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Divination Spells

A Scrying Spell Needed: Candle Light a candle and on Samhain look at your reflection in a dark window. Close your eyes, ask you question about love or marriage and open you eyes and look quickly over your shoulder. There, his/her refection will appear over your left shoulder. A Scrying Spell Needed: Metal or dark glass bowl Water White or black candle Take a bowl of water. The bowl should be metal or very dark glass. During a full or new moon, light a white or black candle in your sacred space, close your eyes and relax. Ask your question and when you open your eyes look into the water. Relax and let images or words come into your mind. Try to screen out the talk that usually happens in everyone's mind and just listen to what is trying to be said to you. A Scrying Spell Meditate. As you meditate, see yourself on a grassy plain with a forest near you. Go into the forest and listen to the whispering of the wind who will answer your question. A Spell to See Spirits Needed: Aloe Pepper Musk Vervain Saffron Sweetgrass or tobacco To see spirits, old European grimoires recommend mixing together aloe, pepper, musk, vervain and saffron, and burning this in a cemetery. We can adapt this for other locations (like those in which the spirit lived) by adding a bit of sweetgrass or tobacco to a specially prepared incense. Create the incense on the anniversary of the death of the individual you wish to contact. This is then burned at 11 am, in the safety of a magick circle that also holds symbolic items to connect you to the entity. An incantation to encourage the spirit's presence is:

"Guardians of the Spirit realm,

hear and guide my plea. When the witching hour rings true, bring my relationship, name of person to me. Other souls who hear my call, are not welcome in this place. Only the one known as name of person may enter sacred space."
Repeat the request three times, twenty minutes apart, then wait quietly for indications of a presence. Signs include the scent of flowers, or favored cologne, a cool wind, movement of curtains, and candles going out or twitching erratically. Once you feel sure the spirit is with you, do not make it tarry overly long. Take care of your business, say farewell, and thank the guardians for their assistance before closing the circle. A Word of Caution: Spiritual entities should not be banished or called for amusement. It is best to contact a knowledgeable, experienced psychic for advice or assistance before undertaking any spells of this type. It is used for communication, and understanding the purpose of spirits. The best times are in-between times, such as noon, midnight, dusk and dawn. Halloween. Seasons of late fall and winter. When the Moon is in Libra. Eclipses. Wednesday. Cloud Eye Rite Needed: An open space Dry ice Passivity This is a version of a rite by an unknown author which involves transferring one's 'essence' to another form, such as a rainbow, an animal, another person, a cloud, even a tree. In this case, you move your perception to a cloud. Open by whatever means feels appropriate. (You might just cast a circle.) Set the dry ice in the center of the working area. Participants circle deosil around the ice, chanting: "Ka-ao-opua-loa" (the sharppointed living cloud). In the Hawaiian legends, this was the name of the kupua of the cloud people. Circling and chanting continue for ten to fifteen minutes, at the end of which all sit down in a circle as close to the ice as possible.

All stare into the fog rising from the ice until tunnel vision sets in (the field of vision goes black except for the object focused upon). At the moment that tunnel vision occurs, say:

As below, so above The cloud is in my eye Ka-ao-opua-loa carry my sight

Participants begin spinning at increasing speed with eyes closed, all the while repeating:

When spinning is no longer possible, participants lie on their backs and open the eyes completely (no squinting) and focus on the first cloud they see. All repeat:

As above, so below My eye is in the cloud Phenomenize the cloud-eye

Visualize a fog exactly like that rising from the dry ice leaving the eyes and rushing up to join with the clouds. Observe it entirely passively, and with the inner voice repeat:

This self is Tenfemet-Douck, The cloud that sees.

When tunnel vision again sets in, close the eyes and open them again quickly. Look down over the terrain that passes below your cloud-eye. Note details if desired, but do not attempt to influence direction or speed of motion. All control of these should be left to the wind. When you have achieved your desired results, switch out of the passive mode and attempt to influence direction or speed. Find yourself back in your human body looking up at the clouds. Banish by laughter, and leave the circle. Consecration of a Scrying Mirror Needed: Mirror

Please make sure your circle is cast and you have taken all the safety measures before scrying.

