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Inaccuracies or omissions. does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. sell. give away and distribute this book to your heart’s conte nt provided it remains 100% UNCHANGED. Nathan Thomas. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here. Any sl ights of people or organizations are unintentional. the author and his affiliate s cannot assume any responsibility for errors.Disclaimer And Legal Notices Feel free to share. Promoting this eBook through spam is strictly prohibited . This eBook is for informational purposes only and the author.

S o. without further ado. and provide you with some safety guidelines. I have whittled down the list and will only point you towards the best o f the best.THE STREET HYPNOTIST ’S HANDBOOK – SECOND EDITION. deepeners and suggestions. and remember that there is no right or wrong way to do hypnosis. and I’m delighted to welcome you to the Street Hypnotist’s Handbook. modify and invent these techniques yourself. or when you want to try out some new techniques or methods. I get doze ns of hypnosis trainers banging on my door everyday asking me to review their pr oducts. feel free to modify these techniques as they s uit you. This will help you brush up on the fundamentals of hypnosis. Refer to this book when you need fresh ideas. provid ed that what you are doing works. This is essentially a quick recipe book of hypnosis techniques. as well as hopefully getting your creative mind rolling on how you can adapt. I know you’re keen to begin. Here you will find a collection of hypnosis technique s and methods. and assumes that you already have a good understanding and knowledge of hypnosis. My name is Nathan Thomas. so. let’s kick it off! © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. Second Edition. with simple ‘how to’ instructions. when doing any induction or othe r techniques. Remember the instru ctions given are just guidelines. give you some new ideas for inductions. At all times. an d have already studied the – All Rights Reserved Page 3 . As you can imagine. make safety and the respect of your subject your top priorities. In this revised edition you will also find a collection of recommended resources which I have made for you.

3. Some of these will also combine what are commonly called suggestibility eff ects. We’ll begin with instant and rapid induction techniq ues. 4. The Hand Drop Induction 1. This is not the only way to do an instant induction. and then i mmediately command sleep and move into a deepener. surprise. b ut it is the standard method and is highly effective.Instant and Rapid Inductions. Give a firm but not violent or painful jerk to the arm. as enter shock firmly give your trigger (ie Sleep!) and down Have them press down u against theirs to encourage their hand drops and their begin your deepener. as if you were sha king hands 3. with shock. Thes e step by step instructions will give you the skeleton of the techniques. The Arm Pull Induction 1. 2. The essential ingredient behind every one of these techniques is confidenc e in yourself and your hypnotic ability. always ensuring that they do not fall. A trouble shooting section will be provided at the end. Take a hold of their hand with yours. the re al ‘magic’ comes from the way you do them. You may want to use your other arm to secure their neck and head to pr event whiplash as you do this. Sit your subject down or stand them securely and ensur e they will not fall 2. If you need help gaining this confidenc e. loss of equilibrium. eye fixation and other principles being used to make the trigger (the ‘sleep’ or ‘relax’ or ‘trance’ command) effective. confusion. keep your eyes peeled for a special resource at the end of this section. You’ll notice that all these inductions are essentially the same. . Sit your subject pon one of your hands palm on palm Lift your hand up them to press hard Move your hand away suddenly.

Tell your subject to imagi ne their hands were magnetic plates. Have the subject close their eyes. very tightly – All Rights Reserved Page 5 . being attracted to each other and being pul led closer and closer together 3. The hand to face induction 1. Rapidly take hold of thi s hand and move it up in front of their face 3. Have the subject clasp their hands in front of them. When their hands are successfully glued togeth er push their hands downwards firmly and command sleep. Th e eye lock induction 1.The Magnetic Hands Induction 1. with their palms facing each other. and enter a deepener. Ask your subject to hold out their hand in front of them 2. The Handclasp Induction 1. Ask them to imagine their hands are glued together to the point where they cannot come unstuck 3. Continue to loop this suggestion and the instant their hand touches their face rapidly pull their arm downwards and comm and ‘sleep!’ The Handshake Induction (simple version) Simply interrupt a normal hand shake and lead into either the arm pull or hand to face induction above. Tell them that their hand is goi ng to begin moving towards their face and the moment it touches their face they will immediately enter a deep trance 4. 4. 2. Ju st before their hands touch rapidly (but not roughly!) clap their hands together and then command sleep and enter a deepener. As your subjects hands get closer tell them th at the moment their hands touch they will immediately enter a deep trance. and simply relax them to the point where they just won’t open (should take less than 30 seconds) © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. Have your subject hold both their arms out about a foot apart.

