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Midnight Muse
R.W. Shannon

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Shannon .To Jayha. Thank you for having my back. —R.W.


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Butterflies swirled in Grace Bowers’ stomach as the taxi screeched to a halt in front of the small cottage. For the next week, she’d be staying at this cabin, that she’d found through a travel agent back in the States, to finish her third romance novel. She couldn’t believe that she was in Rhodes, Greece and had to pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. The nineteen-hour plane ride, followed by the fourhour ferry ride from Athens to Rhodes, should’ve worn her out, but it hadn’t. It had taken two years of saving for her to get here, and she wouldn’t let anything spoil it. Time constraints prevented her from learning any Greek phrases before she left the States. She was thankful that everyone she encountered so far knew English. The driver held the door open for Grace as she climbed out and stared at the tiny, one-story home. A red clay roof sat atop white stucco walls. Patches of yellow daffodils framed the small front lawn. Though the house looked smaller than it did in the pictures, it would be fine. All she’d be doing


R.W. Shannon

was working, maybe sneaking in a sightseeing tour here and there. “Where do you want these?” the driver asked. The owner of the cottage was supposed to meet her there to hand over the keys. She saw a white car parked next to the house. He must be inside, she thought. “Just set them by the front door,” she said. Besides her laptop and purse, Grace had only brought two additional suitcases—one full, one empty. She’d promised her mother she would return with lots of souvenirs for her family and friends. From the pocket of her jeans, Grace pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and handed it to the driver. Then she began to worry. Was it too much? Too little? He smiled and nodded in gratitude. Turning from him, she knocked on the front door, but nobody answered. “Should I stay in case you need to go to hotel?” he asked in broken English. “No. I’ll be fine.” It was still early afternoon, and there was plenty of sunshine. The driver nodded before climbing back into the white taxi and driving

Midnight Muse


off. Grace sighed. The phone number for the owner was on her Smartphone. As she peered through the window, she pulled out her phone and flipped through her contacts until she found the number. She pressed the call button, and “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones filled the air. It took Grace a moment to realize that the sound was coming from inside the house. “Hello,” a man answered. The music stopped when he did. His voice was full bodied, and she tried to imagine what he looked like. “I’m Grace. I’m supposed to meet you to pick up the keys for the cottage. I’m here.” Grace frowned as the sound of a toilet flushing was broadcast over the phone. She wrinkled her nose as she heard the man zip up his pants and turn on the faucet. At least he washed his hands. She pictured him to be short with a lot of hair. Though his baritone voice and Greek accent was sexy and sent a shiver down her spine, the picture of a troll came to mind. She giggled. “Okay,” the man said curtly before hanging up. Grace glanced from her phone to the door. What kind of asshole had she rented this place from? She imagined trash to be

Why was she explaining herself to this jerk-off? And what did he just call her? She took a few deep breaths before opening her eyes and turning around. No other houses stood around this one. since you used my bathroom. mia bella. she looked out over the landscape. you were fine.W.14 R.” “You have a phone. if he was going to be so rude. while miles of olive groves extended on the other side.” Pressing her lips together. A two-lane road stretched in front of the house. so was she. Shannon everywhere inside and shuddered. . Plus. “You’re late. Though she should turn around and address him face to face. Grace closed her eyes to calm herself down and to prevent an international incident. “The plane was delayed.” “Whatever. Turning from the door. Why didn’t you call me?” “Obviously. just give me the damn keys. she wasn’t ready to tear her eyes away from the spectacular view of the landscape. Grace tried to stop herself from cursing him out. Suddenly.” the man said.” “It is my bathroom. she heard the door opening behind her.” “Check first.

but he ignored them. “Is this your cottage?” “It belongs to my family. “Come.Midnight Muse 15 Damn. He snatched the envelope from her and ripped it open to make sure it was right.” “I’m sorry. This man was six foot three inches tall with a solid athletic frame. He looked nothing like she had pictured. Grace licked her lips. Grace opened her mouth to apologize. she .” Grace waited for him to pick up her suitcases. he cleared the threshold and stood in front of her. She closed her mouth and then opened it to ask. “Check. Steel blue eyes were set within his olive complexion beneath a head of dark curls. Exhaling slowly. Fuming. He wore a red-and-white plaid work shirt.” Shrugging. she pulled out the envelope that held the check and pressed it into his chest. The heat from his body drifted over her like the salt-scented breeze. jeans and boots. “I show you around.” he repeated as his gaze sweep over her.” he said as he stuffed the envelope into the pocket of his jeans. My aunt lived here before she died. Reaching into her purse.

he seemed like an ass and was completely not her type. “That’s so sweet.” he said without turning around.” Evander said as he opened the refrigerator and quickly closed it. she looked around. a door that led to the bathroom. The home’s musky scent greeted her as she unstrapped her messenger bag from her torso. A worn.16 R. Vicenti. but not his first. tan sofa and chair sat in front of it.” Grace gushed. Despite his obvious handsomeness. “My parents brought you food. To her left was a stone fireplace. She shook the fantasy from her head. Behind the small living area was a dining room set. Evander walked to the kitchen. The real-estate agent had given her his last name. and Grace briefly imagined what else he could do with his tongue. and a balcony. while the kitchen was on her right. Shannon rolled the pink leopard-print cases into the house and closed the door behind her.W. “What’s your name?” she asked him. Across from her was a wall lined with windows. “Evander Vicenti. As she sat it on a nearby chair. . His name rolled off his tongue like a drop of wine.

“I thought you were going to show me around?” she asked. she grabbed her phone off of the kitchen counter and dialed his number. The bedroom was small. She placed her hands on her hips.” In a flash. Evander was gone. He couldn’t have gotten that far away. “I did. He was standing on the other side.Midnight Muse 17 Without looking at her. Sunlight streamed through the two windows on either side of the bed. . Inhaling. The only furnishings were a bed and a dresser. Grace went to the front door and opened it. she squared her shoulders and wheeled the suitcases to the bedroom to unpack. Don’t let him ruin your experience. Only five minutes had passed since he’d left. As she placed her clothes into the drawers of the tiny wooden dresser. she realized Evander hadn’t given her the keys to the cottage. he brushed past her on his way to the front door. Grace stood in the middle of the tiny living area. Evander’s telltale ringtone filled the small living room. She hung up her phone. leaning against the door frame. Everything else. you can figure out. Rushing back into the living area.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she set the keys on the counter with her phone and went back to unpacking. Fuming. but he snatched them out of her grasp.” He dangled the keys in front of her eyes. Grace reached for the keys. Evander yelped in pain and handed the keys to her. “Why didn’t you just come back inside?” “What would be the fun in that?” he teased. Shannon “I was wondering how long it would take you. she took them and slammed the door in his face.18 R. With a smirk. she stomped on his foot. .W.

. but it didn’t. Grace was hard at work. she saved what she was working on and glanced at the clock. But his wasn’t just a glance. it was as if he were trying to stare into her soul and capture her heart. she stayed in the same position. she was never going to get the book done. “We’ll have to do something about that. Never had she felt such intensity from a mere glance.” Chaz whispered before his lips found hers… Suddenly her thoughts came to a screeching halt. Cursing. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard. waiting for her muse to return. At this rate. Rugged cowboy Chaz was just about to make love to Lisa.CHAPTER TWO The next day. the repressed pastor’s daughter. It was close to midnight. but nothing came out. for the first time. Her fingers flew across the laptop as she typed… Lisa’s heart pounded against her breastbone as Chaz’s hazel eyes bore into hers. For the next hour. Her breath stilled within her as he stroked her cheek with his index finger.

Now.W. twin statues of lions took over those duties. visitors to the island. she had given up on finding the perfect mate and tried to be content with just writing about him in her books. or ward away. but it wasn’t the same. She scanned the cloudy. but also in her personal life.20 R. Taking a chance. Shannon Grace stood and stretched before picking up her glass of wine and heading for the balcony. she imagined the giant statue of Colossus. once one of the Seven Wonders of the World. dark horizon of the countryside landscape. By the time . At twentyeight. Her heart was still back in that broken relationship that ended over a year ago when she found out he was married. Not just with her book. The only thing missing was someone to share this with. Grace sighed. Maybe one day. she closed her eyes and wished for her good man to finally show up on her doorstep. marveling that she was in Rhodes. but she had hoped the universe would bless her with one. towering over the pier to welcome. she realized. It was highly possible that her Greek god didn’t exist. As she looked toward the amazing view of the harbor. She was stuck.

and she paused.Midnight Muse 21 she’d learned the truth. Who could that be? When the knock sounded again. but that wasn’t practical. Closing her eyes. That’s not why she was here. more urgent this time. As she made her way to the bathroom. Grace tried to erase that memory from her mind. She just needed a little motivation. she in Sterling and he in Atlanta. a knock sounded at the door. and the rain began to pour down. It was time for her to move on. The air had become heavy. she was already head over heels for him. The long-distance relationship. She ended it without further contact. she had dreamt of moving to a place like this. made it easy for him to hide his family—until his wife called one Sunday afternoon. she moved to the door and peeked out the distorted glass. Evander? Her heart fluttered as she reached for the knob and . but she blinked away the image. When she confronted him later. Evander’s face popped into her mind. he said he wasn’t leaving his wife or three children. Grace quickly went back inside and closed the double doors to the balcony behind her. Maybe a bubble bath would help jumpstart her imagination. In the back of her mind.

