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303 stainless steel plate.75" High x 12. L . The customer should provide a dry air bleed at 75 to 150 PSI. IF MOTOR ROTATION IS POTENTIALLY HARMFUL. THIS WILL DEASSIGN (DISCONNECT) THE MOTOR(S). etc. Table 4-1. 120 VAC to MCC Relay Pan.2 VDC supply for the DW Foot Throttle rheostat. the Driller's Console houses a lockout switch and throttle for each function. It is installed on the drill floor near the Drawworks and contains an Assignment switch to apply power to various combinations of functions suitable for tripping or drilling. THE MOTOR(S) MAY ROTATE EVEN THOUGH THE HAND THROTTLE IS IN THE FULL COUNTER-CLOCKWISE POSITION. SPECIFICATIONS Refer to Table 4-1. It receives these voltages from the other SCR Drive System units. -14 VDC Contactor Power Supply used to develop contactor control signals associated with each traction motor. 3. 2. PLACE THE FUNCTION SELECTOR TO OFF. 3. In addition. 2. Electrical input The Driller’s Console does not require an independent power supply. 4. THE MOTOR(S) IS/ARE CONNECTED TO THE SCR DRIVE. Lights on the Driller's Console panel indicate the on-line status of the generators. Weight: 130 to 200 Pounds (60 to 92 KG). 115 VAC from the Generator Sync section.75" Wide x 11" Deep (32 cM High x 32 cM Wide x 28 cM Deep) maximum. Driller’s Console Specifications ELECTRICAL 1. There are four outputs: Zero to -8 VDC throttle reference signals back to the SCR Units for each DC function. -14 VDC contactor control signal for each traction motor. chain oilers. Output 1. Size: 12. The Speed Control handles are also stainless steel. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. The assembly is watertight. -8. DW Foot Throttle The DW Foot Throttle is fabricated from No. MECHANICAL Mechanical Console The console is fabricated from 14-gauge stainless steel. and auxiliary AC devices such as blowers. Weight: 30 Pounds (14 KG). Size: 18 to 30" High x 36" Wide x 12" Deep (46 to 74 cM High x 92 cM Wide x 31 cM Deep).4-1 DRILLER'S CONSOLE OPERATION DESCRIPTION The Driller's Console is the primary control for the rig DC functions. WHEN AN SCR IS ASSIGNED AND A FUNCTION SELECTOR (SUCH AS MP1 OFF/ON) IS SELECTED. The meters and lights are mounted behind reinforced glass. The Foot Throttle pedal is corrugated to provide a skid-proof footing. The assembly is watertight. SCR units. The Driller's Console is pressurized. ±14 VDC from each SCR Unit.

3 4 5 6 DETAIL A 1 11 8 8 9 10 10 12 Item 1. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . B FS-082-04. FS-201-02 Figure 4-1. Description ASSIGNMENT switch POWER LIMIT meter GEN Status lights SCR Status lights BLWR Status lights POWER LIM light ROTARY TABLE ammeter ON-OFF switch EMERGENCY OFF switch FWD-OFF-REV switch RT LIMIT switch Hand Throttle hand wheel Drawworks Foot Throttle 13 20601-20 Rev. The numbers shown with parentheses in the following description indicate items on Figure 4-1. 11. 13. 7. FS-082-05. 10. 4. 8.4-2 INDICATORS AND CONTROLS Figure 4-1 shows the various types of indicators and controls on a typical console. with the vertical (12 O'clock) position being OFF. 5. The GEN and SCR Status Lights (Items 3 and 4) illuminate when the corresponding units are connected to the Main AC Bus. Driller's Console Indicators and Controls DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. 6. 2. 3. The positions of the ASSIGNMENT Switch (Item 1) are arranged as the hours on a clock. 12. 9.

