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RC-2070327 RMALUC

Te Rawhiti Marae
Te Rawhiti
Bay of Islands

Compiled by Helen Mountain Harte,
Te Rawhiti Marae Development Sub-Committee
Helen Mountain Harte 095211837 021755 553


Application for Variation to Resource Consent

Appendix 1 ew Site Plan and Drainage Plan of Te
Rawhiti Marae Development

ew Elevations

Compiled by Helen Mountain Harte, Te Rawhiti Marae Development Sub-Committee
Helen Mountain Harte 095211837 021755 553



To: Murray McDonald and Tammy Wooster, Resource Consent Dept, Far North District
Council, Private Bag 752, Kaikohe

1 Full ame of Applicant:
Te Rawhiti 439 Trust (Marae Reserve), 221 Te Rawhiti, Hikurangi RD4 Northland 0184

ame and Address of Owner and Occupier:
Nga Hapu o Ngati Kuta and Patu Keha ki Te Rawhiti.

The two Hapu are represented by the Applicant:
Te Rawhiti 439 Trust (Maori Reserve) on Maori Reservation land

The Trustees from the two hapu above are:

Chairperson Te Ringa Witehira
Secretary Helen Mountain Harte
Treasurer Rahema Hook
Trustees Joseph Bristowe
Wayne Erceg
Alfred Kareko
Richard Witehira
Hohepa Hemara

Hereby apply for:

A Variation of the approved Land Use Consent

Appendix 1 The ew Over all Development Plan for Te Rawhiti Marae

A Variation to the approved Land use consent is required for the extension to the marae complex.
The primary reason for the request for variation is that the design has changed.

The main complex is still within the footprint of the approved plan which was planned on the
footprint of the existing buildings.

The wharehui will not be moved 4m to the west (that is, towards the front fence). This has
brought internal adjustments.

There is now no purpose built Caretaker’s cottage on the northern hillside. The ex-Kohanga Reo
building at the back of the Marae complex is now to be adapted the caretaker’s cottage.

There is now no purpose built Mahi Toi building on the northern hillside.

The existing dining hall is to be moved to the lower southern hillside to be adapted to a Mahi
Toi/Administration/Archive centre.

There is also a variation to the retaining wall along the wharehui northern wall.
There are two extra retaining wall behind the Mahi Toi / Administration building. These walls
may be a restricted discretionary activity.

There are minor setback variations summarised in the Table 1.0 below.

Setback: Appendix 1 See Site Plan

Table 1.0 The Setbacks variation

The Area The Approved Infringement The Variation Infringement 2008
Resource 2007 2008 into 10m side yard
Consent 2007
North eastern 6.944m 3.056m 5.572m 4.428m
corner of the
existing toilet
Wharehui- 8.790m 1.210m 4.694m 5.904m
Existing shed/ 4.620m 5.380m 3.915m 6.085m= + 0.705m

Variation in retaining walls: See Appendix 1.Proposed Site and Drainage plan (2).

The height of the retaining wall along the north-eastern boundary, at the rear of the complex,
infringed by .900m at 2.4m was approved.
This wall has now extended from to a length of 49.15m from the front of the Whare Hui around
its northern wall to the rear of the toilet block. The maximum height is RL 2.8m to 2.4. to 2.17m
to 1.5m.
The two retaining walls, upper and lower, around the Mahi Toi/ Administration Centre will be
36.5m long with maximum heights from 6.62m to 8.83m and the upper retaining wall to 10m.

