English Language Arts- 7th Grade Name email room number Phone nmber The 7th grade Language

Arts curriculum is designed to improve grammar, writing, research, vocabulary, reading, and spelling skills. Writing activities include journal entries, narrative, persuasive, and informative writing. Books: Students will use a class set of Literature books in class as needed. Their main reading sources will be novels. We will read novels as a class. Students will also read excerpts from several nonfiction sources as a supplement to the fiction novel. Focus Points: (based on GLE/Common Core Crosswalk) Reading: http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards/english-language-artsstandards/anchor-standards-hssts/college-and-career-readiness-anchor-standardsfor-reading/ Writing: http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards/english-language-artsstandards/anchor-standards-hssts/college-and-career-readiness-anchor-standardsfor-writing/ Word Meanings (vocabulary cards, Greek/Latin Roots, prefix, suffix) Grammar ( Mechanically Inclined, Everyday Grammar, MTN lang., grammar cards)) Reading Comprehension (S.I.F.T, literature circles) Literary Response (Text to Self, Text to Text-journal Writing - letters, essay, persuasive, narrative, 6-traits of Writing-Step Up to Writing method http://williamsclass.com/SeventhLanguageWork/StepUpToWriting/StepUpTo Writing.htm Speaking and Listening

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Students will test Wednesday. persuasive. paraphrase).will be checked out to students 2nd Nine Weeks. August 22. vocabulary (vocabulary. Greek/Latin roots) and spelling quizzes.Grades: Students will be graded on journal entries. Accelerated Reader: Accelerated reader is an independent reading program. During the year.students should purchase Fourth Nine Weeks .Number the Stars-needs to be purchased Third Nine Weeks . Students will receive a grade in ELA for the summer reading book.     1st Nine Weeks . students will have a goal of 25 AR points each nine weeks. on at least one of the Summer Reading Books.Monster.The Outsiders . and two major research and public speaking assignments ( WWII and an Artist Project). Mountain Language (daily class starter). The rest of the AR points for that quarter can come from free choice books as long as they are in your reading range (AR middle grades 6+). writing assignments (narrative. The novels we read together as a class will be eligible for AR points.Chasing Vermeer – students should purchase . informative-summary.

You need to have supplies to complete daily assignments.com http://www. in lockers).edomodo.com http://quizlet. and blue pens index cards marble composition notebooks Students are encouraged to keep extra supplies ( pencils. Helpfuls websties: http://www. paper.com/ http://www.typingweb.com/instructor/licensing .com/subject/sadlier-oxford-level-b/ http://www. At school each day you need: notebook with dividers and lined notebook paper Sticky notes Highlighters Flash Drive Pencil Herndon Agenda Take Home Folder red..schooltube. etc.essaytagger.. green.Classroom Supplies: You are expected to be organized in the way that best works for you.

6. August 14._____ I will not create problems for myself or others._____ I will ask for help when I do not understand._____ Be on time. 8. 11. 5. _____ Be prepared with materials to learn. 2012 __________________________________________ PARENT E-MAIL __________________________________________ PARENT PHONE __________________________________________ PARENT SIGNATURE __________________________________________ STUDENT SIGNATURE __________________________________________ DATE ._____ Keep hands. feet. 9.General Classroom Expectations 1.____ I will maintain expected voice levels for each activity. Sign and return by Tuesday. Leaving the classroom 1. 3._____ I will have a 3 passes in each class each nine weeks._____ I will complete all assigned work and tasks._____ I will not be allowed to leave the classroom without my agenda. objects. and unkind words to self. 2. 10_____ I will use my agenda daily. 2._____ I will follow the Hawks Expectations._____ I will show respect to others and their belongings. 4. 7._____ I will return items to their place.

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