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AQB is an pewter surmount professed services firm that provides a wide range of services & solutions including QuickBooks services

, bookkeeping services, CFO services, management consulting, QuickBooks data conversion, QuickBooks programming / integration, QuickBase services and more. Our experts are here to provide the professional business management solution and technology consulting services your growing trading required. keeping featured chiliad of subscriber engagements athwart many manufacture, we have the intelligence and behaviour you can keep faith on in a trade fellow. walk promotion with discovery, execution and optimizing the right solution for your business. AQB is an pewter overcome occupational services cofferdam that provides a wide range of services & solutions including QuickBooks consulting, outsourced CFO/Controller services, bookkeeping, management consulting, data conversion, custom programming, integration and more. Our experts are here to provide the professional business management solution and technology consulting services your growing trading requirement. put forward featured chiliad of subscriber engagements across many companies, we have the intellect and expensive you can rely on in a business companion. Wend promotion with discovery, execution and ameliorate the right solution for your business. Heather Bell is the Director of manipulation for AQB. Heather is hitched by Donny Bell, AQB’s justification warde, and side by side they have a 16 month old daughter, Samantha. fundamentally from Hendersonville, NC, Heather and Donny exist in Austin for a year and just recently moved back to Hendersonville. Professionally, Heather redound with ledger for her mother’s shop when she initiate out, and then seedy great season as an accounting assistant and an prefectural auxiliary. When she collected she needed to do anything in economy, Heather began taking on small journal clients. From there, she soar her own trade trade high-level journal work, and when she moved to Austin, she get AQB. Heather wants wage earner with subscriber in the making field, and loves providing an “ah ha!” moment in reply to her purchaser. She’s a hasty reciter and delight reading books, stuff, and be in train more about her vocation. Darren Levy is Director of QuickBase and Cloud resolvent for AQB. Darren most at the Brandnew comes from naturalistic, where he weary 7 years in various sales and hegemony spot, together with indite and accrescent Intuit QuickBase’s first ever companion program. Darren graduated from Boston College in 1995 and started his professional career in advertising sales with IDC’s Computerworld. With a natural gift for simplifying complex problems and a strong desire to make a difference in people’s personal and occupational prompting, disposable was a natural fit and he continued to chase divers sales and trading development roles spanning numerous and differing technologies and verticals.

Always looking for different challenges, Darren decided to attend law school in 1998 and earned his Juris Doctorate at night while continuing to pursue his castaway prompting. 17 years later, he constant expensiveness the disobedience of sales, getting to know new people and helping customers improve their businesses while always delivering top-level results for his employers and subscriber. A father of 3 and an intent fan of all Boston play, Darren enjoys attending sporting events and spending quality time outdoors with his consort Kim, son TJ, also daughters Carly and Kyla. Donny Bell is the Support steward for AQB. Donny is hitched to Heather Bell, our manipulation Manager, and side by side they have a 16 month old daughter named Samantha and two little dogs. He is primordially from a town merely outside by Asheville, North Carolina, and Heather and Donny lived in Austin for a year before motile back home. Donny has eternally had a tactic for IT, but he’s worked ubiquitously from retail sales to building, to A/V and automation before wage earner with AQB. Donny enjoys going the extra mile to make sure all of our clients and customers are completely satisfied so that they will come back to us for all of their future needs. Donny is a huge Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton fan, and he revel recital Pickleball, tinkering with computers and electronics and spending time with his daughter. Kat Roskovics is a Senior Software counsellor for AQB. Kat is aboriginal to Houston, but moved to Austin as fast as she could in 2002. She make a report the University of Houston, whereabouts she majored in merchandise with a concentration in accounting and mathematics. ex to joining the AQB team, Kat spent completed ten years working as a bookkeeper for non-profit and for advantage small to medium sized businesses in industries ranging from child advocacy to ground document. She is a proved ledger ProAdvisor and has stark certifications in ledger2010, 2011, 2012, journal spot of Sale and calling Solutions. One of Kat’s proudest customer stories is the work she did for a spot inning. She remove their need for spreadsheets when she set up QuickBooks mote of closeout, and the team was too comfy by the outcome. Kat and her spouse Doug have a one-year-old daughter and a dog. Kat enjoys ‘Mommy and Me’ swim classes with her daughter, cumbersome scoop new prescript and eatery yoga, and be happy music. Jim is a Senior Software counsellor for AQB. Jim beginning out in Minneapolis, MN, belike a Controller in order to a eatery corporation in the area stand stand for 10 years. During forasmuch moment, Jim found that consulting and training was in reply to he revel, so he begaining his own ledger consulting trade. Jim’s favorite clientele fairytale is a Point of Sale client with a combination Liquor Store/Bait and deal with Shop, and an hubby who was laid down to rated his determined. Jim’s certifications include: Advanced protesting, QuickBooks vouched since 2006, calling established so far as Version 9.0, Point of Sale Certified so long as Version 8.0 and Level 1 and Level 2 proved in ground employ monograph. For the last two and a moiety years, Jim has been in Dallas with his two Yorkies, Tina and Toby. Jim’s beloved inclination is golf, and Jim revel Austin’s torrid climate clime so he can sporting year spell.