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Paul. they will find themselves on solid Biblical ground with spiritual leaders across the pages of Scriptures. hearts. Moses. greed. Jesus. and more. Malachi. and instructed to faithfully share the best of what God has given them. and provisions to his people. Brian Kluth. stories and testimonies." God has generously given financial blessings. encouraged. When a pastor and a congregation's leaders recognize the importance and the need to launch generosity initiatives or campaigns. and pocketbooks for the glory of God and the benefit of others in our generation. you are joining a "Who's Who" list of godly spiritual leaders throughout the Scriptures and across the ages. but they need to be taught. A vision for teaching a congregation God's word on finances and generosity will lead to transformed lives. some churches stop at nothing. mailings. I often like to say that "no church has a money problem.Guide to Increase Church Giving for Pastors & Church Leaders Why & How To Conduct an All-Church Generosity Initiative to Unleash Joyful Giving in Your Congregation By Dr. Studies show that pastors feel unequipped and unprepared to effectively teach on money. every church somewhere has to tackle the constantly-under-the-surface question. Even a simple review of Bible characters (Nehemiah. Haggai. family/small group/classroom discussion. Yet. for most churches this is the "silent subject" and when it comes to teaching on giving. Hezekiah. they have a faithfulness problem. devotional readings. and Timothy) shows that God wants leaders to lead His people away from the quicksand of materialism. consumerism. 4 Reasons to Conduct a Generosity Initiative to Increase Your Congregation's Giving When it comes to teaching on finances and generosity.MAXIMUMgenerosity. . the first thing to realize is that a generosity initiative is not only on the "pastor's shoulders". An effective plan will be multifaceted and will include Teaching and calling people to live and give generously to God's work is a common theme throughout Scripture. "when and how are we going to effectively teach and encourage our people to be generous?" Well. So. resources. Senior Pastor and Founder of www. when you decide to launch a generosity initiative in your church. and idolatry to the high ground of living a generous life for the glory of God in their generation.

Soon they were fully supporting their local church and church leaders. This world screams at them in every way imaginable that only having more stuff or the latest-greatest stuff will make them more happy. and from being selfish to sharing. they will help people slay the dragon of materialism that breathes down their necks every day. Reason 3: A generosity initiative will deepen people's commitment to the Lord and to your church Matthew 6:21 tells us that "where your treasure is there your heart will be also. their hearts are not with you! The sad reality is that in many churches. We're all born selfish. The missionary later confessed that as the "rich American" he was wrong in not teaching the people about giving to the Lord. This will often lead to behind-the-scenes and/or up-front stories of God's provision and faithfulness to his people as they begin to faithfully give to the Lord. A regular or annual approach to bringing some of these Scriptures to light will help transform hearts. I heard of one missionary that had some tribal people who had begun to read their Bibles come up and ask him. Reason 1: A generosity initiative will Increase people's Biblical understanding Living generously does NOT come naturally. but does not learn to faithfully and generously give to the Lord's work at your church. Reason 4: A generosity initiative will provide a format and forum to encourage greater generosity in people's lives If done well. If someone sits in a pew week after week. The tribal Christians began to put this into practice and began to experience God's help in their finances and daily provisions. A few years ago. lives. mailings. Grace is a supernatural work on God in people's hearts that move them from being self-centered to God-centered. Teaching and encouraging people to be faithful and generous givers to God's work is the only antidote you can give them to living an unsatisfied materialistic lifestyle. he skirted the question for a number of months. wealth. The Bible teaches that we're to excel in the grace of giving. he finally explained that the Bible teaches that Christian believers should faithfully and generously give at least 10% to the Lord from whatever he gives them. people will genuinely begin to truly get excited about giving to God's work. newspaper ads. TV commercials. As a church specifically teaches their people about God's view on finances and and identified over 400 scripture verses that can influence people's view on their finances. 25-40% and sometimes even 50% of those sitting in the pews/chairs most weeks have giving records that show zero dollars being given. Reason 2: A generosity initiative will help people rise above the pull of materialism and consumerism People in our congregations are bombarded with billboards. And yet we know from 2 Tim 6:10 that "godliness with contentment is great gain". you are building stronger spiritual bonds in their life. I wrote a Bible devotional booklet on a "40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" (www. let's take a look at "why" conduct a generosity initiative on an annual or regular basis. from being greedy to being generous. their hearts are not with you. and pocketbooks.GenerousLife. and stores filled with thousands of products. and generosity. But since they kept asking. By his . magazine advertisements.But before we go into detail about "what to do". radio ads. if they are not faithfully giving." When you intentionally instruct and inspire people to be generous to the Lord and His work at your church. Even if someone volunteers a lot or even serves on your top leadership board. "what does the word 'tithe' mean?" Since he thought they were too poor to give. Scripture is filled with verses and insights on living generously for the kingdom of God in our generation.

