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The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by Watchman Nee

Scripture Reading: Exo. 3:6, 15-16; Matt. 22:31-32

First Corinthians 10:11 says, “Now these things happened to them as an example....” The Bible records the history of the Israelites as an example to us. It is for the purpose of our edification. Although there is an outward difference between God’s work in the Old Testament and His work in the New Testament, they are the same in principle. The principle of God’s work is the same today as it was in the past. God chose the Israelites to be His people, and He also chose men from among the Gentiles to be His people (Acts 15:14). The Bible says that we are fellow citizens and members of the household of God (Eph. 2:19). It also says that we are the true Jews (Rom. 2:29). Hence, the history of the Israelites is a pattern to us. In this book we will consider the way God deals with His people; in other words, the way God edifies His people. Putting it another way, this book will show the kind of experience we must acquire before we can become the people of God. We will discuss this subject through a

Without Abraham.. TWO The Bible shows us that God’s people had two beginnings. The first beginning was with Abraham because God’s selection and calling began with Abraham. and Jacob because each of these three persons occupies a particular place in the Bible.consideration of the history of Abraham. Isaac. Hence. Abraham was a definite beginning for God’s people. Isaac. From that point on. the God of Isaac.the God of Abraham. Isaac. and God had a people of His own. God gained three persons. First there was Abraham. the nation of Israel became the people of God. He said this in the Old Testament. and Jacob. God told the Israelites that they would be a people to Him among all the nations. and Jacob. Isaac. and without Abraham. and Jacob. THREE It is interesting to note that God said. Abraham. The other beginning was with the nation of Israel. and the nation of Israel was also a definite beginning for God’s people. In between these two beginnings. and the Lord Jesus quoted . there would not be the nation of Israel. and Jacob. “I am. 3:6). 19:5-6). then Jacob. and then the nation of Israel. Hence. and Jacob are the foundations of the nation of Israel. we can say that Abraham. and the God of Jacob” (Exo. Isaac.. Isaac. then there was Isaac. God’s people became His people through the experience of Abraham. They would be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Exo. there would not be a people of God.

. FOUR Why do Abraham. God had a spiritual beginning with Abraham. Luke 20:37). All of God’s people have to go through the same kind of experiences. and Luke (Matt. only the names of Abraham. but also in Isaac. Isaac. Hence. the Lord Jesus said that we would see “Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. and that “many will come from the east and the west and will recline at table with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens” (Matt. and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His in the New Testament. and Jacob. He does not mention anyone else’s names. and Jacob. and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His people as well. “I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob” is quoted in the Gospels of Matthew. Here. giving him some particular . and Jacob each occupy a special place in the Bible. Similarly. Mark. giving him some particular experiences. He did something in Abraham first. Mark 12:26. God has worked not only in Abraham. 22:32. Isaac. giving him some particular experiences. This shows that Abraham. and Jacob occupy such a special place in the Bible? It is because God wants to select a group of people to come under His name and to make them His people. 8:11). Isaac. Furthermore. Beginning with the kingdom of God” (Luke 13:28). and He did something in Abraham for the purpose of showing us the necessary experience that God’s people have to go through. God did some work in Jacob.. God began to gain a people. Isaac. The nation of Israel is founded upon Abraham.

He also told the Israelites. Abraham. the total experiences of Abraham. 26:24). Each of these men occupies a particular position before God. and Jacob are the experiences that all of God’s people should have. and to thy seed” (28:13). Instead.experiences. “I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father. they entered into the inheritance of the three men. It is not enough to make us God’s people if we merely have Isaac’s experience. and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His people. to Isaac.. concerning the which I did swear to give it to Abraham.. and Jacob. and to Jacob. God told Isaac. “I will bring you in unto the land. We must have the attainments of Abraham plus Isaac plus Jacob before we can become God’s people. The attainments of these three should be the attainments of all the people of God. Isaac. “I am the God of Abraham thy father. It is not enough to make us God’s people if we merely have Abraham’s experience. and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest. to thee will I give it. Isaac. They did not have any inheritance of their own. and will bless thee. This shows us that the Israelites entered into the inheritance of the three men. and I will give it you for a heritage” (Exo. 6:8). Isaac. and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham’s sake” (Gen. Hence. He told Jacob.I am with thee. The dealings which these three received before God and the experiences they went through culminated in a people of God. and it is not enough to make us God’s people if we merely have Jacob’s experience. and Jacob. Their different spiritual experiences typify three different kinds of spiritual . Abraham.

