekend Oct.m.last day of school for pupils — Quarter ends June 1 — Commencement June 2 — Teacher Work Day Possible make-up days in case of bad weather are June 2.10 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School St.m.17 — Presidents’ Day March 10 — OGT testing starts March 25 — Quarter ends April 17 — 1:30 p. Aug. John’s has school Feb. 19 — Quarter ends Nov. 19-20 — St. 20 — Teacher in-service day Aug.m. The Elementary Open House will be held from 6:30-8:30 p. 4 and 5. 17 — Quarter ends Jan.

20. 28-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. April 16-17. Cafeteria prices: Grades K-5 — $2. Book bills for grades K-5 are $70 Elementary book bills Junior high supply list for 2013 School calendar Aug.m. and 12:30-2 p. 27 — Progress reports sent home Oct.30 ($11.m. 2 — Classes resume Dec.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 11 Ottoville Local Schools Book bills will be collected from 1-7 p. dismissal . 20 — Martin Luther King Jr. 20 — Teacher work day Aug. 26-27 — Parent-teacher conferences Nov. 17 — Presidents’ Day March 14 — Quarter ends April 16-21 — Easter break April 22 — Classes resume April 25 — Staff development (2-hour delay) — Progress reports sent home May 18 — Commencement May 22 — Quarter ends — Last day for students May 23 — Teacher check-out Make-up days: Jan. 21. 14 — Staff development (2-hour delay) — Progress reports sent home Feb. Aug 13. ALL STUDENTS: Pencils(10 pack) Red pens (10 pack) Blue or black ink pens Ruler Highlighter Colored pencils (12 pack) Glue stick Scissors One 3-inch binder One 5.m. 2 — Labor Day Sept. Aug. Contact the school at 419-453-3012. 13 and 8:30-11:30 a. Aug.45 Small frozen yogurt — $.50 Large frozen yogurt — $1 . April 21 and May 23. — First day of school Sept. 10 — Quarter ends Jan. 2 — Classes resume Jan.50 a week) Milk — $. Feb. 25 — Quarter ends Nov.05 ($10. 20 — 1 p.or 8-packet divider Two packs of loose-leaf paper (wide line) One sharpie marker Headphones Flash drive for computer projects One container of Clorox wipes Two boxes of Kleenex Sixth grade only One box of baggies Seventh-grade reading: One-inch 3-ring binder 7th & 8th grade science One-inch 3-ring binder Eight packet dividers Class of 2017 parents are required to attend the iPad Parent Meeting at 7 p.25 a week) Middle/High school — $2. 27 — Staff development (2-hour delay) Sept. 13 — Staff development (2-hour delay) Dec. 17.Christmas break Jan.m. 14 in the elementary office. Day Feb.m.

2 — Labor Day Oct. 20 — No School Feb.m. 14 — Elementary Open House Aug.12 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School Jennings Local Schools 9 a.20 .org/FortJennings Please note: Standard text messaging charges may apply based on your provider service plan or contract. 13 — High School schedule pick-up 6-7 p.m.m. 17. 14 — Kindergarten Orientation School calendar 7-8 p. 28-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. 31 — Parent-teacher conferences Nov. 16. These alerts can be delivered via text message or email. 1 — No school for students and staff Nov. 30 — Parent-teacher conferences (evening) Oct. Cafe’ Lunch Prices Elementary — $2.Jan. to 2 p. 17 — No School Apr. 23 .m.m. 17 Apr. 29 School alerts Jennings Local Schools is offering school alerts such as delays. as well as potential problems that parents should be made aware of instantly.10 High school — $2. 2 — Classes Resume Jan. 13 — Seventh-grade Orientation 11 a. 21 — School Starts Sept. 27. 22 — Classes resume May 16 — Graduation May 22 — Last day for students May 23 — Last day for staff Make-up Days Feb. 16-21 — Spring/Easter break Apr. Aug. Aug. 21 May 23. Contact your carrier for details. You can sign up by using the following link: http://ohioalerts. 28. 1 — Christmas break Jan. Aug. Aug. cancellations and early dismissals.