Tell them to relax and sleep deeply (as by that time they are already in hypn osis. Repeat edly ask them to swap hands. Have the subject hold out one of their arms 2. slow down and speed up. When they have confirmed that the arm is unbendable.2. As they are doing th is have them waggle the fingers on the other hand. H ave them rotate their cupped hand quickly left and right 3.) The ‘Stiff Arm’ Induction 1. rigid an d unbendable 3. just a bit of fun which you may enjoy. Firmly grasp their arm as you command ‘release’ or ‘sleep’ and loosen it until all the tension is gone. 2. and shows how anything really can be an induction) 1. combine patterns. and should give you an idea o f how easy it is to create inductions of your own: The Nathan Finger Waggle Indu ction: (great for demonstrations and analytical subjects. H ave them move all the tension from their mind and their body. tight. Have the subject hold both arms up and ask them to cup their right hand. My Inductions: Two inductions I have created totally on the fly whilst filming f or YouTube. 4. say that wh en you push down on it they are going to release all that tension and enter a de ep state of hypnosis. as fast as possible 4. and all their doub ts about hypnosis into that arm. then deepen quickly to stabilize the in credibly deep state you have created. change over. making it stiff as a steel bar. overloading them and confusing them all the while .

command sleep and secure them. So there you have just a few instant induction ideas. but use i t as an opportunity to learn. and the second you cut that wire they will instantly r elax totally and fall into a deep trance. Keep talking about this comfortable string locking their arms and legs in place (whist making sure they are secure and do not fall) 5.5. and ensure they will not fall 2. When they are totally immobile due to this hypnotic stri ng ask them to imagine that all the tension of the string is secured in one line between their two – All Rights Reserved Page 7 . which can also be applied to ‘failed’ sugges tions or routines (as after all. explain © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. then deepen. and of course adapt a nd create your own techniques and just do what comes to you in the moment. and inte grate the advanced skills you are about to learn in the other sections of this p rogram into them to make them more hypnotic and effective. an induction merely is just another type of sug gestion): Always act confident Sometimes be prepared to admit failure. Have your subject securely st anding up. Test to make su re they are finding it gradually hard and harder to move. but their legs will continue to suppor t them and they will remain standing. but are still feeling safe and comfortable 6. Troub leshooting If something seems to go wrong with one of your inductions just bear in mind these simple ideas and options. try them all out. 7. Have them put their hands out in fro nt of them about a foot apart 3. and pull their hands apart. Ask them to imagine tight but not uncomfortable string wrapping itself tightly around their whole body in a strangely comfortab le way 4. ‘Cut’ the wire. Pull both their hands down and command ‘Sleep’ then deepen The Thomas String Body Catalepsy Induction (AKA The String Induction) 1. ask the subject questions and find out what happen ed.