Proposed Extensions approved 2007 and the variations

The proposed extensions are an integrated and a staged development, involving the following
The extension, renovation and refurbishment of the Marae buildings, utilities and services

The Area The Approved The Infringement The Variation 2008 The
Consent 2007 Infringement
from RC 08
Earthworks 45m 3 NIL 410.75m2 455.75m3 -
50= 405.75
Total building 954m2 NIL 1176.50m 2 = 12.5% NIL
coverage of site of area
Total site area

Total 840m2 /9414m2 NIL 646.10 m2 = 6.86% NIL
impermeable area
Max main bldg 5.83m (RL NIL 5.75m (RL 11.95m) NIL
height 12.03m) Decrease of .08m
New Ablutions 82.4m2 NIL 91.76m2 =increase of NIL
9.3 m2
Kitchen 41.7m2 to 119m2 NIL 69.2m2 = decrease of NIL
Wharehui 63m2 to 84m2 NIL 142.5 m2 =increase NIL
58.5 m2
Dining Hall 105.6 m2 to NIL 250 m2 = increase of NIL
172.6 m2 77.4 m2
Storage rooms 6 m2 to 50 m2 NIL 54.2 m2 = increase NIL
4.2 m2
New Dangerous 6.5 m2 NIL 6.8 m2 NIL
Goods Store
Archive 12.4 m2 NIL 11.5 m2 = decrease of NIL
.9 m2
Adminstration 28.8 m2 NIL
Mahi Toi Room 24 m2 NIL 65.2 m2 = increase of NIL
41.2 m2
Caretaker’s 92 m2 NIL 82 m2 = decrease of NIL
cottage 10 m2
New outside 243 m2 NIL 256 m2 = increase of NIL
decks .13 m2
Carparks 17 Approved 14 NIL

a Earthworks excavation associated with the construction is approximately 456.20m3
Filling is 6m3-456.20m3 . These are associated with the above-mentioned buildings,
retaining walls and associated facilities and utility services. Disposing soil in a Council
approved site. Silt can be controlled above the walls with hay bales or geo-textile cloth.
All control methods will be used to mitigate clay runoff in to the open drain. Dry weather
will be the time when the excavating and soil removal will be carried out.

b The open drain is to be left open. The water flow in this drain is rare. The culvert under
the road is 900mm and the storm water on site will discharge to the existing culvert.

c Installing and burying an Innoflow Treatment and disposal system (1000m2 drip line
disposal field) will remain as approved

d The wood fire cooking room will not be built

e A Roof water Runoff system with storage tank and pipes, ultraviolet water cleaning unit
and pump at rear of toilet block will be installed as approved.

f Minimal vegetation clearance to place the Mahi Toi Centre of no more than 135 m2

g The landscaping will remain the same as per approved Plan.

h Upgrading of the property fencing later

2.0 Any additional fees and charges relating to this application shall be invoiced to:

The Agent as in 6 below is a sub-committee of Te Rawhiti Marae Trustees.

The following additional consent is being applied for:

No additional consents are being sought as part of this proposal.

Have you lodged a building consent with Council?

No. We have lodged a PIM. 26.06.2008.

3.0 Description of Activity:

The proposal was approved as a Restricted Discretionary Activity

4.0 Site Description

The Community

The community remains the same and the numbers using the marae.

4.1 Description of the approved Proposal

The Background and History of the Marae and Utilities remain the same.

4.2 Community Use of the Marae

The community uses remain alive and vibrant.

4.3 Reasons for Marae Renovation and Extension

These remain the same

4.4 Summary of uses of the Marae are the same

These remain the same

4.6 Utilities

These remain the same

4.6.1 Water

The water source, capacity and quantity remain the same

4.6.2 Proposed Car parking

At present, there is parking available within the Marae grounds however increasing this capacity
is required. There will be provision for 14 new car parks available for everyday parking. This is
considered sufficient parking for the nature of this development. This is because there is off-site
parking available. Road-side parking adjacent the Marae and directly outside the Marae gates is
the current rural practice and has been since the road was put in 38 years ago.

4.7 Increased Traffic and Pedestrian Traffic

Increase of traffic and pedestrians will be a spasmodic occurrence.

There will not be any change to the hours of operation, the noise levels, and the servicing of the
Marae thus they will not affect the surrounding environment any more than they have in the past.

