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CERTIFICATE This is to certify to that report on an industrial visit to amul dairy is submitted by ASHISH V.PATEL and submitted to v.m.patel college of management studies in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the completion of “practical studies” At the first year of B.B.A programme for the year 2006-2007.


Management is an art. Which tells us how to apply various principle techniques In real life. In the era of modern business only theoretical knowledge is not able to face the difficult circumstances So practical knowledge is essential for facing all different circumstances only industrial visit tell us more deeply how life because industrial visit us Overall practical information about an industry This report of industrial visit us about “Amul Dairy” which is a well Known dairy



As we are b.b.a student. We are doing practical studies. As it is a Professional course There are different departments in an organisation so to know each Department function personally industrial visits are conducted. To develop our communication skill. To take a chance to interact with persons in industrial environment. To develop analytical environment. To know the realistic aspects of industry. To bridge a gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.


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I am grateful to mumerous persons and friends who have given their Valuable time and suggestions in the course of writing this project. I express my gratitude to our honorable director. Who made this type of practical studies at the level of first year of b.b.a? I am thankful to professor. HARSHAD PATEL who have constantly supported Encouraged and given his valuable time and ideas to me during the course of writing this report.

I am also thankful to professor. HARSHAD PATEL who had shown me right Path in preparation of this report.



Introduction to dairy industry
9 Introduction 10 Development 11 Dairy scone.

12 General information 13 Introduction 14 Location 15 Sales 16 Turn-over.

17 Introduction to amul dairy 18 Objective 19 Theme behind the name amul dairy 20 Function. 21 production department 22 Introduction 23 Production process milk 24 Production process of ice-cream 25 Affluent plant 26 Machinery used in the unit 27 Marketing 28 Introduction to marketing 29 Structure 30 Function 31 Marketing share 32 Competitor 33 Branding 34 Advertising 35 Personnel department 36 Introduction to personal department 37 Personal policies 38 Training program and workshop 39 Human inputs 40 Others 41 Problem of amul dairy 42 Achievements of amul dairy 43 Future plan of amul dairy 44 Swat analysis 45 Strength of amul dairy 46 Weakness of amul dairy 47 Opportunities of amul dairy 48 Threats 49 Conclusion 50 Bibliography




Dairy industry occupies important place in Indian economy. It is one of the consumer goods industries. Its product is important item In popular diet. Dairy industry is the industry where by milk and milk product. Are handled dairy industry includes all the firms dealing with the processing of milk and manufacturing of milk products and their marketing on industrial scale. Dairy industry is a very important and the basic industry For country like India as the life of more then 70% of the people in India is based on agriculture and most of them has cattle’s in their Homes. Indian dairy industry is dominated by co-operative sectors For many years. The signifincance of the dairy industry for the country Like India can be described as follows:[1] milk is a completed fod. It contains all kind of nutrients that are necessary For person good health and also for a food to be called as a completed food. [2] It give production of milk and milk product which are nutritions and Preferred by vegetarian and other population. [3] of rural It brings significant changes in socio economic structure economy.

[4] It provides regular source of income and supplementary employment to Small and marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. [5] It has an important roal in employment generation and reducing the Migration of villagers towards towns and cities for livelihood.

Milk is though a completed food still it is a persibale Commodity. Therefore it can not be stored for long time. In normal Condition milk be spoiled in few hours but if it is processd than it Can be kept for 1 to 2 days By sound growth of co-operative in the industry mutual help And self suffiency are cultivated among the masses. Four hand in symbol of amul 1-hand2-hand3-hand4-handproduction of farmer. milk processer. destributer. customer.