This provides full lifting capability. If a shunt motor is to be run. before proceeding any further. The BLOWER Status lights (Item 5) are associated with auxiliary AC devices of the corresponding DC functions. make sure the field supply is ON. THE MOTOR(S) IS/ARE CONNECTED TO THE SCR DRIVE. PLACE THE FUNCTION SELECTOR TO OFF. THIS WILL DISCONNECT THE MOTOR(S). WHEN AN SCR IS ASSIGNED AND A FUNCTION SELECTOR (SUCH AS MP1 OFF/ON) IS SELECTED. On one SCR bridge in TRIPPING positions. the DW BLOWER light illuminates when all auxiliary devices of both the Drawworks motors such as blowers and chain oilers are switched on. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. THE MOTOR(S) MAY ROTATE EVEN THOUGH THE HAND THROTTLE IS IN THE FULL COUNTER-CLOCKWISE POSITION. giving full hoisting speed. the motors are connected to separate SCR bridges. 3. is free to choose whichever is needed at any time. Check the Generator Cubicle GEN RUN and ON LINE status lights to ensure there are sufficient generators connected to the Main AC Bus to fill the load requirement. DWA and DWB motors are connected in series (DWS). The EMERGENCY OFF button (Item 9) is pressed to disconnect power to all DC functions in case of an emergency. There are LOCKOUT Switches (Items 8 and 10) for each DC function. 2. As a safety precaution. For example. The RT ammeter (Item 7) indicates current drawn by the Rotary Table motor. set the ASSIGNMENT SWITCH to OFF and rotate all HAND THROTTLES to OFF. IF MOTOR ROTATION IS POTENTIALLY HARMFUL. The Driller. MECHANICAL The Drawworks Foot Throttle pedal (Item 13) is pressed to operate the Drawworks once the DW Hand Throttle (Items 12) is rotated out of the OFF position. but only half the hoisting speed. L . The RT LIMIT knob (Item 11) is rotated clockwise to increase the torque limit on the Rotary Table motor from 0 to 10. The function it drives is listed below the number in the block. For each of these positions of the ASSIGNMENT Switch. The POWER LIMIT meter (Item 2) indicates percentage of available total power capability of the generators and SCRs on line being consumed by the load.4-3 Positions on the left side of the ASSIGNMENT Switch (positions 7 through 11) are designed for tripping and those on the right side (positions 1 through 5) are intended for drilling. the number in the blocks refer to the SCR units. This is an indication of developed torque. however. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. In DRILLING positions. Once turned ON. the corresponding Hand Throttle wheel (Item 12 .there are four) is rotated clockwise to turn it from Zero to maximum speed. The POWER LIMIT light (Item 6) illuminates when the generators connected to the Main AC Bus approach (≈90%) their maximum capability.

damage may result to the SCR unit as well as the Drawworks or Rotary Table. FWD. Set the appropriate LOCKOUT SWITCH to ON. For a speedy tripping operation. 10. The POWER LIMIT Meter (Item 2) will indicate percentage of power consumed out of the total available from the generators connected to the Main AC Bus. 5. Achieve cathead speed by performing the preceding General Instructions. slow the Drawworks to the HAND THROTTLE setting by removing pressure on the FOOT THROTTLE. all the equipment will still run. the BLOWER Status Light will not illuminate. Let the motor come to a complete stop before switching the ON/OFF LOCKOUT Switch (Item 8) to the opposite direction. ensure that the SCR units to be used have been assigned to DRILLING at the Control Room Console. or REV. Main AC Bus and the POWER LIMIT Light illuminates. 8. THE DRAWWORKS DYNAMIC BRAKE IS AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED WHEN THE FOOT THROTTLE IS RELEASED FOR MORE THAN TWO SECONDS. though at reduced speed.4-4 4. When changing direction of Drawworks or Rotary Table from FORWARD to REVERSE (or vice versa). Speed reduction is performed automatically by a Power Limit circuit to prevent overloading of the engine/generator sets. In the interest of fuel economy. Otherwise. The POWER LIMIT Light (Item 6) will illuminate when power consumption reaches ≈90%. 7. 6. DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER IF THE LIGHT REMAINS UNILLUMINATED. The corresponding BLOWER Status Light will illuminate. 11. Set the ASSIGNMENT SWITCH to the position desired. as desired. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . Check the SCR status lights to make sure the SCR units to be used are connected to the Main AC Bus. THE FOOT THROTTLE REMAINS INOPERATIVE UNTIL THE DW HAND THROTTLE IS MOVED OUT OF THE OFF POSITION. TURN OFF THE THROTTLE AND TROUBLESHOOT THE SYSTEM. 3. depress the FOOT THROTTLE. Power Limit can be released by connecting additional generators to the Main AC Bus. 2. 9. If all auxiliary motor starters are not closed. operate the rig between 90 to 95% of full power (as long as all functions are operating at desired speeds). After the tripping operation. DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. If all available generators are connected to the DRAWWORKS 1. first turn the HAND THROTTLE (Items 12) completely counterclockwise to OFF. On Propulsion or Winch systems. Rotate the desired HAND THROTTLE (Items 12) clockwise to achieve the desired speed.