Jacob must be included for complete qualification.” but “My Father is working until now. Within both of these two names is the root Abra. Isaac. the element of Isaac. Without these elements. because Esau and his descendents can say the same thing. “My God is working until now. all the people of God should have the element of Abraham.” For God to be the Father means that . To say that Abraham is our ancestor is not enough. and Jacob.principles. and the lesson he learned was to know God as the Father. Neither is it enough to say that both Abraham and Isaac are our ancestors. In other words. What does it mean to know God as the Father? It means that everything is from God.” Abraham was a father himself. God’s people must say that their ancestors are Abraham. he learned this one lesson— knowing God as the Father. “My Father is working until now. and Jacob. and the element of Jacob in them. He did not say. and I also am working” (John 5:17). Isaac. God’s people must have the element of Abraham. FIVE Abraham’s original name was Abram. Throughout his whole life. Isaac. which in the original language means “father. 17:5). because Ishmael and his descendants can also say that their ancestor is Abraham. All true Israelites and all genuine people of God must say that Abraham. and Jacob are their ancestors. All three must be together before we can justifiably be a people of God. we cannot become God’s people. Later God changed his name to Abraham (Gen. The Lord Jesus said.

You will not have to try to hold yourself back from doing this thing or that thing. he . He left his father’s land without knowing where he was going. Abraham never thought of this. for whatever that One does. these things the Son also does in like manner” (v. but God. “The Son can do nothing from Himself except what He sees the Father doing. 19). and everything originates from Him. he did not know where he was going (Heb. His experience shows us that he had no thought of becoming God’s people. God wanted him. “Has God initiated this?” This is the experience of Abraham. “In the beginning God. It was God who brought him from the other side of the Euphrates River (Gen. It was God who initiated. Hallelujah! God wanted him and God did the work.God is the Creator. Abraham did not initiate anything. This was Abraham. When he was called to go out. and then Abraham went and possessed it. 12:1-5). The Son was sent from the Father. and He called him out. God is the Father. He did not know anything about it beforehand. God was the Initiator of everything for him. On that day you will realize that you cannot do anything and that you are helpless. God is the Father. Instead you will ask. 11:8). Genesis 1 begins by saying. The day that God shows you that He is the Father will be a blessed day. God said it first.” In the beginning it was not us. This must be our experience. Abraham did not volunteer to go to the land flowing with milk and honey. We are not worthy of initiating anything.. We must receive grace from God to realize that we cannot initiate anything... the unique Initiator.

You are the source of everything. “If the Lord is willing. This kind of knowledge is not a knowledge in doctrine. Without You. This was not all.” This does not mean that you should be indecisive. If we do not have Abraham’s realization.had nothing to do with it. Abraham did not know that he was going to beget a son. He is the Father. If you know that God is the Father. He was not .” This was Abraham. “God. I will do this and that. and You are my source. Abraham could not initiate anything. SIX What is the lesson we learn from Isaac? Galatians 4 says that Isaac is the promised son (v. It means that you truly do not know what to do and that you only know after the Father has revealed His will. In Isaac we see that everything comes from the Father. His son was given to him by God. I cannot have a beginning. Isaac. It is a knowledge in which one is brought to the point of confessing. You will only say. Whatever the Lord says. and Jacob in Genesis 11 through 50 shows us that Isaac was an ordinary and unexceptional man. This was Abraham. we cannot be God’s people. you will not be so confident and will not say that you can do whatever you want. He even had to receive his son from God. Abraham knew God as the Father. I will do. The first lesson we have to learn is to realize that we can do nothing and that everything depends on God. 23). The history of Abraham. I am not the source. and He is the Initiator of everything.

