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Anura Senanayake’s utterances betray the truths in Weliveriya murders –Those behind the dispatch of brutal army exposed

(Lanka-e-News-13.Aug.2013, 11.00AM) It has come to light that both Attanagalla ASP Jayalath Balagalla who gave evidence in Gampaha court on the 8 th at the post mortem examination , and Director of the CID Colombo, SSP D R L Ranaweera who led the evidence are engaged in a conspiracy to mislead the court. Firstly, the appearance of Balagalla in court to give evidence is itself a deceitful act since he is the ASP in charge of Attanagalla district police division, Gampaha, whereas the incident occurred at the Gampaha police division Weliveriya district. The SSP of Gampaha division is Vijitha Komasaru , and the ASP of Weliveriya district is K A Kodituwakku. Towards this incident , it was additional ASP Sandagiri Bandara who was assigned. Hence , when all these police officers are actually in charge relating to this incident , it is questionable why , ASP Balagalla of Attanagalla came to give evidence ? In other words he had overstepped his limits and trespassed on an area of duty which does not belong to him. This Balagalla had eagerly undertaken this sordid task of misleading the court because the other officers who ought to give evidence have refused to tell lies in court unlike unscrupulous Balagalla who is a habitual liar. The latter had leapt to give evidence saying the magistrates are of no consequence to him. Hereunder is what Balagalla told , and the profusion of lies …

Might we mention it is SSP Ranaweera who lifted his ball for Balagalla to hold and lie …. Ranaweera : ‘Did you notice anything other than the use of stones and missiles ?’ Balagalla : ‘Yes. When the officers who were there to control the situation were getting ready with the water hoses, a number of gunshots were heard in the direction of the protestors. At the same time I saw the forces trying to disperse the mob. I sent the anti riot squad and the water hose vehicle towards that spot.’ This is an absolute lie . Based on what were truly telecast via the TV channels on the 2nd , it is a different story. It clearly depicts the forces that were there a few yards away from the protestors shooting at them. The video tapes do not show any usage of water hoses before or during the shooting. The next question was another ball lifting exercise of Ranaweera : ‘Why weren’t water hose or tear gas used when the stones and missiles were being hurled ?’ Balagalla : ‘When the Army Brigadier and soldiers are mingled with the protestors , the use of tear gas on them would drive them and innocent people into dire problems.’ This explanation is not only stupid but even most ludicrous. He alleges because the Brigadier would get ‘soaked’ the water hose was not used. Doesn’t this accomplished liar understand that shooting at the people can cause more harm than use of water hoses on them. When Ranaweera realized that Balagalla is making idiotic statements that can jeopardize their joint evil motives and may expose their atrocities committed , Ranaweera began putting words into Balagalla’s mouth which is accustomed to infant’s soothers . Ranaweera : ‘Did the forces advance or retreat while they were attacked?’ Balagalla : ‘They advanced’ Ranaweera : ‘Think carefully and give answers .Did the forces move forward when the water hose was used ?’ Balagala : ‘No, they retreated.’ It is a pity that courts were treated as a mental asylum by Ranaweera and Balagalla when concocting and manufacturing such deliberate lies .Indeed it was a contempt of court . The true picture is thus : ——————————————At about 10.00 a.m. on the 1st of August , on instructions of the IGP , 2 water Bowsers had been dispatched to Weliveriya from Colombo. Two specially trained anti riots squad were also sent to Weliveriya.

The squads were constituted of : 2 ASPs 3 chief Inspectors 5 IPs 9 SIs 23 Sergeants and 147 constables They were possessed of T 56 weapons , tear gas and rubber bullets firing 12 bore rifles. They were in the ready to combat a riot . Meanwhile , senior DIG Anura Senanayake had phoned SSP Vijitha Komassaru in charge of the division and given a different instruction. “Don’t deploy the anti riot squad , defense secretary Gotabaya is sending two groups with the Commando force to Weliveriya. They will take the necessary measures.” The ASP Sandagiri Bandara and ASP K .A. Kodituwakku had also been intimated of this. This gives the answer to the crucial and raging question who sent the forces to Weliveriya? In the circumstances , it was none other than Anura Senanayake who de activated the police anti riot squad. Balagalla and Ranaweera are jointly lying to court profusely to distort this picture and suppress the truth. Here is the putrid antecedence of Jayalath Balagalla : —————————————————He was the former police authority, ASP of Tangalle and Beliatta villages of the Medamulana Rajapakses. He is notorious for having given all the protection to all the unlawful actions of the Rajapakses. While there were over 100 warrants of arrest against Julampitiya Amare, it was Balagalla who shielded him from being arrested. Moreover , it is this same scoundrel of an ASP who safeguarded Sampath Vidanapathirana , the chairman of the Tangalla local body involved in the murder of the British citizen , Khurram Sheikh. Balagalla’s brother is a bosom pal of Namal Rajapakse and is a chief of the Nil Balakaya. Balagalla after providing protection to Vidanapathirane after the murder, till produced him to court. It was this same scoundrel of an ASP who gave protection to Saruwa Sunil , the chairman of Akuressa local body who has a disgraceful criminal record of numerous child rapes . When Saruwa Sunil celebrated his erotic and illicit sex achievements , Balagalla also attended the party.

This scoundrel of an ASP who is a practitioner of all the cardinal sins on earth , which is the best qualification one must have to be stooge of the Rajapakses , is now deeply in his toils trying to manipulate the court evidence in the Weliveriya ghastly murders committed by a group of the forces under direct instructions of the murderous Rajapakses. Ranaweera the other police scoundrel and stooge of the Rajapakses who so far had been conducting investigations into corruptions shall be warned that , after his coming to the CCD under its notorious Director Anura Senanayake , he too is infected with the murderous and ruthless traits. May we advise him to try and maintain his previous good record without tarnishing it simply by stooping to do the sordid biddings of the Rajapakses. After being born into an ordinary middle class family , and holding a responsible position now, if you are to indulge in unscrupulous and evil activities of wrongfully protecting the murderers of innocent school children and citizens, not only, no religion will condone it , but a s every religion preaches , you will have to meet with a terrible death sooner than later .