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Te mando Alguas fallas identificadas por modelo , tambien en estas paginas podes buscar el circuito, te adelante que la segunda

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----- Original Message ----From: "Luis A. Arce" <> To: <> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 7:18 PM Subject: [E-monitor] AOC modelo 4V (Spectrum ) > Amigos: > > Donde puedo encontrar circuito de monitor AOC Spectrum 4V. > No enciende. Antes de "morir" encendia y apagaba rapidamene, cerrandose horizontalmente. > > Saludos y mi agradecimiento. > > Luis de Argentina > > > > [Se han eliminado las partes que no son de texto de este mensaje] > > > --------------------------------------------------------------------> NORMAS DE LA LISTA: > > --------------------------------------------------------------------> > > El uso de Yahoo! Grupos está sujeto a > > ---------Monitor Aoc 4N (similar al 4S)Web de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv - Video- Sonido... y más.

Monitor AOC 4N (similar al 4S)

MONITOR VGA MARCA AOC MODELO 4N (SIMILAR AL 4S) NO HAY IMAGEN. LED AMARILLO ENCENDIDO. RUIDO CHIRRIANTE. D905 quemado y en corto, en la fuente de alimentación, conectado a la puerta del transistor FET. Es un TFR155. Se sustituye por un RGP30G. INTERMITENTEMENTE MUERTO. (LA FUENTE CONMUTADA NO ARRANCA A VECES, Y A VECES SE PARA AL FUNCIONAR). La soldadura de la puerta del transistor FET de la fuente estaba deteriorada (aunque a simple vista no se notaba, solamente en la oscuridad se vió una chispa delatora).

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Monitor AOC 4NLR


MODELO 4NLR Intenta arrancar, pero se para inmediatamente. El led verde luce durante un segundo, luego se pone amarillo. Puede oírse un ligero "hipo" de la fuente al encender. Transistor de líneas en corto (Q405, 2SC4769, equivalente: BU508DF, aunque es mejor cambiarlo por un S2055N). Antes de encender el aparato con el transistor nuevo, revisar las soldaduras de la zona del transformador de líneas, conector del yugo, etc. que suelen fallar, especialmente en el conector P401. Si el transistor nuevo vuelve a cruzarse al cabo de 5 m. cambiar el condensador conectado a su colector y masa (C419, 4n7 2000 v.), y por precaución también todos los otros condensadores grandes asociados a la etapa final de líneas: C433: 4n7 2000 v. C432: 680 n 250 v. C422: 270 n 400 v. C462: 330 n 250 v. INTERMITENTEMENTE, LA IMAGEN (O PARTE DE ELLA) DA SALTITOS EN SENTIDO HORIZONTAL. SE INCREMENTA EL EFECTO MOVIENDO EL CONTROL DE FASE HORIZONTAL. Estaba sucio el potenciómetro; bastó limpiar con spray.

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Monitor AOC MM413S

PROBLEMAS CON LA GEOMETRÍA DE LA IMAGEN. en la fuente de alimentación. sufrían fugas químicas que habían manchado la placa del circuito impreso.Sonido. private use of all visitors to this site. MONITOR "MUERTO" CON RUIDO EMANANDO DE LA FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÓN.AOC MONITOR MODELO MM413S... (c) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . Algunos de estos monitores tienen problemas con la geometría de la trama. no video. P1028-6: CS1572FS monitor FCC ID IAW 1572. * C314 / 2m2Fd. This information is intended to be for the individual. Reproduction in any form is prohibited. The CRT filaments are not lighting. Estas dos resistencias están en el circuito que polariza la base del transistor de conmutación. 63VCC. y más. LA FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÓN NO ARRANCA.Video. QUESTION NO. había tres componentes defectuosos:-R702 estaba abierta. se puede reemplazar C314 con un condensador "normal" (de plástico) de 2m2Fd. 63 ó 100VCC.positivo a positivo (o negativo a negativo) NO POSITIVO A NEGATIVO. 50VCC (no polarizado) y C708 / 47mFd. All other rights are reserved. Sospechar de las resistencias R703 y R704 / ambas 150KW. en serie -. ---------Computer Monitor Repair .3V) derives from the the anode of D311 (negative polarity . Where is the CRT Filament voltage derived from? I checked the CRT with a CRT checked the filaments in the CRT are fine. desgraciadamente. En este caso. 400VCC. Opcionalmente. Q701. conectando dos de 4m7Fd. There is High Voltage on the Anode. Pero.Archived Files Updated 5/1/00 All questions and answers posted here become the property of AnaTek Corporation The content of these pages is copyrighted by AnaTek Corporation 1994-2000. no se pueden subsanar dichas deficiencias -porque el aparato carece de controles de corrección. The Filament voltage (about 6. * Se puede hacer un electrolítico de este tipo.

CRT boards. when powered on a low frequency "click" is heard around power supply area. P1026-6: I need an ECG replacement for C5339 Toshiba High Voltage of Monitor Acer. made by Siemens or Philips. R241. even optoisolator and everything was ok. start-up resistor values). P1027-9: Samsung Syncmaster 3NE monitor.voltage). which often goes bad. how could there be?). 2SC5339 is a 7 Amp transistor with internal damper. or see if there is a short off the IC's output (pin#6). but if you're insisting on an ECG. Power led and screen are off. with no result. The Philips device is available from Newark Electronics. and its associated components. No guarantees. QUESTION NO. I replaced the horizontal transistor which was shorted. it's nothing but trouble in this chassis. but if this one is M2943. diodes. you might try an ECG2353. frequency slows down until "clicks" stop. and MCM (800-543-4330) and B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053) both list 2SC5339 in their stocks. P1027-2: Apple Multiscan 15" monitor has no red. QUESTION NO. like the Unitrode UC3842A or Cherry Semi CS3842B). so check that cap. don't trust a DMM reading). It is often unwise to try ECG subs for these types in monitors. and is filtered by C332 = 1000 uF. QUESTION NO.E. not knowing which Acer model it is. the original cause of the problem). check for evidence of shutdown at pins #1 (under 1 volt) or #3 (voltage spiking above 1 volt). though (and. R326. transformer windings. QUESTION NO. These caps will sometimes leak fluid that can eat traces and vias underneath the . check components off of pin #7 (caps. anywhere you find it. and the whole board should be reflowed. Also check all the SMD electrolytics on the daughterboard for bad ESR. Be sure the supply to pin #7 of IC601 exceeds 16V-17V for the IC's initial startup. the CRT board has been a big problem for loss of colors. Check IC601 = KA3882 (an upgraded UC3842. and never dips below about 11V thereafter (even transiently. When I disconnect it. double-check the re-solder on the black coax jumpers. and R329. You should also check the following components Q382. but don't stop there. The usual cause is very poor solder. then turned normal after some minutes. C327 (220pF @ 2KV. I checked driver transistor. Now the image on the screen remains constantly hourglassed. main board. If not. But scrape away any of that conductive brown glue. among others. all over the board. It seems the image can in no way be modified by the controls (?) RV251-252-253-254-255303-304-305-306 on PBG626-5 board. Transistor Q301 is a BSS89 F. A "Multiscan 15" might be several chassis. If good voltages to pin #7 are maintained. P1020-3: Sony CPD-1791 monitor sometime ago displayed hourglassed image when switched on. I checked power supply transistor and other components like diodes around it. It is also a good idea to check all the caps in the power supply for good ESR. P1022-1: AcerView 76E 7276e Monitor. power supply. R328. no change. QUESTION NO. J013 (picofuse). I need a cross reference for a transistor location Q301 part number reads H8 S S 89.T. I changed the IC TEA2031A.

Is it worth contacting Mag Innovision for their Upgrade? Funny. R177 and L105 are gone. When turned on. Sony. Capetronics. as I see from a lot of reading this monitor seems to do on a regular basis. you need only unsolder the four larger pins holding the board in place (one at either end of CN01 & CN02). Q521 = ON4873. Tracing through . Cactus Technology (626-357-7979). the AC bridge rectifer (BR66) and the two Could you tell me if MAGINNOVISION Offers any help that you know of for this rather expensive lemon? I have several lists of components to check. Or. you get different symptoms. check IC103 = DAC8840FS (Sony part# 8-759-041-45). (770-449-6220). QUESTION NO. and the front panel keypad. or Sampo itself.. L105 is obtainable from Mag itself (p/n# T*I-281-103-UO). MI Technologies. It would be unusual for a manufacturer to consider that situation 'poor design'. QUESTION NO. or AGEA Technologies (France). R507 = 470 ohms & R523 = 1 ohm near the flyback. the Z200 uProc. Often it is hard to see this without magnification or removing the caps. The owner of a DX17F might consider them a 'lemon'. when any individual one goes. lists their transformer# HR7933 as an equivalent to and other components occasionally do go bad as well. HOT Q109 = 2SC4747 or 2SC5048 (depending). Nationwide. jumper any damaged traces and through-hole vias. they should be considered more like 'bread & butter'-. email (HR@hrdiemen. just started looking. Q116 = IRF740 or 2SK1378 (depending). and need checking. Once in awhile. the flyback is bad. but for repair techs. for a substitute. etc. the HV has self-imploded. I am sure the High Output Transistor is gone and one on the driver board also popped as I was inspecting it. besides the basic ones. or NEC chassis with the same symptoms.caps. or from several parts suppliers. they make a high pitch grumble. anyday. R181 = 120K. and a manufacturer that is actually willing to sell replacement parts reasonably. P1018-3: Several IBM G50 6543-301 monitors that are dead. Q522 = BUZ11A. bad solder can occur. and IC02 = -5V regulator. To remove the daughterboard. then it should unplug. Also. I cannot locate replacements. P1014-1: Mag DX17F. try ICHE (UK). Once more. there is not really an "upgrade" for the DX17F. First.5 ohm resistors beside it. ICM (800-748-6232). here's a basic list C120 & C123 (both 1uF/50V). I'd take this Mag over a Nokia. I suspect the flybacks are bad. often several are leaky or have bad ESR. it's just that a fault kills several of them. P1019-7: Sun/Sony GDM-20D10 with bad pincushion. Remote control has no adjustment mode for this. Q520 = ZTX948. and clean the board really well. there isn't one component dying fast. besides replacing the caps. QUESTION NO. that word makes it sound like a recall and they will pay for the damage their poor design has caused. D116 = 30DF6 = FR305 or ECG580. P1013-10: KFC CB1414 VS monitor is totally dead.hrdiemen. Other components implicated in "dead" G50's are. If any leaked. In Europe. QUESTION NO. Possible sources might be Component Technologies (888-359-2225). Depending on what gets eaten. such as LJ Enterprises. HR Diemen (www. CCS. capacitors C162 & C164. Check/replace all the SMD electrolytic caps on the DA daughterboard.a common failure. with a defined solution. R177 = 1 ohm. It is a Sampo FEA-426. just a standard set of parts that die or get degraded.

C609. no change. C950 = 100uF.2 megohm resistor. I can usually lay the chassis on its side and connect up the anode. QUESTION NO. See the answer for question P923-7. Do I need to change the TDA9102C? I adjusted the vertical linear and center resistance. Surprisingly. You might also check out the 600-series 1 uF caps-. yoke and ground wire (don't forget the ground wire!) without having to do the whole swap until I can see if the yoke is compatible with the existing drive stage. It did turn out to be the HOT transistor that was blown. P108-7: Two NCD 2082BA monitors have same symptom. and checked many caps. It has 3 terminals and is made of 3 copper contacts with 2 discs sandwiched between them. I have since replaced it and the monitor is now repaired. QUESTION NO. middle line is "A1306B" bottom line is date code or something. when it is first turned on it is fine then over time it loses color and everything turns reddish or darker colored. no change. When powered on it emits a pulsing squealing sound every second or so. P917-8: HP D2804 monitor equipped with crt Samsung M34KUN35X03. and you will see that this is yet another of those KDM2077 chassis. I have checked most of the diodes / transistors in the main power circuit. There does not appear to be any high voltage. P108-2: IBM 6321-001 monitor. I 'd guess it's some form of diode arrangement. P922-10: Gateway cs1572fs monitor. I leave the yokes on the tube. It is just before the bridge rectifier in the main 220V line. I also checked the HOT on a whim. Since the convergence is nearly impossible to set up. QUESTION NO. about a similar device in a Proton monitor. about 75% of the time the tubes present no problem and the swap is relatively easy. I changed the TDA8172. The value of R186 is 100 ohm 5W. Examine R545 = 2. and substitute freely. it looks like 28665 or 28886 or something close to that. The schematic is too blurry to read the exact value of Q115. R186 is 100 ohms 5watts. QUESTION NO. The transistor markings(Q115) are as follows: Top line is "T". QUESTION NO. . Is it possible to substitute with Toshiba M34KQA23XX06? I save all the picture tubes from monitors I junk out. QUESTION NO. The HOT seems to have some funny readings. Q115 burst and R186 burned. the 1/5 size of vertical at bottorm no light. etc. scroll back 1/5 of the display. they can cause vertical foldover even though they are in the power supply. The power light does not appear to come on.mains in circ I come to a component which looks similar to a small relay. localized near Q507 on the CRT card. P917-6: GVC m1448b monitor manufactured in March 1995. Pay special attention to caps C949. P108-1: J'ai des problémes de G1 sur un Sony CPD100sx. This sounds like a thermally-bad LM1203 chip. I have not come acroos this type of device before and need advice about what it is. C610. Check the FCC#. need values. impossible de régler la lumiére g1=-174v.

but I usually try just the Zilog IC first. so check those coils. Checked TP001 for 23. and the value is not critical. P922-5: MAG Tech DX17F monitor. Fuse good. they drop the B+ voltage down. I have never gotten one back when I do this. It is just a surge protection type of arrangement. locations like 5601.2 uF/250V. so I have gotten in the habit of putting a brass shield on top of them and grounding it. near the LOPT. . The disks will heat up very rapidly. It is designed to conduct a lot of current to the degaussing coil for a very short time when power is first applied. 5613. Checked HV 26Kv G1 and G2 are ok. these must be in good condition (low ESR). or there will eventually be trouble. Tested FBT & Q504 both OK. The black rectangular relay -looking box with the disks in it is the degaussing thermistor. completely dead. Sometimes. Be sure to check/change L105. P105-8: Several Philips 4CM4270 monitors with the same problem. I found that R177 original was . Also. it is advised to check for other bad caps. Power supply voltages are OK. no video.O. In the process of performing the recommended horizontal circuit upgrade for the DX17F. some resistors also get damaged.QUESTION NO. 32V = 1. Sometimes the little 8 pin eeprom next to it also goes bad.1V.O. Brightness control has no effect. will damage coils. Almost all the problems these monitors have are caused by the Zilog IC in the front corner of the board going bad. but has grey/silver discs inside seperated by terminals that are solder to pcb. Do you have this voltage? QUESTION NO. 5604. while the faq refers to R177 as 1 ohm. contrast works and the screen pot on the LOPT does adjust the intensity of the background. especially C943. QUESTION NO.curious about square black component looks like relay. it is almost certainly fried.5V and Q424. Replaced a defective H. Is this an intended modification? My schematic lists R177 as 2. 2. I do not see any reference to a 32 volt line on the schematic.2 ohms.T (BU2525) and the +B supply reads 90 Volts instead of 145 Volts. constantly switches between Normal and Standby mode (continuous clicking of RL401). causing their resistance to increase to the point where most current will stop flowing in the coil. C949. it causes this symptom.T becomes hot. Check the capacitor (C409?). no picture. QUESTION NO. C944. Voltages marked on PCB under daughter PCB + & . QUESTION NO. H. no HV. P923-7: Proton PM-1440 (fccBJNPM1448) no power indicater LED. etc.12V & 5V OK.1 ohm. P922-4: PB 1512SL Monitor. There is a 42 volt source which feeds the flyback/HOT that comes off D314 in the power supply. FCC H4ICM15006. Instead. If bad. I'm pretty sure static from the picture tube is what pops these. P930-3: Mag DX1795 Monitor FCC IAWDX17FG Power light. QUESTION NO. P106-7: DEC VRC20-HA Digital 20" monitor FCC ID ARFKDM2077 made by Sampo corporation model KDM 207 has full brightness. If Q116 was shorted. Running like this with a shorted HOT. C950. They normally will be hot after a few seconds. These Philips chassis do not shut-down when the HOT shorts.

C210. D503 (all new parts). It will not start horiz unless it sent an 800X600. No picture. When switched on. R55. QUESTION NO. TDA1675A. Fastidiously scrape off any such glue that you find there. Advised by . P101-2: IBM 2124 monitor. P104-6: Daewoo CMC-1501BA1 monitor with vertical problems. so also check the transformers out. colors diverge horizontally. and C414. and the components associated with it. but no actual adjustment occurs.47 uF to a 1 uF/50V value. FBT. sometimes a display is shown on the screen. P98-5: Apple Multiple Scan 17" M2494 monitor. C301. Start by checking/replacing the vertical IC. also check out IC201 and IC202. After replacing C335. Replace ceramic disk cap C335 = 220pF/2KV (it is better to use a 3KV-rated cap). C333. There is only a white powerful line on the screen. Onscreen values appear to adjust appropriately. blooming? Convergence should track as with B/W [purity]? QUESTION NO. I checked for bad contacts. and install a 1 Megohm resistor between pin 3 and pin 5 of IC202. C302. After that. Change caps C207 and C208. Changed L505. C542. C316. When brightness and/or contrast are increased. Monitor now takes 3-4 minutes warm up to display an image. CRT. Do this soon. is bad solder on the horizontal driver transformer. Possible the crt is weak. Some of these have that brown glue that gets conductive with aging. Check the 3842 IC's circuitry and the associated switcher FET. before investing $$ in a repair. C332. C280. Check for conductive brown glue on the logic board. QUESTION NO. screen is hourglassed but otherwise good picture and full control of other parameters. and check out the horizontal components (HOT. go to standard troubleshooting. P101-10: Proview PV-8500 monitor FCC ID# IJEPV-5640. Once warmed up on 800X600 (510min). P930-6: MAG MX15F monitor. also check the in-series resistor R214 = 15K ohm for damage. P930-8: Samsung syncmaster 3 monitor. The led on the front is green all the time. I can then switch it to any frequency. with green being the most obviously out of line. so remove any of that you find there. the replacement cap is not of sufficiently high quality. check if it is bad first. If the CRT is a Samsung tube. it will cause problems there too. Due to a marginal original design by Samsung. QUESTION NO. P930-4: MAG dx1795 monitor lost control of pincushion and trapezoid. C307. before this cap causes your HOT to short out. no LED and just a ticking sound from the board. and then check if the new cap has been overheating. QUESTION NO. and causes such problems on the main board. QUESTION NO. C211. run the monitor awhile at a faster scan rate (like 54 KHz).The usual cause of the HOT originally shorting. and check caps C206. This can cause many such weird symptoms. C330. etc). Sides permanently curved in and cannot adjust (pincushioning). C207 should be upgraded from 0. Also remove any glue in the power supply as well. If it is overheating. QUESTION NO.

P929-5: AcerView 7176ie monitor. etc.Maginnovision support to check Q516 and IC701. Second. these caps. IC701 is TDA9103 (ST Microelectronics). KDS's Tech Help phone# is 800-283-1311. L307. I suspect the flyback is the cause but the label on the FBT is worn. To remove the daughter board. horizontal jitter causing fuzzy image. desolder the four larger connector pins. C353. C5048 is a Toshiba 2SC5048. For the cause check surrounding diodes and capacitors. C3950. etc). Burned Q906. or the adhesive underneath may rip out PCB traces. The case has C5048 on Also check D308. see Monitor Repair Question# P97-5 and its answer. C901. get its pinout & electrical specs from the PDF datasheet at www. L306. You should refer to your monitor as a KDS KD1710 chassis (EVOKD1710). C3951. R915 = 180K. but I have been unable to track down the cause with freeze spray. twist them off instead. can cause the HOT to blow. P927-4: ASTVision 7N KD-1711 monitor that has resistors R907. but if yours is a DX17S. What are the values of r909 and r910? Also what is the equivalent of q906 k526? Any other parts which could be smoked? You did not say whether your "DX17" is DX17F. You may also want to check C821. C3952. QUESTION NO. or board. the problem these SMD caps usually get is bad ESR. R907 = 10K. What caused the transistor to blow? The transistor you are looking for is 2SC5048. When turned on there is fast clicking and blinking power LED on the front.pdf. pulsating parallel vertical wavy lines. I am having trouble finding a replacement transistor. D806. QUESTION NO. R915 and R916 burned beyond recognition. do not have pinout for IC701. and Q904. If problems persist. On these units. check the coils (L304. so I do not know where to verify signal when adjusting pincusion or trapezoid settings. to see if the arcing is a bad flyback (more likely) or a leaking CRT. one found at either end of both connectors CN01 and CN02. QUESTION NO. which do not cause any picture distortion. C315. or DX17S. contact Korea Data Systems (they made this chassis). 12 Amp HOT. Q306 was completely shorted. R910. a 1500V. Try B&D Enterprises (800-4586053) or MCM (800-543-4330). Avoid heating or yanking on these SMD caps. try disconnecting the socket from the CRT.CRT. P930-1: Two common problems with Sun/Sony GDM 20D10 monitors first. socket. D903. . check for bad solder in the horizontal area or on the connector pins for the video amp board. For the flyback information and source. P928-4: Gateway dx17 monitor with an arcing crt base. 1800-458-6053. 1/2W. and see where the arcing now occurs-. Both problems originate in the video board and tend to moderate after monitor is warmed up. Use high-quality replacements. Q516 appears good. It is listed in B&D Enterprises catalog. In this situation. gently twisting back & forth. QUESTION NO. R916 = 100K. always replace cap C307 = 1 uF/50V and ceramic disk cap C320 = 100pF/2KV (it is better to use a 3KV rating). even if marginal. L308. Still assuming this is a DX17S. check/replace ALL (26-29) the SMD caps on the DA daughter board. R909.

input. P924-8: Gateway 2000 Crystalscan 1024NI Monitor only works at 640X480 60Hz. The picture only moves from the bottom not from the top. QUESTION NO. . Try checking capacitor C311 = 10 uF/100V.O. Check whether D503 (SMD zener. I resoldered without success. pin# 5). The Horizontal Transistor it was subst. if you need one.whereas it should move from the both ends by using the vertical controls. Did this for awhile. All color depths function at this resolution and vertical refresh. Other modes are not provided. IC8G3 (except at high horizontal frequencies). it starts shrinking the picture and work opposite of its function. Check resistor RCB1 near the EHT. QUESTION NO. At higher resolutions or vertical refresh rates. the screen rolls unceasingly on all sides like a disorder of vertical hold. P923-10: IBM 6317-001 monitor with vertical problem. prevented it from coupling discrete horizontal sync to the input of sync processor chip. Appears to be problem with sync selection processing which is located on video PCB (inaccessible when control PCB is installed). the horizontal circuit starts but then it cuts off. try NEI. replace with either an SMD or thru-hole type zener. and replaced the flyback before I discovered the resistor. I had a similar fault. If the vertical button is pressed to open the picture. 4. P98-9: Apple 1710 monitor. IC900. P910-1: IBM 8517 monitor works for a while then shuts down. where the brightness is to high with retrace lines and cannot be turned down. near the flyback.T. 35kHhz are not recognized. wait a few minutes turn it back on it would come back on.T. was the 1 Amp pico-fuse in the B+ line also open? Usually.1 Volt) has gone bad. 888634-7278. QUESTION NO.) was replaced.7uf 50V electrolytic. was able to trace problem to defective capacitor C8H2. If IC302 is OK. when powered on. Have substituted new control PCB. with same result. Changed a few caps in the power supply. check out Q401. P922-6: NEC Multisync 5fg JC-1741UMA monitor operates normally with sync on green.1 to 12 Volts should work OK as replacements. modes with horiz. and IC401 (vert. when the H. Some older Gateway chassis that read 1024NI on the front will only run at 640x480 and 1024x768. This is a custom function control chip. along with very high ESR. When I turn it off. With separate sync. P922-1: Daewoo CMC-1427X1 Motitor. High voltage just starts up then the high voltage goes down. If the horizontal output transistor (H. the screen becomes garble and emits high frequency sounds from the monitor. If bad. QUESTION NO. After obtaining schematic of video PCB. See if the vertical signal is entering (pin#4) and leaving (pin#6) of IC302 = Daewoo DW0158-xxx IC. now it will not come on.QUESTION NO. 9. 10 ohm 1/4W. QUESTION NO. zener voltage ratings from 9. is blown. QUESTION NO. P922-3: CM-335 monitor. This.O. the 10 uF and 47 uF capacitors beside the horizontal drive transformer (T401) also need to be replaced. which had decreased in value. Sounds like the monitor is going into shutdown. freqencies less than approx.

This model is notorious for getting many bad electrolytic caps in the main boards and the power supply. I need the value of R101. C950. These four caps must be in pretty good condition (low ESR) for the monitor to behave well. With each oscillation the intensity of the display increases (the foggy apperance remains. i. screen does not light up but does crackle after LED goes inactive. The screen then begins an intensity oscillation. BU2527AF. C944. and discovered the existing HOT was shorted. P914-7: NCD NC2082BA monitor. The display shows a video pattern with low contrast (the imagne is covered with white fog). I'd first check the caps in the deflection area. which allowed me to discover the outcome of this behavior.). and. since many of your submitted problems were associated with shorted HOTs. P920-1: Smile 17" monitor. You probably should just replace caps C943. QUESTION NO. also check FET Q714 and ultrafast diode D719. see the Answer to Monitor Repair Question # P827-9. over a dozen can be bad or marginal in one unit. Using a typical SVGA video cable will not let it sync properly. Sampo). from foggy display to black. (mfgr. I replaced it with the OEM Phillips part. and the HOT BU2527AF will be Q730. Anything else to look for? R101 is a . P915-4: Suntomo DB-1765 BA monitor FCC ID# H79DB-1765. I encountered the same problem on a Smile monitor FCC ID# GBVCA6736DS which is actually made by "Kuo Fung". As well L102 was leaking. I also found R111. it is shorted. and C125 out of value. but the display gets much brighter with each oscillation). Double check Q101 to make sure it is good. I think it is probably FCC# ARFKDM2077. When I check the HOT.22 ohm resistor. Unit was struck by lightning.. the LED indicator turns from blank to yellow to green. C949. I could not find an exact replacement. the power supply begins to cycle. A relay clicks back and forth on power up.QUESTION NO. for the inputs into the monitor. The unit then fails. This thing is a bear to find exact replacement parts! The problem was originally damper-D104 by the HOT being shorted. With the HOT shorted. often. so I used a FMC G2C. replace any that are marginal or bad. R101 is toasted. Also carefully check all the caps in the power supply.e. The monitor initializes. I don't believe that is the true FCC#. with (possible) FCC ID LANGF010108M (I've tried this number through the FCC with no results. this continues until a vertical white line is displayed. There will likely be more bad caps too. Note I checked the HOT prior to "power on". For that oscillating display problem. For the special Mitsubishi pin-out. CR101 tests okay as does NTC101. P921-9: Mitsubishi HC3905 monitor which appears to have svga input in addition to rgb. . Looks like a fuseable 1/4 flame-proof. Q101 reads low Ohms on all tests. If this is svga how do I get it to sync properly? Does it require a special card or is there some way I can change the setttings so it will work at standard refresh rates? Mitsubishi monitors like this one use a 15HD video cable with a different pin-out from usual. Green active light comes on at power up then goes inactive (orange). a shorted HOT. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO.

Switching power supply does not work.CBA . This was in the scan circuit. not with a complete short. Other suspect components are C117. This is likely the cause of your problem. The relay "click" one time as the power cord plugs in. I have checked for dry joints on scan coil connectors etc & continuity of the coils themselves. I replaced Diode 6632 which was short circuit (BYV 36C). If it rises to normal. good signal to HOT. where should I modify it so I can use TDA1170N and get back my full screen view? I cannot get TDA1175 in the market. so substitute with TDA1170N. note that Q106 in this unit occasionally fails with resistive leakiness.R3550 1. Problem Horizontal collapse. IC2 (UC3842AN) requires approximately 16 Volts VCC on pin #7 to start. no hv. no signal to the gate of power FET(Q6) from IC-2 (uc3842AN). HOT tests good. Q7630 BU2527A 4822 130 63627.5ohm 1/4 w 4822 052 10158. check R3550 if open perform the following: Replace. B+ reads 180 v. Also. P915-8: DX17t II monitor powers up with green light. If it remains low. Are TDA1175 and TDA1170N changeable? If not. a filter capacitor that has decreased in value or with high ESR. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. If the supply actually starts momentarily and the chip shuts down due to an overcurrent condition. Besides D101. the IC likely is bad. thin line down centre of monitor). I tried to use TDA1175P but cannot. D109 (Schottky). P99-6: Dell D1028LR Color Monitor ( Phillips Manufacture Chassis CM 6800). Replaced D101 which was shorted. P910-9: Hewlett Packard m#a4033a monitor with a R858 in the the power supply that is burnt beyond recognition. I need the value of this resistor. troubleshoot the loads on the secondary of the power transformer. pin #7 will be pulled low & latched by the IC itself until power is removed. After the supply starts. or loading components such as a zener or isolation diode that is leaky. If this occurs. however TDA1170N should work as a sub in most instances. Sure you don't mean R588? R588 is 10 Ohms 1/4W flameproof. Check all electrolytic capacitors in this circuit for high ESR. H-P A4033A monitor is actually a Sony GDM-20E01. QUESTION NO. According to a technical bulletin from Philips. View restored but picture shrink to only half of normal screen. no b+ to HOT. L105. add Q7523 4835 130 47173 (grid c-12 on schematic. P914-4: Xyst 14" Monitor. It looks like it is a protection resistor for the horizontal driver and output (both are bad). Q7520 mtp6p20e 4822 130 63882.5V. the VCC is supplied from a diode-isolated low voltage souce via a power transformer secondary winding.QUESTION NO. R858 is not a valid location number. Try lifting pin #7 of the IC & check the VCC. Horizontal line appeared in center of screen suddenly. The Vcc of IC-2 is ~3. look for series resistors that have increased in value. I cannot find TDA1175. R212. QUESTION NO. however on switch on it has made no difference. particularly the cap connecting pins# 3 and #5 (usually 100uF). Changed TDA1175 to TDA1175P. TDA1175 is available from LJ Enterprises (800) 627-8755. and R173 = 1 ohm. P915-9: Sony CPD-15SX1 monitor. no results. also check/replace C548. A zener may also be used for regulation. VCC is usually supplied from the raw +160 Volt primary (line-side) supply via one or two large value dropping resistors. It is important to monitor the VCC at the instant of turn-on.

and since that . I need the part number for the main sweep & high voltage module in this unit & a source for replacement. Its series resistor.. Grid numbers refer to grids marked on the schematic. QUESTION NO. Coil L 5604. also see if rectifiers D316 & D317 are at all leaky. too. all diodes. there is an acute tone that lasts about 3 seconds and then the led starts flashing intermittently and the K2161 is blown again.. check if L304 (2 mH) has any shorted turns. There is a sevice bulletin from Philips concerning problems on this board and it sounds like it might be what you have. remove choke L5502. add a 33ohm 3 watt resistor in parallel with R3655. QUESTION NO.6nf 1. Rs and fuses ) without effect. 900-896-8324. try NAP (Tennessee).prescreened and drilled). add 220ohm (4822 116 83872) from collector of Q7518 (grid D12) to jumper 9128 (grid F8). This is the second bulletin (and most recent) for this problem. If the FET is blowing. a 4049B CMOS logic IC. then the usual problem on these chassis is a bad flyback transformer. or gets warm running. Phillips issued several bulletin until it finally came up with this mod. change C2608 and C2610 with 4822 124 22676. replace Q7615 with BU406 4822 130 47377. K2161 blown and when it is replaced and the board is turned on. with power and power save leds flashing but this time it is the geometry led that is on steady. set does not return. But sometimes it is IC801. P99-7: Magnavox 20CM64BE01 20" monitor with a damaged main sweep. indicates a high voltage failure. Philips service manual number 6595. and still do damage to several components. change D6608 EPG30G 4822 130 83128.6kv 4822 121 43677. I also need the part numbers & values of the following parts also on the same module board for this unit. I found out that coil #5604 is Philips part# 482215763218 (assuming that your unit's FCC# is A3KM020. I have now replaced or checked all the suggested components ( Qs . not simply shorted. The original culprit for many of the problems on this Acer is frequently C335 = 220pF/2KV ceramic. they can also ID parts. Once done. Resistor or Coil 3473. Possible part number on the board is 3138 108 82880. Service manual number 6562. P97-6: Radius 0461 monitor FCC # AK8GDM20EO1 is shutting down on startup. QUESTION NO.) If they can't ID those parts for which you do not have the location numbers. For a parts source. R214 = 15K ohm. replace it if is at all discolored. This cap can seem to test OK. What does this fault code mean? I have not found any faulty components yet but from your previous answers. If all the FET's. If Q7605 and/or Q7615 shorted do the following: replace Q7605 with BU2527 4822 130 63627. replace C2607 with 4822 124 42161. that is bad. & Var Resistor pot 3660. try the Philips tech help line. check and replace L5604 (usually burned) 4822 157 63128. This was a common problem with this set when it was current. Some of the damaged components were burned beyond identification. HOT's. ICs. the failure led flashes intermittently. 800-851-8885. transistors and caps around and the hot too and none seems to cause the failure. The GEO light being on. or even on suspicion. Tested the c335. sometimes burns also. remove jumper 9605 (grid B-12) and replace with a 1ohm resistor 4822 052 11108. and the microfuses were all OK. change C2609 to a 5. Cs. P99-5: Acer 54e monitor. & high voltage module (flyback mounted on this module).

QUESTION NO. and signal diode D527. and between the H & V focus wires. P93-5: Mag DX15T monitor. to about 168V on the drain of Q511. Q512 should drop its 185V. The screen control on the flyback is nonfunctional. What is the value of zd901 it is labelled as 12a2 ( 12v??)? What is the normal b+ on the HOT? Are there any other components likely to have gone? ZD901 is a 12 volt zener. It works but after about 10 minutes. by design. should be at about 63VDC at 640x480. Check for evidence of arcing at the CRT socket. or arcing may occur where the wires come close. dead. P97-5: Gateway 2000 DX17S monitor FCC# IAWDX1768SL. not with subs. and should be checked for first. QUESTION NO. Over components around that TX mesure OK passively. First. and V852. and R480 = 240K. T26 showed signs of excessive heat. QUESTION NO. the FET regulator for the deflection HOT (Q503). P93-2: Qvision 200 monitor. it seems to get hotter then usual. It sounds like the HV is coming up and then dies at start up. The flyback may be bad. The first message was HV slightly cheaper. P93-7: CTX VL700 monitor that has excessive brightness & brightness control has no effect. when it has that proper input voltage of 168VDC at its drain. P92-10: IBM 9527011 monitor. so be sure to obtain the same number. check out the CRT. We have B+ voltage (160V) but it does not appear to be making it to or through the horizontal circuitry. Screen control has no effect either. and T47. bad CRT's can occur. diode d903 5d150f & zener zd901 all s/c. The B+ is making it to C96. T32. depending on which CRT is fitted. the regulator FET for the HV generator (Q903). carefully check out the three blue 1. Symptoms. This is a Philips/FIMI chassis (FCC# GZM). it's probably the flyback. QUESTION NO. possibly the focus module. q906 irfi630 . signal diode D306.6KV film caps. but sometimes rings OK despite this. It is important when adjusting H & V focus pots. 78VDC at 1024x768. Have checked cap & resistors in Hi Voltage area with no luck. so a good diode may well test open on a DMM's diode tester. Then. and also V805. not to let the differential voltage between them get too large. anyway. 98VDC at 1024x768. V851. and check FET Q511. I replaced both and now it comes up with V out of sync or H out of sync. We have replaced R143 which was open. I changed a shorted Hot (2SC5129). Is it normal or is there some over marginal component (s) that strains it? Ring out coil L105. Q906. If the HV failure persists. transistor Q512. besides the parts you replaced. QUESTION NO. There are three versions of these. I found C839 burnt up and a 330k ohm on the back of the board bad. the BY584 high voltage diode has a substantial V-forward. . The source of Q511. Mag Innovision's (800-827-3998) part# for it will probably be LL*-31L-4LO-*A LSE. should regulate the B+ voltage at the FBT to about 48VDC at 640x480. Best to replace with the Philips' originals. Check out Q336 = Philips JC337-25. and 12V zener ZD402 for shorts/leakiness. Note. This coil is NOT the same Mag part# found in the Mag DX17F. for value. check that first. as well as T26. Besides the parts mentioned.

so check out M3. Top of screen is fine. I think that IC 93C56 needs to be replaced. other possible sources are Nationwide Electronics. C950. it did not help. Checked all caps and replaced TDA vertical IC. Some. It is a good idea to put a grounded copper shield on top of that new Zilog chip. C949. . Sometimes. Check Q406. It may check ok but replace it anyway. P827-1: PV-772IM monitor. it ignites several times. QUESTION NO.If you check the FCC number. you also need to replace D407. C944. P827-2: Compudyne Kd1500N monitor April 94 factory ID GM. Replaced IC' 302 (ECG987) and IC602 (ECG7062) No change. you may find out if the flyback is at fault. It seems to me that either the flyback transformer or all components connected to the horizontal output transistor are at fault. Picture too wide H. H. It sounds like your particular 1512SL is the Lite-On chassis. when I701 & I703 both go. A good source is LJ Enterprises (800-627-8755). For your immediate problem. I also changed zener ZD601 and C616. Also. the horizontal size is too big. In this particular monitor. or it will come back to haunt you. FCC#H4ICM15006. or CCS/EDI. see more details in Monitor Repair Answer# P826-1. like C943. VR611 adjustment does not help. etc). This capacitor is used to filter the -16V supply which is used for the bottom half of the vertical deflection. It cannot be adjusted with the potentiometers. This chassis is notorious for large numbers of bad or marginal electrolytics. One becomes to burn C5251. You buy preprogrammed Eeproms (I703 = 93C56) for these Lite-On's. caps and trans. not the Goldstar. if this is the case. sometimes. Very common problem with this unit. 0-10K and 200-1200 ohm have negligable effect. when C5251 repeatedly is blowing. I have found that electrolytic capacitor c949 on the power supply board is the most common cause for this problem. Do a complete cap check. and a dozen or more on the edge. controls. size control (0-15K) works like a pincushion. inductor M3 can cook and short between windings. QUESTION NO. you will probably find the bad solder on its pins. You may need to change the TDA4852 on the microprocessor board. try cap C609 = 1 uF/250V. QUESTION NO. but happens the same. position OK. can quickly do widespread damage even if slightly marginal. nor does VR902. soon it does not return to ignite. but I do not know what program. I changed IC TDA9102C and Z0861404PSC. The horizontal transistor C5251 was burned. P823-9: Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne monitor. This Nokia has the same problems that other Nokia chassis have (bad solder. Both pincushion. vertical controls OK. FCC ID EVOKD-1500N. you'll probably find several dead. you will see that this is a Nokia chassis. QUESTION NO. bad SMD's. using 2SC5207A to replace the C5251 stops that problem. but in one of them when extinguishing it. but check the others. If you have a flyback tester like the one sold by Anatek. and probably should just be replaced. Check that those FET's are getting good gate pulses. P92-9: Packard Bell 1512sl monitor has vertical frequency of about 20Hz. QUESTION NO. I702 = MTV003 also dies. P92-5: Sampo KDM-2077 monitor has foldover at the bottom of screen. I changed it. All other connecting diodes.

