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ENTS 632 SPRING 1998

Telecommunications Marketing Management Instructor: Dr. Robert Krapfel Texts: Basic Marketing Management, Dalrymple and Parsons, 1995 Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore, 1991 Office: 3463-VMH Phone: 405-2182, 951-5291 Fax: 405-0146 Office Hours: Mon 5-6 and by appointment E-mail: This course exposes the student to the strategic marketing, sales and customer service challenges confronting organizations in the computer, communications and media industries. It emphasizes understanding of volatile technology, regulatory and competitive environments as a backdrop to strategic planning and management in the marketing domain. Date 2/2 2/9 2/16 2/23 3/2 3/16 3/30 4/6 4/13 4/20 Text, Ch. Telepoint Introduction to Strategy Handout DP 1,2; Moore 1; Goals and Methods ACG Commercializing Moore 2 Technology Customer Analysis DP 3; DP 5; Northern Competitor Analysis Telecom A Segmentation & DP 4; Sky Positioning Television Midterm Exam Demand Analysis DP 6; New Product DP 7 and Moore Development 3,4; IUSACELL Products/Services DP 8,9; Northern Management Telecom B Topic

Instructions for case write-ups are on the next two pages. and make recommendations for improvements to an appropriate manager in the company. 11 and Moore 7. . and/or customers as appropriate. Krapfel Date 2/9 3/2 3/16 4/13 4/20 5/11 5/18 Title African Communications Group Northern Telecom A Sky Television Grupo IUSACELL Northern Telecom B MCI Vision American Mobile Satellite Number 9-796-128 9-593-103 9-792-039 9-395-028 9-593-104 9-592-083 5-593-116 Term Project Assignment You should evaluate the marketing program for a major competitor in the telecommunications industry. *********** OR ********** You may write two of the Harvard cases for comparable credit. Robert Krapfel Cases aren't like exams. resellers.4/27 5/4 5/11 5/18 Pricing and Channels Direct Sales and Marketing Advertising/Sales Promotion Final Exam/Term Projects Due DP 10.13. Your task is to describe what the company is doing. DP 12. DP 14. I would expect your analysis to be informed by both library type research and personal interviews with company mangers. and outside references) to develop a recommendation that's both conceptually appropriate and managerially feasible.15. The analysis should focus on a particular product line and market segment (for example. Obvious solutions are seldom correct. evaluate competitive strengths and weaknesses of this program. ENTS 650 Notes on Case Analysis Dr. lecture notes. You must apply information from many sources (texts. MCI Vision American Mobile Satellite Grading: Midterm Exam 20% Final Exam 40% Term Project 30% Class Contribution 10% ENTS 632 Case List Spring 1998 R. the case itself. customer premise equipment sold to small business customers).

"bureaucratspeak" and slang. Mr. Write in memo format directly to this person." Give them a sample mission statement so they can see what you're talking about. while Sheraton improved from 39% to 44% in the same period. colloquialisms. Duffy. In sum. 1993 Short vs. TO: Mr. FROM: Ms. Do not dump the problem back in your client's lap with a recommendation like. Double space and limit your report to three (3)text pages and a maximum of two (2) exhibit pages. Appearance. etc. Don't just report isolated numbers. Use side headings to introduce topics (See model next page). its not a case to them. don't be a pansy. communicate professionalism. Use active voice and take a stand. Use 1" margins all around and 12 point or larger font size. for example. It pays off. its their career and future at stake. "Dunfey Hotels' first quarter market share dropped from 27% to 23%. rather than a memo. should hire two salespeople for assignment in the Denver and Cincinnati regions by March of this year." To communicate effectively remember your goal. to persuade a senior manager to implement your recommendation. Long Term Planning . and information consists of more than simply restating case exhibit data." instead use data comparisons to make a point. "You must develop a new mission statement to better define strategic opportunities. SUBJECT: American Mobile Satellite=s Marketing Strategy DATE: October 1. This is a formal report to someone you don't know very well. Cite outside references properly. "The Sales Manager. Be very specific when describing implementation steps. information does." Pay particular attention to the who. Avoid flowery language. when. Affiliated Networks Inc. grammar and spelling all count. Jon Canas. write sparingly and convey as much relevant supporting information as possible. where dimensions of the recommendation. ENTS 632 Model Memo Format Dr. NEVER make reference to "the case". Get to the point. Your opinions don't constitute evidence. Marina Whitman. Rework case data (which is most often simply a financial or operating summary) into ratios or indexes that capture a trend. Dunfey Hotels Inc. Robert Krapfel NOTE: I'm asking you to use a nonstandard format here for convenience sake.Approach the case as an outside consultant called in by the senior manager named in the case. As an outside consultant you would use a cover letter (transmittal letter) accompanying the report. In the opening paragraphs present your problem description followed immediately by recommended solution. as well as the what. how. Subsequent paragraphs should present evidence supporting both problem identification and recommended course of action. "First quarter market share was 23%.

Canas... Elements of Strategic Marketing Planning Here you take case data.AMSC=s current planning effort creates a short-term focus detrimental to accomplishment of strategic goals.. You'll find end-of-report tables and exhibits a most efficient means of communicating large volumes of supporting evidence.... Start sentences with numerals... Don't Do Refer to managers by name.... I recommend you hire two MBA qualified market analysts by December 1... .. and course principles to convince your audience of the reasonableness of your recommendation.. Mr... This section also should contain detailed implementation step descriptions and examples......... integrate it with outside information. Start sentences with words.... 1993. .. Refer to managers as "they".