Mirror, mirror scry to me. Mirror, Mirror let me see what ever it is that's meant to be. if your face must dark remain help me patient be this is my will so mote it be.
Discover the Truth Needed: Divination incense (rose or honeysuckle) Blue candle (for truth) Purple candle (for divination) Personal candle (your color) Purpose: To discover the truth about a friend or loved one, to know if someone is lying to you, to find out if what you know about someone or something is true. Be careful, sometimes we only think we want to know the truth. Make sure you are prepared to cope with the consequences of learning the truth. Preparation: Place the purple candle on the left side of the altar, your personal candle in the middle, and the blue candle on the right. Casting: Light the incense. Concentrate on the truth you are seeking as you pass each candle through the incense smoke. Light the Purple Candle and say:

May the goddess enlighten me

Light the Blue Candle and say:

May I find the truth I seek

Light your personal candle and say:

May my mind be open to all that is true, no matter how painful it might be
Now sit quietly for half an hour. Try to quiet the chatter that happens in everyones mind so that you can hear the truth when it comes. When you have been

enlightened, extinguish the candles and thank the Goddess for her enlightenment. Divination Spell Needed: Cauldron half full of water 2 purple candles Divination incense Best Time: Waxing Moon Fill a cauldron half-full of water and place it on a table where you can see comfortably into it while seated. Light two purple candles and a good divination incense; a combination of mugwort and wormwood work well. Arrange the candles so their light does not shine into the water in your eyes. Focus your attention on the bottom of the cauldron, your hands placed lightly on either side. Breathe gently into the water and say:

Cauldron, reveal to me that which I seek Great Mother, open my inner eye that I may truly see.
Empty your mind as much as possible; remain relaxed while looking deep into the cauldron waters. The answer may come in images in the water, pictures in your mind and strong bursts of knowing. Divination Spell Needed: Metal or very dark glass bowl White or black candle Take a bowl of water. The bowl should be metal or very dark glass. During a full or new moon, light a white or black candle in your sacred space, close your eyes and relax. Ask your question and when you open your eyes look into the water. Relax and let images or words come into your mind. Try to screen out the talk that usually happens in everyone's mind and just listen to what is trying to be said to you. Dream Spell Needed: 1 amethyst rock 1 rose petal (red or pink) 1 lock of hair Place the amethyst next to your bed before sleep. Place the rose petal on top of the amethyst. Place one lock of hair (from the person you wish to dream about) on top of the rose petal.

Say aloud:

I wish to dream of (persons name) tonight.

If you wish for that person to dream of you than place one lock of your own hair on top of the amethyst. Say aloud:

I wish (persons name) dreams of me tonight.

Then lay down and fall asleep. (Don't forget to charge the rose petal, and the amethyst) For Conversations with the Dead Needed: White wine For conversations with the dead go to a cemetery; avoid the graves Annoyance, speaking always gently:

Earth, bone, And winding sheet, Let this spirit Come to meYet send it In peace, Or not at all.
If it comes, it should be offered white wine, not red; and knelt to, from pity. Full Moon Divination Spell Purpose: To find an answer to a question. To divine the future. Casting: During a full moon, make a circle using the thumb and index finger of the hand you use for casting a circle. Center the full moon within the circle. Chant:

Good moon, Round moon Full moon near: Let the Future Now Appear
Concentrate on the moon and ask a question. The answer will come.

Letters to the Ancestral Dead Needed: Purple candle Paper Pen Envelope 3 stones Light the purple candle, intoning prayers for the deceased. For example, you can say:

"I honor my (relations), Who have passed beyond the veil. May the light of perfect love and perfect peace always surround them."
Write a letter to one of the people you honored in your prayer. Detail the problem and ask for their assistance. Place the letter in the envelope and seal with a kiss. Release the circle by drawing the energy into the letter. Take the letter outside and place on top of three stones arranged like a pyramid. Repeat the prayer of honor and burn the letter. Let the cooled ashes escape in the wind, knowing that help is on the way. Leave the stones the way you've placed them. Meditation Spell Meditate. As you meditate, see yourself on a grassy plain with a forest near you. Go into the forest and listen to the whispering of the wind who will answer your question. Mental Sight Needed: Black paper with a hole in it Take a piece of black paper, make a little hole on it and see through it to the rising sun while saying:

I invoke thee, Solar Spirit, with the good auspices of a live God in order to let me see (name).
After you say these words, say:

Anima mea, turbata et valde sed tu domine, squeegee

Go over it three times, looking at the Sun. Then close your eyes, focusing in your thought and in your imagination the image of the person you want to see, who will appear soon.