Nothing on screen. B&K 470 can be used for testing . #2 = Green. Can a B&K precision model 470 be used to test and possibly rejuvenate this tube? I do not know which tube adapter socket it needs. P89-9: Mag Innovisions NA0503-01 monitor that is exhibiting an intermittent green picture. diodes D605. #3= red ground. pin #2 = red. this model uses a different cable pinout from usual. #6 = red ground. pins #1. cannot seem to sync. You can wire it yourself using old socket or such. but. sync. this will give excess width.15 are no connection. P827-7: Toshiba version of this Gateway 2000 1572FS monitor has a black relay in right rear that clicks every one second or so after power up. ZD307. slice 1/8 inch or so off the plastic tabs at the rear. unable to identify do not measure like standard trans. QUESTION NO. Also. pin #1 = Red. P827-9: Mitsubishi Diamond Scan HA-3905ADK Monitor. just move cathode wire to 6 for green cathode and 11 for blue cathode leaving the rest alone. and plastic tabs protruding up from the bottom can hit the PC board in the monitor. & 15 are no connection. There is an adapter for the B&K that uses clips but I forget who sells it . and transistor Q611 = 2SD1138. #4 = ground. The Mitsu. in series off the collector of the HOT. & 11 . If this is the case. sync. To prevent further solder problems. Q106.seem to be OK. IC103. 9. #13 = horiz. depending on the exact case used with the 1572FS. for the tabs on the swivel base case. as well as no screen. There are a couple FCC #'s for the 1572FS. 5 using red G1 . IC301. #8 = vert. Acts like a shorted CRT. but also gives lowered HV and a dim display. #10 = ground. QUESTION NO. cable's pinout. #10 = blue. also check / resolder R302. #8 = blue ground. Connect only one gun at a time using (most likely for your tube) pin 9 . #3 = Blue.. This is especially true. If one of the two HV caps. . Check/replace high voltage (160V or 250V) cap C615 = 10 uF. Found bad solder at Q105 but repairing this only made the problem unresponsive to flexing the PCB (?). on the monitor side is. sync. It's also a good idea to check C624. HOT. Yes. adjust VR303 to drop 180V across R331. if R331 = 91K is present in the power supply of your version. 12. If it went open. besides C615. D107. and using standard VGA cables does give that sync. and is even a small amount high in value. but it is all over the screen. Other potential culprits are C116. the plastic bottom can warp from heating over time. #9 = horiz. so I am not sure which your Toshiba is. except Q306. Yes. #4 = green. that might even have killed the CRT. Q301. problem. The cable's pinout. Read here that their Cable for Dell/Mitsu monitors is not a standard Cable like for VGA. C120. and besides Q105. The CRT number is M36EDR314X360/2F01 it is a Phillips tube. #14 = vert. sync. coil L603. QUESTION NO. L103.. #7 = green ground. Ic's 303 and 902 are part of this circuity. has shorted. Is that true for this model? I have been trying to align the picture to my test box. 7. check and resolder the affected solder joints. #11 = ground. C625. mashing solder joints. pins #5. Also. D606. #5 = green ground. R179 = 20K. and the yoke connector. this can cause problems. 8 for red cathode. Q307 and Q308 marked C102. even rejuvenating if you are brave (Sencor preferred) shorts remove function seems to work well . on the computer side. some of these also cause no HV. #6 = blue ground. Previously responded to flexing the main PCB. 7 using red G2 . If replaced.10 for filament . is. C626 for high ESR and value.

it overvoltages the HOT. 0. off the output or in the vertical yoke circuitry? Is there a high output at pin#13 that might indicate a bad yoke circuit? Get the datasheet for the TDA1675A IC from www. If you do need 2SJ307.47 ohm. off the output or in the vertical yoke circuitry? Get the datasheet for TDA1175 from www. resistors. & capacitor C121. often marked '3F' = BC857B. HOT T32. P826-10: Dell P1728U monitor. inductor M3 for shorts between its windings. etc) off the gate of the FET. or an open/bad connection or component. the bad solder is a common problem with these models. In general (some part variations). but you didn't actually see a full display briefly.5 Watt. If there is still no vertical deflection after replacing the vertical deflection IC. Narrow vertical bar. you'd need the coil's "FM" number. on the several 447E chassis variants. It has a Mitsubishi chassis TB92108801. start troubleshooting around this chip you should be able to trace from it to the problem. P810-2: Laser SVGA 14" monitor (Goldstar CA-14 chassis) with a horizontal line (no vertical deflection). Check transistor T24. the P-FET that regulates its B+? When this P-FET (usually a 2SJ307) goes. when you say the new HOT "worked". Also check the various small SMD transistors. If there is still no vertical deflection after replacing the vertical deflection IC. when these two resistors burn. QUESTION NO. but never it seems to be the same one or an open/bad connection or component.06) 14" monitor. Are both the IC's power supplies (for the amp.pdf The circuit diagrams and pinout should be a help in doing this troublehooting. What values are these resistors? What other damage should be suspected. no change. like T60 or T65. Also check for any bad components (diodes. P826-1: Nokia 447E090 monitor. to avoid more blowups. what was the condition of Q534. If. QUESTION NO. resistors R120 = 100 ohm & R224 = 0. horizontal still works. also check PFET's like T13 & then it is also reasonable to check the horizontal yoke coil and/or the CRT for shorts as well. Are both the IC's power supplies (for the amp.pdf The circuit diagrams and pinout should be a help in doing this troublehooting.2. I replaced the shorted HOT and it worked for about 10 seconds until the HOT shorted If you found the HOT Q503 shorted. QUESTION and the output) present? Are any associated components bad? Is there a vertical input? Is there a short. since "M3" is just a location. start troubleshooting around this chip you should be able to trace from it to the problem. these often go leaky or bad. Changed vertical amp TDA1175 but no luck. Trillium Industries (919-829-9747) carries Nokia coils. P825-1: Xyst FM360 (18021-14021 Rev . In the US. a BF422C TO-92. you might try B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053) or MCM (800-543-4330). rutured R195 & R205. you mean the unit powered on. right next to the TDA2040 amp. The Nokia chassis with thru-hole rivets should have any bad solder on these rivets resoldered on BOTH sides of the board. I changed vertical IC TDA1675 to EGC1862. . and the output) present? Are any associated components bad? Is there a vertical input? Is there a short. Vertical suddenly collapsed. if any? R195 & R205 = 215 ohm. diode D28.QUESTION NO.

R102 & R145 = 1. Q603. and several 10 uF caps on the main board. shuts down immediately after powered up. my suspicion would be to ring coil L600. This can be readily subbed by IRF640 or BUK456-200 FET's. Check the HOT Q512. is an expensive and hard to find IC. Now brightness control on front panel has little effect.7 uF/250V. but brightness was back up again in a few hours. These two capacitors. Marginal or bad caps can overstress the horizontal circuit components. CR113 = BR66. I have a 45vdc in the hot. It could be there's a fault in the voltage boost circuit run by FET Q602. It would be unusual (though not unheard of).5 ohm. center led solid. Also. most notably C611 & C612. QUESTION NO. what is the IC ST6370J5B1/BLI. R520 & R521 = 22 and R353. brightness too high. The preprogrammed microprocessor IC. Upon powering up. etc). the various microfuses (PS500. 125 Watt FET. it is a 200 Volt. also check Q305 = 2SD386A. QUESTION NO. P816-4: CTX 17" CPS-1760LR monitor. so see if the FET's gate is getting good drive pulses. P723-8: Mag DX17 monitor. Besides those.for this? If the unit is 'dead'. In the power supply I have 166vdc. in series with the FET. rather than shorted. P817-4: Sony GDM20SE1 FCC AK8GDM20EO1 monitor no screen. Check the following R109 = 56K ohm/2 Watt.QUESTION NO. for a FET to fail as nonfunctional.15 ohm. PFET Q511. Q401 = HPA100. If not. Z600. or that it's not receiving its 12V supply (at pin#7). leakage. I changed IC tda4855 and tda4866 with no change. dead. Q521.6 Amp. for shorted turn(s). . ST6370J5B1/BL.htm. P823-10: IBM 6543-301 monitor (G50). The CVA2411TX video IC is made by Calogic Corp. when it goes bad. back by the 15HD video input connector]. D410 = UF5404. Power and PS leds flashing. R523 = 1 ohm. R424 = 180K. the bridge. I have narrowed it down to the power supply. R133 = 0. if the FET does not operate. when marginal or bad. C403 = 22 uF/50V. QUESTION NO. which are also suspect in this situation. Cannot back down enough with brightness control. what is a known cross for Q107 (2SK891)? 2SK891 is nothing special. QUESTION NO. and C135 [sometimes unmarked. P817-3: I need information on an IC (video amplifier) part number cva2411tx for a Hitachi computer monitor. It is also advisable to check the electrolytics in the power supply main board for bad ESR. I receive four short clicks then it immediately shuts back off. I turned down "screen" pot on transformer. that would cause an overcurrent-related shutdown of the driver IC. is a code to indicate a scan circuit failure. 47 uF/250V. causing video problems when defective. and value.calogic. and you can get its specs and datasheet from this website www. and check caps C162 = 470uF/25V and C164 = 1000uF/25V for value and ESR. can cause a host of problems. a related chassis. that. can cause shutdown problems. 18 Amp. there's a possibility that the driver IC could be dead. flashing power & power-saver LED's along with the CENT LED on solid. C308 = 4. QUESTION NO. P813-3: In reference to question P628-4 on Mag DX17F. CR502 = BYV27. check Q520. But. Q522. That voltage of 45 VDC is too low. PS501 = 1. Any info on the led combo failure type? In the Apple M1823.

R113 was open. a 42-pin PSDIP IC. C117. What is the value of R109? Anything else I should check to prevent reoccurrence of problem? R109 = 22 ohm/1. VR501 is a wirewound pot. P812-3: US Logic MM500 15" monitor suffers collapse & roll gradually after unit is at operatng temp. rather than associated parts. tube is pulsing in sync with the tick and the LED on the front does the same. You probably have an open resistor in your brightness circuit. the monitor starts to tick (about 2 ticks / sec ). leaving little left for the collector of Q503. but are actually bad. and C106 burned as well. need info or subs for D805. In most cases. Main deflection board went up in smoke. Usually. polypropylene. VR501 is a 100 ohm pot. You may wish to re-post. Only affects 800x600 and higher. this model is known for having flybacks that seem to test out well by ringing. so your chassis may not be the same. the vertical is full screen and has adjustment. But also check out D503 & D508 for leakiness.but contrast control does. & V108. QUESTION NO. the deflection HOT. Both are . P89-4: Macintosh AKA M3502 21" monitor. etc.0056 uF/2KV. V106. QUESTION NO. the TL082 & NE555 chips near the flyback. The width adjustment does not have any effect at all. R113 = 10 ohm/3W. Especially check diodes V105 & V106 for leakiness. I can't give any reliable information on the causes. Not knowing which chassis. After powering up. C113. trace back from the base of Q512. Mag makes several different "DX17" chassis. I have checked all the dc voltage that is marked on the main board. V105. If you remove the cover and turn down/off the room lights. you will probably see a spark jumping inside the chassis making the ticking noise. the IC itself is bad. Also. DX17FG. R109 burnt up. Temp is the triggering factor. however a fan aimes at front of the PS side of the main board will gradually restore the video within a minute or so. including DX17F. V104. C123. U101. D814. QUESTION NO. FCC ID HSUTRLDH-1570 US Logic cat32-10265 Jan 96 Ser# T131859 Monitors with that FCC# can get this problem from the TDA9103. 100K to 1 or 2 Meg. C121.) I have found this to be a problem on a variety of monitors. P89-3: Mag DX17 monitor with a shorted Horizontal Output Transistor and VR501 Burnt. P89-5: Gateway 1776 dx17s monitor has about 1" horizontal collapse on the screen. etc). I am unable to isolate the specific component. but is still intact. DX17T. DX17S. P723-9: Applevision 1710 M3525 monitor. QUESTION NO. 5%. C106 = 0. P730-9: KDS 1730 monitor. If Q512 has excess voltage and is running hot. I suspect Q512 is dropping excess voltage. DX17T-II. However. C124. C116. C138. it is just a bad solder joint in the high voltage area. QUESTION NO. using the entire model number. (Typically a fairly high value. QUESTION NO. Is there any factory service menu to check values in the eeprom? Check out Q511 and Q512. With those bad. also check C108. What value resistance and is the shorted Hot the reason for its demise? In the DX17S here. and must be replaced. and the coils (L504. You may need to swap it. Horizontal output transistor shorted. either. V107. Sounds like a classic case of high voltage arcing.6W. checking D527.

HER206 (70 nsec) might be tried. and HER206 rectifiers. SF20J. check IC202 (+5v regulator) for loose solder. cannot find any info on them. Both of these are very common. This can be seen both with the scope and on the CRT. QUESTION NO. or being bad. either having bad solder. High voltage about 22K. need the values. among others. they come from ABL pin of flyback. check solder connections on the video cable connector. Q901. The circuit board is marked with the actual function of the wire but the color code and pin configuration of the end which connects to the computer are not there. QUESTION NO. Should be standard CGA codex. R919. which probably explains the difficulty in identifying them. Have visually inspected solder joints and resoldered some. R902 = 12K ohm. R904 burnt beyond recognition. P729-8: KDS 17" monitor FCC ID#EVOKD-1730. Resistors R901. The connector is 9-pin. Any chassis with the same FCC number are supposed to be the same electrically (under the law). sync and the unit has a squeal to it. P726-7: Tandy Cm-5 monitor which the end of the data cable has been pulled off. A common problem is IC202. yellow = 400V (type S2L40).5 Amp (50 Amp pulse). P729-7: Gateway 1572 monitor I need a horiz output trans labeled c5129 which does not cross in ECG. QUESTION NO. If you have no Horz. Power supply filtering seems to be OK. Your KDS monitor has the same FCC# as the VTC SC-7 and Princeton monitor for which these resistor values were given. The S2L20U or S2L40 types might in addition be subbed by SF24 (200 Volt) or SF26 (400 Volt). Resistors R901 R902 R904 burnt. QUESTION NO. P728-7: DTK MD-1737 Monitor. C902. rated 1. with that same FCC#. QUESTION NO. and R904 = 12K ohm. Sweep signals are extremely noisy. blue = 600V (type S2L60). 2SC5129 is available from B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053) and MCM (800-543-4330). A Princeton brand unit. QUESTION NO. has R901 = 27K ohm. UF1505 or UF2005. Probably should also check R903. If the sync loss is vertical only.marked S2L64. Borrow a book from the local library and lookup the pinout for the 9 pin CGA/VGA connector for the video output of the computer. R902. The "S2L 64" rectifiers are Shindengen S2L ultrafast rectifiers. B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053) does list RL4A in its stock. P730-5: Compaq Presario 14SV 475A monitor (FCC CSYSC-428PTJ) Total loss of sync. Mouser (800-346-6873) and MCM (800-543-4330) list SF24. D901. SF26. a 5V regulator. P728-9: VTC SC-7 monitor FCC ID# EVOKD-1730. But the "64" is just the date code. Then wire the cable accordingly. in the answer to Monitor Repairs question # P728-9. If some loss of speed is acceptable. The COLOR of the band on the diode is used to identify the voltage rating red = 200V (type S2L20U). RL4A. ZD901. The upper half of the vertical screen is . R948. Trr = 35-50 nanoseconds. S2L60 types (600 Volt) could be subbed by rectifiers like BYV27600.

I personally do not buy any of their products due to these facts. TDA8351 is a vertical deflection IC. Is R910 = 330K/1 W on the solder side of the board also burnt? Are those three blue 1600 Volt Philips capacitors all measuring in spec? QUESTION NO. then swap out the chip. If the FET is getting good gate pulses from the 3842 IC after all. P728-5: Compaq Qvision 200 monitor. in line with the FET source.2 C839 has melted. not dipping below 11 volts while running). C839 = 470 pF/ 2 KV. so if a new CRT would cost too much. but there is power on rhe FET in the power supply. First make sure you have the newest drivers for your video card. with a bridge-configured output stage at pins 4 & 7 (pin 5 = ground). If the Vcc voltages are bad. The vertical output transistor is good. I'd contact their customer relations devision and voice my opinion to them about not supplying parts. before going further. Besides the HOT and 220 pF ceramic cap. P727-10: Acerview 34e monitor Model 7134e. It has a TDA8351 does this IC control any of the vertical? Should I swap it? Yes. P728-8: Where can I buy a circuit board for an NEC 2143 monitor? It is the front panel control board<pwe-404b> or Q25-157MS. check the CRT out first. check to make sure that the current-sense resistor. Does not surprise me about NEC after what they have done to their consumer base. I am not sure which one is the part #. and the only sound I hear when power on is from the degaussing. I need the value for this component. NEC will not sell to anybody. is not open. at least 16 volts for startup. Also see if R214 = 15K (in line with the cap) is OK. P727-3: Two Proview pv1564 monitors. Is the FET receiving pulses at its gate from the 3842 chip? If not. or is it dead? Also. I hooked up the monitor and it worked for a few hours then the HOT shorts out again. Basically the problem is the video card. I have doubt to TDA 9102C/T. Second. It can get leaky. are OK. Mainboard 82192533563. The lower half of the vertical is good. If I change the graphic mode. check or replace the 3842 IC.missing. QUESTION NO. check the B+ regulator FET = 2SK2161 or IRFI630. QUESTION NO. usually for . B+ is 0V. That bottom-half-only picture is one symptom that does get seen with defective TDA8351 IC's. P78-7: Tatung 4524 15" monitor. If the IC's power supply and flyback supply voltages. the screen size changes and I have to manually adjust screen size. and see that the power supply is providing the proper Vcc voltages to the 3842 at pin#7 (on a scope. I found and replaced HOT 2508AX (shorted) and capacitor 221K/2KV near yoke plug. located on the same heatsink as the HOT. QUESTION NO. does its drain react to the pulses. respectively. QUESTION NO. totally dead (no light in power on indicator). at pins 3 & 6. and check out the coils and diodes in the circuit upstream in the B+ supply. and deliver excess voltage to the HOT. The horizontal sweep is good. They stranded millions of cunsumers when they dropped their consumer electronics line a few years ago. This model is also known to develop bad CRT's. In DOS mode is working properly. check any resistors. or diodes off of pin#7. electrolytics. check any diodes or resistors between pin#6 and the FET's gate. The same thing will happen with my digital monitor.

Besides IC401. it is a fast recovery (<150 nsec). why not avoid any doubts. C905. P723-6: Viewsonic 21PS monitor. R241. that increases in value of R325 or R335. Did your sub meet this spec? An ECG/NTE 571 rectifier ought to sub for these. etc. P722-4: Orchestra Monitor 15" FCC IDEVOKD-1510. P720-3: IBM G41 monitor with two transistors that I need a cross ref for. electrolytic caps in the center of the board. Q602=IRFPC40. R602=0. D903. I need replacement ID#. You may need to simply replace STV7778 (or sub a TDA9103. P721-10: Je travaille sur un sony 17sf2 ou j'ai changé q507=2sc3997. in the power supply. (Subbed a best guess diode and set ran for 2 minutes. Substituting a 7 Amp HOT (C3892A) for a 10 Amp HOT (BU2520DF) seems like a poor Amp rectifier. Q902. for excess reverse leakage. you may wish to check the solder on the flyback. and I C904 = TDA9103. QUESTION NO. Any other chronics I should know about this chassis? If the OEM D502 was marked 15DF. this IC controls both the horizontal and vertical scans. QUESTION NO. Horz width much too narrow and Vert scan way way too high.). QUESTION NO. Q802. D905. Changing resolution throws all out of focus and much too bright. Since BU2520DF isn't scarce or expensive. also examine Zener D505. and also the components C903. is the same chip on a 1782-2 ( Viewsonic 17") the same part? The motherboards of these two monitors are almost identical.) All other static tests appear OK. 1N4448. Because Q503 was defective. Examine D596. and one can substitute almost any signal diode (1N4148. cause supply overvoltages that damage ZD202. For the part identification questions. P722-6: Gateway CrystalScan 1024NI monitor.22ohm/2W. Q503=IRFI9630 et Q510=FS10SM-18 Maintenant il démarre mais se met en power saving. C592. and go back to the original HOT type. D902. Replaced shorted HOT. and the vertical IC & its assoc. and the chip is prone to developing problems. then subbed diode shorted out. R334. I need the location number or an alternate source. Able to get close with controls but not proper. if it is more convenient). . Also. a signal diode near the flyback transformer. If you use a surge protector to shut off everything it will most likely lose its information. QUESTION NO. Q407. Ch#cs1024NI2 and FCCID#IAW. or perhaps an HER207. video modes you will need to set the video params manually. You can call Viewsonic at 800-888-8583 for ordering their monitor parts. Other problem components to test are C525. C541. email vstech@viewsonic. and may cause early demise. Runs OK and transistor stays cool but scan is totally out of wack. D596 is a common problem in the Sony 17SF2 chassis.Would it be my later type video card? Check out IC401 = STV7778. The 1024NI2's notable failure is. 1. please. I replaced a shorted HOT BU2520DF with a C3892A. QUESTION NO. C907. the uprocessor chip is defective. of itself or of other components. caps. D502 on M'Board was blasted. These settings are remembered by the monitor as long it is plugged in. Video much too dark. C540.

but. and eventually can kill other parts. or an Acer (FCC#JVP) supplier. Z200 = ST6370J. available from MCM (800-543-4330). (800-445-1503). try a Philips BU2520. Q521. part number 19. R507.001 is L304. R523. rated at 1500 Vcbo. while Samsung's KSC5386 might be subbed by Sanyo's 2SC4123. QUESTION NO. because the Samsung device has a damper diode. P715-10: Goldstar 1727 monitor. so also check resistors R424. esp. If this is the Philips unit made by Fimi (FCC# begins with GZM). A possible sub for the Toshiba 2SC5386 might be Sanyo's 2SC5297. after turning it on and off 20 times at does not even start the high voltage any more. it has been suggested to modify the chassis to accept a 2SC3998 for V815 replacement. these would both be Japanese "2SC" type transistors. and that's also true here. ON4873 is a Philips HOT. Gastron Technology (626-813-1503). transistors. Need the value of R448 that has burnt. In addition to the installing the 2SC3998. 900 Volts. A possible cross would be 2SK1358. also commonly marked "IBM PLUTO". and that complicates matters. QUESTION NO. 7 Amp. ICM (800-445-1503). These capacitors can cause problems when marginal. Q522. and Marcus & Assoc. I have checked the flyback capacitors. among others. The two devices are not interchangeable. 7 Amp. it turns the high voltage on and there was a picture in about 5 seconds but. I cannot find its characteristics or an equivalent. Toshiba (Japanese) makes a 2SC5386 horizontal deflection transistor (1500Vcbo. CA-27 chassis. The "C5002" most likely is Sanken's 2SC5002. but if you get stuck. 50W). they look good. P78-1: Need cross ref for the following components from a HP D2830A monitor (FCC ID# A3LCGC560). In the US. the Toshiba does not. P72-7: Philips C2082DAS/II monitor whose line transistor THD4oo. ST Microelectronics has obsoleted the THD400. in a confusing coincidence. 8 Amp. R521. Samsung itself also makes KSC5386 (1500 Vcbo. B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053) lists this Sanken. If none of these parts are faulty. which will need a retainer . Usually. on the main board. serigraphied V815. Try a Mitsubishi. and Q600. the bad news is that the CPU IC. etc. or maybe 2SK872. QUESTION NO. that's probably why it burned. SSH5N90 is a Samsung FET. But that FCC number indicates that this chassis is a Samsung (Korean) chassis. from the logo on the device. It is never a great idea to try to sub a HOT. and both the Sanyo. QUESTION NO. for example. So it is important to determine the transistor's manufacturer. QUESTION NO. transistors Q520.ssh5n90 and Dn or ON-4873. B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053). First check/replace C162 & C164 in the power supply. Resolder the connections on Q405. Q503 (C5386) and Q407 (C5002). R448 = 390 ohm. and LJ Enterprises (800-6278755) has carried this OEM HOT. is in short circuit. and diode CR502. 80 Watt. P716-8: IBM 6543-301 monitor. if it has an "SK" logo. P716-2: IBM-2124 (FCC JVP7154E) monitor also known as Acerview 7154. TO3P case.40133. is a common and expensive failure item for shutdowns in this chassis. have carried Acer parts. R520. When turned on. 5 Amp. 50W). 150 Watt. Need replacement for L304 2mH measured at 768uH and a source.

it can cause squealing and . Change C201 from 47 uF to 220 uF/35V. First. QUESTION NO. which is 91K ohms. received via the I2C or the flyback itself (HVFailure). This has worked for me in the past. Check height adjust (pin#7). So.but no resp. and installing a jumper wire in place of C884. for an unrelated fault. I replaced the vertical circuit transistor but that did not change anything. picture vertically discomposed. Check out R807.5V)? Is there a good clock signal for the I2C logic coming in on pin#2? Is there I2C data being received on pin#1? Commands. like C204 = 0. the vertical display is about half an inch wide while the other has about a four-inch vertical display. all the HV Polypropylene snubber caps. check components on this line. Could it be the Microprocessor chip bad? CXA2055P is an I2C Bus-controlled RGB preamp IC. L803 (T803. Is the CXA2055P getting both its 5 Volt (pin#7) and 12 Volt (pin#20) supplies? Is there any blanking input coming in on pin#16 (>1. all the HV rectifiers = all "BYV" types. if present). I replaced CXA2055P but nothing Be sure the supply on pin#14 is at least 21 V. P628-6: Two Sony CPD-100GST monitors. in front of IC201. C883. but screen is black. if those are not also fixed. L802. The problem resistor in the Gateway 1572FS chassis with the FCC# IAWLX1564 is resistor R331. It is not the B+ voltage or R329 which do not match those that are the main circiut board. Other common failures are the focus assembly module (gives focus/brightness fluctuations). microfuses. If the IC is being shut down by commands off the I2C bus. P79-9: Two Gateway Crystalscan 1024NI Model #PMV1448.C305. and C884.esp. On the monitor with the smallest vertical display. & BY584 (this one has a Vforward > 6 Volts!). Remove any conductive goop around the tiny ceramic caps. P78-10: Gateway cs1572fs monitor. Check IC201 = TDA1675A for shorts. QUESTION NO. and components off pins #1 and #12. from http//www. check the obvious. the modification also requires removing V841. Check capacitors around vertical TDA 1675.1 uF/50V. I see RGB on input pins of preamplifier CXA2055P but not see on output. control all parameters of this IC's output. Be advised that if the THD400 shorted along with other faulty components. and coils L807.306. do this modification change jumper J118 to a 1K resistor. This question was asked before and two different answers were given. this IC may have been put into a shutdown mode by the microprocessor deliberately. or some component along the I2C bus line may be faulty. QUESTION NO. Change caps in power circ. When computer is on and signal cable connect to it. Try removing the "peanut butter" like glue from the vertical circuit. download the datasheet to get the I2C command codes. On one of the monitors. if it gets above 95K ohms. & if not. and mica insulator with heatsink grease. P79-2: Tatung TM6714 17" monitor. If not already done. The horizontal display seems to work fine on both of them. QUESTION NO. squeals and has wavy horizontal lines through rastor.. the replacement may also blow.pdf. high voltage on. Both of them seem to have a problem with the vertical display.clip. power green LED comes on.

Q314. R316 = 1K. Replaced c3950. Depending on the exact board version. if it is leaky. coils L306. Zener ZD302 (12. If D308 is not the problem.2V to 13V) can be a problem when R331 is not the fix. Q312. Use a precision. P78-9: Older CTX 17" CPS-1760LR monitor. blue color is missing. P77-2: IBM 2124 monitor. Also no base drive to the H/output. with 1200 Volts peak-to-peak. about 2-4 mm in diameter. IC301. P68-3: Lite-On KM411 monitor. and I cannot adjust the horizontal size.RGB from chassis to neck pcb output of color processor . QUESTION NO. components. I check RGB unit but I did not find the problem. First check ultrafast rectifier D308 = FES8JT (600 V. Check solder on sub-boards and the connections to the main board. to remove all the lines from the video. They are very tiny. C610. 1-2W replacement type. What is the value and working voltage of the disc ceramic cap? What is the vaule of the 1/8 watt resistor connected to the cap? What should the B+ voltage be at the Collector of the H/output? Where is this voltage fed from?+? If the FCC# on this IBM is JVP7154E. The Gateway 1572FS chassis with the FCC# IAWLX1572 should be checked for conductive glue problems. and R503. pin amp Q305 = 2SD386A. QUESTION NO. In VGA mode. Always replace ceramic cap C320 = 100 pF/ 2KV. Check D410 (ultrafast type. So try and interchange the signals (missing and present) at strategic points like cathodes of CRT . C308 = 4.7 uF/250V. QUESTION NO.waviness. L307. some parts will vary a bit.right at the VGA plug. R353 = 10 or 22 ohm/2 Watt. The problem is TLS1233N. c3951. the resistor R214 = 15K ohm. c3952 for intermittent video problem.34 from B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053). then the ceramic cap is C335 = 220pF/2KV. If there is no scope available take advantage of the fact that the circuitry processing the three different colors is the same for R. Sometimes. QUESTION NO.G and B. Check C135 = 47uF/250V (sometimes unmarked).input of color processor . expect the B+ at the HOT collector to be around 78 VDC. 8 Amp. nearby to C139 and the HD-15 data input plug. Trr < 35 nanosec). I got it to work but the sides are curved in like question marks. but check out both Q316 and Q317. Also check R335 & R336. Replaced ok. This caused a resistor connected to the cap to burn open. C623. The FET for B+ regulation is mounted on the same heatsink as the HOT. . 180 ohms. to get ~180V at R331. UF5404). diode D307. QUESTION NO. check out transistors Q310. Q313. P72-1: I need a source for replacement back lit lamps for Toshiba notebooks. After fixing some bad solder connections on the power supply. P77-9: Acer 7176ie monitor. All other functions work ok. also coils L304 and L305 and assoc. it is $4. VR303 needs re-adjusting. Also check C116 = 10 uF/50V & L106. Scope the color signals along their way from the VGAplug to the board on the neck of the pcb. The horizontal output Xister was S/C. When fired up a small disc ceramic cap off the Collector of the H/output Xister was s/c. R304 = 33K. caps C609. Now unit has no horizontal size or pincushion adjustments. I measured the B+ at voltage a the H/out collector and only had 50 DC.

or the answer to question P622-1 on the Monitor Repair page. For more information. Pick the closest matching tube from their website at www. ic601. any SMD fuses on the inverter board). To answer my own question.5volts on pin 7 of ic601. QUESTION NO. given the proper part number.$15 from a distributor like Digikey. or failing.5v on pin 7. PS500. will not power up. even though h-sync from computer is only about 25 kHz. If you can accept a close match on the lamp (and sometimes maybe having to drill a mite with a Dremel tool). QUESTION NO. suddenly drops to 0 VDC. P628-8: AOC CMLB-736 monitor was dead. and keep any leads short. model M1823. Problem? Collector of horizontal (yoke) drive transistor floats up to about 70 VDC. or cause of shutdown? . These inverters are HV & high frequency. Check for open Sony microfuses. All other componets checks out to be ok. If a Toshiba service center actually does the repair. at about 25 kV.jkllamps. PS501. QUESTION NO. powers up briefly.jkllamps. and there are no lights lit. Check P-FET Q511. all is well. I found Q601. To add to my answer there was 167v on the drain of fet. then shuts off. (Pomona. After changing Q804 2SC3996 and Q805 which were short cicuit. which depends on whether the LCD display ass'y.html Their bulbs and accessories are $10 . it may also be a bad inverter. I have 83vdc to the fet. replaced q601. they will probably want to replace the entire LCD PS800. then. Part of shutdown. P628-3: Apple multi-scan 20-inch video monitor. so watch out for RF burns. if you are using a Sencore. apparently normal. be sure to use the special adaptor for this Apple unit. but isn't damaged. 800-421-7244) is a domestic producer of these CCFL lamps. Replaced c607=100x50v while you are there. shorted ebc. causes a low voltage condition at pin 7 of ic601. but about 100 kHz. High voltage comes up. you will need a new one. P628-1: I need a description of q5e4 in mainboard of nec multisync xe15 monitor. Toshiba sells the lamps for $150+ apiece. At this time there is 17. I found that d603 [1n4001]. this allow the monitor to power up. with yellow light blinking. JKL Components Corp. The HT voltage seems to be correct and I have checked the capacitors around the HOT. for an astronomical price. had 11. is truly made by Toshiba (like p/n# P000197200). etc. Q5E4 = 2SD1763. and. and. the source is probably going to be Toshiba. or a cheap fix like an open fuse (incl. then IC601 had only 3. If the bulb is damaged. This monitor came back in three weeks with the same problem of no startup. the set worked for short time with reduced width and Q804 running very hot. Calif. Replace C821 (between T801-HO-Driver and Base/HOT) 4.5 volts on pin 7. QUESTION NO. or is a Sharp display (like p/n# P000194950). An NTE2576 would be a close substitute for that type. Pulses to base of horizontal drive transistor are present. or an open thermal fuse or electrical connection. If the bulb does not light.. see the JKL home page at www. when sync pulses start coming in to the base. dressed out to fit your model notebook. P69-1: Acer 7176IE monitor.If you insist on a new exact-replacement lamp assembly. Vertical sweep OK (vertical bright line) but no horizontal sweep during the brief period before total shut down.7µF/35V. Replaced c605=22x50v. and also .

