Tertullien, De Spectaculis, suivi de Pseudo-Cyprien, De Spectaculis by André Boulanger Review by: A. Souter The Classical Review, Vol. 47, No.

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as well as Iren. 203 sofhistam. on p. Bonn: Hanstein. I. De Spectaculis: ANDRA BOULANGER. knowledge of bibliography. M. Heinrich Hoppe. Pp. yet gratitude must be expressed for the new collation of the famous Agobardinus MS. 5. add A. and on the same page Von Dobschiitz's edition of the Decretum Gelasianum should have been used. is omitted altogether. P. Eleazari should have been annotated at greater length. and M.. p. A.248 THE CLASSICAL REVIEW This importance in the history of psychology. Siiss. as many treatises were edited by Beatus Rhenanus in 1521. WASZINK: Tertullian De Anima. I 13. p. 1932. 208. It may at once be said that Rauschen's edition is in The new work is every respect outclassed. n. at Petrograd. 34. cf. 1930) should be added. 218. 206. 147. The student of the Latin Bible will find this work well worthy of study.G. both in annotation and in critical apparatus. Augustins Locutiones und das Problem der lateinischen Bibelsprache. it should be very successful. p.' 1933. J. The critical apparatus is a good deal fuller than that of This content downloaded from 132. discusses these observations in the light of modern knowledge. Ri6misches Recht bei Tertullian und Cyprian (Halle a. Patrick. p. 210. p. 1932) ignored. 5. 6 of the Florilegium Patristicum. are not yet available. but occurs in Apuleius (see Thes. 5. to which add a passage in St. to take the place of the second edition by Professor G. 17 Africae should be Africanae. p. lxvi 1228B). 1930) . THE indefatigable Professor Martin of the University of Wiirzburg has produced this edition as fasc. S. it is quite wrong to say that the Apology alone had been published before 1545. Ubersetzung und Kommentar. A. Getty. p. 3. cf. Pelagius and a good many passages of Augustine efist. Yet the discussion of the textual situation in the preface is useful and welcome. A. On p. p. Fl. J.' It is to be feared that it cannot be recommended on the score of correct printing.L. only some of the Agobardine treatises are in the first volume of the Vienna edition . and his new work (Lund. the fourth part of Th6rnell's Studia Tertullianea (1926) is unknown to the editor. Prov. Quid ad mores ingeniaque Afrorum cognoscenda conferant Sancti A ugustini Sermones (Paris. 246. to which three other passages can now be added). Beitrdi?e. in Matth. 23. Apol. University of Aberdeen. lat. 176. 16. Irenaei p. s. 122. Studien zur lateinischen Bibel. p. Paper.49 on Mon. Paris: 'Les Belles Lettres. 6. Beck. as the editor says. I. Stiff paper. and on the same page the Vienna edition of Ambrose on Luke should have been cited. (see Nov. could now be added. 3 Jun 2013 14:19:12 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . also R6nsch. 233.174. 62 (225). De . I. etc. lxxxvii). III 47. 4 etc. though complete photographs of it exist both in Belgium and in England. suivi de Pseudotexte 6tabli par Cyprien. to which Jerome. The new information thus provided makes the edition indispensable to careful students of these writers. 32. the vEvp6o-rrao-ra Synesius. III. individual words. There is a misprint on p. Ambst. It is unfortunate that the readings of the oldest MS. p. Paris. vulgarisms. fraeiudicare with dat. 207. I 3. but also in Iren. not all of which have been discovered by the author. 35. as also for the collation of the oldest MS (at Paris) of the Pseudo-Cyprianic work. As a book for class use. for the depreciatory use of alicuius. H. SOUTER. the expression bene quoddeserved a note. it is a sign of great carelessness that the name of the chief writer on Tertullian's language and style. Semasiol.v. The following points are of more importance. Tartu (Dorpat): Mattiesen. p. 224. and the type is large and clear. under such headings as grecisms. The book is well indexed. paredros is found not only in Rufinus. might almost be called a full-dress edition. THIS is the first part of a new series called ' Textes d'Etude' among the ' Publications de la Faculte des Lettres de l'Universit6 de Strasbourg. though curiously the scripture passages have been omitted from the last. Test. The title sufficiently describes its compass. Pp. are referred to also by p. 280. and passages quoted are provided. for 'Adimantium' read 'Adimantum'. Rauschen. Solinus is generally regarded as later than Tertullian. (see Study p.. and its successor or successors will be very welcome. SOUTER. hebraisms. p. and all parts of the book are worthy of commendation. Hier. Pp. Degert. on Erasistratus add Afol. p. efflgio is not an invention of Tertullian.Siectaculis. p. Dr. more exx. and takes account of the new work done on Tertullian since 1912. subject-matter. 211. vi+ 318. p. 50. 33). Lecoffre. 6. and occurs also in Aug. p. who is a well-trained philologist. SOUTER. University of Aberdeen. THE De Anima of Tertullian is perhaps the most learned of all his works. and has a real Quinti Septimii Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticum recensuit adnotavit praefatus est JOSEFUS MARTIN. On p. Tertullien. 256. A. the date of Rauschen's work. for 'ad Barnabam' read 'Barnabae. The Lzfe of the North Africans as revealed in the Sermons of Saint Augustine (Washington. p. 4. 1894.' and add ? 9. inanio is a favourite word of Ambst. in the hands of a competent lecturer. Amsterdam: H. THE Locutiones in Hejtateuchum of Augustine contains many important and interesting observations on the text of that part of the Bible. xiii 33 (Migne P. much fuller. 236. 1933. cf. n.Paper. or accuracy in details. who died in 1917. 3 and in glossaries. 126. RM.90. S. 1933. where the true text has never been printed)..255. thise). Von WILHELM StUss. (Study. p. I 9 (Migne P. Indexes of proper names. in Study of Ambst. interesting words. xxvi 94) might have been quoted in illustration. mit Einleitung. Io fr. which it was a happy idea to append to Tertullian's famous treatise. n. There is a fair crop of misprints. University of Aberdeen. whose two volumes are indispensable.

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