Dairy industry has recently developed in rural areas only on very Moderate scale. Milk animal were supplementary activity of the farmers. This was encouraged as ancillary source of income. From 1947 to 1970 the rate of growth this industry was about 1% only but it has gone up to 4.2% later on. Cows and buffaloes are important source of milk buffaloes provide 53% of milk 33% by cow and goat milk is also used in some part of country it accounts for 4% of total production of milk. Bulk of milk production is in rural areas. In urban areas there are only 4% of milk and in the town buffaloes milk is about 61% up is the largest and orissa. National sample surveys report has given details about 35% distribution of monthly production of milk and milk products. At the time of independence theory were 186 dairy plants in the country. There were 26 milk products factories and 3 creameries 57 dairy project were in different stages of implementation. There were 72500 dairy co-operative into 170 milk sheds by march-1996. Average milk

procurement during April September 1996 was 109.7 lakes letter of milk per day. In India in 1998 production of milk is estimate to be of 78 million tons. While in U.S.A it is estimated to be 72 million tons. For dairy industry the government regulation are according to PFA act.


The countries milk production has been showing a study rise due to the lunch of operation flood in the early countries. The first phase of operation flood covered 18 milk sheds. Which form the catchments area from metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai Calcutta and Chennai The organized marketing of milk now covers out 600 towns. This involves development of procurement processing and transport facilities in 160 milk sheds. Milk production is likely to go up to 65.5 million tones in 1995-96 as against 63.5 million tones during last year according to dairy industry estimate milk production has been raising at an average rate of 4-s.s per annum. In the immediately preceding year. The production was 60.8 million tones in 1993-94 58.6 million tones in 1991-92. The country’s milk production has been showing steadily rise. Since the lunching of operation flood program in the early 70’s the third program in the series is currently on.




Amul dairy is unit of Gujarat co-operative milk marketing federation and its head quarter is at anand GCMMEstate level federation of 13 cooperative federations and distributed under the brand name of sager and amul.


Amul dairy is situated in anand. Their area is 22,72,000 sq. meters. There is not any dairy is situated surrounding are so it is most advantage of it. The dairy industry occupies and important place in the Indian economy as India is an agriculture oriented economy and around 65% people still depending on agriculture and still many farmer use the old method of farming use the cattele breading is on a vast scale the cattle not only provide the means for cultivation but also it provides to the household.the production trend of milk is shown in the table below. YEAR 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 MILK PRODUCTION MILLION TONNES MILLION TONNES MILLION TONNES MILLION TONNES

56.30 58.60 60.80 63.50

Besides the export earning the dairy industry gives employment not only to people in the urban area and cities but also in village with the starting of village co-operative the milk production is estimate to increase and with it income of the related to it. As the industry is not continent only to cities and metros but has spread to village so the income distribution has widenod. The government of India also is helping in industry to develop by giving its full assistance and with the lunching of operation flood in the 7 th year plan the

industry gate the nodded importance the growth rate of the industry was less at around 1% but with the help of the government the growth rate increased to 4.2%.

56 SALES:-

Amul dairy’s sell is 7,28,566 litter to milk. The most important and big market of amul dairy in anand.


The turn-over of amul dairy is 798 crore. The turn-over of amul dairy per day is around RS:5600000 out of which 40% turn-over come from milk powder.




An Indian people established amul dairy 14 dec 1946 actually amul’s 12 member union in Gujarat 004 amul objective are a follows: [1] To provide good quality and healthly milk and milk product To indian people. [2] its members. [3] in the initial stages when amul wasn’t established gujarat’s Performance in the Indian dairy industry was not very good So amul to bring Gujarat performance up. [4] like objectives is to earn any other business firm amul dairys amul dairy is a co-operative organisation so it is Responsibility to pay good dividends to its

to provide society is their [5] Indian market vadilal uttam

Profit but they have not made this objective but Healthily milk food and milk products to the Main objective. amul dairy faces though competition in the From cat bury nestle and vadilal and in Gujarat dairy objective is to achieve

Dairy amul dominance in the Market. [6] were buying wasn’t quite then it should amul dairy

before amul dairy was established most people Loose milk or some other comprise milk which Hygienic and its price was also used to be little Be so to save the Indian customer this nuisance was Established.