Evander turned from the door.” Huffing. man. “Do you want me to beg?” he asked. so did she. As her gaze flowed back up his torso. unsure if she wanted to let him in. He again wore jeans. even if it was an emergency. . she noticed his nipples poked against the fabric of his T-shirt—and. When he trembled against the cold air.W. so did hers. Raindrops dripped from his eyelashes as he hunched over. but she shook it off.” Grace yelled. His dark wet curls were plastered to his head. but tonight they were black. when she glanced down. A shiver flowed down her spine as a strange feeling of desire washed over her. “My car broke down. Shannon opened the door.22 R.” he said. She let him walk ten paces away before she called him back. His black T-shirt was stuck to his torso and contoured every muscle of his chest and abdomen.” Grace watched him. I’m not that cruel. “Can I use your phone?” “Where’s yours?” “I can’t get any service. “That’s a start. The storms knock it out sometimes. “Come on.

and stopped. He smirked as he slid past her into the house. Smoothing her navy tank top over her torso. she had sprung for international minutes so she could make the required once daily phone call to her mother. Leaving him to his phone call. What was she doing? Why was she . probably from fiddling with his engine. Grace leaned against it for a moment before going to the sink and looking at herself in the mirror. she went into the bathroom and closed the door. “Thanks.” he grumbled. The house didn’t have a phone and. She caught herself reaching for the deodorant. She held it out for him to take— their fingers touched. before she left America. His were moist from the rain. she sniffed under her arms. and her coffee-colored eyes didn’t give away the fact that she had been awake for the last twentyfour hours straight. and picked up her cell phone.Midnight Muse 23 Evander turned back around and walked toward her. Grace walked to the dining room table that had become her command center. Black dirt was caked around a few of them. Nor did her mocha-hued skin. She rinsed her mouth out with mouthwash. Her dark curls looked decent for a change.

she opened the door and stepped into the living room. At a break in the conversation. he abruptly hung up the phone and gave it back to her. When she turned around. Her hands .24 R. but then. Evander switched to Italian as he spoke to the person on the other end. Shannon primping for this guy. he was still watching her. As he paced in front of the window. considering how rude he was yesterday? With an exhale. Grace wondered how many languages he could teach her to say “fuck me” in. Evander was still on the phone. but it caused her breath to catch in her throat. he always seemed that way—or at least he did the two times she’d met him. This time she recognized the look in his eyes as desire and quickly set the bottle on the counter before she dropped it. he spoke in Greek to the person on the other side. She didn’t know him well enough to read the expression in his eyes. but needed to stop her hands from shaking.W. he glanced at Grace. She wasn’t thirsty. Whoever he was talking to seemed to make him speak in short sentences and rake his hand through his hair. Walking toward her. she pulled out a bottle of water. Moving to the refrigerator.

” “Then what was it? And what do you keep calling me?” Evander chuckled.” He huffed as he swiped his wet dark hair from his eyes.m. mia bella. The road is washed out.’” Her heart skipped a beat.” “What are you going to do?” “I guess I’ll stay in the car. She couldn’t deny that she was physically . “Oh.” Grace crossed her arms over her chest and replied.m. Grace didn’t want him to leave. she panicked. “Thank you. His gaze raked her from head to toe. “Unless you have other ideas. I don’t think so. Is your ride coming?” He shook his head. “No problem.” When he turned to walk to the front door.” “Taxi won’t come this late. “He’s stuck in Lindos because of the storm.” “That wasn’t rudeness.” he said with a shrug.” he said.Midnight Muse 25 trembled as she took it from him and put it on the counter. “It means ‘my pretty.. and the ferry to the mainland doesn’t run until six a.” “Oh. “The airport doesn’t open until eight a. “Considering how rude you were to me.

“Fine. but that was all it could be. His skin was damp. The rain had tapered down and the wind no longer rattled the windows. “Um. she released him and took a step back. then up at her. Thinking she’d like nothing more than to get him out of them.” It wasn’t really bad outside. Evander followed her back into the living area. He raised his eyebrow. As if she was about to get burned. Shannon attracted to him. You can sleep on the sofa. but warm. She just didn’t want him to leave.W. but it would . Closing the door.” Grace said. Cold air rushed in when he opened the door.26 R. “It’s nasty out there. “Stay. “Are you sure?” Was she? She nodded. The sofa seemed too small to hold his athletic physique.” she said. she placed her hand on his arm to stop him. Evander stopped. He released the knob but didn’t move away from the door. A puddle of water formed around him on the hardwood from his dripping wet clothes. yet. Grace crossed her arms over her chest.” he said. He looked down at her hand.

Evander was stripping off his shirt. he tossed it on the floor before reaching for the button on his shorts. “Take those off and I’ll see if I can find something for you to wear. she caught him gazing at her. Once the material cleared his head. Rolling her eyes. When he saw her still standing there. “Jackass. “You’re getting water all over my floor. “It’s my floor.Midnight Muse 27 have to do. His chest was a wall of solid muscle. he paused. “Are you just gonna watch?” he asked.” “Not for the next few days.” Grace moved toward the bathroom. All words left her brain. but turned back to ask him a question.” she mumbled.” Grace said.” she teased. . As she turned to address him. She inhaled a shaky breath and fought not to touch his blush colored nipples. Grace left the room.

Evander’s clothes were in a pile at his feet. “No. she thought he would have left something behind. He held a pillow over his pelvic area as she gave him a towel and blanket before scooping up the clothing. “My parents live an hour’s drive from here. he was leaning against the . I live in Athens.CHAPTER THREE When Grace walked back into the living area. she added soap to the machine and started it. “Did you take over the house after your aunt passed?” she asked as she carried his clothes to the combo washer/dryer in the kitchen. None of the yoga pants that she’d packed would fit him. Since he kept saying this was his house. Judging by the way the towel hugged his hips.” he said.” When Grace straightened and glanced over her shoulder. Grace noticed that no underwear was among the clothing. Evander wasn’t wearing any. but wanted to keep him naked for as long as possible. While loading them into the machine. Swallowing. She really didn’t need to wash them. and she didn’t see any men’s clothing in the closet or drawers. either.

” It was already plenty hot in here for her. . “My mother’s Greek and my dad is Italian. I do it without thinking. watching her.Midnight Muse 29 counter. Italian. “Maybe some tea to warm you up?” “That would be nice. Greek. Grace filled the stainless steel teakettle with water and placed it on the burner. English and Spanish.” “I noticed that you slid in and out of languages during your call. “Four. He shook his head.” Grace could’ve slapped herself at that moment. but she needed to do something with her hands before she jumped on this man. As she moved around him to pull out the mugs from the cabinet.” “It’s sexy when you do. She shivered and pretended not to notice the rippling muscles of his abs or the trail of dark hair below his belly button that beckoned her to follow it with her fingertips. “Hungry?” she asked him. “How many languages do you speak?” she asked.” He chuckled as he entered the kitchen to lean against the refrigerator next to her. she saw him smile.

“Like what?” Evander moved next to her and touched her wrist. then. Finding her legs.30 R. “I’m sure I can think of something.” “I must teach you some phrases. Shannon Biting her lip to stop herself from kissing him. “I’m a writer.” Grace turned to see what he was doing and froze. Immediately. Smirking. “What do you do here all day?” he asked as he strolled to the dining room table. Needing a distraction. before jerking her hand away. Evander looked at her with his eyebrow raised. To her horror.” Grace blushed. . He was too gorgeous to be single. she rushed to the table and closed the lid on her laptop. and she refused to be taken for a fool. Her hip brushed against his.W. her body tingled. she went got the milk from the refrigerator. mia bella?” “I wouldn’t have understood what I heard. he moved away from her. He whistled. “So you were eavesdropping. he was reading the story she left up on her screen. again.” His touch was gentle as he stroked her sensitive skin. Grace closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in his fingertips for a moment. she edged past him.

” she said. “For letting me in.” Evander teased. there wasn’t enough air in the room. Grace was grateful when the teakettle whistled. “Perhaps I can help you get it back. but it caused her pussy to become wet. allowing his fingers to linger on the strip of bare flesh along her collarbone. “I had hit the wall when you showed up. It was an innocent gesture.” “You’re welcome.Midnight Muse 31 “I didn’t know you had such thoughts. When Grace turned around to give him his mug. She shrugged. her finger brushed against Evander’s. Her body trembled but she moved away from him. Evander brushed her hair off of her shoulder. Especially since the only thing separating them was his towel.” she admitted as she stood on the other side of the table where it was safe. She . Her mouth went dry. Suddenly.” Evander nodded and toyed with the knot in his towel. sending sparks of electricity up her arm. He touched the side of her waist. She moved into the kitchen to fix their mugs and felt Evander move behind her.” Unsure how to answer him.” he said. “Writer’s block. “Thank you.

Evander leaned close to her ear. Shannon swallowed and turned back around. “You won’t. His cool breath sent a shiver down her spine.32 R.” .” she warned.W. “Don’t make me regret it.