I temporarily put black tap over the areas that are the brightest and that did the trick. do a general check of caps in the power supply. or it may simply not turn on properly. . coil L105.the diode installed between its source and gate. R181. QUESTION is listing Hitachi's FA4111 for $23. Those would cost about $55 apiece. because any parts that died can then kill other parts. D825. and C822. fast-recovery diode D116. Hoping to find focus. any lamp that's not physically damaged. I. It does not have any kind of number stamped on it. usually some are bad for ESR or value. Q109 was shorted. You need the lamp's exact dimensions in mm. Other common problem components are D824. and also R181 if its value has changed. Replace Zener ZD107 (6. When Q109 blows in this model. P628-4: Mags DX 17F monitor. When turned on from cold no horisontal drive to base of Q109. $15. and FETs Q107 & Q116. P68-2: IBM 6542-103 (G40) 14" Monitor is unbearably fuzzy. P622-3: 10 IBM G41 6542-301 Monitors. at about $11 carries CCFL lamps from JKL. A bad Q511 may be leaky. I would like to still replace the bulb though. Replaced transistor unit worked Ok. HV is nominally 27 KV (HV adjust is VR105).mitechnologies.46. You should also check or replace caps C120. resistors R177. P622-1: Where can I buy replacement fluorescent bulbs for a Toshiba 315CDS laptop? I believe it is a Dual scan passive matrix. The bulb is about 10 inches long and about 1/16 of an inch in diameter with wires mounted already on the ends with rubber boots. shorted. Have found Vertical/Horizontal hold. Check R851. $2-$3). should have its inverter checked out as well (JKL's inverters are also at Digikey. several other parts MUST be checked or replaced.bdent.2V) if it is below 6 Volts. all have problems. IC801 = 4049B. flyback. QUESTION NO.digikey.buylcds. so besides ohms-testing. Also. If coil L105 looks even slightly cooked. An exact sub (but used) might be obtained from www. www. P67-3: Where can I find the amplifier/buffer for RGB tht is an Hitachi made FA4111 for a Sony monitor? B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053. QUESTION NO. IC404 = TL082. but a new CCFL lamp from Toshiba would probably be several times that price. External controls (contrast & brightness) have only slight effects. to choose the correct size. Digikey (www. QUESTION NO. as well as any replacement parts. C147 (at the very least). Focus control is located on the side of the flyback. Occasionally. R939. the flyback transformer is bad. Where can I find service information on these? Try M. Also. Caps C120 and C123 should probably just be replaced regardless. www. If a lamp with a 3 mm diameter will fit the unit. get a new one from Mag. The bulbs is displaying very bright areas across the bulb and as a result the picture has bright streaks. Technologies.5 KV (trip adjust is VR106). if the focus adjust also raises and lowers the raster you have a bad flyback and it will need to be replaced. Have been unable to find schematics. However. see if its drain responds when the unit is sending pulses to the (document 2884-L). QUESTION NO. plus optional connectors. and the HV shutdown is set for 29. C123.

c120. The power on lamp is not lit and the switch checks out okay. and the HOT is Q109 in the Mag DX17F. and G1 & G2 aren't too low.QUESTION NO. The IC tda8351 was replaced. P614-5: Mag DX17 monitor. P615-9: Proview PV 564D 15" monitor.L105. and find out why the gate drive . They are of low quality. There are no obvious burnt components or dry joints on the boards. I have confirmed 12 volts dc getting to the horiz. Does the sense resistor between pins #4. The led can turn from yellow to green. those for Horizontal Size & Phase control. So trace back from the gate input. this PFET will not turn on. or from one output to ground. Static tests on components have so far been unrevealing. Bad CRT's are very common on these. Taking advice on this page of tips I replaced several parts including c123. or a short circuit between the output pins #4 & #7 (like a shorted vertical deflection coil).q116. You can barely see the screen with the contrast and brightness adjusted to their max. has no high voltageand shorted hot.r177. Second power FEt5P25. esp. esp. if it is a Samsung CRT. If the HOT is shorted replace C512. Are there any typical problems that I may check before I suspect the LOPT.d116. and #9 (the feedback input)."G' . no change.5-5V on pin#8? A high voltage on pin#8 shows the IC is deactivated. and are known to cause that symptom.c908. it is possible to tell that this FET is a Pchannel type. P614-10: AOC CM335 monitor is dead and the internal fuse is okay. QUESTION NO. then 100 to 1 that it is dim from a bad CRT. for one of these reasons. connected with computer. QUESTION NO. an open circuit (bad connection or open component). and the symptom is horizontal jumpiness and unstable image. Although number for the FET is not complete. ic. Troubleshoot it using the voltages on the TDA8351 (pin#5 is ground). for 2SD1887 is a HOT. The images on the screen do not appear distorted just very hard to see. the output supply? Is the differential input signal coming in on pins#1 (+ input current) & #2 (.3 V. The tech tip also makes reference to q103 2sd1887. P617-8: Gateway 2000 1024ni monitor with very poor horizontal sync. QUESTION NO. Is it getting any Vp (9V-25V range) on pin#3. and showing 4. I have searched and searched to find it on the main pcb to no avail. but no HV.but no voltage in "D". Is there such a part and were is it hidden? This is an error.input current)? Or is the Guard circuit activated. or Vfb (up to 60V) on pin#6. Replace it. r181 checked good. Also replace C512 if the HOT runs too warm. There have about DC 180v voltage in "S". The usual cause of the AOC CM335 PSU not starting is a high or o/c R907/R908. there's no point in trying to restore bad Samsung CRT's. If your 1024NI is the 1024NI chassis made by KDS (FCC# EVO). If the heaters have a solid 6. P617-6: Princeton EO40 monitor does not have vertical deflection. With the same 180V voltage at both the gate (G) and the source (S). noe. show a sawtooth voltage waveform? QUESTION NO.q109. The thermistor is warm to touch when on for a while. QUESTION NO. check/replace the control pots on the front panel. P518-7: Philips 14A monitor. osc. or (less relevant) from a thermal overload or during flyback.

try testing the vertical IC with heat or freeze. or swapping it out. C417 and C439. the remaining video in the top half is not syncing correctly (rolling. there is no way to get specific about your symptoms. Replaced bad HOT. QUESTION NO. P524-6: HP-A4033 (GDM-20E01) monitor. but are syncing the video properly. R434. a transistor with an integral damper diode. also. there are many possible sources. P67-2: Aoc 17" modèle 7Hlr avec q420(bu2525ax) en court circuit et r113=1ohm/1w coupé mais tout grille de nouveau aprés quelques minutes de fonctionnement. however. All controls work except horiz size .C439=3. and the diode in series with R113. P64-1: Two 15" Voxon monitors that need the Horizontal Output Transistor marked 2520DF. Another 3 monitors of the same kind only display the upper half of the screen(lower half is black). one trick is to solder a second capacitor = 10 uF/63V in PARALLEL with C476 (near center of board. This should cause Q420 to run cooler if the transformer was the problem.C417=47/16. below Q411). P68-10: CTX 1451 Monitor came in with power supply overload (clickclick) problem. I 'd also like to know where I can get a service manual. 10 electrolytics are removed from the main board and I need their values: C316.C406=10/25. Q406. if these only have shrunken video. GVC Corp. Turned the unit on .No cross reference found. QUESTION NO. raster pulled in onetwo inches on each side. so these locations cannot be guaranteed.provides minor variation but has equal/opposite effect on vertical size. etc) and if those units also have a TDA9103 or STV7778 IC. FET Q103 and the black cylindrical coil close to this FET. I replaced Q511. test/replace it. look up the manufacturer from the FCC number.7/50.C402=4. C406. The usual problem is the horizontal driver transformer has a defect. Without having any model numbers or FCC numbers. QUESTION NO.C416=47/16. With respect to the voxon monitors with the vertical problems.C321=47/16. D104. or sources for manuals. C407. If the FCC number is present. Also check R498 = 1 ohm/2 Watt. Q407. For the units with vertical collapse.C322=10/16. Q414.C411=100 /16. C322. those IC's can cause that kind of symptom when bad. among them MCM (800)543-4330 and B & D Enterprises (800458-6053). and overheats Q420. C402. or find a replacement. I just repaired one with same symptoms by replacing the C3205 transistor near the vertical output IC using a NTE11. QUESTION NO. If you cannot rewind the transformer. P68-9: Packard Bell 2020 (FCC ID DK42020. C416. C321. There are several different chassis for CTX1451 (different FCC #'s). Also test the flyback after replacing the HOT. and try them for manuals.) monitor. lines in the video. Now image has horiz foldover. QUESTION NO. T403. C411.circuitry is not functioning. Replace it even if it checks good because it breaks down under a load. See answered question P510-5. That will be a Philips BU2520DF.3/50V. C316=100/16. If. but if C722 = 47uF/50V.C407=10/50. IC404 and checked all the caps per answer. I believe this chassis is the same as the Royal 1782 model (FCC# HSU). and Q410 should be checked.

Try starting with a resistor 50% higher in value than the current value. I checked it and it is about 145 degrees. You may need to adjust the B+ voltage to pin 6. P64-7: Princeton EO75 monitor. P526-10: IBM 6543-301 monitor (G50) with no high voltage in the hot. The IC seems to be heating up. Any caps off of pin 6 should also be checked. If there is power and high voltage. Upon power up on day 3 the Win98 Splash screen was fine from the center of the screen (top to Bottom) to the lefthand side. QUESTION NO. Tstg is typically1. R470 was burnt (but not open) again. gain is 5-12 (8 typ) at 6 Amp Ic. for which that max.5 usec. do you have any HV at initial startup or does the unit totally refuse to produce any eht? What value is the regulated B+ from the smps? It should measure roughly 125 . It has a TO3PE case. As it warmed up I could see the focus getting better and then just as it was almost all in focus. QUESTION NO. rated 1600 Vcbo. Is there B+ at the collector of the h output or B+ terminal of the flyback? Is there B+ at the collector of the h driver transistor. From the center to the righthand side it was way out of focus (top to Bottom). QUESTION NO. P526-5: Nec JC1741UMA monitor. 12 Amp. 120 Watt max.130 volts. make this one difficult to sub exactly. foucu pack. the power light is on and the tube sounds like it is charging but there is no picture on screen. (1 V typ) at 6 Amp Ic/1. The problem is the IC201 and the heat sink compound was dry (TDA8351). if you're trying a . what is the pin out for IC ST6370J5B1/BLI. Is that normal? This Samsung chassis is notorious for burning up vertical IC's. QUESTION NO. MCM (800) 543-4330 does list 2SC5270A itself for about $9. wattage rating is very high. When I start the monitor the led blanking "green orange".12 usec. one cause is forgetting to put the Sync switch on the back panel to its "on" position! Also. It appears that Princeton eventually substituted another part for this transistor because of repeated problems. All caps in section are good. if adjusting the voltage. can cause the IC to overheat. the exact resistor value will vary depending on chassis version and CRT yoke installed. There is 45vdc and 45vdc in the neck board. I changed the IC number tda4855 and tda4866 with no change. But. You should not be exceeding 36 Volts to pin 6 of TDA8351. check that the BNC/D-sub selector switch on the front panel is set correctly. or play with that resistor's value. Vce[sat] is 3 V max. or conversely too high a B+ voltage to pin 6. This. Also. Is 1K the right value for this resistor? I cannot find any bad or leaky components. 2SC5270A is a Matsushita HOT. with the 1600V Vcbo rating. Tfall is typically 0. to get the IC to run cool now with the other (aging) components.and everything was fine for a few days. HOT shorted 2SC5270A. I took it apart and found Q511 and Q512 to be ok. and/or crt. Need specs or substitution. the picture died and I heard the screach again. and B&D Enterprises (800) 458-6053 for about $13. Probably a bad flyback. P526-4: Several Compaq model 471P FCC ID CSYSC-428VSA have vertical def problems. If there is no source to the deflection ckts then look for probs in the regulator/smps. but no video. too low a value for that current-limiting resistor. There should be a resistor (R201?) off pin 6 that may also be damaged.5 Amp Ib.

Q116 . The line location changes with resolution and becomes two lines at 1024x768 and higher. and others carry these IC's. A schematic REALLY helps. QUESTION NO. no heater in picture tube. I am going to replace C908 anyways. Output Transistor will short B to E. MCM. QUESTION NO. I replaced the flyback and got the monitor back to life. and 24v are present. and any associated capacitors. If the output uses a transistor with an internal damper diode. then it should not show shorted B . But now the picture is about an inch too wide and the front panel horizontal control does not have any effect. LJ Enterprises. Occasionally a winding in the Flyback can produce a similar result. QUESTION NO. The Horiz. This is a common problem. I tried interchanging these and in every case when the one that came originally in the monitor was changed to one of the others it caused a faint verticle line located in the center of the screen. but at 800x600 the picture rolls.Q103. if the output does not have an internal damping diode. it will show shorted anyway (to a meter).different resistor. Occasionally the Horiz. P524-2: AOC 4Nlr monitor. However. This symptom is usually caused by a shorted diode in the horizontal output circuit. QUESTION NO. Thoroughly check all diodes. I think you will find a 12 volt regulator on this board that is supplied from the 24 volt source coming into the board. QUESTION NO. and High voltage will often still operate even though the output transistor is leaky or shorted. since this board has circuit traces on both sides.o. nor does the pot inside the monitor. P514-6: Highscreen MS1457 LE-II monitor. 85v.O. The Mag DX17F has a line in the center of the is commonly caused by the wrong h. especially the larger ones around the flyback area. Usually a bright vertical line toward the center of the screen is in indication of a shorted winding in the yoke. It works fine in DOS and Windows at 640x400. 170v.E. P518-9: Acer 7156 monitor. I have seen 2sc4747. P430-6: Mag Innovision 17f monitor. that is the board nearest the back. The bright line accompanies or is a precursor to a folded image in that area. The six volts is fed through a resistor which ultimately derives it's supply from a 12 volt source. Power supply checks out. 2sd1887 transistors listed. Each of them tested good. P430-4: Nec 5D monitor with no power LED. Check out IC201.and C908. After 15min picture gets darker and out of focus. I replaced everything in the kit except D116. The power LED also will not light when this circuit does not work. 2sc5048.T going bad. no significant change in picture geometry. as well as its crystal/resonator. Vendor's diagnosis was . the Weltrend WT8042 chip. If you trace the twin ribbon cable from the CRT board to this board you will see where it is fed from. but has hi-voltage present on front of screen. The rest of the digital controls work perfectly but when pressed the one corresponding to the horizontal width all the green LEDs flash weakly while pressing the button. has a jitter that occurs once in a while slightly and close to the middle of the screen there is a line going from top to bottom. Also check all components from the 12 volt regulator to the 6 volt feed. The NEC 5D gets its filament voltage (6V) from the Video input board.t or a H.

The waveform is otherwise clean. and affecting each other's function while being adjusted. for these units. Monitor was operated at ~48khz h-scanrate. if the flyback has developed a leakage of high voltage into the screen/focus divider.K but it has no effect on the display.cwru. The display is pincushioned and too wide. QUESTION NO. The board has been thorougly checked for dry joints. Where can I get more online information on pincushion circuitry? One commonly-used circuit for controlling both horizontal width and pincushion (also called "East/West" or "E/W correction") is described in Sam Goldwasser's article On-Line at http//plop. QUESTION NO. In that case. Restore the tube for extended life. Check the tube to make sure it is in good shape. now customer wants second opinion.html. P520-3: Mag DX700T monitor which is repeatedly blowing the HOT and R173. make sure the focus voltage does not change when adjusting the G2 bias. I could see that the shielding on the crt print did not have any connection to ground. The fault occurs when the image size is increased to fill the screen. but picture is now darker and P520-5: Several Orchestra Trumpet (KDS) monitors all with the same problem. Or. I suspect either L103. This could be either a defect in the screen/focus voltage divider section of the flyback. Make sure the regulated B+ is correct to the deflection ckts also. you can also try . I have the schematic and some voltages are lower than expected.phys. P427-2: Ultra VG-1520 monitor FCC IDk17vg-1520. Try to adjust the focus on the flyback. replace in North America. I would think of screen divider/flyback/eht being at fault. Failures in this type of circuit can give a too-wide and pincushioned display. The worldwide website is at www. I have exchanged the lm1203n and checked all the caps.'CRT bad'. On resizing. HOT collector pulses are 800v p-p instead of 1. Check the voltages with and without the crt connected. When I first opened the cabinet. QUESTION NO. I noticed that the HOT is running at a higher temperature than normal. etc. see Anatek's Tips & Tricks webpage.2KV. The adjustment pot and wiring seems O. Horizontal size adjustment has no effect. QUESTION NO. resistors. Is there any means to find out if any of these is faulty? Are there any internet suppliers for the coils? Mag Technology (or Mag Innovision) is the primary source of coils.magtechnology. If the focus is at the end of the pot than it sounds like you have tube problems. T102 or the horizontal deflection yoke. If the focus and screen controls were interacting. this would favor leakage between the CRT grids. transistor on the crt print with no luck. Turning down HV and adjusting focus and screen restored focus. or some conduction may have developed between the focus and G2 grids within the CRT. That is with the anode and crt socket attached and removed from the crt. Overheated/cracked flyback? Check the HV and focus potentials. dim and fuzzy picture. the OSD loses sync and the picture folds back over itself on the left side before emitting a hissing sound and blowing the HOT. for a trick on how to "zap" the CRT pins and clear these kinds of CRT shorts. P511-2: Mag DX17 Monitor suddenly lost focus and got slightly brighter (no noise or burnt components).

Both LED's flash now.3V in the forward direction with a 1 mA test current. P518-1: Gateway 15" Vivitron monitor made by Sony and is equivalent to their 15" Vivitron. Purity adjustment is OK but when converging the red and blue the red does not seem to be as high in the vertical sweep. also check out Mag coil# LM*-751401*0 LSE .1 Amp. The color problem sounds like a warp in the aperture grill in the CRT. Digikey (800-344-4539) lists it. x895 ($25/10 min). If a replacement is still needed. check out capacitor C225 = 4. I still do not know why it affected only the red gun though. I have checked all caps with an esr meter (all ok).# 11DQ06-ND. If the FCC# ends in www. which differ from the 15SF1. or broken pins on IC's. P514-4: Mag DX15Fe monitor in which the CRT was replaced. and Mag parts can be had from Mag Innovision at (800)827-3998. though it probably isn't the direct cause of the shutdown. Those cracks/broken pins are one of several causes of shutdowns in the 15SF1. It does test OK but marginally. If you converge at the center the red is down from the top and up from the bottom. as cat. The monitor worked for a while like this. P520-8: Pacom mod CL15E monitor. In the US. which differ from each other.42 each. there are two Gateways that are 15" Sony chassis. and so can seem shorted in some tests. Answering my own question. You may wish to check with Mag Tech Support about C548. QUESTION NO. The color is not right in the lower right hand corner. There are also Gateways that are Sony 15SF2 chassis. It was the FBT that was defective. capacitor C548 is a common problem. . Also. Mag Tech support is at 714-751-2008. But it may indicate the unit was roughly handled by the owner. P518-6: I need to identify a shorted diode D103 (1DQ065C) in a Mag Technology DX17F monitor (Manufactured July 1995). picture is too wide. or changes in capacitance value. IRF's 11DQ06 is a 1. The panel controls have no effect towards correcting the problem. QUESTION NO. 60 Volt Schottky rectifier ('5C' is a mfgr. I tried another CRT in case it was bad with no improvement.7uF/50V once more. near the center of the board. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. The unit is in shutdown (blinking LED's).com. and the Sony 15SF1 version (Sony SCC-H01A or SCC-H35A chassis types) can get cracks in the PC board traces. the potential causes will depend on which exact chassis it is (indicated by the FCC# or Sony chassis#). for $0.1 uF/500V ceramic cap (original cap is 1 uF). if rough handling causes the CRT to whack on the big heatsink there. I cannot cross reference it. P415-8: NEC XP17 monitor that powers up but immediately loses HV (I can see a picture very shortly and Green LED is OK). some units have had an upgrade of this cap with a 0. Be aware that a 1 Amp Schottky only gives roughly 0. Also vertical Def seems OK. Changing the yoke solved the problem. ESR meters will not find shorted caps.'s code). requiring a new CRT. QUESTION NO. esp. All transistors around the FBT seems OK.maginnovision. but now it will not power up. But here is one point. First. this coil may go bad when Q106 and R173 get blown. I figured the problem out my self. For the DX700T.

Go to the DA board.5W/ fusible. P513-3: Compaq 461 monitor. check all the electrolytic caps in the power supply for leakiness or bad ESR. The LH2426 is a video amplifier made by National. P510-5: GDM-20SE1 Monitor was dead. As an obsolete device.) I also found R638 in the PS to be burnt a little. fuses PS500 & PS501. where can I get a substitute or a circuit to replace it? B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053) lists LH2426S for $42 each. this protects against gate overvoltage. Any adjustment I make only lasts until power off and shifts the narrow part from top to bottom. Does this unit require an external module for programing? What goes here? ADI chassis with that FCC# uses an ADI software/interface package for geometry alignments. Some chassis. P512-9: I need a flyback for a Hitachi monitor. P513-5: Sony GDM-17e10 monitor that powers up and then goes into shutdown. I changed to a higher res and heard a screech and lost power. QUESTION NO. check C328 and C334. but not open. When a zener is used at location D504. Everything else checked ok. (which seems to check good. With this model. ADI was selling that package for around $500 awhile back. The diodes off the gate of the FET Q511 are for gate protection.QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Readjust RV309. have a different diode. I did find an ext plug that goes to the memory daughter board. check all the SMD caps for leaking or high ESR. also IC303 = TEA2031A. The part number on the flyback is KSF-61478. QUESTION NO. like yours. I found no controls (pots) on board for lin adjustments. they can overwork and blow that circuit. QUESTION NO. chances are there are several bad ones that need replacing. It took out ps501 again and found Q511 shorted again. I also found ps501 open and replaced it.47 ohm/0. Clean the board well of any leaked electrolyte. P514-9: Two Mtek 17" monitors with same IC. I replaced both Q's and R470 with a 1K (I think this was the right value). check all the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply section for leakiness or bad ESR. R470 was burnt. and run wires through any damaged through-hole connectors underneath these caps. you might just replace the board. repair any damaged PC traces. It comes on and works but has terrible linearity problems. If you can find one at a Sony distributor (they are discontinued). Sony had a bulletin recommending that the spark gap be replaced with a 300 . Esp. P510-4: Sony MultiscanHG 17 inch monitor CPD1604S that displays its image as trapezoid a shape. which is chosen for its low forward voltage. or a Schottky type. R638 = 0. HOT Q512. and C511 is a diode instead. fccid BR8SM-5514N (made by ADI Corp). if bad. QUESTION NO. Q511 and Q512 were shoted. Sony# A-1346-069-A. I need a supplier for these parts. protecting against gate voltage reversal. ( looks like . giving a blurry image. Check FET Q511. Try ASTI Magnetics 1-800-221-1828.o47ohms) Q512 still looks ok. The "power" and "power saving" LED's blink and the "cent" LED is on solid. generally 13V. a LH2426 with inputs damaged. and is either a germanium diode (like 1N132). Otherwise. On the PCB D504(Zener) is missing??. What is the value of diode in the C511 positsion? Also the replacement Q511 was a TO-220ab so I had to use a mica insulator. Also. Powered up at 640 X 480 and ran for a few minutes.

5Wt R379=18K. also check diodes D441 through D446. Amcotron (800-344-3882) on the west coast. P56-8: Dell ultra scan 17tx monitor. #3= Red ground. & IC403 = LM324 type. I have changed ic 902 already. If you have to make your own. sync. all check O. also replace R612 & C600). Does the FCC# start with ACJ? If so. QUESTION NO. Checked continuity on video cable.5W rating. This "Dell" is probably has a Sony FCC#. The contrast and brightness leds are flashing on and off. also checked Q417. shuts down after about 2 seconds. High voltage starts. In the US. try getting this HIC from a Samsung supplier. QUESTION NO. this "HP" is actually a Matsushita (Panasonic).7. #8 = vert. replace with 0. The values for R338=10 Ohm. QUESTION NO. #6 = blue ground. Most of them connected to +12V circuit. check IC401 = LM339 type. Land pattern around R338 also badly charred and damaged but looks repairable. a common failure part in those is R613 = 390K (if value bad. you will likely find that your "Dell" monitor is actually made by Samsung. HP NOT helpful at all. #9 = horiz. Check if VR401 is set for ~28KV. #5 = green ground. The 5-volt stand-by voltage remains after shutdown. Most parts seen to be fine. the green gun not . Kicks on for split second.but all other voltages come up about half-way then shut-down. R338 burned open and R379 badly charred as well as R344 which tried to reflow solder itself. #10 = blue.25Wt R344=82 Ohm. If so. on the part you can read this HS17 IEKS. I think you will find that this "Dell" monitor is actually a Mitsubishi chassis. PS402. and 11-15 are no connection.and the amber LED flashes. This Mitsubishi's video cable does not use the standard VGA pinout. for Samsung parts. D825 are leaky under load. QUESTION NO. P512-3: Hewlett Packard D2807A 17" Ergo Ultra VGA Monitor. so start looking for these. Their units are known for cracked PC traces. I need the values of these resistors.3Wt. due to poor board design. Sometimes the Eeprom goes bad in this Sony. P56-6: Dell D1726S-HS monitor.420. I need a hibrid ic location on pcb is HIC 401. pins# 1.. No horizontal startup. I checked the H trans. sync. around 8 total) and R638 for open. If so. QUESTION NO.Volt unit. you can try Herman's Electronics (800-938-4376) or J&J International (800-6274368) on the east coast. Check all "PS" type fuses (PS401. etc. QUESTION NO. but look the board over top to bottom. I would guess that Q311 caused all the damage.0. the pins going into the monitor are pin#2 = red. or maybe Samsung itself (800-726-7864).. and related components. and using a standard VGA cable will not give any video. Perhaps also see if D824. then seems to go into shutdown or power save mode. Also the neck is lit up which appears that there is high voltage. Get the customer to bring in their video cable for this monitor. #4 = green. P46-2: Sun monitor FCC # AK8GDM500PS.0. P511-8: Dell p1728u monitor.K. A common site is near where screws fasten down the board. P49-5: Acer 7176I 17" monitor with Q311 (2SC4542) shorted. The monitor powers up but there is no display. Who is selling these parts? If you check the FCC#.

Check for lack of power to convergence output devices. As a result G1 supply to negative. No other LED's are on. these chassis often turn out to have very many bad/marginal caps. Check for a bad cap in the filliment voltage circut. I suspect that the problem may lie here. The width of the band changes and the edge of the band is a moving ripple. Also check for dry solder connections. C612. and also all the "PS" type fuses everywhere. This may be a failure in the horiz. Start replacing power supply caps. and am I on the right track? Yes. It has shrunk horizontally and it is out of focus. QUESTION NO. which is a separate circuit from the HV circuit. check C611. The output of the video amps seems to be OK. when turning the monitor on. I have traced the PCB traces back from the CRT to a chip labeled Hitachi FA4111 which is heatsinked directly to the metal chassis surrounding the monitor. Pot is good. and the FET circuitry regulating B+ and pin correction for the deflection circuit. An ESR meter would be helpfull finding the bad one. The problem occurs with B&W as well as color signals.the most common problem for 1565D. The unit has about a 3-4" band on the left side of the raster that is significantly darker than the right side. . for sure.functioning. 24KV is OK. Apparently the user had the monitor in use face-down for an hour. replace the IC. but immediately after the monitor enters power saving mode. QUESTION NO. The high voltage comes up when power is applied. The control pot does not work at all. QUESTION NO. If you have already checked those parts indicated in P210-1. P428-3: CTX 2085 monitor with no screen brightness. Or maybe bad conections. rectifiers. Resolder CRT socket to videoboard. P47-9: Old Sony CVM-1225 color monitor. What does this chip do. contrast works but no brightness. Q401 (BF483) should measure -14v at collector but is measuring -156v. I narrowed down the problem to the PCB directly behind the CRT labled "A" (sony part # 1-667-235-14). The power save light and power light blinks while the CENT light remains solid. Replaced transistor but still have same problem. QUESTION NO. As old as this set is you may also want to check any electrolytic capacitors in the convergence and supply circuits. After shutting it off for a few hours and turning it back it was dim again and did not return to normal intensity. it was dim for 1/2 hour and then went back to normal intensity. then check the horizontal yoke transistor Q512. in the deflection circuit. deflection circuit. The component failures suggested in the answer for question P210-1 has been checked and found OK. QUESTION NO. such as open fuses and or fuse resistors. etc. Check horizontal transformer and check focus voltage it mybe good to check the yoke windings. Many other voltages are lower than called out on the schematic. P414-9: TVM md14IIIs2(lr) monitor. P428-1: CTX 1565D monitor. Also check ALL the electrolytic caps in the power supply. P414-7: HP A4033A monitor. The next day. and the associated caps.

D.QUESTION NO. hilevel ~+0. If you do not have the CTX software/hardware setup. Drive to B of HOT looks more like a rectangular with negative spikes on falling edge __ ___ .. horz o/p (Q306) last for 2 min then over heats and shorts. This Sony chassis is probably in shutdown.. P427-7: Sony cpt-17sf2.7V !____! !__ . "Screen" pot on fbt has no effect at all. QUESTION NO. otherwise all OK. and insert a high-value (1 Mohm or so) resistor in line with R419 = 3.1st neg. c5023cs integral chip dead. lolevel ~-2V !! ! ! <-. spike below -5V If signal to base of hot is other than rectangular waveform check drive (which is often done by a transformer . And besides caps and coils recheck diode(s) and low resistance/high wattage resistors in horiz linearity control (in series with yoke). QUESTION NO. P331-7: Three Samtron monitors. Maybe the supply voltage (+b) to or through the flyback is missing. The fault is that the EHT comes up for a second or so and then dies. because RGB & brightness settings are controlled digitally through an RS232 port. P429-5: CTX1765cd monitor. Is there an analogue and what are the characteristics? UPC5023CS is a customized IC. Even another UPC5023 IC from another application might be configured differently inside. SPCTxformer. xfromer. QUESTION NO. all coils. You should not expect a sawtooth at the base of a HOT. The wave trace at base of HOT is not a good sawtooth signal. Check damper diodes (if external) from c of HOT to GND.. so there is no alternative. If so and you find a burned fuse or fusible resistor in the supply path. a possible workaround is to cut the G2 line from the CRT bd. scan rate is not too high since I understand you have the same error on three sets? QUESTION NO. If drive to hot (as shown above) is present scope C of hot. defection yoke.When defection yoke is unplugged. all that is left would be to check pincusion output transistor/ic and adjacent coil/caps towards deflection.check the signal on its primary . Q306 does not over heat. P421-5: Optiquest 4000DS 17" monitor. FCB DBL1765cd. check the DC voltage at the collector print with HOT DISMOUNTED. check HOT for CE shorted. Any other G2 or RGB adjustments? The screen pot will not work.. Are you sure the applied horiz. P427-9: Radius 0461 monitor Intelli color display 20e. When yoke is plugged back in. and caps in defection circuit.ATTENTION ! Make sure your scope can handle >1200volts peak. Led lites indicating a vga signal present. I have all ready swamped the following parts from a good monitor: is rectangular again). You should see needle like pulses starting at falling edge of hot-B drive. configurable by its maker (NEC) to the customer's specifications. does not have High voltage. to increase the total resistance.. Power supply voltages are OK per printing on board. esp. Since you did most everything. right side of screen is not filled and linearity and pincushion is very bad. H.3 Mohm. if there are two LED's are blinking to . Screen is too dark. If no trace there or scope not able to safely display 1200Vpeak.

QUESTION NO. Also check if there are problems regulating the 12 Volt line from the power supply. H. QUESTION NO. P421-7: Premio h566 15" monitor. now it is just a shrunk picture (about one fourth of the screen and rolling fast). check ALL microfuses (marked "PS"-something) for open. QUESTION NO. H. I check the HOT and it is ok. rectifiers D504. D824. so replacing these may solve the horizontal adjust problems. rated for 14 Amps. see answer P226-5 on the VCR Repairs page. At first it just gave the hour glass effect. The flyback transformer (LOPT) can also go bad. BE SURE they include ANY board modification instructions required to make it work in yours! ADI (800-228-0530) can also provide entire . In general. When doing power up diagnostic it first shows " H/V sync off" and then " High voltage failure" then the unit shuts down. With power. Sometimes there is a faulty signal cable (try wiggling it).phase. Replace the 42-pin PSDIP IC. P420-2: What is a transistor bearing markings FS14SM? It is used in Acer computer monitor 15". these are a known cause of smearing. to indicate the type of shutdown). etc) are low-quality. P414-4: Philip fsr871cv which is the same as Digital PCXAVF4 or Compaq 480/480p/481 monitor. in a TO3P case. P419-8: Six ADI SM-5514a monitors that all display a green led and will not do anything else. R851. If there is no horizontal drive from TDA9103 IC to the HOT. and it is good to go for another hour or so. IC404 and IC801. given no specifics. A bad flyback unit generally causes this type of HV shutdown in these models.size. Sometimes a bad focus assembly block can also. with no noticeable effect. D825. Works fine until it warms up. Could it be the Microprocessor chip that is on a small daughter board? The Zilog processor on the standup logic board is a common problem in this chassis for this symptom. P427-3: Six Orchestra (KDS) Trumpet Monitors. No visible cracks or cold soder joints. I used cool spray on Vertical and horizontal areas. The front panel adjustment pots on the units with manual controls (H. three high voltage) on the CRT board. check FET Q511 and HOT Q512. FS14SM is a Mitsubishi FET.indicate this (another LED may be on solidly. TDA9103. resistors R638. Get its complete number and get a replacement from a supplier like LJ Enterprises (800-627-8755) or CCS (800-356-1227). I checked the hot and that is ok. IF the supplier wants to supply a Zilog with a different number. QUESTION NO. green LED comes on and then a click with no high voltage. All have color smearing to the right of very dark or very light colors. QUESTION NO. For more on Mitsubishi FET marking codes. capacitor C822. P47-7: Mag DX1795. if you see focus or brightness problems occurring on the display before it shuts down. the TDA9103 may be bad.width. R868. Replace the six 1 uF caps (three bipolar. Two of these monitors also have pincushion/horizontall adjustment problems. Turn off and let it cool down for 15 minutes. QUESTION NO. Also check ALL electrolytic capacitors in the power supply.

dead. You have a shorted fet at the input to the flyback. It is indicating that the crt is shorted on that gun. Usually helps. QUESTION NO. Before using this generator for CRT focus cleaning connect CRT's Anode to ground. IL 60640). RGB guns emission is perfect. P49-3: CTX 6488ES on power up there is only a steady white horizontal line in the middle of the screen. until after being on for long peroids of time (couple of days). P322-6: Gateway (Mag) 1572FS monitor that has a series of horizontal lines that appear to go from bottom to top in "waves". It seems your problem is dirty CRT inside. they are in a horizontal roll. It is also possible you have a bunch of bad transformers. Troubleshoot and repair the Vertical circuit. P319-2: Two AcerView 7176IE monitors that exhibit video smear (a ghost effect on text characters and icons). P413-2: Apple Multiple Scan 15 m/n 2978. Before.replacement boards.this is for 230V AC)made by ELECTRO-TECHNIC PRODUCTS. changes the color after 10 minutes . P49-9: I have a lot of CRT (different make and size-14" and 15") which have same problem. size led constant. QUESTION NO. Note. You are encountering power regulation problems. Most of CRTs are pretty new.focus can not be adjusted properly and picture size-horizontal and vertical changing with focus adjustment. What is SG305 on the video board? It glows brightly. What you are describing is a spark gap. Check for bad caps in the vertical circuit. They shift to the right and when first turned on. Your B+ should remain constant when adjusting focus or screen. Some companies use neon bulbs for this. QUESTION NO. You have bad caps in the sync circuit. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. P318-10: Sony CPD-17SF2 monitor. QUESTION NO. Chicago. but they test out differently from standard transistors. INC. P325-7: Four Sony GDM-2038 monitors all doing the same thing.make a connection tool from old one FBT. these are usually OK. Get the High Frequency Generator model BD-10ASV (or another one. QUESTION NO. but shuts down with power+saving leds flashing. After the monitor is on for 15 to 20 minutes it stops rolling and is fine. (the address 4642 North Ravenswood. the signal from the Zilog routes to the drive circuit through some digital-switch transistors. Replaced hot. while the other Sg#'s just flicker. Is there a manufacture upgrade? Problem occurs from cold start. only when warmed up. now powers up. For example when when working with text documents the characters have a green tint and a light grey shadow to the right of the characters. You need to readjust the crt beam centering magnets. P415-9: Compaq 151FS monitor.