Ingredient 2: Written communications and/or devotional reading materials mailed to the homes I believe that if Biblical generosity teaching is to truly take root in people’s heart and then spring to life in people's pocketbooks. he was causing them to miss out on the joy of giving. leaving out an important ingredient out can lead to leaving a bad taste in your mouth. "40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" (www. With this in mind. Like a good tasting recipe. 5 Ingredients to a Successful Generosity Initiative Since we have now looked at the four reasons to conduct a generosity initiative on an annual or regular basis. here are important ingredients to cook up a great tasting and nourishing generosity . In the quietness of their own home. If possible. So. it must be processed and discussed at home in the context of reading what the Bible says about generosity. financial assets. the material should help people assess their giving to the Lord's work in light of their income sources. I have heard stories how people said I was able to say things and reach them in a way that their own pastor would have had a hard time doing. so the pulpit steers the congregation. let's take a look at the key ingredients in "how" to effectively proceed. . will embolden a pastor's faith in God and his ability to creatively provide. should include clear Biblical teaching on generosity that is easy to read. that a generosity message begins to take root and spring to life within a congregation. So.GenerousLife. and the privilege of supporting God's work. Learning to give faithfully and generously. It is from this heartfelt conviction from the truth of Scriptures and the tales of one's personal life. But whatever devotional material you may choose to use. Ingredient 1: Sermon message or series by the pastor or a guest speaker One of God's greatest gifts in the church is the pulpit. they can read and reflect on what is written without the issue of a pastor's preaching style and personality or the church budget getting in the way of the spiritual transformation that needs to take place in people's hearts. While preaching can steer the ship. But the reality is that a third of your people are gone on any given Sunday and half the people you tell to pick up materials in the back will either forget or will choose not to pick up anything to do with finances and giving. I have also experienced that a guest speaker can be used to effectively help deliver a generosity message that deeply penetrates people's lives and transforms their giving attitudes and habits. the excitement of receiving. But preaching with passion and conviction on generosity must follow the pastors own commitment to living a generous life. The reason I say that generosity devotional and written materials are to be mailed to the homes is because many churches in an effort to "save money" will put materials on a back table and encourage people to pick them up after the worship service. I put together a Bible devotional for my church (and for other churches to use) called. Bible devotional readings at home are the engines (or the winds) that will move people's stewardSHIP to new destinations. there is great freedom and boldness in the message. lifestyle choices. the best approach is to make sure you mail your generosity materials to every household. and giving priorities. even on what is sometimes a meager salary. When a pastor realizes that a generosity message can be based on the authority. Just as a rudder steers a sailing ship. breadth and depth of God's word more than the needs of the church budget. Having done guest generosity preaching myself in many churches of all sizes in the United States and overseas.

