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Lily Medosch Ms. Houseman H. World Literature 7 March 2013 Things Fall Apart Questions Chapter 1: 1.

Okonkwo brought honor to his village by being a strong and powerful fighter. He also has a very short temper and is impatient as well. 2. Amalinze the Cat was the greatest wrestler, who was unbeaten for seven years. He is significant because his defeat led to Okonkwo’s fame. 3. Unoka was a lazy, incompetent man who was constantly in debt. Okonkwo had no patient when it came to his father, and he was ashamed of him 4. When Okoye came to visit Unoka, he asked Unoka to pay back the two hundred cowries that he had borrowed. Unoka told him that he could not pay him back until he had paid back his larger debts. 5. The kola nut, pepper, and chalk are all valuable gifts that show respect to the visitor. Okoye was given the honor to break the kola nut and then the men prayed. Chapter 2: 6. In the neighboring town of Mbaino, the men are called together because a woman had been murdered. It was Ogebuefi Ezeugo’s daughter who had gone to the market at Mbaino and had been killed. 7. Ikemefuna was sent to Okonkwo’s village as compensation for the death of the girl. Okokwo went to Mbaino to fetch the boy, so he stayed with Okonwo for three years, until his fate was decided. 8. Ikemefuna’s “sacrifice” is fair because it was a better settlement than having a war breakout. 9. Okonwo behaves cruelly because of his internal fears and hatred. He detests everything his father loved, such as gentleness and idleness, so he behaves exactly the opposite. 10. One example of magic and superstition is the “medicine” house” that Okonwo has, where wooden symbols of his personal god and his ancestral spirits are kept.

Ogbuefi Ezeugo is a powerful orator whose daughter was the one that was murdered in Mbaino. The author’s description shows how Okonwo had developed such a hatred towards his father. An oracle can predict the future and tell prophecies. one can see how caring Okonwo really is. The oracles are very sacred beings. Okonkwo does deserve the success he has had because he has had to fight. His success was not handed to him on a platter. Festive of the New Yam follows the Week of Peace and it comes right before the rainy season. That way. is twelve years old. 12. Okonwo’s first son. and palm wine. 15. Umuofia also had an Oracle. called the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves. to get to where he was. 16. All the neighboring villages feared Umuofia because it was powerful in war and in magic. that he detests everything that his father loved.They are worshiped with sacrifices with kola nut. Okonwo’s wives get along well. 18. and are offered prayers. 19. They try and help protect one another from the wrath of Okonwo. new yam seeds can be planted before the rain comes. This description shows Okonwo’s fierceness in war and how he is a very violent and strong man in war. Chapter 4: 20. There is also a great war-medicine called agadi-nwayi. Nwoye. Chapter 3: 17. 21. when his temper gets out of hand. It honors the earth goddess. . he had to put effort into his work. 11. When there is a draught and a loss of crops. Week of Peace is when no work is to be done in the village and everyone is supposed to be at peace with one another. literally. He really does care about the well being of those around him. 14. food. 13. “A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing” – means there should be a reason for risks. but already causes his father to have anxiety because of his growing laziness. like gentleness and idleness.

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