The DX17F chassis sold as Micron monitors sometimes use 2SC5129 as well. You probably have a bad processor ic and maybe a few caps. C908 1/450v. also R181 = 120K if its value changed. L105 is p/n# T*I281-103-UO.) You need to troubleshoot the vertical circuit. In the US. C515 (22u@50v 85c) blown and R526 (47ohm 0.5KV AMPS=10. On rare occasions. C120 = 1uF. If the housing is open the problem is fixed. R494 measures OK at 680k. all need to be replaced simultaneously. have carried them. QUESTION NO. The problem was a bad LM1207N on the CRT Socket Board! QUESTION NO. or the remaining bad parts will then kill the replacement parts. There are a few different versions. QUESTION NO. I have changed the power semiconductor of red-line. ( Tested by ESR Meter). The height of the picture is too small (vertical). may be worth inspecting. You also need to replace C120 1uf/50v and the part that caused it all "L105". I replaced those and powered up unit with a variac slowly and C515 smoked again. At the start the display is good. The screen/focus blocks are a problem in this model.and C123 1. it takes out many others. P412-1: Hyundai HN-4850 monitor. Besides replacing all the parts mentioned. 800. try ICHE in the UK. It is in series with D582 (labeled T 3JU). Perhaps this is a software problem? Can I give a general reset in some way? (The factory defaults menu option does not help. These . Q116 IRF740. If replacing it. LJ Enterprises.6278755. QUESTION NO. Q117 also check R177 = 1 ohm and D116 = 30DF6 (on tall heatsink. P416-10: Digital Philips FSR871CV. When any of these parts dies.25W) burned. C123 1/50v. it was not helpful. get it from Mag Innovision. tony@iche. I found 70V on C515.from white to red. or NEI. top is appr. or from suppliers like LJ Enterprises. I replaced the Flyback with no change. you need the entire number off the one in your unit. which version depends on which exact CRT is installed. 888-634-7278. 800-627-8755.5j are dried. For Europe. 937-335-4560. This is a Mag chassis. and MI Technologies. Q109 is 2SC4747 (early) or 2SC5048 (later on). These transistors are fairly interchangeable. Several parts related to Hivoltage are gone. email. after a minute or so. Since Q116 was shorted. P416-7: Dell D1025HE (FCC IEY447S). You may have a bad ground connection on the IHVT or it itself may be bad. P416-6: What is the value of the hot on a Mag dx17f? Your transistor is a 2sc4747 VCEO=800V VCBO=1. P415-1: Gateway 2000 CS1776LE monitor. I subsequently found D581 (labeled T NH5) shorted. Phone. QUESTION NO. 044 (0) 115 932 0152. you can also use a BU2525AF Depending on date of manufacture. P329-6: Sony 15SF2 that immediately gets very bright and out of focus and then shuts down. the display becomes lighter and lighter and the desktop vanish. FCC CKLHN-4850. QUESTION NO. 10 to 12 Amp HOT's. at 50%. and Q109 C4747 (power out put high voltage) are shorted and C525 1/450v. you also should replace tall coil L105. the CRT socket or yoke connectors are burnt inside. NTE580 sub).

3 Amp. can you tell me what value B+ is set to. I can not identify this device in all my data books. 0. can you give me an equivelant device list it.5 Amp. techsupport@adiusa. MCM (800-543-4330) & Union Electronic Distr. Q402. Compaq isn't likely to help. it is probably BF423. RL83 (10E). The center connection diode junction goes pincushion circuit.5NH45. You might try subbing either NTE575 or NTE558 for the 0. for value or open.5NH45. and NTE577 or HER506 for the 3JU41. I think). If R424 is OK. For the other data. Check QL2 (IRF9630). Check R424. P46-4: Packard Bell 1020 monitor works OK in 640x480. http//www. All modes work OK on Checker 12E but not on computer. model# SM-1457. Any other parts that may be blown that I have over looked so far? "T NH5" and "T 3JU" are Toshiba rectifiers. Also. Check pulses on QL2 (gate). but the bright control key does not. R412 has vaporised. So be aware that if you post a question for any of these. and resolder the cap's and coils in the PSU. Q404. Trr < 100nsec. QUESTION NO. P331-3: Compaq 462 display monitor has failed with blown components: Q401. The "T" means Toshiba.fcc. it is made by ADI. so check your FCC#. QUESTION NO.(800-648-6657. Trr < 200 nsec. a Philips high-voltage PNP transistor. email. Resolder the transistors mounted on every heatsink. rated 1000 V. and more).com. get the first three characters from the FCC number. QUESTION NO. Gateway. near the flyback. QL23 (MJW16012. the monitor works. P412-2: IBM 6543-305 (G50) monitor. and did not include the FCC number. "NH5" is rectifier 0. After replacing LM393 in power supply. Q405. if not there check QL1 (BC547) else replace IV11 (located on the video board LM392-SMD). and "3JU" is rectifier 3JU41. Q403. dead. and needs replacing. Can you please tell me what value this is? Also Q404 is marked F423.. The diodes I cannot find in NTE or ECG for a specification guess. Dell often uses the same model number for monitors that are different chassis. P46-7: How do I remove the cover of a Dell D1025HE 17" monitor? Who is the manufacturer? Like many other computer manufacturers (including Packard Bell.unionel. see if that fragile ribbon cable assembly going to the user controls has broken. and if anything is common to cause this domino effect. rated 600 V. . R412. any answers you get just might be for the wrong monitor chassis! To find out the real manufacturer. Apple..appear to be damper across the yoke. QUESTION NO. We replaced it but it is still getting too hot and still having pincushion problems and a too narrow picture. I think ie to a Q82 (Hor OP). QUESTION NO. If it is FCC #BR8SM-1457. The other control keys are working. Compaq. from different manufacturers. If the "F423" has a TO-92 case. Video barely visible at 800x600 and above. P323-3: Apple 1710 monitor (which I understand is a Sony monitor in disguise) and found the horizontal output transistor is shot. but Toshiba often uses markings that are not precisely the rectifier's part number. and look up the manufacturer on the FCC website at http//www. and you might try that model# to see if you can get that info from ADI tech-support.

I suggest you also replace ceramic cap C335 = 220pF/2KV for this symptom.35 usec typical. What is the problem and where can I get parts? D814 = UG2D. 2 Amp. SF25. rated 1500 Vcbo. (Looks like it is in the power supply section).# 583SF24. possible subs might be Hitachi's 2SC5207A or Sanyo's 2SD1887. deflection transistor. which is Q317 in this unit. Gateway used "1572FS" for a couple of different chassis (different FCC#). shadows much like mouse cursors trails but they do not go away. burnt out resistor R454. One source for all these is B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053). there is no ideal cross for this device. 25 W. I need the value of this resistor. not colored. DC gain (0. 45 Watt. I do not know which Packard Bell chassis you actually have. The units with Toshiba CRT's are generally bad CRT's. P329-1: Packard Bell 1412SL monitor FCC# BJMCM14UP with an open D814. 0. QUESTION NO. at least). P330-3: Packard Bell 1412SL. P45-8: Acer 7154e monitor. I recommend using the original type. Model CS1572FS has Horz. A sub is IRF630 with insulating hardware. What their analogues and characteristics? I think you actually meant K2161. Or NTE/ECG576 might be used. NPN video transistor. In this model. 583-SF25. rated at 200V.1 Amp) = 13 typical. some possible subs are SF24. but the device is obsolescent. 300V. The part is marked FQ161 replacing to fix green screen. Since you did not give the monitor's FCC number. 10 Amp. They are very noticable on icons and trail to the right of all open Window Boxes. Ft >1 GHz. Try setting your computer's video cards for the old IBM 8514's scan rate. SOT199 case. Tstg = 4. rated 200V.Tried on two computers. If Q872 has a TO-92 case. an ultrafast (Trr < 25nsec) rectifier. rated 200V. no internal damper diode. Arrow Electronics (800-833-3557) lists BFQ161 in its inventory. this is probably a Philips BFQ161.35 ohm. QUESTION NO.5 usec typical. but if not. If the smear to the right is white. or you might try a Philips distributor. or 400V). Smearing to the right is relatively common. rated 19 Vceo. Transistor K22161 and BU2520AF have died. if you drill open the solder pads a bit wider. the picture goes dim if run at too high a scan rate on the newer video cards. R454 is a carbon film 1/4W 2K ohm +/.5 Amp.. QUESTION NO. 800 Vceo. this favors a bad CRT. QUESTION NO. I need a part # cross for Q872. The problem is also true for a HP monitor model D2825 (or ULTRA VGA 1024). The transistor 2SK2161 is equal at IRF630 or IRFI630. or SF26 superfasts (all 2 Amp. and can be either the CRT being bad. and see if the problem goes away. but on at least one of those models.1%. BU2520AF is a Philips horiz. all <$1 ea. units with Hitachi CRT's are more likely to be . P45-10: IBM G70 monitor 6544--403. All else works fine. QUESTION NO. or problems on the CRT board. Mouser (800-346-6873) lists those as cat. If your supplier does not have this rectifier. This transistor is readily available and inexpensive (in North America. Tf = 0. 1 Watt. a Sanyo FET = 2SK2161. P42-5: Gateway 2000. insulated TO220 case. Rds[on]<0. 9 Amp. or 583-SF26.

In the US. smeary picture in a Samsung CRT is very commonly a bad CRT. P325-9: AOC CM-335 monitor.O. next to T401. 25 Watt. I need to know the following parts in the power supply which were missing: ZD 4. QUESTION NO.2 ohm) was open. the drive transformer. transistors/ video amp IC.5 Amps. QUESTION NO. with differing FCC numbers.T. check if the filaments have sufficient voltage. places like CCS/EDI (800-426-6423). In FCC#ARSCM3352.. Rds[on] <0. In those chassis with R331. checked all capacitors and resistors with no change of condition. ZD4 is a 1N759A (12v).35 ohm at 4. B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053) lists 2SK2161 for $2. For this fault. This chip is actually UX051B010Z. may fail due to a bad horiz. QUESTION NO. D316 & D317 as well. Replaced vertical deflection circuit ic. iIt had both p/s problems and a blown HOT. R645 (2. in an insulated TO220 case.O. Just finished replacing these parts on a TTX 3500 . P325-4: I need a supplier for a chip ux051b0102 for an ADI SGVA monitor. The unit was a mess. Check both Q612 and Q603. Also.90. or if there is much AC ripple in the filament supply due to a bad filter cap. this resistor needs checking. Both were shorted in my unit. D 15 and D 18. LJ Enterprises (800-627-8755). coil L304 (2 mH). P331-9: Acer 7154e 15" monitor.T. QUESTION NO. so your supplier may not have recognized the incorrect number. But before condemning it. Line output transistor (Q405) replaced 6 months ago with C4769 (2SC4769??) has failed again. or NEI (888-634-7278) often have preprogrammed uProcessors.D15 is a UF5402 and D18 is a UF5408. Everything else seems OK. better also check C335. a 91K resistor in the power supply section. QUESTION NO. It appears that the brightness and contrast controls are working correctly. QUESTION NO. what is analog and its characteristic? K2161 is a Sanyo 2SK2161 FET. Or use IRF630 with insulating hardware. Transistor K2161 is dead. zeners. Is it probable that the CRT is bad? Dim. is Q405 and that one is 2SC4769. Picture is very dim and has some smearing of text in all video modes. P330-10: Hyundai Model HCM-402c with loss of vertical hold. P317-6: Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Monitor PM 150 G5 S26361 K408 . In those. its characteristics are 200 Volt. Is this the correct component for this monitor? Also is there any known historical reason for early failure of this component? The AOC CM-335 has several different chassis versions. because it can cause the CRT to die (and other problems) if its value is bad. This H. you might see if a whole new CPU card from ADI (800-228-0530) is available. P319-3: TTX model TTX-3500 monitor. I cannot find it. The CRT is made by Samsung and has the part # M36KUK35X15. If their price is very high. 9 Amp. drive cap C417 = 47uF/50V. the H. check the CRT boards for bad caps.smeary from bad CRT boards. etc. P325-2: CTX-1565D. Can you check the signal cable? QUESTION NO.

Quand on le met en marche la THT demare la trame aussi.sequoia. CPU is changing level while pushing width button. Check the CRT board for a high-ohm resistor. P317-7: NEC monitor JC-1733VMA which displays a green LED but no video. P29-2: ADI 5V model #LM1764 dead with good fuse. It is made by Power Integrations Inc. Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider. L106. Reading. a similar model. I need their values. BERKS. using the + and buttons.unadjustable. address Tekelec House. and check if it varies off pin 7 of IC102. Note by the time the signal is reaching the coils and yoke. width too wide . KD1710. has R907 = 10K/0. it is a specialized power IC. QUESTION NO. First check caps C105 or C106. QUESTION NO. First. P311-10: I need a source for parts for a Cushman ce-2b service monitor. but if your IC's output is OK. RG7 1PW. QUESTION NO. Caps tested ok ESR.5 Mohm. You did not say if there was any led flashing so this is all I can give on this. but since you are in the UK. 0. that combines a PWM regulator with a power MOSFET. then C108. I need a supplier for transistor TOP214AY1. then Q203. Check ta haute tension (frequence). P316-3: DX15FG Mag monitor. FCC ID JVP71561S. I think R906. Telephone 0118 925 8000 Fax 0118 925 8020 Technical Help & Data Line 0118 925 8090 Technical Fax 0118 925 8060.F516. I need at least one diode to repair this unit. as you say. Phone number .co. try tracing the width circuit. Les tensions sur le secondaire de l'alim sont présentent. and on to the yoke connections. you may have a bad part or bad solder joint on that circuit. then start tracing the width signal elsewhere. at this Sequoia URL http//www. is the VGA B+ voltage regulating at about 71 VDC and about 1100 Vp-p? If the B+ regulates OK.T and if tests good check power supply. Ltd. transistors in horizontal section statically ok.Deux LED orange et verte clignotte et la led orange du réglage de géométrie reste eclairé en permanence. QUESTION NO. that goes bad. R916 = 100K. 1. P310-1: ASTVision 7N (KD-1711) with R916 & R907 near the flyback burned beyond recognition.sequoia. Try RF Parts in San Mateo California. QUESTION NO. Spencers Wood. do you mean the TDA9103? This IC is a known problem.0068 uF. inside plus rien. you may have Vp-p values of hundreds of I have tried most companys in the UK. If OK. near flyback. You can read specifications. QUESTION NO. Back Lane. and a schematic using this IC.htm. L105. "TOP214AY1" (actually TOP214YAI) is not a transistor.. I cannot find much on it and Iam stumped. Try checking H. They carry a lot of unique RF parts. United Kingdom. The parts I am looking for are HPA0136 Snap Diodes ( or Step recovery diodes ). P33-5: Je travaille sur un Sony 17" CPD-17SF2. www. I suggest you contact Sequoia Tekelec. By "cpu".co.5W. Try to vary the signal. Items that checked good were heater. HV (stays on) and power supply output voltages.

You can compare red and blue. 24volts. P310-10: Three Apple 12" RGB color monitor model No1296 with the same fault. fires up. then you need to readjust the high-voltage regulator. and for b+ at pin 7. from Mouser (800346-6873. The horizontal collapses about half an hour after it is turned on and then collapses almost staight away after it is turned back on. I changed the MM1203N checked all caps and resistors on yoke board without change. if there is not one present already. Checked fuse. ok. P310-7: Maxtech XT-4800 with no blue drive.P. P218-6: TTX 3500 monitor with no horizontal sweep. Have you checked the video cable? QUESTION NO. for example. Is there a secondary adjustment/part replacement to calibrate for new fbt? If you can go from bloom to bloom you have a bad crt. Blue out is pin 16. QUESTION NO. You can pull it and see if the S. cat# 511-STD12N06L1 or 511-STD12N06L). . Checked filter caps around power supply with an ESR meter. QUESTION NO.1-800-737-2787 for parts and 760-744-0750 for technical help. You did not say if yours is an SMD type. it would be good to attach a small heatsink. P310-8: Acerview 7134T (FCC ID #JVP7134T). P210-4: I need the value of a capacitator C322 in an AST SVGA-LR14. Check the H. Red in is pin 4. These STD FET's are similar to the STK type. FCC #A3DJC-1734VMA.M. P34-4: NEC 3D monitor that when turned on just has a white line across the center of the picture tube. Blue in is pin 9. QUESTION NO. It is not the yoke board. and now cannot properly adjust focus.C. or STD12N06L (SMD). Two units had poor focus that could not be adjusted with fbt pots.T. QUESTION NO. Replace the vertical output I. and/or troubleshoot the vertical circut and related supplys. but the packaging is a bit different. Check for vcc at pin 1. If you cannot find it. SGS# STK12N06L. You probably need to resolder the yoke plug. No light on the power LED. caps ok. QUESTION NO.S. 12volts. it is the crt drive pcb. I believe this monitor is made by Samsung.O. QUESTION NO. If it is almost focused at one end. or a thru-hole FET (it comes both ways). Its only markings are a509 k12no 6l made by SGS Thompson Malaysia. Red out is pin 25. I suggest getting one of SGS's STD12N06L-1 (thru-hole). Displays only a thin vertical line. P225-4: Have a few NEC XV17 model JC 1734VMA monitors. the monitor is completely dead. Replaced cracked fbt with good units. You may need to replace the LA7835 ic. I need a replacement number for this component. QUESTION NO. If it is the thru-hole FET. P310-3: Logix LG-143snie monitor with a faulty ic902 located on a small circuit bd used to power up the monitor when a video signal is applied. That "IC" is a logic-level FET. This is a common problem with this unit.

The component C322 has the markings "6n2 J 1600V Philips". QUESTION NO. P223-3: LEO-1423A monitor from First International Computer, Taiwan. The screen has display but it is very dark (dim) even if brightness and contrast is set to full. Check crt if Samsung that is 34kun at the begining of number these crts are famous for going bad. And you can not rejuvenate these crts. If not Samsung tube, check all voltages on crt board to make sure they are correct. If correct, then crt is worn out and maybe you can have it tested and try to restore it with a crt tester-restorer. QUESTION NO. P215-8: Daytek 14" model DT14SNI no vertical deflection, only horizontal line in center of screen. Replaced vertical IC as well as repaired numerous bad solder connections. Problem still the same. I would first check all caps in the vertical section. Heat can cause bad esr. Replace bad caps with 105 degree caps. Also check the yoke for possible short QUESTION NO. P226-7: Samtron 428V+ monitor of which the horizontal size (top to bottom) is reduced. When I try to adjust the picture size, it does not go bigger than just a bit more than 3/4 of the screen and gets sort of flyback lines at the bottom part of the screen, almost like a foldover. When I adjust the picture location, it does the same thing when I try to adjust the bottom part of the picture below 3/4 of the screen. The Samtron problem is the vertical defection ic it is a tda series inline ic. QUESTION NO. P127-7: Aiwa CX-999U. The display is extremely dim. I do not have any of the specs and no voltages are marked. The florescent display, if it is like every other, should have ~3V AC from each side and ~(-25V) DC on each active pin of the display. The AC is there, but I am measuring 3~5V DC on the active pins. Is this common? If not, where does the display voltage come from and what should it be? Check -33v line one filter is open. QUESTION NO. P226-6: AST 5L FCC# GKR562D that has blotches on the CRT. Looks like a magnet was held next to it for too long. Is it worth buying a manual degausser for this? Take a weller or equiv. soldering gun. Turn it on, rotate and slide it up against the blotch on the tube face for 5 or 6 sec. (watch the hot tip). Withdraw the gun leaving it on all the while. When 2 or 3 ft. away, turn it off. Done. QUESTION NO. P226-8: Compaq model 620 monitor, fcc id BR8SM769. It has a good display, but when the display changes contrast level, horiz width changes, sometimes it will pull in a couple of inches. Looks like voltage regulation to me. Try replacing the high-voltage electrolytic cap just outside the flyback cage. That cap can give these symptoms when bad. If it is OK, then check the B+ regulation. QUESTION NO. P225-2: IBM 6540-00N monitor. No screen, LED is on, have high voltage(25Kv), tube neck doesn't light up, 0v at heater. Capacitor between the two heater lines says 223Z on it, What value is this? (223pF?) The value is 0.022 uF. See the answer to question# P216-2, on the TV repairs answer page,

for the details on reading these capacitors. QUESTION NO. P218-7: Acer 1772e monitor. R239 is burned, I need the value. R239 = 0.5 ohm/0.5 Watt/ fusible. Also check Q311. QUESTION NO. P223-1: NEC Multisync monitor model no. JC-1734VMA. I need the value of Q541. Q541 = 2SC5047. Before replacing Q541, check if Q572 = P-FET (2SJ306 or 2SJ307) has gone leaky or shorted, or else high B+ voltage may blow your new HOT as well. Also be sure R538 on main board is not accidentally touching and shorting to the shield. Parts available from MCM (800-543-4330), or B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053). Q541 is marked C5047. QUESTION NO. P222-10: Several Magitronic computer monitors. Model number is CSV1448. Fcc ID# is H41CM14005. Where can I buy L802 at. These Coils go bad causing the HOT to blow. Your FCC# actually starts with H4I, not H41, which makes Lite-On Technology the manufacturer. In the US, you can try Lite-On at 408-946-4873 or 408-946-1751, or else try L.J. Enterprises, 800-627-8755, another source for Lite-On parts. QUESTION NO. P29-4: What is the value of Q427 on the main board of an AOC model 7Hlr? Answering my own question, I finally found a service manual for the AOC 7Hlr monitor. Q427 is a BU2525AF. QUESTION NO. P216-10: NEC 4FG 15" monitor with a focus problem. I can adjust the focus but it will change and need to be readjusted. It constantly changes. You need to replace the flyback, they are known for this. QUESTION NO. P119-9: MAG DX15F monitor Q502 bad, need value? Value of Q502 on DX15FG is 2SC-3198Y. QUESTION NO. P114-9: Apple multiple scan 17 display model M2494 made by Sony. Someone has removed the FET location number Q505 I need the generic number for it. Q505 = IRFI9630. QUESTION NO. P211-9: Wen monitor Model JD144L which came in with the power supply "tripping". I found that the HOT was faulty and replaced it with the original BU5208DF. Before powering up I checked the power supply output to the HOT and it was 81 or so volts - I assume that is correct, so connected it and I powered up and it blew again. I have checked every diode and capacitor around the flyback and I cannot come up with a thing. I am suspicious of the flyback, but I am unable to source one here to prove it. Monitor flybacks in South Africa are scarce. Check for a shorted flyback drive F.E.T. QUESTION NO. P212-10: Three Apple 12" RGB color monitors Model No M1296X. When first turned on, everything works ok but after about half an hour the horizontal

collapses and the screen goes blank. When turned off then on again, the horizontal collapses very quickly. The problem would appear to be a common problem with the three. You have bad connections on the yoke plug. Check the horizontal circuit in general and also check the video drive ic. QUESTION NO. P210-1: HP 4033a monitor (fcc id# ak8gdm20e01) which was dead. I replaced two shorted transistors Q510 and Q 511. The units high voltage comes up for a second and the unit goes into shut down. The amber power save light and the green power light blink together. Everthing checks ok , I supect the fly back. On this Sony chassis, the blinking LED's indicate a shutdown, but there are several causes of this. It could have helped to indicate which LED's were on solid, as well as which are blinking, to narrow down the possibilities. Given that Q510 and Q511 were shorted, check these other common failure parts Sony small white fuses, PS500, PS501, PS800, etc. (SOC1000 or SOC1600 = 1 Amp or 1.6 Amp, can sub Picofuse types); C822; R868; D824, D825; IC404 = TL082 dual JFET opamp, IC801 = 4049B logic IC. Also test any diodes from gate to source off of FET Q511, these may be zeners (like D504, if present) for gate overvoltage protection and/or Schottky (or germanium) types, for voltage-reversal protection. QUESTION NO. P29-5: Apple multiple scan 15 (model M2978) out of horisontal sync. I have changed TDA9102 without success. Most likely, the problem is a cheap fix, replacing IC951 = 12 Volt regulator IC, if it is not outputting 12 V. correctly. If that is not the fix, check transistors as you trace from IC951, until you reach the pin on the TDA9102; if these are also good, try replacing hybrid IC501 = HIC CQ465 (contact a Goldstar supplier for this). QUESTION NO. P114-4: Compaq Qvision200 model 480. The unit comes up with a vertical sync out of range error then a high voltage failure. I have tried several scan rates up to 1280 by 1024 with he same errors. The vertical and horizontal pulses are getting to the yoke at the correct frequencies. Checking by means of schematics I appear to also be getting both horizonatal and vertical failures. The signal common to both of these is the blanking pulse which is about 4.4 volts peak to peak. The signal after a divider is only about 0.75 v p-p. What level signal should I see at this point ( the junction of R889 & R904)? Q860 and Q861 have been changed with no improvement. The manufacturers of these monitors are at best unco-operative. Check L807. QUESTION NO. P113-9: CTX vl500 with a loss of video and shutdown after 10 seconds. This monitor came in with a busted connector on the video cable. A possible short in the video circuit? It is possible, but first make sure that you are getting Horz. and Vert. Sync into the unit. Without them the set will not fire up. QUESTION NO. P18-1: Gateway monitor, model YE0711-01. When I power it up, a relay begins to click on/off continuously. From time to time I was able to power it up by tapping on the circuit board, thinking that it was an intermittent problem. This process has now proved me wrong because I cannot get it to power up anymore and the relay continues to

O. CQY80NG is a Telefunken (now TEMIC) phototransistor optoisolator. No LED activity on the front. rasters appear for a split second. Almost invariably a cap in switched mode? Closed architecture of course. P129-7: IBM 9527 17P Monitor.T. Is the monitor hooked up to a pc when you power it up? Many Data Train monitors require a signal on the input. no lights or picture.. If the picture comes up. First recheck any resoldering that you did to make sure you did not bridge any connections. both ver.T. Vceo > 32V. then the protection circuitry kicks in and the screen goes black. Did you replace D418? Also have you checked the circuit that D418 supplies? . When powering on. QUESTION NO. and hor. P121-3: DTK monitor TF-14NLG FCCIDBJMCM14UH. If that P25-1: Packard Bell 1020 that went dead. I need a cross reference on photocoupler CQY 80NG. but the guaranteed CTR of 4N26 is only >20%. P16-1: PROTON GM-1449 monitor that changes colors to blue but you can still see everything. It sounds like you have bad connections on the video prosser ic QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Have you checked the H. FCC ID H79DB-1765. The blue takes over the display you can see the other colors but with the blue overpowering. high-pitched whine. It looks like there is a problem with the switching P/S.causes a wide fluctuation in the screen size. When powered on.? QUESTION NO. just the tic tic sound. model DB-1765 BA.Turning up the screen control. Is the switch-mode voltage changing? You may have a bad FET on the input to the flyback.or IBM. It looks like regulation trouble. ECG3041 can be a cross for this. I noticed that mouse movements and opening and closing programs does have an effect on the display from blue to normal.When you turn on the monitor It is very dim. still smoking. with CTR >50% (90% typical). but have no schematic on this model. Cannot get any schematics from ICM. You can use an ECG3096 It is rated a little higher than the CQY80NG QUESTION NO. might also work. P22-1: KFC 14". if not they go into low power (no raster) within seconds of powering up. Cheched the H. It's time tp polish off those trouble shooting skills. QUESTION NO. Of course you could have a bad flyback or even a shorted crt. transistor Q809 becomes extremely hot. It sounds as if it is in HV shut down. Repaired all broken solder joints and replaced two resistors. it is the most common cause of the TIC TIC sound. I have read that another of these had a similar problem and it turned out to be the flyback.O. then screen goes black. I can get a picture for about 5-10 seconds. If I vary the scan rate and B+ voltage. try the flyback. It seems to change on its own from blue to normal. Other alternatives might be H11A1. A "typical" 4N26. CNY17-2. Resoldered. Power LED goes from green to orange. P21-7: Arcus 17" monitor. and D418 is emitting smoke from solder joint that is part of trace to pin #8 of flyback. or 4N35. Tried swapping out several parts. with a typical CTR = 100%.

P113-10: N.). Using a freeze spray I have pinned down the problem to the small daughter board(A-1394-579E) that sits right under the CRT.E. QUESTION NO. P127-5: Radius IntelliColor Display 20 Monitor (Sony GDM-2039) MO# 0381 with intermittent focus problems and brightness changes. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. The problem is the power supply was dead. QUESTION NO. Replace with NTE2354. What specific parts need to be replaced and where can I purchase them? The fastest way is to replace all of those little metal can surface mount caps. The set is fitted with a GoldStar tube. and there a lot of Goldstar chip inside and it was made in Korea.O. Line-op transistor Q207 (2SC5129) was found to be short circuit. The monitor supply now comes up. Problem remains even after removing the tube connection. 4FG monitor has excessive brightness with retrace lines. The diplay will work for about 1 minute then dies. so fitted a BU2508AF. You may also have a broken connection an the ground of the flyback. The high voltage falls off during this time. I took out the power transistor and the PS voltage did the same thing.T. Original H. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Replace the flyback if your crt is not shorted.T. # 147254-002 made Oct 93. I think the trouble is in the protect circuit. If you have replaced the crt socket you may need to replace the flyback. They are available from Nationwide Electronics 1-888-634-7278.O. I replaced the same and also reduced focus voltage but problem persists. I need the monitor component chip/transistor part no. Hard to set perfect focus. QUESTION NO. Unable to locate a replacement here in the UK. The monitor was dead. QUESTION NO. This problem occurs about 10 minutes after the monitor has warmed up. Arcing is happening exactly in the sparkgap provided inside the crt neck connector. P23-2: CTX 17" Color Monitor mode1765D FCC IDDBL1765D manufactured July 96 by CHUNTEX ELECTRONIC (taiwan). Replace the crt socket as an assembly. Replace the Flyback. made by Phillips.C4632 C4632 is a 2SC4632 or a ECG2588 and is available from Dalbini 1-800-325-2264. You probably have a shorted FET on the input to the flyback. P22-7: Unbadged monitor Model Number SM584V manufactured 9/98.C. P22-3: Samtron 50e monitor which has an arcing problem in the focus section in the neck pcb. P22-5: Sony GDM-17E10 that has an intermittent vertical jitter. I found one bad . Probably arcing inside the socket.Replace Horizontal Output Transistor (H. P17-7: Compaq Monitor model # 443 FCC # BR8SM-5515G-A ASSY. BU2520AF. P129-8: AOC CM-336 14". It has digitally controlled settings apart from the brightness and contrast. then only kicks in for a few seconds then goes dead. Check the Hv Transformer for a short.

. with a Trr that was too slow? QUESTION NO. In Germany. I need to replace a degauss posistor SINCERA DGC3R18M on Siemens monitor MCM1404. Here in Germany I can replace the part by Siemens Matsushita B59xx posistor.exe The catalog is in Microsoft Word 7.vitalic. Unable to find part specs or manufacturer phone/address on the WEB. so if you have used the same voltage 31DF rectifier. P120-1: I refer to question P717-13. It appears to me that the resistance from the HV out of the flyback to ground is low.64. a Packard Bell 8515svgl and an IBM 228-001 with similar problems. check if the reverse voltage is peaking so high that the rectifier is breaking down.0 format. GSM CA-24-1 on both. I put a new one in. and has the specifications of the DGC3 posistors. and Trr < 30 nsec. You can download their catalog as a . which gives the voltage rating.After that the same diode was bad. Fax +49-5685-8281. it is silicon slag. it has gone bad. P128-5: Two monitors in the shop (same chassis).the current in one direction was 0. If they are bad. The "31DF" series devices are all rated 3 Amp. 31-df and replaced it. Germany. Also would like to know the values of the divder network resistors(EY63. It measures in the 1 meg range. flyback may be defective (very expensive). value (18 ohms?)? Sincera is now Walsin Technology Corporation. The Packard Bell has a vertically jumpy picture. A diode conducting current in both directions like that is no longer a diode. Those currents did not exceed 3 Amps. QUESTION NO. but in the other it was 1A and it was raising constantly. Fax +49-89-20900181. in hundreds of volts. The IBM has no vert. It appears to me that the input to IC404 is too high. Walsin products are distributed by dbTec Electronic Component Distribution GmbH. 15 D80469 Munchen. where can I purchase them? The chassis and IC numbers are Goldstar. QUESTION NO. The unit had no HV. If there is no HV check SMD's IC404 (4558) & R486 (10k) located on the solder side of main bd back & center. I found PS502 & 504 blown and IC404 bad. I suspect ic 804. The monitor was good for only 2 hours.EXE file from ftp//vmail. P21-8: I need the value of R486 for an Apple M1298 16" monitor FCC# BCGM1298. P126-2: Maxtech XT-5800 15" VGA monitor that works well when in the boot up screen but after the Win95 logo appears. sync. (800)668-8776 in and also by ETS. Tel +49-89-20900180. Welferode Hassalweg 6 34576 Hamburg. did your replacement 31DF have a voltage rating that was lower than the original? Or did you substitute a different type rectifier. If so. but I measured the current which was flowing through the diode. Germany Tel +49-5685-521.0 and ic802. If you did not use an exact substitute. Erhardtstr.5A. the screen is from the top and down about 4" and the video is not readable. or Goldstar themselves at (800)777-1192. Shine Electronics at (800)221-0404. Do you know the posistor cold temp. E-mail dbTec@compuserver.&65) in the flyback. but you didn't give the number that follows the "31DF". Replace the TDA9103 IC. QUESTION NO. so see if one of these Goldstar suppliers can provide the parts Astro at (800)252-7788.

the unit was restored to operation. Any help with finding a source for the coil and how I can correct my problem of insufficient width? The sides or pulled in by about an inch. JC-2002VMA. When the FCC# begins with IAW. and KDS (800-283-1311) sells a re-work kit for repairing this model. FCC #BJMCM1498T. and that coil's part number looks like a Mag P115-5: Mag DX700T FCC ID# IAWDX17T-II. P119-7: NEC Multisync 5D in for repair. Any help with finding a source for the driver transformer? An FCC# starting with BJM indicates the chassis is made by Tatung. the unit shut down and Q106 was once again shorted. that is a Mag Innovision chassis.html. Other causes are bad caps in the filter network. I also did the C548 upgrade with a . The service literature list the part as TLN 142. as there will be a black border around the display. Hi voltage is usually at least 1k or higher. Monitors whose FCC# begin with EVO are made by so try getting it from Tatung with that TLN-142 part number. QUESTION NO. when adjusting the size on this older unit. For example a shorted HOT will pull down the +80 . or email tech@tatungusa. P120-6: Monitor Model EVOKD-1700V. P114-3: Compaq QVision 172 Model 451. About 20 minutes later. The number on top of the coil is LS*-30L-10L-E1 and the service literature list the part as a H-VD. Read more about this problem at http//www. so try ordering it from Mag-Innovision. FCC #IAWPMV1448. After replacing Q106. I believe they are the HOT and damper.150 volt line an cause the power supply to recycle. is different than for the DX17F model. model PB 8528 SV.1 mfd 500v ceramic disc cap. model PMV 1448/1024 NI. the core of L102 started to break apart.Check the resistance from ground to each voltage. Please note. Q560 and D560 are gone along with their heat sink. The KD-1700V model has a design flaw. The most common cause is a short or shorted component on one of the power supply voltages. LM*-751-401*0 LSE. 143547-002.QUESTION NO. Spares No. horizontal pulse has what appears to have a harmonic pulse which is about 15 percent of the amplitude of the fundimental pulse. model no. with a missing T401. Resistors R195 & R205(values 215 ohm) smoked & a surface mount . The problem is that there are parts missing. QUESTION NO. FCCID IEY447E. P115-6: Gateway monitor. 800-827-3998. that PMV1448 was not intended to be a full-width monitor. QUESTION NO. Tatung Tech support is at 800-827-2850. and R173.mitechnologies. QUESTION NO. I have found that most if not all flashing power LEDs are usually caused by the power supply recycling. Any clues as to why unit killed horizontal output? Also. P118-7: Packard Bell monitor. QUESTION NO. Low voltage supplies run 40100 ohms. so do not over-do the width adjustments. Did coil L105 check OK? I beleive the DX700T coil's part number from MagInnovision. The information you need is contained in the answer to Question P129-4. While trying to adjust the horizontal width. Flashing led when push the power. but it may also get cooked.

so try to confirm first with freeze spray or heat before replacing. P16-8: I need the characteristics for C4916 and his(its) analogue.50 each. then pin#1 = base. and I do not know any cross. cannot be guaranteed to work for all possible chassis. so this is not a guarantee. R956 & R957 near the PS reg. rated 1500 Vcbo. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO.34farad @ 22 volt. it is 10. but possible substitutes might be Sanyo's 2SC4123 or Toshiba's 2SC5149. Q503 has the following markings on it 1RF19630G 5X2X 9524. P1223-5: Apple M2494. P127-3: Sanyo ds20930 chassis which shuts down as soon as it is turned on. Assuming it's an air core ceramic based condensor for a glueifuklen 9000. If it is that device. P129-2: Digital PCXBV-ZW with (2) resistors in the P. What is its complete part number? Some manufacturers use '3F' as the marking code for the BC857B transistor. QUESTION NO. How can I increase the vertical size? I have since found the potentiometer on the main board itself and have adjusted the vertical size acceptably. and pin#3 (on opposite side) = collector. $1.dead. P1210-8: CTX 1451 . Would be interested in knowing why it shuts down with ordinary 120 vac applied. I need the part number or cross for q101 which looks like k118. P1231-10: I need a cross reference for ic TLS1233N for Proview 14" monitor. 7 Amp Ic. If it is a help. but see other answered questions for more information QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. It sounds like the high voltage goes down also during this cycle. P1210-7: Nec XE15 monitor that. Its pinout is different from other IC's for this function (like LM1203). QUESTION NO. Any subs. it collapses vertically and the power light turns amber. Part number is 2sk955. pin#2 = emitter. R956 is 7500 ohm 1/4 watt. be sure to note the suffix code off the IC to get the correct version. . with an internal damper diode. TLS1233N is a Texas Instruments RGB preamp IC. 2SC4916 is a Toshiba horizontal deflection transistor. then it comes back up for one second and does it again.transistor located on the back of the deflection board close to R191 on the top marked with a 3F is shorted out. someone has removed the FET Q503. But marking codes for SMD devices are not standardized across the industry. NEI (888-634-7278) has had these.S. This sounds like a bad IC881 = TMP87CK42N chip. I ran it a reduced voltage and it seems ok but the vertical size is only about 85% maximum. after it warms up. Arrow Semiconductor (800-777-2776) does list TLS1233N in its stock. It continues with this cycle until turned off. of course. I need to know what the generic part number is. but these are expensive. MCM (800-543-4330) lists 2SC4916 in stock. a SOT-23 PNP transistor similar electrically to the BC557B (TO-92 device). STRS6718. R957 is 100 ohm 1/4 watt. QUESTION NO. burned beyond recognition.