and life-changing questions can help transform people from miserly tight fisted takers to joyful hilarious givers! As you review possible material to utilize in an allchurch generosity initiative. or write your own questions to help stir faith-filled discussions at home or church. listening to. Helpful Resources . soul-stirring. conducted a four week preaching series every January on finances and generosity that culminated in people turning in cards that indicated: (1) I will start tithing this year. memory-jogging. that while faithful tithers do help a church's finances. I remember in one church where a single mom got up in front of the congregation and told how she had a $24. make sure it has helpful questions in the materials. "if she can willingly and faithfully give at least 10% in her circumstances. John Maxwell. Some churches also give people opportunities on the card to indicate ways they will give their time/talent to specific ministries in the coming year. If they would begin tithing and within 90 days regretted this decision for any reason. a generous spirit can not only be taught but be caught from other in the group.000 salary. The thought was.. the church's leadership realized that people's lives and finances are helped by God when they are faithful tithers and offering givers. It is in there smaller settings that so much can be shared and learned as people have heart to heart talks about such an important subject. She talked of God's faithfulness and his creative provisions in her life and how God eventually helped her completely get out of debt. was $24. (3) I will increase my tithes and offerings to the church this year. or small group discussions In order to help people process what they are reading. Whether you use live up-front 2-4 minute giving testimonies of when and how God taught individuals to be faithful givers (i. Thoughtprovoking. Ingredient 5: Commitment/Consecration Sunday(s) with response cards If you are going to take people on a stewardSHIP journey. individuals that give 10% or more of their income and special offerings to the Lord’s work). or put people's quotes and stories in a pamphlet you mail out . (2) I will continue to tithe this year. it is very helpful if you can give people discussion questions that help them process the material.000 in debt. and a new plan to be more faithful and generous to the Lord's work.Ingredient 3: Giving testimonies shared with the congregation There is nothing like the power of a personal true story to get people's attention. 3 young boys at home. but was led by the Lord to begin to faithfully give at least 10% of her income to the Lord's work even though it seemed insane to do so. Ingredient 4: Family. a new willingness. I need to trust God and do this too!" One example of a giving testimony in a written pamphlet format is a pamphlet called. For option 1. She told the story with such joy and passion that it moved everyone listening to her. this church was so committed to helping their congregation become faithful givers that they were even willing to back it up by having this type of policy in place. "Count Your Blessings" that tells the story of how my wife and I learned to joyfully and generously give to God's work in the early days of our marriage. For many years while he was a pastor. they could contact the church office and the church would issue them a check for anything they gave by check during this 90 day period! While it may seem gimmicky to many people. or do a video interview clip you show in the service. In the pamphlet it talks about how the Lord motivated and enabled us to give $4000 to the Lord’s work on a $15. now a famous leadership author and speaker.000/year income. a new desire. The final destination being a new mindset. The truth is. In these smaller gatherings.the use of testimonies dramatically touch people's hearts in a way that nothing else can. and learning about. he gave people a 90 day offer. This often happens best when a church has a specific Sunday or Sundays when people turn in some type of response card that indicates their intended giving plans for the coming year. make sure you help them arrive in a safe harbor at their final destination.e. class.

Dr. Churches of all sizes across the country are beginning to use the Bible devotional booklet "A 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" (www. Rod Rogers has written some excellent materials and provides training and consulting for churches increase their giving. there are many ways to create a culture of joyful generosity in your church. IN. They offer their own materials and also direct you to other resources. Please review the pages at the end of this booklet to see a leadership summary and planning worksheet from the e-book: "A NATIONAL REPORT: The Best Generosity Practices of Leading Churches". The Southern Baptists probably offer the greatest quantity and diversity of stewardship materials that can be used by local churches. On this website you will also find pamphlets/flyers. PowerPoint generosity slides. and resources to help training people to manage their finances and giving according to sound Biblical principles.  Denominational Resources Some denominations provide stewardship pamphlets. and more in order to help you unleash greater giving in your church.  Click the following link for a free copy of the "NATIONAL REPORT: 45 Best Generosity Practices of Leading Churches". Helpful Grid to Evaluate Generosity Materials to Consider Using for Your Congregation Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 “40 Day Spiritual Journey Name? to a More Generous Life” for more information.  Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program by Abingdon Press. and campaign materials.  www.stewardshipresources. This is a multi-faceted stewardship program for use in for all-church and small group/classes generosity initiatives. here is "where" you can turn for proven resources to unleash greater generosity in your church. a free monthly generosity newsletter. On Crown Financial Ministries website they have many helpful Bible studies.DynamicGiving. or Relocation Campaigns".  www. helps for preaching on money/ On my website you will find helpful downloadable generosity Former pastor. articles. The other e-booklet that is available is the "Guide to Conducting a Successful Multi-Year Pledge Drive for Renovations.MAXIMUMgenerosity.  www.generousgiving.  www.  www. helpful articles. curriculum.  Effective Stewardship by KLW Enterprises. Multi-Year Pledge Drive Campaigns This e-booklet is #1 in a 2 part This website identifies a wide variety of generosity resources that can be reviewed by a church to help encourage generosity.  www. A coalition of mainline denominations work together with this group to produce materials that can be used in annual stewardship drives in churches.Now that we've consider the "why" and "how" to have a successful generosity initiative in your Dick Edic has put together a valuable resource manual and leadership training materials for a church to plan and implement a year-round multi-pronged approach to stewardship in the local church. Go to www. Other Ideas and Resources In addition to annual or multi-year This website is for the Ecumenical Center for Stewardship Studies in Indianapolis.

