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Question Code: ED05 Topic: Big Brother Wei Delivering Money Scope of Discussion: Self Development, Life Skills

, Attitudes Towards Making Friends, Interpersonal Relationships Data-response Question

Consider the following information: Source 1 Below is an abstract from Adolescents’ Attitude Towards Friends survey in 2006. (Interviewees were students of Primary 5 to tertiary education or above) Unhappiness and happiness from getting along with friends Rumours spreading Unhappiness Being betrayed or cheated Big quarrel with friends Being cared Happiness Able to express yourself freely Being accompanied
* Only part of the research data Translated from The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (23 July 2006),「「「「「「「「「. Retrieved 5 August 2011, from

Percentage (Agree)* 10.9% 32.2% 19.8% 14.1% 34.8% 52.8%

Source 2 A secondary 2 student gave out HK$40,000 and 8 smartphones of new models, both of which he got from his grandmother, to any schoolmates who would call him “Big Brother Wei” (a prestigious nickname). He did this to show himself off in front of girls and to court them. His act made a stir in the school and many of his schoolmates are willing to call him “Big Brother Wei”.

「「「「 4 「「「「「「「 「「 8 「 iPhone 「「「「「「「「「「「. current Hong Kong adolescents is friendship. “communication skills”.  Explaining the reasons why Big Brother Wei gave out money to attract girls. identify the reasons for most adolescents being happy and unhappy when getting along with friends. “interpersonal relationships”. what are the factors leading “Big Brother Wei” to choose giving out money as a means to court girls? Explain your answer. students should be able to demonstrate basic skills like making effective use of data. students’ understanding and application of concepts such as “self-esteem”. pp.Adapted and translated from Ming Pao. Intention of Assessment Assessment Focus Through the analysis of the case “Big Brother Wei Delivering Money” and the survey of Adolescents’ Attitude Towards Friends. (a) (b) (c) With reference to Source 1. Expected Student Performance Knowledge  Identifying the main reasons for most adolescents being happy and unhappy when getting along with friends. With reference to Source 2. “Among all kinds of interpersonal relationships. do you agree with the statement? Explain your answer. Moreover. would be assessed. and “peer influence” and so on. Ming Pao. the one most treasured by . linking relevant data and concept/ knowledge. A04.” With reference to the above sources. . (29 November 2010). and more advanced enquiry skills like comparing the importance of different kinds of interpersonal relationships. “attitude on making friends”. which are “being accompanied” and “being betrayed or cheated” respectively.

“generation gap”. Skills  Interpreting core messages from figures and texts as well as answering the questions appropriately  Linking information with concepts/ knowledge  Analysing the factors affecting the approach to courting the opposite sex  Comparing the perceived importance of different kinds of interpersonal relationships Important Note:  Schools may adapt. . Education Bureau via e-mail (ls-suggestion@hkedcity. print and duplicate this document for teaching purposes according to the needs of their students.such as “self esteem” and “wrong attitudes towards making friends”  Analysing the importance of different kinds of interpersonal relationships to current adolescents and using relevant concepts such as “peer recognition or exclusion”.  For any enquires and comments. please contact Liberal Studies  No person is allowed to duplicate the contents of this document for commercial use. “relationships between the two sexes” and “changing love style” to explain.