MAINTENANCE Refer to Section 3 (SCR Unit) for general information regarding maintenance and testing of the SCR Unit. DO NOT EXCEED THE CURRENT LIMIT SET FOR THE PRESENT OPERATION. Place the Driller's Console on top of the pneumatic Drawworks Console and weld it around the edges. MUD PUMP/CEMENT PUMP 1. Driller's Console Cable Entry for Permanent Installation Mobile rig units have connectors. SLOWLY TURN THE RT LIMIT KNOB COUNTER-CLOCKWISE TO THE MINIMUM SETTING. INSTALLATION The Driller's Console is normally mounted on top of the pneumatic Drawworks Console. FS-039-10 Figure 4-2. IF THIS LIMIT IS REACHED AND THE ROTARY TABLE TORQUES UP AND STALLS. ROTARY TABLE 1. The torque limit will not be exceeded if the RT LIMIT knob is set to match the pre-determined current limit even if pipe torque forces the Rotary Table to stall. perform the preceding General Instructions. Be sure to turn ON the Mud or Cement Pump LOCKOUT switches. 3. Cables to the Driller's Console are brought in underneath via connectors or stuffing tubes (refer to figure 4-1). 2. DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. washers must be placed on the bolts so as to achieve an airtight seal. testing. Observe the RT AMMETER periodically to check the current drawn by the motor. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL TO DW FOOT THROTTLE TO ROTARY TORQUE INDICATOR DRY AIR BLEED The Mud and Cement Pump Console Hand Throttles can provide a maximum of only half speed. but more torque is required. and servicing instructions specific to the Driller's Console. The following part of this section provides installation. the pumps can be operated from the Mud or Cement Pump Console. For any maintenance activity. L . To turn on the Mud or Cement Pump. If the Rotary Table stalls. If the bolt-it-down method is used. 2.4-5 THE DYNAMIC BRAKE MAY NOT SET IF THE HAND THROTTLE SETTING (CATHEAD SPEED) IS VERY HIGH. To turn on the Rotary Table. perform the preceding General Instructions. An alternate method is to bolt it down. the torque limit can be raised by rotating the RT LIMIT Knob clockwise. The Driller's Console LOCKOUT switch must be switched on before either Pump Console can be operated.

020 . The cable from the Driller's Console should be strung below the Drill Floor. TESTING Perform the functional test after repairing or replacing any of the console assemblies.5 cM) clearance holes.75 1. simply observe the operating instructions to run the motors in each Assignment switch position. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 .75 9.562 CLEARANCE HOLE .88 12.10 .CUTOUT 4.XX = ± .562" (1. Make sure the Blower lights turn on as indicated and the motor performance follows the throttle command. Insert the ½-13 bolts (length of bolt is dependent on deck material) in the pedal place holes. then place the lower assembly in the cutout and fasten in place with the ½-13 bolts.XXX = ± .00 12.005 FRACTIONS ± ANGULAR ± 20601-66 Rev. Refer to Figure 4-3. A Figure 4-3.75" (25 cM) square section and drill four 0.4-6 DW FOOT THROTTLE The Foot Throttle is flush mounted on the Drill Floor close to the Driller's Console.(4 REQ'D) .00 5. Cutout a 9. observe the instructions listed in Table 4-2. If it is not feasible to run the motors. ½ -13 WELDNUT BELOW DECK . If the unit fails to perform as indicated. DW Foot Throttle Mounting Diagram DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. refer to Troubleshooting later in this section to locate the malfunction.75 MOUNTING CE NTERS TOP VIEW RECOMMENDED CUTOUT FOR FLUSH MOUNTING UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES AND TOLERANCES ARE: .75 CUTO UT 1. To test the Driller's Console.88 5.(4 REQ'D) 9.38 4.38 10 .X = ± .75 .

The green SCR ON lamp on the Drillers console will illuminate. the MP1 contactors will pick up. L . In the example. auxiliary contacts. It should be Zero VDC when the MP1 HAND THROTTLE is fully counter-clockwise (minimum) and increase to -8 VDC as it is rotated fully clockwise (maximum). Refer to the control logic diagrams in the SCR System Print Book to identify the DC Control Module numbers for the desired test functions. 2. 5. Rotate the MP1 HAND THROTTLE fully 4. 7. There is no measurable result from this functional test action. function to be tested (for example. Driller's Console Functional Test ACTION 1. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. Jumper the auxiliary contacts of the SCR #1 2. the auxiliary functions (Rod Oiler. Jumper TB8-4 to TB8-5 in only one SCR at a time. Chain Oiler. 3. the blowers on Mud Pump motors of MP1 will run. 6. switch (CB). RESULT This prevents SCR Bridge phase up when the assignment contactors are closed. etc. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 of this functional test for each SCR and each function powered by the SCR system. On the ASSIGNMENT Switch. The voltage will vary from Zero VDC when the Foot Throttle is not depressed to -8 VDC as the Foot Throttle is fully depressed.4-7 Table 4-2. Open all SCR Circuit Breakers. Remember to move the jumper for the auxiliary contacts of the SCR switch to TB8-4 and TB8-5 of the SCR being tested. 4. Monitor the throttle voltage variation at MP1 INPUT (pin 125) on the DC Control Module. Monitor for Drawworks Foot Throttle voltage on the pin 114 of the DC Control Module as the Foot Throttle is slowly depressed.) will operate and the MP1 BLOWER ON lamp on the Drillers Console will illuminate. Place the jumper between TB8-4 to TB8-5 in the SCR #1 Cubicle. MP1 may be run on SCR #1 in the ASSIGNMENT switch’s 2 o’clock position by rotating the ASSIGNMENT switch to the 2 O’CLOCK position and turning the MP1 OFF-ON switch to ON. Verify the Drawworks Foot Throttle operation. Remove the jumper from the SCR switch (CB) 7. Make this check for each SCR. The Circuit Breaker may be a switch. 1. Close the SCR switch (CB) to prepare the SCR to become operational. 6. select a 3. Measure it in respect to ground. clockwise while observing the throttle voltage variation. This enables assignment contactors to be closed in SCR #1 for the function being tested.