Amul dairy is a concept launched 25-30 years back in the metropolitan cities like Delhi , Calcutta , Chennai , and Mumbai. Those metropolition cities have very large population but there was defiance of milk. So the milk

consumption is more then the production due to high milk consumption urban area has to depend on the rural area for The supply of milk and starting distributing milk from near by states and then processed the milk and started distributing the milk in very large market of the metros. It is a feeding plants working in the metros like mother feeding her child. Hence it is called amul dairy feeding like mother to all the near by districts and states.


There are four functions of amul dairy they are described as Follows:[1] [2] [3] [4] PRODUCTION FUNCTION FINANCE FUNCTION ORGANISATION FUNCTION PERSONAL FUNCTION



Production function is a very vital function for any industry for Any industry amul dairy produces different varieties of milk and milk Products. Amul dairy has the capacity of producing 100000 litter of Milk per day. The raw milk is collected from the small villages of all over Gujarat. Amul dairies quality consciousness has made it popular each of amuls member union plants its own quality checking plant amul dairy has made its name famous by providing good quality to their Consumers. Workers of amul dairy works in three shifts of 8 hour Which show that amul dairy does continues process per day out of 10 Litter to 6 litter are used to producing milk powder and ghee and 4 lakhs Are used for producing milk. Ice-cream machinery of amul dairy was Purchased from Italy where as the pouch packing prepacks are Purchased from france.



Amul dairy is a very big industry so it is obvious that it need A large amount of finance help. It gets these helps from its banker Which are as follows:BANK OF BARODA STATE BANK OF INDIA U.T.I BANK L.T.D. UNION BANK DENA BANK

As amul dairy is now earning high profit it is able to give its member Shareholder a good premium and all the shareholder are satisfied with It.

















The secret behind amul dairy’s success is its excellent personal Department each employee in the amul dairy is fully satisfied. Every section In the amul dairy has a team leader directly reporting general manager. Which means that general manager has direct control over each section and each employee all the time. This system has helped amul dairy a lot in its success Requirement in amul dairy is done from apprentice. They are interviewed and elected. Minimum qualification is its and above unskilled labours are Employed on contract bagis. Total 240 workers are employed in amul dairy highest salary in amul Dairy is RS: 30000 and lowest salary is RS: 4000 amul dairy gives its Employee provident fund medical allowance. Education allowance etc. these Types of facility encourage workers work

better and better. Amul dairy is a well-known dairy in Gujarat and is a leading supplier Of milk products to all state. It was started in the year 1946 because the member of the milk union faces a problem of handing the surplus milk so Far that objective amul dairy was started. Amul dairy is one of the most modernized plants in India with most Of the machines imported from France and other European countries. It also obtained the quality assurance certificate ago from the government. Amul dairy is products under a very powerful brand name amul it Produces a wide varity of products like milk. Milk powder ghee and iceCream. In milk it has different kinds of milk.

Today amul dairy is one of the fully automatic dairy plants with its Holding capacity of 1000000 lit/day the central room controls the Whole process. Amul dairy also has a very good network of milk suppliers. Raw milk Is supplied by the village co-operatives by the means of tankers and there Tanker can bring around 10000-15000 liters of milk also amul dairy has a very Strong town of distributors and retailers in anand the milk is supplied to them In pouches by the means of vens in anand it has around 75 distributors and 200 retailers. Amul dairy is a part of the Gujarat co-operative milk marketing society.