19.20 Reduced lunch — $.parent-teacher conferences Nov.m. 25 — Quarter ends Nov. The evening will begin with a general assembly in the gymnasium with High School Principal Kelly Dye.m. who will introduce staff members and say a few words about policies and general information for the school year. 2-3 – No school . dismissal for faculty inservice Aug.80 Salad bar — $3 School calendar Aug. and grades 4-6 will begin at 7 p.Fair days Sept.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 13 Lincolnview Schools The open house/orientation for junior high and senior high parents will be held at 6:30 p.50 Milk — $. 20 — Martin Luther King Jr. 17 and May 27-30 . 29-30 and Sept. Lincolnview Elementary will host an open house on Aug. 21 — First day of school for students Aug. Grade K-3 will begin at 6 p.65 Lunch B — $2. 25 — Parent-teacher conferences (evening) Nov. 10 — Quarter ends Jan. 16 — Faculty in-service Oct.95 JH-HS Lunch B — $2. 14 — Faculty in-service Feb. on Aug 15.Presidents’ Day March 21 — Quarter ends April 17 — Faculty in-service April 18-21 . 1 — Christmas break Jan.m.30 JH-HS salad bar — $2.Easter break May 23 — Last day for students May 27 — Faculty work day Make-up days are Feb. 27 — 1:08 p.40 Breakfast — $1. 23-Jan. Day Feb. 26 — No school . 20 — Faculty in-service (2-hour delay) Oct.30 Adult lunch prices are: Lunch A — $2. 17 . 2 — Classes resume Jan. 28-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. 20 — Faculty in-service Aug.40 Reduced breakfast $. Student school lunch prices are as follows: JH-HS Lunch A — $1.m.

20 — Two-hour early release Dec.m. 5 Eighth-grade Open House — 6-8 p. 30 only. 28 only.14 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School Elida Local Schools School calendar Aug. April 17 and 21.m. 28 with a staggered schedule: Group A attends Aug. 3 — Christmas break Jan.m.m.m. 20 — Martin Luther King Jr. 29 only. Aug.m.) Elida Elementary kindergarten begin Aug. Group B attends Aug. and June 2. 15 Open Houses/Parent Orientations School breakfast/lunch prices Breakfast (grades K-4) — $1.m. 23 and 26 — Teacher work days Aug. Day Feb. 25 Elida Middle School schedule is as follows: Fifth-grade Orientation — 6-8 p. Aug.m.m. Aug.40 Elementary and intermediate (grades K-4) — $2.m. May 30. and Noon to 2:30 p.m. 14 Seniors — 8:30-11:30 a.m. 12 Elida High School will host its Open House from 7-8:30 p.m. Elida Elementary Open House will be held from 2-3:30 p. 3. Orientation for parents and their kindergarten students is at the following times: Boys — 10-11:30 a. 23-Jan. 6 — School resumes Jan.40 Elida Middle School (grades 5-8) — $2.25 Breakfast (grades 4-12) — $1.m. Aug. 2 — Labor Day Sept 13 — Staff professional development day Nov.75 Adults — $3.m. 14 — Staff professional development day Feb. Sept. Aug. 13 Juniors — 8:30-11:30 a. and Group C attends Aug. 17 — Presidents’ Day April 16 — Two-hour early release April 17-21 — Spring break May 25 — Graduation May 29 — Last day for student/two-hour early release May 20 — Teacher work day Make-up days: Feb.m. 26 Sixth-grade Open House — 6-8 p.m. and noon to 2:30 p. 28 Elida High School class schedule pickup/fee payment/ picture days are as follows: Freshmen — 8:30-11:30 a.40 Elida High School (grades 9-12) — $2. 29 Seventh-grade Open House — 6-8 p. 12 Sophomores — 8:30-11:30 a. 17. Aug. 27-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. (Please be at the Elida Fieldhouse at 12:30 p. 27. and noon to 2:30 p. Sept. and Noon to 2:30 p. 27 — First day of school for students Sept.m.) Girls — 1-2:30 p. Aug. Kindergarten Orientation will held on Aug. All kindergarten students attend all-day/everyday starting Sept. (Please be at the Elida Fieldhouse at 9:30 a.50 . Aug.00 A la carte milk — $.

