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Hari Om Gupta

E-mail:- Phone no. +91-9603555860/8765205155 Hyderabad,AP.

Career Precise
3 +Year Rich Experience in India & Abroad in RF Field as Drive Test and optimization for 2G And 3G,Co-ordinator for Drive and survey projects, Post-processing using actix analyzer, mapinfo,Mcom and tems RA.

Work Experience: Current Project:
Dates Project Name Job Description : Dec 2012 – Till Date. : Idea Cellular Limited Hyderabad,Andara pradesh :Working as Drive Test & Optimization Engineer For drive and optimization in Idea Cellular Limited A.P. in the payroll of Aster :Tems 13,Mapinfo,Actix Analyzer

Tool used

Overseas Projects:
Dates Project Name Job Description Tool used Dates Project Name Job Description Tool used Dates Project Name Job Description : July 2012 – Aug 2012. : NSN_airtel RF & LOS SurveyProject Lilongwe,Malawi :Working as RF & LOS survey Co-ordinator Engineer in Airtel-Nsn survey project in Malawi in the payroll of Nutek. :Pathloss 4.0,Global Mapper 13,Mapinfo 10.0,Google Earth. : Feb 2012 – June 2012. : NSN_airtel 3G Project Antananarivo,Madagascar :Working as Drive Test & Optimization Engineer in Airtel-Nsn 3G Project in Madagascar in the payroll of Nutek :Nemo outdoor,Mapinfo,Actix Analyzer,scanner : Sep 2011 – Nov 2011 : Huawai-ZTE-Airtel 3G Project Srilanka : Worked at IGTL International Pvt Lanka Ltd. as DT And Optimization Engineer for Huawei and ZTE In the payroll of Bharati Maxtel :Tems 9.0,Tems 10,Mapinfo,Actix Analyzer,Atoll all,scanner

Tool used

KP Inter College.P.U. GPRS/EDGE/HSPA drive BSC Drive (Pre and Post) Call Testing .U. Dates Working For Job Description Tool used Dates Working For Job Description Tool used : Fer 2010 – March 2011 : NSN Maxies Aircel 2G project delhi : worked as a Drive Test Engineer in NSN Maxies Aircel Delhi in the payroll of Mobilecomm inc. : Nemo outdoor. kharela(Mahoaba).P.  cover the Structure and various sectors of application of GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication).P.Mapinfo : Sep 2010 – Jan 2011 : NSN-Vodafone 2G & 3G project Chennai : worked as a Drive Test Engineer in NSN GBDT Chennai O&M Project in the payroll of Mobilecomm Inc :Tems 9. Electronics & Communication Engineering U P Board.India projects. 73% 66% 2009 2003 2001 Summer Internship: Organization: BSNL.BAREILLY (May-July 2007) Vocational training from "BSNL" (Telephone Exchange rajendra nagar. Ghaziabad (U.0.Mapinfo Qualification: Year of passing Degree / Certificate B. 10h exams Institute / School. Pradeep gangwar (SDO.bareilly) Guide: Mr. Skill Set:      Drive Test and optimization for 2G. & 3G GSM/WCDMA Theory.bsnl Bareilly)  Conducted study on: ‘Electronic Exchange and switching’. 12h exams U P Board. City Performance 67 % Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology.Tech.) GRV Inter College Rath(Hamirpur).

Handling and Providing Solution for Customer Complain for Data Throughput and coverage. mechanical & electrical tilt horizontal & vertical beam width to improve RSCP. Soft and hard handover(Inter Rat Handover). Optimizing the NBs of 3G-3G. 3G-2G. Poor BLER. and hence to reduce pilot pollution Analysing the PCT scanner drive for overshooting problem and reducing pilot pollution. Analysis different type of Modulation scheme such as 16QAM. Cluster drive Using Scanner RF Survey for the new site LOS Survey for linking Sites via mw Working on pathloss 4. Pilot Pollution. QPSK for downloading and QPSK for Uploading. Optimizing the 3G sites by analyzing the rootcause and improving the CSSR and RAB Success rate Analysis different type of parameters for HSDPA such as CQI.      Benchmarking using 5-6 MS. 64QAM. 2G-3G and the external for 3G and 2G networks. Daily escalate hardware issues to project team for rectification. HO failures. Soft Handover. No of Codes Assigned. 2G Experience:  RF Survey & planning. CPICH. Ec/Io. Daily KPI monitoring for RNCs and Report analysis. SSV for New sites for 2G And 3G.           . improving the IRAT Handover . Pre and Post Planning and Optimization and report preparation for Benchmarking. Optimized physical parameters like Antenna type.0 and global mapper Experience Sumary : 3G Experience:  Diagnosing all RF related problems in 3G such as Ec/Io. RSCP Analysis. Responsible for reducing congestion and drops. call failures.

2.9. Neighbors list optimization by adding potential & removing unnecessary neighbors basis of raw data available from drive test result and using MIPT and Common tool. TCH/CCH congestion.Channell) For Planning & optimization:      Actix Analyzer Atol All M COM Mapinfo professional Tool(MIPT) MS Office Strengths: . call failures. cell sectorization and optimizing cell size  Software / Tools Used: For Drive Test:      TEMS 6.1 .10. Diagnosing all RF related problems such as interference. Signal strength and quality analysis.1.12. Optimization of hot spot capacity requirement using cell splitting. 8. 60.13 NEMO Outdoor 5 M COM Mapinfo professional Tool(MIPT) Compass For Survey:      Global Mapper Google Earth Pathloss 4.0 Mapinfo professional tool GPS (Garmin 12. bad quality. &72. coverage or quality. HO failures. poor coverage. Optimizing the network by Physical Optimization.1.     Analyzing RF measurements (GSM and GPRS) and statistics in order to decide the need of new sites either for traffic.7.

  Ability and willingness to learn quickly and successfully implement the knowledge so gained.) Hariom Gupta . Confident and never die attitude Interests:    Travelling listening to Music photography Personal Information: Name Fathers Name DOB Address Nationality Sex Marital Status passport No. : Hari om gupta :Mahesh kumar Gupta : 25/03/1987 :Vill & post-Kharela.P. Dist-Mahoba (210425) UP : Indian : Male :single : H5906761 Issued from GZB (U.