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332,815. Demoulin, C. Sept. 23, 1929. Emulsions, making.

-In the manufacture of fuel briquettes from wood charcoal, pitch derived from tar obtained by the distillation of wood is employed as a binder which is brought to an emulsion by the addition of a heated alkaline solution. To the pitch heated to a temperature of about 100 C. is added a solution of sodium carbonate at approximately the same temperature, and the emulsion is fed into a centrifugal disintegrator simultaneously with the powdered charcoal heated to about the same temperature. The resulting mass is warmed to a temperature of about 120 C. to break down the emulsion and is then pressed into briquettes. To aid the combustion of the finished briquette, a small quantity of sodium nitrate is incorporated in the mixture fed into the disintegrator. Title Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of charcoal fuel briquettes Application Number GB19290028799 19290923 Publication Number 332815 (A) Application Date 1929-09-23 Publication Date 1930-07-31 Assignee Camille Demoulin IPC C10L 05/44 C10L 05/40 Full Text at United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (IPO)