My 8/13/13 e-mail to Queen Elizabeth Hospital CEO Dr. Dexter James re: "Heimlich for asthma" study conducted on dozens of children in Barbados | Institutional Review Board | Hospital

Subject: inquiry From: Peter Heimlich <> Date: 8/13/2013 9:24 AM To: CEO <

bb> CC:,, Dr. Dexter James Chief Executive Officer Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Martinsdales Road St. Michael Barbados Dear Dr. James: Re: Utilisation of the Heimlich Manoeuvre as an adjunct in the Management of Asthma in Paediatric Patients: A Prospective Study by Sean Feanny, Margaret Anne St. John, P. Howard, Department of Paediatrics, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados, an abstract published in the West Indian Medical Journal, Vol. 54 (Suppl. 2), 2005 no.O-47 p. 44: More via my website: On November 19 last year I sent QEH Communications Specialist Carolyn Gayle this letter with the following two questions about the study: 1) Did an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approve, monitor, and review the study? If so, what's the name of the IRB and what's the name of the individual who was responsible for directing the IRB? 2) Was the study approved by the Barbados Ministry of Health's Ethics Committee? If so, what's the name of the individual who was in charge of that committee? Per the emails copied below my signature, on November 26, 2012 Ms. Gayle e-mailed me, "Hopefully by the end of this week you should have a response." Since then I've sent a number of follow-up e-mails, but I haven't received any further communications from QEH, hence this inquiry. Would you please provide answers to my questions? Also, would you please provide me with the full name and job title for P. Howard, one of the study's co-authors? Thank you for your attention and I look forward to receiving the requested information, preferably by this Friday, August 16. Sincerely, Peter M. Heimlich 3630 River Hollow Run Duluth, Georgia 30096 USA ph/FAX: (208)474-7283 website: blog: cc: Tennyson Springer, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Barbados (% Cathy Lashley, Barbados Government Information Service) Professor E.N. Barton, Editor-in-Chief, West Indian Medical Journal Carolyn Gayle On 11/26/2012 1:43 PM, wrote:

Hopefully by the end of this week you should have a response. Carolyn
From: Peter Heimlich [] Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 12:45 PM To: Cc: Subject: Re: [NEWSENDER] - media inquiry - Message is from an unknown sender I'd certainly welcome obtaining the answers to my questions as soon as possible. Could you have those to me sometime this week? Also, would you please confirm if the three authors of the study are still employed by QEH? I also need their full names and job titles, please. Finally, if you have their CVs, I'd welcome receiving copies. Again, thank for your help and I look forward to your next e-mail -- PMH

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