o Scene 4- Botanical Garden Actors/Actress: Mark Props: Phone Scene 2 & 4- Office 1st part: Making out Actors/Actress: Ondoy, Sexytary Props: phone, folder with papers (to hand to ondoy) Ondoy’s custome (neck tie, polo?, bussiness bag) Sexytary’s custome (dress, wig?, hair scarf ) 2nd part: Talk with Mark on the phone Actors/Actress: Ondoy doing work on his table o Scene 3 & 5- Funeral/Morgue 1st part: Christal’s Lie Actors/Actress: Christal on the lab table Ondoy sobbing on his wife’s corpse Sexytary taking showing up then comforting Ondoy Paloma quietly comforting the children 2 kids quietly sobbing 2 classmates ( talks to Daniel when he gets outta door) Lolo being all mysterious & weird Props: Cloth to cover lab table where christal can lie The character’s own customes, christal framed picture 2nd part: Lolo’s lie Actors/Actress: Lolo on the lab table covered with white cloth Lolo’s daughter- quietly crying in front of lolo’s corpse Mark Long-haired girl Ondoy shows up in the door a little second later Props: Cloth to cover lab table where Lolo can lie, white cloth for body cover



fixing his necktie. then settles on the table They all hold hand.then turns back & leave o They both look at each other but ondoy wipes his face then heads to the door o He gets out and see’s not a single shadow looking left and right. then looks at the camera. walking back n forth. paloma starts her dialogue then just stares ondoy for 3secs o Lolo’s coughs loud in the door. focus on christal’s disappointment [BLACK OUT] Scene 2: Office table o o o o o Ondoy thinking and working on this table Sexytary comes in then hands him a folder of papers then ondoy grabs “her” arm They look at each other then starts making out on the table or something Ondoy’s phone rings out of nowhere.SCENE DETAILS (in order of the actual story) Scene 1: Kitchen table o o o o o o o o Smiling kids on the table excited to eat the food prepared on the table.and says hello while sexytary is still over him Ondoy’s starts to look really shocked and worried then he looks at the camera with an open Mouth and big eyes.both of them looks back o Focus on lolo when he bitterly-sweetly-whatever smile at them then nod. then kids starts digging on the food. crying and did what they do best. mag. and say “ who was that?” or something looking really confused . christal still looking a little dead Ondoy eats and drinks a lil then stands up Everyone looking a little surprised [christal & ondoy convo starts] Ondoy heads to the door when one of the kids called him told him he forgot his marian r. comforts him.make out (slight scence change) o Daniel outside the room is just standing leaning to the wall when 2 of his friends approaches him o They start they dialogue then sexytary leaves the room in the background o Daniel and his friends starts their dialogue then heads inside the room (back in the room) o While Daniel and friends unite with the other son in the background paloma approaches ondoy o While ondoy still looking miserable. then he puts his head up. shocked with a phone in his hands and sexytary still seducing him [BLACK OUT] Scene 3: Funeral/Morgue o Focus on christal’s framed picture held by one of her kids in the background quietly sobbing o Paloma comforting the kids in the background o Christal lying on the lab table playing dead o Ondoy sobbing miserably in front of his wife’s corpse o Sexytary shows up in the door o Grabs ondoy’s shoulder . entertaining them Christal on the table looking & waiting for ondoy a little frustration on her face Ondoy with other things in mind. Then he’s out.

then dials. then phone to his ears o Ondoy writing something when his phone rang o They started their dialogue with expressions *= ) (not showing mark exit. just ondoy forced to I ever had Group 1: our names (with pics?) Behind the scenes (bloopers) –old & new raw footages THANK YOU [BLACK OUT] -finish!EDITINGS: -sepia? Or black n white? Normal? -record separate clips for just dialogues? -BEGINNING: o Clip of a production o Pictures of the family?narrated? [special effects and extra alien clips are still being thought of] *= O WE CAN DO THIS! WOOOOT TEAM ONE!! <3 .[BLACK OUT] Scene 4: Botanical Garden (vice versa scene) o Mark looked at his phone. hesitance in his face obvious) [BLACK OUT] Scene 5: Funeral/ Morgue Lolo lying on the labtable covered wih white cloth His daughter crying in front of his corpse Mark comforts the crying longhaired girl in the background quietly Ondoy enters the room and greets mark with a short nod. daughter approaches him They start their convo then approaches lolo’s corpse Ondoy reveals lolo’s face off the white cloth and ondoy’s suspicious face slowly turning into A wrinkled face and all that o Focus on lolo’s face for 2 sec then ondoy’s wrinkled face before he faces the camera and say “what the?!?” with a confused and shocked face closely o o o o o o [BLACK OUT] Background song. took a deep breath.

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