But even the wells were first dug by his father. 26:18). Salvation is received. All that we have comes from the Father. It is also impossible to have the experience of Isaac without the experience of Abraham. The life of the Son which we inherit comes from Him. Abraham came from the other side of the great river. We also have to see that we are sons and that everything we have is from Him. In other words. The lesson that Isaac teaches us is that we have nothing other than what we have inherited from the Father. Many people fail to become Abraham because they fail to become Isaac. This is Isaac. It is true that Isaac dug a few wells. victory is received. . which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father. 4:7). Paul asked a question: “And what do you have that you did not receive?” (1 Cor. Many people cannot be in the position of Abraham because they cannot be in the position of Isaac. We have to see that God is the Father and that everything proceeds from Him. Isaac was not like this. for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them” (Gen. sanctification is received. In the eyes of God we are only those who Abraham. justification is received. there is nothing that we have that has not been received. and he was not like Jacob. “And Isaac digged again the wells of water. But neither was Isaac like Jacob. It is impossible to have the experience of Abraham without the experience of Isaac. Isaac’s whole life was an enjoyment of his father’s inheritance. whose life was filled with difficulties and who suffered many dealings. he was a pioneer.

But there is a problem: Many Christians do not receive. the doctrine of overcoming and the . The activity of the flesh is still present. yet in reality we initiate many things. Then we try to initiate something again. and we still try to do things ourselves. We see from God’s Word that everything He promised to Abraham was promised also to Isaac. The principle of receiving is the principle of Isaac. But we still do not receive.forgiveness is received. Why? We do not overcome by the law of life. He gave Isaac what He gave his father. this is our liberation. SEVEN Now let us come to Jacob. and the natural life is still present. We behave this way because Jacob is still present within us. This is our salvation. but by the third week we have forgotten it. without telling us that the natural life needs to be dealt with. we try to overcome by our own will. We remember a doctrine for two weeks. Why? One reason is that the principle of Jacob is still in us. If a doctrine of overcoming or a teaching of sanctification only tells us that everything comes from God and that everything is received. and freedom is received. we will be left with vanity and emptiness. Many Christians see that God is the source of everything. the power of the soul is still present. instead. We have to say. We know that everything we have comes by receiving and that if we do not receive anything. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Everything we have is from God. God did not give anything additional to Isaac. They also see that everything they have comes through receiving. We know doctrinally that God is the Initiator of everything.

At the same time. and uncle. father. We have to see that God is the Head of all things. Isaac speaks to us of the Son. we have to see that our natural life must be checked. Whether or not we can receive the promise of the Son and whether or not we can take the way of the Father depend on whether we accept the discipline of the Holy Spirit and whether we are willing to have our natural life touched. and Jacob speaks to us of the Holy Spirit. it will only make us happy for a few days. We can see this from the life of Jacob. Only then will we see the goodness of the Son and the way of submission to the Father. He went to his uncle empty-handed and came back with his hands full. Jacob’s history is a type of the discipline of the Holy Spirit. If a teaching does not touch the soul-life. Then everything will be over. We have to see that we are those who receive. He could deceive anyone. he could do everything. What is the lesson we learn from Jacob? Abraham speaks to us of the Father. He was not like his father. but that his experiences represent the work of the Holy Spirit. He could devise anything. He deceived his brother.teaching of sanctification are incomplete and impractical. who was just a son. This was Jacob. It does not mean that Jacob represents the Holy Spirit. The outstanding characteristic of Jacob’s natural constitution was his cleverness. But at the same time. we see a person whom the Holy Spirit disciplined step by step. and he could achieve anything. He . We see a crafty person who was filled with schemes and deceits. He was an exceptionally clever person.