75 for a Type A lunch.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 15 School calendar Aug. 10 — Quarter ends Jan.Parent-teacher conferences Nov. 27 — Mid-term reports due Oct. 20 — Teacher in-service/Open House Aug.quarter break Nov. 2 — Classes resume Jan. grades 7-12 will pay $2.Presidents’ Day Feb.m. Additional milk can be purchased for $. 15 in the high school auditorium.teacher in-service April 17-21 — Easter break April 25 — Mid-term reports due May 23 — Last day of school May 25 — Graduation May 27 — Teacher work day Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet teachers and principals and locate classrooms during the Open House from 4-6 p.teacher in-service March 14 — Quarter ends April 2 — Two-hour early dismissal . 17 — No school .Martin Luther King Jr. .50. 20 — No school . 28 — No school .30. Students in grades 9-12 do have a $50 premium for use of the iPads. This must be paid by Aug. 25 — Quarter ends Oct.25. Aug. 20. 21 — First day of school Sept. 2 — Two-hour early dismissal . The elementary and high school offices will be open to accept workbook and lunch payments. Students in grades K-6 may purchase a Type A lunch for $2. 23 for students to be permitted to take their iPads home. Seventh-grade Orientation will be held at 10 a. 19 — Two-hour early dismissal . 27-29 — Thanksgiving break Dec. 2 — No school .Labor Day Sept. Aug.teacher in-service Oct. Student workbook fees are as follows: Grades K-6 — $58 Grade 7 — $57 Grade 8 — $47 Workbook fees for grades 9-12 will vary per individual class requirement.m. 1 — Christmas break Jan. 23-Jan. Day Feb. 14 — Mid-term reports due Feb. 25-26 — No school . 13 — Mid-term reports due Dec. Continental Local Schools Lunch prices Breakfast is available for students for $1. Elementary students are encouraged to bring their school supplies with them to the Open House.

In this era of innovation in education. LearnSmart delivers this adaptive learning experience for a variety of high school subject areas. teachers and administrators are using a variety of tools to ensure students are better prepared to succeed than ever before. we saw an opportunity to build an entirely new program that would address the Common Core Other digital learning tools use additional techniques to help students succeed. each use “adaptive” technology to continually assess students’ knowledge. Shift to New Standards Schools nationwide are finding new ways to provide individually tailored lesson plans while addressing the Common Core State Standards. Common Core-specific reading and language arts intervention system for students in Grades 3–8. built using entirely new educational technology. McGraw-Hill Education’s Reading Wonders is one such tool. skill and confidence levels and to create a unique study path designed to help each student in the topics and concepts they need most – a level of personalization previously only available from a personal tutor. by leveraging contemporary cognitive science about how we learn. using cutting-edge digital tools.” said Christine Willig. delivering that sort of individual attention to students becomes more difficult. McGraw-Hill Education’s LearnSmart and FLEX Literacy. From personalized learning technologies to new educational standards.” Personalized Learning Education research has shown that instruction becomes more effective when tailored to students’ unique learning styles and needs. Personalized learning tends to lead to deeper learning – which will help students meet many of the new Common Core standards. parents are beginning to notice that today’s classroom looks quite different from what they experienced in their own school days. the new set of K-12 educational standards designed to improve students’ With this in mind. requirements.  As classrooms continue getting bigger however. .com.mheducation. can be found at www.16 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School What every parent needs to know about changes in the classroom Across the country. “When the new standards reiterated the importance of these skills. often relying on a new generation of educational technologies that help students learn and succeed at their own pace. this school year will be particularly exciting in part because states will be piloting assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Available in both all-digital and print/digital formats. we knew that preparing students for the demands of college and careers required setting a solid foundation in skills such as reading comprehension and writing. More information about new digital programs. “Even before the advent of the Common Core. including those designed specifically for the Common Core State Standards. it is the first K-6 core reading program designed specifically for the new standards. for example. offering interconnected platforms So just what do these changes mean for personalized for students and teachers and your kids? accessible across any device. while FLEX Literacy incorporates it into a comprehensive. Reading Wonders was readiness for college and future careers. senior vice president of products at McGraw-Hill School Education.

or numlexia. When she’s asked to solve a problem. Sarah may suffer from a math disability: dyscalculia. talk about it with a professional who will be able to direct you towards appropriate assessments and treatments. Wed. health professionals eliminate other hypo­ theses. but excellent results are entirely possible. Thurs.. & Fri.. FREE GROOM’S TUX! *Ask for details Tuxedo’s starting at $ 5995 Flower Fort 280 N.. Getting Married? We have what you are looking for! Invitations. and di­­­ vision are incomprehensible. Water St. or the consequences of brain trauma. Jennings. Before diagnosing dyscalculia. Ft. & Sat.. These procedures may seem to take a long time.. memory. A neuropsychological examination is then con­ duc­­­­ ted in order to assess intellectual quotient (IQ). and ad­ dition. Tues. Dyscalculia is to numbers what dys­ lexia is to letters. such as pro­­ blems with vision. multiplication. she can’t remember her multiplication ta­ bles. The length of the treatment varies. subtraction. Accessories. 9:00-5:00. the task is laborious and she feels stupid. concentration. and language. They use their fin­ gers when asked to count. OH 45844 Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. . She has difficulty reading and writing numbers. and the simplest calculation discou­ rages her. There are several outward signs of this learning disabi­ lity.m. The number 243 can turn into 200403 inside the heads of children with dyscalculia. If you’re concerned that your child may suffer from a math disability.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 17 When numbers turn into a nightmare Sarah doesn’t like math. but they are vital in order to avoid making a premature dia­ gnosis. hearing. Children diagnosed with dyscalculia are treated by a speech therapist. 419-286-2844 Mon. 9:00 a. Flowers and more . Dyscalculia Dyscalculia is to numbers what dyslexia is to letters. but they have nothing to do with intellectual disability or sensory disorders. as each case is unique. for example.-12:00 noon Evenings & Saturday Afternoons by Appointment. which could point doctors in the wrong direction.