Following are the member of the union:gandhinager district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. bharuch district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. valsad district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. rajkot district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. A’BAD district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. panchmahal district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. surat district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. baroda district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. banaskantha district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. 70 sabarkantha district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d. 71 mehsana district co-operative milk producers union l.t.d.
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69



Amul the largest dairy in Gujarat was established in 1946 in anand At the time of the its established 2 villages provided the milk to dairy the Farmers who supplied milk to the dairy ware satisfied and seeing them many more joined to provided the milk to the dairy and slowly it grew in numbers and the dairy. The dairy procurement of milk increased manifolds now around 970 villages to provided around 30 lac. Litters of milk dairy to the dary.that was the just the starting to the making of one of the most Important dairy in Gujarat that placed Gujarat on the map of dairy industry And gave employment to many people. When amul dairy faced to the problem of surplus milk the concept of establishing a new dairy near a’bad come forward in the mind of dr. vergres . Its capacity is 10 lac litters of milk out of the full capacity 6 lac litters packed and supplied to the neighboring areas and the rest 4 lac litters milk are used to make milk iteams which are sold both nationality and exported to gulf countries the south eastern countries and Bangladesh. Amul dairy sells its products under brand name amul. It is an imported part of the amul co-operative organization earlier amul dairy only handled and distributed the surplus milk but now it has increased its products range and now it is trying to sell its products in various region of the country under its own name of amul dairy.




Production merans to convert the resources or wealth obtain From nature into products which can stratifies the human needs by Processing it through manpower or machine in short creation of an Object or service making necessary changes in the shapes size weight And prospect of the raw-material through the processes.

The main products of amul dairy are milk. Milk

powder ghee Ice-cream and ultra high treated milk. In this organisation production Process is full of modernlisation there are few worker kept for operate the machine.

Amul dairy also under takes to make milk powder milk insearts In a homogeneous machine from the silos by the pipe line to convert Milk in a powder. To make powder of milk. Milk is boiled at the 120’ degree centigrade and there for the water is began boiled very stem of air conditioner in order at very high stem of air conditioner in order to make it dry. By these they converted in to milk powder. Amul Bangladesh the intense to meet the exporting.
76 GHEE:-

dairy exports the milk powder to easter asia the milk powder is packed requirements of safety for

The ghee is produced with the help of the cream that is Separated while standardization the milk. The cream machine separates the cream. This cream is concentrated and then the base reversal process takes place which converts the milk in to oil. The oil that is obtained has moisture contant in it so the oil is vacuum and to remove the moisture and then the out come is ghee. The ghee is packed then sent to the market for consumption.


U.H.T is ultra high treated milk which is processed in such a Way so that it remains fresh for 3 month even at normal temperature u.h.t milk for army and north eastern state.





The working of the dairy starts with the collection of the rawMilk. The milk is collected from different villages of Gujarat. The raw milk is brought from there every morning and evening raw milk comes in tankers insides the tankers themocol is being put so that protection for milk is available from the outside temperature milk is received from the chilling centers. After receiving the milk they perform other activities of Weighting the milk after weighting the milk the should milk is separated from the milk then milk is poured into the tanks and from that 5% sample of milk is taken to check the fat and smf contained in the milk. Milk is stored in silos went reception clock receives green signal from the computer a hosepipe is started then and milk is taken inside then it is chilled below 4’c in 4 milk silos and a processing silos. It has 2 steps.

The world pasteurization has been named after the name eminent French scientific Louis Pasteur also studied that heating of liquid milk to a high temperature considerably implied in almost all the dairy operations. In genral words the pasteurization means the hewating of milk to a temperature which destroys almost all the harmful bacteris present without affecting the good properties of this products.

Here in the dairy milk is passed to the pasteurization machine From silos with the help of hope pipe of pumps if the right degree of Temperature is not provided then there is a change that milk might Turn-over. So milk is heated at 72’c for 15 seconds and then it is Immediately could below 4’c degree. By this method the pathogenic Bacteria or the diseases are destroyed.

Here an attempt is made for standard quality of milk. I-e a fixed standard is givan. According to pfa milk contains 6% fat and 9% smf. though standardization devise fat% is adjusted. After these 2 steps the milk is ready for storing and sample is sent to the quality assurance lab

the amul

Fully automatic control room controls all the machines in the dairy from every morning entire process of milk which dairy performs.


