logique Les trois operations de l‘esprit:  penser (apprehension/compréhension)  juger (jugement)  raisonner (raisonnement


but our concept is not. While the concept ―apple. You understand the question. Whether. process. the nature of a thing) is the one that most clearly distinguishes humans from computers. but a concept can. namely wave-vibrations of sound of a certain size and shape. The first part (understanding a « What ». we understand reality by means of concepts. Your mind compared (and therefore was present to) two cities 3000 miles apart – at once! Your concepts did what your body cannot do. What is it? Is it? and Why is it? These are dealt with in the three parts of logic. an essence. non-material)   It is ―in‖ your mind. but the concept of it is not: it is in our mind.  Between the two material things—the apple and the word « apple »— there is the concept. for your brain is part of your body. No body can be in two places at the same time. It is not in your brain. That is the only reason why we can use the word « apple » to mean the physical apple we eat : we use one physical thing (the word « apple ») as a symbol of another physcial thing (the apple we eat). which understand nothing . not your body. The house is independent of our mind.I. Compréhension : la chose qui différencie l’homme de la bête et l’ordinateur. and its meaning is the real apple even though its being is not the being of an apple (not in space.  asking questions one simple. observable behavior that clearly distinguishes humans from both computers and animals The three most basic questions humans ask are: What. We do not merely understand concepts. i. and you answer it. and that mental act or mental realtion that we set up is not a physical thing.e. relate and regurgitate data.) The concept . It is a concept. Concepts can do what no material thing in the universe can do : transcend space and time. If all we understood was our own concepts. Concepts have at least five characteristics that material things do not have : 1. la simple appréhension A.‖ is immaterial. Suppose someone asks you whether you think San Francisco or Boston is a more beautiful city. Concepts are spiritual (immaterial.The real house is physical. and Why. no molecules. It has no size. etc. Our concept of a house is our means of understanding the real house. they merely store.  the act of understanding (known as « simple apprehension ») produces in our minds a concept. no weight. The spoken word is also made of molecules. we would not understand objective reality. ‗What‘s that ? » is philosophy‘s first question : baby. the word ―apple‖ is just as physical as an apple for it takes space on the page and is made of molecules.

the word ―apple‖ is just as physical as an apple for it takes space on the page and is made of molecules. 2. While the concept ―apple. lkj .‖ is immaterial.

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