or during extracurricular activities. Defiance Grant Insurance aGency. talk a lot. all children demonstrate one or another of these types of behaviour when they are tired or excited. your Insurance ProfessIonals sInce 1936 419-782-7176 324 Clinton St. often lose items. Certainly. from ADHD will exhibit several of these symptoms in an ongoing and excessive manner. and tend to touch everything. and do not follow instructions. children suffering What are the symptoms? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Don’t jump to conclusions if your child seems hyperactive. at home. at school. neurologist. Impulsiveness: children interrupt others. and/or impulsiveness. have difficulty getting themselves organi­ zed. Children suffering from ADHD can present different symptoms of inattention. How­ ever. don’t seem to listen. Inattention: children cannot stay focused on what they are doing. takes into account parents’ observations. must first ensure that the hyperactivity is not a manifestation of trauma or any other type of disturbance. Main St Continental . the doctor performs testing. and gathers information from teachers and other adults in the child’s life. To reach a diagnosis. they are easily distracted.18 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School Only specialists can diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 419-596-3848 101 N. or pediatrician. have difficulty wai­ ting their turn. Before any kind of diagnosis. Inc. and are in­ capable of playing quietly. a specialist. run or climb at inopportune moments. Hyperactivity: children have dif­ ficulty sitting still and move constantly. such as a psychiatrist. hyperactivity. If parents suspect that a child has ADHD. A specialized treatment and educational plan are established as soon as ADHD has been diagnosed. commonly known as ADHD. they should be very careful about jumping to conclusions.

and beliefs — without any judgment from the parents. Performance anxiety BUY ONE GET ONE Starting @ $499 FREE OTTOVILLE Furniture • Appliance • Television • Floor Covering & Mattress Gallery 145 Third Street. A father who is desperate for his son to succeed where he failed or a mother who is dissatisfied with her child’s efforts can upset the child to the point of affecting his or her health. Ohio 45876 www. However.The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 19 Wanting to be the best at any cost Most children feel stressed during any kind of academic evaluation. 9:00-7:00. Saturday 9:00-3:30 . and every exam ma­ kes them ill. Friday 9:00-6:00. For other children. even though it is not realistic.ottovillehardware. According to psychologists. however. it is sometimes possible that children can inflict on themselves this excessive need to succeed. and wanting to achieve it at any cost can become a harmful pattern. But the best way to help children who are feeling anxious about testing is to make them feel that they are loved for who they are and not for what they do.-Thurs. In it. particularly parents. For some. of course. they become more and more anxious as they advance in their schooling. or oral presentation can cause stomach aches or headaches that disappear as soon as the evaluation is over. Ottoville. Aiming for perfection. it is most often the case that the pressure stems from loved ones. testing can set off disproportionate levels of apprehension and performance 419-453-3338 Mon. En­ couraging children to participate in ex­ tracurricular activities and helping them find ways to relax can ease the problem. a test. Parents can support children who are fee­ ling performance anxiety by encouraging them to verbalize their fears. children are caught up in a vicious circle where they are never satisfied with their own efforts. exam. Children who develop performance an­ xiety are experiencing a fear of failure. expectations.

