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Air Prep Units Pneumatic Valves Valve Actuators

Filter/Separator with
Check Manual General Symbol
manual drain

Filter/Separator with
Flow Control Push Button
automatic drain

Oil Removal Filter Relief Valve Lever

Automatic Drain 2-Position, 2-Way Pedal or Treadle

Mechanical Cam,
Lubricator less drain 2-Position, 3-Way
Toggle, etc.

Lubricator with manual 2-Position, 4-Way

drain 4-Ported

Lubricator with 2-Position, 4-Way Detent - Line indicates

automatic filling 5-Ported which detent is in use

Air Line Pressure Regula- 3-Position, 4-Way ports

tor adjustable, relieving closed, center position

Air Line Pressure 3-Position, 4-Way,

Regulator pilot 5-Ported cylinder ports Internal Pilot Supply
controlled, relieving open to pressure in
Filter/Regulator center position
(piggyback) Manual Drain Remote Pilot Supply
Relieving (without gauge)
Quick Exhaust
Filter/Regulator And/Or Composite
(piggyback) Auto Drain solenoid and pilot or
Relieving manual override
And/Or Composite
Air Line Combo F-R-L
solenoid and pilot or
manual override and pilot

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Lines & Functions Lines & Functions

Quick Disconnect without

Main Line
checks connected

Quick Disconnect without

Pilot Line
checks disconnected

Quick Disconnect with

Exhaust or Drain Line
checks connected

Quick Disconnect with

Enclosure Line
checks disconnected

Quick Disconnect with

Lines Crossing
one check connected

Quick Disconnect with

one check disconnected
Lines Joining

Flow Direction
Hydraulic Medium

Flow Direction
Gaseous Medium

Energy Source

Line with Fixed


Line with Adjustable


Flexible Line

Plugged Port, Test Station,

Power Take-Off

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