Mixed exercises

Use infinitive of purpose to rewrite these sentences.

Bob wants to buy a house so he’s saving some money. > ______________________________________. I went to bed because I wanted to get some sleep. > _________________________________________. Use a, much, many, some, and any to complete the sentences. How ________ milk do we have left in the fridge? You didn’t make ________ mistakes on your test, just two or three. There’s ________ theatre next to the museum. Make the words and match them with their meaning. lbonge gdsigutsin trsore rhease a vehicle for taking a dead person to a cemetery a place where people spend their holiday when something has bad taste, not pleasant something in possession of somebody

Complete the text with be going to future form + the given verbs. stay ski take spend invite have I _____________________ my next holiday in the mountains. I ______________________ my friends to go with me. We ____________________ because there isn’t much snow, but we ___________________ great time there breathing in fresh air and hiking. Almir ___________________ some pictures with his camera. Unfortunately we __________________ there for too long. Use the superlative form of adjectives to complete the sentences. My mum is _____________ cook in the world. (good) What is ________________ animal in the world? (dangerous) She bought ________________ cake in the shop. (big) What was ________________ day of your life? (happy) This was ________________ day of her life. (bad) Complete the sentences with a comparative or a superlative form of the adjectives. People are not friendly in big cities. They are usually _________________ in small towns. (friendly) An ocean is ______________ than a sea. (large) The Alps are very high. They are ________________ mountains in Europe. (high) The weather is not good today. It’s raining. I hope the weather will be _____________ next week. (good) The piano is ________________ musical instrument. (expensive) July is _________________ month of the year. (hot)

. she is doing. they don’t go questions – verb speak. you don’t go. verb write What am I writing? What are you writing? What is he writing? What are they writing? Use The present continuous is used to express an activity happening now. belong. you aren’t playing the guitar. it does. did he study. (It was / big / homework/ we / do) _____________________________________________. want. question I went. he is doing. (He is / intelligent / man / I / see) _____________________________________________. negative. love. around now. he didn’t study. she isn’t playing the guitar. I didn’t go. you are doing. she doesn’t go. she does. hate. it is doing. he doesn’t go. like. habits. irregular verbs – must be memorized the auxiliary verb is did Form positive. we are doing. object the guitar I’m not playing the guitar. they are doing negative – verb play. decide. Use the present perfect + ever and the + superlative (That was / interesting / story / I / read) _____________________________________________. State verbs are always in a simple form. object English Do they speak English? Do you speak English? Does he speak English? Does she speak English? Use The present simple is used to express facts (always or long time true). he does. Some state verbs are: know.Use the words in brackets to write sentences. questions – the question word what. we do. it doesn’t go. etc… Present continuous tense Form positive – verb do I am doing. they do negative – verb go I don’t go. understand. you do. temporary activities or a planned future arrangements (near future) Past simple tense regular verbs – add ed to a basic form. did I go he studied. we don’t go. Present simple tense Form positive I do. you do.

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