Electronics Lab

In ECE Department, we have Electronics lab. Electronics Lab relates with Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory .In this lab student get knowledge about the semiconductor devices, its behaviors, its characteristics and applications. This lab is used in basic Electronics courses for the students of IInd year of B.Tech E& C streams. The laboratory has a large number of basic equipments The Lab is equipped with: • • • CROs Function Generators. Trainer Kits for performing experiments on digital and analog circuits.

The lab has a well qualified supporting staff. Electronics Lab is basic lab for electronic fundamentals. This lab helps students to improve their conceptual knowledge about the Electronics Devices and its Applications.

In Electronics Lab Students perform advanced experiments of Electronics such as Filters, Amplifiers, FET Amplifier and Oscillators etc.In this lab Students study about the characteristics, Application and Operations of Amplifiers, Oscillators and Filters.

Digital Electronics Lab
Digital Electronics is one of the most important Subject of Electronics & Communication Engineering. This lab is used in basic Digital Electronics courses for the students of IInd year of B.Tech E& C streams.The lab is used for practical works related to Digital Circuits & Systems.In This Lab Student study about different types of logic gates, Flip-Flop, Latches, registers, multiplexers and Decoder etc.This Lab has more than 10 Equipments which are: Demorgan Therom kit, Adder/ Subtractor, Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, Encoder/Decoder, Counter, Flip-Flop, Ring Counter ,Logic Gates, Shift Registers, Magnitude Comparator.

Electronic Workshop
This lab is used in basic Electronics, Digital Electronics and Linear Integrated Circuit courses for the students of IInd and IIIrd year of B.Tech E& C streams. In this workshop students get the knowledge about all the technologies coming and came in to the market. The main Motive of workshop lab to keep the student update and familiar with the technologies. Students make their projects in this lab. This lab has almost all the equipments related to electronics. This lab contains facilities to conduct experimental work related to Bipolar and

Temperature. Maxwell Bridge. Modulators. Amplifiers. PCM encoder/decoder. In this lab we have ten kits of 8085 microprocessor.ASK. This lab is used in communication system course for the students of III year of B. Load Cell. Components. Thermo couple Temperature transducer Kit. Transducer is a device which converts Physical quantity into Electrical quantity. In this lab student study in detail about various types of receivers and transmitters.MOS Analog Integrated Circuits. In advance communication lab student get knowledge about CDMA modulation and de modulation kit. Pressure Cell. The Advanced Communication Laboratory caters to the requirements of the Post Graduate students in the area of Communication and Signal Processing and Research Development activities in area of Communication Engineering. Displacement. Spectrum analyzer. ten kits of 8086 advanced microprocessor kit and ten power supply.In this lab student can design Filters. Communication Lab Electronics and communication department provides communication lab. Linear integrated Circuits.PSK modulation and de modulation kit. Light and Load in terms of Electrical Voltage or Current using Transducers. Light Measurement Kit. Oscillators. direct sequence spread spectrum. Strain Gauge. This lab is use in digital communication course for the student of I year of M-Tech (DWCE). PM modulation and de modulation kit. force.Tech E& C streams. This lab has 8085 microprocessor kits which are to be programmed by students.. . Capacitance Bridge. LCR Bridge. Anderson Bridge.In this lab we have more than ten equipments which are amplitude modulation kit. This lab deals with programming of microprocessor over simulator kits. In this lab Students get knowledge about Measuring instruments and Transducers.FSK. This lab is used in microprocessor course for the students of III year of B. etc. Major Equipments are: CROs from 20MHz to 100 MHz. Ultrasonic Transducer. Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation Lab This lab is used in Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation course for the students of IInd year of B. Bread Board. FM modulation and de modulation kit. Super heterodyne receiver. Thermistor Kit.Function Generators. In this lab students Measure the Pressure.Tech E& C streams. Transmitters and Rectifiers on Bread Board using Active and passive Components.Tech E& C streams. minimum shifting key. Microprocessor Lab Electronics and communication department provides microprocessor lab. modulators and demodulators and spectrum analyzer . In this lab we have 10 major Transducers and 3 Bridges which are: LVDT Kit. RTD Kit. and frequency hop spread spectrum bit error rate measurement.

peripheral interfacing. VCRs.Both generally used for field work so that any VHDL code can be downloaded into these programmable devices and then these can be used as hardware devices and the code can be validated by confirming the proper functioning of that hardware . Microcontrollers were developed to meet a need for microprocessors to be put into low cost products. This lab has more than 10 different kind of antennas which are micro strip. I/O peripherals. Limited computational capabilities and enhanced I/O are special features. interrupt management and other related topics. Microcontroller Lab Basic introduction to microcontroller-based embedded systems development laboratory. A microcontroller unit (MCU) uses the microprocessor as its central processing unit (CPU) and incorporates memory. I/0. horn.This lab deals with all kinds of antenna . loop. microwave ovens. Includes structured laboratory exercises in the following areas: assembly programming. timing reference. This lab is also called wireless communication lab.Antenna Lab Electronics and communication department provides antenna lab. refinery.Tech E& C streams. and automotive engine systems are some of these. Microcontroller operation and timing concepts discussed. VLSI Lab Electronics and communication department provides VLSI lab. CD players.This lab is one of the most important lab of communication engineering . timers. etc on the same chip. Assembly language programs written and verified using trainer kits. The microcontroller contains full implementation of a standard microprocessor. Introduction to Microcontrollers are verified using laboratory experiments and associated hardware. This lab is used in antenna and wave propagation system course for the students of final year of B.VLSI is related to silicon chip/integrated circuits and the lab has two instrument one is FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)and the other is CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Devices). strip and log periodic antennas. This device can be found in a variety of control applications. Microcontroller also called "system on a chip" or "single chip microprocessor system" or "computer on a chip". and . On-chip peripherals programmed and verified using the trainer and additional hardware. A microcontroller is a complete microprocessor system built on a single IC. pharmaceutical automobile. clock. ROM. CVTs. steel.In this lab students performs the practical for the antenna characteristics and its various properties. C language programming. helical. This lab is used in VLSI design course for the student of I&II year M-Tech VLSI design . RAM. The microcontroller is the most essential IC for continuous process-based applications in industries like chemical. and also serial ports.Both the FPGA and CPLD basically differ in the way how the code is being downloaded into these devices.

Telecommunication. It is a 32bit processor kit. Digital Filter Design.Automobiles. Digital Signal Processing Lab Electronics and communication department provides DSP lab. Microcontrollers are designed for use in sophisticated real time applications such as Industrial Control. Instrumentation and Intelligent computer peripherals They are used in industrial applications to control Motor. . For Frequency measurements.Tech E&C Stream and I&II year MTech VLSI design and DWCE. In medical instrumentation. In missile guidance and control. This lab is used in DSP and advanced DSP course for the student of Final Year B. DFT.Driving an LCD. In this lab students get knowledge about the signal processing. This lab is very advanced lab.electrical.Oscilloscopes. Convolution and FFT Algorithm using DSP processor kit. Robotics. Period Measurements. PLC and DCS thrive on the programmability of an MCU. employing programmable logic systems (DCS). Discrete and continuous process control. Sampling.

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