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Summer Internship Project 2012-13

Presented By: Aishwarya Rai BBA-II 11BSUHH010007

Table of Contents
i. ii. Acknowledgement Executive Summary 1. Introduction a. Background b. Objective c. Description of 360invite services d. Scope e. Advantages f. Limitations 2. Company Analysis 3. Restrictions on use of 360invite services 4. Conclusion & Contribution 5. Learning from SIP 6. References

This report has been prepared for the internship that has been executed in, Hyderabad in order to study the practical aspect of the course and implementation of theory in the real corporate world with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the course of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The aim of this internship is to be familiar with the practical aspect and uses of theoretical knowledge on-site. The exposure to the corporate world has been challenging and I am glad to have such an opportunity. In the completion of this internship, I would like to acknowledge the assistance and encouragement which I have received from numerous people. I would like to express my gratitude towards ICFAI Institute which provided me with the scope to experience the actual corporate world and enhance my skills. The contributions of the company members have also been remarkable. I am grateful to Mr. Vamsi Vegunta, CEO for his valuable suggestions and assurance. He had been giving me a helpful support throughout the internship and has boosted my confidence. Lastly, I want to show my gratefulness to my faculty guide, Mr. Arpitaa Agnihotri, who proved to be an excellent guide throughout my project.

Aishwarya Rai 11BSUHH010007

Executive Summary
This is an internship report regarding the functioning of which deals with the eco-friendly, easy and free invitation activities. It starts with the main frame of the site and the need followed by the uses of it. The background of the company includes the vision of the company, services provided by it and the type of users. Also, added to it is the procedure of how the work takes place or how the site is used. The report shows an internal architecture of the working of PR Solution. It gives the detail about the supporting department that has helped the business in their daily work. This report also states the objective of the internship and the methodology by which I had my work done. It also, includes an analysis from my point of view on the scopes and limitations of the company. The company analysis stated in this report includes the functional area of the company which I worked in and how I applied my classroom knowledge in the practical world. My learning from this internship is also included in this report followed the conclusion, which includes the importance of this internship in my professional life.


What is 360invite?
360invite is a digital invitation website that helps making inviting a fun and easy process. Plan any kind of an event, be it birthday party, wedding invites, bachelor parties, get together etc invitations can be sent in a variety of ways. Reaching out to guests on a single platform through SMS, Email, voice and over Facebook.

What is the need of 360invite?

In todays tech-savvy world, the time is not far when the use of online invitations will be much in demand. 360invite is an initiative to take the world to that level. It is an eco-friendly method of inviting people and sharing memories.

What are the uses of 360invite?

360invite enables people to stay connected by just a click. It helps the person to plan the any kind of event, from birthday parties to business meetings. It enables the person to send invites to the respected people through e-mails and SMS. Reminders are also a part of this. Lastly, after the event has taken place, it allows the user to share the photos the photos and videos of the event, confidentially to only his friends.

Background of the company

About 360invite
360invite caters to all angles to invite people. It is a one stop platform to make an event successful by providing all ways to send invites. It is a startup company and is looking forward for its official launch.

Privacy Policy of the company

360invite respects the privacy of its users and has developed a privacy policy to demonstrate its commitment to protect the privacy of its users. The site encourages the users to read the private policy to know what information will be shared and which information will be confidential while using the site.

The Service offers features that allow you, among other things:

To create and send free or paid invitations to your friends; To receive invitations; To research party planning ideas, tips and tools; and To access search services and content, among other things.

Services provided by the company

Personalized Web and Mobile invitations Planning with task lists and reminders Sharing photos, videos and comments Adding events Setting reminders Adding friends details

Anyone from India, who is aged above 13 years, can use the site by simply registering themselves. The registrations can happen independently or by other networking sites like Facebook or Google. It is a free site; therefore no payment has to be done during the registration.

Credit Policy of 360invite

360invite provides a credit policy for its users, where they can buy credits through 360invite. It also provides policies for free credits under the terms of bonus credits or discount credits. However, it only accepts payment in Indian rupees.

Objective of this internship

The main aim of this internship was to apply the theoretical knowledge gained into the real business world scenario. Being with the company gave me a perfect opportunity to test my skills and know about the process of working in the actual field. The Objectives of this SIP includes the following: 1. Learning more about the field or industry. 2. Apply knowledge learned in the classroom. 3. Gain valuable work experience. 4. Develop and build upon skills. 5. Gain valuable networking contacts. 6. Obtain references for future job opportunities. 7. Learn about the world of work.

Description of 360invite Services

Registration You are required to register with 360Invite if you want to: use the Address Book; write a review or user comments; submit a party idea; send a free 360Invite invitation to an event using email, SMS message or Voice Message; access your account; view your upcoming events and retrieve past 360Invite invitations; save and access saved information; view and edit your My Account Page; upload photos ,video and voice clips; eligible for products or service offers 360Invite may require registration for additional features that may be developed or added to the Service from time to time. People do not need to register for the 360Invite Service if they are simply responding to a 360Invite invitation or browsing through the 360Invite Service. In order to register with 360Invite a valid email address is required, which will be used as a unique identifier for the account, and mobile phone number, first name, last name, birthday, gender, country of residence and Postal code. People may also be asked to provide certain other information, including an image, interests and/or other requested information as applicable.


