Crisis and Risk Communication 2013 | Business Continuity | Crisis Management

Treasury Corporation of Victoria , NSW Rural Fire Services, Aurora Energy, Clarity Solutions, Fire Services Commissioner’s Office

, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Ernst & Young each will discuss new essential collaborative techniques on:

Crisis and Risk Communication
$995 plus gst to attend the forum

This innovative case study driven forum will R R R R R R Give you practical solutions to build organisational resilience Help you effectively share and collaborate information during emergencies Teach you systems and strategies for successful and timely crisis communication Show you how to use social media and new technologies during disasters Prepare your organisation to be resilient and agile, following a crisis Explore the role of information quality and technology use during crises

And build resilience to minimise disruptions to vital business functions

Post-forum workshops: Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Organisations today recognise and demand more than just IT back-ups in their business continuity plans.


Leveraging Social Media for Disaster Preparedness
Facilitated by: Geoff Hetherington, Principal, Dancing Blind Man Business Advisors

This interactive forum explores how strategic and proactive crisis communications can play a vital role in reducing adverse impacts on your business.

Case Studies & Lessons Learnt in Resilience & Crisis Communications
Facilitated by: Christine Miller, Consultant, Business Continuity Manager, B4Crisis

Who should attend? Directors, Managers and other Professionals responsible for: Business Continuity and Resilience, Emergency Management, Business Planning, Change Management, Information Services, Crisis Communications, Risk Management, Public Relations, Social Media and Online Management, Community Engagement, plus Audit and Compliance

Crisis and Risk Communication
No organisation is immune to crisis; it may arise from many different sources such as personnel, human errors, technological or natural disasters. There is simply no escaping it! Organisations must build their resilience to ensure that crises don’t jeopardise vital business functions and that it is able to recover quickly and relatively unscathed. When crisis strikes , timely communication is vital with both internal and external stakeholders. This reduces reputational damage, informs preparedness and enhances resilience. New technologies and social media facilitate information sharing and collaboration during crises. However, many organisations are hesitant to use it.

In this two day forum you will get the opportunity to learn and hear real world, best-practice crisis communication case studies and business continuity strategies.

Connected forum –- Tuesday, 3 September 2013
8:30 9:00 Registration and refreshments Chairperson’s opening remarks 1:45 Using social media and innovative technologies to share information during crises: Interactive discussion

Christine Miller, Consultant, Business Continuity Manager, B4Crisis

In this session, participants can hear a case study presentation and then join in the conversation with the facilitator
óó Sharing information with public during major disasters óó Dealing with unprecedented demands for public information óó The use of social media and dealing with the public as reporters óó The use of social media and dealing with the public as reporters


External crisis communication essentials: Mini interactive workshop

In this session, participants will get the chance to work together and share their experiences on how to engage effectively with their clients
óó When and how to apologise óó Engaging stakeholders through traditional and social media óó The golden rules of crisis communication óó Lessons from past crises

Anthony Clark, Group Manager, Corporate Communications, NSW Rural Fire Services
Organisational Resilience in practice - crisis leadership and building resilient networks óó Characteristics of resilient organisations óó Attributes of resilient leadership, and how this is valuable for crisis response and management óó How resilient networks, including relationships with business partners and the wider community can underpin successful responses to business disruption and crisis events


Geoffrey Stackhouse, Managing Director, Clarity Solutions

10:00 Engaging and communicating with staff during a crisis óó Employee welfare; ensuring the safety of your staff first óó Keeping employees informed: developing an internal communication plan for crises óó Successfully sharing information across the organisation and with key contacts

Alex Serrano, Senior Business Continuity Manager, Advisory, Ernst & Young In this session, Alex will share findings from recent research conducted by Ernst & Young and the Commonwealth AttorneyGeneral's Department as part of the Australian Government's Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy.
Afternoon refreshments and networking Managing information quality and governance for crisis management óó Ensuring information is regularly maintained and is up-to-date óó Understand the importance of accurate data for efficient crisis communication óó Data collection and analysis across the emergency teams

Mark Engeman, Deputy Managing Director and Corporation Secretary, Treasury Corporation of Victoria
3:15 3:30