Psychic Sight Spell Needed: Small purple bag Herbs Violet marker A spell to open the third eye (psychic sight) goes as follows. Fill a small purple bag (or a piece of cloth that you can wrap herbs in and tie up) with as many of the following herbs as you can: Mugwort Acacia Honeysuckle Peppermint Rosemary Thyme Yarrow Cloves Dandelion Lilac Lavender Calendula Gather the edges of the cloth and tie a string around it if you are using a cloth, or if you used a small purple bag, tie it shut. (Drawstring bags work best.) Using a dark violet marker, draw an eye on the front of the bag. Rub the bag on the third eye chakra (forehead) whenever performing divination or needing psychic sight, and sleep with it under your pillow every night. Samhain Love Answer Needed: Candle Light a candle and on Samhain look at your reflection in a dark window. Close your eyes, ask you question about love or marriage and open you eyes and look quickly over your shoulder. There, his/her reflection will appear over your left shoulder. Seeing Auras First of all, what exactly is an aura? It's an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. They can be seen as well as felt, or sensed. Auras can reveal a persons emotional well being as well as physical state.

There's no one method to seeing auras, the method given below is my personal way. First there's the background. Some sources say that when reading an aura it's best to have a very dark black or red background, other's say to a white one. I've tried both and found that for me darker is much easier. Next, the aura is generally strongest around a person's head, but it you don't have another person to try this with, your own had will work fine. Pick a point just beyond your hand and let your eye unfocused (it's very similar to the way you view a 'magick eye' picture for those of you who know what that is). Eventually a thin white band will come into view. This is the first layer of the aura. Once you're able to view the white band, fix your gaze a little ways beyond it. Eventually a colored(s) band will come into view. Note, this stage is much harder to see, after a ton of practice I still can't see it every time. Each color has a meaning which is posted below. Red: Energy, strength, courage Brick Red: Anger Deep Red: Sensuality Crimson: Loyalty Pink: Cheerfulness, optimism Rose: Self love Orange: Joy, vitality, balance of mental & physical Yellow: Wisdom, creativity, spiritual Grayish Yellow: Fear Greed: Ingenuity, compassion, growth Pale Green: Healing power Grayish Green: Pessimism, envy Blue: Spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual Grayish Blue: Melancholy Ice Blue: Intellectual Purple: Spiritual power Orchid: Idealism White: Highly spiritual (rarely seen) Black: Depression, death (rarely seen) Brown: Earthy Dull Brown: Low energy Gray: Fear, boredom, repressed anger Gold: Pure knowing & intuition Silver: Similar to gold, very developed psychically Spell to Call Up a Hearth Spirit For your dwelling place to be a true home, a household spirit needs to live within its

walls. So that a good brownie may be induced to take up residence, take puss on one side, and utter this magick charm over her head three times:

Little one, without a name Come inside and make much game I send my cat upon this errand To hunt you out till you be found And may you of good heart be And truly charming company.
Then let puss run off, and when she comes home again you must watch her closely; you will see her skit and play, patting a little at the air, and growing kittenish as though a child played with her. So by little signs and signals you will come to recognize that a brownie has entered your house; and you may be confident that he will soon make himself known to you. Never frighten or abuse him, but thank him for the tasks he performs, and always praise his handiwork. Spell to Dream of the Future Needed: Pale blue cloth Ash Bay leaves Cinquefoil Heliotrope Holly Jasmine flowers Mimosa Mugwort Onion/yarrow String, ribbon or yarn Dream divination is the power to see the future and enhance clairvoyance through dreaming. To foresee an event in the future through a dream, try this powerful dream ritual. Decide what subject your prophetic/psychic dream will be about: Does it involve you, or someone else? What is the subject you need information on? (Money, love, etc.) How far or near in the future do you wish to see? Do you have a specific question to ask, or just a general topic? How do you want the question answered- by a guide, symbols, emotions, etc.? Once you are sure you know what exactly the prophetic dream should be able, you

