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M.E. DEGREE EXAMINATION, JANUARY 2011 First semester Applied Electronics 248101 —ADVANCED DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (Common to M.E Communication Systems and M.E. Computer and Communication) (Regulation 2009)

Time: Three hours Answer ALL the Questions PART A—(10 × 2 = 20 marks)

Maximum: 100 marks

1. Define: Ensemble averaging with an example. 2. State Parseval‟s theorem. 3. Define periodogram. 4. Write the Yule- Walker equation for a ARMA (p,q) process. 5. What is the use of a Wiener smooting filter? 6. Write the minimum error equation obtained in Prony‟s method. 7. What is need for an adaptive filter? 8. Compare the adaptive noise cancellation and adaptive echo cancellation. 9. List out some applications of multirate signal processing. 10. “Multistage implementation of Multirate system will reduce the computational complexity at each stage”. Justify.

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(a) A linear shift invariant system is described by the transfer function H(z)=(1-0. what is the minimum number of data samples. (10) (ii) The power spectrum of a wide sense stationary process x(n) is given as Px (e(25 – 24 cos ω )/ (2610 cos ω).com PART B—(5 × 16 = 80 marks) 11. (1) What is the minimum length L that may be used for each sequence to 0.vidyarthiplus. (6) 12.005? (2) Explain why it would not be advantageous to increase L beyond the value found in (I) (3) The quality factor of a spectrum estimate is defined to be the inverse of the variability Q =1/v. Determine the (i) Power spectrum (z)P y of y(n) (ii) Auto correlation sequence of y(n) (iii) Cross correlation sequence between x(n) and y(n) (iv) Cross power spectral density P xy(z).5 z-1)/(1-0. Using Bartlett‟s method. (a) With necessary derivation.5)|k| Let y(n) be the output process. (16) Or (b) (i) Explain briefly about ergodic process with necessary equations and also state the mean ergodic theorems. explain the periodogram averaging using Bartlett‟s method and compare the same with the Welch method of periodogram Page 2 .vidyarthiplus. y(n) = x(n)*h(n).33 z-1) which is excited by zero mean exponentially correlated noise x(n) with an auto correlation sequence rk(k)=(0.www. N that are necessary to factor that is 5 times larger than that of the periodogram? (6) www. (16) Or (b) (i) Consider that Bartlett‟s method is used to estimate the power spectrum of a process from a sequence of N = 2000 samples. Find the whitening filter H(z) that produces unit variance white noise when the input is x(n).

rx(1)=0. Discuss the relationship between µ and the parameter e in the normalized LMS algorithm. (8) www. (8) 14. (12) (ii) Write short notes on Wavelet transformation. rx(3)=0. briefly explain about the subband coding of speech signals.…N-1.1. (a) (i) With a neat block diagram. the model parameters aj (k) and the modeling errors Ɛj (ii) Consider the signal x(n) consisting of a single pulse of X(n)=1. (8) (ii) Show that the normalized LMS algorithm is equivalent for using the update equation Wn+1=Wn+µe' (n)x*(n) where e‟(n) is the error at time „n‟ that is based on the new filter coefficients Wn+1. (8) Or (b) Derive the expression for minimizing the weighted least squares error using Recursive Least squares algorithm and compare the RLS algorithm with sliding window RLS algorithm. rx(2)=0.www. (8) (ii) With necessary expressions. (4) Or (b) (i) Obtain the polyphase decomposition of factor of 3 decimator using a 9-tap FIR lowpass filter with symmetric impulse response. (10) 13.1. derive the expression for minimum error for a FIR Wiener filter in terms of autocorrelation matrix Rx and cross correlation vector rdx. rx(0)=1.8. (8) Or (b) (i) Starting from the basic principles. n=0. e' (n)=d(n)-w n+lX(n).vidyarthiplus. (16) 15. Determine the for j = 1.5. briefly explain the time domain and frequency domain characterization of a down sampler with an integer factor of Page 3 . Use Prony‟s method to model x(n) as a unit sample response of a linear shift invariant filter having one pole and one zero.3 using Levinson Durbin recursion. 2 . (a) (i) With necessary equations and neat sketches. briefly explain about the discrete Kalman (ii) Given the autocorrelation sequence.vidyarthiplus. (a) (i) With neat sketches and necessary equations. (8) (ii) With a neat block diagram. explain the operation of an adaptive channel equalizer. explain the pole zero modeling using the .