“Virginia. High cheekbones were framed by shoulder-length brown curls. She was beautiful. He chuckled. Her thigh flinched when his brushed against hers. “Well.” Grace giggled. When he’d opened the door to find her on the other side yesterday. near the home of the Capital and the Washington Monument. D.C. Grace’s full breasts rose with every breath she took. and she came to his shoulder. he’d made his father a promise not to bed any more of the women who rented the cottage.” . that’s Washington. he’d been immediately captivated. He appraised her mocha skin. she was breathtaking. “Where are you from?” Evander asked as he followed her to the sofa and sat. silently.CHAPTER FOUR Evander didn’t miss the way Grace’s nipples puckered as she moved around him to go into the living room. Coffee eyes he could spend and eternity staring into. Even in the simple navy tank top and plaid shorts.” “Ah. His height was six foot two inches. However. I live a half hour from there in Sterling.

” She raised her eyebrow at him. and then changed the subject. Got my degree in computer engineering from American University. Evander smiled.” Grace’s mouth fell open. “That’s how you came off.” He chuckled. “You thought I was some Neanderthal?” “Yes.” “I’m sorry. When her eyes went immediately to his lap. “What?” he asked as he settled back against the cushions. Shannon He nodded. “It’s just that I hadn’t expected to see someone as exquisite as you. blowing on the steamy brew. but she quickly closed it.” she said softly. “What do you know about that?” “I lived there for three years. “I mean. “What brought you back to Rhodes?” .34 R. brushing her hair out of her eyes. Evander draped his arm across the cushions behind her.W.” Grace smiled.” he said.” She laughed. but I love Adams Morgan. “It’s nothing. I didn’t picture you as a nerd. “I’ve never been to Sterling.

so I wouldn’t know. “Too many for my . Harry’s name came from Evander’s love of the Clint Eastwood character of the same name. My father was ill and I had to help him with the farm. he found himself telling her about his cat Harry. “and I bet that story gets you all the panties.” The ease with which Evander spoke of himself surprised him. He was always a guarded person in that regard.” Shrugging. Her skin was magnetic. “I haven’t told many women that story. he flinched. He’s better. Cooing. he leaned forward to set his mug on the coffee table. How he rescued the tabby kitten from a dumpster behind his apartment.Midnight Muse 35 “My parents. “Thank you.” When she touched his bare thigh. “That is so sweet. I do consulting in Athens. “I’m sorry.” She nodded. now. and he didn’t want to stop touching her. “But a guy like you must have a lot of women. Still.” Evander laughed.” she said. He covered her hand with his. The soft palm of her hand scorched his skin. Grace gently squeezed his thigh.” she said.

Evander looked at his watch.36 R. finally. He turned her hand over and held it in his. He didn’t have to speak or do anything. It was close to two thirty in the morning. he could just exist in her company. You?” “A twin brother. “No.” “Oh?” “Yeah. he took a chance and asked.” When she fell silent. Evander was taken aback.” Grace said.” Stroking the soft skin on the back of her hand. “I’m sure someone as beautiful as you has a gentleman caller. but that’s a long story. I’ve decided to take a break from men for a while.” “Do you have siblings?” He shook his head. they think it’s time that I settle down. “I didn’t realize it was so late. listening to the sound of the passing storm and each other breathing for what seemed like hours.W.” Grace giggled at his term. “Are you tired?” . Since I’m thirty-two now. Shannon family’s liking. Evander sensed she didn’t want to talk about the “long story. They sat like this.” That was fine with him. “No.

” “You still can. he bent to start the dryer cycle on the laundry machine. “Actually.” He pictured the white suds caressing her skin and instantly became jealous of the bubbles.” Evander released her hand and Grace stood. She smiled.” he said as he continued to move toward her. I’ll let you get some rest. “Thank you. “Naw. he took the mugs into the kitchen and placed them in the sink. “I was tempted.” she admitted. too. he traced her soft pout . While she went into the bedroom. Reaching out. “I’m amazed that you haven’t tried to pull some crap about it being your bed and demanding to sleep there. This was all wrong. he thought—he should be sleeping in the bed with her.” The desire to kiss her weighed heavily on his lips. Next.Midnight Muse 37 “I was thinking about turning in when you showed up. he stopped a few inches in front of her. but I’m a gentleman.” Grinning. He was returning to the living room when she emerged with a blanket and pillow for him. She set them on the sofa. I was going to take a bubble bath.

Evander exhaled when he heard the lock click. and then turned off the lights. she pulled away.W. When he lay down on the sofa. but before his mouth could connect with hers. he knew that he wasn’t going to sleep.38 R. where she closed the door. He set about the task of making up the sofa. Grace sighed. He leaned forward. his feet hung over the edge. . She turned from him and hurried to the bedroom. Though he closed his eyes. Shannon with his index finger. Not with his heart beating so rapidly.

and he wouldn’t have put it past her to have set this up from Heaven. When he heard the bedroom lock click open. Bringing it back to the window he read.CHAPTER FIVE A half hour later. Grace emerged from the . he picked up a handwritten page. Crossing the room. The rain had stopped but still scented the air and the crescent moon was bright. When Evander turned to view the dark room. Maybe a little reading would help him sleep. by moonlight. but his family retained possession of the cottage and rented it to tourists. he froze. Nina had been a matchmaker until her last breath. the sensual tale of the hero and heroine of the story as they made love. His aunt Nina had passed three years ago. his eyes fell upon the dining room table. Evander pushed back the linens and stood. but his mother still maintained the flower garden. He walked naked toward the balcony and flung back the double doors. Was it fate that allowed his car to break down in front of this house? The light scent of rain-soaked daisies crossed his nose. His aunt had grown them.

” She motioned to the page in his hand. “I couldn’t sleep. “What are you doing up?” she asked.” “Ah. she turned her back. “I’m sorry. Grace stuck her tongue out at him. but he didn’t care. The saga of Chaz and Lisa continues. He chuckled as he stepped into the room. A sliver of moonlight fell across her as she tiptoed to the dining room table. What’s your excuse?” “My muse returned. She turned to see him standing near the balcony and jumped.” Evander closed the distance between them and stood directly behind her. “I was hoping it would be so boring that it would lull me back to sleep. He studied how the white nightgown she wore hugged her curves as she retrieved something from under a stack of papers. He just wished that she was. “I see you can’t get enough of it.” she whispered. too.W. Covering her mouth. When her eyes widened. The heat . I came to get my notebook.” Evander shrugged. Shannon bedroom. he remembered that he was naked.” Rolling her eyes. “Don’t be.40 R.

mia bella. The notebook slipped from her hands to the floor. At first. “Not just your words. As he suckled on her flesh. her body yielded to him. he leaned around her to put the page back on the pile. he pressed his lips to the curve of Grace’s neck and kissed the path up to her jaw to capture her earlobe between his lips. memorizing every contour of her mouth. He pulled her back against his chest so that she could feel his desire for her. The sweet taste of her tongue was enough to drive him mad. He released her earlobe to press his lips against her temple. he kissed her slowly. Grace’s knees buckled.” she whispered. Her moan sent a shiver down his spine.” he said. “My words did that to you?” she asked breathlessly. “I’ll just be another conquest for you. “You’re more than that.” Moving her hair aside.” Evander gripped her shoulders and spun her around to face him. “No. Touching her waist. but he held her upright in a tight embrace.Midnight Muse 41 from her body warmed his. Touching her back through the thin . Let me prove it. She stiffened when his cock brushed against her hip.

gently. Releasing her mouth. I thought it’s what I wanted.” . although he wanted to put up more of a fight.” “Okay. He needed to feel her soft skin against the palm of his hand. That kiss confirmed what he felt when he first saw her— that she was going to change his life. Still.” Evander said. he wasn’t going to push her. but before he could push the material down to seize her nipple. “I thought I could. she stepped closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist to hug him. she stopped him by taking a step back. He ran his lips over the exposed skin of her left breast. “I can’t do this. He kissed her on the crown of her head. When she straightened.” Grace whispered as she pulled the strap back up.” Grace said. with notebook in hand. Shannon material of her gown wasn’t enough. he bent to press his lips against her shoulder as he slid the thin strap down her arm.42 R. but not like this.W. He’d just have to make her see that he wouldn’t hurt her. he thought as he watched her squat to pick up her notebook. “I told you that I was a gentleman. “Thank you for understanding. It wasn’t okay.

He had to fight with the muscles in his brain not to follow her.Midnight Muse 43 She kissed him quickly on the cheek. he ran his hand through his hair and made his way back to the sofa. . and he had three days left to convince her that she needed him. too. and then let him go to disappear into the bedroom. Exhaling. As he lay down. he vowed that he would have Grace in his life.

she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. “Nothing’s wrong. Grace thought. Impossible. she stretched as she listened to her mother describe the dream. The tiny travel clock said that it was eleven thirty. it was late morning. How could she have slept so long? “Hey. why?” “Had a dream about frogs. according to the big book of dreams that her mother had given Grace on her birthday. Groaning. As she answered it.” Her mother gauged her knowledge of Grace’s love life by the dreams she had.CHAPTER SIX Grace’s cell phone awakened her. Yawning. she opened her eyes and picked it up off the nightstand. Mom. Judging by the way the sunlight streamed through her window. She wondered if Evander was still here. meant that Grace was in love. With her free ear. which meant it was about four thirty in the morning her mother’s time.” “What’s wrong?” Grace frowned. she listened for . Her mother’s picture stared up at her from the LCD screen. Frog dreams.

she would’ve allowed him to make love to her. Mom. remembering the feel of his chiseled body against hers. again.Midnight Muse 45 movement in the living room. As her mother rattled on about this guy. “Grace!” her mother yelled. The linens that Evander had used were neatly folded on the sofa. Why was she so sad that he was gone? She’d just met him.” “Who’d you meet?” “Nobody. Grace walked into the kitchen to fix herself some coffee and noticed a . right? He’s an insurance salesman. Picking up the pillow.” Grace rolled her eyes. If her head hadn’t chimed in. “I’m listening. Cautiously. but didn’t hear any.” “Well. You’ll be back by then. Grace opened the door and peered into the sunlight-filled living room. And with the way she kept going cold on him last night. Sister Ina’s nephew is coming in for church. could she really blame him? Grace sat on the sofa. bringing Grace’s thoughts back to the present. she inhaled his masculine scent. She really wasn’t interested in being set up with anyone from her mother’s church. She exhaled.