6 Physical Description of Site

6.1 The legal description of the location of the proposed activity is as follows:

Te Rawhiti Marae, 221 Rawhiti Road, Te Rawhiti RD. Hikurangi 0184

Rawhiti 2A1 and 2A2A MB Ref 86 WH 287
1.2214 ha. Title Order Ref: 19 BI 78

6.2 Archaeological, Heritage and Cultural Sites

These remain the same

6.3 Disposal of Wastewater and Storm water remains the same

A Roof run-off system is the same as proposed and approved. The overflow from this system
including any other downpipe discharge and on paving areas will discharge to the open drain via
an outlet structure placed near the road end 0f the subject drain.

6.4 atural hazards, earthworks, erosion, and sediment control

There are no natural hazards recorded for the application site in the PDP.

Earthworks will be carried out in clement weather months, from March to May. There will be no
engineering of the open drain

Sediment control measures will be maintained until works and restoration are completed

Building foundations and the retaining walls will be designed for the conditions

The aim is to prevent any sediment reaching the CMA

Care will be taken to remove only the minimum of existing manuka. All exposed surfaces will be
re vegetated with native plantings as per landscape plan.

Mitigation measures to prevent silt reaching the CMA will be in place before commencement of
any earthworks, particularly in relation to the open drain.

A Project manager will supervise the development when it begins.

6.5 Power and Telephone

These are the same.

7.0 I attach in accordance with the Fourth Schedule of the Act an assessment of
environmental effects in detail that corresponds with the scale and significance of the effects that
the proposed activity may have on the environment.

8.0 ew Written Approval Affected Parties for variation to resource consent:

Posted to hapu:

gati Kuta Hapu ki Te Rawhiti, Michelle Elboz, Te
Rawhiti, Hikurangi RD4 Northland 0184
Patukeha Hapu ki Te Rawhiti Mr R Witehira, Patukeha
Resource Management Unit, 40 Puketona Road, Paihia Ph: 09 4025541
The Hauai Ahu Whenua Trust Te Rawhiti C/O Chairperson, Te Atawhai Hall, 8
Manawaora Rd, Jacks Bay, Russell, Northland
The Kaingahoa Marae Trust Paul Henare Secretary Kaingahoa Marae Trust 648
Rawhiti Rd Northland 0184

Posted to Affected Boundary eighbours:
Mrs Sophie Muru 8/34 Miro Rd Mangere Bridge Auckland
Ph: 09636 8917
Mrs gaire Muru Lasika 18 Malte Brun Place Papatoetoe Auckland
Ph: 092786524
Mrs Te Ata C Muru Te Ao 1 Elizabeth St Tuakau Pukekohe
Ph: 2369269
Mrs Rangi Muru Hira 184 Brown Rd Tuakau Pukekohe
Ph: 9236969
Mr Peter Rewha, 66 Ridgemount Rise, Mangere Bridge Auckland
Ph: 096366830
Mr Charlie Rewha 54 Mahunga Drive Mangere Bridge, Ph:2755363
Mr Thomas J Te Pania, PO Box 6100, Otara. Ph 274 7854
Mr Mark TePania PO Box 6100 Otara Ph: 092747854
Mr Michael Rewha
` Mrs Maki Matatahi Kihikihi Te Awamutu Ph: 8705123
Mrs A Hook Secretary, Te Rawhiti 3B2 Trust, Te Rawhiti Hikurangi RD4
Northland 0184

Posted Considerate Notification of a Significant Community Development for Associated
Te Runanga o Taumarere c/o Ms Lorraine Hill 16
Wellington St Russell, Bay of Islands Ph: 4037504
Te Runanga a Iwi o gapuhi Mr Allen Wihongi Mangakahia Rd Kaikohe

The Kororareka Marae Society, C/o Mr C Arlidge 15 Wellington St Russell
Bay of Islands Ph: 09403 7763
gati Wai Trust Board Addie Smith CEO PO Box 1332 Whangarei
Te Pataka Matauranga Charitable Trust RMU Mrs Emma Gibbs
Smith, Hope Ave, Russell
The Eastern Bays Preservation Society Mr Bryn Jamieson, Ph 094038066
Plus 21 residents at Te Rawhiti

Appendix Letters to and from Affected Neighbours and Parties


Restricted Discretionary Rule Page 146 DP

The Revised Proposed Far orth District Plan considers the Proposal a Restricted
Discretionary, therefore the Consent Authority must restrict the exercise of its discretion to
those matters specified in the Plan.
This has been approved.