QUESTION NO. P127-10: Packard Bell Monitor Model 1402s FCC# h4icm14012. I suspect that the microprocesser is the culprit. 0. 3 Amp devices. QUESTION NO P127-7: Where can I get a video praampli for a screen 17" Packard Bell model 3020 referred M52734SP? B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053) is listing Mitsubishi's M52734SP for $10. QUESTION NO. be sure to replace C541 (100uf @ 50v) & Q5P0 (2SK758).J. P1210-4: IBM G70 6644-433 monitor. but would like another opinion before I spend the $40. 1 Luminence 2 Earth 3 Audio Out 4 Video Out 5Audio In. Standard DIN plug numbered clockwise from notch. B&D Enterprises (800-458-6053) lists all three of those rectifiers in its inventory. Horizontal width jumps from normal full screen to full screen minus 1" on each side. I have seen two IBM G70 monitors with similar problems. This happens at approximately 5 to 10 minute intervals. it is probably safest to try S3L60. To prevent your replacement Q560 from failing again.<) restores screen to full. .2. To test this.4. QUESTION NO. Two components are missing. so can you find the voltagerating marking on your rectifier? If not. They are RG2A2. P128-4: I have a Commodore 1901 monitor. Looking for a cross and replacing for FET sss6n60a and mov r802. Diode D504 is shorted and horizontal size is too wide. P121-8: 15" Daewoo 1511B monitor (circuit board marked as 1509b). The monitor stayed stable this time. The SSS6N60 is currently available as a MTP6N60E from LJ Enterprises at around $7. Need values. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Q560 and D560. but I do not have the pin out. P129-4: NEC Multisync 5D monitor model no. etc. CCS.QUESTION NO.5 Watt. S3L60 = 600V. 800-627-8755. JC-2002VMA. Left most push buttton (\\ >. set the controls and then disconnect the strip.3 when viewed from connector open end. Other than that. Voltage ratings are S3L20 = 200V.00 each in small quantities. Q560 is a HPA150R available from L. The buttons seem to drift on their own. Color bands are unreadeable. Cleaning the ribbon cable contacts on the mylar button strip fixed one but the other needed a new mylar button strip. 1.5.56 ea. Shindengen's S3L rectifiers are ultrafast (Trr <35 to <50 nsec). Enterprises. This diode marked as S3L. One monitor had the horizontal problem and the other had a standby problem as well as the screen would lose blue over a few minutes (this one was fixed by cleaning the contacts). D560 is not used when D561 & D562 are installed. I need analog list to repair this component. These series diodes with their cathodes toward the collector of Q560 shunt Q560 to ground. it may have a standard shape cga plug with standard {CBM} pin outs. Likely that they would have the MOV that you are loking for as well. Resistors R195 & R205 smoked. P1124-10: I am working on a Compaq QVision 172 Model 454. S3L40 = 400V. I need help identifying these two parts. R195 and R205 are 215 ohms.

C581 10uF/50V. what is the best and cheapest solution to the problem. I have done very well with Sencore's CR-70 for this.2V 1/2watt zener. both sides). QUESTION NO. In the US. This will vary depending on the monitors used. I have no schematics for this one.IC801 Sync processor HE60020. Try the "Y" cable approach first. The CRT needs to be restored.7uf/160v. Can this be acheived without adding additional circuitry and if it cannot. 20 feet apart from the one Industrial PC. you may increase the monitors' internal contrast to compensate for the reduced video. It displays a single vertical line only. You can get the focus block from a Philips parts supplier by using Philips' number. see the "Driving Multiple VGA Monitors" article on this site.6KV. NEI (800-634-7278) also has stocked these items. The picture erratically blinks and the size of the picture suddenly increases and decreases. QUESTION NO. c423 . The worst that will happen is that you won't like the result. NEI @ 888-634-7278 has the original manufacturers (Philips) focus block for the Qvision 200 under part number 92611. P1116-1: I have a problem with a NEC 3FG monitor. these concerns do not make their monitors. then the monitor is from Philips/FIMI.0086uf/1. so you HAVE to use the FCC number to know the OEM manufacturer. I want to connect two monitors approx. or a shakey picture. The price is $85. The only drawback to this is that the video signal strength is slightly reduced.CF2. c431 4. This situation pertains to Compaq's. QUESTION NO. P1024-2: I have an AOC CM-335 monitor with poor horizontal deflection (ie 2 inches short.R5C8 39K.QUESTION NO. There is no adjustment on the front. but NEI uses only the 92611 as the part number. Replace zd508 6. If your installation will be somewhat permanent. I sometimes drive two monitors from one pc through a home-made "Y" cable. they buy them from any of several subcontractors. I have also encountered many of these monitors with a dim picture. There is a small chance that the other signals will seem to interfere with one another causing loss of sync. P121-2: Where can the focus block be purchased for the Compaq Qvision 200? I have turned work away because Compaq will not sell parts. but if it is a 480P with FCC number starting with GZM1323. I can only guess. Replace C446 1uf/50v. If you need something better or wish to drive more monitors. No 2 Try replacing high voltage adjust control VR15 Intermittent at the 20K to 22K surface area. QUESTION NO. The original focus block in my Qvision 200 has the pn 4191 AE 92611. CF1. #4822 212 30169. Since you did not give the FCC number on your model. QUESTION NO. P1113-7: What components are suspect in a Macintosh 12" Family M1050 Monitor that has no power? There are four caps I often change on the M1050.CF6. It offers an inexpensive alternative to a commercial fanout. P1118-8: I am repairing a TVM model MD-14v+T2+14" monitor which has a horizontal problem. Two possible solutions: No 1 High voltage drive frequency too high. and no . P1123-3: I wish to split a VGA signal in two. I think it is a horizontal sync problem.CF3. When you are dealing with monitors from computer BOX makers.

From the description of the fault. I replace the fuse on the main board and it blows when the power is turned on. However. I could slightly twist the card that attaches to the yoke and the problem would come and go. r114 . If it does not go into saturation. Is this a common problem with this model? An expanding screen indicates that the HV on the screen is dropping. Both r557& r558 are 390omhs 3w at 5% . if you are talking about one of the pins that stick out the back of the CRT. in that the screen would have a tint of green. To my understanding there is a short somewhere. Both appear to be 10 ohm 1/2 w flameproof but one measures 150 ohms and the other 180 ohms. the picture is OK for about 5 minutes. All seem to have the same problem. it will get "Hot" and its internal resistance may go up. The problem is it blows out the fuse as soon as I put the power. check that the HOT is being driven into saturation. I have disconnected everything cable that goes out to the other boards and it stills blows out the fuse. ic101 uc3842 sub nte 7096 located in power supply on the daughter board. QUESTION NO. Upon removing the card from the yoke a pin came out with the socket. it should be a simple matter to just remove the wire from the jack and solder it directly to the base where the pin broke off from. The problem is residing into the power supply. Is there any way of reattaching the pin or is the monitor junk? Are you referring to the small rectangle of board that is attached directly to the top of the deflection yoke. They are circuit designations R557 and R558.5-amp input fuse. at least you have a chassis full of spare parts for something else. or do you mean the larger PCB that is plugged in to the back of the CRT itself? If it is the board on the yoke. C113 . After changing the hot (Q 305). P1117-10: I have an ACER 7156 monitor. QUESTION NO. r113 100-ohm 1/4-watt 2% on daughter card. QUESTION NO. There was enough pin remaining that I was able to solder a short piece of stiff wire to it and make it useable again.labeled pots inside.01uf/50V on daughter board in power supply and 2. Check that scenario out. Q101 2sh955 shorted sub 2sk956. I have two burned resistors which were in the drain circuit of the MOSFET. The relay does not get activated and there is no sign of burnt component. Check for leaky capacitor around the pulse transformer that drives the HOT. What could be causing this? Replace zd 101 18v 1-watt shorted in power supply. P1021-10: I have several CTX CMS-1461 Zeos monitors. it is growing so I have to turn off the unit. How can I make the display wider? You should look for a carbon core coil on horizontal ckt and adjust the core so the image is the way you want it. Are these values correct or are they a different value? Both are quite charred. QUESTION NO. . you might be out of luck. QUESTION NO. P1024-4: Still working on that NEC 3FGx. After that. P1118-5: The monitor I was working on had an intermittent crt yoke connection problem. If the pin is broken off flush with the glass or less.39-ohm 2-watt 5% may be out by a few tenths of an ohm. P1024-5: I have a KDS-1500 monitor. I had a monitor brought to me once with a missing CRT pin.

The ticking on power-up you describe should be caused by a short circuit due to the shorted HOT. R109 = 30k 5% 3watt. You can calculate the horiz. . QUESTION NO. It can only handle the sync. 7 Amp.33 ohm fusible-type resistor. QUESTION NO. 200 V. I have two with the same problem. B & D Enterprises lists 2SK2160 for $3. CR105 shorted R101 open. R101 is a 0. which is too high for older monitors (38-48Khz).refresh rate" (plus 10% for safety reasons if you are near the limits of your monitor). R101 pops and opens. 800-458-6053. It is a FET/unijunction transistor. It is a ST MDV04-600 high voltage ultra-fast diode. I need to know the value of resistor R109. P116-2: I have a KFC 14" monitor. What could be the problem? Assuming that "it can only handle 60Hz at 800x600" means. scan rate.This sounds familiar! Once or twice a year I see this and it can happen to any monitor. overloading the flyback and took out the HOT this way (plus maybe the flyback . When I tried to set it to 90 Hz (in Win 95) there was a clicking sound in the tube. 25 Watt (insulated TO-220). Your 90Hz X 600 lines gives 54KHz. If the picture had unusual width or low brightness before dying or it collapsed to a vertical line or spot on failing this would confirm. HOT ok .lines" X "vert. Can anyone suggest a source for the part or a suitable replacement? 2SK2160 is a Sanyo N-channel MOSFET. P1026-8: I am working on a Daewoo CMC-1703b monitor with a wide screen and severely pincushioned.71. I have also heard of the degaussing coil itself going bad but I have never seen this.well then most certainly something went because you exceeded the max. I can also hear faint ticking sound. replace it.45 ohm. 60 Hz in resolution 800*600 pixels. When monitor comes up first time. QUESTION NO. and the monitor turned into "sleep-mode". Rds[on] < 0..Probably the Horizontal Output Transistor shorted out. . email sales@bdent. 814-7578300. P1113-4: I am working on a Packard Bell model 1412SL. P1112-10: I have a CTX CPS-1760 QUESTION NO. There is no high voltage on the tube. that this is what the monitor's documents tell. Remove the degaussing posistor. the green power on led did not show any activity. R101 and CR105 were inspect it for cracks in the plastic that would indicate overheating). P1027-6: I have an IBM G70 and need the value of R101. frequency applied at a given refresh rate from "vert. 60HZx600lines makes 36kHz. 4 years old. horiz. Also. QUESTION NO. It is a pretty new unit and it is a Korean village inside. If the monitor powers up (with an impure picture). I tried a . it functions fine. If it collapsed to a horizontal line then maybe the vertical output IC died first. I am trying to replace Q402. FCC#8JMCM14UP computer monitor. when plugged in. You could also substitute an IRF630 with insulating hardware. it comes up and stays. when unplugged and replugged in. When I restarted the system. Instead the orange energy led lit and the monitor was giving a ticking sound. part number K2160. Check D502 for a short.57 ohm and it works somewhat.

the FET is IRF630.If it is the KFC I think it is. P119-8: Have a NEC jc-1741uma need the value of resistor r860 on the video board mounted on the back of the monitor. If you are talking about adjusting the RGB values.1uf 50v Q103 . Repeating the ON /Off sometime will get it up and it will stay good for the whole day until the next ON /OFF procedure. Should be a 2SC4770.IRF740 R181 . but that Q350 is an NPN digital switching transistor. Unit keeps burning up R177.1uf 50v C120 . but go to a 2357 or to 2355 instead.2SD1887 L105 . except for the Collector current they're intended to switch. QUESTION NO. C350 is 1 uF/50V. When on. it only displays for a second then the HV will shut down. QUESTION NO.hroz. to find the point that affects what you need. you can probe the CRT board with a 10K resistor attached to its ground. However. P119-3: I have a NEC JC-1734VMB Monitor. Replace the following parts: C123 . drive transformer R177 . This probably will be near the base side of the driver transistor outputting that color signal to the CRT.120k 3watt C908 . This resistor is between b+ and horizontal driver ic. try an NTE/ECG sub for that one. and they will not share. Play a bit with the bright and contrast controls. QUESTION NO. the led remains green. you have blown the HOT. Already replaced horizontal driver and flyback with no luck . I think you need to read about IC801 in answer P1027-3 on this page. only a few places (in the US) have that alignment software. and Q302 for model# RM07f11 on a 17" AST computer monitor. Then you vary the value of this resistor (or use a trimpot). they will want around $100 per unit to do the job. or raise the bias by attaching the resistor to Vcc instead of ground.30DF6 Q116 . P119-9: Working on MAG Technology 17" monitor model dx17f. Where can I get the digital adjustment tool and software that plugs into the back of the monitors? These Compaqs are Zenith chassis. If you would rather try a workaround.1ohm 1watt D116 . and if so. if the Collector current at turn-on would . P1028-2: I need to have the part numbers or values for C350. you are at the right point and can then wire it to the board. QUESTION NO. until it adjusts the RGB to your desired value. to be sure the color stays correct. it is not a blown part like a HOT or FET. the NTE/ECG 2359 needs the least base current. R860 =10ohm-1watt. P119-1: Compaq 440 and 450 15" and 17" monitors. Q350. QUESTION NO. I believe it is for the 13-volt supply for the cpu board mounted on top of video board. Since it will fire up sometimes. These are all pretty similar in function.1uf 450v This is your basic upgrade for all DX17 style monitors.

in some cases closer to earth or even higher. D116-30df6. check 15 volt zener ZD301. Without a schematic of the circuit. it is rule of thumb time. the filament must be illuminated for any theromionic conduction to occur. P1023-3: RE Answer P819-6 CTX 1565D.I was checked drive on RGB drive on CRT but still not found which components are faulty. What should I look for next? You probably have a very high high voltage and x-ray protection shuts it down. the high voltage shut down. G1 and G2 Voltages are developed by the horizontal deflection circuit. No raster. Have hi-volts. off the FET's gate.. C120-1uf50v. QUESTION NO. and streching in the center). will degauss .computer power up aware. it may help. Could not identify a G1 or D2 to check. Q103-2sd1887. as the 2359 base's turn-on voltage would exceed 5V at such current. MAG has a upgrade that deals with the horizontal circuit. Replace C1231uf50v. the horizontal deflection on a Magnovision DX17F would go haywire (compressing at far left and far right. tube neck lights. The G2 voltage should be about 1000 to 1500 volts at the source and must be adjustable to set the drive bias at the CRT. QUESTION NO. Of course. maybe run a jumper wire through the hole. No screen brightness. R181-120kohm3watt. This condition only shows up in DOS (an entirely different boot HD) and on W95 HD bootup of Windows95 (when the desktop appears the deflection is OK). that is. After replacing the high voltage adj. pot. to produce any beam current and even get a faint glow on the CRT. Still no raster. QUESTION NO. Soldered CRT connections as advised.T. Also. but no brightness. In a few hours all of a sudden it shifts back to normal position and it keeps doing this. QUESTION NO. P114-4: After 5 or 10 minutes of warmup. Smps is good. P106-6: Packard Bell Model No1020 Fcc h41cm14011 Monitor. QUESTION NO.Try readjusting or change your trimmer pot again.exceed 5 or 10 mA. It sounds wierd but I would replace the ZILOG processor. and be sure the solder on damper D303 solidly connects to the board.Picture is there and has contrast. C908-1uf450v. L105-horz drive transformer. you may consider taking the item to an authorized servicer. P1025-5: I am working on an NEC JC1531VMA2 (4fge) that lost highvoltage after I replaced the flyback. or these parts may blow again. The G1 voltage normally is near 50 volts. P114-10: I have a CTX 1765CD that I got with my Zeos computer and occasionally the screen does a huge horizontal shift right and I cannot re-center it all the way. Your problem sounds like bad connections in the horizontal linearity circuit. It now does it always when turned on.O. to prevent damage from re-occurring. . They are necessary to produce illumination on the face of the CRT. Anode voltage is another rendition of uther voltage. they have a problem with heat. Q116-irf740. If you are unsure of the way to check and repair these circuits. Would appreciate a kick in the right direction to get this to light up again. The replacement transformer came out of a working set. H. the focus voltage should be about 5 to 10 % of the uther voltage. I would resolder it. Also. R177-1ohm1watt. is good.

Basically all are grounds. which begins with FM2525 or FM2565. Replaced vertical ic. Yoke is OK. so try replacing that one. Display is compressed at the top 1/3 . tda8172. not just function).6amp fast-acting fuse. so I can't tell what you have. you need to read off its part#. I did not know the value of the component so I replaced with a 1. This symptom is caused by a bad TDA9103 is present. R205. 919-829-9747. There are several M3's. What's up? The ITC is bad. The yokes test OK.QUESTION NO. or (in the US) from Trillium. a blank screen and heard the usual static crackle associated with high voltage upon turn off. Aside from bad yoke connections. the new HOT shorts and causes power transformer to squeal. etc. I think the flyback is OK. R224. and your Nokia model number is incomplete (is it 447X058? 447X158? 447X258? etc). When powered up. and an open device (P5502). Voltages appear to be normal around vertical section. I replaced shorted mosfet. P113-10: I have a Nec monitor model JC 1532 (3FGX). P114-9: Maxtech 14". The end to end pinout of the 3GFx video cable is as follows: 15 pin computer 11 pin video pcb connector connector 1 1 2 3 3 5 *4 *2 5 7 *6 *4 *7 *6 *8 *Shield 9 N/U *10 *9 *11 *9 12 11 13 8 14 10 15 N/U Pins with an "*" are connected to both the shield and pin 9 on the video connector inside the PCB cable. and may all need . QUESTION NO. P107-3: I have an IBM 8517 SVGA Monitor with no high voltage. but be sure you order the correct M3 type from Nokia. QUESTION NO. and shorts in centering transformer M3. these rivets may be breaking loose from the repetitive heating/cooling cycles of running. but dim with retrace lines. fcc idat19r3/ck-4148 vga monitor. QUESTION NO. and bad solder on the small board inside the cover on the back of the yoke. I need the pinout of the monitor cable (end to end. If the board uses those small thru-hole rivets for its 'vias'. resistors R195. To replace M3. other common problems are FET# T27. The green led comes on. shorted horizontal outbut transistor. P114-7: Have a Nokia 447x monitor with hv but no horizontal sweep. During one power up. I assumed the open device was a fusible resistor. no luck.

O. Does anyone out there have the software and cable or info. Also the T-27 I replaced. In the IBM. I believe it to be a zener but I am not sure of its value. One is a CTX VL700 the other is an IBM2124. P1030-6: I have a customer with numerous Dell D1526T-HS monitors that need color/geom.damper diode). The first thing to check on both monitors is the H. For starters. checked all caps rep. You also want to check Q511 (fet IRF630). but expect to drop roughly $1000. I tried Gateway. adjustments. transistors. P1029-1: I have two Graphon monitors. Q512(2sd1088). both of which would just tick when they are turned on. Get the supply hot and running then use freeze mist at the caps one at a time. or these problems can recur. Also check the SYNC input to the chip. on both sides of the board. QUESTION NO. On the second set. for these settings. P114-5: I need some help with two monitors. There are no internal adj. You should find it real quick. I can get all the supplies to come up if I disconnect the connector from the power supply board to the main one. D508 is a fast recovery general purpose 400V 1A diode. As it turns out the V and H BNC cables needed to be swapped. found none. The monitor will not power up. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. I replaced M-3 (orderd from Trillium) T-27 ( P-channel Mosfet) and R224? a 47 ohm? resistor.In both cases the ticking seem to be coming from the power supply area. I found a leaky diode on the main board D508. The reason the power supply ticks is because it is going into over current regulation. the power LED would blink in sync with the ticking sound. will the SMPS fire up when unplugged from the set? QUESTION NO. even though connected normally on a Qvision 150 the Qvision would work fine. This restored the raster but when I connected the BNC cables. ic-an5512. Horizontal out is ok. NTE2372 was supposedly not compatable. you may find a over-valued resistor In the sync circuit.resoldering. P114-1: I have a Gateway model dx-17s monitor on the front it has 1776 vititron with pulsing power supply. P114-6: I have a Samsung model cb-504xs chassis 14p-36ar. First double check the B+ supplys to the Vertical ic. got me nowhere. The symptom you are describing is a short on the B+ line. Now it has a high frequency whine when I turn it on. on where I can get it? You need the Sony digital alignment software/interface (DAS) package. The 225 had bad primary caps 100uf @ 250v which I replaced. The 230 does not come on at all. I checked each line for shorts. ver. You still have a bad cap or two in the supply. or more. Problem still exists. Problem is vertical screen rolling. one is a 225 and the other is a gq 230. The monitor is made by SONY for Dell and my customer spent a couple of hours on the phone w/Dell only to find out that they no longer support this monitor and referred him to contact SONY. and Sony will sell you this. It is being used as a transient surpressor for the high-voltage B+ line. I need the value of this diode or part # and anything else I might look for. depending on what . It will come on after a few minutes or faster if I heat up the primary side of the power supply. I recommend ordering it from Trillium. and D503(DO8M-15 . QUESTION NO. screen would go blank.T.

I think this Dell is a Sony CPD-15SF1 chassis if so. P1020-10: I have a Sony CPD-15F13 (Gateway Vivitron 1572) that is dead except for a ticking sound coming from behind the power switch.extremely dim picture. so just put it in the ones that blow the HOT. Tick rate is about 6/sec and it continues for about 5 secs after power is removed. would they be willing to set you up for doing this service? A financial/convenience case might be made for an ongoing service. Surface mount fuse. Dead. P1014-7: I am having trouble diagnosing a Daewoo 1705B 17" Monitor. You may also order TV-TIPS and VCR-TIPS as microfiches from Philips. Just a little bit more info. The unit has video applied. Check the H. You may be able to get what you need from Sony parts . 873. You can find a parts supplier through Sony's web site. TXT1536 model. it seems. QUESTION NO. The width of the picture will flicker and then periodically go beyond the bounds of the . so you might inquire from Viewsonic. P1025-4: I am working on a Rasterops model 2075 RO 20" monitor. 876. Repair works fine for several months then reoccurs. The power supply makes a chirping noise for about 10 seconds and then stops. If your NCD unit is a Panasonic/Matsushita make. a kit of parts and instructions. sept/95. I have two hotel customers with this chassis and the fix seems to work well. I need to know values of Resistors 872. suspect flyback. no power. Save the instructions and order separate parts from a cheaper source to fix subsequent units. near the vertical xfmr. model TX-T1536 NM2 ul# 1950 8b22.those are all gassy CRT's. the clerk will not know they exist.O. but tell her to key in the names like I have typed them here. Caps in circuit all check good. This problem does not happen in all of these units. about those part values in their 15E. 896 and of Q 871. it is a CPD-15SF2. and burned resistors.T.110v. Have replaced voltage reg. Cathodes = 100 . You may have to bite the bullet on these . Is there an update or other suspect part? There is a service bulletin out on the G6 chassis for this problem. P1023-5: I have a 13" Magnavox PR1310 C123 Ch. 875. This had a blown mosfet. Same voltage on screen pin on crt. QUESTION NO. would be helpful. Datatrain did not have much luck with that run of Samsung CRT's. P1022-9: I have three Datatrain dc529p monitors. P1028-9: I have an NCD computer monitor. They are valuable sources of info on Philips products. gradually slowing down and stopping. & npn horizontal deflection. All with same problem . the Viewsonic 15E is also a TXT1536 (made by Panasonic). If your client has a lot of units. Voltage across brightness pot =-29V. at vstech@viewsonic.#13G602-00AA. manuf. the DAS connector will be a 4-pin connector with round pins near the flyback. What specs should be for voltage readings on crt? The CRT voltages are correct. Order part number 4835310-57404. QUESTION NO. Neither LED near the power switch is illuminated. Did you check the HOT? QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. If instead the connector is near the power supply and has flat pins. it's probally you already have or can wire up. QUESTION NO.

Remove the crt pcb from the crt. Gradually gets brighter over a period of about an hour.screen. Have adjusted 'screen' Pot on LOPT but this has no affect at all. If you can get it close but not quite all the way the yoke is out of position. the horizontal controls make no difference (pincushion. Once that happens.look for bad conections in the horz. I can get it close but not completely.freeze spray will help locate the bad part. The most notorious is the vertical feed. QUESTION NO. circuit. I need to set the rings on the yoke to get the color gohst out. Any idea where I should start to debug? You should start with the input conector on the crt pcb. Adjusting the brightness control to a minimum still does not take the brightness level down enough. Just solved this exact problem on my Sony GDM-20E01 FCCAK8GDM20E01 SCCG96A-A. Picture is only bright white with about five flyback-lines. What do I start checking and has anyone seen this before? First of all is the problem physical or thermal? If it is thermal . P1029-4: Dell D2026T-HS Computer Monitor (seems to be Sony GDM20-E03) FCC-ID AK8GDM20E03.). if you do have voltage it may be a shorted crt. QUESTION NO. adjust yoke for best purity. I have had the same problem with a Daewoo 1707B. P113-8: I have a Hitachi SuperScan 17s monitor. trapezoid. it had a cold solder joint on the yoke. >From the description of your problem it sounds like the screen control ground lug is broken loose from the pcb. set the generator to red screen. QUESTION NO. I replaced it and got all video-drive back. no filaments in the CRT's. UG2-Voltage is 0V. Ounce the purity is set the rest should align properly. Can you confirm for me that this is a VGA or SVGA monitor and not a XGA monitor? If it is an SVGA . If you still have no voltage the high-voltage transformer is bad. QUESTION NO. etc. there is one 3. P104-4: I have a Gateway 1776LE (MAG MX17) which lost RED drive. Any hints for this problem? There are a number of pico fuses on the deflection pcb that start with the prefix PS. It is possible you have a bad high-voltage transformer. Using a scope follow the red path. P104-3: I have a Sony videoscope monitor model KPR-M360 that is apparently dead. Or the high-voltage transformer is bad. This problem is intermittent and does not occur all the time but it is increasing lately. It is labelled 2248 on the front and has type 96G0134 written on the back. If it is physical . QUESTION NO. turn the set on and recheck the ug-2 voltage. QUESTION NO. P1027-10: CTX 17" monitor model 1785S. You may have a bad vertical output. On CRT board. Now that is fixed. Hook set up to a pattern generator . Sony-ID SCC-K18A-A. You should find a shorted transistor or two. P1027-8: I have an IBM 14" monitor that will not sync properly.15A solder-in fuse marked "SOC 315". my prob was caused by accidental shorting of a B+ line while troubleshooting another problem. Replacing D605 or D606 solved the problem. +18 and -18 measures 12 volts either side. front power light comes on reluctantly.

QUESTION NO. especially if the voltages are good. The J307 is a 2SJ307 and are available from DALBINI 800-325-2264. . I also noticed if the PC is connected and I toggle the monitor on\off\on just righ.monitor. and the service manual to do these adjustments. All the voltages are OK. QUESTION NO. it will fire up. you can TRY readjusting the screen voltage which will change the auto tracking on the crt. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. You need a special jig from Sony that hooks up to a computer.html or GRIFFIN at Http//www. The color balance on these units is done using proprietary Sony digital alignment software too expensive to get for one job. the picture is present but very dark. The location is Q524 and the number on the part is J307. If I change resolution. If you recheck the numbers on the monitor you cam go to RESTORSTONE at http//www. P1022-1: I have this HP D2818A. However. P1027-3: I have a NEC monitor (JC1734VMA). display moves and change dimentions very much. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. You can get one from MCM (800-543-4330) or B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053). you might just cross your fingers and check the filaments for correct voltage or ripple. but picture still way too dark. P1022-10: I have Highscreen SV 28/3 monitor. You will also need a computer . NEI (888-634-7278) wants $$ for these IC's. I suspect the CRT's have emission unbalance between guns to cause this problem. A dark/dim Samsung CRT is usually a bad CRT. The CRT is a Samsung unit. In order to readjust the brightness you will need to get sony's adjustment softwareand the preprogrammed IC801 IC's are expensive. If bad. not good news. not an SCR. You will need a cable and software from sony to adjust this unit. do you have any tips on what might be wrong with it? I have looked through IBM for that model number and cannot find it. P1027-5: I am working on several Sony 15" CPD-15F13 Vivitron Monitors all with similar problems. Check out IC801 = UPD78014YCW-Y22 (or -Y24). if I turn on the monitor before the PC is connected then connect.nashville. P1030-5: I have three Sun/Sony GDM20D10 (3651167-010) 20" monitors that have low brightness. If you have not done so already. There are no pots to adjust on these monitors for any RGB balance adjustment. P-channel MOSFET. and they do not restore. Brightnes and contrast controls are working. Monitor works fine except a red tinted I have video. a 250-Volt.restorstone. Manual controls of size and position are OK. or the G2-to-ground cap. But all is not lost. a programable signal generator. J307 is 2SJ307. send these out to a shop that already made the investment. P1028-6: Repairing a Dell P1728U found a bad scr but the number will not cross to ecg. Common problem. in case the filament supply filter cap has gone bad. see if heat or freezespray on IC801 affects the situation.html. when I power it on I get no video. Chances are it is a fixed frequency monitor.

includes Ii(sb) signal bias. QUESTION NO. The problem is no video or raster on the top half of the screen. . 7 Vo(a) Output volatage A. unit is dead with no video. P1026-1: I have a Samtron 14" monitor model sc-428vs FCC csysc428vsp. 4 Vo(b) Output voltage B. 7) Output Voltage A. 6 Vfb Input flyback supply voltage. 2 I drive (-) Input power stage. I am looking for the pin lay out for the vertical ic TDA8351 or any help on this problem. 9) Input feedback voltage. The average turn around time is 10 days. Apple will ship an empty box with a call tag to the customer so he will not have to drive 200 miles. (negative). NOTE Metal back of IC connected to pin 5.. incl. 8) Guard output voltage. A blown resistor is indicative of other problems within the circuit. no HV. Idrive+ 1<| '' | Idrive. Also. 8 Vo(guard) Guard output voltage. May be best to get a complete pcb fom Zenith parts. 6) Input flyback supply voltage. Get the 9-XXXX-XX number from the original pcb and order the complete module. Does anyone have any experience in component level repair? The biggest problem you face is APPLE PROPRIETARY COMPONENTS. Ii(sb)signal bias. Pin#8 goes to 5 V when the guard is activated. 2)Input power stage(-). first check if Vcc at pin#3 (usually 15-18 VDC) has any AC ripple (bad filter cap). #7 =drives yoke) to Vcc or ground. I know there is a warranty extension on these but I have a customer who is 200 miles from warranty station and is willing to have me repair it IF I could get some help. check the current-limiting resistor and cap on that line. P1026-7: Applevision 1710AV.2<| | Vp 3<| | Vo(b) 4<| | GND 5<| | Vfb 6<| | Vo(a) 7<| | Vo(guard) 8<| | Vi(fb) 9<| | `--------' Pinout of TDA8351 is 1) Input power stage(+). and when the IC's thermal protection is activated.The monitor can not handle the refresh rate in that screen size. QUESTION NO. The guard circuit blanks the display during flyback. 5) GND.---. 9 Vi(fb) input feedback voltage . Sometimes.---. Lower the refresh rate or change your monitor driver. Here is the pinout for a TDA8351: Pin Symbol Description: 1 I drive (+) Input power stage (positive). 3) Vcc. until the TDA8351 no longer runs excessively hot. I have checked all components in the vertical section and changed the vertical ic. see if your new IC is overheating. 3 Vp Operating supply voltage. or an open loop. the aging of components requires that this resistor's value even be increased somewhat from the original value. 5 GND Ground. Aside from this. If so. off the flyback supply at pin#6 (usually 27-36V). 4)Output Voltage B. Apple has released no information on this monitor (I know I have looked). if there is a short-circuit of the yoke or short-circuit of the output pins (pin#4 = sawtooth.

I have replaced the transistor and associated caps and the yokes ring out ok. I do not know that brand .Maybe you want to download the datasheet of BU2525A from Philips semiconductor and see for yourself. You need to loosen the yoke and readjust it. Could anyone tell me where to locate any information on the operation and layout of this beast? This is the same as the Sony GDM-20D11. who also will not supply parts. I cannot speak for Australia.Quote New generation. Both Panasonic and Viewsonic use VEY09P in their own monitors. (neg. high-speed switching npn transistor in a plastic envelope intended for use in horizontal deflection circuits of large screen color television receivers(!) up to 32 kHz(!).. Int'l. If not tube. (BUs worked at textmode but fried at VGA and above).Can you suggest a source for this IC. However. video 2. I do not have pin out for Sencore CR70. or Viewsonic's 21PS (2182PS).either in AUS or USA? Monitor is made by Matsushita. -8784. CCS (Computer Component Source) is one source that stocks VEY09P. but anyway at the end of scan there MUST be a clear and SHARP edge for the HOT to shut down properly. Viewsonic also supplies VEY09P for its monitors. Other than that. You can get the schmatic from ANATEK. filiment 6. P108-8: I am working on a Dell D1728-L5.though the newest ref.) with European (BU-) type HOTS has not always worked for me. All geometry controls work and there is no distortion of the picture. QUESTION NO. but US Panasonic distributors are usually willing to supply VEY09P (having stock is another matter). bias 100v. P1013-9: I have a Sun Microsystems monitor model GDM-20D10 that is not powering up. 800-888-8583.but be sure that BU2525A is the original HOT! Subbing Japan types (2S. Did you tell the Matsushita sales rep your unit was a Tektronix? Tektronix would be an OEM client for Matsushita. Have checked caps. P1014-4: I have three Link LM1791DES monitors with the same problem. you use socket 3.3v.QUESTION NO. high-voltage. the image is tilted about 1/4 inch clockwise. can someone help? If you have a CR70. I would check for bulged caps in deflection (but that should cause abnormal picture size in the first place) and the flyback being cool (maybe ring it). P1021-1: I need a VEY09P RGB output IC to suit a TEKTRONIX 1194980-00 monitor as TEKTRONIX will not supply parts.. P102-5: I have a Radius PrecisionColor Display 20 Monitor. US phone is 800-356-1227. even if they sell the spares for their own models. such as Panasonic's C2192P (chassis# 21HV4S). email QUESTION NO. Look for any cap (parallel .The units will run (hot) for about a week before the yoke driver blows again. spike at the end of scan going >5V below GND and the base stays negative until HOT is triggered again). or MI TECHNOLOGIES. In the US. I have been able to make adjustments with both outside and inside controls. LM1203. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Right now. I cannot find an adjustment for screen image rotation or scew. 909-598-8673. phone & Fax 516-496-8780. What about the HOT's base drive signal? Schematics would be ideal for checking that. and manufacturers often refuse to sell spares that might undercut their OEM clients. tables say so.. Each continues to blow the BU2525A yoke drive transistor. Video comes up Dim (Flyback OK).

no burnt components. including any solder-tail ones mounted on the board itself. is this correct? The B+ adjustment for the Samsung 3Ne monitor is: Turn on monitor and display a full white screen at maximum brightness and contrast. That would reduce AC current through primary and thus weakening/distorting current@secundary thru B-E of HOT. no cracks on board. QUESTION NO. If the fuse now survives. Set working fine but HOT runs at higher than normal temperature then fails. That I believe is the same monitor. I have set it to 90V. Check the fuses. fcc id BEJCA453. Speed of pulsing is similar to an unset VCR clock display. no high voltage. Any other ideas why this IC did blow? In an Epson unit that is also a Philips/FIMI chassis.5 Amp slow-blow types. Monitor looks very clean. I need to do a basic alignment and I would like to know what the FBT B+ reference voltage should be. Your guess at the 90 volts was close. P929-3: I have a 1993 Dell Vi1428U monitor with a fast flashing power led. the degaussing posistor may need replacing. I have a WYSE model WY-1791DES (FCC ID HSUTRLDN-1782). If it is ticking or chirping. In my experience. looks clean inside with low hours. It also has a shorted Yoke Drive Transistor (Q420) the original part # is BU2527AX. try detaching the degaussing posistor and powering up. But perhaps you should be replacing the 25 with the 27? QUESTION NO. Maybe it is even the cap filtering the supply at the primary of the HOT drive transformer that has gone. m/n 1787. Replace fuses with 2. Any idea? Power supply? Listen carefully to the power supply. Adjust VR601 and set to 150 volts. the U4 on the low-level signal daughterboard is a Texas Instruments TL072CP dual opamp. CVP4237L that I am repairing. Should be a steady DC voltage if not suspect that the filter cap has gone bad. Unit is dead. Connect a DVM from TP1 . QUESTION NO. This indicates that the transistor is not switching on hard enough or there is a failure in the circuit being driven. As the other reply. If the fuse still blows. P1013-2: Apple monitor. QUESTION NO.+150 volt (beside T402 the FBT) and ground. A bent pin(s) that disables sync. If not.even on (slow) TV-defections if this one loses capacity the hot fries. P930-8: I have a Philips FSR871CV monitor (C2082-DA) where I have located a blown IC. I have experienced similiar problems that you have described. signal(s) will place the monitor in power save mode if it is so equipped. QUESTION NO. Goldstar chassis # CA-20. check the video connector pins (PC end). replacing the bad cap fixes the problem. It is about 87 volts. P106-9: I have a Samsung Syncmaster 3NE monitor Model No. These often blow due to the degaussing posistor. P107-5: I have a monitor Addonics 142 LR that loses one color after 2030 minutes! What could be wrong? . suspect the HOT. I have not looked at the spec differences betweeen the and the BU2527. their value is marginal. Need help to identify U4 on the Low level signals a resistor) driving the base of hot from drive transformer. suggest it is worth checking the DC voltage present on the primary of the pulse transformer. I now have the monitor working after replacing the HOT. In reference to the Link monitors. It is a Texas 8 pin IC but the rest is not readable.