Mailing services offered for over 200 booklets being sent. Commitment card samples provided? Other Features? Costs? Can it be used as part of a building fund campaign? .only needs a label and postage to send.Website? Use of Scripture? Format Used? Weekly Questions for Personal Reflection or Use in Small Group or Class? Worksheets to Assess Giving Practices & Possibilities? A plan to include generosity testimonies in the worship services? Preaching helps? # of sermons required as part of this emphasis? Is this easy to mail to every household? Booklet www. Weekly questions can be used as a spring board for testimonies or Q&A interview in worship services.GenerousLife.99 per booklet for churchwide use (depending on quantity ordered) OR a customizable version is available if you want to print your own booklet ($1/each reprint cost) Yes. Addendum materials are available to help with building drives. The booklet is a selfmailer .Info 400+ Daily one page Bible devotional readings for personal or family use Yes Worksheets that assess giving in light of: (1) All income sources (2) All lifestyle choices (3) All assets (4) All giving practices Yes. Yes Only 1 is needed. * Money back guarantee * 7 Step Plan on How to Use $3.. But more can be done if desired.99 to $5. Yes * 90-Day delayed payment option offered. * Booklet is professionally designed & in FULL color. national church salary survey studies 35 Review By: Seminars generousgiving. Videos and Materials for Pastors/Leaders 44 Training 17 Benevolence Offering & Assistance 20 CAMPAIGNS Annual Stewardship Campaign or Pledging Group Ministries (single parents. 42 90-Day Denomination resources & tax planning for church staff 23 Financial Foundation Referral 22 Community/Denomination Direct to a Christian Financial Professional 19 Referral 28 Stock brokerage giving account kiosks in churches excel-ministries. churchbudget. Seminars School Curriculum crown. Brian special offerings for the needy 25 Collecting Denomination resources samaritanspurse. confidential analysis of giving patterns 33 Annual generosity speaker Denominational resources 11 Guest 3 Financial 43 with financial/generosity theme 8 Estate Planning Resources Denominational resources 29 Giving MyFamilyOrganizer. generousgiving.htm 18 Career Guidance 1 Sunday GenerousLife.htm © PREACHING & WORSHIP SERVICES 10 Preaching Messages/Series 45 Staff/leaders asked or required to be faithful givers 46 advance Biblical $ teaching and generosity Financial ministry leader/committee established to GiveWithJoy.MAXIMUMgenerosity. Church Giving Seminars 27 TEACHING – Ministering to people with the gift of giving 48 15 Videos TEACHING – Written Materials 4 5 Churchwide 40 Day Generosity Bible Devotional Estate/Planned Giving Services Denominations 50 BEST Church Practices and 80 BEST Websites By Club of promised estate planning gifts 32 Legacy GiveWithJoy.HOW TO INCREASE CHURCH GIVING COLLECTIONS & ADMINISTRATION Envelopes (Time to Build Kit) donated assets and gifts-in-kind 31 Accept with financial or generosity theme 13 Dramas goodsenseministry. .org 50 40 Generosity info in church bulletin and newsletter 41 Policy & practice of church faithfully giving 10%+ Tithing Challenge Guarantee 2 Small crown.nacba. or recommend additional ideas and onewriteco. generousgiving. Brian Kluth for Foundation account 30 Community/Denomination Denominational resources www. generosity 47 pastors.klwenterprises.acmc. Media Commentator To request or generosity tracts/flyers/mailers 6 Financial 26 Offering testimonies (live or video) 12 Generosity for megachurches MAXIMUMgenerosity.leaderskillsinc. newsletter sent w/statements 38 Financial 24 49 Missions Conference or Faith Promise Building/Capital Campaign Services/Resources sermoncentral.) Class resources 9 Newcomer/Membership pastors.MAXIMUMgenerosity. email Brian Kluth: list of projects awaiting funding 36 Approved Free copyright use for non-commercial or media kingdomadvisors. 21 Target business owners/ EFT-Electronic & Online Giving available Written crown. SHEPHERDING & COUNSELING Counselors/Coaches 16 Budget/Credit goodsenseministry.shtml statements/chart sent out 3-4x/year 37 Giving eDevotional and Website Generosity Campaign GiveWithJoy. practices & policies (40 Days or 6 week campaign) 34 Financial info on website 7 Cartoons on Giving/Finances church accounting practice 39 Faithful LEADERSHIP TRAINING Conferences for Pastors & Church Leaders 14 Weekly Worship Service Offertory Verse/Slide christianstewardshipnetwork.htm Group Curriculum nationalchristian.

