The Orca

The Orca is found in all seas from the Arctic to the Antarctic. The familiar black and white coloring of the Orca is significant. From a spiritual point of view it represents lessons of a soul nature regarding polarity. Orcas assist us in acquiring balance within a world of opposites. From a physical point of view it is a strategy of camouflage. Seen from above their dark back blends in with the darker water below them, while from below, their whiter bellies blend in with the sunlit waters above. This symbolizes the ability to move through life seen or unseen depending on the situation. Learning the art of camouflage is advantageous for those with this medicine. Proper action and reaction, observation and expression are all linked to this art. The orca swims in formation either in a line or in rows. This indicates good organizational skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others. Orcas do not migrate in the same sense as baleen whales, but have seasonal movements which are tied into prey movement and environmental changes. Two distinct sub groups of the orca are described as resident and transients. Residents live in larger pods and have a matriarchal system in which two or three females and their descendants live together throughout their lives. Transient groups tend to travel longer distances and are known to hunt and kill other mammals. The name killer whale originated when whalers and mariners observed transient orcas eating other whales. Each pod has its own distinctive dialect which allow members of the same pod to recognize one another even if they get separated. Those with this medicine are able to instantly identify members of their original soul group. Although personalities may differ a strong sense of family is known. Life lessons as well as spiritual aspirations are similar. Reuniting with members of the same soul group can trigger a sense of great joy or it can awaken heart felt grief as memories surface about a previous loss. Those with this totem should remember that once a reunion has been established, emotional support for one another will always be available. Orca medicine people are very creative although they can have a tendency to keep their creativity hidden or allow their creativity to rule their lives. Those with this totem should pay attention to the way in which the orca appears to them. If it is seen breaching out of the water it is asking you to surface from the depths of your inner reflection and express yourself outwardly in a grounded and creative way. If seen injured or beached it could indicate a need to take care of your health. Orcas often get parasites, bacterial and fungal infections. Hodgkin's disease has been recorded in killer whales. From an emotional perspective this disease is linked to low self esteem and the fear of being accepted. The orca holds the teachings of fearlessness, beauty, power and balance. It can awaken these same qualities within you. All you need to do is ask.

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