The Philips CM2099 monitor has the same FCC ID number (A3KM043). If the FCC should be A3KM039. It has an intermittent problem with the screen brightness wavering which also affects raster size and focus slightly. P102-10: I have an HP monitor FCC ID No. R109 = 22 ohm/ 2 Watt. QUESTION NO. not one of the (several) third party makes. the Philips CM2099 monitor has the same FCC ID number. that´s it. The Vertical IC was burned out. Location 7402 Vertical IC. 3 Watt. The CRT neck board runs fairly warm so it is subject to heating/cooling stresses that crack solder as well as make the failing connections intermittent. Am I correct in assuming this is a problem in a voltage regulation circuit. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. P104-6: I am working on a PB1512sl FCC ID BEJCP510 (Goldstar) monitor. This is not likely your problem but I have seen colors change their level because of dirty pins. then R113 should be 10 ohm. P105-5: I have an NEC Model 3FGx with ZD520 and Q512 burned beyond recognition. with that FCC ID number. the vertical deflection IC is TDA4860. I also find it worthwhile to spray contact cleaner into the video connector (PC end). and the vertical deflection IC in that monitor is TDA4860. A3KM043. a 9-pin SIP. P103-1: I have a MAC 21" monitor with horizontal problems. I cannot read part number at location 7402. What should I do first? The first thing I check is the big electrolytic cap after the bridge rectifier at the primary end and then the electrolytic caps in the HT line at the secondary side. I can mimic the problem by wiggling the screen and focus controls. R113 = 10 ohm/ 3 watt QUESTION NO. What are the part numbersof these two components? . then an Apple M9102LL/D. P101-6: I have an HP monitor FCC NO A3KM043 Model NO. and the vertical deflection IC in that monitor is TDA4860. P107-2: Can anyone tell me the correct values and power ratings of R109 and R113 on the deflection board in an Apple/Macintosh M3502 monitor? In the M3502. The symptom does not seem to respond to vibration or freeze spray. P930-3: I have a problem about monitor for vehicle inspection system manufactured from France (Philips) model muller bem.D3858A. Or touch their legs with the soldering iron and if you smell something really nasty. QUESTION NO. I am looking for the value of the resistor R113.My first guess would be poor solder on the CRT neck board or any other board the video signals travel through. Can anyone tell me the value? IF your 21" is Apple model M3502. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. and do you have a suggestion as to suspect components? Wiggling the screen focus controls causing the problem would indicate a problem either with the physical controls (that is FBT assembly) or the connections from the fbt to the pcb. The problem is vibration images. Can anyone tell me the part number? If the FCC number is truly A3KM043. a 9-pin SIP.Check for liquid near the caps. a 9-pin SIP.

QUESTION NO. Either the dag coating has failed or the ground strap return to the chassis ground has opened. you can see arcing all around picture tube dag . If not. Picture is clean. P930-4: We have a problem finding flyback transfomer for monitor model muller bem. QUESTION NO. There should be a pot on or connected to the flyback transformer. model 7176I.hrdiemen. Have you checked the H. Note.T. P928-5: I have a Mitac 17-inch monitor model# m1758. check all nearby traces carefully for damage. Remove the cap and check underneath: if this cap leaked. This may help your problem. Arcing around the dag coating is indicative that the ground return some how is open.The monitor works just fine except the focus is a bit blurry in the top left corner.5 Volts across resistor R409 on the main board. and you're sure you caught all the damaged traces. You might want to try using TV CORONA DOPE (GC part # 10-5002). Even with no loss of continuity. damaging traces on the PC board. check that there is 53. P103-5: I have an AcerView 17" monitor. P925-6: I have NEC JC-1531VMA monitor with problem. Can not seem to find what would cause this problem. ZD520 is a RD8. if it still will not adjust.? QUESTION NO. and check C523. leakage onto the trace from the wiper arm of pot VR403 to pin# 8 of board# PWE317E can actively cause problems. and jumper between the cuts. not even light in power LED (the fuse is ok).2. Remove the second anode and repaint the tube around the hole. Sounds like smps failure. contact HR Diemen in Spain for assistance. you'll need to clean the board well.Q512 is a 2SK752. Is the purity also affected only in the same area? QUESTION NO. and to jumper any damaged traces. Having poor focus in only one quadrant of the screen would indicate that probably something within the crt has moved. the leaky cap may actually test good. Both sides of picture are bowed outside ( ).es. A bit of conformal coating or lacquer on the PC board after cleaning well can be a future safeguard. too. If the focus in all the rest of the raster is good then you should be able to rule out the focus/hv supply as the cause. The problem is when monitor is turned on. but I cannot find the focus pot on any of the three PCB boards. Charactheristicof flyback transfomer model DIEMEN 95-22 HR 11P 6362-01 For information on HR Diemen flyback transformers.O. Secondarily to this problem. you will find it on the crt pcb. . either by email at HR@hrdiemen. so you may need to actually CUT that trace at both ends. Cap C557 can also get leaky and should get checked. Adjustment from the front panel in service helps slightly. but replace it anyway with a 50V cap. QUESTION NO. The common problem that causes this symptom is that C561 = 470uF on the main board can leak electrolyte. FCC id The screen is out of focus (evenly across the entire screen image). P104-8: I have an Acer 7176I which is all dead. or on-line assistance at http//www. check IC4E2 and IC4E4 on board PWE-317E.

All are dead no power no led (green or amber). It has a good signal coming in with both h and v sync the proper frequencies. upgrade it to a 7805 type. P925-2: I have five MAG DJ530 monitors (model no. The picture is wavy. with a signal that does not really look good.2K. Could anyone help me with a remedy to this problem? First. HOT is OK. D825. is not getting any voltage on the collector. This unit may have a factory extended warranty. replace it. and replaced it.There is not 53. If Q511 is leaky (may test OK). I have checked the caps in the primary and secondary of the power supply with a ESR meter and changed the faulty ones but the problem persists. These units were LEMONS. I have determined that the horizontal sweep transistor. D504. PS800 = 1. near the flyback. Also check fast recovery rectifier CR105. If still shutting down. and HV is not over 27 KV. QUESTION NO. P921-8: I have an IBM 8512-003 VGA monitor that has a high pitch sound coming from the power supply. Only cure that I have found that works is to replace the fbt assemblies. If not. IRFI9630. Check if any of the picofuses (PS500. P915-7: I have an Apple monitor model m2943 fcc # bjmcm15vb. no fix. It could be that the HV is too high. Q512. Now it fires up briefly. Q511. XBO504-01 / FCC ID # IAWXBO504) all were made in early 97. the unit will work fine for the remainder of the day. P919-3: Mitac L1450PD monitor. I determined that the flyback was bad. QUESTION NO. switched off then back on. check out/replace IC404 = TL082 opamp. replace it.6 & 1 Amp types) are open. If the regulator IC is a 78M05 type. I replaced pwb-1822. P925-5: We have several IBM G50 and G41 that have HV problems. and then the orange light just flashes. Also check R851 & R868 = 2. This would indicate to me that the insulation of the fbt is breaking down causing a path to neutral for the hv. but the transistor is not switching. but is still very clear. I am not sure if the problem is insufficient gate drive. and see if it is outputting 5 Volts.5 V across R409. QUESTION NO. had 50 volts on the Source and Gate. green light stays on. Any suggestions? In later production runs for this chassis. The unit runs for one hour then shuts down. You may try applying a sealant to the fbt but I will bet it will not stop the short. P922-7: I have an Apple M1823 that would not fire at all. D824. use a 105°C cap if you can. replace C120 = 10 uF in the power supply. or if the voltage is wrong or something else is wrong. Does your unit have this upgrade? QUESTION NO. It varies with the witdth of pix as low as 27V to 35 Volts. First we suspect the FBT itself but we are not sure. the manufacturer upgraded capacitor C926 from 100 uF to 220 uF. . Reading your question states that hv is leaking from the fbk. and. At switch on the power supply output is low at about 80V and the unit makes strange noises. 3 Amp. The HV leaking from the FBT. QUESTION NO. PS501. check out/ replace IC801 = 4049B CMOS logic IC. The picture is OK. Check out Apple'S web site for more details. 600 Volt rectifier CR212. QUESTION NO. Could this be an eeprom problem? HELP! Check the regulator IC in the power supply for the 5 Volt line. If it is left like this for 20 seconds. C822 = 470pF/2KV.

made by S. Restart in DOS mode. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Hit all of the capacitors around the pincushion and flyback with freeze spray. I have found in most cases that the best way for first time setup is to fire computer up with multiscan type monitor first. If you have good quality picture using 1). But you probably have one or more going bad. which curve at the both sides. If you have the sync on green version of the monitor or video cable you can compensate with sync on green adapters excluding certain newer computers and video cards. the pincushion starts to vary by itself and then the screen flutters horizontally. The optimum would be the external sync (5bnc board on monitor) and 5bnc 2hd15 or db15 video cable. this is unadvisable since on a crt of this size this would give huge text and icons and very little desktop space. for example. But when I click on shut down. P923-4: Could anyone tell me the spec of an oldish Sony monitor model GDM-1952? I have also seen these badged as IBM's. known good working PC and power it up. . QUESTION NO. transfer gdm1952 over. access display control panel and select resolution of 1024x768 at 60hz. Sounds like a capacitor somewhere in the set is leaky and after a while becomes sensitive to heat and voltage. This model has a dim picture on Windows 95 opening screen. P919-8: I have a monitor Compaq model 420 with the problem that the display becomes squeezed. try the main power supply. QUESTION NO.M. and the power up is stopped. If there is no response. Without shutting computer down. type in dir/w and hit Enter button or start one of the old DOS based game 2. Connect the monitor to another.A. P919-6: Monitor Model M152 PNLD. GmbH FCC ID IQX93C 1564. P93-8: I am working on a CTX monitor model 1560Lr. The only drawback is the noticable flicker that the 60hz refresh rate produces. stops. After restarting. OK). it turns on only when it has been off for a long time (many days). If it is good when first turned on. Sony MultiscanHG 17 inch monitor. change VGA card. Heat the set up and let it fail. at the DOS command prompt. I have replaced the video ic LM1203 but no difference. P918-4: I have an older. Sounds like the main capacitors in the 115V power supply. If no change but had a good picture using 2). then probably a leaky cap. it makes a whistling sound that grows in pitch. This monitor syncs exclusively to the resolution of 1024x768 at a vertical scan rate of 60hz and horizontal scan rate of 50khz. We have repaired many cold solder joints but nothing has helped. reinstall video drivers for your VGA card. A lot of these units are fixed mode VGA not Super VGA and will only run on 640x480 mode. Restart PC to real DOS mode (click on Start. There are two ways to find the guilty party 1. and neither of them will sync from a vga card. Shut down.QUESTION NO. This looks like a video card and/or video driver issue rather then monitor problem. After powered up for 30 to 45 minutes. You might get it to sync to the resolution of 640x480 at 60hz but. You can jump them with the same values or pull them and test them. the display changes to normal. Leave the set on and hit the capacitors in the high voltage power supply (around the flyback) with freeze spray. It is designed for 1024x768. If I try to turn it on a day after I used it. Specifications and notes on the sony gdm 1952.

uploaded via the video cable. It is marked as a K1378. I have had luck reworking iv2. or Harris). (2SC4619).$3. Working on one of them. In Para encontrarlos sigue los cables del yugo de deflexion de horizontal. I replaced it with a ECG2353 (2SD1881). IRF740 should cross for 2SK1378 Mouser (800-346-6873) lists IRF740 for $2 .QUESTION NO. P812-8: I have a Packard Bell PB1412SL that came in with a shorted H. If you prefer using 2SK1378 itself. with absolutely no results. One reference to the 5468 said that Anatek had an extensive database on this problem? Where can I find it at? Regarding the monitor repairs database. Searched Dejanews. those with serial numbers from SG522xxxx up to SG628xxxx. rated 400V. they power up (LED is green). and see if it affects your sync problem.nsf/artnum/n58001.T. CL49. QUESTION NO. or the Resolve Monitors Repair Database (see info on this website).info. Resoldered. ¿Podeis ayudarnos? La averia que tiene ese monitor es muy comun tienes un condesador electrolitico seco. Any ideas as to what might be a cross for it? That should cross to an NTE1378. QUESTION NO. P917-2: I have a CTX CVP 5468 NI with a horizontal sync problem.T. 125 Watt. Customer becoming upset. the high voltage is ok. P98-5: Tenemos un monitor IBM 6543-302 con insuficiente e incontrolable anchura horizontal. seemed like bad solder connections. iv6.O. QUESTION NO. In the meantime. the CRT charges and remains charged. Monitor came in for flickering picture. depending on manufacturer (EXL. QUESTION NO. or how to qualify for the extended warranty service. general repairs database.O. FCC ID# BCGM2935. or you get the "no video/green LED" symptom. I replaced electrolytic caps CF1. CF2. try freezespray on the LA7851 IC in your CVP-5468NI. but the monitor will not display anything (screen remains black). estando a la vez fuera de frecuencia. 10 Amp. SGS. The Apple 1710 model requires information from AppleVision software drivers in the computer. many of these units. Rds[on] < 0. again.55 ohm. 2SK1378 is a Toshiba iv4. B+ and Vp-p are normal and a quick check of surrounding components yields nothing. have problems requiring a repair under Apple's extended warranty program. For the DX17 monitor you have. and TechAmerica (800-877-0072) prices similarly. ECG and SK did not have it listed.58 or MCM Electronics (800-543-4330) for $4.38 (MCM's minimum order is higher than B & D). P918-7: MAG DX17 monitor with a bad transistor at location Q116. that is. as I had to replace this in my Gateway 1776LE unit. The problem seems to be on the crt board\processor board with bad solder and mainly on the surface mount components. It works fine except when it goes into low power standby. CF8. To get the details of how to re-set the display with AppleVision software. available until 12/31/98. and I am currently working on four Applevision 1710 displays. All four have the same problem. Any . you may mean Anatek's new DataDirect CD. CF4. go to webpage http//til. normalmente llevan tres condensadores cerca de la deflexion horizontal cambialos los tres y ya esta. B & D Enterprises (800-458-6053) lists this for $8. P923-6: I am new to the business of monitor repair. it blows the H.

Horizontal size and brightness change at the same time if HV is wrong. Screen and focus pots are paint-locked at factory settings. I am trying to figure out what single "sudden" failure could account for these symptoms. I need to know where I can find the transformer (serial inductor) that generates the B+ to the flyback. For 1565D usually there is need to resold CRT socket. etc. I already checked C561 for leaks but do not see any. The brand of this monitor according to what I found on the back cover is Fair Electronics.thoughts? I had the same problem when tring to use the cross ECG 2353 for the Toshiba C4619. The company that manufactured it is Chang Jun Technologies. My big problem is I do not have a scope. Do you have all of the smps voltages? You can try COMPUTER COMPONENT SOURCE at 1-800-356-1227. What else can I check? I cannot tell if your inspection of C561 for leaks was good enough. I checked Q482 it is OK. To help further we need to know what circut it feeds (ie vertical. new to me. Use the 2SC4619 and you should be fine. R522. The colors are very good. hot or cold. Only the left edge is dead straight. P819-6: I have a CTX-1565D that will power-up. The HOT and flyback run cool. He said this happened suddenly. The auto-sync works well. Seems like the chassie design does not like the ECG 2353. P94-1: I have a problem with TELEFUNKEN chassis 615 A1. Linearity good. You could try Conputer Componet Source at 1-800-356-1227. QUESTION NO. Do these monitors have a typical failure mode? I do not have schematics. I have seen other CTX monitors with a similar problem. TDA 1940 oscillator H. The B+ is correct at its marked 104v. I cannot find any way to get a schematic for it. Did you read the . QUESTION NO. with bad side pin Cushion )(. The owner's complaint was only the low brightness. pincushon. Check HV regulation circuit. Check G1 and D2 anyway.) QUESTION NO. P826-10: I have a NEC 4FG. P824-8: I have a question regarding a 17" monitor. and the top and bottom are slightly wavy. It may be a low ohm fuseable resistor (1 to 10 ohm). Switch on is correct but no image. The CRT heater is working and there appears to be high voltage. QUESTION NO. I do not know if the over-width happened at the same time. but it does not work. Nothing looks fried. the horizontal power transistor does not work. QUESTION NO. P827-5: I have a CTX CVP-5468A monitor with low brightness and slightly too-wide display. disintergrated just leaving a scorch mark.I. but will not show any video. the screen is black. If you look at the knot on the 2353 it will work with most applications. There is barrel distortion on the right side. P812-6: I have Premier aa1450 (fccid# mm3cj-480n) VGA monitor. QUESTION NO. I checked the driver but it is OK and replaced the C. Model jc1531 VMA. The monitor is stable. which goes to pin 3 of the flyback. But not this one. We need more info.

The first three characters in the FCC# determine the true manufacturer. P98-10: How can I determine who the original chassis manufacturer of a monitor is by using the FCC ID# on the back of a monitor? Locate a link to the FCC data base and use the information on the back of the monitor to confirm source of origination. if the ic is OK. though rated for 100 MHz. you might also check the traces beneath your VPS08N for corrosion due to leakage from cap C793. that is a Toshiba device. Union Electronic (800-648-6657) sells 2SC4916 for $5. if stored therein. before letting it out of the shop.htm) does not provide its datasheet. with an internal damper diode.fcc.54-. you cannot just rely on the usual Volt/Amps/Watts ratings to pick a substitute. and will overheat if underdriven by the existing drive circuit.elisnet. B & D (800-458-6053) for $6. You can identify them either by going to the FCC site at http//www. VPS08 is a Sanyo 3-channel. A good HOT choice generally does not run too hot.08. 80 MHz CRT video output driver. just have to type in the ID info and it will come up with the material. while a device that turns off "too fast" just may suffer excessively high inductive voltage spikes. which has similar package and voltage Database is very easy to use. QUESTION NO. VPS12 and VPS13 also exist. including the part about C561 seeming OK? Did you do everything that answer indicates? Checking continuity of traces and cleaning underneath C561? Jumpering the trace from VR403 to PWE317E? Testing the IC's on PWE317E? QESTION much did that ECG2353 set you back? When you HAVE to try a universal sub. QUESTION NO. and be sure it is not running hot. capacitance.Monitor Answer# P527-4. P817-3: I need information about an IC (included in a monitor 4FG. I run the monitor for a few hours turning it off and on every so often. I have tried many different sites.15"Nec) VPS08N. A device that is overdriven (or has too much gain) is too slow to turn off and will dissipate excess power. But you might download the datasheet for VPS10. A beefier HOT (or one with the same Amp rating but insufficient gain) is usually harder to drive. MCM (800-543-4330) for $ everything seems fine. Differences in gain. so the Sanyo website (www. which is a common problem in NEC 4FG's. Note that the same manufacturer .or. there was no information. and inductance will affect how easily the HOT can be driven. or else by using the FCC's online search engine at http//www. so you just cannot assume that even a higher-rated device will sub for the original in the particular circuit in your unit. The ID # was a C4916 which crossed to a ecg 2353 with a note stating that it might not be the same electrical or mechanical match but works in most cases. Wonder what the values were on the original C4916? It is a risky proposition using "universal" type subs to replace HOTs. In the and downloading the ZIP datafiles of these three-character ID's. The customer takes it home plugs it in and it dies. as its saturation voltage will be too high. So I throw one in and bring it up on a variac. worked fine. 7 Amp.fcc. Is this replacement part one of the few that will not work with this application or is there something else I am missing? I noticed that the ecg 2353 and the nte 2353 are not exactly the same. With regard to 2SC4916. P98-9: I am working on a GVC 1450C that had a blown HOT transistor. Can you help me to find datasheet for this IC. rated 1500 Vcbo. check the HOT's case temperature right after running it. It is obsolete. it is only for testing purpose.

Call Parts at LJ Enterprises . I804 is NOT in a main power supply. Anyone familiar with this problem? Quick answer would really be appreciated. After replacing it with NTE2354 I have a picture but pincushion circuit is not working at all. will not start. hv and focus will be affected. Bad focus voltages? Guns? Tube? Check the focus voltage and HV. and the chassis gets issued a new FCC#. Has anyone seen this problem before? I am not sure where to start looking. Theoretically. If there is a voltage on B+ around 50V then you should change IC I804(UC 3842). QUESTION NO. and C802 is a 47 uF 35V electrolytic capacitor. The price for eeprom preprogrammed is about $10. Focus should be roughly 10 to 15% of anode. Mostly this failure is caused by IC404 on the Main-Deflection board. This problem must be in dynamic focus. the beam current. I put a Proc Zilog z0861404psc. QUESTION NO. Monitor is 15 months old. buzz. The bright ness control has absolutely no effect at all. QUESTION NO. Also confirm proper B+. P824-3: Sony GDM-20E01 20" computer monitor. The smeared band is vertical in orientation on the screen. etc. and it measures good. QUESTION NO. because they have a risk of static discharge(it is the problem). I was working on a lot of 2020 two months ago. The control is an analog type of control and I have checked it with an ohmeter. Could someone please point to the pincushion circuit components that may be at fault? I found an answer to my problem. Raster gets progressively brighter until retrace lines are visible. has vertical smearing (bad focus) in about the middle third of the screen. If it is too low. Does not seem to be the flyback. The remainder of the FCC# identifies the individual chassis. or even modifies an existing chassis. "Focus 2" control starts to clear up the problematic area & then the pot reaches its end before it pulls focus in (clearing this section un-focuses the good areas though). QUESTION NO. P812-7: I have a Packard Bell 2020 monitor which has a brightness problem. I had to replace two darlington transistors Q909 and . Someone told me it could be an open transistor or restor near the flyback. You need after to put a shield ground on two parts. P816-3: Compaq Qvision 480P. It cost about $80 to $90. for one only. I only changed epromm 93c56 and. I found cold yoke plug joint which caused horizontal deflection transistor Q503 (C3897) to short. You need to replace "brightness and focus block". The common problem is no panel control. Picture looks like hourglass and pincushion trim pot is not responding. If this confirms then you probably have a bad crt. This is a common problem with Qvision 200. P812-11: I have a GVC M1448L color monitor with a burned R386 (next to the TDA1675A) and an exploded C802 (at front of board). there are two IC UC3842 in this kind of monitor. Does anyone know the value of these parts? R386 is 10 ohms.may have several different three-character codes assigned to them. sync lost.and zilog $20. it requires re-certification by the FCC. every time a manufacturer produces a new chassis. P816-6: MAG MX17S monitor problems. Good Luck. Important.

or relying on "Tips Databases" for them. the power supply stops. Resolder connector in supply. In your case. Even adjusting the horizontal size pot in the main board will not help. Taiwan. It looks like NS pincushion problem -barrow shaped top of the screen only. and in main board (right front). I am guessing that the trouble is in the high voltage section but I am probably wrong. I am having a little trouble figuring out who it is who actually makes it and how to fix it. With regard to your problem. Any diode less than that will blow. The diode shorts. The FCC number is your best indicator. You might also check the 12 Volt supply. QUESTION NO. the power light comes on and there is a slight static sound (like the HV is coming up) but I can not feel anything on the display. Values for R214 and C206 would be appreciated. that market different chasses. Could you tell me what the original diode for cr301 should be? IBM G70 model 6544-403 part number 96G1870 FCC ID AN06544. P729-4: I am wondering why the damper diode of the IBM G70 monitor keeps shorting. or Packard Bell. This number will tell you if the chassis is the same as that from another brand name. No adjust on horizontal and pie crust on screen. FCC ID# IJEPV-564D PRODUCT# PV-1564A MODEL# PV-5640 MFG DATE = DECEMBER 1996. see if the CRT filaments are lit and the associated circuitry is OK. R214 is 10 ohm 1/4 watt. Check for bad yoke.22 mfd 100 volt. This display says "VIDEAL" on the lower left area and on the rear panel the sticker says ASTRAL MICROELECTRONICS CORP. very common on this model. first check if the CRT is a Samsung. under the same model number. and you are getting HV but no static on the screen. C205 has burst and R214 and C206 are burnt beyond recognition. a PB "1412SL" or "1512SL" can be made by several different manufacturers! This makes trouble-shooting such models. replaced with available 2SD1409). I have seen many monitors with this same appearance (an example would be the Princetons and KDS monitors). For example. but only for a few minutes.. as well as pointers to any other potentially failed parts. Diode must be at least 2A 1000V. I cannot find any adjustments (trim pots or coils to compensate for it). that was showing H scan problems before dying completely. The Samsung CRT's in these chasses are notorious for going bad. When turning it on. QUESTION NO. If they're not heating. C206 is . Gateway. The horizontal size is too wide and cannot be adjusted using the digital control. QUESTION NO. Could you help me on this problem? Try to remove dry glue in supply unit. QUESTION NO. P86-1: I have a 15" FS SVGA Monitor with some troubles.Q506 (original 2SD799. and is the same chassis as the Proview PV564D. the electrons that should go to the face of the CRT will never get emitted. . This glue goes to resistive when dryed. A new diode (BY359F 1500) will bring it back to life. (I have no schematic). difficult. I have done monitor repair before . If the CRT is OK. but have never done one with this "DIGITAL CONTROL CIRCUITS" getting in the way. from different manufacturers. the "IJEPV-564D" indicates this chassis came from Essex Monitor Corp. P819-4: I have a Wyse Model WY-60-02-02. P729-3: I have a CTX Monitor Model CTX 1760 DF. It also is needed when dealing with brands such as AST. I still have a distorted picture and raster on the very top of the screen. Pincushion control works now.

I checked flyback and the high voltage and the -200V that it produces come on very briefly after power-up. The screen geometry is fully electronic ie. This is a "default" failure for the 2494! Q510 is defective and must be replaced only by the original (FS10SM-16) 8-729-025-94. Power light go on regulator and capacitors arround the flyback and smps test ok. check to see if you have about 10kv high voltage. P83-4: I have a Packard Bell Model 2020 monitor that has no screen brightness. but no brightness. P730-10: I have a monitor type Hyundai HM 421 . The Apple literature that I have access to suggests complete replacement of the deflection board. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.QUESTION NO.2uf @ 100v.TDA1180. insert the mounting screws and tighten the flyback to the PCB. QUESTION NO. If the power light is red instead of green. These 14" Daytek monitors seem to come up with this problem quite often. I have six units with the same problem. Important. P83-6: I am working on a Philips C2082 Monitor that reports 'HIGH VOLTAGE Fail' on its LCD. Pot measures good.2uf @ 100v and C824 @ 160v. Unit is only 14 months old. I have already replaced TDA 1675A. Then the voltage collapses. QUESTION NO.NE555. Check the TDA1675A vertical IC. QUESTION NO. Can someone give me some tips? Check the signal cable for a cracked wire (Vsync). there are two IC UC3842 in this kind of monitor. I804 is NOT in a main power supply. If you have one that will not power up at all usually c824 is bad a 1uf at 160v. fcc idewboc143xv. Check drive on RGB drive on CRT.74LS156 but without any result. model dt-14xvb. This has happened on the last four Daytek monitors repaired for no HV. There is a cap 100uf at 200v that may be bad. These capacitors are located on the primary of the power supply. P84-1: I am working on a Daytek monitor. Replace C8062. To correctly suck all the flyback pins clear. The problem is that I have a scrolling picture (from top to bottom). If there is a voltage on B+ around 50V then you should change IC I804(UC 3842).74LS86. P81-1: I have an Apple Multiple Scan 17 Monitor (M2494) which is overscanning by perhaps 50% both vertically and horizontally. g1 can be too much negative. The Daytek dt14sni and dt14xvb are basically the same. Could it be the beam limiter circuit doing its work (not properly)? How can I locate the faulty circuit (components)? Also which brand is the HOT (THD 400) used in it? Check fuse 801 (solder type near flatcable to hv-box). The control has no effect at all. this seems like an overkill. Solder all pins and re-assemble as normal. Problem is no hv. Anyone seen this and can help? Check g2 and g1 supply. picture is there and has contrast. I have repaired several with the flyback connnections pulled away from the land patterns. If it blows again. C8082. most likely the flyback is defected. no potentiometers. QUESTION NO. There are two c812and c815. . This is done when the flyback mounting screws on the OUTSIDE bottom of the case are tightened.

Or.QUESTION NO. Also check the electrolytic capacitor on that line too. When I replaced the transistor. with soft-recovery characteristic. Can someone help me? The 15GL Horizontal Frequency 30-62. I've already changed some condensators on the video board but without any result. Suspect a fault in the "spot-killer" circuit. P726-6: I have a Visa MC 8960 monitor which works fine. There may be a fusable resistor in series with the rectifier. family model # M2935 which does not power up when video signal is supplied from Sencore's CM2125. there is no power on LED. P717-9: I need the horizontal/vertical scanning frequencies of the Samsung SyncMaster 15C monitor. QUESTION NO. which Arrow Semiconductor lists for $8 each. to help radiate heat. primary of the FBT.17 apiece. if you wish to try a cheaper rectifier. Max Pixels 1024x 768. but when I turn off power I'll get a spot in the middle of the screen. Someone has worked on this unit before and removed two parts. 600 Volt. the monitor has HT voltage but no longer has any vertical deflection. Vertical Frequency 50-100. Perhaps there is a shorted one which powers the vertical outputs. the closest US-type rectifier meeting these specs is 1N6628JANTX. QUESTION NO. as well as the parts in the vertical circuit. I have checked the other supplies in the monitor and they are all fine. HER306 has similar capabilities. P717-6: We are looking for a replacement diode for D925 on a Micron 15fgx monitor. Need to know values of Q-503 and Q-504. P726-4: I have a NEC 4fg (jc-1531vma). B+ 141 volts. Prob the ic failed causing an overload which is what caused the ps to buzz in agony before opening the fuse resistor. QUESTION NO. . Q503 is a K699 and Q504 is a B536 with a heat sink. Has anyone had a similar problem and knows what else is a common failure for this model? There are only a few components between the reg B+. QUESTION NO. but has a slightly slower Trr than these two. P81-7: I have an IBM 8513 that blew the HOT transistor after making a buzzing noise. but I only get about 25 volts on the collector of the HOT. and the HOT. Anyone have any ideas? BYM26C is a Philips rectifier. ultrafast recovery (Trr <30 nsec). Check all power rectifiers coming off the flyback.. Does this monitor need some type of adapter to power up? Sencore makes an adaptor #8 or #8f that will turn the unit on. The number on the diode is BYM26C PH. 2. The leads are thicker than usual in dia. Prob the vertical output ic and associated rectifier and protect resistor{s}. +5 and switched 12 volt supplies. 45 Amp surge. I have replaced the transistor and the monitor will try to come on. QUESTION NO. This is a circuit that is supposed to kill all the bias to the crts when powered off to eliminate this problem. If your Philips supplier cannot provide it. P724-7: I have a Gateway ( Sony ) monitor model CPD-17F23 that came in with a shorted horizontal output transistor. I also have the 75v 45. HER306 is listed by Mouser (800-346-6873) for $1. and manufacturers may install them with long leads.3 Amp. QUESTION NO. P728-10: I have an Applevision 1710.

P623-9: I have an HP-1512sl Computer monitor with no contrast control. Apparently the boards are the same. red is real light pink. On the processor board. If good there then the coil in the FBT is probably bad. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what value they are supposed to be? NEC maintains a tech support page. Any suggestions? If I am correct. 5%. I have checked the output transistors.C. This test when it fails indicates a "leaky" tube which affects contrast and colors . 1/4W. This test when it fails indicates a "leaky" tube which affects contrast and colors . QUESTION NO.6K. resistors R623 and R632 were burned beyond recognition. R623 is 5. its ok. Focus and brightness looks good.6k 1/4 watt and R632 is a 1. with listings of the original parts for its JC-1402HMA monitor. so the monitor looks Blue. P720-6: I have a Dell Model D1726S-HS that all colors have faded. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. I should suspect the B+ is low to the FBT caused by some defect between it and the power supply.NO way to fix this problem. preferably with the Sencore beamrite 7000 which checks low level tracking. and the reistors and caps in each color circuit.C. so the monitor looks pink.nectech. QUESTION NO. preferably with the Sencore beamrite 7000 which checks low level tracking. without difference. is a copy but works correctly on the 002 model !! Both the model install a tlf71004d fbt.2k 1/4 watt. This test when it fails indicates a "leaky" tube which affects contrast and colors . QUESTION NO. Has anyone corrected this type of problem before? You should test the tube. I have checked the Pot. 5%. R-623 is a 5. and on the other there is no RED. transitor TR602 and resistor R624 (1 ohm 2 watt). I have followed the traces over to one of the two large I. this monitor has a microprocessor that controls the presets of RGB gain. You should test the tube.s and suspect the problem is with one of the I. and R632 is 1. The fixed output voltages at K1 and K2 are +85 and +26 volts respectively. Also check diode D610. 1/4W. on one there is no GREEN. at http//cssweb.NO way to fix this problem.Check the B+ @ the primary of the FBT. P722-5: I have a NEC monitor with the model number of JC-1402HMA and FCC ID of A3D9MDJC-1402HMA. The blue level . You should test the tube. The DC output at C1 will run anywhere from 53 to 98 volts depending on the mode the monitor is running On the power supply board PWE-195. there is a LM-324 in SMD that could cause this failure. P720-9 MONITOR IBM 8515 I have replaced a fbt TLF71004D in the 8515-002 model and it worked correctly.NO way to fix this problem. If low there then problem must be further back towards source. I have tested more fbt and different models but without results!! The fbt is not original.htm. P630-7: I have two ACER 17" 7176i monitors. but have not been able to solve the problem. According to that site. Notice that they are both sitting on pin 14 of IC602 which might also be bad stk 7404.s CRT checks fine on Sencore CRT tester. Customer said this has progressed slowly.2K. The same fbt on the 8515-022 and 8515-222 models do not work correctly. preferably with the Sencore beamrite 7000 which checks low level tracking.

I then read the reply to "What is ZD101" and installed 18V. QUESTION NO. There may already be a Philips type number on the cap. And check resistor R114 = 0. all of which are intended for various monitor functions. You didn't post the Apple Model number.6nF 2000Volt philips caps used in a Mac monitor. so no help there. or was blacked out by the manufacturer. and need resoldering. Can I sub these with ceramic disc caps or do have to have the polyester high temp caps? I can't give you a precise answer. But it is my guess that you are looking at two rather large radial box film caps. check values of the resistors and the diodes on this board as well. If the FET had shorted.39ohm for value. I have tried several Canadian suppliers to no avail. P721-5: I am working on a Compaq model #470ap with a burned resistor at location# R201. especially cracks on the pin connectors to the main board (or on the main board side) can also cause these problems. because the information you posted was so scanty. ZD102 should be on the same daughterboard where you found R113. You . both ceramic disk and film types.1V zener. If so. NOT polyester. Mouser Electronics is a distributor of their line. and 5n6@2000VDC. Also WHERE is ZD102? I had replaced ZD101 with 5. Does anyone know the value? R201 = 1 ohm. or where else shall I look? You say you replaced 2SK955. QUESTION NO. download the data sheets. Philips makes SEVERAL lines of caps with 5. With those part numbers.6 and 11 nF values at a 2KV rating. and find the multidigit Philips catalog numbers that match your caps. or suggest an equivalent.1V adjusted at lowest in case of a defect opamp. something like KP/MMKP376 or MKP378. Replace the . Any suggestions? I can't give you a precise answer. it might also have damaged the 3842 PWM IC. a parts house or a Philips supplier may be able to help you out. because the information you posted was so scanty. I had a similar problem that fixed the flashing LED. QUESTION NO. note the exact dimensions and style of the cap. Unit would not come up. I checked R113 and found it to be alright. and are snubbers specially constructed to handle fast dV/dT pulses.passives. or cap location numbers.39 ohm resistor. go to the Philips Passive Components website at http//www. these are polypropylene film caps. and melt or self-destruct. Of course. I've tried Newark and other parts houses with no luck.comp. Bad solder on this daughterboard. You will NOT be able to sub these with polyester or ceramic disk types. P610-1: I am trying to find two Philips caps for an Apple monitor. I replaced the 2SK955 and the ZD101 (1watt) and the HOT. P720-1: I have a CTX CMS 1561LR which was dead. they would dissipate too much power.6 and 11 nF values at a 2KV rating.1W zener for . both ceramic disk and film types. now the unit "cycles" the relay (green led blinking away madly) at 2hz. Cornell-Dubilier is one North American manufacturer that makes polypropylene snubber caps with fast dV/dT ratings. The cap values are 11nf @2000VDC.1/2 W QUESTION NO. too. Philips makes SEVERAL lines of caps with 5. With this information. Did I damage anything by installing the there might be a genuine circuit fault on one of the Power supply outputs. Or if this has faded. all of which are intended for various monitor functions. P76-2: I am looking for a supplier for the 11nF and 5.

