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Windows-bring light and air to an interior space and provide a view of the outdoor scenery I.

Parts of a Window

Double Hung Windows-similar to single hung windows, except that both sash move and are controlled by a balancing mechanism so the sash do not fall down when raised Tilt and Turn Windows-first appeared in Europe; tilt inwards for ventilation or pivot from the side like a casement window Hopper Windows- the reverse of an awning window in that it pivots at the bottom and opens inward Bay window -has a fixed centre window parallel to the wall flanked by two operating windows (casement or double hung windows) attached at an angle (usually 45°) Bow windows- have more than three sections set at gentle angles (usually 10°) that give the window a curved appearance (like a bow) Oriel Windows-project from the side of a building, like a bay window, but are located on the second floor or higher Palladian Windows-named after the 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio; a large window that is divided into three parts: center section is larger than the two side sections, and is usually arched Ribbon Windows-a row of windows separated by vertical posts, called mullions; used up high on a wall to bring added light to a room. o Windows installed near the ceiling like this are called clerestory windows.

II. •

Types of Windows Awning Windows-pivot at the top and may have outward or inwardswinging sash; the most common is the outward swinging sash. Casement windows- swing outward on side hinges; provide 100% ventilation Fixed Window- window that cannot be opened, whose function is limited to allowing light to enter Picture Windows- fixed windows that do not open; used to let in a lot of light and to take advantage of a view Horizontal Sliders-these windows have sash that slide horizontally -single sliders have one fixed sash, while double sliders have two movable sashes Single Hung Windows- a vertical slider in which the top pane of glass is fixed and the bottom sash moves

and have a roof of their own o o o o Eyebrow dormers o Gable dormers o Hipped dormers Inset dormers are also called recessed dormers Shed dormers • o III.• Jalousie Window. often used for daylighting o roof lantern. and easier to handle poor insulator can be painted Vinyl o o almost maintenance-free excellent resistance to heat loss resists corrosion cannot be painted Fiberglass o o o o extreme strength does not conduct heat or cold impermeable to moisture can be painted o • • • o o • • Dormer Windows. traditional and aesthetically pleasing can be painted on the exterior Aluminum o o more durable than wood thinner. or fiberglass stretched over a window opening to permit air to pass through. • Accessory Elements of a Window Screen. that jut out from the roof of a home.a window consisting of a series of overlapping horizontal frameless louvers which pivot simultaneously in a common frame Transom Window-window above a door Skylight-any horizontal window placed at the roof of the building.woven mesh of metal.a multipaned glass structure. resembling a small building. but not insects Lattice-window with small panes s et in diagonally crossing metal strips Storm Window. lighter. Window Materials .window in a dualwindow unit mounted outside or inside of the main glass windows of a house • • IV. built on a roof for day or moon light • o Wood warm.