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Ruler of Wallachia - from 05may 2007 to 17may 2007

05may Depart USA gateways airport on overnight flight to Belgrade. 06may Arrive at Nikola Tesla airport, Belgrade, transfer to Hotel Kasina; Evening service at the Cathedral Church (Saborna) is dedicated to the St. Archangel Michael, There are graves of two Serbian reformers Vuk Karadzic and Dositej Obradovic, Princes Milos and Mihailo Obrenovic, relics of the great Marttyr King St. Uros (the last ruler from the Nemanjic dynasty), relics of the St. Stevan Stiljanovic, relics of the Saint Prince Lazar. Shopping area, Knez Mihajlova Street. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. 07may Breakfast at the Hotel Kasina. Patriarchy of Serbian Orthodox Church, built in the period between 1934 and 1935, on the site of the old Metropolitan of the 18century Kalemegdan is the largest and most beautiful Belgrade park and a cultural and historical complex, The Ouster Stambol Gate, The Guard’s building , Karadjordje Gate, The Sahat gate and Tower, Damad Ali-pasha’s turbe, The King Gate, Zindan gate and Towers, Leopold Gate; Ruzica Church, Shrine of the birth of the Holy Virgin Mary, between the Upper and Lower Town; Chapel of St. Parasceva (Petka) was built in 1937 her relics kept in the Church, The water well under the Church with a cupola is considered to be curative even in the present; Saint Sava Cathedral, the representational Orthodox Church that is situated on the Vracar Plateau, St. Sava is the most respected Serbian Saint, following the order of Sinan-pasha in 1595, the Turks brought Sava’s relics from the Monastery Mileseva to Belgrade and burned them on ‘the field of Vracar’; Complex King’s Palaces and Church at Dedinje Hill, the White palace is the newest residence of the Karadjordjevic dynasty, built in 1934 by the order of King Aleksandar; Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Kasina. 08may Breakfast at the Hotel Kasina. Drive via Avala and Kosmaj to small town 50 miles south of Belgrade, Topola was the political and administrative seat of Serbia during the First Uprising, where Karageorge who was born in the vicinity, erected a fortress, later razed during the rule of Obrenovic Dynasty in the second half of the 19 century; Karadjordjevic Mausoleaum, St. George Church on Oplenac Hill; Back to Hotel Kasina, dinner and overnight. 09may Breakfast at the Hotel Kasina. Drive to Valjevo "region full of history and poetry", prominent Nenadovic family, great Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimovic, duke Zivojin Misic, St. Nikolaj Velemirovic, Hieromonk Justin Popovic, Tesnjar; Monastery Lelic "Serbian Jerusalem", Monastery Celije founded in a period of King Dragutin (1280) during the First Uprising (1804), Monastery used as a army hospital; Back to Hotel Kasina, dinner and overnight. 10may Breakfast at the Hotel Kasina. Drive to Golubac Fortress, Djerdap Gorge, Lepenski Vir site situated on the banks of the Danube (Roman monuments from 1 century Danube secrets), Tabula Traiana; Turnu Severin, Targu Jiu, check-in at the hotel, dinner and overnight. 11may Breakfast at the hotel in Targu Jiu. Monastery Tismana at the Starmina Mountin founded in 14 century by St. Nicodim the Pious (relative of Tzar Lazar) and financial support of the Basarab Princes Radu I and his sons Dan I and Mircea; Monastery Govora built in 15 century by prince Vlad (it is a nunnery consecrated to the Assumption); Monastery Dealu from 15 century with Church St. Nicola endowment by Matei Besarab; City of Targoviste residence

Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Targoviste. Sightseeing Bucharest “Little Paris“. on the Cotroceni Hill in 1679 Serban Catntcuzino build the monastery and palace. renaissance and late baroque. this is second biggest administrative building in the World. Monastery Snagov located on the island in a great lake. Museum of the Trgoviste history. impressive building combines the French academic style. trapped between past and future. Sightseeing King’s Palace and Gallery of the National Complex (Princely Court). 12may Breakfast at the hotel in Targoviste. residence of the President of Romania. great Serbian sponsor. University of Craiova. Monastery Caldarusani built by Ruler Matei Basarab. Mogosoaia Palace on the same name lake. dinner and overnight at the hotel in Craiova. check-in. 13may Breakfast at the hotel in Bucharest. St. built 1698 by Constantin Bracoveanu a famous Romanian Voivode. Check-in at the hotel in Bucharest. Depart to the USA. Princes’s Balasa Church. Stavropolis Church founded by a Greek monk in early 18 century. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Bucharest. The Theodor Arman Museum is housed in the Jean Mihail Palace. Patriarchal Cathedral founded by Constatin Serban. Royal Palace. 14may Breakfast at the hotel in Bucharest. Parliament Palace was build during the darkest days of the Causescu’s regime. Cotroceni Palace . the tomb of Vlad Tepes (Dracul). Drive to Belgrade. 17may Breakfast at the Hotel Kasina. dinner and overnight at the Kasina hotel. built by Governor Cernica Stirbel. Ilie Church. 15may Breakfast at the hotel in Bucharest. Drive to Clejani center of gypsy musicians. The National Art Museum. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Bucharest. .of Princes and the Capital of Wallachia. Monastery Cernica 17 century. Town Hall (neogothic). 16may Breakfast at the hotel in Craiova. Church Clejani endowment of Misa Anastasijevic. dinner and overnight. Transfer to airport Belgrade. built between 1899 to 1907.