or even having braces can be enough to set in motion the victimization process. obesity. It is vital to encourage rejected chil­ dren to talk about their experience in order for them to escape their isolation. for example). and ostracized. Stop in today and check out our unbeatable prices! Lee Kinstle is the only GM Certified used Car Dealer in Van Wert County! LEE KINSTLE GM SALES AND SERVICE 650 West Ervin Road • Van Wert. and the consequences can be dramatic. speech difficulties. And yet. This also helps them to build their self-confidence. some children who stutter or who are obese will never experience rejection. Being different in some way is sometimes the cause behind this rejection. Parents should listen to how their children have suffered and. insulted. Parents who help their children from a young age to develop social skills are preparing them to be better able to defend themselves without re­ sorting to violence (but rather through discussion or humour. Being different in some way is often the cause of rejection. Children are best prepared by recei­ ving help in developing a certain amount of independence and social skills.COM . Isolated. all it takes is for children to ignore being made fun of for the rejection to start. they of­ ten suffer in silence. It is never easy for pa­ rents to help a child who is being rejected. Sometimes. Shyness.20 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School How to help children who have been rejected Children who are being rejected by their peers are going through a terrible ordeal. The next step is to tell their teachers. above all. school staff may be able to correct the situation through a class discussion where everyone can express themselves without fear of being jud­ ged. OH 458791 419-238-5902 • 866-LEEKINSTLE • LEEKINSTLE. which al­ low them to cope with their diffe­ rences. but it is possible. a ner­ vous tic. At other times. take them seriously. there doesn’t appear to be any lo­ gical explanation.

slumping over your desk. Use your imagination: who says studying has to be boring? Singing while reading or varying the tone of voice while The Delphos Herald • Back to School • 21 reading aloud stimulates dif­ ferent areas of the brain. Good posture: sit comfortably. don’t let yourself be distracted. Relax: inhaling and exhaling deeply through the nose allows you to relax and increase your level of concentration. 2. and laugh. brain power is supple and can be developed by exercising it. Washington St. Explain things to yourself or to someone else: read over your notes. AUGUST 17! Bring in a ONE SUBJECT NOTE AND RECEIVE A 229 S. This varied brain activity makes memorizing easier and faster. Find us on Facebook! DONATE D NOTEBO OKS WILL BE DISTRIB UTED TO LOCA L SCHOOL S! . 5. 6. 8. Choose to be attentive: be curious about what the teacher may have to say. then hide them and explain out loud what you’ve just read. Think about something else. with back straight. It will relax you and help you feel good. 7. Draw a picture: a picture is worth a thousand words — the smallest of scribbles is easier for the brain to re­ member than a single word. a unique sweet experience FREE DONUT WITH THIS COUPON ON SATURDAY. Take a break: go outside during break-time. Avoid crossing your legs or. note taking doesn’t leave room for day dreaming. It helps you stay alert and focused. and ask questions. and feet flat on the floor. Here are a few tips that can facilitate learning and remembering: 1. Van Wert 419-771-7297 • simplysivart@gmail. 4.Brain exercises Maintaining concentration and keeping the memory sharp are a daily challenge for students. even worse. shoulders relaxed. move around.. 3. Take notes: as well as facilitating memorization.

125 CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAM Visit our website: www. Even insomnia can make an appearance. nightmares. meet the teachers. parents can make their children feel secure enough that the transition to a new school and neighbourhood can go smoothly. Just as adults do. Just because they are young doesn’t mean that children can adapt easily to upheaval in their lives.000 mile lease per year Due at lease igning $2. parents should not expect that all their children’s misgivings will disappear like magic. It is important that children feel comfortable expressing what they are feeling. For the transition to go smoothly. and see other students will help them develop more GREVE per month plus tax New! 24 month lease 10. kids need time to get used to change. Of course. To prevent some of these reactions. The stress of a transition might manifest itself as sudden mood swings. When a change of school is also involved. parents have everything to gain by preparing their children for a move.22 • The Delphos Herald • Back to School A smooth transition Having to move house can be a major source of stress for children.115 plus tax CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAM GREVE 888-590-1685 $263 per month plus tax . a conversation about the po­ sitive aspects of the visit will help other fears to dissipate. Taking the time to visit new classrooms. or minor phy­­ sical discomfort. On the way home. • Van Wert $263 MSRP $ 37. the emotional impact can be huge. After this.grevechrysler.000 miles per year $1642 due at signing 756 W. it is essential that parents supply points of reference for their children. Chil­ dren need the support of their parents in order for this transition to go as smo­ othly as possible. Changing schools N 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab ! Express 4x4 (25C) ew Express 4x4 (25C) 24 month lease 10. But by being calm and patient. The best kind of start is to put all your cards on the table and explain frankly to children why they have to move and what it will involve. parents must listen carefully as they give children time to verbalize their worries. Ervin Rd.

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