To receive Brian’s FREE Monthly Email Newsletter for pastors and church leaders.MAXIMUMgenerosity. speaker. media commentator.GenerousLife. initiate. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 33 34 35 36 37 38 40 43/44 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 46 47 48 42 49 50 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * CAMPAIGNS Annual stewardship or pledge drive 90 Day Tithing Challenge Guarantee Missions conference or faith promise Building/Capital Fund Campaign Other idea(s) This is the 2nd page of a 2 page document: “How to Increase Church Giving: 50 Best Church Practices & 80 Best Website” that was compiled by bestselling author (www. Best Practices… TEACHING SS Classes $ Curriculum $ Small Groups Offered Financial Seminar All-church 40 Days Generosity Focus Stewardship Campaign or Pledges Estate Planning Seminar Incorporate in membership class $ Tracts/flyers in lobby or mailed Children’s Curriculum Youth Curriculum See: 1 2 3 4 48 20 9 6 1 1 14 10 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 23 24 17 26 27 28 30 20/32 Jan * * * * * * * * * * Feb * * * * * * * * * * Mar * * * * * * * * * * Apr * * * * * * * * * * May * * Jun Jul Aug Sep * * Oct * * * Nov * * Dec * = Good month to consider doing. Pastor. and/or implement in your church. practices.MAXIMUMgenerosity.Part 2: 12-MONTH GENEROSITY PLANNING WORKSHEET Determine which best practices you will schedule. go to: www. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PREACHING & WORSHIP Weekly generosity verse/slide Preaching message or series Giving testimonies (video or live) Dramas Video clips on $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SHEPHERDING & COUNSELING Budget Counselors Trained/Available Benevolence Ministry Career Guidance Help Estate Planning Services Financial planning for staff Ministry to gift of giving people * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * COLLECTIONS & ADMIN Benevolence offerings collected Offering Envelopes offered or sent EFT &/or Online giving setup/offered Stock brokerage acct setup/offered Community/Denom Foundation Acct Legacy Club mailing/seminar Annual confidential giving analysis Financial info on church website Review salary survey info List of pending projects needing funds Send giving statements (3-6x/year) Financial newsletter (3-6x/year) $ Info (& articles) bulletin & newsletter Training for Pastors & Committee Establish leader or Committee Written philosophies. and founder of . . Brian Kluth. etc.

lifestyle choices. and even 54% after every family in their congregation was given a copy of this devotional during a 40 day churchwide stewardship emphasis. To order. or class carefully consider the readings during the week. To Bible Devotional "40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" This Bible devotional will take you through 40 Biblical financial and generosity principles and 400 verses over a 40 day period. Click here to preview the booklet. assets. If desired. Suggestion: Have the person praying for the morning offering read the selected verse up on the screen before praying. Weekly questions will help you. go to: http://kluth.htm . Have the person praying for the offering read the verse on the slide and then pray according the the truth about generosity highlighted in the verse. go to: http://kluth. Click here to see verses. small Price: $ or http://kluth. your family. go to: www.GenerousLife. 41%.htm Generosity PowerPoint Slides for Church Offerings Click to download a partial list "sampler" slides For a small investment of less than $1 per week can greatly help increase your offerings! This PowerPoint presentation has more than a year's worth of slides (WITH professional photos and verses that encourage generosity) for use in your worship services. 36%. and giving priorities in a way that will lead you to more joyful and generous Christian giving. the photo/verse slide can then remain on the screen as a powerful reminder that God calls His people to be faithful in their generosity. Weekly financial worksheets will help you examine your giving in light of your income sources. Some churches have documented and reported giving increases of 10%. 20%.LINKS TO PROVEN RESOURCES TO INSPIRE GENEROSITY and INCREASE GIVING Help highlight from Scripture that giving in an act of worship in your Sunday services 12 Professionally Designed Offertory Slides (JPG format) Click to preview all 12 in a PDF format These attractive professionally designed slides can be shown on your screen during the worship service while the offering is being collected.49 to $6. To order.99 each. Many churches are ordering this booklet for every family in their congregation.