A Figure 4-4.4-8 SERVICING Refer to Section 3 (SCR Unit) for general servicing instructions. Check the switch contacts and rheostat wiper arms carefully.75 12. Rotate the hand wheels and the switches and examine the switch and rheostat assemblies behind the Driller's Console door panel. Check and re-tighten the set screws. Corrosion is possible if the front panel door is not properly sealed or if the air or purge air is bringing in a large quantity of moisture. Test the rheostat linkage for tightness. 2.75 TOP VIEW 8. DW Foot Throttle DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. Ensure that the Foot Throttle potentiometer returns to zero. 12.10 REAR VIEW RIGHT SIDE VIEW 20601-67 Rev. Remove the Foot Throttle (refer to Figure 4-4) and open the rear dust cover. 4. DW FOOT THROTTLE Perform the following service on the Foot Throttle every three months under normal conditions. Examine the internal assemblies periodically for signs of corrosion. 5. CONSOLE 1. Reassemble carefully to ensure that the Foot Throttle box is watertight. 1. 3. Check that the rheostat wiper does not rub the wires entering the Foot Throttle. 2. Grease the bearing surfaces. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 .

L . C. Either the B motor is leading the A motor OR the A motor DRAWWORKS is selected and DC Control Module is defective. Trace the 115 VAC motor control logic. The drain hole must be kept clear. Check that the Field Supply is ON and that the FIELD field current may be zero. Throttle may be C. The Theory of Operation which follows Table 4-3 provides an explanation of the various circuits in the Driller's Console. The DRILLER’S CONSOLE is A. Check the dry air bleed for leakage. If this is not done. E. MAXIMUM throttle. B. The DYNAMIC BRAKE is ON if E. C. The Foot Throttle rheostat is A. Check the STATUS LIGHTS. OFF. FOOT THROTTLE DOES NOT WORK A.2 VDC at TB9 in the DRILLER'S CONSOLE. Trace the direction in which the signal is absent. the HAND THROTTLE is set for CAT HEAD SPEED. ACTION D. HORN SOUNDS A. may C. Use a rheostat shafts. B. Generator SCR units may be A. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. trace the -14 VDC contactor logic signal through the appropriate assignment logic. Use Locktite solution on all screws inside the throttle. The blower has not switched B. Driller's Console Troubleshooting PROBLEM AND POSSIBLE CAUSE MOTOR WILL NOT RUN A. If motors are shunt-type. no longer pressurized. Check for presence of the -8. thin 3/8" jam nut on the rheostat bushing. Check the reference signal at pin 114 of the selected SCR inoperative. or fails to start running. The HAND THROTTLE reference signal should be is not reaching the DC Control between Zero and -1 VDC at OFF and up to -8 VDC at Module.4-9 TROUBLESHOOTING Refer to Table 4-3. The Foot frozen. the Foot Throttle unit may fill with water and freeze. the B. on. unit DC Control Module. The HAND THROTTLE signal D. Refer to Figure 4-7 (Driller's Console Schematic Diagram Shunt Motor System). Loose set screws on one of the B. If the appropriate assignment contactors have not closed. Check the signal at the selected SCR unit TB. Table 4-3. B. Assignment contactors have not picked up. Trace the signal in the direction that it is absent. CURRENT AMMETER reading is ≈50 Amps.

