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Unit 1 Reading
Have they got talent? page 8 Right /Wrong/Doesn’t say Reading for detailed information Festivals page 16 Gapped sentences Guessing unknown words

Talents and hobbies Parts of speech Your media Celebrations Adjectives and prepositions Your culture

Talking about the present Present simple Time expressions Present simple questions and short answers Talking about now or the near future Present continuous Present continuous for future Adverbs Talking about the past Past simple Past simple questions More about the past Past continuous Past continuous and past simple -ing forms to infinitive

Hopes and



Time out
What’s cool

Time to revise 1 page 24


in school?

Boys don’t sing page 26 Word completion Identifying the right word The crystal skull page 34 Yes /No questions Reading for detailed information Your world history

School Compound nouns Your school subjects History and dates Writing dates



Time to revise 2 page 42




Serious ocean Travel Matching Travel verbs page 44 Reading and identifying the Your transport appropriate reponse

Swap, don’t


Swap shop Page 52 Gapped sentences Guessing unknown words

Shopping Compound nouns Your economics

Talking about the future will Present continuous for future going to shall Talking about experiences Present perfect simple Questions Present perfect with adverbs

Time to revise 3 page 60


Listening Hobbies Multiple matching Speaking Talking about sports and hobbies Completing a questionnaire Likes and dislikes Writing DVD on Active Book A paragraph Conjunctions DVD Britain’s got talent! A blog Saying where things are DVD The monkey festival Jokes Multiple matching Describing activities Describing photos and activities My old school Multiple-choice questions Describing an experience Matching questions and answers Asking questions about the past Directions Using a map Asking and giving directions A short story Ordering events DVD Boys don’t sing A story Giving a reason Talking about a time in the past DVD The mystery of the crystal skull Treasure hunting Labelling School trip Completing notes Making plans Talking about possible plans An email Talking about plans Looking forward to … DVD Serious ocean Going shopping Multiple-choice pictures Shopping Matching questions and answers In a shop An invitation Inviting DVD Swap. don’t shop! s 5 .

possibility and obligation Modals verbs – ability.Unit 7 Reading Speedy! page 62 Multiple-choice questions Vocabulary Sports Collocations Your sport Grammar Talking about ability. jungle girl page 98 Matching Your careers Jobs Phrasal verbs 12 Is that really true? Time to revise 6 page 114 Mythbusters Page 106 Multiple-choice questions Science and technology Phrasal verbs Your science Talking about general truths and future possibilities Zero conditional First conditional First conditional – modals Reporting what someone says Reported statements Reporting verbs Relative clauses Speaking File page 116 Writing File page 126 Vocabulary File and DVD Activities page 130 Grammar File page 136 6 . permission Making comparisons Comparatives Superlatives Win or Wild lose! Man in the wild page 70 Right /Wrong /Doesn’t say 8 Wild places Weather adjectives Your world geography things Time to revise 4 page 78 9 Chocolate is page 80 good for you The chocolate factory Matching headings with paragraphs Yes /No questions Food and cooking Changing verbs to adjectives 10 Weird places Holidays page 88 Multiple matching Your local geography Buildings and places Compound nouns Obligation and prohibition Modal verbs – obligation and prohibition should and shouldn’t Using the present simple passive Present simple passive Past simple passive Time to revise 5 page 96 11 Jobs 4 kids Bindi. possibility. obligation.

Listening Borrowing Multiple-choice pictures Speaking Talking about sports Explaining meaning of signs/rules Writing DVD on Active Book A factfile Position of adjectives DVD BMX champion Wild animals Table completion Your wild animals Talking about another country Asking and answering questions Describing feelings A postcard Writing about an experience DVD Elephant safari Food Multiple matching Your food technology Famous places Multiple-choice questions Advice Asking for and giving advice An article Describing food DVD A chocolate drink? Describing buildings Describing objects A brochure Giving information DVD Cave hotel School report Notes completion Talking about problems Making suggestions A report Contrasting DVD When will I be famous? Technology Multiple matching Finding out about an event Asking for information A review Saying something is good or bad DVD Sticky tape 7 .