financial affairs. Also include in this manual is a list of proven national resources and website links to help you successfully increase giving in your church.49 each. new members class. stats and more! PLUS 100 Scriptures on generosity. Seniors Ministry lunches. go to: http://www.MANUAL: "Because I Love You FAMILY ORGANIZER" This 52 page personal Christian planning guide will help people in your church get your house in order. or http://kluth. Sunday School classes. go to: http://kluth. Price: As low as $2. go to: http://kluth. Grandparents day. Price: $29. facts.MyFamilyOrganizer. each OR Included in $49.htm "God's Word on Finances. wealth sharing. etc. will/estate plans. Mother’s PREACHING & WRITING GUIDE on Money & Generosity Need helpful quotes. 250 quips.95 To order. and funeral plans.95 package (that gives you over $800 of downloadable resources). Price: $19. Price: $29. go to: www. jokes. sermon ideas. Biblical & practical insights and forms allow you record in one place your household activities. Wealth and Generosity" E-Manual: "Guide to Increase Church Giving" .kluth.95 To or Scriptures to help you in your preaching and writing on financial and generosity matters? Then look no further! This downloadable 40 page e-book will give you everything you need to take your communications on these vital subjects to a whole new level.. quotes. To download PREVIEW copies or to order. stories.htm Financial Sermon Series or Seminar PowerPoint Slides: "30 Principles to Financial Freedom and Peace" .Why & How to Conduct An All-Church Generosity Initiative Do you want to unleash greater generosity in your congregation? Are you looking for a first-time or annual stewardship drive Christian giving. insights. To order. medical wishes. Churches can give these out at Father’s Day. There are 5 pamphlets to choose from and each one can be customized with your church or ministry’s name and contact information.htm REPRINTABLE GENEROSITY TRACTS/PAMPHLETS/FLYERS These pamphlets will help inspire generosity and increase giving for your ministry. and materials? This e-manual will guide you and/or your church committee to a greater understanding on the whys and hows of conducting an all-church generosity initiative. Click for PDF preview version. family legacy.

go to: http://kluth.htm .htm Financial Sermon Series or Seminar PowerPoint Slides: "10 Keys to Finding Financial Stability In Unstable Times" This PowerPoint presentation can be used in a financial sermon series or seminar.. To order. Click here to see "sampler" of this PowerPoint Click here to see handout and verses for these go to: http://kluth. Click here to see handout and verses for these messages.This PowerPoint presentation can be used in a financial sermon series or seminar. To order. Click here to see "sampler" of this PowerPoint presentation.

MAXIMUMgenerosity. print.95 5. or email any of Brian's website materials for use in your local church or non-profit ministry Up to $99 individual price • Just $49.individual price ($1/booklet reprint charges still apply on this product alone) $49. church leaders. "Information About Our Church's Finances & Giving" ."30 Principles to Financial Freedom & Peace" individual price $800 in resources for www. Copyright reprint permission for 12 months to copy.$19.individual price Financial Sermon Series or Seminar PowerPoint Slides and Handouts."10 Keys to Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times" .9 5 You will receive $800 of resources that the Lord can use to greatly increase the generosity in your church! $49.BEST OFFER OF GENEROSITY RESOURCES ANYWHERE… • • 52+ PowerPoint Generosity Verses/Photos . Sunday School. and stewardship committees. 40 Day • • Fundraising E-manuals for ministries and missionaries . This booklet identifies 40 Biblical generosity principles and over 500 verses! .$14.Vol 1 individual price Five reprintable/customizable Generosity Tracts / Flyers / Pamphlets .$19. small group.95 2.95 covers the cost for all of these items. . Quotes.95 and $9. "Count Your Blessings" $'s 100+ website articles on the internet can be downloaded or copied and used by your church.95 3.95 DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES • NATIONAL REPORT: 45 Best Generosity Practices of Leading Churches (includes annual planning calendar worksheet)" individual price • E-Book: "Preaching & Writing Guide: 250 Quips. finance committees.$19. Copyright reprint permissions is granted for these materials for 1 year from the date of purchase. modify. .95 4. 1.9 5 package • price! Respond today and receive • • • Financial Sermon Series or Seminar PowerPoint Slides and Handouts . all-church. and/or capital campaign use. share. "Are You Growing in the Grace of Giving" .$19. PLUS: Free monthly generosity e-newsletters with articles and resources that you can share with church treasurers. "Understanding the Grace of Giving" . Facts & Stats on MONEY & GENEROSITY" Bible devotional booklet on generosity: "40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life" for personal. "A to Z Giving Ideas" .95 PLUS: No • 10% processing fee .

go to: www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.Booklet $1 per booklet reprint charges still . To receive these $800 in generosity resources for $49.95.

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