4-10 THEORY OF OPERATION CONSOLE Mechanical To permit operation in an explosion hazard area. 10 2 DRILLER'S CONSOLE MP1 DWA 9 3 MP1 MP2 DWB MP2 DWA 8 4 MP1 DWA TB1 TB2 TB3 TB4 TB5 TB6 TB9 5 DWS - MP2 DW FOOT THROTTLE TB6 SCR 1 TB6 SCR 2 TB6 SCR 3 SCR 4 TB6 TB1 AC SECTION TB1 MCC 20601-68 Rev. and MP 1. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . An Air Pressure Sensor triggers an alarm in the Driller's Console if positive pressure is lost. Figure 4-6 indicates the wiring for a typical SCR 2. Figure 4-5 shows the Assignment Switch position labeling and the corresponding wiring of a typical Driller's Console. It returns those power signals to the appropriate throttle and contactor signals. A Figure 4-5. The SCR Schematics Manual has the diagrams appropriate to your rig. Electrical The following description describes a Drive System with three generators and four SCR units. DW A. Contactor and throttle lines for only these functions are wired. The Driller's Console receives the -14 VDC contactor power supply signals from each SCR unit from which the throttle power supply is generated. Refer to the diagrams in this section ASSIGNMENT SWITCH OFF SCR1 DWB DWB SCR2 DWA MP1 RT PS RT PS SCR3 RT PS RT TD DWB SCR4 MP2 DWA 11 12 1 SCR1 DWS MP1 SCR2 MP1 RT PS DWA RT PS RT PS SCR3 RT PS DWS RT PS MP2 SCR4 MP2 MP2 as a study aid. The Driller's Console is also watertight. Typical Driller's Console Cabling Diagram DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. The customer is required to supply dry air at 75 to 150 PSI via a connector located underneath the Driller's Console. The AC Section provides 115 VAC power and control signals which turn on the GEN STATUS lights. The MCC provides control signals which turn on the BLOWER STATUS lights. the Driller's Console electrical assemblies are isolated from the local atmosphere by maintaining a positive pressure within the Driller's Console enclosure. This prevents an electrical spark from igniting what could be explosive gas on the drill floor. Note that SCR 2 can operate the RT.


the power travels to TB2-5 and then down the control cable to TB6-5. The -14 VDC signal emerges at Pin 134 as Contactor Power Supply (CONT PS). Mud Pump 2 can be powered by either SCR 3 or SCR 4. G and H). the green SCR 2 ON lamp located on the Driller's Console to illuminate. For instance. Each deck pair makes a switch having 12 terminals. They are divided into four adjacent deck pairs (A and B. -14 VDC CONT PS also causes L7. The next contacts in the circuit shown in Figure 4-7 are on the Sprocket Slip Card and are between PC5-16 and PC5-19. DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. The ASSIGNMENT switch (refer to Figure 4-8) consists of eight decks. Contact is made by a roller between the terminals of the adjacent deck pairs. there are provisions for locking out the Mud Pump. -14 VDC CONT PS is applied to TB6-2 and from there is supplied to the Driller's Console TB2-2 via a control cable. The -14 VDC CONT PS is then passed through the normally-open auxiliary contacts of the SCR switch. the second B. G. The first deck is labeled A. The SCR 2 -14 VDC CONT PS is applied to ASSIGNMENT switch contacts C1 and C10. Further. etc. L 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . From S2. if the ASSIGNMENT switch is set at the 2 O'clock position. are closed when power is applied. It is a part of the 74 VDC contactor voltage: -14 VDC at Pin 154 and +60 VDC at PC1-41. passing power to the contacts of S2. E and F. E.4-12 ELECTRICAL (CONCLUDED) Figure 4-7 shows the circuits which are enabled when the ASSIGNMENT switch is set to the 10 o'clock position to run Mud Pump 1 on SCR 2. A2 contacts B2. D. the MP1 ON/OFF switch (this switch also controls the blowers on the MP1 traction motors). the -14 VDC CONT PS is conducted from ASSIGNMENT switch contact C10 to D10. The -14 VDC signal is returned to the SCR Cubicle to close the appropriate ASSIGNMENT contactors and then sent to the DC Control Module to unlock the SCR Firing Circuits. F. the Mud Pump 1 ON/OFF switch is set to ON and the Mud Pump 1 HAND THROTTLE is rotated to provide the desired number of strokes from the mud pump. The 14 VDC CONT PS is enabled when the SCR switch is closed (this feeds AC power to the rectifier bridge). It does not matter which generator is connected to the Main AC Bus. Assignment Logic Mud Pump 1 can be powered by either SCR 1 or SCR 2. The Sprocket Slip Card prevents traction motor overspeed. C2 contacts D2. see Figure 4-7. and H. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL Assignment logic enables a -14 VDC signal (see Figure 4-7) which originates in the DC Control Module at Pin 154. When the ASSIGNMENT switch is set to the 10 O'clock position. however. The -14 VDC signal is first passed through the normally closed MANUAL VOLTS switch. then C. On some systems. C and D. should one of the DC motors be unloaded. Refer to your system prints to see if this provision applies to your system. They. The MANUAL VOLTS switch is turned on for testing purposes to phase up the SCR bridge without running a motor. These contacts are shown in Figure 4-7 as normally opened.