Milk is very nutrition product. It is necessary for every person Milk is the richest natural sources of calcium and essential amino acids milk must be nutritionally balanced. Food laws provides minimum standard for both fat and smf comprises protein minerals Carbohydrates and vitamins. dairy has its For better quality dairy is very conscious. The own quality assurance lab. Here all

the products are checked for their Chemical quality i.e. fat smf and the lab was set up with an invest of Rs. 6 crores. It is also fully computerized lab. In the quality control lab finished product are also checked. At the time of receving raw milk quality is check but by the control lab. After checking the quality of milk it goes to packing station.

Milk film rows are used for packing milk logo of the particular product is printed on the roll and then wound in the form of roll. Here the milk comes through big pipelines and behind each of them there is a filling machines there are such machines. Machineries are in four lines and each machines. Each having the capacity of 50 pouches per minutes after all these were dispatched to amul dairy and supplied to all district co-operative. milk is stored

The machines are made in france after packing in the cold storage laboratory.


store the pack Milk. Here milk is stored at the temperature between 5 to 10 c’ the Temperature is maintained with the help of exhaust fun having Silicon chips.To maintain the temperatyre for refrigeration ammonja is used. The pouches are stored in this room for the whole night and in the morning they are ready to dispatch.

After packing various pouches the dairy has to

The pouches are stored for a night and then they are dispatched in the morning. From this 400000 leters of milk is dispatched per day. The damaged pouches

are kept outside and milk is again put in the tank. Amul dairy produces milk of different fat percentage each has different capacity as under.


Ice-cream :Amul dairy fairly used butter milk smp. Stabilizer. emulsifier and sugar as raw material for all these items the further process for making ice-cream is give below :-

84 STEP 1 :[1] BLENDING:-

First of all for making ice-cream mix all the items like sugar, Milk,smp,stabilizer and emulsifier are mixing one side. This mixture of all the things is used to make ice-cream.

In this process of pasteurization the icecream mix arrange Into waiting machine. Pasteurization process means to get rid form Germs by pasteurizes meeting process. In this process they take milk. Milk powder sugar at 65.68 .c than they stabilize ice-cream mix to provent the growth of large ice-cream in this process they used butter round about 10 .c pasteurization process is made at 72 .c to 32 . c for thirty Minutes.
[3] AGEING :-

After stabilizing and pasteurizing the ice-cream mix

is angezing plant helps stabilizers to give its property.

After ageing the ice-cream mix the forward movement is to keep it in the freezer for minimum 4 hours. After completing first step of ice-cream making the second step is followed which are as follows :-

85 [1]

STEP 2 :-

First of all measurement of thickness of mixture which comes from stop 1 is done by item who are in the production department [2] Then the addition of colour flavors in ice-cream mix is done [3] After that ice-cream is freezing in a continuous frezer with the Purchase to make it soft [4] Then the ice-cream is packed in big as well as in small packets. [5] Then these packers are sent in to the ageing tunnel its temperature is About 25 .c. [6] After all these process ice-cream is trans forred to cold storage at last.

[7] And at last ice-cream is dispatch form the cold storage as the demand of production unit. All the flavors of amul brand of ice-cream are produced in amul Dairy. Their ice-cream processing capacity is 60 tons per day.



Affiuent means the waste which is produce during the process Of the production and how they treat their affluent. Every organization has its own affluent treatinent plant. If they don’t have then it will create pollution in environment

and it would be injurious to health of human beings. Amul dairy also has its own affluent treatment programmed. The minimum affiuent per day is 12000 liters. But due to modernization the affluent goneration quality has been reduced to 700 cu litors per day. as one of the object of amul dairy is to fulfill the social objective that not to pollute the surrounding environment thus amul dairy has its own affluent treatment plant. also if during the preparation of ice-cream it gets damaged then it is reprocessed and if repro cessed is not possible then it is put to affluent treatment plant instead of throwing away, so by this they keep the surrounding environment clean. treatment of wastage in affluent treatment plant is done by COD (chemical oxygen demand) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) are produced.