A simple white daisy sat next to the page.46 R. However.” While leaning her elbows on the counter. He wished her well and signed the note with a simple E. In the note. Grace reminded herself. How hard could it be to track down someone as fine as Evander? Since she had his number. Grace read Evander’s note three times. . “Okay. Love you.W. Evander thanked her for her hospitality. Grace closed her eyes. I’m gonna go back to bed. Maybe she could call him when she went to Athens since she had planned to visit the ancient city. Mama.” “Be careful. her plans fell through when she received another warning from her agent to finish her novel and have it in her e-mail by the beginning of the month. she could simply call him. and she studied his neat handwriting. What was she doing? She’d just met the guy. Shannon piece of paper on the counter. jolting Grace from her rambling thoughts. too. Chasing after Evander wasn’t work. The mix of cursive and print suggested his creative nature. “Well.” her mother announced. This was a working vacation.” “Love you. Maybe.

” he said. a knock sounded at her door. On her way to the bathroom. Grace’s heart fluttered. Her eyes gazed at the strip of bare skin that peeked out of his open blue shirt. Evander paused to kiss her on her cheek before giving her the flowers. About an hour into developing the final love scene. She’d be leaving the day after tomorrow. and Evander smiled at her as he held a bouquet of daisies. Then she opened the door. she found a glass that she could use as a vase and filled it with water.” Grace stepped to the side to allow him to enter. where she added the six fresh daisies to the one he gave her last night. Nothing could happen between them. When she turned back around. her breath caught in her throat. In the cabinet.Midnight Muse 47 It’s just as well. but she didn’t dare hope it could be Evander. . “Mia bella. she set the vase on the dining room table. She showered and changed into a white tank and tan Capri pants before settling down to concentrate on her novel. she reminded herself as she picked up the daisy and sniffed it. “I want to thank you for letting me sleep over. He stood less than an inch from her. They moved to the kitchen.

” She removed herself from his arms. it was over. “That’s not all I’m trying to get. it’s not working. “I was thinking that I’d take you to lunch at Stephano’s inn.W.48 R. he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. “I promise to have you back by nightfall so that you can work.” Grace teased.” “I have a lot to do. It was the kind of kiss that she’d been dreaming of her whole life. Shannon Resting his hands on either side of the counter behind her. and here I am. “You paying?” . All too soon. “If you’re trying to get another sneak peek at my book.” “Are you going back to Athens?” Evander shook his head. “I knew it. his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight that streamed through the window. she searched her head for a reason to say no and found none. I went back to my parents’ house to change. So. Then we can go to the harbor and I can show you around. where did you go?” “My friend Stephano came by this morning.” As she stared at him.” Grace stalled as she looked at her laptop. He gave me a jump. When he pulled away.

I can order the most expensive thing on the menu.” Laughing. I don’t think that’s wise.” She smirked at him.” . I’ll go change.” “Can I watch?” Grace grinned as she made her way to the bedroom. Your check cleared. “No. “Of course.Midnight Muse 49 He chuckled.” Evander made a face. she touched his forearm. “Great. “Duly noted. “Considering how cheap Stephano is.

He smiled at her while she slid on a pair of sunglasses.” he said while holding open the passenger’s side door of the car.CHAPTER SEVEN Evander left the cottage to put the top down on the car. he put the key in the ignition. Grace was a vision in an orange sundress. He put on his own sunglasses and fastened his seat . Her dark curls were up in a loose bun.” Evander closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side. After climbing into the seat. It was a warm August day.” Grace frowned. “Is this the same car that broke down last night?” “Yes. perfect for a ride through the countryside. and then joined him at the car. “How far is the inn?” “About forty-five minutes from here. his breath stilled.” She appraised his car before she got in. He’d just finished his task when he heard the front door close. When he looked behind him. She turned to lock the door. “Thank you. “You look amazing.

but hadn’t found the heart to part with the battered two-seater convertible he’d had since college. Most visitors thought that Rhodes was a quiet island. Evander was happy to be heading away from the crowds. “Is it going to make it there?” she asked with concern in her voice. Miles away from the harbor. When he heard Grace’s seat belt click into place. he pointed the car north toward the mountains. After driving onto the road. and no one was in a hurry. Animals meandered untethered. . Yet nervousness also nagged at him. Evander looked at her and said.” He was relieved when the car started on cue. What would she think? He was.Midnight Muse 51 belt. a simple farmer’s boy at heart. he was due for a new car. one could find the tranquility of rolling green hills along a rocky landscape. The area around the harbor was a tourist trap where most mainlanders came on holiday. This was the Rhodes he loved. though he promised to show it to Grace later. “Keep your fingers crossed. He took specific pleasure in showing this side of his home to Grace. in his mind. Not so. he turned the switch. Truthfully.

” “Ah.” She shook her head and twisted in her seat to face him. “I wouldn’t have made it. Then I had to walk to school. My father is a cop.W. “What about your family?” he asked.” “He is.” Evander slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a cow that wandered in the road. She giggled as he cursed at the animal in a mix of Italian and Greek. He wanted better for me. “My mom is a nurse. It was go to school or risk my father’s wrath if I didn’t.” “Wow. “Hard work. he was laughing instead of cursing as he drove around the cow to continue on their way.” “How far away was it?” “Six miles.” .52 R. “I had no choice. Her laughter was contagious and soon. Shannon “What was it like growing up here?” Grace asked him.” Evander chuckled.” “He sounds like a proud man. so I shouldn’t get on your bad side. I had to be up every day at four to feed the sheep and cows.” he said as he draped his arm across the back of her seat. “It was peaceful.

you don’t. After passing by a row of shops and bars.” “I’ve always admired a person’s ability to make something out of nothing.” Forty-five minutes later. Stephano’s inn came into view.Midnight Muse 53 “No. and then I left teaching to focus on my writing. “You’re welcome. However. the nondescript inn looked like a pile of rumble instead of the fully functioning place that it was. My brother followed in his footsteps. along with a restaurant. “He doesn’t even have a sign. Evander snorted. It was renovated from an abandoned estate and housed six rooms. they reached the village. I taught sixth grade before my first book was published.” “How long has it been open?” . “It’s beautiful. “Thank you.” Grace said when he parked in front of it. To turn a blank page into a work of art.” “Were you always a writer?” “Yes and no.” Evander glanced at her. I had published short stories here and there. I didn’t quit until after the second book came out.” Grace smiled brightly.

Evander rolled his eyes. “Evan! As I live and breathe!” he said. Shannon “Two years. Would Grace be one of them? Stephano rounded the desk and shook Evander’s hand. It wasn’t the bronze one that Evander had suggested Stephano get.54 R. tanned skin and green eyes drew many women to him. he noticed the white sidewalk sign that announced the Welcome Inn with hand-printed letters. His family lived a mile from mine.” He closed the door and took her hand. “We grew up together. Evander stiffened. When they entered the building. “How long have you known Stephano?” Grace asked as she climbed out of the car. While he reached to open Grace’s door. . the scent of fresh herb greeted them. Stephano looked up from his place behind the desk and smiled. He’d just seen Stephano less than two hours ago and told him that he was coming back with Grace.” Evander unfastened his seat belt and climbed out of the car. He sighed.” Evander said. “This is Grace.W. Stephano’s blond hair. Standing the same height as Evander.

” She laughed. Switching to Greek.” Stephano said as he swept up Grace’s hand and kissed the back of it. “He lays it on thick. Stephano lead them to the dining area and left them alone to look over the menu.” Evander snorted as he removed Grace’s hand from Stephano’s. “Well. “I will prepare something special for you.” Stephano brought Grace’s hand to his chest.” Grace said. a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Chuckling. Grace giggled. I worked hard to get it the way I like. “It warms my heart that you think so. The dining area was full but not crowded. he warned Stephano to back off. . Stephano replied that he was just having fun but relented when he must have seen the serious look on Evander’s face.” Stephano announced with a flourish and then left. “That’s one word for it. Stephano returned to their table and snatched the menus from their hands.Midnight Muse 55 “Ah. doesn’t he?” He chuckled. You have a nice place. “Thank you.” “Cheapness is not a design style.

Grace nibbled on the appetizers as she looked around.” she confessed.” “Back in college. “Here I am. “Tell me why you chose Rhodes to visit. “But enough about him. He knows his way around a kitchen. Businessman.” Evander paused to sip his wine. I saw a picture of the island in a travel magazine.” “And here you are.” “Creative genius. “He studied at the Sorbonne and cooked at the best French restaurants.56 R. “He is cheap.” Evander picked up a red grape and fed it to her. He fed her a slice of pear.” “Can you cook?” she asked. She poured each of them a glass before leaving them alone. yes. When she bit . no. “I knew I was going to visit as soon as I could afford it.” Her eyes lit up and he became lost in them.W.” Evander said. “Stephano taught me a few recipes.” He fed her a square of cheese. and then he took one of her hands in his. Shannon “Don’t worry.” she commented.” A server appeared with a bottle of wine and a platter of cheese and fruit. “You’re right.

