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Subject: OilView News #4, "Digital Viscometer"

This memo provided to share OilView information among OilView minilab users. If you know others who want to be added to this news letter, just "reply" to me and let me know their email address. If you want to be taken off of this news letter mailing, please respond and I will take your name off the list. Please respond to me with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please send me your case histories so I can share them with the user group. Ray Garvey email: "GarveyR@CompSys.COM" Today's subject: "Digital Viscometer" The Digital Viscometer is intended for two primary purposes within industrial plants. First, and most important, it is a primary tool for identification of wrong or misapplied lubricant. If you will keep a list on the wall behind the minilab of oil viscosity and dielectric constant values, you will probably fingerprint every different oil used in the plant. Many times oils will have similar dielectric but different viscosity. Other times they have the similar viscosity but different dielectric values. This is because of differences in ISO grade, base stock, and additive packages. So the first and most important use of a digital viscometer is to verify correct oil. Second, the Digital Viscometer is used to find dilution. Dilution is the mixing of a low viscosity fluid such as liquid fuel or gaseous Freon or ammonia in with the oil. This causes the viscosity to plummet. The other instruments in the minilab are better suited for detecting other problems such as contamination or lubricant degradation, although you may want to use the trend of viscosity values to confirm this sort of finding. If you are interested in knowing how the digital viscometer works you can go read US Patent 5,394,739 or just copy this into your internet explorer and say "Go": 2565a2006443aa?OpenDocument Troubleshooting. Here are some useful troubleshooting tips to use with your 51DV and 52D digital viscometer. 1. The viscometer needs to be re-calibrated. Suggest using ISO 14, 32, 46, 68, 100, 220, 460, and 680 oils. Start with the highest viscosity calibration oil and work to the lowest in sequence. If you have the CSI supplied standards you may find that we have added ISO 137 and removed ISO 46 for better calibration. Be sure to enter the lab measured V @ 40C, V @ 100C, and specific gravity (density in g/cc). 2. Need to assign a reference to the measurement point before starting test with DV. Be sure the measurement point has a reference. 3. Reference oil was missing either V @ 40C, V @ 100C, and specific gravity. Note that specific gravity is very important for synthetic oils. For most mineral oils it is reasonable to allow the software to "auto-calculate" the density of the reference oil. Without this reference information the measurement should be repeatable but may not be accurate, depending on viscosity index. 4. Testing hot or cold oils. You must allow the oil to come to ambient temperature (same as DV temperature) before testing it. Otherwise the fluid in

it is important to verify performance with any instrument. especially before taking a costly maintenance . Repeated testing of the same sample was done without replacing the oil in the 51DV cup (not an issue for 52DV). With the 52DV you can re-test the same oil in the cup as many times as you like and results will repeat well. use a house fan to blow room temperature air around the viscometer to remove heat faster. 8. Dirt or other debris in the cup can slow down the rotation of the ball. This is related to heating from the 51DV electronics and electromagnets. This will highlight one of the above problems and allow you to correct the cause. purchase an upgrade to the 52DV which has a fan built into it. the viscometer heat adversely affects the thermistor temperature measurement. 7. When the internally generated heat from resistance heating of the magnet coils is not allowed to cool. 5. Verify performance with the DV by testing one of the calibration fluids. With the 51DV you must replace the fluid in the cup before each test. There are three solutions for this: only use the viscometer as often as you use the 5100 -. By the way. Dirt in the cup. The 51DV has gotten too hot from repeated tests with no rests (not an issue for 52DV). This is not an issue with the 52DV.allow it to rest between with the viscometer cup will be a different temperature during the test than the fluid in the center of the cup. Viscometer self-heating in the 51DV can cause a measurement drift when repeated tests are run without replacing the sample in the cup. 6. It is important to verify viscometer performance.

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