[1] Milk of 3 different types day [2] Milk powder day. [3] Ghee tones per day. [4] Ice-cream per day. [5] U.H.T milk per day. [6] 0.5 liter liquid milk packing per day.

10 lac litor per 60 tones per 60 metric 30 kilo liters 10 lac liters 4 lac liters



Markoting is a very important function of the management process because after the products are prepared and if these are not presented to the people in a proper manner or the people does not know about the products the product will be a failure. So marketing function ensures that the product is presented in such a way that people will buy the products regularly. GCMMF takes care of marketing distribution of the products produced by following dairies. Mother dairy :- ahmedabad Amul dairy :- anand Sumul dairy :- surat Doodh sagar dairy :- mehsana Banas dairy :- palanpur Amul dairy’s marketing strategy has been very good because it holds a market share of . it sells its products under a powerful brand of products. The federation does pricing of the different dairy products. Pricing is mainly on cost basis. For its products like icecream etc. the dairy faces lost of compelition and hence reports to various measures for sales promotion. Amul is a very powerful brand and it can be seen because A&M magazine reted it as the second strongest brand. Amul dairy markets three products in the milk section.

89 Amul gold 90 Amul tazza 91 Amul shakti









In milk it has a very strong distribution channel around 85 distributor and 200 retailers. These distributors and retailers got the milk every morning by the means of delivery trucks either of the distributors of the dairy. Amul dairy also markets its other products like ice-cream earlier it used to market its ice-cream under the name of amul but recently it has started to market ice-cream under the name of amul dairy.


Amul dairy markets its products like milk powder both nationally and internationally the milk powder is exported mainly to the gulf countries,bBangladeshand the south eastern asia. Amul dairy markets most of its products with the help of its marketing intermediaries but some of the products are marketed directly Supplier à marketing intermediaries à end user Supplier à end user


Amul dairy used the help of the media in marketing its products it gives advertisements in the news paper and in the television,which help to increage demand of its products their other products like powder,ghee,ice-cream including milk marketing federation is exporting its production gulf countries and mostly in U.S.A.

Amul dairy has become very popular because of its excellent marketing strategy. Amul dairy marketing strategy is to untorstand customer need develop products that provite superior value at less process. These types of marketing have shown a tremendous commitment to these customers. Even in the flood water situation amul dairy has nover stopped the supply of milk and milk products. And unlike other competitors it has never taken wrong benefits in this kinds of situation. All those have made amul dairy number one dairy in Gujarat and in India. Amul dairy has dovoloped an excellent distribution channel to provite its products to the consumers. It has made its products in each part of Gujarat and Indian. Behind all these there is only amul dairy organisation structure of Marketing.

Amul dairy faces tough competition in the Indian market by different Companies like britania vadilal cadbary e.t.c. though it quite new in the Indian market it share a fair amount of dairy products amul dairy has becomes one of the loading dairies in India. It western of India amul dairy shares most of the market while in other parts of India it is not so large. So but slowly and surely amul dairy is growing in sharing the market with other competitors industries.


Now a day’s people are more conscious about their health. Because of There is very strong competition in the market. Amul dairy also faces this competition in the market.the competitors of amul dairy are as under.

Liquid milk Ghee Milk powder Cheese Ice-cream

royal, sardar, gayatri, shamrudh, nestle, gopi, kishan, nestle, smithknline, beecham, Britannia, Britannia vadilal, havmor, gokool, max Quality, walls.


Branding is a very important part of a production. Consumer view brand as An important part of a production and branding add value to the product for e.g. most consumers would buy amul’s gold brand of milk very easily. But if the game milk is put into an unpopular company’s brand the people might not give that much importance to it. Amul dairy has made branding a major issue in its products strategy. Developing a branded product requires a great deal of long term marketing investment for amul dairy.

