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AUTHORS: Alexander V Vinogradov Alekxey I Trushin

Deltatekh Ltd MSU Science Park

Leonid Z Velsher Mikhail L Stakhanov

* Central Clinical Hospital 2 name after Semashko N.A.

Russian Railroads.

Moscow State Medical-Stomatological University

Deltatekh LTD, MSU Science Park, Vorobyevi Gory, Moscow, Russia, 119 899


Deltatekh LTD Key Project Firm

Image capture and processing systems Spectroscopy instruments Medical diagnostic equipment Scientific devices
Since 1992 MSU Science Park 930-8409

Imaging System

Super-high sensitivity Wide Spectral range Nanosecond resolution High spatial resolution

Applications Medical imaging Scientific measurements FISH-microscopy

Posttraumatic hand wound fluorescent image

(5 days after the trauma)

The method is based on selective accumulation of endogenous porphyrins in quickly growing tissues (proliferation areas). Cancer is most proliferation area. Proliferation areas are identified by recording laser-fluorescent images.

As known, cells of a malignant tumor share essentially more often normal cells. Thus growth rate of different tumors, as well as speed of duplication various on the structure normal (non tumor) cells is rather various. Hence estimating intensity of fluorescent radiation endogenous (natural) porthyrins it is possible to judge morphology of researched fabrics precisely to a certain extent.

The Block-diagram of excitation and registration fluorescent emission

Laser emission and image registratio n system

Fluorescence emission =650-700 nm Red laser light (50 mkWt/sm2, =635

Human nm) body tissue

Fluorescence emission =650-700 nm

Pilot version of the diagnostic system

The method and prototypes of the equipment used in medical practice by Central Clinical Hospital 2 Russian Railroads more then 7 years.

Fluorescent image of the patients face (upper part)

To the left of tumor it is clearly visible tumoral defeat of a skin.

Bright spot - basal cells cancers relapse on the temple.

The same patient after tumour removing

Relapse of basal sells cancer Operational wound after laser removal of that tumor after surgical removal

Breaking up black cancer skin (the central form)

Fluorescence intensity: 984 3007

Skin cancer LIF diagnostic Statistical results

Correct 91% Falsenegative 9%

Patent Shield
Patents of RF No. 2128005, No. 2169922, PCT patent application No. PCT/RU99/00039, international publication No. WO 00/47112, USA Patent No. US 6,584,342 B1 (Jun,24,2003), Canadian patent application No 2,360,229, EPO patent application No. 99921306.9

Market Size Estimations

Russian Federation- $57-80M US and Canada - $650-800M Global market -$2-3B

The Project Aims

To enter the market of medical equipment for laser-fluorescent cancer diagnostics; To spread application methods (education, certification of specialists, licensing).

Market Entry
Establishing a company for equipment production and distribution. Authors of the project join the company as a partner by granting IPR (patents, know-how, software, results of clinical trials, drafts, schemes, software, A-prototype). Investors grant financial capital and other asset.

Project Expanses
Consulting & global markets estimations Start-up Company Establishing, Legal documents Rent, CEO end workers salary Company style design & Public Relations Expensed Equipment & Software Market sample design & production 10 pieces Device and method Certification & national market clinical trials Marketing & Advertising

Time and Money

Financial capital Time to market

$3-5M - 18-24 month

Our Team

BIO 2007 Boston, USA, May 2007

Grand Prix on VIII International Forum High Technology of XXI April 2007 Moscow