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Nguyễn Đình Ân ( RM27) FERMENTED DRINK

1) BEER * Component: Water, alcohol, sugar, protein, malt *Ingredient: Malt, Water, Hop, Yeast

1) GIN *Ingredient: Juniper * Classification: Dutch gin, London dry Gin, American Gin, Flavor Gin 2) BITTER & ANISE a) Bitter Neatral spirit + herb. Ex: Campari, Angostura, Orange Bitter…. b) Anise Neatral spirit + anise Ex: Pernod, Ricard, Pastis….. 3) LIQUEUR * Ingredient: Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Flavor & Color * Way to produce : Steeping or Filtering --> Distilling * Type of name Prorietary & Generic *Classification a) Herb b) Citrus c) Fruit d) Seed e) Other

*Ingredient Distilled Spirit Liqueur Mixer Decoration * Method of making Shake Build Stir Blend *Classification a) Using Pre-dinner After dinner Refreshing b) Base spirit 4W ( vodka, rum, tequila & gin) + 2G ( whisky & brandy) c) Structure Gin-Martini Rye Whisky- Martini Sours Crème Cocktail 2 Spirit Cocktail Liqueur Cocktail Wine Cocktail Hot Cocktail Liqueur and Mixer Moctail

1) BRANDY a) Cognac: *Ingredient: grape ( Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche & Colombard ) * Classification: VS: 3-5 years of aging * Way to produce : Malting-> Mashing-> Hoping-> Fermenting- VSOP: 7-10 years of aging > Aging-> Add Co2-> Bottling XO: 20-40 years of aging * Region of making * Classification: Way of fermentation & Pasterization Famous: Grande Champagne & Pettie champange 2) WINE b) Armagnac * Ingredient: Water, Alcohol, Producing at Gascony Tanin, Acid, Sugar, organic substance, Vits+ mineral+ protein Flavor stronger than Cognac * Classification c) Fruit Brandy a) Color: red, white rose Marc ( hushs of grape), Calvados (Apple b) Sugar: sweet, medium dry, dry Jack), Krisch ( cherry ),... c) Bodied: Light, medium, full d) Other Brandy d) Foam : Still and sparkling 2) WHISKY e) Brandy and components a) scotch whisky *Malt : 100% barley Normal wine, dessert wine and fortified wine *Blended: Malt + Grain whisky b) Irish Whisky * Way to produce :crusher->pasterize-> steeping--> Fermenting--> Malo lactic fermented--> Aging--> Mixing--> Bottling 3) OTHER: Cider, sake, fermented rice…. Similar in Scotch , but no smoky flovor c) American Whisky Bourbon and Tennessee d) Rye whisky or Canadian whisky 3) RUM *Ingredient: Sugar or Molasse * Classification: White, gold and dark 4) TEQUILA *Ingredient: Mezcal tree * Classification: White, and gold ( Reposado , Anejo )

Nguyễn Đình Ân ( RM27) * Classification: White. Anejo ) 4) VODKA ALCOHOLIC DRINKS . and gold ( Reposado .

Nguyễn Đình Ân ( RM27) ALCOHOLIC DRINKS KTAIL m. tequila & gin) & brandy) .

Nguyễn Đình Ân ( RM27) ALCOHOLIC DRINKS .