Advertising literally means to make know to public especially to Encourage sales. Advertising is presentation of ideas good or services paid for buy identified sponsors. Advertising is a no personal mass communicating and has become a potent means of mass education and mass selling in modern and dynamic world no business can service without advertising. So advertising is one of the most important aspects of the business. Now the problem is now to advertise so advertisement should be with a viewpoint to maximize returns on money invested. Advertisement is proved as the covering message of the company to the potential buyers through the different types of medias which will give information about the quality of the product. The element of good advertising plans is
101 The market 102 The completion 103 Consumer profiles and attitudes 104 Distributions 105 Evalution of previous problem and opportunities 106 Objective 107 Strategy 108 Copy 109 Media 110 Promotion 111 Research 112 Budget

The market must have to take into account all type of segmentation Advertisement gives the adjustment of statistic to give an improved result. It also stimulates the sale of the company advertising is used to keep consumer thinking about product continuously. In general advertising offers reasons to buy a product and promote sales. There are seven elements that must be considered in developing the successful advertising campaign.
113 Appraisal campaign

114 Analysis of market 115 Product prospects us tie 116 Copy approach 117 Design a layout 118 Media appraisal 119 Timing

A successful campaign of advertising is a composite of these plus some Money of luck. The good thing in the advertising comes from a smart mixture of money. The right mixture is widely variable depending on its style of advertising directors and his agency. The main advertising media adopted by almost all companies were written media like magazines newspaper e.t.c. or through television distribution. Amul dairy success lies in its excellent advertisement in the market. In the beginning amul dairy was putting that much importance of advertisement but after some time it understand that if was to enter into the Indian market it would have to advertise its products largely in a market. So it started advertising its product through different media. Just recently it has adopted a new message or slogan that say amul The taste of India. and amul dairy has recorded 12% hike in the sales of its products. Amul dairy has made its products very popularly by advertisement in all the part of India.



There are 506 workers in the amul dairy from this workers 60% are Technical workers and 40% are non technical workers.there are 230 workers working in the pouch packing section. The 280 workers are not including the 230 workers working in the pouch packing section. The worker who are working in the pouch packing section mainly working on the contract basis.

Some of the workers who are working in the organisation are permanent because their long service to the organisation.

The employment bureau of the amul dairy is at anand. The employment Some of the technical workers are employed through their direct approach of the organisation amul dairy does not advertisement of the personnel. There for they have not to made more expenditure in recruitment and selection process.

The organisation gives minimum 5 days training to employee per year. The organisation gives the training for development. Improve their skills formation motivation leadership e.t.c. some of the technical workers and staff are sending for training to Denmark and Holland.
123 SALARY:-

The organisation paid 25000 rs. To the general manager. The workers on Contract basis are paid 63 rs. Per days per. Minimum wages act of Gujarat government. All the permanent workers given maximum benefits of pension. Medical allowance insurance e.t.c.

Amul dairy takes or provides good care of its employees. As the plant is Fully automatic. The machines are imported from france.
125 126 127 128 129 130 131

Amul dairy provides Uniform change room A good canteen facility Quarters Medical facility Bonus Transportation facility e.t.c.



In amul dairy many plants machines and truck e.t.c. by this factors there Are produced two type of pollution air conditioner pollution and noise-pollution. There are noise pollution increased by tankers machines and air pollution increased by milk process in the dairy. The amul dairy is social responsible for pollution so it is its responsibility to try to control it.




There are very less problem with amul dairy because it has all latest Technology and fully automatic plant for production of milk powder ghee and packing of milk amul dairy is the first fully computerized plant of sairy in Gujarat. Even though there are some problems influencing this dairy which are give under.

As we know that amul dairy is fully computerized dairy. All the process of amul dairy under goes by fully automatic machines and they are operated by the computers. So for running the machines power supply is qnessential for amul dairy. Amul dairy gets power supply by gab but when there is any fault in geb and so power supply is cut off so for this reason their production has to be stopped immediately.



They have cold storage which has storage capacity of 11 lac. Litter of milk but in winter milk comes 11lac.Litters which is the big problem.