L 6232-010-01 Rev. A . Typical Mud Pump 1 and 2 Control Schematic SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev.4-13 Figure 4-7.

Rear View of Assignment Switch -14 VDC CONT PS now goes through the normally-closed SAFETY INTERLOCK CONTACTS (the Draw Works A (K6) and Rotary Table (K4) power contactors).2 VDC signal. L The Throttle Hand Wheel is linked to a rheostat which outputs a Zero to -8. Throttle Logic In Figure 4-9. This 0 to ≈-1 VDC is called the DEADBAND REGION. This corresponds to Zero through maximum throttle. The Deadband Region has two important purposes: 1. The Mud Pump Throttle Reference Signal Pump Throttle Reference signal is active when the Mud Pump Throttle is rotated enough to produce ≈-1 VDC to the DC Control Module. FS-002-20 Figure 4-8. The -8. the Mud Pump 1 Throttle Assembly consists of two ganged (mechanically connected) rheostats. The Mud DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. The front rheostat's output is supplied to Pin 125 of SCR 1's DC Control Module. they will pick up and connect the traction motors to the SCR bridge. CONT PS is renamed the CONTACTOR SIGNAL. K2 and K7's normally-open auxiliary contacts are now closed to bring -14 VDC CONT PS onto Pin 124 of the DC Control Module. Since there is now 74 VDC across K2 and K7.2 VDC supply for the rheostat is developed on the Driller's Console PCB (refer to Figure 4-10) from the -14 VDC from each SCR unit. 2. It permits the Charging Pump to be started before the Mud Pump begins to run. At this time. The -14 VDC CONTACTOR SIGNAL will turn off the Inhibit Circuit of the DC Module if the Mud Pump 1 Hand Throttle is at it's full CCW position.4-14 ASSIGNMENT LOGIC (CONCLUDED) FS-019-17. The -14 VDC of CONT PS is now present on the left side of the Mud Pump power contactors K2 and K7. The output of the Mud Pump Throttle does not have to reach Zero Volts for the motor to stop rotating. The rear rheostat's output is supplied to Pin 125 of SCR 2's DC Control Module. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 .

Typical Mud Pump 1 & 2 Reference Schematic SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. A Figure 4-9.4-15 6232-010-02 Rev. L .

A micro-switch is linked to each Throttle Hand Wheel.4-16 THROTTLE LOGIC (CONCLUDED) The -14 VDC input is dropped through five Watt 82Ω resistors and applied to 8. Observe that the MP1 BLOWER light cannot turn on until the MP1A BLOWER. The relays which switch on the AC functions are located in the MCC (Motor Control Center Section).. 200D307 Rev. if Mud Pump 1 is switched from SCR1 to SCR2). The normally-open contacts of MP1 close to switch on power to the AC functions listed in the previous paragraph. This assures that there will be little change in the motor performance (e.g. and the MP1 CHAIN OILER are switched on. Blower Lights Logic There is one blower light associated with each DC function. The regulated -8. The reference signal from each Throttle Hand Wheel rheostat is applied to all the SCR units that are capable of powering the same motors. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . Refer to figure 4-11. K Figure 4-10. foot throttle and RTI (torque) Limit rheostats.2 Volt Zener diodes. Driller's Console PCB Circuit DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. A relay is energized when ON/OFF switch MP1 is closed. The micro-switch contacts are closed when the Throttle Hand Wheel is rotated. the MP1 ROD OILER. The voltage across a Zener diode is constant even though the incoming voltage may vary. The micro-switches control the logic for the auxiliary functions.2 VDC is applied to the hand throttle. The blower lights operate off 115 VAC from the Generator section. MP1B BLOWER. The light illuminates when all associated AC functions are switched on. The Throttle Hand Wheel rheostats for each function are gang-mounted (moving the throttle hand wheel rotates the wiper of each rheostat the same number of degrees).

A . Driller's Console AC Circuits SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. L 20601-70 Rev.4-17 Figure 4-11.

