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Subject: OilView News #3: "Consumables"

This memo provided to share OilView information among OilView minilab users. If you know others who want to be added to this news letter, just "reply" to me and let me know their email address. If you want to be taken off of this news letter mailing, please respond and I will take your name off the list. Please respond to me with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please send me your case histories so I can share them with the user group. Ray Garvey email: "GarveyR@CompSys.COM" Today's subjects: "Consumables" OilView Consumables. Many times OilView users want to shop around to get the best buy for consumable materials such as bottles, tubing, CO2 cartridges, and calibration fluids. Here is the information I have compiled -- see "Consum1.doc" below. If any of you have other sources, let me know and I will pass out the word. By the way, I am very happy using "Lamp Oil" from Walmart for diluted sample testing using the 5100, 51PC, and 51WD. To test the cleanliness of lamp oil or kerosene, simply test it all by itself and expect clean results. You can install a final 0.75 micron filter element to remove particles if you want. To do this, some like to use a stainless steel garden sprayer with a Millipore filter adapter on the outlet. Color in the lamp oil has no effect on results. I do think it's a good idea to avoid using scented lamp oil -- unless everybody agrees on the fragrance. All-in-all, unscented lamp oil is my new favorite.

From: To: Date: Subject: MINILABS
CSI Part # A510050 A510051 open A510052 open 09600 09610

Ray Garvey, CSI (865) 675-3100 fax, OilView MiniLab Users Mar 10, 2000 CONSUMABLES AND OTHER SUPPLIES FOR OILVIEW

Calibration fluids:
Description 51DV cal fluid 8 pack 5100 most oils sensor calib (Fluids A & B) Shelf Life Unlimited 5 yr unopened, 90 days

5100 phosphate ester sensor calib (Fluids B & C) 5 yr unopened, 90 days Particle Counter ACFTD cal fluid, 400 ml bottle Particle Counter ultraclean kerosene, 1 L bottle 1 year Unlimited

4 ounce PET or HDPE bottle w/ lid (PET bottle Same as CSI Part#10698) Distribution Specalists Inc. 45449 Severn Way #179 Sterling, VA 22170 (703)430-8986 (fax -9317) 4 ounce PET or HDPE Bottles Easy Vac Inc, 7922 Nubbins Ridge Rd., Knoxville, TN 37919 talked to Earl Johnson 5/1/96, (423) 691-7510 201-04 I HDPE Qty 500 cost $260/1000

) Acorn Industries (313) 261-2940 11844 Brookfield Ave Livonia.201-04 201-04 C Qty HDPE sturdy Qty Qty clear (PET) Qty Qty 50 cost $17. The 1.40/50 550 cost $536/1000 4 ounce HDPE bottles w/ lid Thompson Pump Company sells 500 at a time $0. MI 48150 $1. Monroe.29 per Martha on 5/1/96 at phone (214) 352-6334 1. P/N 87203 (60 gram) or Box 382 P/N 87207 (68 gram) Bedminster.. TN 37919. The 16 ounce bottle works well for either the Analzyer or the FW (without collar). (423)691-7510 Manual Sple Pump ACCU-VAC #1991. 2682 Myrtle Springs Ave.. and 16 oz bottles w/ 38mm lids. they look good and work well. (same as CSI Part#92610) Thompson Pump Co. 2.75/50 50 cost $19. 4..98/1000 includes the cap (prices only for the 4 ounce bottles) talked to Marianne on 5/1/96. (same as CSI Part#92079) Easy Vac Inc. Inc. which actually calls out either a 60 gram or 68 gram. 7922 Nubbins Ridge Rd. TX 75220 (800)235-7867 CO2 CARTRIDGE FOR OilView PARTICLE COUNTER: Here are the sources for CSI P/N 09514. simply remove the collar over the light sensors.52 each without certification for cleanliness (i. Iowa (515) 259-2625 500/pack min order 266.40/50 500 cost $290/1000 50 cost $31. and 4 ounce bottles all work with the PC or Analzyer.I received 1. 4. To use them with the FW. 5/8" threaded CO2 cartridge: Source Part Number ---------------Leland Limited.. Knoxville.e.. 5/7/96 .41each certified clean $0. All bottles have ribs. and 16 oz HDPE bottles w/ 38mm lids (Supplier to Thompson) Midland Manufacturing Company. although they are dirty on the inside. 2.80 ea . NJ 07921 Attn: Lee Stanford Last Cost --------$12. 4 ounce HDPE bottles (Note that Acorn is the only supplier of certified clean bottles for accurate particle counting. as manufactured) talked to Ed Schiller 5/1/96 Tubing NEWAGE 01PENAT5. Dallas. 2.

Polycarbonate with Silicone O-Ring Fisher No. 5312-230 GAST PRESSURE/VACUUM PUMP: Available from Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000 (fax 1-800-926-1166) 115 V A/C.94 3. pressure to 100 psig (689 kPag).2 cfm) Fisher No. 08-642-7 $59. free air flow 34 L/min (1. VACUUM CHAMBER: Available from Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000 (fax 1-800-926-1166) Vacuum Desiccator.00 Or Gast No. free air flow 37 L/min (1.692 9727-C40 S200 180. 01-092-26 $474. Chattanooga.80 Or Nalge No. vacuum to 25 in. 01-092-25 $360. Hg (84 kPag).3 16. vacuum to 25 in.2 79.74 9727-C52 All standards come in a 1 pint bottle at a cost of $45 per bottle.3 cfm) Fisher No.10 7. Inc. 2900 Dodds Ave. Delivery time was 2 weeks.3 23.76 9727-C45 N350 310. 1HAB25BM100X 230 V 50 Hz A/C.00 Or Nalge No. Hg (84 kPag). TN 37407 Attn: Luke Winder Parker Hannifin P/N 601895 (68 gram 5/8" threaded. 1HAE25AM104X . pressure to 100 psig (689 kPag).00 Or Gast No.740 9729-C35 S60 54.84 9727-C47 N1000 941. bought from Leland?) $195 per 10-pack Source for calibration oils for Digital Viscometer Cannon Instrument Company 2139 High Tech Road State College. 5310-0250 Helpful accessory for testing is a 10 inch (230 mm) metal plate for desiccator: Fisher No 08-642-10 $36.Southern FluidPower. PA 16803 Phone : (814) 353-8000 Visc 40C Visc 100C Cannon Part # S20 17.

ULTRASONIC BATH FOR PARTICLE COUNT SAMPLE PREPARATION Cole Palmer Instrument Company 7425 North Oak Park Avenue Niles. (708) 647-7600. FAX (708) 647-9660 Ultrasonic Cleaner 115 V AC H-08890-00$270 (same as CSI #93415) 220 V AC H-08890-05$355 Tray insert for samples H-08850-42$43 (same as CSI #75000) SUPPLIES FOR WEAR DEBRIS ANAYSIS The Millipore part numbers follow: Slides PDMA 047 00 8 micron patches SCWP 025 00 3 micron patches SCWP 025 00 To place an order call 1-800-645-5476 . Illinois 60714 1-800-323-434.

MESH FOR 51WD The part number for that item is D23628 and the price is $5. 2312 . To place an order. call Darla Adcock at (865) 675-2400 ext.

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