Amul dairy wants to increase the cold storage facility and the new plant For the ice-cream production for this expansion of land is essential they cannot take the land which is surround there so it is a problem faced by amul dairy.



Amul dairy in his short life span has achieved some achievement its Achievement is mentioned below amul dairy has become Asia’s first and only fully computerized dairy. Amul dairy milk storage capacity is 10 lac. Litter per day are higher then any other industries in India.In the begining amul dairy was able to reproduced just 3,00,000 litter of milk. Now it produces 10,00,000 litters per day. Amul is the largest co-operative organisation all over the asia which is consisted of 12 members union amul dairy has been able to supply the milk to their consumer even in the emergency and in accidents times. Even also in flood water situation it was able to supply its milk products to different areas included those which were affected. padma shree Dr. kurein of amul has just recently received from our prime- minister for his out

standing services over the years. Anand amul dairy due to its highly sophisticated technology highly skilled managerial personnel and other remarkable futures has achieved such a level of standard that it has more points to its strength and very less weakness.

[8] 138 FUTURE PLANS:-


Radip changes in technologies are bringing an era of competition in the business environment. So to meet these challenges and to stand by against it amul dairy now plans its future and it is a already considering some plans to out into practice in future:[1] as the current production of ice-cream is not satisfactory the unit has planned to increase the ice-cream production with aid of amul. For that it has already completed aps project and the product in under observation. [2] it is also trying to develop the 2 more milk products and as such it is also increasing the provision for storage. [3] by 2005 the unit has planned to achieve 14 lakh. Litters per

day production of milk and milk products of which liquid milk will country but 5 lakh. Litters a day as an average.



Amul dairy in his short life span has achievement is listed below: [1] amul dairy has computerized dairy. become asia’s first and only fully

[2] amul dairy milk storage capacity is 10 lakh litter per day is higher then any other industries in India. [3] amul is the largest co-operative organisation in all over asia which is consisted of 12 members union. [4] amul dairy has been able to supply the milk to their consumer even in the emergency and accidents times even also in flood water situation it was able to supply its milk products to different area’s including those which where affected. Anand amul dairy due to its highly sophisticated technology highly skilled managerial personnel and other remarkable futures has achieved such a level of standard that it has more points to its strength and very less weakness.



The following are the points which strengthens the amul dairy position in india and international markets for its quality products.

[1] this is the first and only fully computerized dairy plant in India. [2] it has highly sophisticated imported automatic plants and machines. [3] it has capacity to handle 10 lakh litters of milk every day and that too with the help of 200 skilled employee only.



Amul dairy has very less weaknesses. It has highly sophisticated Technology will qualified managerial personnel. Anand amul dairy has only weakness attached to its operation and that is due to seasonal variation in India i.e. it faces the problem of sorting surplus in winter season. However it tires to overcome this situation by producing more milk powder. We all know that amul has fully computerized. It is fully controlled by automatic machines so when there is problem in GEB the power supply has to be out off so their production has to stop immediately.

Amul dairy within a very short period of seven years of its establishment has achieved high level of performance. Opportunities are listed below. [1] it has opportunity to increase ice-cream production which is recently started. [2] it has opportunity to increase liquid milk production milk powder and butter oil. [3] it has decided to increase milk storage capacity.


it has opportunity to increase installed capacity from 10 lakhs to 14 lakhs by year 2005.



Amul dairy has hardly any major threats some of the threats are listed below. [1] [2] faces threats from village farmers main competitors are Cadbury and britania. Due to the competition amul products have fallen to 20 th place if the trend continues it may as well fall to 33rd place.



From the above report we can conclude that the dairy industry in India and especially in Gujarat is growing very fast. It is not only meeting the local requirements but also emerging to be an export earning opportunities. Amul dairy which was started as a support to the members of the union is now one of the fully automatic plants which is main supplier of milk to Gujarat.thus we can say that the visit to amul dairy is a very successful one. We not only understood about the importance of the dairy industry in the lives of common people but also to the

national economy.


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