This situation is reversed when the Rotary Table Throttle Hand Wheel is rotated clockwise. A gear box is used to shift the chain drive between the two functions. MP2 logic is enabled by the MP2 ON/OFF switch.2 VDC signal is enabled when the Draw Works micro-switch is closed. The alarm will sound if either the positive pressurization within the Driller's Console is lost OR the blower is not switched on. DW FOOT THROTTLE Mechanical Refer back to Figure 4-4 for front and side views of the DW Foot Throttle. Electrical The incoming -8. it will return to the un-depressed position when released. If this has been done on your equipment. the DW CONT signal is disabled and the RT CONT signal is enabled. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . it was to comply with an ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) rule which requires a drill floor motor to be purged of existing air before operation. This equates to Zero to maximum throttle. Consequently. The alarm is also triggered if the normallyclosed blower contact does not open when motor starter picks up. the interlock circuit enables the DW CONT signal and disables the RT CONT signal. Thus. The pedal arm of the Foot Throttle is linked to the rheostat wiper arm. Refer to the Power Limit theory of operation in Section 2 of this manual. The micro-switch closes and. The normally-closed air pressure switch stays closed to trigger the alarm if the pressure drops below two inches of water difference between the pressure inside the Driller's Console and outside pressure. The Drawworks and Rotary Table blowers are enabled by their respective OFF/ON switches.4-18 BLOWER LIGHTS LOGIC (CONCLUDED) In similar fashion. in turn. Alarm Horn Logic DW/RT Interlock On some rigs. The resulting DW FT TH signal varies from Zero to -8 VDC. Contactor K1 on the Power Limit board closes to feed 115 VAC to the light. A normally-closed contact of the Rotary Table relay is part of the DW CONT logic. the DW Foot Throttle becomes operational only after the Drawworks Throttle Hand Wheel is set beyond the OFF position. Thus. the motor is used to drive either the Drawworks or the Rotary Table through a chain drive. DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. The pedal of the DW Foot Throttle is linked through a spring to a counterweight. Therefore. The blower for the Drawworks or Rotary Table may be configured to run for two to five seconds before the throttle can be raised to start the traction motor. Figure 4-12 depicts the Foot Throttle circuit. Power Limit Light The Power Limit Light illuminates to indicate that the generators connected to the Main AC Bus are close to power limit. energizes the RT relay.

BEFORE DISCONNECTING. Drawworks Foot Throttle Circuit REMOVAL & REPAIR DRILLER'S CONSOLE To access the Driller's Console assemblies. DW FOOT THROTTLE Release the four ½-16 bolts located in the corners of the Driller's Console Foot Throttle pedal assembly and lift it out. remove the rear dust cover by releasing the four corner screws (see Figure 4-14). open the front panel door by unlocking the latches. A Figure 4-12. Refer to Table 4-4 for the parts list. L . Figure 4-13 shows these assemblies. SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev.2V 10 DW-MSW TB4 1 RED (SCR 4) DW FT TH 10 TB1 2 WHITE (SCR 1) DW FT TH 12 GROUND 20 3 GREEN DRILLER'S CONSOLE DW FOOT THROTTLE 3-CONDUCTOR CABLE 20601-71 Rev.4-19 PC 1 TB9 .8. MARK EACH CABLE WITH THE CORRESPONDING TERMINAL BOARD NUMBER. To access the Foot Throttle rheostat.

4-20 DW FOOT THROTTLE (CONTINUED) A. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 . Door View B. FS-084-19 Figure 4-13. Driller's Console Assemblies DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev. Compartment View FS-084-20.

DW Foot Throttle Assembly SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev.4-21 11467-38 Rev. H Figure 4-14. L .

