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Case study

Spar Express
Location Philips Lighting Hasselt, Belgium Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Elite

It had to provide good lighting for the products. and in addition includes a sandwich bar.” The benefits The challenge Spar Express is what is known as a landscape shop: it is relatively small. without too much light spilling into the corridors.” For the lighting of the shelves.Spar Express is a new shopping concept of the Lambrechts Group. where customers can sit and enjoy the fresh food at their leisure. and an intimate Eat-In section. the cost of ownership is low. Since the SPAR Express was a pilot project which has been succesfully perceived the Lambrechtsgroep decided to extend this concept and illuminate more shops making use of Toplight and Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Elite. while at the same time creating the right sort of dynamic ambience which helps define the various areas of the shop. stocked with fresh products such as freshly-squeezed orange juice. It allows the shelves themselves to be illuminated. “It is essential that the shop has the right atmosphere”. Toplight made use of the DA concept. says Sven Meert. Lighting plays a vital role in creating an inviting atmosphere to tempt passers-by into its shop in Hasselt. . Each DA fixture was fitted with a Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Elite lamp. The solution Atmosphere is of utmost importance. Furthermore. The products are attractively lit. salads. Second. while at the same time cutting consumption by 25%. who is specialised in providing professional lighting for shops and supermarkets. Spar Express Hasselt chooses MASTERColour CDM-T Elite Fast Facts Project Spar Express Location Hasselt. DA stands for double asymmetrical reflector. Toplight Background A modern. the Eat-In section. and Spar decided to call in the help of Toplight. because the CDM-T Elite lamp has a colour rendering index of 90. It offers a full assortment of products. which ensures that the colours of the products are vibrant and attractive. while at the same time offering a higher lighting level and an extremely faithful colour reproduction. And the various sections of the shop are clearly defined with appropriate lighting. “We choose the CDM-T Elite lamp for a number of important reasons. yet needs to combine the normal functions of a well-stocked supermarket. sales manager of Toplight. Firstly. while at the same time creating the intimacy required by. it has a light level which is 20% higher than comparable fluorescent tubes. with energy consumption reduced by 25%. sandwiches and fruit salads. This plays an important role in attracting customers into the shop. which in turn contribute to generating increased traffic in the shop. Belgium. thanks to the expertise of Toplight and the use of Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Elite extremely attractive. The colours of the fresh products are vibrant. self-service concept. The ambiance in the shop is. emphasising their fresh appeal. and the whole shop has an inviting atmosphere. Philips Lighting Belgium Sven Meert. which takes into account the different functions within the shop. one of Belgium’s leading lighting manufacturers. “We therefore developed a very accurate lighting plan. Belgium Light sources Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Elite Project Team led by Herbert Lismont. for example. SPAR Express is aimed primarily at attracting local residents. employees on their way to and from work and passers-by.

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