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SAP Note 504255 Locking problems in collective conversion of planned orders

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Valid Since 03/15/2002

You convert planned orders with Transaction CO41 or COR8 (collective conversion) into production or process orders. Planned orders with the same material, the same sales order or the same inspection lot are converted in this case one after the other. The first planned order is converted successfully, on the other hand the conversion of the following planned orders runs incorrectly. From the conversion log of the affected orders it follows, that the conversion of the planned orders was terminated due to already locked material, sales order or inspection lot.

Other terms
Collective conversion, CO41, COR8, lock, M3 897, M3897, CO 875, CO875, production order, process order, lock management, enqueue, dequeue

Reason and Prerequisites
During collective conversion, the planned orders are converted and updated separately. Now, if several planned orders are converted for the same material, sales order or inspection lot and delays of the update task occurs, the lock situations described can occur as the locks of the previously processed order have not yet been released by the update program.

The MODIFICATION specified in the attachment has the effect that the system only continues with the program during saving after the update task has written all data to the database and the locks have been released. This modification can impair the performance when saving the production or the process orders including the planned order conversion and the mass processing transactions which is the reason why this modification is not included as a function in the R/3 standard system.

Remember that this note describes a MODIFICATION which differs from the standard behavior of the system. Therefore, the customer assumes the responsibility for the implementation of this source code change. Due to this reason, SAP AG does not provide any support or maintenance for the changed source code.

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Released for Customer 06/18/2012 14:09:40 German Recommendations/additional info Modification PP-SFC-PLN Order Planning

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