MDL 201 SCREW-#4-40 X 0.16AWG..50.S/S TERM TUBE-BRASS.PAN HD DRILLER’S CONSOLE 20605-50 Rev.1/2.0.50.#10.RND HD WASHER-LOCK.38.600V PLUG-AIR INLET GSKT-CLSD CELL.0.19.S/S CABLE-3COND.HELICAL SPLIT WASHER-FLAT.HELICAL SPLIT NUT-3/8-32.50.S/S HEX PIN-COTTER.200 OHM.50” RHEOSTAT.FLT HD CSK NUT-3/8-16.BINDING HD SETSCREW-#8-32 X 0.#8.1-5/8 X 7/16 WD BEARING-ADB8VNEW BEARING-FS160.S/S.W/COTTER PIN HOLE SPACER-DELRIN SPRING-TORSION COLLAR-SET SCREW.CONSOLE.1/8 X 1.ESNA NUT.ESNA NUT.90 DEG FITTING-BULKHEAD ADAPTER.50” BRASS SCREW-#8-32 X 1.S/S SPACER-BEARING BLOCK SHIELD FLINGER N/P-ID.25” BEARING-0.HEX HD BOLT-1/4-20 X 2.53 ID X .S/S.4-22 DW FOOT THROTTLE (CONCLUDED) Table 4-4.HEX HD.50.FOOT PEDAL ACTUATOR-BAR ASSY PIN-PEDAL PIVOT PIN-PIVOT.25.THTL SHFT BOLT-3/8-16 X 1.73 OD WASHER-FLAT.S/S NYLON SETSCREW-1/4-20 X 0. H) ITEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 50 51 QTY 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 4 2 4 4 6 3 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 20 1 2 1 1 1 1 4 4 1 4 2 1 4 PART NUMBER 0001-1467-37 0001-1467-36 0001-1467-22 1704-1130-01 1704-1130-02 1704-1130-03 1704-1130-04 1704-1130-06 1704-1130-07 1704-1130-08 1704-1130-09 1704-1130-10 0002-0394-00 1704-1130-12 1704-2159-01 1704-1641-01 3101-2118-02 3101-1920-02 3101-1917-04 3111-2101-01 3111-1901-01 3101-1906-04 3115-1718-01 3101-1108-02 3101-0904-00 3112-2315-01 3112-2708-03 1103-0008-00 0506-0003-00 0602-0013-00 0000-6817-99 0603-0015-00 0603-0003-00 1104-0005-00 0001-0256-77 3151-0701-00 0001-0027-63 1103-0014-00 3101-0917-03 3112-0907-01 3112-1108-02 3112-1107-01 0000-6819-74 1704-1130-14 1704-1130-15 0601-4238-01 3101-0503-01 DESCRIPTION ENCL-FOOT THTL PEDAL-FOOT THROTTLE PLATE-INSP.#10.S/S SCREW-#10-32 X 0.00.1/8” X 1” NEOPRENE ANGLE-RHEOSTAT MTG TERM TUBE-LOCKNUTS.75” BORE.STD PLAIN.25.CONNECTING ROD BLOCK-CONNECTING ROD END CONNECTING ROD BLOCK-PEDAL BEARING BLOCK-COUNTERBALANCE BEARING SCREW-SHOULDER DAMPER-NEOPRENE & STL WASHERS NUT-1/2-20.0. L SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 .STD PLAIN WASHER-LOCK.HEX WASHER-WAVE SPR.FLT HD CSK BOLT-1/4-20 X 1. Draw Works Foot Throttle Assembly Components (reference 11467-38 Rev.S/S NUT-1/4-20.JAM NUT.

Division II. Cautionary Nameplate SCR DRIVE SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL DRILLER’S CONSOLE 24 HOUR SERVICE (713) 467-2523 20605-50 Rev. 2. L . 1980.4-23 CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (CSA) Compliance with CSA Approval/Listing of Model 425 Driller's Console for use in Class I.161" (#20 Drill Bit) to provide 5. 0601-4173-01B 204-173-01 Rev. Implement for all Driller's Consoles shipped after April 15. Groups C & D Hazardous Atmosphere Locations. DO NOT DISCONNECT UNLESS AREA IS KNOWN TO BE NON-HAZARDOUS AND ALL CIRCUITS ARE DE-ENERGIZED. or replace with a CSA Approved self resetting Alarm Silence switch. 4. 3. AIR PURGE ALARM SYSTEM The Air Purge Alarm System must comply with NFPA-496 Rules for Type Z Purging as interpreted by CSA. Implementation at any location other than the Ross Hill manufacturing plant. 3. Delete the Alarm Silence toggle switch. Do not retrofit unless required by regulatory bodies. the cautionary nameplate in Figure 4-15 must be mounted on the Driller's Console. 1530 West Belt North. S'ASSURER QUE L'EMPLACEMENT N'EST PAS DANGEREUX ET QUE TOUS LES CIRCUITS SONT DESAMORCES AVANT DE DEBRANCHER. All Driller's Consoles with a CSA label affixed have been manufactured to comply with CSA requirements. Texas 77043. Increase the orifice diameter to 0. The changes required to do this are: 1. Implement for all Driller's Consoles shipped to Canada or for eventual Canadian use: 2. C Figure 4-15. LR 34415 AVERTISSEMENT CONNECTEURS MULTIPOLAIRES CONVENANT UNIQUEMENT POUR L'INSTALLATION. WARNING MULTI-POLE CONNECTORS ARE FOR INSTALLATION PURPOSES ONLY. If PYLE-NATIONAL-brand multi-pole connectors are installed on the Driller's Console. Houston. Delete the Supply Line pressure switch.0 SCFM (cubic feet per minute at specified conditions of temperature and pressure) flow at 50 PSI. violates CSA Agreements. Install a DWYER-brand pressure switch (Ross Hill #0403-0081-00) complete with connection to atmosphere. 4. IMPLEMENTATION This is to be done by compliance with all of the following: 1.