can gather your items and prepare your working. Lay out a square of pale blue cloth. In the middle, places a mixture of ash leaves, bay leaves, cinquefoil, heliotrope, holly, jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, mimosa, mugwort, onion, and/or yarrow (however many you can find). Bring the corners towards the middle and tie it all together like a small bag with a string, ribbon, or piece of yarn. Spell to Learn the Truth Needed: 2 white candles Candle to represent yourself Think hard on the subject about which you wish to learn the truth. Light petitioners candle - a candle representing yourself (can be any color you feel represents yourself.) and say:

This candle I light to represent myself. It burns as does the spirit. It is as myself in all things.
Light two white candles and say,

These are the symbols for truth. They are enjoined about (name) and to me show all truth.
Then say:

As I rove in the night 'cross the brown heath bare, In the bright moons light saw a castle fair; Lords and ladies, great and small, Where crowding in, 'twas a festival, Grasses in the wind are waving. They bade me welcome and I went To drink their wine to my heart's content. I danced and laughed with the ladies fair. Ne'er in my life had I such cheer; Grasses in the wind are waving. Then all at once there came a cry: Hark by yaro! Asleep fell I, While a lady dancing at my side Seemed like a lizard away to glide; Grasses in the wind are waving. I woke in the early light of day, In an olden ruin I did lay, O'er the rock and into the sun I saw a green-gold lizard run!

Grasses in the wind are waving. Now the truth I know and it stays with me, For I have seen what I did see, All secret knowledge came to mind, Borne on laughter of the other kind; Grasses in the wind are waving.
Sit then in quiet contemplation for half an hour. In this time will the truth of the subject in question come to you. Spell to Remember a Past Life Needed: Mirror White candle Sit in front of the mirror, turn off the lights, and light the candle. Set the candle next to the mirror so the light from it can hit your face, but so you will not see the candle in the mirror. After this is done, look into your eyes and say:

"Oracle of lunar light, Send me the second sight."

Stare into your eyes and do not blink. Your reflection will dissolve and another will appear. Try to look at the face, body, clothing and surroundings. After you do this you will have emotions you can not explain. Don't worry they go away in a few minutes. Spirit Guide Needed: 2 blue candles Candle to portray you Sandalwood oil Anoint candles with the oil and visualize yourself being in a trance like state. Place blue candles on either side of the chosen candle, light the blue candles and say unto thyself:

Spirit guides/higher self hear my plea Come now and converse with me Walk me and guide me through this veil trance, I ask of you
Now sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breathing patterns. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply, listen to the rhythmic body and breathing motions.

Become relaxed and close your eyes. Focus your third eye and visualize red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and white in that order. Hold each color for a count of five. Watch as it fades into each color, still focusing on the third eye. Watch your breath and see your chest rise and fall with air (eyes still closed) and watch your breath as it changes into waves. Now visualize a door on water. Visualize yourself go in and visit with your spirit guide and ask questions, trust the answers you receive. Walk out the door, watch the waves turn back into breathing patterns. Now open your eyes and say upon yourself:

I return to earth again Thank you spirit self and friends.

Then blow out the candles in reverse order, first your chosen candle and then the blue candles. This spell is very good to do before trying other in-depth spells. Soul Tap Needed: Red candle Picture of person whos soul you wish to tap You should have the red candle lit and the picture of the person whos soul you wish to tap into. Stare as directly at the flame as possible while reciting:

Separate now, but soon will link, my soul and yours shall finally sync. My pride is fiery and so too shall yours be, just follow the flame, so mote it be.
This spell should let you into the persons soul and see what you wish to see. Tarot Chant

"Cards of fortune. Visions past and Sights of future. Guide my thoughts Upon this night And show the pathway Clear and bright."
Telepathy Needed: Purple candle White candle Do this spell before going to bed. A quick relaxing meditation before helps. While burning a white candle and a purple candle, side by side, chant this three times and

envision your mind opening up.