If you want the confidence of a master hypnotist. these are the o nes to go for. Move smoothly into another induction without faltering Utilize their every given res ponse and direct it towards a successful hypnotic outcome Special Resources 1: My good friend Sean Michael Andrews creates the best instan t induction DVDs on the market. Click Here To Get Sean’s DVDs 2: Remember. then chec k out this special offer: Click Here For ‘The Confident Hypnotist’ . have them close their eyes and do your deepener. If you want to hone your skills. Confidence Is Key to EVE RYTHING you do here.that they may just not have been in the mood to be hypnotized at that time Act a s if the induction worked.

deep trance now. 9. Use these as guidelines only and edit them as much as you – All Rights Reserved Page 9 . The Standard 10-1 Deepener “I am now going to count from 10 to 1. feeling good and preparing to easily accept all sugge stions given. 2 already in deep tranc e. easily responding to all suggest ions and feeling good and comfortable as you continue to drift and go deeper.” The elevator. pathway etc deepener Combine the above 101 framework with some sensory descriptions and internal visualisations of a stai r case they are walking down. 10 . feeling peaceful and calm. All of these help to secure and i ntensify the state created by your induction. staircase. Some of the m ain principles in the use of deepeners (which is a general term for intensifying the hypnotic state) are setting of hypnotic triggers. 4 feel yourself totally relax as we go down to 3. and know that at 1 lies the deepest state of relaxation. an elevator they are riding or a path they are wal king to a room of deepest peace and trance © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. 5 really noticing how easy it is to ju st allow yourself to drift. and when I reach 1 you will be in a deep state of trance.. Remember t he best deepeners are always what just comes to you in the moment. the use of direct suggestion. beginning to relax now. which is explained further in the  Suggestions and Routines  sec tion. confusion. I just talk and merge induction. focusing your mind.Deepeners Here are some fairly standard deepeners to get you started. With each deepener I have simply given very b asic and simplified examples. not a haphazard collection of technique s. 6. and drop yourself into a trance and say what pops into your head. deepener and su ggestion making it one powerful process. pacing and leading. going even deeper. relaxation. These methods are just to get the ball rolling. and do it in a style that works for you. embedded suggestions. Do not use these as scripts. Use your own words if you use these methods. and 1. 8 deeper and deeper. creating expectation. so just talk. and fatigue of the nervous system.. Also remember I often don’t use these deepeners. 7. Any hypnotic phenomena can be used as a deepener.

Every time 10 times deeper. getting even closer to that big. going 10 times deeper each time than the time before. deeper." Now emerge them and use the  sleep  command to re-induce. 1. requires great confidence and personal power on your part for it t o be effective. and go deeper into a trance. noticing the changes this deepest trance brings. “I am not going to count from 3 to 1. 2 that zero is so close now. 3. like all the others but here i n particular.” Simple Fractionation Immediately following your induction do a quick  3. and when I reach one you will be 50 times deeper. (‘and notice the rail of the staircase. as long as it is safe to do so. you will instantly enter deep t rance. focusing on my voice and noti cing as the feeling you’re .” The zero deepener “In a moment I will count from 5 to 0. 50 times dee per. 2. The use of metaphors like this can enhance the power of your deepeners. through that 0 and out into the other side.(have them relax in a chair in that room when they reach it. 1 right in front of that 0 and 0. and drift further d own into trance) . what is it made of? And how do the stairs feel underneath you r feet?’). I want you to see that zero way off out there in the distance. 4 rela xing. This deepener. and uses very little language patterns or o ther hypnotic devices. and on the other side of that zero is a wonderful and deep state of trance. feeling good as we go to 3. 2. going deeper. As I begin counting I want you to begin moving toward that zero. particularly if you engage them in the new scene. The rapid 3 2 1 deepener. getting closer and closer with every number I count. closer and closer to deepest tra nce. Simple Trigger Deepener “Every time I touch you on the shoulder you will relax more and more. powerful zero. and when I begin coun ting. as it is very brief. deeper  to stabilize the trance. Give the command that "every tim e I say  sleep . Do this 3 or 4 times. d eeper. it is pure direct suggestion. 1. 5.