P617-10: I have a Dell P1728U monitor here that had a shorted diode (D954). either the IC is bad. go to the Philips Passive Components website at http//www. HOT and flyback are both OK.1). So. Power led does change from amber to green when signal is applied. QUESTION NO.B but no signal is present on the CRT cathode pins. B. Confirm there is bias at the collector of the drive transistor and output. QUESTION NO. With this information. Le circuit KA2139S est effectivemment un préamplificateur RGB pour écran. But it is my guess that you are looking at two rather large radial box film caps. Can anyone tell me what the part # of the vertical IC (IC401) is? IC401 is a TDA2006 QUESTION NO. size led is on solid. but none are coming out (at pins 5. Mouser Electronics is a distributor of their line. Confirm there is horizontal drive signal to the driver and output.G. or was blacked out by the manufacturer. If either supply is below the minimums. Normal video signals enter the LM2405 I. or suggest an equivalent. Vous en pouvez obtenir la "datasheet" en format . if NONE of these signals are coming through.C.B signals. and associated components. P630-8: I have an NEC monitor.sec. LM2405 is a triple CRT driver for R. when powered on the HV is ok. There may already be a Philips type number on the cap. so no help there. these are polypropylene film caps. Any ideas? Check the horizontal driver transformer drive transistor. Il est fabriqué par Samsung Semiconductors. on the video P. You will NOT be able to sub these with polyester or ceramic disk types. I am getting no high voltage.passives.C. Or if this has QUESTION NO. note the exact dimensions and style of the cap. respectively. check that you are getting Vcc at pin#6 and Vbias at pin#10. respectively. I have a green LED and normal raster when the screen control is turned up. or cap location numbers. P71-6: I have a Premio (made by sceptre) model 566 PN:P-514ca monitor.11. download the data More typical operating voltages are +80V and +12V. P617-5: Je cherche la référence exacte du circuit noté dans mon cas KA2139S sur un écran Diamond 15pcs.4. with independent amp circuits for the R. relative to ground (pins something like KP/MMKP376 or MKP378.7). or one of its two supplies is down. Cornell-Dubilier is one North American manufacturer that makes polypropylene snubber caps with fast dV/dT ratings.. including shorted yoke or bad crt. With the vert. The problem is a "NO VIDEO" symptom. and find the multidigit Philips catalog numbers that match your caps. NOT polyester. I take your comments to mean that there are three video inputs (not blanked) going in to pins First. the vert IC blew. If so.PDF (Acrobat Reader) à www. and melt or self-destruct. After replacing the diode. and I cano't read the number.3. IC taken out. a parts house or a Philips supplier may be able to help you out. they would dissipate too much power.comp. I suspect that the vert IC was shorted causing the diode to go. With those part numbers.G. Check for any type of unusual loading in secondary of flyback.9. these should be at the very least +60V and +8V. ModeJC1575VMA.didn't post the Apple Model number. and are snubbers specially constructed to handle fast dV/dT pulses.Ce circuit est apparement le préampli vidéo. This IC is open-loop and fixed-gain. check if there is an internal short in the IC at either of those two . the monitor comes up but the LEDs on the contrast and brightness controls flash and the vert.

But one more common-failure part that you didn't mention needs to be added to that list: L105. CCS. if bad B+ regulation is giving the HOT excessive voltage. I don't have that problem on my computer. Any ideas on where to start? Do not be intimidated by all the smd devices. Aside from L105. Usually when the HOT shorts. and suppliers like LJ Enterprises. This is probably your customer's problem too. R181 and Q116 checked O. Monitor came up and worked beautifully for about 45 minutes then the screen started closing in horizontally until it went out. R458 = 2. P630-10: I have a Sony CPD-1320 monitor in the shop which the customer complains that it works fine in DOS. or even on general principle. 4. P616-9: I have an AST Vision 5L that has lost horizontal widht and pincushion control. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. see if Q116 is leaky now. et al.K. then the fbt is probably bad. Check out the power supply and regulator as well as the horizontal output & HV. running on a variac at reduced voltage may help diagnose. and at 1024X768 the picture rolls. or if either of the two supplies is not functioning upstream. Otherwise check the regulated B+ to make sure it is not to high. I do not know the true manufacturer. Did I use the wrong HOT or could something else be killing it? Did the fbt get really hot before blowing the transistor. the IC itself is probably gone. but at 800X600 the image is shifted left. Those parts which you mentioned have a nasty property: if one of them goes bad. QUESTION NO. P616-6: I have a Monitor ACER 7176N and R458 is burned. The usual Q109 transistors used in these Mag units are 2SC4747. Unless the unit took a major overload the probability of damage to smd devices in minimal.C123 andHOT with an ECG 2354. may carry this coil too. L105 gets cooked. MI Tech. so I can . or 2SC5129. P618-1: I was working on a Gateway 1776Le 17 inch with no video. since you've had yet another failure. There are no user controls. if the bypass caps off pins 6 and 10 are good. L105 is Mag Innovision (800-827-3998) part# T*I-281-103-UO. I've changed every IC on the main board and checked all caps. QUESTION NO. HOT is shorted again and the monitor just clicks now. I need know the value of R458. or if C334 or D116 or the flyback has gone bad.7 ohms. but won't sync in Windows. and their bypass caps are good. The Sony CPD-1320 monitor was designed with a maximum resolution of only 640 by 480. P618-6: I have a viewsonic 17gs dead it uses a surface mount board. or rings badly. 60 Hz. It works fine in DOS and Windows at 640X480. that can then take out any of the others.. Any suggestions? You have been beating a dead horse. etc. roughly $12. And then go back and test all those other parts once more. 2SC4924. Replace it if it looks slightly discolored or bubbled.pins.5 mH loading coil connecting to the B+ input of the flyback. and the bad L105 can then do in new HOTs.C120. If both supplies have good voltages. HWat are the most likely culprits? Since you did not post the unit's FCC number. Replaced R177. or you have a severe overload in the derived supplies. QUESTION NO. a somewhat tall.

possible culprits could include IC901. ZD102 is 5. P68-11: I have a CTX CMS 1561LR which was dead. Heater is 6. and shutdown to black is one possible symptom. The full number for this NEC chip is UPD6104C. Sometimes freezespray or heating can reveal this IC as a culprit. some may also need to have Q406.5 Watt zener to a 18 Volt. QUESTION NO. These are factory-preset for each individual unit (hence the silicone).5 watt. 1 Watt zener. but G1 is about 20V more negative than it should be after doing comparison to a working unit. HV is 26Kv. Also what is the value of ZD102? There seems to have been a typo in your earlier response. Now the unit stays on for about 90 sec. my notes say R173 = 1 ohm. I need value for R173 which is unreadable. etc. P61-6: I have a Dell D1528LS with no raster. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. Is the problem likely to be with IC02? If so. Illinois (800-648-6657) or MCM Electronics. with the Zilog Z0861404PSC processor. The chip is labeled NEC D6104C. These pots can also go bad and cause shutdowns. P69-1: I have a NEC monitor model 3FGX which had a focus problem so I changed the Flyback. or you won't have access to control functions like pincushion adjust. It appears that the processor could be holding the tube cutoff.only say that IF your Ast 5L is one of the Daewoo versions of that model. So a replacement Zilog (~$20) must be compatible with that version. or won't sync. that IC is known to give problems. had issued a recommendation that ZD101 be upgraded from the original 18 Volt. QUESTION NO. a 47 uF/50V electrolytic. the flybacks are ok.shorted horizontal transistor 2SC5048. Output from IC02 pin 6 is flat +5v DC. near the HOT. P527-4: I have a nec multi sync model jc 1531vma<4fg> bad side . If those VL400's have cap C722. With that many units down. QUESTION NO. can you assist with e replacement cross-reference. If this Dell 1528LS is a Lite-On unit. a silicone-sealed 20K ohm pot near the flyback. Ohio (800-543-4330) for this IC. For the Mag DX700T. QUESTION NO. I replaced the 2SK955 and the ZD101 (1watt). that cap commonly gets bad ESR and affects the HOT.1 volts at . Try LJ Enterprises (800-627-8755) or Partronics (800-232-3055) for help on this aspect. both had listed it in their stocks. QUESTION NO. and FET Q410 checked for leakiness or shorts. Check out the HV-adjust pot VR516. These IC's have a number stamped on the chip ("Zilog xxxx") indicating the programmed version. Q407. 0. to avoid fuse failures. P527-6: I am working on a MAG DX700T . I checked R113 and found it to be a 100 ohm resistor. so your new flyback may need that setpoint changed. CTX service dept. The monitor seemed fine for a while then it would not turn on anymore. P61-5: Goldstar CMT-4568 Chassis NC-06X1 No verticle deflection.3. Try Union Electronic Distributor. and diodes D502 and D503. P64-4: I have four CTX VL400 monitors that keep shorting the HOT .

100k 1/2watt. too.FSR871CV. Also check for bad solder connections in the power supply.pincushion. Even with no loss of continuity. P514-5: I have a Packard Bell mod# PB8515sv BPCS#010201001 FCC ID# BJMCM15VD which looses the screen size/position controls after it is on for a couple of hours. tda4605. replaced. the caps closest to the heat-sink are the ones to go bad first. QUESTION NO. P511-9: I have a CTX model 1760df that has a problem powering at the startup. DIGITAL. check that there is 53. 4n36. Note. Determine the reference designator (ic number on circuit board) for the vert IC and change out the caps that have the same first number in their designator. The adjustment does not work. IC101. Can someone identitify th part number of the IC and the value of R527? U502 is a UC3842 which crosses to an NTE 7096. It takes awhile before it powers good. check all nearby traces carefully for damage. I replaced the High Voltage regulator and it seems to be working fine.PCXAVF4 and . Remove the cap and check underneath: if this cap leaked.5-AMP regulator. and you're sure you caught all the damaged traces. When replacing a vert IC. R527 is a 1 watt . the leaky cap may actually test good. damaging traces on the PC board. P520-3: I have a viewmaster CA 1414VL that i believe might be the same as a KFC CA 1414VL. A bit of conformal coating or lacquer on the PC board after cleaning well can be a future safeguard. Cap C557 can also get leaky and should get checked. now have picture with terrible found over. and jumper between the cuts. P417-1: I am working on a Viewsonic Model 5 computer moitor that came in for vertical collapse. QUESTION NO. and to jumper any damaged traces. QUESTION NO. R129. leakage onto the trace from the wiper arm of pot VR403 to pin# 8 of board# PWE317E can actively cause problems. P430-10: I have at several times seen similar 20 inch monitors under the brand/models of PHILIPS.5 Volts across resistor R409 on the main board. Check C561 470uF/25V could be leaking on bottom replace it with a 470uF/50V 105 DEG. Secondarily to this problem. Has anybody come across this problem? The common problem that causes this symptom is that C561 = 470uF on the main board can leak electrolyte. so you may need to actually CUT that trace at both ends. check IC4E2 and IC4E4 on board PWE-317E. 47k 1/4-watt. QUESTION NO. after troubleshooting found defective vertical out ic. and check C523. but replace it anyway with a 50V cap. you'll need to clean the board well. it is a good idea to replace these caps also. QUESTION NO.C. If it is run in a cool enough area the problem does not occur. if it still will not adjust. Try replacing IC104. as they are often the souce of the failure anyway. Generally. The screen has good clarity and brightness and switches to all modes but the sides of the picture are concave )(. P518-2: I have 2 NEC 14" multisync 4FG model # JC-1531 VMA monitors with the same pincushion problem. QUESTION NO. if it still does not work check IC552 LM2940CT 12V 1. can any one help. I have found that IC U502 has had the top blown off it and that R527 is burnt out so that I cannot identify either component. R172.22 ohm flameproof resistor.

These units are made by Philips for Compaq (Qvision 200) and other companies. They lose emission often. The horizontal . that is a message on the LCD "HIGH VOLTAGE FAILURE". that Philips would have to provide the part. Be sure you have read the "Rework" instruction sheet to verify the correct modifications have been made. The failure took out 3 components. filament draws about . Does anybody out there know the "real" info or story on these models? My experience with these models wasn't the flyback causing the problem. The problem is it will not sync on all video modes. This problem is very common with the 1561 & 1461 CTX monitors. several resistors burned. but the voltage multiplier/focus divider. the switcher fet. FYI: there are several versions of this circuit board with different numbers for the components. I replaced the Zilog IC and I now have video back. R465 220 ohm. Does anyone have similar experience or suggestion ? It is commonly regarded in the monitor repair circles that these samsung CRTs are not good. P56-4: I am repairing an ADI monitor model SM-5514B. P56-5: I have repaired a CTX1461 monitor. It seems to be problem with the crt. QUESTION NO. There is very dark image or no image at all. There are two Electrolytic caps in the power supply that cause over voltage which damages the Vertical output circuit. The problem is that under a small amount of vibration a transformer winding opens. P56-7: I am working a a Compaq 461 14" monitor (ADI SM-5514N). Flyback seems to be working OK. P56-6: Pionex VM 1491H lost vertical scan. Any ideas? Most of the problems with this unit are cracked solder joints on the "Daughter" board. as in some cases the symptoms are intermittent. I contacted Philips (which is an expensive 900 call) and was told that they don't have the module. need values of R464. QUESTION NO. It was not producing any video. I do not believe that the actual FBT is faulty. Possibly someone else may know who sells this module. short out or work ok.480/480P/481. A CRT tester will show if this is the case. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. zener. but I have had a difficult time trying to get the multiplier/focus module. The flyback is easy to order from CCS. P430-8: I have a couple of Samsung monitors Samtron SC528UXL sold as AST Vision 5L. Caps that cause the problem are 1 uf and 10 uf near the SMPS transformer. All replaced and the unit works. and either burn.COMPAQ.2K ohm. This is usually noticed by a flickering screen. R464 2. intermittent focus problems and intermittent video. that it is only available from the company the monitor was built for. Where can I buy the xfrm #47S00-0490? CTX is out of stock and said to call back in 3 weeks.R465. It will sync on 1024x768 I or NI but not at 640x480 I or NI. There are several versions of CPU chip. FBT's usually are not intermittent. Apparently the "EHT GENERATOR" a very expensive and hard to get tin box containing a FBT and a few other components will fix the problem. and shunt resistor. QUESTION NO. All give the same symptoms. only to find that the original cause of the failure is an intermittant open within the power supply transformer. I then contacted Compaq.6 A. they denied being able to provide any parts.

Q807 to switch the B+ for the HOT. If that signal is not there. But occasionally those digital transistors do go bad. and will not test out like typical transistors. which goes to Q806. The following data should allow you to check out these transistors. the drive signal comes from the CPU board. QUESTION NO. better also check the values and/or ESR of the following: R392 = 100 or 120 ohm. R465 = 270 ohm and R466 = 10 ohm. so with these two resistors burnt. and have two internal 10K resistors that form a voltage divider network. QUESTION NO. P430-2: I have a SGI monitor model number cm2086a3sg. QUESTION NO. This voltage divider on the base increases the voltage needed for driving the transistors. P428-3: I came across a computer monitor I've never heard of before. That device is a digital switch. Both transistors are 50 Vceo. sync-on-green. C731 = 47uF/160V. It's called a "loop monitor". drive transistor gets its collector supply this help will be appriciated. and check the vertical position adjustment pot (1K ohm pot) for damage. not as multisync. C411 = 1uF/50V. ECG 2355. first check for the "sync for power" output signal from that little CPU-type board. and also creates a 20 Kohm resistance path between the base pin and emitter pin. you are in shutdown. Bad power supply regulation can burn these vertical components. even on working units. Is this a multi sync monitor? Both revisions C and D of this monitor are listed as fixed frequency. and the other from the base to the emitter pin. Before replacing them. They look like small signal transistors. Q806 and Q807 are NEC digital switching transistors (AA1A4M = NPN. The monitor "fired up" for a second and then blew the parts out again. If you DO need new digital transistors. but I have no idea what they are. I have replaced the transistor V104 and resistors R113 and R109.25 transistor gets its drive from LA7851. Your problem is not likely with those. 0. They do not measure like transistors at all. They will work with the "Sony" type svga 9 pin cables. I do not know where to locate: (a) a schematic for the M3502 family (b) special chassis parts Can anyone suggest a cure or source of info for the monitor? .drive transistor. They MUST have a special video cable. C741 = 10uF/100V. The CPU is frequently the defective component. If anyone knows what they are or has a circuit diagram to suggest how hor. C612 = 10uF/100V. Tracing the print brought me to two devices which appear to supply/control power to hor. R466 on 199211-17 Anco Monitor board 1491H/1492H sold with Pionex 486/25. P429-3: Vertical deflection failure. and your problem is with this CPU board. a sub is NTE/ECG 2355 (NPN) or NTE/ECG 2356 (PNP). Reference numbers are Q806 and Q807. P428-8: I have a MAC 21 inch monitor with Horz problems. Therefore the monitor is dead apart from PSU. analog. It has an input that says "signal TTL" which looks like a svga input and a second input "signal analog" that looks like an older cga connector. Any repair data on this monitor or it's real maker? These Loop monitors were sold in Computer Shopper in the early '90s. 0. C611 = 1uF/50V. pinout ECB. QUESTION NO. It is non-responsive to incoming video. But there is no voltage on its collector.1 Amp. need values of R465. One resistor goes from the base pin to the base of the transistor. Q806 is marked as NIA4M/K327C Q807 is AIA4M/K325C. and AN1A4M = PNP).

I have looked in a CTX 1451 for you and have this info. plus many electrolytics just in case. which mimic power supply problems when bad. The power LED blinks on/off about once every second. QUESTION NO. The PS runs ok with all correct voltages. HOT and Q116. especially C108. QUESTION NO. NEI (800-659-3186) or CCS (800-356-1227) may have this IC.c123 and L105. no high voltage (it only draws about . but it is pricey. R112. (can be replaced by BYV29-500). P330-6: CTX 1451 monitor that has burned several parts beyond recognition. If replaced..0056 uF/ 2 KV) and C108 (0. then check CR112. both diodes must be replaced. Q102. and C138 (33uF/16V). P318-3: Gateway CS1776LE Monitor that went dead. Toshiba TMP87CK42N-4147.011 uF/ 2 KV). After awhile. Does anyone have any experience with this one? These units are notorious for having defective IC881 microprocessors. . I am looking for the values of R119. QUESTION NO. P415-6: Viewsonic 5 computer monitor that had vertical collapse. I found a defective IC202 vertical out ic. P428-1: I have an Nec JC-1539VMA that has an orange power light.. the set will turn on and work fine from then on. QUESTION NO. R103 and R104. P415-5 : Packard Bell 1412sl dead. R119 = 33k 2 Watt R112 = 1K . P325-10: IBM G70 which is completely dead. It is also a good idea to check C121 (10uF/63V). you probably need to replace snubber caps C106 (0. and are usually bad in your situation. and if you have a reduced width you need to replace c134 . By probing at the SMPS I can see attempts to start but nothing happens. C124 (10uF/63V). Check the diode CR210.0075uf @1600v. HOT measures ok. and ZD101. If the cycling on-off gets faster (say over 3-5 min. Probably the cause of the original is failure. Does anyone know why it is supplying the command to switch the relay off? How do I fix this? Adjust xray and see if your monitor will stay on. CR122 (can be replaced by 20V zener). If it's ok.05 amps of current). I have had little luck with p-bells due to the board mtd to the basemaking testing difficult had some that seemed to draw 1/2 power ~20 watts no hv this one dead Common points to check? Suspect the electrolytic capacitors in the vertical circuit. and flyback-tranformer must be adjusted . I've checked most of the power supply components but can find no bad parts. Relay RL101 kicks on and HV switches off. QUESTION NO. connected across V104.Besides the components you mentioned having replaced. I replaced the IC now I have a picture with severe vertical foldover. I replaced PS tranny. P417-8: Toshiba 32G90 which will not startup.HV comes on and immediately shuts down. Also checkc120. QUESTION NO. Relay drive comes from a daughter board.) look for a 330uF/16V cap near the power xfmr. 25W ZD101 ? only found ZD 102 = 18V 1 watt Zener. Also check Q101. These are typically Philips caps. QUESTION NO.

Une idée? This question is the same as P1217-9. 2: Ground 3. however I do recall another tech in our shop having the same or similar symptoms. Video monochrome cards usable are:MDA (monochrome display adapter) HGA (Hercules . QUESTION NO. Look in the FAQ [In french] Il y a deja une reponse a cette question sous la reference P1217-9 Regarde dans la liste des reponses QUESTION NO. 5: not connected 6: intensity control (contrast) 7: video signal input 8: horizontal sync. I mean that it starts in the center of the CRT and wraps around to finish the image so that the right half of the image is on the left half of the screen and vice-versa. P311-3: Several Daewoo 17" monitors. P326-3: Epson monitor model # MCH-4095E with 9 pin "D" input connector.Anyone have any ideas as to what to look for? Anyone seen this condition before? I have no personal knowledge of the horozontal shift. Then check the electrolitic caps around the Ic . It does not run hot or anything but R605 Keeps opening.If this ic you replaced is the vertical amplifier. Monitor is selectable mono (blue or amber). output. mod# CMC-1701M2. Anyone run across this before? Replace the horizontal only with original sony part subs will not last. This problem was traced to bad solder joints from a previous ?repair? or attempt to repair. I try to review this board at least once a week so would answer fast. The screen is shifted horizontally and cannot be adjusted to correct position. 4. I have since replaced the LA7851. several capacitors and diodes to no effect. By shifted Horizontally. I have had this IC replaced with a different Manufacters product. I suspect the HOT is fine as aside from being shifted the picture is fine. hot ok. P48-7: CTX CMS-1461 monitor with a problem. All diodes ok. The monitor would not work at all initially. crt pcb does "electrical dance".His trouble was only couple of months ago. P330-9: Sony KV20TS20 which has a problem in the Horizontal circuit. QUESTION NO. Some times the spaecs are so close that changing this chip will solve your problem. The power supply goes crazy (switching} but checks ok. So it does have a heavy short in there when it does go. As much as you do not want to hear it the Flyback is the only answer! QUESTION NO. Need to know connector pin assignments and mostly the type of PC video driver card to use. Suspect flyback? I have encountered the same problem many times. FCC ID #BEJ9QKMCH4095N Pin assignment for a monochrome 9-pin D connector are: 1. If this does not help resubmit question and i will specifically ask him. 9: vertical sync. QUESTION NO. P49-8: J'ai un Packard Bell modèle 2020 qui au bout de 30mm se coupe. I believe the solution was an incorrect sub or something related to the horiz. The horiz out keeps blowing after about a week.

The power supply sounds like it tries to start up again after a few seconds and then both the amber and green LEDs flash with no video. 3 Amps. packages. I had a similar problem which was resolved by resoldering the middle section on the main board. Does anyone have a fix for this one or at least know the right part number for d402? It looked like 3TH from what I could make out. P47-11: Gateway Cs1024NI2 monitor original complaint was display too dark. P310-5: Gateway 2000 15" Vivitron monitor made by Sony (model CPD-15F13). no higher). R325. QUESTION NO. R335 = 33K ohm. You will be able to follow the location of this brace on the circuit board fairly easily. exposing the bare metal and leaving very small metalic "lint" between the traces. The above answer led me to the problem source and gave me ideas for correction. .. but do not block the free flow of air.5 usec for 3TH41. so I did the following and it worked for my monitor: STEP 1 . P48-6: CTX 1451C that has D402 shorted "actually it blew in half and I do not know the part number" its a physically large diode on a heat sink in horz section. I was a bit hesitant to just start resoldering the fine traces on the back of the circuit board. I was checking parts and turning it on periodically and then d402 shorted again. both in 8 mm long by 6 mm dia. I found R241 burnt beyond recognition anyone know it's value? R241 is 20 ohm. R331 = 91K ohm (must be exact value. which will not sync on 640x350 or 640x480. I replaced with another large diode just guessing at the value anyway it came up but is drawing about 1. It seems to be caused by the fixture holding the monitor to the base rubbing against the main board damaging/scratching the joints/print. QUESTION NO.Using a pencil eraser burnish the traces that have been damaged by the center support piece of the plastic cabinet bottom. that could be one source of your problems. caps C315 and C316. model #H566. Make several. Some of the traces appear to have been spread and scraped. I suspect the TDA9103 IC but I would like a second opinion. <1 usec for 3TH41A). Two rectifiers are made that start with "3TH". Unless your substitute rectifier for D402 met these specifications. It also had a pincushion problem which was Q404 "A1015". I did not have any broken traces.5 amps current and has a loud hum. QUESTION NO. then you had better also check ZD202 = 20V/1W zener. Apparently this problem is a known design fault. Pay particular attention to areas on either side of the damaged traces. Once this "lint" is clean up and blown away inspect for any broken traces and resolder. PN:P51.Using foam sheets make additional supports at various places around the board. QUESTION NO. These are rated for 1500 V. On these modes I get squashed video at the top 1/4 of the screen which resembles a video IC problem. Toshiba's 3TH41 and 3TH41A. P325-6: Sceptre monitor. R241 and ZD202 usually blow from excess voltage. often due to one or more of those others being faulty. which could cause shorting. The unit powers up and the green power LED comes on for a few seconds. All other modes work fine. and are fast recovery types (<1. These supports are to keep the board and the cabinet base from contacting each other. STEP 2 . If that one is gone. 1 adapter) -Some CGA (Color graphics adapter) and EGA (enhanced graphics adapter) cards that have a switch mono-color can also be used.

so you may wish to check that cap (typ. The AGC re-establishes vert. Is there a source for these or a cross reference or substitute? Call Component Technologies. The collector of Q407 is 400vp-p. The video is all there inside this two inches.Sceptre units often have problems related to bad TDA9103 IC's. QUESTION NO. and if this DC control voltage can be varied between these limits. AGC function is not reliable. sync or may/may not be centered or sized correctly. QUESTION NO. I hope that helps. This duty cycle level is controlled by a DC voltage to pin# 2 of the TDA9103.70016. while 6V gives maximum (50%). The dc power supply voltages were checked and are ok. it sounds like that pin is stuck high. amplitude after freq. height symptom. When I pulled the old hot out and compared it to a new one it was very obvious using a curve tracer. I cannot find any reference or cross reference to this flyback. replace with a low leakage cap. I had a problem on a 17inch identical to yours. High voltage comes up but not measured. tapes and software on monitor repair. P323-5: I have been getting a few monitors in the shop that have problems when changing modes though. 1024/768 will/will not. horizontal problem. Try monitoring the input to pin# 2 and seeing if it is within legal limits. IC201 (uproc) has horz sync going in and out. 800/600 will/will not sync. Since this seems to be generic to all makes there must be some tips someone can give me in troubleshooting these sets. ie. The symptoms typically are as follows: VGA mode will sync and will be of the correct size. Still no solutions. I found that the hot was breaking down. 0. The part # on the Flyback is 19. The sides of the image are straight not pinned. nothing changes on the horz sync out pin.001. another is pincushion. Assuming the TDA9103 is functional. and so tracing back from this point should lead to the culprit. or is off center and squeezed in a little horizontally. The vertical shift and size seem to change in the image but the horizontal shift and size doesn't change anything. Most printed materials and tapes on monitor repair give examples that are pretty simple problems and no examples of odd or tough dog problems. 2V gives minimal duty cycle.1 uA). QUESTION NO. P35-2: Two Acer Acerview 34T Model 7034T monitors that require Flyback Transformers. output of the TDA9103 (pin 20 or 21) is pinned at its maximal duty cycle (50%) regardless of input. FCC ID: A3LCMH737. Their number is 1-888-flyback. esp. P330-8: Dell Mdl D1727S-HS SVGA monitor. If I read you correctly. I have checked everything in the horz circuit and have changed the TDA9103 but cannot find the problem. Usually. One symptom these IC's cause is loss of sync. shifts. . The output is a 50% duty cycle square wave that doesn't change at all with shift or size adjusted. also the horz size output from the chip is changing the duty cycle.47 uF) for leakiness with a reduced vert. if the AGC memory cap off pin# 25 of TDA9103 is even slightly leaky (0. I have bought books. Also. you can read some of the characters. That voltage must lie between 2 and 6 VDC (assuming pin# 5 = 8 VDC) to be legal. The image on the screenis only 2" wide from top of the screen to the bottom. so see if freeze spraying the IC makes a difference. the horiz. When changing the horz shift or size. in the lower modes. the IC's are worse when hot. Horz sync is then fed into a sync processor IC401 a TDA9103.

I cannot help anymore than that. the picture fades out to black. This seems to be a pretty common problem with Weltrend WT80XX chips. Check FCC Data for mfgr info. A lot of times you will find that you can get pictures on some monitors that are not designed for it but the syncs will be off.vheight and hpos. cut fins into it on both sides. the line sync. Think of monitors like tv's with the rf and if ripped out. making sure the fins would not be too close to the pins.. To the best of my knowledge they went out of the business. Periodically. It was originally part of an elaborate and very expensive tv/cd/a/v system for home entertainment back in the 80's. Hitting the monitor on the . but I was curious and had nothing to loose. QUESTION NO. and the AOC is a close follower. Think of it like a dual standard tv. but I know it fooled me when I first saw it. JBWeld to those who haven't used it is an epoxy base filled with steelpowder. I have left the monitor on for as much as two and one half days solid with no loss of sync. I decided that Weltrend should be putting heatsinks on these chips and wanted to see the effect a heatsink would have. Ie 625 / 525 lines. I cut a piece of 22ga aluminum into a rectangle approximally 1. There are probably more than I realize that have this inherent problem. It should have FCC ID number located on unit. The SuperCom is just such a monitor. P32-7: Acer View 44. They are a world wide standard which is useful. and used small needle-nose pliars to twist the fins to a 45 degree angle.not supervga. Maybe they make an aluminum filled epoxy (more conductive). A lot of monitors are nothing more than basic vga. I might even try mounting a heatsink using this technique on a new chip sometime. Then I used JB Weld and mixed enough to cement the heatsink to the WT8042. I would have either installed a new chip or attempted this repair only after discussing it with the owner had this not been mymonitor. (on the side close to the CRT these were shorter than the ones on the side toward the back of the board). You may not be aware that all vga monitors will sync in on your basic 640x480 but not all are created equal. The center of the heatsink I left wide enough to just fit on the surface of the chip.One thing I find in the area where you're looking. In the case of vga the line (horizontal) oscillator runs at a different frequency than in svga (higher). (virtually identical to the View 34T) that has a strange problem. Recently I bought some monitors just to have as loaners.that allows you to adjust all your screens to be centerd when switching from one mode to the other. on a 27" data grade monitor made by a now defunct company named "frox". With these chips mounted there it is hard to get a sufficient amount of air flow to cool them and sooner or later they seem to break down and become thermal time-outs for sync.5" X 2. timing circuit. Your fault sounds like it may be in the sync or osc. Among these was a SuperCom ST1496 (popular with this problem).375". I hope that helps. prob near model number tag. I have seen monitors with the Weltrend Chips having thermal problems. especially in monitors that have those chips mounted up under the CRT. even after this chip had already been weakened by the heat and was loosing it's sync after about an hour. A good indicator is if you see adjustment controls inside that give you individual controls on different freq ie. QUESTION NO. P330-7: Trying to find any info.

3 V. Leaky or open ringing capacitors in yoke supply [ horiz and vert] can cause pcc. I have tried touching some of the most suspect solder points. look for bad solder joints tracing the circuit backwards to the power supply. You usually have to replace one IC and one resistor to fix the problem. Usually. caps. I checked the data sheet for the UC3842A and the Osc.. Shorted or open diodes in damper circuits for pcc also may be a suspect. HV and signal are good (you can see the squished text on the horizontal line). P314-3: Samsung SC-428PTL. looked around 20KHz. esp near the capacitors in the horiz.side sometimes brings it back. QUESTION NO.3 V. Does anyone know the solution for this problem? Suspect possible bad connections in deflection circuits.No power elsewhere in monitor. P319-5: Several Compaq model 420 VGA monitors with no vertical sync. QUESTION NO. Sometimes the picture looks washed out and overdriven. In a small percentage of them you will also need to replace R320 and the diode at D306. R-215 will probably be burnt. Also check any PCC correction active devices for proper bias voltages and signals. These controls are accessed through the main menu on the front panel. Electrolytics in SMPS circuit checked O. Excesive width probable incorrect supply voltage or open ringing cap in horiz circuit. Checked R331(91k) O. QUESTION NO. It cannot be adjusted with the potentiometers for pincushion and horizontal size. should I be checking? Yes the Compaq 420 had this problem quiet often. P226-8: Gateway CS1572FS the original problem was Q301(HV80) and IC301(UC3842A) was blown. if there's no voltage but it appears when picture comes back. QUESTION NO. Coupled with the PCC problem I would suspect open or leaky components. Has anybody else had the same symptoms? What IC's. These are both near the flyback transformer. QUESTION NO. P311-4: Auroravision SM583 15" monitor where the image shudders everytime the case is lightly tapped. This is a common problem with these monitors. There is pincushion and the horizontal size is too big. . P36-9: Does anyone know what test equipment is nessasary to program the newer type monitors to set crt tracking for greyscale on monitors without individual potentiometers on the crt video board and where to purchase it? The only monitors I have seen without internal color controls have digital controls for color drive.K. etc. There is a whine from the SMPS transformer as if it is not starting up. Check TRC heater voltage (6. Read somewhere that this is a common problem with this model. pins 3-4 of TRC socket counting counterclockwise) when picture goes off. I've heard is was a major problem back in early 90's with the 420 models.2 ohm resistor). I have fixed several dozen of them with this same symptom. It is from the 180V supply being too high. but it would help if I had a starting point. Check crt board/and or main board for loose solder connections. tension comes from a single diode-electrolitic cap circuit at the secondary of the power supply transformer. IC-202 (TDA 1170S) and R-215 (8. the 6.K. The resistor will read open and the diode will read as shorted. Q303(MCR1006) was replaced with ECG5405.