Couscous with raisins and grilled assorted veggies. she held it to his lips. as well as her fingers. “Should I come back?” Stephano asked. Grace reached for her napkin. Evander picked up his glass.” “It looks delicious. Stephano set a plate in front of each of them and began refilling their wineglasses. “Grilled lamb in pomegranate sauce. “What is it?” Evander asked.” Grace said.” Stephano said. but he beat her to it. Evander captured it. Picking up an olive. Enjoy.” As soon as Stephano left. Would her essence taste as sweet on his tongue? A sharp clearing of a throat broke into Evander’s thoughts. Stephano began to pull up a chair to their table. but stopped when Evander warned him with a glance. . “Well. in his mouth. She giggled while he suckled on the combined sweetness of the fruit and her skin. using his tongue to sop up the sweet nectar. “I’ll leave you to your meal. juice squirted on to her chin. When Evander leaned back.Midnight Muse 57 into it.

This was. “To new adventures. going to be a new adventure. .58 R. his heart never beat so rapidly for anyone else. Shannon “A toast. Could this be what love felt like? His mouth suddenly went dry and he sipped more of his wine.” “I’ll drink to that. While they ate.W. For starters.” he announced and waited for Grace to raise her glass. indeed. Evander discovered that he was enjoying Grace’s company. It was different being with her than with previous women.” They touched their glasses together and took a sip.

he rested his hand on her thigh. He lived in Atlanta but I lived in Virginia. who is this ass who broke your heart?” he asked her out of the blue. but I decided to go with it. Grace didn’t care.” She inhaled sharply. She enjoyed being with him and was realizing that he was just what she needed on this trip. We had a long-distance relationship for six months before his wife called. It was one of those instant connections where you question if it’s moving too fast. Was she that transparent? “That’s a long story.” “Damn.CHAPTER EIGHT It was late when they left the inn. During the drive back. “I met him on a business trip. “So. Grace blinked. . so late that Evander wasn’t able to show her around the harbor without breaking his promise to have her back at the cottage before nightfall.” He whistled. Her heart fluttered. remember?” “It’s a long drive.

I ended it without further to-do and here I am.” Grace said. I should’ve known. To work on tearing them down.W. How could someone so gorgeous and attentive be single? When she climbed out of the car. Perhaps. Evander got out of the car and walked to her side to open the door. How could Evander know her so well in such short time? “That’s part of the reason I came here.” “You’re welcome.” “But with walls around your heart. she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. she thought.” It was well after dark when they parked in front of the cottage.60 R. “Maybe I can help. There had to be something wrong with him. “What are your plans for tonight?” . “I had a good time.” Grace turned her gaze out of the window when she felt tears well in her eyes.” she admitted. That fluttery feeling returned to her heart. “Thank you. but hindsight is twenty-twenty.” She covered his hand with hers. So. Shannon “Yeah. tomorrow.” She stood on her toes and kissed him quickly. we can tour the harbor. “Maybe. So did the voice that told her it was way too soon to be feeling like this.

Excitement raged through her as she went into the bedroom. When she walked back into the living room. he kissed her and she didn’t want him to stop.” “True.” Grace said. “You need to work. “I see you came prepared. Taking her hand. watch the paint peel on the walls.” Evander released her.” Grace kissed him to seal it.” “I try.Midnight Muse 61 “I’ll probably go to my parents’ house. He went inside first and turned on the lights. but you can watch the paint peel here while I do. he walked her to the front door and unlocked it. He winked at her before he went back outside.” he said.” This time. “You get started. “I’ll put the top up on the car. .” “You’re subtle. “You can stay.” she teased him. where she changed into a white Tshirt and yoga pants.” “Deal. Evander was walking through the front door with an overnight bag in his hand.

When her file opened. clad in a pair of sweatpants. and flopped on the sofa to watch soccer on the television. “Hit the wall?” he asked.W. Evander massaged the kinks out of her muscles. Grace settled behind her laptop to continue her novel. He emerged from the bedroom. Grace’s brain came grinding to a halt.” He grinned as he locked the door and walked toward her.. Moaning.” He kissed her on the crown of her head. After two hours of her fingers flying across the keyboard. but she suspected she was about to find out. She cradled her head in her hands and exhaled.” Grace sighed. “What do you need?” “This. Evander left her to go into the bathroom. “I can do better than this. she melted into his touch..62 R. she heard . Moments later. Evander swatted her on her ass while she waited for her computer to turn on. and then he disappeared into the bedroom. “Yes. Shannon “Of course.” Was there anything that could top this? Grace didn’t think so. Her eyes were closed when she felt two strong hands on her shoulders.

and then spun her around to unfasten her bra. Grace relented with a nod. She put her hand on his to stop him.” His tone was serious. but…” Evander placed his index finger over her lips. “You’ve already seen me naked. “A bath will help stir your creative juices. “I can take it from here. “It’s only fair. He climbed to his feet.Midnight Muse 63 the water running and the scent of her strawberry bath gel drifted around her.” Her juices were already flowing. Again. he reached for the hem of her T-shirt. Evander kissed her stomach as he pushed her panties down. as was the look in his eyes. “What are you doing?” she asked when he emerged from the bathroom. she thought as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. “I know.” she said. she shivered. After turning off the water. he seized the hem of her shirt and yanked it over her head.” he reminded her. Clad in only a white bra and panties. He sank to his knees to slide her pants over her hips and down her legs.” She blushed. “Trust me. though the air was moist and warm. . where he put her down again.

“I’m perfect.W. you know that you can’t spend the rest of your life without her. she sank down in the bubbles. Shannon “You are beautiful. “How will you know?” she asked. Grace stepped into the water. Moaning. Even in the fleeting moment that you met her. Evander paused to sip his wine and then looked into her eyes. “Get in here. “Nothing. hot but not uncomfortable. She took a sip of her wine and set the glass on the floor.64 R. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked.” he replied as he knelt beside her on the rug and then sat with his legs stretched in front of him. It was the perfect temperature. Holding Evander’s hand for support.” Grace laughed.” he confessed.” Grace’s mouth went dry.” he whispered against her shoulder. He disappeared into the living room and returned with a glass of white wine for each of them. Perhaps you spend every moment thinking of them. “Then why are you single?” “I haven’t met the right woman. “They say your heart will do this somersault thing and your pulse races.” .

” Once he was settled. Grace swallowed a gasp when his cock. And I’m down for any chance of seeing you naked. framed by a patch of curly dark hair. . he climbed to his feet and stripped off his sweatpants.Midnight Muse 65 He raised his eyebrow. “Don’t believe in underwear. Grace closed her eyes. do you?” she teased him. Her heart fluttered. he pulled her against his torso and wrapped his arms around her. All the stress of finishing her manuscript melted into the water. “I find them restricting. and Evander. but she had two more days before she had to worry about it. Evander chuckled and climbed in behind her. came into view. again. She couldn’t imagine going back to the States now.” In one swift move. “Sure?” “That floor can’t be comfortable. Until then. she decided to enjoy the moment.

“How long has it been. Cupping her breast. mia bella?” Grace winced at his question but answered.” “You have a wild imagination. Her body fit his so perfectly. he rubbed his thumb against her dark nipple. He released her nipple and began massaging .” “That kind of life gets old.” he admitted.CHAPTER NINE Evander kissed her temple as he threaded his fingers through hers. Just my imagination. he thought. Grace moaned but made no move to stop him. “Too long. “Two months. I haven’t been with anyone since then.” “Are Chaz and Lisa’s scenes based on personal experience?” She laughed. “And how long has it been for you? An hour?” Evander chuckled. He wanted her and made up his mind that he was going to have her. because he wasn’t going to stop until she came.” “That’s surprising.” he teased. Rolling her nipple between his index finger and thumb. he pressed his lips against her ear. Good. She glanced over her shoulder at him. “No.

” Laughing. she turned in his lap to face him.Midnight Muse 67 the other one. taking him deep inside her supple pussy. she stroked his chest. Grace moaned. Her thumbs traced the outline of his lips. Slowly. He curved his hands around her ass to knead the taut muscle before flowing up her spine to caress her neck. His erection strained against the curve of her thigh as if begging him to remove his finger and put his cock inside of her instead. He imagined how slick they would get when she was aroused. but he didn’t care. Dropping her hands from his face. he told himself. She threaded her . His hands flowed down her slick back to curl around her ass. she brought her mouth to his and kissed him. “It seems we both have some pent up energy to release. Grace’s mouth was soft and moist around his tongue. He parted the halved skin and dipped his fingers inside to touch her core. The bubbles were evaporating and the water cooling. The line of his sculptured chin. Did she taste as sweet as her tongue? Evander used his index finger to explore her walls. Patience. Grace cupped his face in her hands. Evander groaned. She sank down over his finger.