(tap) deeper still (tap. t ap. and continuing to feel good and go deeper (tap)” Most of the deepeners I use I invent on the spot.beginning to experience intensifies now (tap) deeper. Click Here To Watch Free V ideo Lessons and Secure Your Copy Of Jeff’s Advanced Hypnosis Training Course. and with practice you will be able to do the same. tap) all the way down. Jeff is the one who taught me how to turn even one or two words into a failsafe – All Rights Reserved Page 11 . More Resources: You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard to buzz about J eff Stephen’s amazing new hypnosis training course. © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. and he is now widely regarded as one of the top hypnotists on the planet.

or transformational depending on the circumstances. Do not restrict yourself to what I share here. and adapt them to be more suited for the occasion you are in. Always be sure that you respect your subject. you can achieve your goals and you truly can be happy in your own life. Have them imagine that one of their arms is becoming light. as more advanced ones will be covered on future lessons.” This helps to make the hypnosis experience more powerful and positive f or the subject. and feel comfortable with what your unconscious is showi ng you. and use it as a platform for other suggestions . very light. you will in fact be inspired and motivated by this demonstration of the incredible power of your own mind. Also make sure you undo all these suggestions when you are finished! Arm levitat ion This is a great deepener and convincer / tester. As their arm ris es give suggestions about it meaning they are going deeper into trance etc. what you can do with hypnosis is virtually unlimited. i. and never do anythi ng to put them in any danger or to make them feel any pain or fear. and being happy an d successful. For example with an arm levitation “and as your arm lifts you can fe el good knowing that it is a signal from your unconscious telling you that you c an be successful. as if 1000 strong helium balloons were tied to their wrist and pulling their arm up. a nd their arm is beginning to rise higher and higher and higher.e.Suggestions and Mini Routines Here are some ideas to get you started about what you can do with people when you have them in hypnosis. to do things that make them more entertaining. inspiring. I ten d to link all suggestions I give to the subject feeling good. These are only the very b asic suggestions.” As well as being a matter of ethics and safety. educational. Please be sure to think of your own. and is also useful in piggy backing other suggestions and as a platform to lead into more advanced phenomena . you’ll also find that this increases the effectiveness of your suggestions. When leading into a suggestion it helps to say something like “and you will not be scared. Once again these are just some very basic ideas for simple thing s you can do with hypnosis. Remember.

glued there and locked to the point where. Simply have them imagine their eyes are relaxed to the poin t that they simply won’t open. name word or thing that you want forgotten. either w ith you guiding them along or their unconscious creating the story and you merel y enhancing it with your questions. This is both an entertaining suggestion and useful for bu ilding toward advanced phenomena by piggybacking other suggestions. © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. as mentioned earlier. and then use direct and indirect suggestion to have them forget wha t the number. Use a reference e xperience such as the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomenon (having a word or something you should know on the tip of your tongue but not being able to find it) to prepare their mind. tightly locked down and firmly attached to the surface. and they will lau gh harder and harder and harder every time they hear / look at it. Remember to give their name (or whatever it was) back at the end! Hypnotic Laughter Tell them that som ething normal. and for you to help them change by way of metaphor. or age or a particular number. as if they were totally glued shut. it would simply stick tighter. the funniest thing they have ever come across.Eye Lock Can be used as an induction. no matter how hard they were to try and unstick it. Amnesia Have the subject forget their name. Hand Stick Plac e their hand on either a table or a wall and tell them that their hand is – All Rights Reserved Page 13 . but also a great dee pener and convincer. This is a great opportunity for you to explo re unconscious creativity. Hypnotic Jour ney Take them on a hypnotic journey through their enhanced imagination. like a book or a hat or every word another friend says etc is hil ariously funny.

Click Here For The Hypnosis Worlds Top Selling Course Of All Time .’ I know his course has been talked about 100 times before. but you would be foolish to miss this opportunity to learn directly from a living legend.Essential Course: Igor Ledochowski literally invented the term ‘street hypnosis.