they were the trials that a clever man had to go through. Jacob experienced the continual discipline of the Holy Spirit. yet he still ended up being the younger brother. the drought consumed him in the day. Jacob learned the greatest lesson. The natural life has to be pressed out. Some brothers and sisters are exceptionally clever. He supplanted his brother with a pottage of lentils and usurped the birthright. not Rachel first. God touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh. But we must remember that we do not walk in fleshly wisdom but in the grace of God (2 Cor. but he. calculating. and the frost consumed him by night (Gen. When he went to stay with his uncle. he lived a toilsome and hard life. not his brother. but Laban gave him Leah. he wanted to marry Rachel. but he. From . 31:40). The sinew of the hollow of the thigh is the strongest sinew in the whole body. All these experiences were the discipline of the Holy Spirit. As a result.held his older brother’s heel. Jacob’s history is a picture of the discipline of the Holy Spirit. his cleverness was never able to have its way. and resourceful. not his brother. Indeed. became a wanderer. He received his father’s blessing. On the night at Peniel. it was actually the best night of his life! He thought he could have his way with anyone and could similarly have his way with God. thoughtful. 1:12). shrewd. eventually had to run away from home. Those who can scheme and who are resourceful will see God’s hand upon them. and he became crippled (Gen. For Jacob’s hollow to be touched meant that God had touched the strongest part of his natural life. For twenty years. But when he came face to face with God. 32:25).

you will no longer trust in yourself. This is the discipline of the Holy Spirit. EIGHT In conclusion. Isaac shows us that everything comes from God. he deceived his father. The more a person deceives. But now things were different. The formerly clever Jacob would never have been carried away by the deception of his sons. Abraham shows us that everything is of God. because he was such a deceiver himself. One day God will shine on you and show you how evil. we cannot do anything by ourselves. he was deceived by his sons (37:2835). he would never have believed in others. You will acknowledge that you dare not serve God anymore and that you are not qualified to serve Him any longer! From that point on. he was crippled! Before he was crippled.that day on. and conniving you are. the more he does not trust in others. and his natural strength was dealt with and was stripped away by God. because he judges others according to his own heart. and our place is to receive. After that day. 28)! From that day on. wicked. This is the kind of experience that makes us the people of God. you will not be able to lift up your head. The latter Jacob was different from the former Jacob. God’s light will terminate you and force you to admit that you are finished. After he was crippled. He shed many tears. This is why he could be deceived by his own sons. When God shows you who you are. he was Jacob. Israel came into being (v. But . he was no longer a supplanter but one who was being supplanted. Before that time. He no longer trusted in his own cleverness.

Being lame does not mean that we cannot walk. confident. it means that every time we walk. something will go wrong.if we only receive and do not have the discipline of the Holy Spirit. he does not have the experience of Peniel. From that day on. Then we will not be careless and make proposals rashly. We have to be clear about all three experiences before we can advance in the way of God. Before God brings a man to such a point. and powerful have not experienced the discipline of the Holy Spirit. All three experiences are particular experiences. This is what Jacob shows us. and how easy it is for us to act without prayer. rather. we realize our weakness and our lameness. This is the common trait of all those who know God. How easy it is for us to make proposals. He has to break apart our natural life and show us that we can do nothing by ourselves. and yet all three are interrelated in their accomplishment. He will deal with our natural life. God has to touch our natural life in a drastic way. close window . One day the Lord will come to us. we will be lame men. How easy it is for us to develop a confidence apart from God. May God open our eyes to see the relationship between these three kinds of experiences. touch us. Then we will become humble and follow the Lord in fear and trembling. and twist the hollow of our thigh. All those who are still resourceful. We cannot have just one or two of the three.

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