Si usted tiene TDA8351. Should be about 91K. I checked the vertical circuit and in one of the legs of tda 8351 there is 45v. Try a flyback tester [ringer] if available. a 9-pin device. however it justs keeps doing that and never powers up the screen Check for a shorted HOT. no hay deflexion vertical esto ocurrio despues de averiarse el teclado e verificado el circuito de vertical y en una de las patas del tda 8351 hay 45v ¿es normal? ¿ideas? I have a monitor IBM mod 6322 with no vertical deflection due to damage to the keyboard. then pin # 6 can have up to 50-60 Volts in normal operation.due to a feedback resistor going up in value. The 95xx series monitors are XGA variety. download the datasheet from http://207. so that the supply you measure across C321 is about 185V. if it's much higher than that. Disconecting the crt plug and hv comes up. P36-2: Three Samsung cvp4237p monitors with the exact same snag. a 13-pin device. ZD307. Also Check R153. P36-3: NEC XE15. The horizontal output transitor tests as shorted when the flyback is connected but when it is disconnected it tests good. The diodes within the flyback [tripler] also may be defective or shorted truns within the flyback. Can someone provide a pinout? I bet you will find a crack in the neck under the yokes. QUESTION NO.pdf. There is a high pitched squeal which increses in pitch and intensity as you increase the brightness controll. Sounds like poor quality tubes or over-tightened yoke hardware may be to blame. El contacto 6 es la entrada de información para la fuente al interruptor del tiempo de retorno. R331. unsolder one lead and measure it. Para más información sobre TDA8351. If instead you have TDA8351A. D307. For more information on TDA8351. I believe there is a short in the neck and want to confirm but I need a pin out of the crt for this model. Is this normal? Ideas? If you have TDA8351. IC301. Suspect the damper diode[s]. It does not change to green when video is applied. VR303. replace it. P219-6: Three IBM 9518-001 monitors with problems in the vertical. P36-6: Tengo un monitor IBM mod 6322 con el siguiente problema. Pin 6 is the input for the supply to the flyback switch. He suspects a bad flyback but is not sure. un dispositivo del 13-contacto. no hv at anode. F301. y 45 voltios son un valor típico. there is no stable image. QUESTION NO. When turned on.19. QUESTION NO. QUESTION NO. un dispositivo de los 9-contactos. Look for any signs of perforation thru the casing of the flyback. descargue el datasheet de http://207. Q301.pdf. esta entrada de información está en el contacto # 8. Which translates to a special type needing a . QUESTION NO. C116.87. and 45 Volts is a typical value. and any other components around the hot. Then adjust the pot associated with it.21/acrobat/2083. P29-8: Dell D1528 Monitor That flashes the Green to Amber LED when powered up. Something is shorting the B+. this input is at pin # 8.19. I get the orange (standby mode) power light.87.21/acrobat/2083. después un contacto # 6 pueden tener hasta 50-60 voltios en la operación normal. no picture. Si en lugar de otro usted tiene TDA8351A. and a very good purple glow in the crt neck. Check external components first before condemming the fbt. A106.

and now I have zero. QUESTION NO. otherthan a std vga signal. and could not see the arcing. P127-1: Looking for help on NEC Model JC-1433VMA with no video symptom. I replaced vertical IC TDA4866. .with problems in the vertical. Powers on but no video. If strecthed to fill screen picture not symetrical. which was burned. These IBM cables have been known to open very easily. Generaly kinks at the cabinet input area are common. You can use ECG 5070A. I disconnected the monitor from power and deguassed the crt face as I would a TV. P220-2: IBM 8512-001. The picture does not fill the 14 inch screen fully. I had 8KV on CRT anode lead before. I have about 10 of these models. except for the tint. I do not remember the numbers. It originally had no vertical deflection. I viewed the chassis with no ambient light. many power supply caps were bad and replaced. SuperCom ST1496 Monitor looses horizontal and vertical sync after warmup of about 1020 minutes. Two of them were yellow in color. and an arcing noise. no results. The picture looks good with 1/2 inch black border around it. I hooked it up.Sig) from the cable end position to the chassis is not open. Power and high voltage is present but still have no video and monitor is squealing. Check the capacitor that is across the vertical yoke pins on the mainboard. What is the value of ZD904? ZD904 is 6v/1watt. and all was well. QUESTION NO. You are correct this monitor was designed that way. Also cut the nylon tie holding the high voltage lead going to the CRT circuit board and inspect the wire for breaks in the insulation. You will have about a 1/2 inch border at both side.. Change the resistances of adjustment. They should be 1M ohm. Reinstalled it in the case. Verify that pin 14(Vert. Symptoms are loss of vertical and horiz sync.Using a coolant after unit goes out of sync will confirm this repair QUESTION NO. P219-2: Burned components on power supply board in monitor AOC model:cm-335. but they were the small caps about 1uf at 100 volts. P210-4: Dell VI1428U made by Lite-On.different drive signal. and R612 1ohm. Replace Weltrend WT8052 (IC-U505) Left/Front of mother board. What have I done wrong? Check capacitor C812 47uf 160 volts. P25-1: Packard Bell monitor Mod# 1402S. QUESTION NO. P213-10: Tatung CM14SBS monitor. half-watt. I also found three bad capacitors on the CRT board on the 1402s that I was working on. QUESTION NO.Is this a design flaw with this monitor? Tried adjusting B+ and internal horizontal width pot. Now I have no raster. Hooked back up for a final check. Check the values of R436 resistance and R437 is located near the fly-back. QUESTION NO. there is no stable image.

near the lopt. If HV is present is the filament lit? Either or both would cause no video to appear. The pin-cushion adjustment pot inside will not adjust the problem.the new lopt works in a working unit. and the brightness is very high (white screen). Possible causes are corroded C305 (near vert IC) & C301 (near Center of main PCB). QUESTION NO. Has anyone else dealt with this model and/or problem? Check the deflection yoke for shorts QUESTION NO. I have yet to locate the defective part. Also there are slight vert retrace lines at the top which I think is a separate problem. and is ok. The sides of the picture in the display bow in.2uF/50V .105c high temp caps. P22-3: Supercom SK1592 monitor in the shop which suffers from excessive width and pincushion. then re-install your video drivers. It sounds crazy but it worked for us! QUESTION NO. Does the HV cycle on and stay on? This is confirmed by either HV Voltage probe or by hearing the crackle. . In the CRT board. QUESTION NO. check OK. I changed the LM1203 and there is no effect. I already checked for bad resistors. QUESTION NO. Using Device Manager. checked for bad caps & fly-back. I checked de capacitors and it seems to be ok. I have adjusted that pot in the past with results. It is not a short on the secondary of the psu. P120-1: 14" monitor with EMC tube. Check for a bad capacitor to the rear of the board. Width and pincushion controls have barely noticable effect. Comes up with video very slow. P24-3: Several IBM 8515-001 monitors all of which have a hole in the lopt. I have tested. I am already checked the pot. Is the problem in the CRT board? CHEQUEA LA ETAPA DE G-1 SI LA TENSION ES DEMASIADO ALTA TENDRAS PROBLEMAS DE EXCESO DE BRILLO ( -10V A -50) APROXIMADO ES CORRECTO. even the led goes out. The vertical ic appears to be ok. but they seem to be ok. They are next to the diodes in the secondary supply. QUESTION NO. P126-9: Orchestra French Horn 15" that has a pin-cushion problem. Both caps are Red & must be replaced w/ 2. Is there a series of caps that go bad & where should I check? Replace electrolytic caps in secondary psu. After replacing the lopt and checking the hot the unit starts and then goes into protection immediately and switches off. Remove. It seems to be something other than the pot. P25-5: CTX monitor model #CPS1760 LR. The raster covers the screen but the video looks bowed in on the sides.Key items were missing in your question. QUESTION NO. P15-3: Mitsubishi monitor model# C-6922AGK the monitor works fine while in windows 95 (640X480) but if I shell out to DOS the monitor scrolls vertically as if the sync is missing. P114-3: Tosh CF3048 which seems to have a pincushion type problem.

Check carefully and resolder: often very hard to spot the bad joints. I have also seen bad crt doing the same problem it look like a image being inserted on top of video. P23-3: IBM 9517-001 monitor with a sync problem.This monitor has probably FCC KD-1500 or KD-3500 made by KDS. It will sync at 640 x 480. I had some that had bad esr. Gateway has looked at this monitor. Somehow unit the is losing signal. QUESTION NO. These monitors are generally not compatible with VGA/SVGA systems. If I push the reset button I get the message 'out of scan range'. Try to relocate it as far as possible from heat sink. Check cable continuity closely. Does anyone have the recommended proceedure for setting the current through the HOT? Check C134 and C908. P122-6: Gateway 200 (Vivitron) 17" monitor that invariably goes into power save mode on startup. inactive. etc. I have replaced all the normal parts HOT. I would check the cap that are filter for the video ic lm1203 or similar. P122-7: Gateway CrystalScan 1776 LE monitor in for repair. P129-8: CTX monitor model# CPS1760 LR. 3. P15-4: Multiple DX17F's which routinely fry the HOT. With the brightness at normal to high levels. If you do not have a esr cap meter jump a good one across it. more accurately no signal to the monitor. replace cap c636. and has been unable to solve the problem. L105. QUESTION NO. near the top of the yoke.D116. The power save feature powers down most of the unit if it doesn't detect a sync signal. and when entering Win95. One common problem giving no vertical deflection in this unit is bad solder joints on the pincushion correction PC board. P119-10: Does anyone know how to open the case of a Apple MultipleScan 15 Display? There are two small holes at top of the monitor. similar questions were answered the monitor being an XGA and not capable of VGA and SVGA. I have changed the vertical IC7838 & checked for bad transistors.3uf/250v. QUESTION NO. It has a vertical collapse. Sometimes the cap check good on cap meter but esr is no good. QUESTION NO. The display appears to be shifted to the left. In other responses on this service. whose total width covers approximately 3 to 4 inches of the left side of the screen. going from top to bottom. +12vdc drops to 1. and appears to be at the top of the screen. They all seem to work ok then but have squashed text on very right side. display goes completely off. assuming your pc is off. . Is this monitor an XGA as well? BM monitors with model numbers beginning with "95" are XGA monitors. QUESTION NO. but will not sync at any other frequency. If so. C123. at the left side of the screen. QUESTION NO. C120. Insert a small screwdrive into the holes and push tab down while pulling apart. Q116. there are several light bands that can been seen. "Out of scan range"indicates a disconnected data cable. R177. It will solve your problem with pincusion.6vdc.

and I believe the regulator cannot handle it. P123-3: Packard Bell 1402S monitor that has a burnt resistor that I cannot find the value for. All voltages are low. also check components in PCC circuit. QUESTION NO. The color code looks like red. I notice that when the main PCB is flexed some. I assume spot welding does this. Found replacement (exact replacement) through MCM Electronics. I suspect the noise may be coming from the yoke. is it possible that office furniture can be sufficiently magnetized to cause color purity problems. I used a fluxgate dc meter and found 1-3 gauss dc near the shelves and drawers. P116-5: Several NEC 2A monitors (JC 1403HMA) with similar symptoms. The probality of the steel office furniture being magnatized is very possible. black. May be aprox. On one contact the resistance was around 600Ohms when closed. Am I correct. get the proper matching transformer for the AC supply. 10 lines jumping or spreading apart at a random position and rate. 208. Probable breakdown of one of the active devices in vertical deflection.Is the deflection yoke bad? No. Only seen thru out top half of picture. QUESTION NO. especially near the seams. QUESTION NO. The companies who manufacture these items usually degauss them before shipping. then troubleshoot. The picture focus improves the . I have changed the start-up cap C14 without the problem being resolved. QUESTION NO.7K ohms. Absolutely !! I have a customer in Lake Orion.QUESTION NO. Findout what you are working on. The power supply works in European voltage. Need voltage regulator information. The suspect IC is D101. P120-6: Sony CPD-1425 with a "no power" symptom. The location is R454. P116-10: Goldstar GHV-1280M VCR. orange. and are there any references on this phenomenon? If I am correct I intend to attempt to degauss the affected metal pieces of furniture. The display is out of focus when turned on. red. May be cap breaking down. European Voltage? 220. Dont let this one catch you! QUESTION NO. I measured the value of resistor R454 in a Packard Bell model 1402s as 222. The body of the resistor is green. I actually solved this problem. The user does not believe this is possible. or what? That unit may be set for 220 input. scan lines. I over looked the obvious as we all tend to do from time to time. There are only two physical places in the house he can have a colour tv with a half-way desent picture. Also I notice a audible noise that seems to be in step with the random jumping of the scan lines. and the other close to zero Ohms as it should have been. The start up cap at IC1 is not charging to 16v to start the PWM chip. Plugging into 110 will cause all voltages to read low and may cause some items to overheat. C14 will charge to a slightly higher voltage and occasionally cause the PWM chip to start. ie part number. etc. P120-7: I investigated a color purity problem and determined that portions of the office furniture were magnetized. but not 110 vac. P115-1: Have a Sony KV-32XBR70 TV that has vertical jumping of the horiz. replacement type. The problem was solved by replacing the DPDT Power switch. Michigan who has a steel beam in his residence magnetized. The house has been hit by lightning.

2SK955.S. I have changed this cap in both machines though and it made no difference at this point. On the 860 I have changed c6. ANSWER 1: How old? Possible crt. One of the monitors appears to have healed itself. All were grouped together at the top of the board. On the 870 I changed just q1 and the bridge rectifier as it was blowing fuses at first. and 2SC3886A. I assume you have checked the MJE13005's for countinuty. Does FBT become hot before fuse blows. however. ANSWER 2: Sounds like it is temperature related. possibly a bad cap. it checks OK and does not solve the problem. when the computer is turned off the raster is visible (not blanked) and a few of the retrace lines are brighter than others. failure. When plugged in the relays click but the machine will not power up. model CMC-1501BA1. R112. suspect crt socket for high resistance path from focus to grnd.C. P116-3: Working from your advice. 1/2 Watt. QUESTION NO. ZD102.The switching PSU is a modular plug in.C. Other things may be failure in Focus supply from FBT or focus/screen control assembly. on a dead CTX1561. Other P. I recall there were 3 electrolitics 10uf. R111. R113. and reinstall. QUESTION NO. One clue is the supply to the IC which is usually shown as 28 v D. Check yoke for possible worn coating on coils esp those in contact woth dag coating of crt. Input caps and rectifiers SEEM to perform OK and produce a good 300 v D. Pressing physically may be flexing the pcb beneath the components or components may be mechanically damaged. Have replaced the main IC in the PSU.S. May even be leaky cap in hz out ckt. clean foils. ZD101. Try using a hair dryer to heat up components and watch for inprovement. Possible flyback may be breaking down. What is interesting is that if I press the top of c9 with my finger (it sounds as if its leaking) the machine will power up.q1. Swapped out R114. Good picture for 90 seconds. Keep looking for the not too oblivious cure. Use a ring tester if you have one. meaning the focus and brightness are good at all times.q2 and c9. without a schematic. in the data sheet is made from what appears to be some sort of complex boot strap circuit whose source is the big output transformer. Am I chasing my tail on this one ? This sounds like a classic P.longer the monitor is on. I've pulled the horz transistor. P113-4: I need the value of resistor 409 of DAEWOO monitor. then horizontal raster collapses and blows fuse. 1uf. QUESTION NO. Before total failure it was having trouble displaying the first couple of characters on left hand side of the raster. P116-1: JVC 860 & 870 both with the same problem. Check with a good magnifier for cracked foils or pcb. that I've repaired had low valued caps in the current sensing curcit. no green power LED. I need the values of D101 and D108. . The value is 120 Ohm. Also check the solder connection for ring cracks or dirty connections. does yoke become hot? Doubtless the Hout fries but overload somewhere in def sys is problem. & 47uf(not sure). a SG 3542 switch mode control IC. and this does not solve problem either. no raster. QUESTION NO. remove components. P113-8: IBM model 5154 VGA.

(Chroma sig out) Pin 5 Audio in. Pin 4 Video out. R177 smokes with the data cable in and out. P1218-2 on monitor repair. No model # is schematic.traces also lead to ic401(tda9103)suspect this one.only mode ok is 640x480 and 640x350. Other than that i have no info on it except that it is a 14" svga.replaced. P19-8: I am looking for the pin-out assignments for a Commodore 1902A monitor.htm for further information. Check any diodes and caps connected to the vertical def ckts.traced h/v sync lines from input cable to an ic203(74hc14n). Pin 2 Ground Pin 1 Lum/Sync. Other symptoms would be helpful. etc. I have also substituted a good yoke with no repair.FCC#hsutrldh-1570. I have replaced the signal processing ic and the vertical output chip to no avail.C123 and checked all my solder connections. logic model MM-50.all others only display the top third of display. It has a mitsubishi crt in it. 2 QUESTION NO.mode select problem. Besides the components you replaced. I suspect you will find a cap that has opened or one of the bias voltages is not right.8514 monitor Diag . particularly the 6 pin din socket for the composite video.QUESTION NO.C120. See http://www. humming. I have replaced They have a complete line of replacement cables. Two distinct problems come to mind. (Composite Sig out) Pin 3 Audio out. QUESTION NO. something like 100uf @50vdc.monitor-repair. Voice 800-356-1227 Fax 800-926-2062 International 516-496-8780.Any LED indications. Pin identies as follows looking at plug end. QUESTION NO. like a vertical distortion.with lines running thru. Pin 7 & 8 no connection Pin 6 Color out. fuse is okay. Also confirm correct voltages at vert out device help.Q116. P1226-3: Where can I get the pin out for the data cable of an Emerson monitor? I think that this cable is all that is wrong with the monitor. QUESTION NO. Computer Component Sources in NY. P19-2: IBM . QUESTION NO. P1222-4: U. Does freeze-spraying the TDA9103 affect the symptom? If so.dead. As unsual noises squeals. . The other is shorted low voltage cap on the video board. refer to the answer for Question No. ( Luminance/sync out) 87 3 6 1 Plug output from C64 5 4 back of unit. P113-7: Toshiba cf2010j with a vertical deflection and linearity problem. One is open/shorted HOT. The bottom half of the screen is black and the top has some foldover. P1218-5: Gateway 2000 DX17F monitor that keeps smoking R177 (1 ohm 2 watt) . there are other problem components in these units.S.

I also replaced the 3 1Uf 160 volt capacitors as they were reading low.3 volt. have tried adjusting brightness to no avail. P129-1: NEC / multisync (3DS) M# JC-1404. one on heat sink. Several times I have changed the electrolytics on the video board without any success.cush. and the other stand-alone. P1218-2: Two Polarius monitors (model# 4AL-N). Check the filament/heater voltage. QUESTION NO. The URL is no longer working. I replaced the 51387 IC with no difference. The smear on the right side usually is a bad tube problem. check the power supply capacitor. Closely inspect the video board on the tube socket. IBM 9518 is a XGA monitor. The video is fine except there are 2 vertical blue bars about 1 1/4" wide on the right side of the display separated by about1 inch.Now a pincusion preblem. missing the resistor #303.Both are new and the . P121-10: Princeton multi scan monitor M# eo15 FCC# evokd-1510 Factory # gs 04 Unit has no picture.fcc#iawmx17f) shorted yoke drive HOT 2sc4924.9 ohm 2 watt feeding b+ to it open. darlington power transistors. The problem and solution are what you need. check Sencore's home page. P1218-8: Gateway cs 1776le(17". where do I go now? I located two shorted transistors. QUESTION NO. but you must have the tool. on boot up the vertical sync is out and a loud squeal when windows starts the colors are blurred.3. Also look for cold solder joints on the tube socket. If it is too low. P121-4: I have never manage to repair a monitor which has a smearing problem. QUESTION NO. These are notorious for breaking.Regarding this answer.control pot. it should be around 6. problem was not there before failure. Can anyone tell me the value? The resistor R303 is 270K Ohm Red Violet Yellow QUESTION NO. Can any one tell me a valid address for this information? QUESTION NO. Sometimes it can be fixed by reactivating the the HOT type critical? what other parts are likely? Did I "inject"the new problem? Since pincushion is a function of the yoke circuitry."Q909" and "Q506".I have seen monitors of various brands with a smearing problem either on the right side or on both sides.can't adjust with rear p.front panel backlit lcd display model.replaced. P1211-8: CTX CVP 5468NI. It will not work with VGA or SVGA mode. QUESTION NO. Look for break in the 12v line to the video chip.2uf @50vdc off the video processor. this pin cush. P1121-6: Princeton Grapic 15" Multi sync E015 The display is very dim. QUESTION NO. P1211-2: IBM model 9518-001 VGA monitor .replaced with generac part. as soon as program manager loads every thing is normal. QUESTION NO. Look at question/answer #P1210-8. Replace all 3 caps 2. both 2sd799. Has high voltage.

11. TIP: No video Solution: Check to see if ZD402 is installed. remove packing foam.Then solder this shield to a ground point or pin 19 of the ic. 20. One of the problems with these monitors is that some svga video cards. 7. 16. By heating and cooling sync processor (TDA9103) I can simulate the problem. Mount the new expansion board in location HIC401. 12. This damages Q416 and T401. Adjust VR901 to 26kv using a high voltage probe.5" and 1 each 8.Orchestra Tuba2. Remove the black substrate HIC401. Unpack monitor box. 10. Adjust brightness and focus. Fix each jumper by jam-melt. 6. (Make sure each jumper wire is clear of screws when it is installed) 18. 9. Pull out main board and disassemble main board from all the metal frames. Re-Work Procedure For: KD1700v. Remove bottom metal chassis and main board metal frame. I currently have 40+ monitors with the same problem. By replacing the above parts (and repairing the power supply) this can last for between 1-2 days and 6-8 weeks.R444. Install R920 100K ohms 1/4w in parallel on the solder side. 100K ohm* W on PCB pattern-side of R920. 3.R. 14. This can also blow up the power supply. P1218-4: KDS-1700V (Korea Data Systems) Monitors that appear to "blow up" for no reason. QUESTION NO. when they change modes. PS: Make sure the screws do not penetrate the jumper wire (pin #7) when attaching the back plate on thr pcb. TIP: Video Jitter Solution: Add a ferrite bead at J402 (use the same one removed from location BC401. Change HIC402-PT1 to a that sold them no longer exists. 2. 15. Install 3 jumpers size 2 each 6. Change the ic and in order to completely solve the problem cut a piece of copper shield a little bigger than the ic and glue it on the IC. Princeton Graphics Ultra17 Plus 1.They go out of sync after running continuously for 30hrs. Drive Transformer) P/N KDS2036 to a KDS2036A.F.They will run forever with cover off. 17. 19. if not then add add a 1K ohm resister in it's place. (use adapter board).Q413. Q413/collector (on mainboard) to T403/R416. Remove top and metal cover.R460 and BC401. Pin #7 of expansion board to Q416/BC401. Can anyone recommend a fix ???. and plastic bag. This appears to be a design problem. Re-Assemble monitor and mark with a blue dot on the product label near the serial number. Change T401 (H. Add resistors they do not move. 8. Replace R460 from 51 ohms 1/4w to 32 ohms 1/4w on pcb. A number of these ics (TDA9103) made by SG Thomson proved to be defective. Remove back cover and base. 4.5". Pin #2 of expansion board to R420/J464. put out a very fast rise time spike on the horzontal line and it kills the horizontal . Make sure pin #1 is to Pin #1 (have option board component side facing component side. 13. The problem is Q414 goes short for no apparent reason. 5.

>From another tech: I got a couple of these monitors in for repair also never found the problem but I definitly know that the problem is not on the main board as I changed it with a good working one. but more than one chip can be zapped. They come up run for a few hours then just shut down. FCC ID: BEJCA453 and made by Goldstar. QUESTION NO. IC702. B+ is ripple free too. On the right side of the monitor are 2 blue bars about 1 1/4 inch wide running vertically with a spacing of about 3/4 inch. unless the chips are shielded from further arcing damage using a strip of metal connected to ground. and the picture is unstable. The easiest way to tell is by changing from a black raster to a white raster. IC703. If the size changes quite noticeably or jumps alot then you have a regulation problem.Also nothing seems to be peculiar at CRT pins. model number M1787. Typically what goes out in this case is a capacitor(typically 100uf-350v or so) or the B+ regulator. either G1 or G2 or color cathodes. QUESTION NO. Check the 3 2.2uf 50v ccaps below your 51387 color processor. This can be stopped by opening the horizontal sync lead from the monitors video input db-15 connector and inserting a 3/8 ferrite bead in series with this line. then you have a flyback problem. There is a common problem with 2020's (same as PB 1512SL): arcing from the CRT takes out any or all of 3 nearby IC's: IC701. Only when the horizontal size control is set to expand the image at minimun. usually a 93C56 or 93LC56.All the voltages at SMPS output seem to be ripple free. The most likely culprit with these symptoms is the IC703 EEprom. check the voltage at the collector of the HOT while varying the raster again. or get a preprogrammed IC from an outfit like LJ Enterprises (800-627-8755). If the voltage changes alot then check your B+ line. The first thing to do is check your high voltage while changing the raster from black to white. If the HV varies by a large margin. P1210-8: NEC Multi sync 3DS M#JC1404HMA-2 14" monitor. The problem is that the image jumps horizontally. especially if holding down the 'Select' button replaces the on/off symptom with an out-of-sync condition. the image turns stable. P122-2: Several times I have tried to repair monitors which would change display sizecontinously (increasing and decreasing size in all directions at about 2mm). just turning off the monitor and right back on it comes up runs for a few hours. The jumping horizontally on the gateway 1024ni turned out to be an intermittant front panel control. QUESTION NO. Note: the problem can recur. This should stop this very fast rise time spike from destroying the horizontal output transistor. The common problem . Disconnect horizontal cener potentiometer and substitute a similar one as test. P1217-9: Three Packard bell monitors model 2020.Any ideas? The problem you are describing sounds like high voltage regulation problems. Hope this helps. QUESTION NO.output transistor MJM16212. The led on the front changes from green to yellow. P1210-9: We have three Apple monitors. P1117-4: We have many Gateway 2000 model CrystalScan 1024Ni. QUESTION NO. Program a new EEprom from a known good chip. If it doesn't. I replaced the 1 Ufd caps on the video board and the M51387 IC with no change. "Color Plus 14" Display".

is that the display is too wide. There is no external adjustment and the internal H-SIZE pot. has next to no effect. One curious correlation is that of the seven of this model that we have, these three are also the only ones without screen savers running. ANSWER 1: I do not know the specific model but most probably its a faulty transistor.If you check the H-size pot you will see that two legs are connected to ground .Follow the third leg and will lead you to a transistor .This is the most probable fault. ANSWER 2: Check for a 10uf 160v near the flyback this will cause it to be too wide. ANSWER 3: Try C721, 47uF @ 100V. It's just to the front of the flyback xformer shield/heat-sink. I think the component is under-engineered: it's pretty small for those values. QUESTION NO. P123-2: Digital SVGA monitor, model# PC7XV-DE. I am unable to get the colors adjusted correctly. The only way I can get white is if I turn up the green drive all the way, and turn down the red and blue drives all the way. I tested the crt on a Sencore CRT Analyzer, and it tested ok. I am unable to locate the bad component. Check all electrolytic capacitors on the crt board w/capacitor tester. Scrape glue from component side of crt board (it becomes conductive as it darkens with age). Check for open or increased value resistor in green circuit. Resolder video output transistors. QUESTION NO. P128-3: Samsung 14" monitor CPV4237P The problem is that the video is real faint and can only be seen if it is dark in the room. The HOT seems to be ok and the secondary supply voltages are 151V, 93V, 23.9V, 7.2V, and 6.1V to the heaters. The voltages on the 2 test points near the flyback are 150V, and 86V B+FBT, are these correct or do I have a bad CRT? The problem you are describing is definitely a bad picture tube. Very common with these models. QUESTION NO. P1121-9: Two Peri Max SVGA units with same problem. Dim video, brightness and contrast controls do have an effect but at max still dim. I replaced the LM1203N and some high esr caps on neck board no effect. If you've replaced LM1203N, try going to the National Semiconductor Homepage at there you can download the datasheet for the LM1203N video amp. There is a schematic of a "typical application". Sounds like you have a problem in one of the clamp circuits that control brightness, etc. >From the datasheet you should be able tofigure this out. I have seen a few of these with this symptom. Try shorting pins 12 and 13 on the LM1203n this will be full contrast. If the screen does not brighten up to normal you probably have a bad CRT. I have replaced a few. QUESTION NO. P1126-1: Gateway Monitor CS1572fs - Screen is wavy -clear but wavy and unit whines. B+ is high. Check for open resistor R329 91K 1W. Adjust VR303 for 180V. QUESTION NO. P123-3: Burned components on power supply board in monitor AOC model:cm-335. I need the value of resistors R937, R927, R941 & diodes D942 , ZD951? R937=820ohms, R927=1Kohm, R941=270ohm, D942=ECG915, ZD951=6volt.

QUESTION NO. P122-8: Could someone please tell me the value of R105 in a CTX 1451C monitor? R105 is a 91K @5% 1/8w. QUESTION NO. P1112-7: CTX CPS1760 LR has lost it's horizontal size adjustment. The screen is barrelled at the sides (squeezed in the center). All three other screen adjustments work fine. Look for blown components in pincushion correction circuits. May be active or passive devices. Suspect electrolytic capacito I have this same monitor that had the same problem. Check vertical deflection amp (it's on the very bottom board near under the plastic plate, tward the left side, I belive). After I replaced this, it worked fine.

---------Monitor Acer 7011Web Reparaciones de Paco Alvarez Averias típicas Modelo Acer Monitor 711 MONITOR ACER. MODELO 711 D. FALLO "EN CADENA", DE CIERTOS COMPONENTES DE LA FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÓN. En este caso, los siguientes componentes estaban defectuosos:-El integrado de control, IC601 / UC3842 ("reventado"). El transistor de conmutación, Q601 / 2SK793 MOSFET (cruzado). Los cuatro diodos del puente rectificador de la red -- D601, D602, D603, D604 (cruzados). Además, estaba quemada; la pista entre R616 / 1K, 0,125W y el terminal de la "Vigilancia de la Corriente", CURRENT SENSING; de IC601. SIN SINCRONISMO HORIZONTAL. EL MANDO DE USUARIO DE CENTRADO HORIZONTAL NO FUNCIONA. Después de mucho buscar la causa, se decidió ir comprobando los condensadores asociados a IC251, TDA4852, y la avería se arregló al quitar C268 (220 pF), que se sustituyó por uno nuevo. INTERMITENTEMENTE, PIERDE LA DEFLEXIÓN VERTICAL (SE RECUPERA GOLPEANDO EL APARATO) Soldadura defectuosa (apenas visible) al conector del yugo.

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Monitor AOC 4S (similar al 4N)

MONITOR VGA MARCA AOC MODELO 4S (SIMILAR AL 4N) ESTE MONITOR NECESITA ENTRADA DE SEÑAL PRESENTE PARA ARRANCAR. NO HAY IMAGEN. LED VERDE PARPADEANTE. Transistor de líneas cruzado entre base/emisor y colector. (Q405, 2SC4769) Se sustituye por un S2055AF, que, igual que el 2SC4769, mide resistencia 0 entre base y emisor sin que esté cruzado entre base y emisor. Al cambiar el transistor de líneas, conviene verificar el condensador conectado a su colector, los otros condensadores grandes de los circuitos asociados, verificar las soldaduras de la zona, especialmente de la bobina L403, que suele estar deteriorada; si así es, comprobar la resistencia conectada en paralelo con ella, R427 (1 ohm., de seguridad); cuando esta resistencia se quema, aparecen unas franjas verticales oscuras en el borde izquierdo de la imagen, y el transistor de líneas se calienta excesivamente. PANTALLA BLANCA MUY BRILLANTE, CON LÍNEAS DE RETORNO VISIBLES. La imagen aparece bajando un poco el control SCREEN del transformador de líneas, pero el control de brillo no opera. R716, 220 K, cortada. Conectada a uno de los terminales del potenciómetro

VERIFICAR LA EXPLORACIÓN VERTICAL.o sea. Monitor AOC 4VIR AOC MONITOR MODELO 4VIR NO HAY DEFLEXIÓN VERTICAL -. En el amplificador del verde de la placa del zócalo del TRC estaban mal: Q814. ---------Monitor Aoc 4VIRWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . Si este brillo.. 4'7 ohm R855. su circuito periférico y su tensión de alimentación están bien. FALTA EL COLOR VERDE. Y la señal que excita el TDA8172..Video. ELEVANDO LA TENSIÓN DEL ÁNODO ACELERADOR (G2) DEL TRC. el * TDA9102C.Video..SI ES PRECISO.Sonido.. La señal del sincronismo vertical entra en el terminal 14 del TDA9102C y la señal de la rampa del oscilador vertical está presente en el terminal 13 del integrado. y más. 1'2 K (C) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . es posible que la avería esté relacionada con el integrado que contiene el oscilador vertical -.Sonido. y más. Si la señal de la rampa del oscilador vertical está bien (terminal 13) . sale del terminal 15 del TDA9102C. 2SD756 R856. El integrado de la etapa vertical es del tipo TDA8172.

. Los demás componentes de la fuente bien. (C) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . equivalente BU508DF o S2055AF). y más.Sonido. INESTABLE. estaba cruzado (2SC4769. y el terminal central del transformador de líneas con soldadura deteriorada.Video. SE OYE UN "TIC TIC" MUY DÉBIL. * MUY IMPORTANTE: es imprescindible reemplazar el TDA9102C con un integrado exactamente igual. MUERTO. 400 v.Sonido. y más. ---------- . El transistor de líneas. El condensador de filtro principal. C907. Q408.Sonido. y más.Video. Monitor AOC 4VLR MODELO 4VLR IMAGEN BAILANDO....pero no hay señal de excitación vertical (terminal 15) es probable que el propio TDA9102C esté defectuoso..Video. estaba reventado: 150 mfd. Los tipos del TDA9102 cuya letra de sufijo que no sea C. (C) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . no funcionan en este monitor. ---------Monitor Aoc 4VLRWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv ..

Monitor Aoc CM313Web de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . y más.Sonido. R928 y el transistor Q909.Video. Además..Sonido. y -. es posible que haya una problema con el circuito que &#8220. Q901. DE LA FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÓN. CURRENT SENSOR. MODELO CM 313.desde entonces -Q901 no ha vuelto a fallar. conviene comprobar la resistencia &#8220. Monitor AOC CM335 .. Dicho circuito consta de R926..Vigilante de la Corriente&#8221. Este monitor funcionaba las 24 horas del día. Se trasladó el monitor a un lugar de menos calor. Monitor AOC CM313 MONITOR MARCA AOC. y más.. en un ambiente de mucho calor.. REPETIDOS FALLOS DEL TRANSISTOR DE CONMUTACIÓN.. En el caso del fallo reiterado de Q901. (c) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . ---------Monitor Aoc CM335Web de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv .Video. y más.Video. R925 / 047..Sonido.. CURRENT LIMITER.Limita la Corriente Máxima&#8221.

Fusible F101 (2 A.. NO FUNCIONA NADA. y más. al cambiarlo vuelve a quemarse.Video. pero al desoldarlo y retirarlo de la placa se ve que el corto no está en el rectificador y sigue estando en los puntos de soldadura. Es el que proporciona la tensión de 21 v. CM335-MG De este modelo (similar al MG335) hay por lo menos dos versiones. que a simple vista no parecía estar mal..MONITOR AOC MODELO CM-335 SIN DEFLEXIÓN VERTICAL (LÍNEA HORIZONTAL CENTRAL) Diodo D202 abierto (1N4001). Monitor AOC CM335-MG MONITOR AOC MOD. al terminal 2 (entrada de alimentación de la etapa de potencia) del integrado de vertical IC202 (TDA1675). (c) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . finalmente se soluciona la avería sustituyendo la resistencia PTC del circuito de desmagnetización(PTC101). y más.Sonido. Hay cortocircuito en terminales de entrada de alterna del rectificador BD10.Sonido. una con .. Se cambia por un 1N4007.. ---------Monitor Aoc CM335-MGWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . Después de comprobar los componentes desde el interruptor hasta los mencionados puntos.)quemado.Video.

y otra con la fuente en la misma placa base. en fuente de alimentación en placa separada.. ya que se calienta demasiado. parece ser que la destrucción del transistor de líneas implica que el transformador de líneas es defectuoso. Según el manual de servicio. se ha lla C417 (47 mfd. (c) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv . como un 2SC3997. por lo que conviene cambiarlo si se encuentra repuesto. y más. tiene muchos equivalentes.) seco. MODELO CON FUENTE EN PLACA SEPARADA "MUERTO". MODELO: CM336. pero nada más.Video. Monitor AOC CM336 MONITOR AOC. montada verticalmente al lado izquierdo (posterior). entre ellos el BUW13A). También puede probarse poner un transistor de líneas más potente. MODELO CON FUENTE EN PLACA BASE HIPO DE LA FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÓN.). y el cambiarlo tampoco soluciona el problema. -Fusible quemado y transistor chopper de la fuente de alimentación cruzado (TIPL763A.Video.Sonido..5 A. Se debe al transistor de líneas cruzado (2SC4769.Sonido. LA IMAGEN "SE CIERRA" HORIZONTALMENTE O/Y SE DESPLAZA .. -Fusible quemado (2. y uno o más de los diodos rectificadores de red en corto. El transistor nuevo no tarda ni 5 m. y más. equivalente BU508DF). Examinando los circuitos relacionados. ---------Monitor Aoc CM336Web de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv .

com/docs/info/utos. (c) Paco AlvarezWeb de Reparaciones Electrónicas de Tv .Sonido. PHASE de 31KHz y del potenciómetro de F/V ¿frecuencia vertical?. C945 y -. el condensador C945 / 220mFd. que está en el circuito del emisor del transistor Q852. y retocar el ajuste del potenciómetro de "Fase". Según el manual de este monitor.html . Q852 es el componente activo del estabilizador de la tensión de la línea de +16V (en el circuito principal del aparato) y C945 es el electrolítico que filtra la tensión de alimentación cuyo punto de origen es el terminal 11 del transformador de conmutación. Probablemente se trata de un error del texto original.. y más. El zener interesado es ZD851.por si acaso -. O PROVOCADA POR EL CALENTAMIENTO DEL MONITOR.comunidadelectronicos. el zener ZD151 no existe. en inglés. [Se han eliminado las partes que no son de texto de este mensaje] --------------------------------------------------------------------NORMAS DE LA LISTA: http://www. Al calentar y enfriar alternadamente. Al renovar Q852.Video. se observó un cambio de la frecuencia del oscilador horizontal (usando el osciloscopio como instrumento de medida). en la fuente de alimentación. la avería quedó resuelta. zener ZD151 / 8V2.LATERALMENTE -PUEDE SER AVERÍA INTERMITENTE.htm --------------------------------------------------------------------El uso de Yahoo! Grupos está sujeto a http://mx. 160VCC y el transistor Q852 /