The scope of work in this company was to firstly, understand and thoroughly test the party invitation platform for launch. It involved the pilot testing or survey of the site with respect to all the functions provided by the site. Secondly, identify and understand the target users and evaluate the product against the user needs. It focused on building goodwill among the organizations target market by providing them easy user interface upon the events. Thirdly, identifying the product road map based on user feedback and market research. The feedbacks of the users are a very important part of the building of goodwill of the company. It helps the company to recognize the drawbacks of the product and improvise according to customer needs. Lastly, evaluation and comparison of the revenue models helps us to know about the generation of revenues in the company.


Firstly, it is an easy way to invite people at several invents at one go and saves time. Users can also send reminders and prepare task lists according to the event. Secondly, it is an eco-friendly and paperless way of sending invitations to people with proper reminders. Thirdly, users may not need to use third party interference in organizing any event, hence, proving the site to be price effective. Fourthly, between the busy lives, the user can easily use this site for faster and quicker way to invite people and share photos.


First, only tech-savvy people can use the services of this site and proves to be of no use for the illiterate people. Second, due to factors that are outside the purview of 360Invite, all invitation messages may not get delivered. Third, 360Invite will not be able to deliver your invitations, in case of: Recipients mobile phone numbers are registered in TRAI's DND registry. Disruption in internet or mobile networks Catastrophic data centre or hardware failure and software problems To comply with government regulations and amendments Any other unforeseen conditions


Company Analysis


360invite is a digitalized invitation website with its individual identity. It does not work under any company; however, it works on the certain terms and conditions. The functional area which I worked for was related to Business Testing and Market Research, as it is yet to be launched. The testing was done through bug reports. And the market research was based on the feedback by the users of the site. I could relate my work to that of a pilot tester whose job is to point out all the minor loopholes of the product and bring it out. The concepts of marketing management could be clearly applied here, which I had learnt in the past year. It was easy to understand the user needs and to work on it. I had learned to analyze the practical aspects of a particular situation and to work out things according to my theoretical knowledge. I would also like to point out that, working in the corporate world is very different from learning something. It is not as simple as learning and it requires a lot more research and hard work than that.


Restrictions on use of 360invite services


Use the Service to defame abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others, or harvest or collect personally identifiable information, including email addresses, about users of the Service. Harm minors in any way. Impersonate any person or entity, forum leaders, guides or hosts; falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity; or express or imply that we endorse any statement you make. Interfere with or disrupt the operation of the Service or the servers or networks used to make the Service available; or violate any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of such networks. Restrict or inhibit any other person from using the Service. Use the Service to distribute or otherwise publish or post any material containing any solicitation of funds, promotion, advertising, or solicitation for goods or services without our express prior written consent. Use the Service to distribute or otherwise publish or post any material that is obscene, contains hate speech, is racist, promotes or encourages violence, is illegal or promotes illegal behavior, violates anyone's intellectual property rights. Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or otherwise exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of, use of or access to the Service. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Service, through password mining or any other means. Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notice from the Service or Content or Materials originating from the Service. Frame or mirror any part of the Service or Software without our express prior written consent; or forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Materials transmitted through the Service.


Create a database by systematically downloading and storing content from the Service.


Conclusion and Contribution


My motivation since I started, after understanding the situation, was to be able to leave 8 weeks later with a clear understanding of the working systems of the business world. I had no problems to achieve my goals with a good practical oriented training I got from 360invite. I was able to work on things I never used to before. It was interesting to see how a site comes into existence, how a small business works, how it is vital to spare money and to make strategic choices. I worked on the site from the view of prospective user and was given the work to point out minor mistakes of the sites which can be worked upon. Also, the company gives its interns a chance to work online under the comfortable environment of their home, if in case being physically present is not possible. Being a part was 360invite was a great experience.


Learning from SIP


The least of the work of learning is done in the classroom. - Thomas Merton Like many people, I was also not familiar with the concept of testing of a site. Being a part of this company was altogether a new experience. I gained knowledge about the different concepts to build up a single user friendly site. We learnt about the concept of testing and market research. What a company should do to reach target customers? How should the company improve on its previous mistakes? And many such questions of mine were answered in this 8week long internship. The most appealing skill I learnt from this internship is how to test a site and point out the small loopholes which can prove to be the reason for the downfall of the company. I think that this would prove to be very beneficial in my near future and I would like to thank the team of 360invite for this. Learning is the only process that never ends. It goes on throughout the life. And I am looking forward to more such opportunities that would help me enhance my abilities.




Mr. Vamsi Vegunta, CEO

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