Week  2    Term  3   2013  

Greetings to Pukeokahu families   and community
    my  first  newsletter  as  your  Relieving  Principal,  I  wish  to   As  this  is   thank  you   for  making  me  feel  so  welcome.  I  have  settled  into  a     warm  and  comfortable  school  house  and  most  of  my  family   members     have  visited  and  enjoyed  the  picturesque  surroundings.     To  my  “townie”  eyes,  it  looks  to  be  an  easier  farming  terrain  than     the  Turakina   Valley.  (No  doubt  you  will  set  me  right  on  that   issue!)       I  am  beginning   to  understand  where  your  children  are  placed     with  their  learning  and  discovering  their  individual  personalities.   Parent/Teacher   conferences  will  be  next  week.  Families  have     been  notified.       that  Heather  is  just  unable  to  leave  Pukeokahu  School….   It  seems   Most  afternoons,  Heather  is  now  taking  Art  with  a  PE  component,     while  I  work  with  2  students.       Tomorrow  (Friday  9th)  there  is  a  group  doing  a  recce  for  the     Aorangi    Fundraiser  walk  later  in  the  year.  Their  children  are  able   to  stay  on  at  School  until  the  recce  party  returns.           From  the  Hall  Committee:   • At  our  recent  hall  meeting  everyone  commented  on  our   new  hall  veranda/deck  extension  –well  done  Benj,  it  looks   fantastic!  We  also  acknowledged  and  noted  Maryanne’s   contribution.  Maryanne  spent  many  hours  helping  Benj,   especially  with  the  painting.  The  next  thing  to  do  is  to   organize  outside  lights.   • Aorangi  Walk:  16  November  This  is  the  district  fundraiser   to  replace  the  Bike  Ride  that  had  to  cancelled  this  year.   Jock  is  organizing  a  pre-­‐walk  this  Friday.      


Upcoming Events
  21  August    Winter   Tournament  for  Peita,   Logan  and  Paparangi.          I   will  sent  home  information   when  it  arrives.     23  August  I  have  just   received  an  invite  from  St   Joseph’s  to  see  their   production  of  Hiwi  the   Kiwi.  I  will  let  families   know  more  when  further   information  has  been  sent.       14  September  Cookbook   Pot-­‐Luck  Dinner  at  the   Hall.  See  overleaf     20  September  Sports   Whanganui    will  be  at   School  for  Hockey  and   Netball  coaching.     27  September    Tough  Kid   Challenge.    More  details   soon  

Jan, Carol and Heather  



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