Act 1

Fade In:

Ext: Sky – Day Open shot to a bright blue sky, with moving clouds. The words, “The Cloud Maker” materialises in the clouds. (Hold for 2 seconds and then disperse.) Move camera down. Ext: Single tree on a grassy hill. There is a slight breeze. Junior Junior enters the screen from the right; he sluggishly walks up the hill towards the tree, whilst kicking a small stone. As he reaches the tree, he looks up at it, turns and falls down hard against the trunk and lands in a seated position on a root. His eyes are droopy – he is lacking enthusiasm – he looks sad.

Children (O.S) The sound of children laughing and playing can be heard.

Junior He looks around at his surrounding and notices a butterfly sitting on a rock.

There is a breeze and the butterfly flies off.

Junior His eyes follow the butterfly up to the sky. He notices in the distance up in the sky, there is an old looking man sitting on a cloud, waving back at him. Junior looks on with an extreme quizzical look He shakes his head and rubs his eyes and then looks back up to see the old man is still there.

Act 2

Cloud Maker He jumps to his feet. The cloud around the cloud maker moves around with his motion, and a puff of the cloud drops from the bottom as he lands. Cloud maker He produces a strange motion – He bends and lifts up some of the cloud – opens his arms, then brings them back in – surrounding the piece of cloud with his hands – holds this position – then he opens his hands back out with a burst of cloud.

From the cloud’s burst comes a form of a dragon; it swoops up and then down, straight down to the tree below where junior sits. The dragon circles the tree. Junior Junior ducks in fear. The dragon flies back up, straight up in front of the sun, blocking the suns light for a split second. It back flips down and burst into a passing cloud.

Junior A large smile forms on juniors faces, he jumps up with excitement, he’s clapping, laughing and running around with joy. Cloud maker The cloud maker decides to make more for the child. He slides his foot across his cloud platform, which pushing some cloud to his right. The cloud flows further right and then forms a mother duck.

Cloud Maker He flicks his feet back in a running motion, this creates four puffs of cloud, which slowly forms in to four tiny ducklings. The ducklings quickly hide behind some larger clouds. Cloud Maker The cloud maker kicks a ball shaped cloud. The cloud flies across the sky and burst apart as a plane flies through it. Cloud Maker He raising his hands in the air and a snake shaped cloud is released. It slithers across the sky and then turns in a train with smoke billowing from the chimney. It travels around the sky and turns and flies into the camera.

Fade Out

Act 3

Fade In:

Ext: single tree on a grassy hill with the cloudy sky above. Day – light Dusk Shapes in the sky are still being created in forms of tiny monsters, eagles, fireworks, etc. The child is in the bottom of the shot.

Junior He’s still jumping, running, laughing, clapping and having a really good time. He then falls backwards into the grass. He’s looking up with an exhausted yet happy expression.

Junior’s Mother (O.S) She shouts, “Junior..... Dinner.”

Junior He gets to his feet, looks up and whilst waving, he runs down the hill. Shouting “Bye”

Cloud Maker The Cloud maker is waving back with a cloud hand next to him also waving. He looks at the camera – zoom to his face – he winks with a smile. Fade Out

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