10:45 Morning refreshments and networking 11:15 Understanding and communicating risk to inform preparedness and enhance crisis management óó How effective collaborative planning is the key to understanding risk óó Understanding how effective risk communication supports preparedness and crisis management óó Involving the right people and examining the factors for sharing information óó Systems and strategies for successful and timely decision making during crises

Kate Chiapello, Former International BCP Manager, American Express
The role of technology during crisis management óó Discuss the use of technology – pros and cons – during a crisis óó Understanding the challenge of technology óó Understanding that IT system is only a part of a preparedness plan


Norman Free, Manager Sustainable Planning Program, Fire Services Commissioner’s Office

12:00 Making use of twitter during crisis management communication: twitter case study óó Using twitter to share information in a timely manner óó Training staff to effectively share information during crises óó Monitoring social media channels and its potential during critical times

Craig Goldberg, Lead Partner, Business Continuity & Resilience, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of connected forum

Ben Lohberger, Senior Media and Communications Advisor, Aurora Energy


12:45 Networking lunch (Please let us know of any dietary requirements two weeks prior to forum)


Post-forum workshops -– Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Leveraging Social Media for Disaster Preparedness
Registration: 8.00 am Workshop time: 8.30 am - 11:30am Facilitated by: Geoff Hetherington, Principal, Dancing Blind Man Business Advisors
At the end of the workshop participants will be able to: 1. Understand the theory and rationale for using Social Media in crisis communications 2. Identify and analyse the risks and crisis issues inherent in using Social media. 3. Comprehend, interpret and reflect on the role and purposes of Social Media in modern organisations 4. Describe the opportunities and challenges of using social media applications during the 5 phases of emergency management 5. Describe better practices for using social media applications during the 5 phases of emergency management 6. Compose clear, concise actionable communications for use via Social Media networks.

About the workshop:
Social media is a fact of life and is the communication vehicle of choice for not only Gen X,Y & Z’s but increasingly for many businesses.
In this workshop we will look at how you can leverage the use of Social Media for disaster preparedness and response. This workshop will facilitate a clear understanding of the essential principles of social media use in crisis communications and how government agencies and businesses alike can use social media to improve emergency planning, preparedness, and response capability.

About the workshop leaders:
Geoff Hetherington is a Business Mechanic who has spent over 30 years as an international ‘C’ level executive with companies like Dairy Farm Int, Vodafone and Telstra; and now consults on a wide range of business issues across numerous industries. His interest in BCP and crisis communications stems from his first hand experiences in Jakarta during the fall of the Soeharto government and Y2K where his team and he developed a BCP plan that was adopted by Jardine Matheson’s retail operations globally.


Case studies & lessons learnt in resilience & crisis communications
Registration: 12.30 pm Workshop time: 1.00 pm - 4.00pm Facilitated by: Christine Miller, Consultant, Business Continuity Manager, B4Crisis

About the workshop:
Crisis communications has a long history. The increasing demands of social media have highlighted the importance of preparedness and monitoring both social and traditional media platforms when organisations are dealing with a crisis. During this workshop, a series of case studies will be presented with participants discussing on the lessons learnt following the Brisbane floods, Qantas A380 engine explosion over Singapore and the recent Asiana crash at San Francisco Airport. Through analysing these case studies and lessons learnt from them, participants will conclude the workshop with a better understanding of how their organisations and communications can be more resilient and agile following a crisis.

About the workshop leader:
Chris Miller has more than 30 years experience assisting Australian governments and Australians most directly affected to deal with many emergencies, including the Bali bombings and Indian Ocean Tsunami. For the past 7 years, Chris has focussed on: business continuity management (BCM) and plan audits; exercising senior executives in crisis management; lessons learnt reviews following incidents; organisational resilience and pandemic planning. She has consulted on BCM with Australian, ACT and NSW Government agencies as well as well known businesses and not for profit sector organisations. Developing and exercising her clients’ crisis communications plans to address the challenges of social and traditional media has become one of her niche services. Chris is a frequent presenter at Australian and overseas conferences.

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Crisis and Risk Communication
3-4 September 2013, Rydges Swanston Melbourne


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