9 Address for service of Application- Agent:
Helen Mountain Harte
Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee
4 Cheverton Place
Auckland 1071
Telephone: 09 5211837
Fax: 09 5211835
Mobile: 021 755 553


Location: Te Rawhiti Marae, 221 Rawhiti Road, Te Rawhiti,
Hikurangi RD4 orthland 0184

District Plan Provisions: Compliance summary

Te Rawhiti Marae is in the area designated Coastal Living Zone. It is surrounded by
General Coastal and the Outstanding Landscape designation.

1.0 Flora. Fauna and Habitats

The site is a small, modified valley surrounded by high hills.

The buildings are setback 30m from the front boundary. At the rear (north east) of the building,
the setback allowance is infringed, though this infringement is close to the footprint of the
existing building. There is a letter of agreement to accept the infringement of setback from the
affected boundary property owners of 2G1. Further mitigation of infringement is that the
neighbouring property 2G1, in this corner, is densely covered with 4 metre high Manuka
screening the marae from any future building on the hillside above, should any occur. The letter
also details the variation in earthworks needed to accommodate the new buildings.

2.0 Archaeological, Heritage and Cultural Sites

Te Rawhiti Marae itself is a significant cultural site. There are no archaeological sites recorded
on the property.

3.0 Visual Effects

The area is Coastal Living surrounded by General Coastal and Outstanding Landscape which
means that the visual impact of this proposal is of primary importance.

Resource Consent Appendix 7 Photo 7 Te Rawhiti Marae from the sea, Tawa Iti Bay, Te Rawhiti,
shows the dwarfing of the imposing, tree covered hills surrounding the valley in which are sited
the Marae buildings.

The visual effects incorporate a change in style from traditional to a contemporary concept. The
design is sympathetic to the traditional wharehui and is designed to make the wharehui more
prominent. The extensive use of glass is important in that it allows us to look through the building
thus reducing the solid nature of traditional style architecture and does not impose on a tree filled
coastal bay. The high hills around the valley dominate and negate the size of the community

The Te Rawhiti Marae is a large community building. It is a site of cultural significance and has
been for almost a century.

3.1 Mitigation of the size of the Marae Buildings

3.1.1 The new building has been set on the foot print of the former one therefore its placement
has not increased its effects. The new buildings are small and will be screened by
3.1.2 The site for the buildings is set at the base of a small valley. From the sea, the height of
the hills and dense vegetation dramatically reduces the visual impact and absorb the size
of the buildings
3.1.3 From the road, there is some planting, but visibility in to, and visibility out of, the Marae
is an important aspect of the Marae tradition
3.1.4 The road has created a moderate tourist attraction because of vehicle access. The Marae
preceded the road.
3.1.5 The plantings on either hillside and the dense vegetation on the eastern hill, will mitigate
visual effects by absorption.
3.1.6 Non-reflecting, recessive hues of the traditional Marae colours will assist in
reducing visual effects.
3.1.7 The Marae is the only building contained in the valley within the bay.
3.1.8 The Marae complex will not be visible from any neighbouring houses.
3.1.9 The effects of the development are considered minimal.

3.2 Mitigation of the number of Marae buildings

3.2.1 The marae is set in a valley on its own.
3.2.2 The Caretaker’s Cottage
The expanded size and the upgraded equipment present a target for theft. One of the
problems of a community building are the inadvertent or intentional removal of
equipment when groups occupy the premises. The Caretaker functions include security.
3.2.3 The buildings, facilities and vegetation require maintenance. This is another
function of the caretaker. An on-site caretaker is, in our view, mandatory.
3.2.4 The Mahi Toi Centre was for the restoration of the existing carvings and artworks, and
the creation of new ones for the expanded and the new buildings, a place was needed to
carry out these works.
Teaching and maintaining traditional art has always been a practice at this marae. Thus,
the Centre would provide a place to practise these and to hold the tools and equipment
appropriate to the arts and crafts activities.
The renovation of this building will be a voluntary community project.