“Oh. Water sloshed over the sides of the tub.” He chuckled against her breast. Evander squeezed his free hand between them and teased her clit with his fingers. Evander flicked his tongue against her nipple. “Evander. Tearing her mouth from his. He applied more suction to the berry as he swirled his finger against the opening of her pussy.68 R. God. Her nipple puckered in his mouth. down to his knuckle. she gripped his shoulders. clutching his dark curls like a lifeline. she arched her back. “I knew you were bad for me.W. “You have my permission to spank me.” She sighed. She dug her nails into the tops of his shoulders.” “Maybe later. but he didn’t flinch. and then let it go to claim her mouth. Releasing his hair. Her limbs trembled when she climaxed. He rubbed her clit and pushed his finger as deep inside of her as it would go. She tensed in his arms. giving his mouth access to her stiff nipple. Shannon fingers through his hair.” she panted. .” Grace bobbed up and down on his finger as he stroked the walls of her pussy.

” Evander said as he kissed the top of her head. he didn’t want to come like this. but he quickly regained his composure. and each caress was bringing him closer to an orgasm.Midnight Muse 69 Her scent was driving him crazy. He removed his hands from between her leg to cuddle her to his chest. “You need to get back to work. His eyelids slid closed. Once her orgasm subsided. She reached between them to wrap her hand around his cock. “You’re welcome to use that in your book.” Grace pulled away to kiss him. But. however. yet didn’t remove her hands. “Why?” Evander opened his eyes. Evander gripped the sides of the tub. this moment was all about her. Grace collapsed against his shoulder.” he said and then looked deep into her eyes. “And when . Grace frowned at him and he kissed her pouty lips. Her hand felt good. “Stop. He’d love nothing more than to replace his finger with his cock.” he said. “Shut up.

she took them and he helped her to her feet. Grabbing a white towel from the rack. Evander pulled the stopper in the tub and stood. I want to be deep in your wet pussy.” Evander stopped pulling out items from the refrigerator to make sandwiches and turned to look at her. Leaning forward. She squealed when he scooped her up into his arms and carried her back into the living room. mia bella. “Anytime.” she said.” he said as he positioned her in front of the computer. he wrapped it around her quivering torso. and then one around his waist before they climbed out of the tub. Shannon I come. “Write.” Grace gasped.” Grace teased as he left her side to go into the kitchen.W.70 R. but stopped stroking his cock. He held out his hands. “I don’t know.” . “Fine. “I may need another bath.

CHAPTER TEN Grace worked into the wee hours of the morning. Groaning. The rise and fall of his chest against her back comforted her.m. she snuggled back against his torso. It was close to five a. Evander’s nimble fingers jumpstarted her creativity. At ten a. she’d be heading back to the States. when she crawled into bed next to a snoring Evander. I have to go back to Athens. and she was almost to the dark period of her book—the part when the hero and heroine break up. Suddenly. By this time tomorrow. She knew this day would come.. “Fuck.” It felt as if Grace’s heart fell out of her chest. “What’s wrong?” “It’s work. but it also scared her.” “Oh. Instead. she awoke in his arms but made no move to get up.” he yelled when he returned to the bedroom. but she . She sat up in the full-sized bed. Evander peeled himself away from her to go into the living room to answer it.m. the sound of Prince’s “Computer Blue” filled the cottage.

72 R. and she resisted the temptation to smack it.” “Is that a bad thing?” Grace opened her mouth.” “If I do that I’ll never leave. in her eyes.W. Turning her head away. “What about my deposit?” “Maybe you can work something out with the landlord. “But I paid my rent through tomorrow.” she smirked. Shannon hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. she tried not to let him see the disappointment.” Grace’s heart fluttered. but closed it without speaking. “Evander…” “You can write while I’m at work. . “Okay. “I just need more time with you.” In record time.” he teased. Grace packed up her two suitcases.” Evander said as he crawled back into bed next to her. he was tinkering with the car engine. His jeans hugged his ass. I’ll go to Athens. He’d taken off his white shirt and draped it over the driver’s side seat. She listened to his heartbeat before replying. When she wheeled them outside for Evander to load into the trunk. and tears. “Come with me.” he said as he gathered her into his arms. “Or maybe you can extend your vacation one more day.

I think I know the problem. He had loaded the last of her suitcases in the trunk.Midnight Muse 73 “Don’t tell me it won’t start. before holding her passenger door open. “But crazy isn’t one of them.” Silently. Evander slammed down the hood. “See? She purrs like you when you come. Grace paused in mid-air while fastening hers. “Okay. “I want you to meet my parents before you leave. She got out of the car and went to lock the front door.” He grinned.” Huffing. Pulling her into his arms. He caressed the white steel as he beamed at her though the windshield. Try starting it up.” she chided.” . he jiggled a few wires. “Are you crazy?” “I’m a lot of things. Grace rolled her eyes. he kissed her for a long time. After a few tries. the car’s engine roared to life. “Did you call Stephano?” she asked. “He’s not answering.” Grace had no comeback for that. Grace climbed into the driver’s seat and turned the ignition.” he announced while fastening his seat belt.

still trying to stall.74 R. The sounds of dog barking filled the air. was way too much for her to handle. “You look great. she thought. The woman was dressed in a white shirt and black peasant skirt. Chickens strolled in front of the car and Evander had to be cautious not to hit one.W. two-story home surrounded by animals. I have to drop off the keys to the cottage. as did the scent of manure.” “Is there time?” Grace asked. Anyway. She wished that she had worn something more appropriate. Grace became nauseous as Evander climbed out of the car and walked to her side to open the door. Her hands trembled when the front door opened and a petite woman emerged. Evander leaned across the console and kissed her. they parked in front of his parents’ house.” He looked over her pink halter top and denim shorts. “I’m not dressed to meet your parents. A lopsided garage and barn stood a few feet from the house. This. It was a small. “There’s always time. . There was no fence surrounding the property.” An hour later. Shannon She clicked the latch on her seat belt together.

“She’s going to feed us. Grace looked at Evander. now. tight hug. she smiled brightly. As she wiped her hands on a red checkered apron. but too skinny.” Evander translated. Grace laughed. but I can’t say no to Mama’s cooking.” Evander called as he walked toward his mother and kissed her on the cheek. She immediately felt at home while inhaling his mother’s earthy scent. Ignoring Grace’s outstretched hand. The woman pulled away and said something in Greek while holding Grace at arm’s length. “She said that you are beautiful.” The woman said something else and motioned for them to follow her into the house. Grace frowned. “This is Grace. his mother pulled Grace to her chest for a long.Midnight Muse 75 her dark hair was tied back with a yellow bandana. “I thought you had to get to Athens?” “I do.” .” Grace peered into the woman’s bright blue eyes. “Thank you.” he said as he draped his arm around her shoulder and guided her to the front door. “Hey. Mama.

Grace could picture Evander running around as a child. the house was bright and airy. A man sat at the dining room table. to which Evander replied with a grimace before turning to Grace. The man said something in Italian. “My father. The only differences were that his father had gray hair and was a foot shorter. then handed his father the keys to the cottage. He shouted something in . “It’s written on his face. He knows. “What does time matter when the heart is involved?” his father said in English as he walked toward Grace and hugged her. He stood when they entered. Evander went to him and shook his hand. He smelled like tobacco from his pipe. who quickly turned his back.” Evander said to her. “What did he say?” “He said you’re classier than the other women I’ve brought around and he hopes that I’ll make an honest woman of you.” Grace frowned. Shannon Inside. His resemblance to Evander was uncanny.” “Did you tell him we just met three days ago?” Grace laughed. “The comedian.76 R. reading a newspaper.W.” Grace looked at Evander.

Midnight Muse


Greek to his mother, who poked her head out of the kitchen to reply, and then returned to her duties. The scent of meat and tomatoes filled the small space. His father guided her to the dining room table and cleared off the newspapers. Evander brought her a glass of iced tea and sat beside her. Evander stroked her upper arms as she sipped her drink and fielded his father’s questions. Fifteen minutes later, his mother emerged from the kitchen with a steaming pot of stew and crusty bread. While they ate, his mother showed Grace pictures of Evander as a child. Grace laughed at the one of him dressed as a tiger for a school pageant when he was seven. Two hours flew by, and they had to rush to get back to Rhodes to meet the ferry. With both her belly and heart full, Grace hugged his parents. She promised to visit again. Already, she loved them as her own. Still she was anxious to get to Athens and prayed that the car would start. When it did, Evander backed out of the dirt road and headed for town. “They like you,” Evander said. He rested his hand on her thigh. “I like them,” she confessed.


R.W. Shannon

Evander was quiet while he navigated the country road. Grace covered his hand with hers. Fifteen minutes into the drive, his silence weighed heavily in the car. “What’s wrong?” she asked him. He took her hand and rested it over the bulge in his pants. “All I could think about was taking you out behind the barn and fucking you blind.” She grinned. “Maybe next time.” “Will there be a next time?” Grace’s smile faded. “I don’t know,” she said honestly. Evander abruptly turned off the main road and onto a grassy path. He parked the car next to some tree but kept the engine running. Twisting around in his seat to face her, he stared into her eyes with so much intensity that she had to look away, but then he gently turned her head back around to face him. “Grace,” he said. “I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I don’t want to let you go.” Her breath was shaky as she inhaled. “I don’t know if I can do another long-distance relationship.” “I won’t hurt you like he did. Don’t punish me for his sins.”