2 stretch out and feel – All Rights Reserved Page 15 . beginning to emerge now. You can say or do anything you like to emerge someone from hypnosis. Creating the feeling of being energized and alert Clearl y telling the subject that now is the time to ‘come back. 1. refreshed and feeling wonderful!” © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis. as you say your deepeners whilst being in a state or relaxation (more info rmation on how to change your state will be covered in other lessons) and make s ure you do put the time in to give good long awakeners. with ever number I count you will find yourself becoming more alert and aware. otherwise you can leave your subjects feeling dazed and confused.’ Leaving the subject feeli ng great Here’s an example: “I am now going to count from 1 to 3. Everyth ing will now be totally back to normal except that you will feel really good and find that life just looks so much brighter because of your hypnotic experience. Make sure you say your awakener from a state of energy and cheerful alert ness. but the best awakeners tend to include the follow ing: Removal of all suggestions given during hypnosis that the subject does not want to keep with them.Awakeners An awakener is the term used for what we do to emerge someone from hyp nosis. returning to pleasa nt and cheerful state of normal consciousness feeling happy and relaxed. fully al ert. 3 wide awake.

My official advice to you is to never use hypnosis for pain control. be as gentle as possible. Here I will also explain ho w to deal with some of the very rare problems which sometimes happen to hypnotiz ed people. and be sure to constantly give suggestions to the effect that the y will remain standing securely no matter what. ie a headache unless they are under safe and controlled circumstance s. risky or adverse effect and that the subject has consented to beforehand. . Don’t be cruel or negative. as pain is an important signal and always has a purpose. Be careful w orking with people with neck or back problems or other injuries Never hypnotize anyone who is on medication. Always remove all suggestions im mediately after you have finished and return people totally back to normal excep t for suggestions to ‘feel happy’ and ‘be successful’ and other safe and benign suggesti ons which will have no surprising. or who has a known psychiatric dysfunction Always s tick with your hypnotized people and be prepared to jump straight in and emerge them immediately to safety just in case. this will be covered more in the Hypnotic Problem Solver Set and other lessons.Safety I am now going to give you some safety guidelines which you should always keep in mind when doing hypnosis. Never use hypnosis to do anything immoral or illega l Do not do anything that is beyond your skill or training Never use hypnosis to cure pain. always have people securely seated when doing hypn osis. That is don’t hypnotize people to feel pain or suffering or any kind of discomfort Do n ot be violent when doing your inductions. Only do standing hypnosis when you are sure you could catch them just in c ase they fell. At this stage. These are just simple do’s and don’ts which shoul d ensure you don’t encounter any mishaps or disasters. avoid regressions or any kind of advanced remedial therapeutic techniques. As a general rule.

Or. returning now to a normal state of consciousness. and make sure they do not abuse or harm the hypnot ized person. Simply be firm. if the circumstances are right. as well as foll owing these – All Rights Reserved Page 17 . simply say something to the effect of “You are safe. you are safe and fine and fully awake now. ju st allow them to enjoy the state for a few more minutes.’ I would not recommend this except as a last resort. If all else fails just wake them as if you would a sleeping person . and I’ll see you very soon! Nathan Thomas PS If y ou want to meet me in person. (Keep Reading For More Free Resources. ev erything is totally back to We’ve got some great stuff on offer. that is become distraught or upset in hypnosis and react badly. confident and authoritative and command them to emerge. many people.) © 2009 EffectiveHypnosis.If for some reason your subject should seem to experience an abreaction. and never carry ou t the threat. I mention it just in case you ever run into this situation. I hope you have enjoyed this very co ncise Street Hypnotist’s Handbook.. you should be fine. then check out http://hypnosis-training. Trance is a natural state and they cannot get ‘stuck’ in it.. Some people give hypnot ic threats ie ‘if you do not emerge now I will make it so you can never be hypnoti zed again. and so me awesome free videos and goodies. and get some face to face hypnosis training. Remember if you exercise common sense and respect your subjects. Control the crowd if you are doing this in public.” If they should not emerge from trance upon your instructions do not worry. I have hypnotized many. and this has never happened to me ever.

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