4.0 Effects on Public Access

Public access within the CMA, including the foreshore, will be unaltered by this

Agent: Helen Mountain Harte
Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee
4 Cheverton Place
Ph: 095211837
Mob: 021755 553
Fax: 5211835

Variation to Resource Consent Application RC-2070327-RMALUC in the Far
North District S94 RMA 1991
Form of Written Approval for the Variation
The Applicant:
We, of Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee representing Te Rawhiti Marae Trust
are making application for a variation of Land Use Consent at 221 Rawhiti Road
Hikurangi RD4 Northland 0184 being legally defined as Rawhiti 2A1 & 2A2A MB Ref 86
WH 287.

The activities are summarised as follows:
The activity is to extend, renovate and refurbish the Marae buildings. This is an integrated and
staged development over a three year period.
The design of the building is the major variation.
The Wharehui verandah will be the original one. The interior of the Wharehui will resemble the
original except that it will be bigger from 63m2 to 142.5 m2
The existing Dining Hall is to be detached and moved to the lower southern slope for
refurbishment as a Mahi Toi centre and an administrative/ archival resource centre
The Caretaker’s Cottage will be the existing ex-Kohanga Reo Building
The Landscape Plan and Sewage and Wastewater system will remain the same
The total proposed building coverage of the site is from 954m 2 to 1176 m2 within a total site
area of 9414.00 m 2.
The maximum height of the main building is from 5.83m to 5.75 m2
The total impermeable surface area is from 840m 2 to 646.10 m2
The earthworks variation have increased from 45m3 to 405.75m3 because of the larger
wharehui and the re-use of the existing dining hall. Both are large structures and the flat area in
the valley that is the marae site, means strong retaining walls. The longer retaining wall along
the northern bank follows the long, curved retaining wall along the line of the new wharehui.
This wall ranges in height from 2.8 to 2.17 to 1.5 m. The previous height of 2.4m was approved.
The Mahi Toi /Administration/Archive building, the present dining hall, is a large building
(105m2 TFA) and has two retaining walls behind it. The longest wall will be 36.5m long and from
6.62m to 8.83m high. The shorter upper retaining wall has a maximum height of 10m.
The soil will be excavated on dry days and removed to a Council approved site. 6m3 will be used
on site. Sediment control measures will be put in to practice. All measures will be taken to
prevent any sediment entering the CMA.
The setback variation is to do with the north eastern line of the new building. The corners of
the existing toilet block and the wharehui infringements were approved. The variations are now
a .705m (toilet block) and a 5.904m (wharehui) infringement of the boundary setback. In
mitigation is the fact that this boundary is tree-covered and this part of the land is unoccupied. If
it were, visibility and light would not be affected.
The visual effects will not be intrusive. The maximum height of the main building and the new
Mahi Toi building is less than the existing building maximum height. The colours will be
recessive. The glass walls will reduce the size, height and solidity of the building by being able to
look through it. The only part to be visually prominent will be the Wharehui façade.The whole
complex will be dwarfed by the site being in a tree filled valley with high hills around it.
The property is within the Coastal Living surrounded by General Coastal and Outstanding
Landscape of the Revised Proposed District Plan

Please sign and send this letter back in the envelope provided.

Variation to Resource Consent Application RC-2070327-
RMALUC in the Far North District S94 RMA 1991
Form of Written Approval for the Variation

The Applicant:

We, of Te Rawhiti Marae Development Committee representing Te Rawhiti Marae Trust
are making application for a variation of Land Use Consent at 221 Rawhiti Road
Hikurangi RD4 Northland 0184 being legally defined as Rawhiti 2A1 & 2A2A MB Ref 86
WH 287.

We have outlined the variations to the resource consented to in 2007-the design, the
earthworks and setbacks associated with the design, and visual effects.

We/I have inspected the proposal and the plans and write that:

We/I approve the proposal


Please print your name …………………………………………….