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Te Rawhiti Marae Development Project

Chairperson: Marara Te Tai Hook 094037064
Secretary: Helen Mountain Harte 4 Cheverton Pl, Kohimarama Ph 5211837 021755553
Project Co ordinator: Maria King Mavoa,

June 26, 2008
Tena koe,

Application for Variation to Resource Consent: Te Rawhiti Marae Extension and

After a long process of hui, discussions and fundraising, the Marae Trust has decided to
change the design you approved in 2006, to another which will carry our whanau in to
the future with forward-thinking confidence based in tradition. Te Rawhiti Marae
Development Committee is the project arm of the Marae Trust, to drive the project.

The next step in the process is to apply for a variation to the resource consent we
already have. Tangata whenua, affected boundary neighbours and interested parties in
the community are given the information about the project and their comments,

A Letter of Approval, will be signed by tangata whenua, affected boundary neighbours,
especially, and anyone else if they want to. This is sent to the contact person, Helen
Harte. She is available on email, phone and face to face. A consultation meeting will be
held at the Marae at a date to be decided for any discussions from the community,
should this be necessary. With a 95% community approval, we don’t think that this will
be necessary.

The forms will be added to the application.

You have now been sent the new plans. The rest of the application is the same-the
environmental assessment, the landscaping and Engineer’s Report. Your prompt
response will expedite the process. We are looking to apply for major funding in
December so there’s not much time.

Kia ora,

Marara Te Tai Hook
Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee
Variation to Resource Consent Application RC-2070327-RMALUC in the Far
North District S94 RMA 1991
Form of Written Approval for the Variation
The Applicant:
We, of Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee representing Te Rawhiti Marae Trust are
making application for a variation of Land Use Consent at 221 Rawhiti Road Hikurangi RD4
Northland 0184 being legally defined as Rawhiti 2A1 & 2A2A MB Ref 86 WH 287.

The activities are summarised as follows:
The activity is to extend, renovate and refurbish the Marae buildings. This is an integrated and
staged development over a three year period.
The design of the building is the major variation.
The Wharehui verandah will be the original one. The interior of the Wharehui will resemble the
original except that it will be bigger from 63m2 to 142.5 m2
The existing Dining Hall is to be detached and moved to the lower southern slope for
refurbishment as a Mahi Toi centre and an administrative/ archival resource centre
The Caretaker’s Cottage will be the existing ex-Kohanga Reo Building
The Landscape Plan and Sewage and Wastewater system will remain the same
The total proposed building coverage of the site is from 954m 2 to 1176 m2 within a total site
area of 9414.00 m 2.
The maximum height of the main building is from 5.83m to 5.75 m2
The total impermeable surface area is from 840m 2 to 646.10 m2
The earthworks variation have increased from 45m3 to 455.75m3 because of the larger
wharehui and the re-use of the existing dining hall. Both are large structures and the flat area in
the valley that is the marae site means strong retaining walls. The longer retaining wall along the
northern bank follows the long, curved wall of the new wharehui. This wall ranges in height
from 2.8 to 2.17 to 1.5 m. The previous height of 2.4m was approved. The Mahi Toi
/Administration/Archive building, the present dining hall, is a large building (105m2 TFA) and has
two retaining walls behind it. The longest wall will be 36.5m long and from 6.62m to 8.83m high.
The shorter upper retaining wall has a maximum height of 10m.
The soil will be excavated on dry days and removed to a Council approved site. 6m3 will be used
on site. Sediment control measures will be put in to practice. All measures will be taken to
prevent any sediment entering the CMA.
The setback variation is to do with the north eastern line of the new building. The corners of
the existing toilet block and the wharehui infringements were approved. The variations are now
a .705m (toilet block) and a 1.650m (wharehui) infringement of the boundary setback. In
mitigation is the fact that this boundary is tree-covered and this part of the land is unoccupied. If
it were, visibility and light would not be affected.
The visual effects will not be intrusive. The maximum height of the main building and the new
Mahi Toi building is less than the existing building maximum height. The colours will be
recessive. The glass walls will reduce the size, height and solidity of the building by being able to
look through it. The only part to be visually prominent will be the Wharehui façade.The whole
complex will be dwarfed by the site being in a tree filled valley with high hills around it.
The property is within the Coastal Living surrounded by General Coastal and Outstanding
Landscape of the Revised Proposed District Plan
This form is the product of Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee. The Secretary is Helen Mountain Harte: email ph-095211837.mob-021755 553. If you require more information, please contact us

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