As it be thought in the mind of others Both familiar and strange Both sisters and brothers May it be heard in mine own head Loud and clear as if itd been said.
Then blow out the candles and go to bed. Repeat the spell at least once in the morning, while envisioning your mind opening up. Remember, other peoples thoughts will almost seem like your own. You cant pull them out of other people either. Over concentrating will mess this up. Just have an open mind. Third Eye Rite Needed: Yarrow or mugwort 13 purple votive candles Magick mirror, crystal ball or crystal pyramid Perform this neo-Pagan ritual to improve psychic powers three days before the moon is full, and preferably when it is in either the astrological sign of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. Begin by brewing a strong magical tea made from yarrow or mugwort (herbs that stimulate the psychic senses) and then light thirteen purple colored votive candles to help attract psychic influences. Drink the tea and then gaze fixedly into a magic mirror, crystal ball, or crystal pyramid as you chant thrice the following incantation:

I invoke thee, O Asariel Archangel of Neptune And ruler of clairvoyant powers. I ask thee now to open my third eye And show me the hidden light Let me see the future. Let me see the past. Let me perceive the divine Kingdoms of the unknown. Let me understand the wisdom Of the mighty universe. So mote it be!

After chanting, relax, breathe slowly and concentrate on opening your Third Eye. Do not permit any negative thought to contaminate your mind. The Third Eye, an invisible chakra located in the middle of the forehead above the space between the eyebrows, is the human bodys highest source of power, supernormal sight and clairvoyant vision. To Conjure Spirits Needed: 2 tall purple candles 2 tall green candles A purple amethyst, green jade or agate - in center of altar Sandalwood and lavender incense or sandalwood a willow bark incense Spirit candle Witches' bowl - a bowl or tray 13 inches or more in diameter, marked for divination 3 casting stones Witches bell Time: Waxing Moon or Full Moon: Waning or New Moon Cast a triple circle. Conjuring of Spirits is always done in hours of darkness, not necessary to be midnight, but preferred. After you have performed your primary ritual, cast the incense into your burner, Place the Spirit Candle into the center of the altar and say:

Spirit of good will, I bid thee enter The Outer Circle. The Second Circle. The Inner Circle. I am protected by this Pentacle upon my breast. Which bears the name of (your Spirit Guide) I bid thee, Spirit, Reveal thy Earthly name!
Turn slowly deosil as you speak. Repeat this conjuration three times. Perform a nine card Tarot Divination for the Spirit's name, unless the Spirit replies in some other manner. Ask: Have you a message for me?

Perform a Tarot Divination or use the Witches' Bowl to ask questions.

Spirit, is it true that (questions)?

Deal gently with the friendly Spirits and they will lead you to the Greater Mysteries. During your questioning, observe the Spirit Candle. If it wavers or rises and falls, or flickers unevenly, use the Tarot to see if the Spirit has a message. You may ask three questions, after that you must ask:

May I seek further guidance?

Ask only three more questions. Bid the Spirit depart, saying:

(Name), Good Spirit, Thou hast diligently answered my questions and I do thank thee. I hereby give thee license to depart. Depart, thrice - blessed Spirit, and be thou willing to return when next I conjure thee. By the sound of this bell (Use your Witch's Bell), do I bid thee leave. Depart, Depart. Depart!
To Find Someone Needed: Fire Pen, paper and envelope To reach an old friend or loved one that is far away, write them a letter, address it, and burn it over a raging fire. You will receive an answer. To Have Dreams of the Deceased Needed: White candle Pentagram Picture of the deceased Light the white candle and stare at the flame for a few minutes. Then put the picture at eye level and say:

You are gone forever; But through this spell, My dreams to which You will come.
Place the picture under your pillow. Let the candle burn to a stub, blow it out, and place it under your pillow also. Sleep with them under your pillow for three nights to

receive the dream you want. To Receive an Answer On the evening of a full moon, form a circle with the index finger of your dominant hand (right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed). Raise your arm until you can see the moon in the circle thust formed and murmur these words:

Good Moon, Round Moon, Full Moon that appears, let me foresee the future.
After reciting this sentence, and while continuing to look at the moon, ask a question. You will receive an answer. To Strengthen Your Psychic Shield Needed: Cauldron Red candle Black candle White candle Elder blossom Marjoram Mint Rue Vial Clove oil Frankincense oil Jasmine oil Lavender oil White robe Incense Dagger or sword The night before the Full Moon, find a place where your altar will not be disturbed for twenty-four hours. Put the cauldron in the center with a red candle on the right side, black candle of the left side, and white candle in the back; but do not light them yet. Sprinkle a mixture of equal parts of elder blossoms, marjoram, mint and rue in an unbroken circle around the cauldron. Into a tiny vial, measure equal drops of clove, frankincense, jasmine, and lavender. Set the sealed bottle in the cauldron and leave until the night of the Full Moon. On Full Moon night, take a cleansing bathe and robe yourself in white. Carry a good protective or purification incense through every room in the house. Make certain that the smoke drifts into closets. Return to the altar and light the candles. Take up the dagger or sword. Face the East and raise the sword in salute. To salute in this manner, simply hold the sword point upward in front of you. Say:

By the power of the rising sun, all evil in my life is done.

Turn to the South, salute, say:

By the power of darkening night, my shield is strong, my armor tight.

Turn to the North, salute, say:

By Full Moon in blackening sky, I am not alone. My help is nigh. The Goddess's hands around me stay, To keep me safe by night and day. Be gone, foul spirits, unbidden here. I send you back, I do not fear. For I have won. I am set free. You have no further power o'er me.
Face the altar and take up the vial of oil. Put a drop of oil on your finger and anoint your forehead, heart, solarplexes, wrists and ankles. As you do this, visualize a shining blue suit of armor slowly descending over your body until you are entirely protected. Cap the bottle and store in a safe place. Thank the Powers for their help and extinguish the candles. Apply the oil and repeat the chants whenever you feel the armor is slipping. Trance Spell You will need at least two people to do this. Simply have the person stand with a wall right behind them. You will be standing in front of this person. Tell the person to put their right hand on their left shoulder and their left hand on their right shoulder. Tell them to bend over and start breathing really fast and when they do this fifty or sixty times, tell them to stand up while holding their breath and still having their arms crossed. This is where the other person comes in, they will push on the persons wrists hard and the person will go into a trance for a little while. Now make sure you dont let the person fall and hurt themselves, just hold them and when they wake see what they have to tell you. Trance Spell Needed: Pentagram or a purple cloth big enough to hold five people Altar with a pentagram on it 5 candles Chalice Black candle Metal bowl Garlic Red wine Paper Pen

You need at least five people to do this, you must draw a pentagram or a purple cloth, make sure the cloth is big enough for everyone to sit on. Now have your altar at the head of the pentagram. The altar must have a pentagram on it, with candles at the points, and your chalice in the middle. Now have everyone gather around the pentagram on the cloth, in the middle put the black candle for protection, and a metal bowl with garlic in it, draw an upside down pentagram and burn it and place it in the bowl with the garlic. Ten take your chalice and fill it with red wine. Each person takes a sip out of it and say:

Protect us.
When everyone has done this place the metal bowl and the black candle on the altar and have a volunteer lay down across the pentagram with two people on the right side and one person the left. Have the other person lay in front of the volunteer and rub their temples and say once:

(Persons name) your eyes are getting heavy, you are going into a deep sleep, you see in your mind (person youre trying to contact) his/her mind is like an open book, read it to us.
Then you should take two fingers and place them underneath his/her body and lift him/her off the ground. And then place them back on the ground. Say the persons name who you are trying to contact and they should talk to you. After they are done talking the person should go silent that is showing the person has left. Then you should call the volunteers name and they will wake up. It might help to do a banishing spell after. Water Scrying Spell Needed: Bible Clear glass full of water Kerosene lamp Mirrors This spell can be used to neutralize the power of those who intend to hurt your reputation, in any way pose a threat to your security, or who want to do you physical harm. Take a clear glass and fill it with clean water. Set it on a dresser in front of a mirror, on top of a bible. Then take a lighted kerosene lamp and put it between the water and mirror. Make the glass of water high enough where the flame can be seen through the water. Sit with your back to the water, and with a small hand mirror look over your left shoulder at the reflection of the glass of water in the hand mirror. Sit and be still and very quiet for a few minutes and you shall start and very quiet for a few minutes

and you will start to see images in the glass in the reflection.