Midnight Muse


A tear slid down her cheek. “I don’t know how it can work,” she said. “I’ll be in America. You’ll be here.” “It can work. We can visit each other. Phone calls. E-mails. We’ll figure it out.” He cupped her face in the palms of his hands. “But you have to trust me.” Grace did trust him. Her heart wouldn’t be beating so hard if she didn’t. It scared her because she refused to be a fool again. Yet she wasn’t ready to walk completely out of Evander’s life either. What she did know was that she needed him. Right now. She leaned forward and kissed him. As soon as their lips met, she knew that they weren’t going to make the ferry. She unfastened her seat belt, and then his. Evander pushed back his seat so that she could climb into his lap. The space between him and the steering wheel was tight. Her hip tapped the horn as she moved to pull his Tshirt over his head and toss it into the seat beside her. Grace cursed the fact that the car didn’t have a backseat, but that wasn’t going to stop her from having this man inside of her. Evander reached behind her to turn off the engine, and then untied the straps of her

80 R. he was free. Once she got her footing. Evander stepped out of his jeans and tossed them over his shoulder while she lay spread-eagle on the hood of the . Finally.” Grace was eager. but she couldn’t push down his jeans in the tight confines of the car.” he whispered against her shoulder.W. “You’re eager. she needed him in her. mia bella. She didn’t want to spoil it by talking. she worked on unbuttoning his fly. But. he walked around to the trunk and opened it. Evander opened the car door and she almost tumbled out. She’s waited a lifetime for a moment like this. He caught her before she hit the ground. “Shut up and take me. making it difficult for her to grasp the buttons. Her hands trembled. She giggled. Walking to the front of the car. Now. Evander pulled out a blanket from beneath her suitcases. “I have an idea. he spread it over the hood while she worked on pushing his jeans down his hips. Shannon halter. Grinning. While he pushed down the fabric to expose her breasts. Grace stripped off her clothes and tossed them onto the seat.” he teased.

Unable to speak. she stared into his blue eyes and got lost in them. Evander climbed on top of her. The slick sound of her wet pussy was music to her ears. she wanted to build a room in his arms and live there permanently. either. mia bella?” he whispered against her lips. if you’re not inside of me in ten seconds. “Man. Instead.” “Evander. After what felt like an eternity.” he said while planting a kiss on her stomach. Grace practically squirmed beneath him. Evander kissed her hard. He thrust deep inside her. “But I like being in trouble. “Is this what you wanted.” Chuckling. She wrapped her hands around his neck. She didn’t want to leave him. olive-toned biceps. she was wet.Midnight Muse 81 car. He stroked his erect cock as he stared down at her. She exhaled. Running her hand through his dark hair. there’s going to be trouble. She held on as he pumped hard against her . I’m warning you. “I bet you’re also wet.” He licked her nipple. Grace ran her hands over his muscular. his cock pushed into her. Damn. Grace moaned against his lips. Grace simply nodded.

There are mosquitoes. “Oh. Once they both stopped trembling. There’s nothing worse than an insect bite on your ass. Another climax rushed out of her. The tip of his cock stroked her g-spot. she shuddered. His staccato pants matched hers. her heart felt like it was going to leap from her body into his. The vibration of his flesh hitting hers caused her to tremble. Her legs drifted open while her pussy quaked. then his lips. he gathered her in his arms. She writhed in his arms. Evander pulled back to stare down at her and cupped her cheek. Evander’s pace quickened. God.W. He groaned when he came inside of her.” Grace tensed.82 R. His cock expanded the width and depth of her pussy.” she whispered against his chest. Evander. “Naw. When he claimed her lips in a kiss.” . and she was about to explode. Gripping his hips with her thighs. Her breath was in her throat. “Do you like my cock in you?” She nodded. she kissed his jaw. Shannon opening. When he grimaced with the need to release. and then released her orgasm. “I wish we could stay here.

“We can still make the last ferry. Grace laughed. right?” Evander said. He looked at his watch.” She moved to sit up. “Speaking from experience?” Evander smiled and pinched her ass but avoided her question.” “Okay. “That’s going in the book. Closing her eyes.Midnight Muse 83 Grace giggled.” . but he pulled her back down against him. “Jackass. she listened to him breathe.

She only had the strength to reschedule her flight before . If that’s what you were looking for. “I wasn’t…” He spun her around in his arms and kissed her nose. Evander’s apartment was a modest two-bedroom corner unit. “I have no girlfriend. “You’re as bad as the heroines in your book. The walls were painted a delicate shade of yellow.” She blushed. it was well after eleven. When he caught her snooping. admiring his taste in artwork and searching for signs of other women who frequented his place.” He chuckled. While she petted him. She wandered around the space. which brightened the otherwise dark space.CHAPTER ELEVEN When they landed in Athens. Evander took her bags into the bedroom.” Grace smirked at him. but she found none. he encircled his arms around her waist and kissed her bare shoulder. Harry made himself known by rubbing his orange face against her calf. and then set up her laptop on the dining room table. “Or a hidden wife.

but she liked the rugged look about him. she took a quick walking tour of his neighborhood and bought a few souvenirs before returning home. people are idiots. “I’m sorry. she was alone.” Evander said as he lifted her into his arms and sat down in her chair with her in his lap. Evander left a note to tell her where to go for food. Setting Harry down on the floor. His hair was a little tousled. After showering. He looked so handsome in his gray suit. “Ah. Cursing in a mixture of Greek and Italian. he tossed his briefcase on the sofa and scooped Harry into his arms. The normalcy of the moment wasn’t lost on her. the whole system is infected with a virus. It seemed as if she was always meant to be right here. “What part of don’t open e-mails from people you don’t know do they not get? Now. Grace sat back in her chair and smiled. he crossed the room and kissed her on her lips.” . When she awoke in the morning. “Bad day?” she asked.” She kissed his forehead. She was deep into her novel when Evander returned from work.Midnight Muse 85 they collapsed into bed.

Shannon “What can you do. he held her while the stress of his day melted away.” he said with a shrug. pulled down her panties and parted her thighs.” “Maybe we should make this a permanent arrangement.” Evander stood with her cradled to his chest and carried her to the kitchen. His eyes held a mischievous look as he yanked up her skirt. he tipped her back against the counter. she leaned back and changed the subject. he paused to strip off his jacket and red tie. “I love coming home to you.” he confessed. With his index finger. “I didn’t mean…” She sighed but lost her train of thought. “Hungry? How about some dinner?” He grinned. Sighing. Grace wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked his hair. . “Okay.W. She gasped when his tongue touched her clit. Sitting her down on the island.86 R. “How are Chaz and Lisa?” “They’re coming along.” Not yet ready to answer him. “I love being here when you do.” Evander closed his eyes.

Shit. pausing along the . Grace couldn’t fight it any more.” “No. He simply shook his head as he buried his nose in her pussy.Midnight Muse 87 Grace’s thighs trembled as he lapped at the bud. Each swirl of his tongue coaxed her to let go of her climax. she didn’t want to.” He paused to hook each of her legs over his shoulders and then dived back in. her orgasm rushed out of her like a flood. licking the essence that pooled at her opening. Her walls contracted around his tongue and. she touched the top of his head. And. Each stroke of his tongue brought her closer to an orgasm. “Please.” she begged. He smacked her hand away and pinned her wrists against the marble counter top. Moaning. suddenly. “Oh…God…Evander!” With another chuckle. Both her heart and body were now his. Her hips arched into his lips. Grace’s body tingled with the need to feel him inside of her. “Evander. Reaching between her legs. needing to feel each glorious caress of his tongue. she tried again. Fuck. he lifted his head and climbed up her body.

the valley between her breasts and her shoulder. Her sweet scent lingered on his breath as he whispered into her ear. He tightened his arms around her. Grace snuggled with him on the sofa. she was sobbing into his bare chest. “Are clothes restricting. While she cooked dinner. After a real dinner. He was gloriously naked when he returned. Tomorrow.” he said. Grace almost dropped the dinner plates she was carrying to the table. mia bella?” He gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She couldn’t argue with his logic. “That’s the best meal I’ve ever had.88 R. Shannon way to kiss her stomach. and she didn’t think he’d be able to take off from work at a moment’s notice. she’d be on her way back to Virginia. Evander left her to shower and change. She wasn’t placing a bet that they would keep seeing each other. “Why put on pants when I’m going to take them off again. They had finished making love. . A flight to Greece was expensive. and she was trying to keep her emotions from bubbling to the surface but failed.W. too?” she teased. Soon.

Maybe she was crazy to fall in love with a guy she’d known for less than a week.” Grace closed her eyes. Some lectures.” he whispered while stroking her back. “I have obligations back in the States. I’ll be the first to visit you. Her friends had told her that when she met “the one.” “Yeah. So. mia bella. “But I’ll still remember how your body feels against mine.” He paused to kiss her. A book signing. if that’s what you’re thinking.” she’d know.” she exhaled and then kissed his chest. “Okay. “But I love you.” “Like what?” “A conference. It was the logistics—him living here . She was thinking that but wasn’t going to say it out loud.” Evander fell silent and then said.” “I know. “I’m not going to cheat on you.Midnight Muse 89 “Don’t cry. “Stay. And Grace knew Evander was him. And I won’t be able to experience that every day.” Evander nodded. And we shall talk and text every day. But this felt right.” She shook her head.

