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To enable keyboard shortcuts: Go to your Gmail Settings. In the General tab, click Keyboard shortcuts on.

Save your changes. View keyboard shortcuts
Shortcut ? Action Show list of all keyboard shortcuts

Moving and marking selected messages
Shortcut e or y # v l . (period) Shift + i or u _ (underscore) z m ! + or s Shift + t Action Archive message (y removes label when in label view) Delete the message Open Move to menu (use autocomplete to select label) Open Labels menu (use autocomplete to select label) Open More Actions menu (use up/down arrow to select) Marks selected messages as read or unread Mark as unread from the selected message Undo last action Mute the conversation (mailing lists only) Report Spam Mark as important or unimportant Star message (keep pressing s to rotate through options) Add conversation to Tasks

Navigating Gmail
Shortcut g then a g then t g then c g then i g then d g then s g then k / q Esc Action Go to "All Mail" Go to "Sent Mail" Go to "Contacts" Go to "Inbox" Go to "Drafts" Go to "Starred" Go to "Tasks" Place cursor in Search field Place cursor in chat search Remove cursor from your current input field

A complete list of shortcuts can be found at

move up to the previous message Update conversation when new message arrives Go to next Inbox section Go to previous Inbox section Archive current message.Navigating messages list Shortcut x Enter or o Shift + o j k u n p Shift + n ` ~ { or } * + a or n * + r or u * + s or t Action Select message Open currently focused message Open currently focused message in a new window Move down to previous message Move up to next message Back to threadlist In a conversation. then open next/previous message Select/ unselect all messages in message list Select all read/ unread messages in message list Select all starred/ unstarred messages in message list Composing and replying to messages Shortcut c r or a f Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + Shift + c Ctrl + Shift + b Ctrl + Shift + f Ctrl + k Ctrl + b Ctrl + i Ctrl + u Ctrl + Shift + 7 Ctrl + Shift + 8 Ctrl + Shift + e Ctrl + Shift + l Action Compose a new message Reply to the sender or reply all Forward the message Send the message Add cc recipient Add bcc recipient Access custom from Insert link Bold Italics Underline Bulleted list Numbered list Align center Align left . move down to the next message In a conversation.

com Sent to anyone at subject:legal Contains legal in the subject subject:legal from:lee From Lee with legal in the subject "purchase order" Contains purchase order receipt OR invoice Contains the words "receipt" or "invoice" from:amy OR lee From either Amy or Lee subject:order -new Subject contains "order" but not "new" from:amy (legal law) From Amy.(hypen) ( ) { } in: label: circle: Search for exact phrase Matches term Exclude terms from search Group search words using AND Group search words using OR Search by label Search by label Search for message from someone in a particular Google+ circle A complete list of shortcuts can be found at https://support. contains "legal" or "law" from:joe in:action From these shortcuts in your Gmail search bar to find what you're looking for even faster. to: Search for recipient subject: Search in subject line " " OR (must be uppercase) . with the label "Finance" circle:accounting Message sent from a person in your "accounting" circle circle:"Lab (Biology)" Note: if your Circle has spaces or Search operators and shortcuts Shortcut from: Action Search for sender Examples from:me Sent from you from:joe Sent from Joe to:joe Sent to Joe to:example. contains "legal" and "law" from:amy {legal law} From Amy. with the label "Action" from:joe label:finance From Joe. (Any faster and we'd have to create a Lab that reads your mind. put in .

Search operators and shortcuts Shortcut list: after: before: older: newer: Action Search to/ from mailing lists Sent during a specified time (yyyy/mm/dd) Examples list:info@example. Spam or All labels Search all messages that are starred is:unread cc: bcc: has:attachment filename: size: larger: smaller: Search all messages that are unread Search Cc field Search Bcc field Search for attachments Search attachments by name or type Search for email in size by bytes Search email in size using abbreviations Search for specific phrase Search for chat messages is:starred legal Starred messages. and Trash is:unread from:mike Unread messages from Mike in:inbox in:trash in: spam in:anywhere is:starred Search in the Inbox. requested. 2012 and before August 13. Trash. 2012 after:2012/6/30 before:2012/8/13 Sent/received after June To or from "info@example. Spam. 2012 in:inbox to:amy Sent to Amy and in your inbox in:anywhere review Contains "review" in All Mail. or requesting) is:chat project Any chat message using the word "project" + (plus sign) is:chat .com" after:2012/6/30 Sent/ received after June 30. contains "legal" cc:matt Messages cc'd to Matt bcc:greta Messages bcc'd to Greta has:attachment from:me Messages sent from you containing an attachment filename:project Messages with attachments named "project" size:1000000 Messages that are 10MB or larger larger:10MB smaller:20MB Messages that are 10MB or larger but smaller than 20MB +request Messages with request (not requests.