” she whispered. “I love you.” Evander took her hands in his. he turned it off and pulled her into his arms. “Jackass. but wanted to remember how felt in her pussy. she raised up to memorize his handsome face. she guided his cock inside her. Evander dropped her off at the airport. “I love you. She nodded. but he ignored them. Straddling his hips. The next morning. even though security threatened to tow his car if he didn’t move soon. Security shouted at him again.” Grace smirked.” she whispered. Grace clung to him. “Do you trust me?” he asked her.” .W. “That doesn’t help. I hate you. “Okay.90 R.” Cursing. She didn’t want to make love again. “I’d better go.” he said. Shannon and her in the States—that she was having trouble with. Opening her eyes. but his cell phone began ringing “Computer Blue. He kissed her. She kissed him one last time but let him go when her tears swelled up in her eyes. He was going to say something.

Her check-in bags were already on the conveyer belt. Grace began to cry again. She turned away from him and gathered her carry-on bags. he pulled out his phone and played it for her.” “What’s my ring tone?” Reaching into his pocket. she heard Evander get into his car and start the ignition. As she walked through the airport door. . “With or Without You” by U2.Midnight Muse 91 “Call me when you get home.

Grace Lynn Bower. Grace had been dreading this visit to her mother’s house because of this very conversation. Grace flinched at the question. Today. “I’m not. “Go where?” “Don’t be coy with me. When are you going back to Greece?” Grace sighed.CHAPTER TWELVE “When are you going back?” Grace’s mother asked. she tried to avoid her mother’s inquiry. She knew there was no arguing when her mother used both her first and middle name. Dropping the stack in her tote bag.” . she finally had time to pick up her mail from her first week in Rhodes. she still didn’t want to get too attached in case it didn’t work out. Just moments before. One miserable long week had passed since Evander had visited. and she was still trying to convince herself that it wasn’t going to work out. she was lost in a daydream that starred Evander. It’d been two months since she left Greece. While she was ecstatic to see him.

“You got a life that you can do just about anywhere.” she said. sitting the glass on the counter so her mother wouldn’t see how badly her hands were shaking. . holding up her hand. I don’t know if I’m in love with him enough to make that kind of move. “you’ve been walking around here like you done lost your soul.” “It’s not that simple. “And. “Grace…” “Mom. And I had a dream you were carrying a bowl of goldfish. she almost said.” her mother continued. I mean. I’ve got a life here. She’d love nothing more than to have Evander’s child. I can’t just pick up and move to Greece. Fish meant that she was pregnant.” Her mother raised an eyebrow.” Grace choked on her tea.Midnight Muse 93 Gasping. Her mother’s stern look was more than she could stand. her mother followed her into the kitchen where Grace pulled out the pitcher of sweet tea and poured herself a glass. Impossible.” Her mother walked to her and placed her hands on Grace’s shoulders. “We’ve been over this.

” her mother stated. she continued to think through the situation. Her heart was telling her that she needed to be with Evander.94 R. She still hadn’t reached a decision as she pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine. Damn. The week he’d spent here had been amazing. She still hadn’t changed the sheets on her bed because she wanted to inhale his scent while she slept for as long as she could. but her mind was telling her it was too soon. . “Don’t spend the rest of your life regretting this because you were afraid. but the rooms seemed dark and lifeless. As her mother pulled her into a tight embrace. Resting her head on the desktop. That was what made this so difficult. As she entered the three-story townhome.” Grace turned her mother’s advice over in her mind as she drove home. the space suddenly felt big and empty. she went to her office and turned on her computer. Shannon “Your face says that you do. Grace thought as she looked away. It was three in the afternoon. With an exhale.W. Grace closed her eyes and struggled to hold back the tears. “Go. She knew it did.” her mother urged.

Midnight Muse 95 Until she talked to her mother. She missed them too. Though he had sent her many pictures before. It was from Evander. Her heart fluttered. She opened the message and was surprised to discover that it contained a series of pictures. her phone buzzed. we miss you. but they were the ones pushing her to move. Evander couldn’t move back to the States because of his business and his father’s illness. Her career was one that she could do anywhere. she never tired to seeing his piercing eyes and dark olive skin. it never occurred to Grace that she could pick up and move to Greece. Grace smiled as she looked at the LCD screen. She clicked on the next photo. typed underneath. The first was a close-up of his face. It was of him and Harry with the words. indicating she’d received a text. The final image caused her . she remembered how normal it felt to be in Evander’s apartment. Maybe she should be the one to make the move. She had worried about her family. and she could cut down on expenses by scheduling all of her tours and conferences for the same time. Closing her eyes. as if she was always meant to be there. While she was lost in thought.

Shannon breath to catch in her throat: it was a picture of his hard cock.96 R. She was moving to Greece. she thought as she logged on the Internet to search for realtors. Grace bit her lip as she studied his tanned skin that was stretched to capacity over the pattern of veins. . was typed under the picture. Still yours. Dammit.W.

At night. and now blew bubbles as they climbed into the convertible to drive to his aunt’s cottage. It didn’t take long for her to adjust to life in Greece. This was the long-forgotten dream that she’d stored in her heart. The small ceremony and reception took place in Stephano’s inn. A small group of family and friends had cheered as they exchanged vows. they would dine at one of the cafes before returning home for some heavy make-out sessions.CHAPTER THIRTEEN One year later… Their wedding was just a Grace had always pictured. their honeymoon destination. and it took falling in love with Evander to bring it back to life. She wore a flowing strapless dress while Evander wore a dark navy suit that she couldn’t wait to tear off of him. She spent her days writing on her laptop as Evander worked on his across from her on the days he worked from home. . Life in Athens was just as Grace had always dreamt.

Once they were naked. and then over the threshold. He had proposed to her on this very island. and she understood why. He didn’t set her down until they were in the bedroom. They agreed to hold off on making love again until they were officially married.” Grace giggled when Evander scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the door. “You’re mine now. Evander was anxious to get to the cottage. Evander finally brought a new car. She giggled as he cursed at the slow-moving animals that wandered in the road. Now. She was just thankful that the car started and got them there.” Evander said as he held her car door open. You’re now mine. Shannon Grace looked at her new husband. . Another convertible whose engine purred like she did.W. the sun was setting behind them as they zipped through the winding country road and screeched to a halt in front of the cottage. “No. Slowly. at the harbor next to the lions. The tourists clapped when she said yes. she sat on the bed and curled her hand around his cock. he undressed her while she fought with herself not to tear his suit from his body.98 R.

“Mia bella. Evander removed his cock from her mouth and pushed her back on the bed. As she breathed in his masculine scent. but she liked how he said it. followed by a few sentences in a mix of Greek and Italian. She didn’t know what he said. how she missed his cock in her. electricity flooded her limbs.” he groaned. Evander clutched her shoulders as she licked his length and then covered him with her moist mouth. then her shoulder. she vowed to never be that stupid again. Gripping his hips for support. she’d almost wound up with nothing.” she confessed. Instead of having everything that she’d ever dreamed of.” he whispered as he pushed deep into her. . Grace moaned as his shaft hardened against her tongue. He kissed her cheek. “Perfection. Her fear almost cost her the love of her life. His sweet taste triggered her own essence to coat the walls between her parted thighs. Oh. Grace wrapped her lips around the thick tip of his cock. When he entered her. she glided her mouth over his rigid shaft.Midnight Muse 99 “I’ve wanted to do this since you sent me the picture.

Ask nicely. “Do it. Shannon She smirked. The bed swayed beneath them as he drove his . Grace threaded her finger through the silky dark curls on his head. signaling that he was close.” Grace nodded. “we are amazing together. “You know the rules. mia bella.” He shifted to pump his cock deep inside of her.W. “Come in me. The tip brushed against her g-spot. she needed him to release all that he’d been withholding from her.” Evander chuckled.” “I was just saying how amazing your pussy feels. Grace arched her hips into his. Her rhythm matched his. “You can stop with the sweet talk.” His lips found her neck and he planted kisses there before dipping his head and suckling on her nipple. “I think.” Evander panted when he broke the kiss.” she urged against his lips.” “Your dick feels amazing in me. You got me. His lips engulfed hers in a deep kiss. More than anything.100 R. and she gripped his hard buttocks for support. and she moaned. A grimace spread over his handsome face.

His rapid. Damn him. she thought. The one he wanted to hear was the one she had always wanted to know how to say. He had taught her a few phrases.” Immediately. mia bella. “Gamiseme tora. Grace studied the . “Evander…” “Say it. “Please. She allowed the tears of joy to fall as she arched into his hard torso.” Grace licked her lips and looked Evander in his sparkling eyes. “I like the sound of that. Fuck me.” she begged. he slipped his cock back inside of her. Evander shook his head and pulled his shaft out of her warm chamber.Midnight Muse 101 cock deep inside her. he waited for her to say the magic words. as she gripped his hips and tried to guide him back inside of her.” His wicked grin sent a chill down her spine. mi espouso. Grace moved her hips. How she’d wished on all of those nights she’d laid in this very bed alone that she’d find someone to make love to her like this. hard strokes coaxed her to another orgasm. but he held them firmly against the mattress. Resting the tip of his cock against her opening.

W. “Now that. Shannon serious expression on his face.” Grace giggled when he rolled onto his side and gathered her in his arms. Evander winced and with one hard thrust. he filled her with his essence. but opened them to look at her.W.” ** R. Shannon** .” Evander bragged. “Jackass.102 R. “has to be in your next book. He briefly closed his eyes.

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